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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  September 15, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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kitchen. he was nothing but tonight, several developing stories as we come on. the new kavanaugh battle. "the new york times" reporting the supreme court justice was again accused of inappropriate sexual behavior as a college student. now some democrats running for president calling to impeach kavanaugh. but president trump jumping in to defend the justice. kavanaugh's defenders saying the "times" left out key information. the drone oil attack. the state department tonight pointing a finger directly at iran. a coordinated strike from the sky on the world's largest oil processing facility in saudi arabia. the deadly police takedown under investigation. authorities firing at least 154 rounds before killing the suspect. a bystander hit.
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did police go too far? the wildfire threat in the west as we come on tonight. red flag warnings in several states as high winds fuel new fires. trouble in the tropics. the hard-hit bahamas spared by humberto, but the threat is not over yet. taking the field. the nfl player accused in a new lawsuit of sexual assault, making an immediate impact after he was allowed to play. now his accuser is set to meet with league officials. sudden collapse. a deck packed with firefighters and first responders giving way. tonight, the and danger at the door. two masked men kicking in a door, all caught on the doorbell cam. what a mother did to save her family. and good evening. thanks for joining us on this sunday. i'm tom llamas. we begin tonight with supreme court justice brett kavanaugh, facing a new allegation of
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inappropriate sexual behavior as a college student. as several defenders tonight race to his side. first reported by "the new york times" and set to appear in a new book, describing him exposing himself at a party when he was at yale. the reported allegation came from a male classmate who said he alerted senators and the fbi, but it was never investigated. kavanaugh survived a heated fight in his confirmation. tonight, some democratic 2020 hopefuls are calling for his impeachment. but supporters are pointing out what they say are major flaws in the report. here's kyra phillips. >> reporter: tonight, new questions about a new report, another sexual assault allegation against justice brett kavanaugh. this one reportedly never pursued by the fbi. "the new york times" publishing the previously unreported account of max stier, one of
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kavanaugh's former yale classmates. writing, stier told senators and the fbi he saw kavanaugh expose himself at a party his freshman year, and saw kavanaugh's friends pushing him into a female student's hand. stier telling abc news he's not speaking publicly. kavanaugh's defenders say the essay does not tell the full story. pointing out the book says the female student didn't wish to speak publicly. and her friends said she doesn't remember the incident. today president trump also coming to kavanaugh's defense, tweeting, "he is an innocent man who has been treated horribly. such lies about him. brett kavanaugh should start suing people for libel, or the justice department should come to his rescue." after president trump nominated kavanaugh to the court, another former yale classmate, deborah ramirez, alleged kavanaugh exposed himself to her at a different party when they were both drunk.
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she says she shoved him away, accidentally touching him. >> are ms. ramirez's allegations about you true? >> those are not. she -- no, none of the witnesses in the room support that. the, if that -- that had happened, that would have been the talk of campus in our freshman dorm. >> reporter: ramirez and dr. christine blasey-ford, two of the women who stepped forward during kavanaugh's heated confirmation proceedings questioning his fitness to serhe on thebiheanoratio allegations." the justice denied all claims of sexual assault. but this new report prompting democratic candidates for president to call for kavanaugh's impeachment. senator kamala harris, who serves on the senate judiciary committee, tweeting, "he was put on the court through a sham process and his place on the court is an insult to the
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pursuit of truth and justice." republicans saying democrats need to move on. >> there's nobody they don't want to impeach, and at some point, they just have to let the anger go. >> kyra, any indication the house judiciary committee will open an investigation? and what's the fbi saying tonight? >> reporter: it's possible. sources say it's not likely, though. democrats are saying their options are limited, and removing kavanaugh from the bench would require the republican-controlled senate to go along. tonight, the fbi is telling me they're not going to comment on the story. and so far, neither is justice kavanaugh. >> kyra, thank you. also developing tonight, tensions mounting between the u.s. and iran after a devastating drone strike in saudi arabia. the drone strike hitting the world's largest oil processing facility. you can see the fire burning in the sky, knocking out roughly half of saudi's oil production. rebels in yemen claiming responsibility.
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but mike pompeo wasted no time pointing a finger directly at iran. officials saying the drone as well as cruise missiles were launched from iran. here's stephanie ramos. >> reporter: tonight, tensions escalating amid fears over the state of the global oil supply after the attack that's been called "unprecedented." one by one, drones flying into the heart of saudi arabia's oil kingdom, launched just before dawn saturday. two key facilities targeted, including one of the world's largest oil processing plants. you could see the thick plume of smoke from space. yemen's houthi rebel group backed by iran claiming responsibility, but the u.s. is blaming iran itself. the president tweeting, there's reason to believe we know the culpri
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culprit. we're waiting to see when to proceed. a senior administration official telling abc news not only did iran use 20 drones but also cruise missiles. these images showing what the facilities looked like before and after the attacks. >> this was a major escalation by the iranians and their houthi surrogates. they had attacked things like oil pipelines in the past, but this oil infrastructure is much more difficult to rebuild and will take more time. >> reporter: iran denying they had anything to do with the attacks. their foreign minister mocking pompeo, saying, the u.s. having failed at max pressure is now turning to max deceit. the trump administration previously accusing iran of attacks on two oil tankers following the president's decision to reinstate crippling sanctions after he abandoned the landmark nuclear deal. president trump calling the saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman, offering support for saudi arabia's self-defense. saudi aramco, the state owned oil giant, now working to restore production on 5.7 million barrels of crude oil
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that was suspended after the incident, which is roughly 5% of the world's oil production. >> the real question is, what does the u.s. do in response? >> reporter: oil prices have already started to rise as markets have just reopened. it's estimated to take weeks to get to full oil production at the facility. president trump just tweeting a few moments ago that he has authorized the release of oil from the strategic petroleum reserve if needed. tom? >> stephanie, thank you. now to baltimore, where a deadly police shooting is under investigation. authorities firing at least 154 rounds in less than a minute with a bystander and an officer struck by gunfire. did police go too far? here's trevor ault. >> watch out. he's got a gun, gun, gun, gun! >> reporter: tonight, this newly released body cam video of a police shooting in baltimore raising questions about how much force is necessary in dangerous situations.ks, ng a sto
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ring t ridential area, firing 154 rounds at the scene in more than 30 seconds of nonstop gunfire. the video capturing the chaotic moments last month as officers swarm in and unload. one woman hit by a stray bullet. an officer also shot in the leg. police releasing infrared aerial video of the chase. >> caroline and fairmount, he's up on the sidewalk. >> reporter: as officers close in, banks appearing to point his weapon. >> he's pointing the gun. he's pointing the gun. >> reporter: investigators still can't say for certain if banks ever actually opened fire, but police say banks had already assaulted multiple officers earlier that week. >> we knew for a fact this was the subject who fired upon an officer in a different part of the city. >> reporter: with the suspect killed in the firefight, an investigation now under way.
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>> we have to be accountable for collateral injuries, and collateral damage, and collateral deaths so every time we discharge a firearm, that is a concern for us. >> reporter: 13 officers who fired their weapons in this incident have been placed on administrative leave. tom? >> trevor, thank you. next to the extreme weather, with a fire threat in the west. red flag warnings in effect until tomorrow. take a look at this blaze off of the i-5 in california. in riverside county, evacuation orders just lifted as firefighters try to contain the horseshoe fire. at the same time, the bahamas may have been spared by humberto, but there's a new threat in the tropics. let's get right to rob marciano, tracking it all. you're starting with the fires? >> we're getting into the heart of fire season. more powerful systems coming into the west, bringing winds. states with red flag warnings. the front that brought record rain to washington will bring
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wind to reno and parts of the great basin. windy enough and dry enough to start new fires through tuesday. and this is humberto looking very healthy, likely to become a category 2 hurricane. far enough away from the bahamas and the u.s. but will be heading toward bermuda. and a new chance in the atlantic, and also in the gulf. >> rob, thank you. next to a 10-year-old girl fighting for her life outside of dallas after contracting a rare brain-eating amoeba. she was swimming in a river over labor day weekend. there are long odds, but there is hope. marci gonzalez has the details. >> i love you. >> reporter: tonight, this 10-year-old girl fighting to survive after contracting a rare brain-eating amoeba. >> she's still here with us, and we're still fighting. >> reporter: lily mae avant complaining of a headache and fever days after swimming in a river near her central texas home this labor day weekend.
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>> when they went to wake her up, she was unresponsive. >> reporter: lily, now in a medically induced coma and facing daunting odds. of the 145 people infected with the naegleria folweri amoeba since 1962, only 4 have survived. the most recent, sebastian deleon. the camp counselor contracting it while swimming in a florida lake in 2016. >> he's currently walking, talking. you know, it's a miracle, it's a miracle. >> reporter: tonight, lily's family praying she'll be the fifth survivor. this type of very rare infection typically comes from swimming in warm freshwater lakes and rivers. doctors say there are precautions you can take, keeping your head above water and using nose clips. >> thank you. and a major autoworker strike set to begin in hours. united auto workers announcing
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49,000 general motors employees will strike at midnight tonight after their contract expired and negotiations reached a stalemate. gm defending their latest offer. it's the first uaw strike since 2007. now to the nfl, where antonio brown, accused in a new civil lawsuit of rape, scoring a touchdown in his first game with the patriots. just hours before his accuser is set to meet with league officials. here's kaylee hartung. >> reporter: tonight, the patriots' new star antonio brown making an immediate impact, scoring a touchdown, helping lead his new team to victory. >> caught by brown! touchdown, new england. >> reporter: celebrating on the field, but after the game, brown refusing to comment about the allegations that have dogged him for days. accused by his former fitness trainer britney taylor of sexual assault in a civil lawsuit. brown has denied the s, poshis i on sociaa. >> no matter what they say, no matter what they hate, somebody's still got to go to work. >> reporter: abc news has learned that taylor will meet with nfl investigators tomorrow. representatives for brown and
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taylor have been discussing a settlement offer for months. a source telling abc news brown refused to sign a more than $2 million agreement with taylor just days before the lawsuit was filed. as the nfl condus investigation, brown wasn't placed on the commissioner's exempt list, the equivalent of paid leave, because there is no criminal investigation into the allegations. patriots head coach bill belichick sticking to football after the win. >> a lot of things we can work on. but good to have him out there. >> reporter: brown's only consequence to this point, helmet maker xenith dropping their sponsorship of him. among the reasons the league hasn't met with brown's accuser sooner, she got married this weekend. tom? >> kaylee, thank you. still ahead on "world news tonight" this sunday, the grim discovery after a deadly home explosion. the disturbing new details officials are now revealing. and the deck collapse involving firefighters and their families. many rushed to the hospital. and danger at the front door. caught on camera. the masked men trying to break into a home with a mother and
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open an account today. >> back now with a massive deck collapse. many of the injured were firefighters. usually the first to respond in an emergency, finding themselves and their families in desperate need of help. here's zachary kiesch. >> reporter: tonight, investigators combing for clues in new jersey after a horrifying deck collapse injured 22 people, including 3 children. many trapped in the rubble. >> you're gonna need two rigs for a deck collapse. three-story deck. >> reporter: a group of firefighters and their family members among those injured. they were staying at that house, and had just attended the annual firefighters' parade and convention in wildwood. branchville fire chief jon frato was on the second floor deck. >> we just ate dinner and we were hanging out, just talking. and next thing you know, we were undealthe rubble. >> reporter: fellow firefighters pulling frato out of that debris. he says one of his firemen saved a child.
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>> he climbed up the rubble, grabbed her off the deck. and at that same time of him grabbing it, that half of the deck collapsed, and he dove into the front door with the baby in his arms. >> reporter: neighbors witnessing the horror, rushing in to help. >> i grabbed my phone, called 911. i could see his shoulder or his head and his arms sticking, he was face down. >> this happened just a couple of blocks away from the boardwalk. a very popular place during this time of the year. the folks that we've talked to all say it's incredible that nobody was killed. >> and all the victims are recovering tonight? >> that's right. >> zachary, thank you. up next, the wild and deadly flood waters, stranding families in their attics and on rooftops. so many daring rescues. plus, the 117-year-old synagogue that burned to the ground. the new development in that case tonight. stay with us. you think i could be a champion like you? - of course you can. and you can call me sue. - [jibber] jibber jabber, coming through!
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minnesota, more than 100 years old, burning to the ground. 36-year-old matthew james under arrest tonight on arson charges, but the police chief saying so far it does not appear to be a hate crime. the investigation is ongoing. and the heart-stopping floods overseas. this family in southern spain trapped up in their attic, documenting the rising flood waters after record rainfalls. those dangerous, muddy waters swirling. the daring rescues including a baby handed out a window, and an elderly man barely escaping from his car. more than 1,000 people saved from dangerous high waters. so far, at least five people have died. and the disturbing discovery back here at home. neighbors outside of pittsburgh reporting a loud blast when this house in edgewood went up in flames. the homeowner's body now found in the rubble. the police chief saying there are indications the man may have blown up the house himself. neighbors say his daughter was getting married that same day. and the terrifying moment caught on home surveillance in northern california. andrea leggett says she was in the shower when she felt half the house shaking.on also there
5:53 pm
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time. all it took for the two lovebirds you're about to meet, 26 years and 30,000 feet. that's natalie sears on a recent flight being called to the front of the cabin by a flight attendant. >> ladies and gentlemen, this is our friend natalie from row 13. >> reporter: but what natalie doesn't know is that the flight crew, along with her fiance sean, are about to give her a surprise she will never forget. >> natalie, sean's got a very, very special question for you, here he comes from the back of the airplane. >> reporter: sean had planned a very special moment, 26 years in the making, and here it is. >> natalie, we've known each other since we were kids. natalie sandrea sears, will you marry me? >> i always thought sean was the one. i always dreamed about getting a proposal. >> reporter: natalie and sean started dating in their early teens, spending so many special moments together, but after high school they went their own ways, both getting married to other
5:58 pm
people. and natalie going on to have two children of her own. a few years ago, they got back in touch. >> i was divorced with two kids, so i didn't expect for him to, i said, why do you want to be with me? i'm sorry. >> reporter: natalie overcome with emotion. >> just for him to take me as i am is very special. >> reporter: so when natalie decided to surprise sean with this trip to new orleans for his birthday, he had a surprise of his own. a wedding proposal. >> part of me still wanted to believe that true love and your dreams will come true, but i didn't think of a grand proposal like that on an airplane. >> congratulations, natalie and sean. >> reporter: the two actually getting married on that trip to new orleans. after being in love for 26 years, why wait any more? >> once we sealed the deal, this is forever, this is destiny.
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>> a jetblue flight they will not forget. thanks for watching. i'm tom llamas in new york. "gma" first thing in the morning. david will be right back here tonight at .es t surveillan hold the a key to a deadly hit and run. what we know about the investigation. >> firefighters race to save a man who accidently fell onto the tracks. >> someone is watching. you maybe surprised at how many surveillance cameras are keeping an eye on san francisco. the news at 6:00 starts now. a baby is found dead inside a home. new details are coming out about the person who was arrest nd this case. >> in the northe the baby who died. and the man who was found with the child. >> police say he's 29 year-old
6:00 pm
patrick o neil. found unconscious in a home lying next to a 13 month old boy. he has been arrested. there were no signs of violence. but recent drug use near the child. they believe the actions caused the death of the n. dwhe conne riy wwereng about talking abouy rain in the forecast. >> what a difference a few days can make. >> it's been a three months since many have seen any showers. way back in may. tomorrow cold front moves through, it will bring a light shower in the morning. clear skies now the cold front moving on shore in northern california. you can see rain around. the thin ribbon of moisture closer to about 200 miles away from the northay


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