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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  September 21, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning, america. we're following new developments in the middle east. president trump sending in the troops to saudi arabia. air and missile defense systems also on the way following the attack on saudi oil facilities that the u.s. has blamed on iran. what administration officials are saying about the deployment and whether this could be the start of a larger mission. >> look at this. the big scare in a shopping mall. a driver's chaotic ride crashing through storefronts. people scrambling for safety. >> this is not happening right now. >> shoppers in shock. >> this is part of his car, the bumper. >> what authorities are saying about the subject they have taken into custody. breaking overnight, panic at the game. >> we need everybody off the
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field, please. >> spectators sent running from this high school football game. the frightening moments that caused this stampede. antonio brown sacked. the wide receiver cut by the patriots. >> i'm good, okay. thank you. >> the move just hours after coach belichick abruptly ends a news conference with swirling questions about brown. was a new misconduct claim the last straw? and close call. this surfer coming within feet of a great white shark. >> i looked more like an offering on a platter than i do anything else. >> how he got away and the warning to other beachgoers this morning. good morning. also coming up this morning after that record rainfall in houston, we're getting a clearer view of the damage. rob is just back from that area and has the incredible story of a 16-year-old football player who saved a mother and her
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daughter. >> that's coming up. but we're going to start here with president trump sending additional troops over to saudi arabia after those brazen fiery drone attacks on oil facilities over there, which have disrupted global oil markets. >> the white house blaming iran. the question now, what does this new move from the pentagon mean for the future of this crucial and volatile region? abc's stephanie ramos is here with more. stephanie, good morning. >> reporter: whit, good morning. after placing sanctions on iran, president trump held a meeting with his senior advisers to consider options to retaliate against iran, deciding to give saudi arabia full support by supplying weapons and sending u.s. forces. after last weekend's attack by iran on saudi oil fields, president trump is deploying u.s. troops and air and missile defense systems to saudi arabia. defense secretary mark esper calling it a first step. >> we think for now that would be sufficient, but that doesn't mean there could be additional deployments as needed. >> reporter: esper adding saudi arabia and the uae requested
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this international support to help protect critical infrastructure. the u.s. now planning to expedite weapons purchases to the saudis. >> the united states has a responsibility to protect our citizens and our interests in the region. >> reporter: the department of defense says this decision comes as iran has become more confrontational in the region detaining tankers in the strategically important strait of hormuz as well as shooting down a u.s. drone. >> in the face of the sustained maligned behavior, the united states and other countries have demonstrated great restraint in hopes that iranian leadership would choose peace and reverse iran's steep decline into isolation and economic collapse. >> reporter: the u.s. is now calling on its allies to support saudi arabia and consider providing additional defensive support and, guys, this is still a very delicate situation and just the beginning. >> it'll be a hot topic at the u.n. this week. no question about that. stephanie, thank you very much. we're going to turn to a story closer to home now, and it's a bizarre one out of suburban chicago. the suv crashing into a mall
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plowing through windows slamming into displays sending shoppers scrambling. who did this and why? abc's kaylee hartung is right there in schaumburg, illinois. kaylee, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. that suv smashed its way through the entrance of this sears just behind me. what happened next, you'll see the video. you'll hear the screams. it was a terrifying scene of chaos inside this mall. >> yo, this is not happening right now. >> reporter: this morning investigators trying to piece together what led to this chaotic scene. a man plowing an suv through this suburban mall outside of chicago. >> there was no indication that this was a terrorist attack. there is no indication that this was something preplanned. no indication that the mall itself was a target. celerate through the doors. ckf >> reporter: the incident terrifying shoppers. some at first fearing the commotion was the result of an active shooter. >> first they said someone with
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a gun, so they really weren't sure what was going on. and then you go on the phone and get it right away that some clown was driving through the mall. >> reporter: 911 calls going out. >> a trailblazer driving through the mall right now, unknown injuries, unknown where he's at right now. >> reporter: as the woodfield mall went into lockdown, many forced to wait out the harrowing moments in back rooms. the suv first going through sears then ramming into forever 21 then finally crashing into a pillar in the middle of the mall. >> law enforcement has always been concerned about malls. it also, unfortunately, is a fairly soft target. there's actually no way to defense against possible bad behavior. >> here's part of his car. here's his bumper. >> reporter: witnesses say the driver purposely crashed into kiosks and stores. >> i was helping a customer, and all of a sudden this suv starting coming towards my kiosk. if i would have stayed in my kiosk, i wouldn't be here today,
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i'd be gone. >> reporter: the driver initially detained by witnesses and two off-duty officers before being taken into custody. overnight, authorities labeling him a subject in the investigation as they work to find a motive. no one was seriously injured. local police say they haven't had any prior contact or incidents with the man they've taken into custody, and there was no major structural damage to the mall, so all stores are expected to be open today. eva. >> kaylee, thank you. now to that tour bus tragedy. at least four people killed near bryce canyon national park in utah. you can see the extensive damage. the bus completely mangled. its roof collapsed. now the efforts under way to pinpoint the cause of this deadly crash. abc's will carr is in st. george, utah, with what we know so far. good morning, will. >> reporter: eva, this crash happened in a very isolated part of the state. the victims were taken to four hospitals and some were even airlifted here to st. george as
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first responders did everything they could to save their lives. this morning a horrifying look at a fatal utah tour bus crash that left four people dead and as many as 15 with critical injuries. >> this is a tragic scene. >> reporter: the ntsb sending a ten-member team to the crash site to launch its safety investigation. the bus driving eastbound on arn officials say the bus lost control when making a slight turn then crashed into a guardrail. the collision caused the bus to roll over ejecting passengers. the force of the crash nearly sheared off the roof of the bus. the windows completely shattered. skid marks paint the road. and luggage littering the roadside. all 30 people on board including the driver suffered injuries. three helicopters airlifted some of the passengers to area hospitals while emergency crews and bystanders worked together to triage victims. >> when you're one of the first to see something like that before anybody comes, just the debris and the people laying
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everywhere and the confusion, the blood. >> reporter: the tourist group was made up of chinese nationals. >> the bus' whereabouts, what tl on the bus itself, we'll be doing a lot of investigating as to the cause of this incident. >> reporter: as the ntsb investigates the cause of that crash, the chinese embassy is thanking all of those first responders for everything they did to help. whit. >> an awful crash. will carr for us, thank you. walmart making news this weekend with its decision to stop selling e-cigarettes. the nation's largest retailer says once it sells its current stock of vaping supplies, it won't order anymore. the new policy also applies at the company's sam's club locations. walmart cited growing federal, state and local regulatory complexity in making the decision. the stores will continue selling traditional cigarettes, smokeless tobacco and nicotine gum.
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and in boston this morning, the family of the boston gangster whitey bulger says they're planning to sue the government for his death. last october bulger was transferred to a federal lockup in west virginia. he was attacked within hours of his arrival and he later died. his family claims bulger was deliberately placed in harm's way. in their official notice of claim, bulger's surviving family members say they will be asking for $200,000 in damages. now to breaking news overnight, chaos erupting on a high school gridiron. spectators sent running. >> security. >> reporter: overnight panic cutting short a philadelphia high school football game. >> there are people inside saying there is someone outside shooting. >> we need everybody off the field, please. thank you. everybody off the field. >> reporter: this video showing the moments hundreds of people went running for their lives after shots rang out. the announcer trying to calm the terrified football fans.
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>> if we could have everybody in the stands to please relax. you can sit back down. >> reporter: outside the stadium two teens shot. >> the people who were at the stadium, both the security, the police officers and those that were present are all trying to be helpful but i think it was just such mayhem when the shooting rang out, nobody saw anybody with a gun. >> reporter: this comes on the heels of other scares at high school football games. just weeks ago in pittsburgh, gunfire broke out at a game. one person shot. the stadium evacuated and earlier this month in alabama a football coach ordering his players to take cover laying on the ground after hearing what sounded like gunshots. it turned out to be nothing. this is the fifth week in a row a shooting has taken place during a high school football game so a lot of concern. people on edge. >> yeah, i mean, how can you blame them for freaking out given all of the high school shootings we've seen. >> you heard the p.a. announcer telling them, everything is fine, to sit back down but
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nobody was listening. president trump and that growing firestorm over a call with a foreign leader. the conversation in question believed to be with ukraine's new president and whether trump brought up his potential 2020 challenger joe biden. the president downplaying that phone call and biden also responding now. abc's david wright is live at the white house with more. david, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, whit. the white house is pushing back on those reports that the president pressured a foreign government to dig up dirt on a political rival. president trump calls that a political hack job, that story. but as new details emerge, there are some big questions. in the oval office with the australian prime minister, president trump insisted there was nothing amiss about a july phone call he had with another world leader, the newly elected president of ukraine. >> it was a totally appropriate conversation. it was actually a beautiful eputthsation. stetoualreat on that cal t repeatedly
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investigate joe biden's son. hunter biden served on the board of a ukrainian energy company when his father was vice president. >> did you discuss joe biden, his son or his family with the leader of ukraine? >> it doesn't matter what i discussed. >> reporter: the issue seems to be at the heart of an extraordinary whistle-blower complaint about the president from a u.s. intelligence official who told the inspector general he was troubled by what he heard on that call. >> it's a ridiculous story. it's a partisan whistle-blower. shouldn't even have information. i've had conversations with many leaders. they're always appropriate. >> reporter: but the inspector general found the whistle-blower's complaint to be credible. it's now the focus of the latest tug-of-war between the trump administration and congressional democrats. late last night former vice president biden tweeted a statement saying, if these reports are true, then there is truly no bottom to president
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trump's willingness to abuse his power and abase our country. >> the president should start to be present. >> reporter: biden is calling on trump to release the transcript of that call. house speaker nancy pelosi says that bas whistle-blower complaint, the administration is entering what she called a dangerous minefield with serious repercussions. but for now the director of national intelligence and the justice department are refusing to do so. whit. >> and, david, a lot of reaction to this. it's already having an impact over the debate over the impeachment investigation. >> reporter: that's right. overnight senator elizabeth warren among others called on members of congress to as she put it do your constitutional duty and impeach the president. there's a lot of disagreement in congress over whether or not to proceed with an impeachment proceeding and bottom line, though, the democrats simply don't have the votes to remove the president, whit. >> all right, david wright at
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the white house for us, thank you. hundreds of thousands of people most of them quite young hitting the streets all over the world to sound the alarm over climate change. you can see the huge crowds here. they marched in such cities as new york, paris and sydney. all told, 2,500 protests in more than 150 countries. organizers of the so-called climate strike say the streets of melbourne, australia, berlin and london each had more than 100,000 protesters marching, they say, for the future of the planet and the people who live on it. well, now to the devastation in texas. water rescues around the clock as crews urgently search for people trapped by those floodwaters. after days of extreme conditions residents are getting a clear look at the extensive damage. abc's senior meteorologist rob marciano is just back from that area and he's here with us now with more on this catastrophic weather event. good morning to you, rob. >> hey, good morning, eva. you know, these heavy, extreme
7:15 am
rainfall events like harvey and imelda is a signal of a warming climate. now that moisture is heading up towards the north and the waters are painfully receding slowly across parts of southeast texas. those folks are still reeling from the impacts of this slow-moving system. this morning, imelda's death toll rising. now five fatalities at the hands of this relentless storm. parts of southeast texas engulfed by more than 43 inches of rain. the tropical storm inundating streets, swallowing cars and blocking traffic for those trying to get out. officials and volunteers out helping the hundreds trapped in floodwaters including an improbable rescue of a mother and daughter stuck in this ditch. >> all i seen is her vehicle hit that water, and i'm thinking, oh, my god. i'm going to stand here and watch this woman die. >> reporter: a 16-year-old football player saving the day. >> i see her pick up her baby's head. i could tell she didn't know how to swim so i jumped into the water. i grabbed her by her waist and
7:16 am
pushed her up making sure she was on dry land and grass. >> reporter: for the wilcox family, imelda's impact is close to the catastrophic flooding from hurricane harvey. you've lived in this whole house. you went through hurricane harvey and this was flooded less than two years ago. what's it like to have it happen all over again? >> it's honestly devastating to how much work that we put back into it after harvey. it's just -- it really hurts that it's just gone so quickly. >> reporter: over two feet of floodwater pouring into their home. so everything at our level is new. >> yes, all the walls, all of this is new, everything. >> and most of that is ruined again. >> uh-huh. >> they'll be replacing that as will hundreds of other victims from this tropical system. the waters are receding but the cleanup now begins. some of that moisture being drawn northward into this frontal system, which now we have flash flood watches posted for eastern parts of kansas including kansas city up through now including chicago and milwaukee and some severe weather with this too as some
7:17 am
thunderstorms rolling last night across the dakotas. we're concerned with how slowly it's moving and some of the storms that are going to fire ahead of this, some strong winds, large hail, maybe a tornado or two from wichita through kansas city, des moines, maybe in through northern minnesota as well. but i'm more concerned with several rounds of rain that will fire along this front, kansas city will get a couple rounds, des moines as well. not going to be a nice weekend in chicago. rains will begin later on this amp and probably last through tomorrow as well getting towards detroit, and we're going to see some pockets of four plus inches of rainfall and that could very well be enough to flood some of these areas. certainly a wet weekend from oklahoma city all the way toward detroit. we're in the heart of hurricane season here, so we've got a strong wave coming off africa, a couple more here and then jerry will make a run at bermuda later on tuesday into wednesday after dealing with 100-mile-an-hour wi good saturday morning. waking up to a clear start here in san francisco. it's in the 60s.
7:18 am
but it's been cool on the coast in the upper 40s. . today though everyone is warmer about three to five degrees warmer inland. autumn arrives monday. heat and high fire danger arrive tuesday and wednesday. highs today in the low 90s for new livermore. 87 in fremont. 79 san francisco. how about 84 in santa cruz and the accuweaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaa >> the ladies at the desk have a decided that they're very comfortable with the name hurricane jerry. >> there's something funny about it. not funny. like the name. >> right. you can trust a jerry. >> now it's just a tropical storm. storm and hopefully will miss bermuda. >> my advice is don't trust this jerry. >> good point. >> generally a twisting storm in the ocean. >> always looking out. moving right along, now to an iowa state university football fan and his
7:19 am
good-humored plea for beer money that went viral and became a big bucks fund-raiser. check this out. if you watched espn's "college gameday" last weekend, you might have seen carson king's tongue in cheek sign that read busch light beer supply needs replenished and he even listed his venmo account info so people could give him money. he figured he might maybe score enough cash for a case of beer. he was wrong and a lot wrong. he decided that he would donate all the cash that everyone sent to him to the iowa's children's hospital, and then anheuser busch and venmo each decided they would match the money dollar for dollar. as of this morning that sign raised matching donations from anheuser busch and venmo racked up more than $822,000 and yesterday -- charge is the best part -- anheuser-busch gifted carson with a one-year supply of his favorite beer in those customized cans with his picture. >> so he got his beer money after all and did a lot of good >> and his face on the beer. >> i know. >> but he might want to upgrade
7:20 am
his taste in beer. >> oh, of course. >> coming from a manage would doesn't drink beer. >> well, used to anyway. what were you going to say, robert? >> busch light and natty light is all good stuff. >> yeah. a lot of people won't complain about it. >> i'm getting ready to hear your complaints on twitter all day. bring them in. now to an amazing moment during school recess in north carolina. janai norman is here with that story. good morning. >> good morning, guys. this is a really sweet story. the kind that puts a big old smile on our face. a teacher at topsail elementary school took this video of a group of fifth graders just playing around, playing basketball at recess and then you see them bring in third grader francis veras who has cerebral palsy and is in a wheelchair there. so he makes a perfect pass to a classmate who then dunks it. there he is with the assist. then everyone rushes to congratulate francis on the play. his mother said she had no idea about any of this until she got a call. >> miss wilson, the principal, she called me and asked me, did you see the video and i was very surprised.
7:21 am
the action with the children seeing all the faces, they enjoying a lot the moment and it's very like -- i'm grateful for that. >> it made me feel good seeing how happy he was. >> and you can see how excited francis was in that video with his mom. he is 8 years old and just started sharing recess time with those fifth graders last week but he obviously has already made some great friends. >> beautiful moment. especially when the mom said video, you could see his face light up. thank you, janai. antonio brown backlash. the embattled nfl receiver dropped from the patriots as a new misconduct claim emerges. the latest developments unfolding on and off the field. a frightening school bus ride. a bus driver accused of driving drunk with students on board and a young boy's disturbing 911 call. "good morning america" is sponsored by prudential.
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they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c. good morning i'm liz kreutz. a bicycle icht in the hospital this morning after crieding with a vta train in san jose. happening around 5:00 last night. the bicyclist was taken to the the hospital with a head injure. he was conscious and breg. a bus arrived to pick up passengers while first
7:28 am
responders secured the scene. trains back to service an hour later. let's check the weather with lisa argen. >> good morning to you. and look at all that sun from our exploratorium camera. 59 san jose, it's still just 48 half moon bay. and a beautiful morning from our east bay hills camera in the 50s for you. 55 in livermore. we're looking hot today inland in the low 90s. look for 90 in san jose. 84 in oklahoma. even warm at our beaches. 75 in half moon bay. but the warmest weather arrives midweek. liz. >> sounds good. thanks, lisa.
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welcome back to "gma" on this saturday morning. almost 20 years ago jennifer lopez made fashion history wearing her jungle print versace dress to the 2000 grammy awards. coming up in "pop news," janai will tell us why j. lo and that dress are making news once again and where they popped up. dan has been following this closely for two decades. >> yeah. >> big update coming up. >> this sounds like the type of story that the less i say, the better. >> yeah, probably, starting now. >> it's amazing she looks exactly like that now. >> incredible. >> nothing has changed. we'll have more on that story. but first let's get to some of the top headlines we're following right now. president trump sending in the troops to saudi arabia along with air missile defense systems. all this after the attack on saudi oil facilities that the u.s. blames on iran. concerns about the eastern equine encephalitis virus still
7:31 am
growing this morning as yet another death is reported. it was reported in the town of lyme, connecticut. about 30% of cases of this disease, which is sometimes known as eee, about a third of them fatal. and researchers at new york's hunter college and say there's a good chance that some airlines provided passengers with unhealth with water. a project checked the water quality of 11 major airlines and 12 regional carriers. the bottom line here, researchers say avoid coffee or tea when flying and never drink the water unless it's from a sealed bottle and use hand sanitizer instead of water. >> also you can just kind of wrap yourself in a bubble. >> exactly. >> this is why i clorox wipe everything when i sit down. >> of course. your neighbor in the seat next to you might object to the bubble. but the rest of it is good. >> as long as you don't take up his arm space, right? >> that's true. we start this half hour with embattled nfl star antonio brown once again a man without a team. the patriots releasing him after he played just one game. that's as a second woman accused
7:32 am
him of sexual misconduct and she now claims he sent intimidating text messages afterward. brown now responding. abc's zachary kiesch joins us now with more on brown's future. good morning, zachary. >> reporter: eva, good morning to you as well. the nfl telling abc news overnight brown is a free agent which means another team can pick him up. the league saying it is presently investigating multiple allegations but for now brown is not on the exempt list. this morning, antonio brown is looking for a new team. >> breaking news out of the national football league, wide receiver antonio brown has been cut by the new england patriots. >> reporter: the new england patriots releasing brown from his multimillion dollar contract friday. the move coming hours after a woman who accused brown of sexual misconduct says she felt threatened and intimidated by text messages that came from a familiar number, which she believes to be brown. in the exchange, the texter questioned her financial status saying, must be really hard times to make up some stuff for
7:33 am
money, super sad. >> i want to make sure that his actions with respect to my client stop, so i will stay involved with both the nfl and the patriots to make sure that happens. >> reporter: this is the second accuser to come forward. brown's former trainer, britney taylor, filed a civil lawsuit last week outlining allegations of rape, battery and false imprisonment, all of which brown denies. head coach bill belichick cut a press conference short friday morning after being hit with a rash of questions about the all pro wideout. >> was there ever a point where some of the off the field stuff was enough? >> so, yeah, that's -- yeah, i'm good, okay. thank you. >> brown was seen practicing at the patriots facility at the time, but was released a short time later. this just weeks after the 31-year-old was cut by the oakland raiders. >> the patriots said enough is enough. we can't handle this guy, and it was the right move to make.
7:34 am
>> reporter: brown's agent says his client is healthy and looking forward to his next chance to play. as of now the nfl is not scheduled to meet with brown at this time. that's according to espn. he is on the exempt list -- he is not on the exempt list which keeps players off the field but allows them to get paid. >> so he could theoretically play. >> he could theoretically play. and he thanked the patriots for the opportunity there. >> zachary, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> great to see you on a saturday morning. let's get it over to rob for another look at the weather. what's happening? >> so much drama already with the football season. you know, we're only a couple weeks in, certainly feels like fall that way, but it's not quite fall with us, right? that's going to begin on monday. this is the last full weekend of summer but not in the rockies. breckenridge showing the aspens beginning to turn that golden hue that is so beautiful. this is the time of year where you can get fresh snow in the peaks and lower elevations seeing those aspens. i love it. i never get out there this time of year because it's hurricane season, but it looks to be one of the most spectacular times of
7:35 am
year to go. speaking of hurricanes, we've got a couple of disturbances at the least, kiko, mario, lorena which made landfall across the southern tip of baja california as a category 1, now back over water expected to make a second landfall as we get through the next day or so. mario will kind of parallel the coastline. shouldn't be too big of a deal. maybe bring in more waves but not nearly as strong alo so lorena heading north and it will bring moisture up into the southwest which by the way hasn't had a whole lot with the monsoon this year. it's been pretty dry, as a matter of fact, phoenix is a couple inches below average and they'll get some rainfall here. i think more so monday into monday night, and they could see two, three inches of rain, and as you know, in the desert southwest, that's enough to do some flash flooding so i would anticipate seeing some flash flood watches posted as we go towards tomorrow night into monday. that's a check on what's happening nationally good saturday morning pmg check out the breeze that doesn't exist here from our roof
7:36 am
camera. we have a weak sea breeze today. that's why we warm up upper 70s to low at noontime. this weather report is sponsored by edward jones. enjoy the last weekend of summer. >> yes. >> feels like it. the pressure is on. this is it. you got to take it in this weekend. >> yeah. it's going to feel like it across parts of the southeast. we'll talk more about that tomorrow. it's called the dts. tomorrow we'll discuss how warm it is across parts of the east. >> don't leave your couch. >> going to be a nice weekend. >> some have to be here anyway. >> everybody else, tune in. >> we're here like it or not. thank you, rob. we'll talk to you. all right. coming up here on "good morning america," a youngster's frightening call to the cops. how he said he could tell his bus driver was drunk. and it's the dress 2.0. jennifer lopez's standing ovation at the versace fashion show. show. this is the age of expression.
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welcome back to "gma." we're hearing the alarming moment a student called 911 tot driver on the road to make an arrest. this morning, we're learning how one quick-thinking kid may have put the brakes on what could
7:41 am
have been a terrible tragedy. >> our bus driver, catherine, she was drunk because she was, uh, like she passed three red lights. >> reporter: in a newly released 911 call, the concerned student alerting dispatchers to his own school bus driver who he says was driving under the influence. >> okay. why do you think she's intoxicated? >> she's like wobbling and then her eyes, you can tell she was drunk. >> reporter: fearing for the safety of his fellow classmates, the child describing a frightening ride home. >> did she smell of alcohol? >> yeah, her breath sort of smelled like alcohol. >> and you said she ran how many red lights? >> about three red lights. >> reporter: longview police officers locating and arresting the driver identified as 48-year-old catherine maccarone leaving an officer and dispatcher in disbelief. >> this is going to be a dui. >> is it? >> yeah. >> i was hoping the kid wasn't right. >> reporter: the children were off the bus by the time she was arrested.
7:42 am
officers say they smelled an obvious odor of intoxicants coming from maccarone charging her with dui and two counts of reckless endangerment. maccarone remains on administrative leave and police say more charges could be filed. now, the school district says they immediately started a review of their transportation operations, and they are making changes to how they screen their bus drivers going forward. but this kid, the detail. he said in her eyes he could see that she was drunk. and obviously officers making that arrest and the dui. >> good for him. >> very concerning. >> yeah, probably saved a lot of people. thank you, whit. coming up on "gma," look at this. a surfer's close encounter with a shark and what he's saying about spotting the predator just feet away. about spotting the predator just feet away. chantix is proven to help you quit. with chantix you can keep smoking at first and ease into quitting.
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welcome back to "gma." this is the last thing a surfer wants to see. the telltale fin of a shark just feet away. now that surfer and the photographer who snapped the picture are describing what it was like to see the shark in the waters off cape cod, and rob is here with that story. good morning, rob. >> good morning. can you imagine you're out there surfing or swimming and you see this, a dorsal fin of a great white just a few feet away from you. well, this man on this surfboard said he didn't want to panic, but he had to act fast. >> i thought this little seal was popping up. i turn around and it was actually the head of a shark. >> reporter: take a look at this close encounter with a great white shark. >> it was pure shock. you see it literally the moment where i recognize what's going on and my only response is to lift my feet out of the water y. orte dmean catching waves off the coast of
7:47 am
nauset beach when he notices something lurking in the water. >> i don't want to splash too much. bring too much attention to myself. >> reporter: joe mault, the man behind the camera recalls the nerve-racking scene. >> it was definitely tense, it felt tense, and he very calmly turned around and paddled back in. >> reporter: after that close call, town officials warning beachgoers to remain vigilant. but mault is not the only photographer to catch a rare sighting of a great white shark. also this month on cape cod photographer mike lemery capturing what he calls a lucky photo of a great white leaping out of the ocean. >> the shark just jumps right out of the water. its whole body, everything comes out of the water, and i snap and i click as many shots as i can as fast as i can, and it's over in like two seconds. >> reporter: these sightings come a year after 26-year-old arthur medici was killed by a shark. it was the first deadly attack on the cape in 80 years. as for zimmerman, he's grateful he was able to swim to shore
7:48 am
with a photo to remember. >> i look more like an offering on a platter than i do anything else, so i'm just really thankful that, you know, it ended up going the way it did rather than me being a snack. >> i bet you are. zimmerman had only been in the water about two minutes when he saw the fin. his wife, who is happy he is alive, telling our boston abc affiliate wcvb seeing the photo made her sick to her stomach. >> wow. and he's never surfing again. >> no, or she said, honey, we're going to need a bigger surfboard. >> we always make this point, it's important to make this point. they attack very rarely. >> yes. >> they don't want to eat you. >> and i don't want to be next to them. >> this is where sharks hang out. we all know that area. that's where we do the shark stories. so maybe not go surfing there. >> that's why i snowboard instead of a surfboard. the shredding of the gnar is better than the shredding of the leg. >> fair enough. that's also why oil pro-couch. robert, thank you. back with "pop news" with janai who has much safer fare. h "pop news" with janai who has much safer fare. janai who has much safer fare.
7:49 am
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"good mo "good morning america" is sponsored by sherwin-williams. ask sherwin-williams how to bring color to life with the very best paint. s cs back there or rob is dancing or something. >> look, the rule of tv is you don't talk about what happened when others can't see it. >> but that doesn't apply to you because i like making fun of you. hey, norman -- janai norman is here with "pop news." >> i am. rob, will you dance a little more? >> keep the music going. >> all right. all right. we start with kevin hart making a major step in his recovery from a car accident. the actor and comedian checked out of an impatient rehab facility and is recuperating at home according to tmz. the site reporting hart looked at photos of that car crash. remember how awful is looked and is shocked he is alive and suffered a major back injury when the car he was riding in careened off the road rolling off an embankment, though, he is expected to make a full
7:54 am
recovery. very good news there. >> it really is incredible when you look at those images his injuries weren't worse. >> would have been totally inappropriate for me to dance through that story. >> you're right. you're right. good call. we'll get you dancing in a minute. the woman who may have set up meghan and harry said her own i dos and the the duke and duchess of sussex were there to celebrate misha nonoo's wedding in rome. the royals are said to have flown commercial for the affair. good on them. nonoo, a fashion designer, who married american energy entrepreneur michael hess has kept mum on speculation she is the one that set them up. they kick off a tour to southern africa on monday. there were some other famous faces at that wedding. orlando bloom, katy perry, fancy shindig. >> uh-huh. so this is a story dan has been waiting for. j. lo bringing down the house at versace's spring show during milan fashion week. you remember the dress. the dress, that plunging gown she wore to the grammy awards almost 20 years ago. she closed the show in a reimagined version of that dress, stunning the crowd. just a reminder she just turned 50 and look at her.
7:55 am
j. loss, getting a standing ovation as she walked down the runway looking absolutely famous. the original dress caused so many searches on google they almost couldn't handle it so they had to create google images. >> less fabric this time. >> less. >> i think the thing with the new dress, it's her. it's her body that makes it so amazing. >> incredible. >> the guys can't say anything. >> following dan's lead. >> i mean there's so many risks to not only my career but my manhood. >> so many things. but she looked amazing. >> as a girl i can fan girl this. >> lovely woman. finally, you guys, today is so special, they made a song about it or vice versa. either way a great excuse to play one of my favorites and for rob to dance. >> oh, no. ♪ do you remember the 21st night of september ♪ >> she said -- >> do you remember the 21st -- >> it's september 21st. >> oh. >> yeah. e group found in 1969ire of ur,"
7:56 am
still touring, sounds great and a great way to celebrate. >> i was telling rob to dance not sing, so trying to stop me from singing. >> either one. either one. >> rob pulled a lat doing that. >> yeah. >> he's going to be complaining for days. see you here tomorrow. janai, great job. appreciate it. tomorrow. janai, great job. appreciate it. >> announcer: abc 7 mornings. >> all new. >> all moorng. >> wildfires victims and pg&e bond hoerlds teeming up to get the utility out of bankruptcy including a $24 billion settlement to pay for wildfires blamed on pg&e power lines. they offered to pay the victims from a trust. capped at over $8 backup pl the bond holder plan includes paying
7:57 am
$28 billion for a stake in the processingen emmit parent company. let's check with the weather with lisa. >> good morning to you. we have a lot of sunshine out there. it's a pretty day. the morning is the pick bus the afternoon getting warm out there. as we look at a live shot right now you can see how sunny in san francisco. 61 degrees. 62 in oakland with 50 at the coast. down to 48 for a while. certainly a chilly morning nights getting longer we will cool off tonight. but 80s quick warmup today. mid-50s napa santa rosa with 62 in concord. upper echlgs winds above is thousand feet gusting to 37 miles an hour. mount diablo. the normal winds will aid in the quick warmup with the autumn sunshine. three to four degrees warmer around the bay right now compared to yesterday. looking live from the sutro tower it's the warmer day today on saturday. it cools off tomorrow. and then we have high fire dangerous with the warmest
7:58 am
wintering mid-we can. 79 in san francisco. boech day with mid-70s. half moon bay. and top out around 90 in san jose. and santa rosa. so we'll talk about a stronger sea breeze, cooldown for sunday and reversal as autumn arrives monday. >> a warm day. up next developing news san francisco police investigating a homicide in the hill neighborhood. neighborhood. baquero back to thes design (beep) the ups and downs of frequent mood swings can plummet you to extreme lows. (crying) lift you to intense highs. (muffled arguing) or, make you feel both at once. overwhelmed by bipolar i symptoms? ask about vraylar. some medications only treat the lows or the highs. vraylar effectively treats depression, acute manic and mixed episodes of bipolar i. full-spectrum relief of all symptoms. with just one pill, once a day.
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8:00 am
news to build a better bay area. this is abc 7 mornings. good morning it's saturday. september 21st. i'm liz kreutz. let's start with a quick look at the weather, including the heat. here is meteorologist lisa argen good morning, lisa. >> good morning, liz. starting out with patchy fog on the san mateo cost. cool this morning there. and looking at some pretty comfortable numbers. look how sunny at the golden gate bridge. numbers in the 60s. 62 in oakland with 54 in half moon bay. at the beach in the low 60s in santa cruz. 80s today there. it's 49 by the delta. with the longer nights and that dry air, it cools quickly. so look forward to that tonight. because we have a very quick warmup going on today with sunshine and near 80 in san francisco. but by noontime in the the upper 80s in the inland


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