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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 24, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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>> have a great day. happening now in america this morning, the pressure to impeach growing in washington as the questions surrounding president trump's call with the president of ukraine intensifies. details emerging overnight about the military aid the president withheld. he denies he was pressuring ukraine to investigate joe biden's son and now vice president mike pence speaking out overnight addressing accusations of a quid pro quo as democrats plan a crucial meeting today on capitol hill. also developing right now, the u.s. army soldier accused of discussing plans for an attack inside the u.s. including an attack targeting a major news network. what we're learning about the alleged motive. who killed jimmy hoffa? the new theory this morning into the decades old mystery surrounding the legendary teamsters president who disappeared from a restaurant parking lot. plus, an electric car
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battery that could run for 1 million miles. it may be closer to reality than you think. caught on camera, the dramatic rescue, a 5-year-old girl trapped beneath a subway train after her father jumped onto the tracks. we hear from the heros who raced into action. and the math teacher racking up win after win on "jeopardy." how a toilet paper roll helped him prepare for the show. good tuesday morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. we begin with several developments overnight and the scandal surrounding a phone call between president trump and the president of ukraine. >> at issue is whether president trump pressured ukraine to investigate joe biden in exchange for u.s. military aid. he denies that claim and calls this another witch-hunt. meanwhile overnight new details emerged about the time line including when that military aid was put on hold. >> abc's ines de la cuetara
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has the latest from washington where democrats are meeting to discuss impeachment. ines, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys, well, the president remains defiant acknowledging he did talk about joe biden in his conversations with the ukrainian president did denying there was any kind of quid pro quo. as president trump gears up to address the united nations general assembly today he's still pushing back on that "wall street journal" report. >> it's just a democrat witch-hunt. here we go again. >> reporter: insisting he did nothing wrong by repeatedly asking ukrainian president zelensky to investigate his campaign rival joe biden. at the time of that call, the trump administration was withholding $250 million in aid to ukraine that congress had already approved. now "the washington post" reports trump ordered staffers to freeze that aid just days before his conversation with zelensky. trump denies there was any quid pro quo. >> i did not make a statement that you have to do this or i'm not going to giving you "a." i wouldn't do that. i wouldn't do that.
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>> reporter: but minutes later. >> i put no pressure on them whatsoever. i could have. i think it would probably possibly have been okay if i did. but i didn't. i didn't put any pressure on them whatsoever. >> he mentioned vice president biden and his son in the context of us wanting to see honest government. that's exactly what the american taxpayer would expect. >> reporter: back in washington republicans have been mostly silent on the matter. >> we don't know enough about it. >> reporter: but a steady trickle of house democrats are now lining up to support impeachment. even house speaker nancy pelosi hinting at it threatening a whole new stage of investigation if the trump administration doesn't hand over the whistle-blower's complaint to congress by thursday. >> he may force us to go down this road, and we may very well have crossed the rubicon here. >> reporter: and house speaker nancy pelosi will hold a closed door meeting this afternoon with members of her caucus amid reports she's been quietly discussing with her allies whether it's time to impeach.
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janai and kenneth. >> that drumbeat on impeachment appears to be getting louder, ines, thank you. an earthquake shook puerto rico overnight. the 6.0 magnitude quake centered 50 miles northwest of the island. a woman captured some of the shaking from her tenth floor apartment. there were no immediate reports of damage. several aftershocks are reported. a u.s. army soldier is under arrest accused of discussing plans to bomb a tv news network and target presidential candidate beto o'rourke. jared william smith allegedly told an fbi source he had placed a vehicle full of explosive material at the headquarters of a news network. cnn says it was the target. agents say smith provided bombmaking instructions during chats on facebook. >> this case sets off so many alarms. the combination of an active duty soldier trained, young and talking about harming other people. it's the absolute worst scenario for law enforcement. >> agents say the 24-year-old who is stationed in kansas also expressed a desire to fight with an extremist group in ukraine.
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another parent will be sentenced today in the college admissions scandal. businessman devin sloan has pleaded guilty to paying a $250,000 bribe to get his son into the university of southern 46 california. and disguising his son as a water polo player. prosecutors are seeking a one-year prison sentence. today's sentencing could reveal how other parents including actress lori loughlin might be treated if convicted. now to the opening arguments in the murder trial of a former police officer. amber guyger shot and killed a man in his own apartment in dallas. she says it was a mistake and that she thought he was a burglar, but prosecutors say she missed several warning signs that she was walking into the wrong home. this morning, day two for an ex-cop's murder trial. former dallas officer amber guyger shot and killed botham jean in his own apartment last year. she says she mistakenly parked on the fourth floor instead of the third where she lived and then walked into jean's apartment and mistook him for an intruder. a jury will now decide whether
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it was murder or a mistake. >> 38 tenants that lived on the third and fourth floor reported doing the exact same thing. how is that unreasonable? >> she walks past 16 different apartments and fails to register the number 4 on any single one of them. >> reporter: in their opening statements, prosecutors say guyger missed numerous signs that she was entering the wrong apartment pointing out differences in the hallways and a red doormat. >> in front of botham's apartments is this extremely obvious bright red floor mat. amber guyger had no floor mat. >> reporter: prosecutors claim guyger had been sending intimate text messages and talking on the phone with her partner moments before she walked into jean's home and was possibly distracted. this morning the exact content of those messages is unknown because they were deleted on both their phones after the shooting. >> do you remember if they were provocative?
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>> i don't remember, no. >> guyger's defense team argues that guyger who was still in uniform was tired after a long day on duty and that she feared for her life believing jean was a burglar. her attorney telling the jury the shooting was nothing short of an epic tragedy. >> to say that she was aware there was a red doormat and knowingly ignored it because she wanted to go into 1478 and shoot this man is preposterous. >> it was also revealed in court that guyger was only able to get into jean's apartment because the door was defective and hadn't closed properly. turning to the weather, parts of arizona have been hit with drenching rains, dozens of drivers had to be rescued. a rare tornado was even spotted and reported near phoenix. a passenger on an american airlines flight took these photos of the storm. it took three attempts for the plane to land safely in phoenix. meanwhile, in the caribbean the focus today is on the tropical depression known as karen hitting puerto rico with heavy rain. let's take a look at your tuesday forecast.
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good morning. we continue to track three systems in the tropics, jerry, karen and lorenzo. it will be making landfall across puerto rico later today bringing breezy wind, heavy rainfall leading to mudslides, some spots even into the virgin islands could see up to eight inches through tonight. we've also got jerry passing to the north of bermuda as we head into tomorrow. gusty winds up to 60 miles per hour, flooding rainfall and speaking of flooding rains more of that across southern portions of arizona and new mexico as well. i'm accuweather meteorologist adam del rosso. coming up, some news for chocolate fans. the $18 kit kat bar. but first the teenager inspiring millions with her passionate speech at the u.n. on climate change. the complaint she's now filed. a new twist in the mystery over who killed jimmy hoffa. what one expert now claims.
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and later, the mother and four children stuck on a
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i should be back in school on the other side of the ocean, yet you all come to us young people for hope. how dare you. >> that's 16-year-old greta thunberg at the u.n. slamming world leaders for not doing enough to fight climate change. the swedish activist has now joined other teens filing a formal complaint saying the lack of action is violating their basic rights. this has gone viral, thunberg glaring at president trump. the president appeared to mock her on twitter last night tweeting, quote, she seems like a very happy young girl. a new book claims investigators know who killed teamsters boss jimmy hoffa.
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the author is the stepson of chuckie o'brien who was a suspect in hoffa's disappearance but was never charged. jack goldsmith says he spent seven years in investigating the case and in his book out today he says investigators know who killed hoffa but there's not enough evidence to reveal a name. goldsmith would only say the killer is no longer alive and was connected to a detroit crime family. hoffa was last seen at a restaurant in 1975. a police officer in orlando, florida, who arrested two 6-year-olds at their school has now been fired. police say officer dennis turner did not follow protocol during two separate incidents at the charter school and battery charges against both children have now been dropped. the grandmother of one child said the first grader was handcuffed and had her mug shot taken after she kicked a staff member during a temper tantrum. so check this out, this could be a game changer in the auto industry. researchers say it's possible that a battery could be developed for electric cars that could run for 1 million miles.
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tesla's elon musk first promised such a battery and now canadian researchers say it's not only possible but could be on the market sooner than expected. tesla funded the study. a headline from the candy business. nestle is out with a luxury kit kat bar. it's hand crafted and customers can choose from 1500 flavor combinations. it also comes with personalized packaging. each bar will cost you $18 but right now they are only being scold in the uk. nestle, give us a break. bring them over to the u.s., please. >> comg up, the mother on a san also the little girl trapped beneath a train. we'll hear from the hero. a serious health scare from oprah. what you need to know about pneumonia. metastatic breast cancer are living in the moment and taking ibrance. ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor
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♪ lipton®. live alive. save it slimeball.onstrating i've upgraded to mucinex. lipton®. we still have 12 hours to australia. mucinex lasts 12 hours, so i'm good. now move- kim nooooooo! only mucinex has a patented tablet that lasts 3x longer, for 12 hours. we are back with this stunning view of what's known as chicagohenge. it's when the sun rises and sets
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in perfect alignment with the city's east/west street grid. it happens twice a year there in chi city. we turn now to the heroic rescue after a tragedy on the train tracks. a little girl here in new york is alive after her father jumped to his death in front of a subway while holding her. >> this morning we're hearing from the people who raced to save her. this morning, the moments after a miracle was caught on camera. >> little by little. >> reporter: a 5-year-old girl is seen unharmed crawling out from beneath a subway train in new york city. >> police say minutes earlier the girl's father had jumped in front of the train while holding her. he was killed immediately. but somehow his daughter survived. >> translator: when the girl moved her hand, first thing i said was thank god. >> reporter: torres, seen wearing the white shirt in the video was the first to help. >> i said crawl to me like a
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puppy. come to me because i cannot come to you. >> reporter: you can see the girl's 44-year-old father in this surveillance video from their apartment building holding his daughter's hand before going to the train station. witnesses say they heard him on his phone seconds before he grabbed his daughter and jumped. >> i heard him telling the wife that you look out for the other two kids. i'm going to take her to school and then he said, i love you. >> reporter: this morning the girl is home with only a few scratches. the family is now filled with gratitude and grief. >> he was a good father. 100% good father. >> translator: everything is fine except the absence of my husband. >> neighbors say the father suffered from depression and was off and on his medication. >> tough story. a mother and four children from florida are safe after being stranded on a sandbar for an entire night. they were finally tracked down by a police helicopter along a river near pensacola where they went swimming sunday. the mother built a fire to keep everyone warm and she says there was no cell phone service to call for help. >> screaming at the top of our lungs every 20 seconds, help, help.
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i just tried everything i could. i knew i just had to get the kids there safe and i'm thankful we did. >> they spent the night in their bathing suits and were tired and hungry but everyone is okay. oprah is warning others after fighting a serious case of pneumonia for weeks. the media mogul was only cleared by a doctor monday. she was told to cancel everything and not to fly for a month. oprah told ellen degeneres she thought it was a bad head cold and was surprised by how severe her condition became. >> so i go into the lung specialist. he puts a stethoscope here, and i see the oh [ bleep ] face. it is like, oh, my -- something is wrong with you and i can see it. he didn't hide it. don't play with it. get your flu shots and get your
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pneumonia shots. it's nothing to play with. it takes people out. [ applause ] i'm telling you, it changed the way i look at wellness. >> oprah is encouraging everyone to be more mindful of their health. she's taking her message on the road next year in a national tour that will focus on wellness. >> good message. in sports the bears' offense was too much for the redskins on monday night football. chicago's taylor gabriel caught three touchdown passes in the second quarter to put the bears ahead for good. chicago went on to win, 31-15. and this irate eagles fan has gone public after he was seen screaming during sunday's loss to the lions. eric furda is the dean of admissions at the university of pennsylvania. he joked he's accepting a penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct and he'll watch the next game at home. >> bet you some students liked that video. up next in "the pulse," surprising new about cats and their emotions. also a classic case of do not try this at home with a bear. move over, "jeopardy james." "jeopardy jason" is here. the secret to this teacher's
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miralax. look for the pink cap. ♪ it is time for "the pulse," and we begin with a reigning champion on "jeopardy." jason zuffranieri has won 17 games. >> the math teacher from new mexico has earned the nickname "jeopardy jase" and won more than $472,000 so far. >> and he says one of his secrets to the success he's this is how he trained to use the buzzer on the show. >> i did take this from a previous one of the great champs who said if you take a paper -- toilet paper roll, it actually -- it has the feel and the look of the actual "jeopardy" buzzer if you just hold on to that thing, so i was
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clicking with that, with the spring mechanism on there to practice. he was really right. it actually does seem a lot like the real instrument itself. >> so, guys, not like the brown part of the toilet paper roll but the spring. are you all at home going like, oh, like kenneth and i did. he tried out eight times before getting on. now third on the list of "jeopardy" money winners. coming up later on "gma" he talks about whether he can stand up to the legendary ken jennings or james holzhauer. the spring, it makes so much sense. >> the little thing there that you put in and put in a little contraption. >> neat. also the trick here your name has to start with a "j" for the alitlation. >> jeopardy janai. >> oh, my gosh. you're going to win. i love it. hey, this next story may be a catastrophe for dog lovers. >> new research has found cats are also man's best friend and develop personal relationships with their humans just like dogs and see us as more than just a food delivery source. they view us as security. >> the researchers at oregon state found some cats are just
4:24 am
too insecure to show their love. not surprising here. >> that study brought to you by garfield. now to a special snuggle between a bear and her human teddy bear. >> okay, so take a look. this is jenny. a 330-pound syrian brown bear and that's jim, a licensed wildlife expert in new york. jenny loves licking jim's fingers. >> she's 1 of 11 bears at the orphaned wildlife center. sometimes he refers to her as jenny, love you, jenny. >> that was good. >> is she sucking his thumb? >> that's what i thought. that's what it looked like. >> getting weird here. >> that's quite a cuddle. germans known for their love of beer and now their courts have made a ruling everyone can 46 relate to. >> a german court reviewed that a hangover is an illness and the company that makes anti-hangover supplements cannot market its products as a cure. >> the company has claimed supplements could treat nausea
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making news right now at 4:27, power angst in the north bay. they avoided power shutoffs monday. pg&e is making no promises about today. speeding, blowing through stop signs and worse. dangerous driving has people in one south bay neighborhood fed up. double trouble in puerto rico. the island is shaken by a big earthquake as it braces for a major storm that could bring up to 8 inches of rain. good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, september 24th. excited to be with you again this morning. welcome, frances. >> all these tropical storms, how serious is it? >> 8 inches is serious anytime but flash flooding and debris flow. they'll have to deal with that, also, and possibly power outages, unfortunately.
4:28 am
the wind is not going to be an issue. we'll talk more about it coming up. we have our own issues back here at home. i want to get to the humidity levels. they're still in the 30s which is pretty good. they will be even drier. we have several things to talk about when we come back such as heat. look at this. it's already in the mid-60s to mid-70s in some neighborhoods. we do have some cooler weather. half moon bay at 74. 59 in novato. a look at our afternoon temperatures, nearly 90 in san francisco. low to mid-90s around the bay. 100s inland. it's a spare the air day. we have a heat advisory and of course the fire danger continues. more on that. over to frances for the commute. good morning, mike. good morning, everyone. we're off to a good start. the bay bridge toll plaza, a minor wait for the cash paying lanes. the east shore freeway is looking good for headlights moving westbound. down to the bay bridge not too many accidents on the roads. it's actually slowing a lot of
4:29 am
folks down is road work right now. northbound 880, caltrans has a couple lanes blocked as you make your way and that is causing some slowing. westbound 205 is slow out of tracy and the drive time on westbound 580 from tracy to dublin right now is still 31 minutes. developing now, pg&e has turned off power in three-cou counties in the sierra foothills. >> in the north bay thousands of people are still on standby waiting to hear if today it could happen to them. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is headed that way right now. good morning, amy. >> reporter: good morning. we're on our way to napa county which could lose power today. sonoma county, lake county. they face the same threat today as well. sonoma county activated its emergency operations center yesterday. officials say they need to be ready for any issues that a power outage could create. pg&e says the weather that is expected today could force them to shut off the power to try and
4:30 am
prevent fires from starting. >> tuesday morning we'll take a look at the weather conditions and we'll make a decision at whether we will need to shut off the power in those areas for safety. >> if pg&e decides to do it, we're looking at 33,000 residents without power. that will obviously create an increased call for service, could impact traffic, increase those people who have access and functional needs. >> we have to go with the flow. that's the only thing we can do at this time. >> hardware stores are selling out of generators as people look for ways to try and keep their lights on. pg&e says if they decide to shut off the lights, they can't say how long the outage would last, so go ahead and charge those cell phones now while you can. reporting live from napa, amy hollyfield, abc news. >> thank you, amy, for that update. something we' b


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