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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 28, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> announcer: news to build a better bay area. this is abc 7 mornings. good morning, everyone it's saturday september 28th.let's t wintering. >> hey, jobina we have coastal clouds. here is live doppler 7 you may notice the chill in the air. temperatures through the upper 40s in the north bay. a cold start out there. we are 48 in santa rosa and noft an mid-50s in hayward. we are watching winds. this morpg anywhere from 7 to 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. the cooling trend continues compliments of blustery northwestly winds you can see the gusts to 36 miles an hour mount diablo.
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a live look outside from the exploratorium camera you notice we say are stay in the 60s through noontime. the winds really get going. we'll talk how can the winds last and how long the cooling trend will be with us when i see you next. jobina. >> thank you, lisa. >> developing news out of the east bay richmond police are looking for a suspect or suspects involved in a triple shooting, happening near de anza high school on valley view road north of san pablo dam road. three people were hurt. >> oh, my who the [ bleep ] -- [ bleep ]. >> you just heard students running from a high school football game after gunshots rang out. police say they were called out to the scene after a fight around 9:20 last night when officers arrived they heard gunfire and people started running that's when they found two victims. police described one as a male and female and third victim went
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to the hospital on their own. >> there was a lot of people on scene, all fled in different directions. officers at that time were able to locate the victims. they did not see any suspects or any other witnesses on scene. >> the condition of the three victims is not known. police have not released any information about them or the suspects. democratic presidential candidate joe biden's wife will be no sonoma and fremont today, making a fund raising swing through the bay area. last night she made a stop in san francisco. abc 7 news reporter are reporter luz pena talked with several people. >> tag tp teeming joe biden in las vegas his wife in the bay area. >> jill will help ups joe will help u. >> media was not allowed to record inside. carrie showed up to hear her speak about persistent her husband can be and how he proposed five times until she
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said yes. but about the whistle-blower complaint, that didn't happen. >> we are educating ourselves with everything going on in the news. it's more of a trump issue than biden issue. >> in las vegas joe biden did address the complaint that launch the impeachment choiry against president trump. >> a president who may -- and it will be the decided the decision of the congress to make -- may have kplited a make. >> the top voice choice of these mts have jds have to make him a hotter ticket. >> i would love to see a biden warren ticket. >> what does biden have it to do is win your vote. >> a bit is passion. >> as presidential hopefuls visit the bay area to win votes and get money some hope california can open some space for them to have offices and on sunday kamala harris will open an office in oakland. luz pena abc 7 news. the arizona state university newspaper was the first to
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report the resignation of kurt volker the u.s. special envoy for ukraine. his name was mentioned in the whistle-blower complaint sparked the impeachment investigation. abc 7 news reporter racial are rachel scott has a story. >> a rattled washington reeling from the whistle-blower complaint triggerle the impeach. inquire. >> the house intelligence committee issuing subpoenas on friday for mike pompeo and five other state department officials including u.s. special envy for ukraine kurt volker who abc news confirmed has resigned. >> as house democrats map out the potential path toward impeachment. >> this is a cover-up. >> president trump spent the day carving out a strategy for the battle. some republicans coming to his defense taking issue with the whistle-blower credibility. >> he was not a witness to any of this. >> according to the white house transcripts of the call the president repeatedly urged the
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investate his potential 2020 rival joe biden and his son. the nation's pop intelligence official in the hot seat facing tough questions from lawmakers on the handling of that complaint. >> this appears to be the first intelligence community whistle-blower complaint that has ever, ever been withheld from congress. >> it is in fact i'm concerned unprecedented. >> the whistle-blower said several white house officials were disturbed by the call raising concerns they had witnessed the president abuse his office for personal gain now we learned the inspector general michael at sin son will meet with the mouse intelligence committee next friday. he conducted the preliminary investigation and determined the whistle-blower complaint was credible. democrats leading the investigation say they will work throughout the two-week recess to issue more subpoenas and request documents and testimony. rachel scott abc news, washington. >> authorities are investigating the cause of a small plane crash
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on highway 99 process in modesto. as bad as it looks the whielt walked away with only minor injuries. zribd as a 59-year-old map from santa cruz. happening before 8:00 last night no one on the freeway was hurt but moments after the crash the plane burst into flames the. the federal achgs administration ordered inspections of more bogey planes because of structural cracks. they show the next generation plane these are not the 737 max jets these are others. it was on a small number of those aircraft's were cracked are contraction were found in the pickle for example attaching the body of the plane to the wing structure. as bogey 737 max planes are grounded after two deadly crashes. new details on the woman who died while sky diving in load aye np maria vallejo was visiting columbia and very experienced as a sky diver on thursday. she collided with a big rig on
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highway 99 and tide. the owner of the parachute center is not sure why she went that far downwind. >> once you get the a license then the wind discretion is up to you. the wind was definitely a factor but it wasn't -- it was her decision. everybody else landed on the airport. >> in the last four years six people have died in jumps that originated from that center. quality life is one of our focuses in building a better bay area including good food. this month several well-known san francisco restaurants nouns they are closing doors. abc 7 news reporter liz kreutz looks why that's happening. >> after 26 years on the embarcadero the iconic pal mino sign coming down. it's just the latest san francisco restaurant to close doors. >> pal mino, pete's tavern, petitioned ray can't tina. >> another dos an and valencia, the owner of the south indian
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chain announced after 15 years he is shutting down the original location. >> it was a lot of different things it was the perfect storm hitting us. >> part of the storm the rice in food delivery. door dash has not only changed eating habits but restaurant habits. >> giving up 25, 30% of our prices to the delivery companies. >> he was not alone. this san francisco chef closed two restaurants this year. pending this essay where he said commerce want ins gramable food without having to wait. he said we were a $3 million company at the time but even that wasn't enough to survive in san francisco. >> the golden gate restaurant association has been looking into the trend. based on numbers from yelp they found closings are outpacing openings by 9%. last year there were 37257 closings versus 298 openings. >> >> he this timothy say it's
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rising rent costs pan increased labor requirements for small businesses. >> the laws were well intentioned. but we don't think you realize what it a devastating impact it has on ighborhoods, you know, where the restaurants actually add vibrancy so it. it's something we feared for a while but now it's coming to roost. >> recently a group of restaurant owners went to the san francisco board of supervisors about the issue and asked them to look at the budget for small businesses and perhaps consider finding ways to subsidize the high cost for businesses in san francisco liz kreutz abc 7. >> we want to hear about some of your favorite restaurant memories and some of the restaurants closing unfortunately. a lot of our viewers shared stories. you can do that by going to the facebook page and comment below on this story. and lisa is it going to be a good weekend for everybody to maybe go pout and get onee smot at the restaurants? >> you know, yes because it's nice and sunny. but today we have the windy day. both days cool looking outside
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right now from the roof camera it 54 degrees in the city and you think not bad. but up in the north bay we are dropping through the upper 40s. so it's the temperatures now. it's the winds later pl. we'll put it all together for the weekend and accuweather seven-day forecast coming up. >> also next a surprise announcement from metallica fans three weeks after the band opened at chase center. >> the biggest live event in
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i waited to get treated. thought surgery was my only option. but then i found out about nonsurgical treatments. it was a total game changer. learn more about the condition
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the lead singer of bay area band metallica is back into rehab. ♪ >> the band says james hatfield has re-entered a treatment program for an addiction.
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it's something that he struggled with over the years on and off. the band says it's postponing the upcoming tour of australia and new zealand. the band just opened at the new chase center three weeks ago. >> and they are grammy winning award-winning chart topping hart stopping the south bay is being taken over by the latin rock legends mana. performing last night appear have another concert tonight. kris reyes at the s.a.p. center. >> from the moment they hit the stage, mana had the crowd on its foot feet. but even outside they were already singing and dancing. >>s even in our newsroom ouruz pena also a big fan kept the dance party♪ >> the mexican pop rock banged
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band has been around since 198 and the fans are loyal and dedicated. >> is one of the most popular bands in mexico, like the rolling stones but the latin rolling stones. >> we have seen them three times already and saw them here in san jose and we came out again to have a good time and she really loves it. i noinl it when i see her happy they get me going too with the music. >> i went to the first concert here in 1992. i went with my husband. and now i'm bringing my son. >> the band has never shied from politics. in the recent concert they urged mostly latino audience to vote for those supporting the community. >> they stand for dreamers, which is something great for us. >> mana will be touring all over the u.s. the rest of the year in. in swri san jose kris reyes abc 7 news. ♪ >> gosh that is beautiful.
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that famous aria is being sunk by a woman down on her luck inside los angeles subway. a police officer who captivated -- or was captivated by the performance took the video and post-ed online people who know her say she is a russian woman and also a great violinist. beautiful. somebody has closed both tyga road and glacier point road this weekend because of snow. the park is expecting early snow season, the storm bringing in as much as six inches of snow above 6,000 feet. the upper mountain peaks could stee a foot. this is video from last winter by the way. there is a free entry at yosemite right now and most national parks today is to celebrate national lands y.da the roads should reopen monday. and meteorologist lisa argen is tracking our weekend forecast. and we have a lot going on.
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>> you're right. and you know that cold weather moving into the sierra nevada also will be allowing for a chilly weekend, a fall-like weekend. but today unfortunately we have a lot of wind with that. here is live doppler 7. still low clouds all around the bay right now. they will be swept away, compliments of the gusty northwestly winds as we get through the day today. and there is another system up to the north of us. this is going to allow for the cool air to continue to filter in here for the second half of the weekend. even into monday as we say goodbye to september. right now it's 5 a degrees in parts of the east bay. around fremont. 56 in concord. up north bow boy you feel the chill in 48 in novato. 55 on the coast. here a look at the current winds. by the delta out of the southwest at 22 miles an hour, getting a little breezy. we are seeing the winds increase throughout the day today and a live look outside from the
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exploratorium camera. there is fog out there. but overall call it partly cloudy and a chilly start to the weekend. it's the blustery and below average today. then as the system moves on through we get the cumulus clouds building in higher elevations for sunday. that could allow for a slight chance of a shower in the hills. say the north bay hills way up in lake county. here is a look at our 8:00 wind profile. notice how quickly the winds will be increasing throughout the day today. especially at the coast. we'll stop this in the afternoon. breezy around the bay. as we go through the afternoon winds over 30 miles an hour from point reyes to half moon bay, about 10 to 20 miles an hour elsewhere. but 7:00 tonight, the reds indicate still further gusty winds out of the northwest today. here we are at 11:00 tonight, still breezy. keeping the skies clear. into sunday, we'll need the sunshine to warm us up. here a look at what happens through the next several hours.
5:18 am
notice we have some snow piling up -- or i should say a dusting at the lower he feels above 6,000 feet. but higher up we could see up to a foot at the peaks. so we are rooking at our first season -- or first winter weather advisory in the sierra nevada. two to 6 inches above 6,000 feet and a foot above the highest peaks. if you travel to the sierra some difficulties for sure. also a red flag warning for parts of nevada. the gusty winds certainly making it tricky in the mountains. 72 in fremont. 69 in oakland. windy on the coast with lo low to mid-sixth sixth from half moop bay to san francisco. the accuweather seven-day forecast. cool and blustery today. below average tomorrow. the winds dial back. by monday we are well below average. download the accuweather app tuesday. as we begin temperature temperatures claim to average
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readings, mid-70s around the bay, and 80s inland and of course the favorite time of year october usually. >> i can't wait for the san francisco summer, maybe. >> we'll see. >> we'll see. >> thank you so much lisa we have huge college football games today on abc 7 highlighted by saturday night football. ohio state takes on nebraska in lincoln espn college football game day analyst rece davis andes mond howard have a prezbru reese davies and disdesmond. a couple of games from the big ten one from the acc start with northwestern and wisconsin as good as wisconsins wildcats h w a history of slowing them down. michigan had a history of not letting johnson score. this man went trade. jonathan fairly is the third leading rush ner all of college football. averaging 146 yards we are per game.
5:20 am
7.0 yards per care that's a tall order for the wildcats. >> and taller order from north carolina stropping are dropping the last two games. now taking on clemson. >> north carolina struggled lately going again clemds in team averages 42 points a game. numbers aren't gait great. 7 touchdown passes but five interception but the i think unc has the joes to stop clemson. >> moye state and february, a second meeting ever between programs which each have nine hundred all-time victory but myostate a different level. what does nebraska have to do. >> they need to exercise ball control on offense. they need the ball out of the hands of justin fields. this man has become the perfect fit for the offense. he plays spectacularly now. no interceptions on the season. 13 touchdown passes. you have to make sure that justin fields and that offense stays on the sideline. they are explosives.
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>> we pay attention to quarterbacks and great receivers like you were. but the best football player in the country. >> who. >> defensive end chase young
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or unusual bruising. do not take xarelto® if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. before starting, tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures and any kidney or liver problems. enjoy every moment-and help protect yourself from an unexpected one, like a cardiovascular event. are you doing enough? ask your doctor if it's time for xarelto®. to learn more about cost and how janssen can help, visit it's been just a little more than a month since san francisco's ban and cashless stores took effect. how is that going for everybody? 7 on your side michael finney and a shopper looking into it. >> cashless stores were making inroads into san francisco process and amazon go doing away with the checkout line all
5:24 am
together. >> skbhers walk in take what they want and walk out. >> the process was faster if you owned a smartphone downloaded an app and had a credit card. but what about the unpaid how would they buy. >> concerns addressed when the san francisco board of supervisor outloued credit and debit only businesses. >> i always acash it is king. if you have cash you should be able to go anywhere you want. >> the new regulations have been in effect more than a month. so it was time to see if businesses were complying with the new law. >> the day before the law went into effect, sweet green still had the cash only sign on its front door. yesterday the sign was gone and kwash is accepted. amazon go said it was taking cash at all stores but before the ban was official i was told at this market street amazon go location cash was not accepted. a 7 on your side secret shopper went back to the story and kwash was accepted. >> the secret shopper checked
5:25 am
other locations and cash always accepted. the 7 on your siiewer asked us to check out the restaurant the organic coup. the store still had signs saying no cash. i went in and was able to pay with a $10 bill. the sign haves now been removed. there is a good reason for businesses to comply. steep fines. >> they can fine you $100 for the first offense. and then if you still don't take cash they come out -- it goes up incrementally. but you -- by your third is $1,000 and a misdemeanor. >> only three types of businesses are allowed to reject cash, pop-ups, food trucks and professionals like doctors and lawyers. now if you experience any other businesses refuseding cash, please let me know about it. i'm michael finney. 7 on your side. >> a huge crowd is expected this we could for an even that can be best classified as only in san francisco. the 36th annual follow some street fair billed as the
5:26 am
world's biggest leather festival it is taking over part of the south of market neighborhood on sunday. follow some street will be closed between 8th and 13th. the festival expected to draw 250,000 people and features 200 vendor booths as well as live music. spider-man won't be going any time soon anywhere. he will stay with the marvel cinematic family. sony pictures entertainment and walt disney studios will team up again to pursue a third spider-man film. disputes over the profit sharing structure put spider-man's future in doubt last month. the next spidy film will star tom holland. disney, the parapet company of abc 7. and happening today the 7th annual jelly belly candipalooza inplace fairfield. or the arts and crafts booths, a free jelly belly samples.
5:27 am
the company is debuting a new rose jelly bean flavor. tours are available all day. you can see how many candys are made there. it's a lot. the entrance and parking are completery free. but some activities do cost money. the event runs from 9:00 until 5:00 today and tomorrow. and still to come here on abc 7 mornings an east bay cull near kurmt becomes too much a and now a well fed neighborhood has to change its branding. and working out, even with the kids in
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they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c. . news to build a better bay area. this is abc 7 mornings. good saturday morning everyone we are starting with half hour with a look at the weather. here is meteorologist lisa argen good morning. >> hey jobina good morning to you. temperatures in the north bay have dropped into the upper 40s. cool in the north bay.
5:30 am
clouds in some areas, still a little bit of marine layer with us. it's 47 in novato. 57 in hayward. certainly the cool air making its presence felt. and 14 degrees cooler than we were yesterday. the cooling trend continues with northwestly winds today. as we look at the winds right now they are gusting in the upper echlgss continuing to increase the nearly 40 miles an hour above 2000 feet. but we'll see winds from 15 to 30 miles an hour today. so looking at 61 at 10:00 into the east bay. notice we will see a lot of sunshine. the clouds go away, replaced by breezy winds. here we are at 2:00 still in the 60s around the bay and only low 70s inland. we'll talk about the fog moving away, the windsoming into play. and the beginning of october in just a few minnesota. jobina. >> thank you, lisa. >> federal investigators say a two-week examination of the burned out wreckage of the scuba boat conception didn't reveal the cause of the fire.
5:31 am
about but they stress the investigation is far from over and parts of the vessel have been sent for testing. 34 people died when the boat burst into flames offer the santa barbara coast. the coast guard are, fbi, u.s. attorneys office and and national transportation safety board are taking part in the investigation. the next time there is a wildfire and smoke fills the bay area air, health officials say don't go running to get a mask. this is very important. the n 95 rest pier eight other became popular a couple years ago. when we saw the air become nasty and unhealthy. bay area air quality officials told abc 7 news that the masks provide no health benefits. because take them off and unhealthiy par tick lites get inside. here is what they recommend do you. >> the best thing to do is to stay indoors with windows and doors closed to get respite from the smoke.
5:32 am
>> it was also emphasized that people should prepare homes by making sure everything is sealed properly. in the north bay a giant sized cleanup of last winter's storm damage is beginning in one neighborhood. the debris from a massive landslide has been in sausalito. is destroyed two homes and it's ready to be removed. public work officials say it's taken long because of funding delays from fema. now the worry is the rain. >> always concerned about the rainy season. been talking to the contract frere day one about how they're going to address rainfall if if occurs. we want to make sure that we are filtering any wear off the site and make sure it's controlled in such a manner that doesn't cause problems downstream. >> after the debris is gone the city says it will shore up the hill and create an area for storm water runoff and be complete by keys. in berkeley a controversial decision about the neighborhood that is home to many of the city's restaurants.
5:33 am
north berkeley business association has decided to drop the name gourmet ghetto. the name was officially adopted as the brand for the area look the avenue in 2014 but commonly used by residents and visitors for many years before that. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony has more. >> the banners still fly high along the avenue but the name gourmet ghetto has been dropped by the association. >> if there is a name in common parcelens and in the cultu that is offensive to some members of our dmunt and perhaps many members of our dmunt then we should try tos change the culture around that name. >> in a statement the north shattuck association said we want all members of the community to feel invited. and with respect to those feeling a strong connection to the spirit of the gourmet ghetto name we support dropping the manicer. the suspension of the name comes after business owners and
5:34 am
residents objected. saying the term ghetto is especially hurtful. >> gourmet ghetto, the association with that didn't seem like a positive connotation. so it's great that we are actually reviewing this and taking it a step forward. >> but not everyone agrees. abandoning gourmet ghetto is the right way to go. >> don't like it. i mean don't like the fact they banned. i'm all foreare for. you explain things you don't just. >> it's colorful. >> you don't just. >> it's got alit ration. >> yeah, yeah. >> it's just so berkeley to get upset about that i can't even begin to tell you. >> ooh. >> you know what i mean, it's like do i really care? with all the problems in the world? probably not i mean we are dealing with climate change. >> when we were first looking for places to live the neighborhood was branded gourmet ghetto. abeen b everything you use to find a location around here is branded gourmet ghetto.
5:35 am
>> i'm strang in front of in famous straent restaurant in the mid-ful the district. i talked with ammis waters she told me she was pleased about the name kang and gave me the quote i just don't believe in the word gourmet i think it's a word that's associated with spending money and ghetto is destroyed by world war ii we can't use that word without it ing reallycring as for the north shattuck association they told me they are taking time to try to finished figure out what they're going to do next they told me they are not rushing into picking a name. >> we also want to hear your ideas about building aetter bay area. share them by joining our better bay area group on facebook. we posted this story there so you can weigh in on what you think of the new ne for gourmet ghetto. and what it should be. getting to the gym while pregnant or with a young child can be tough. but there is a new workout group designed with moms in mind and some of them say it can even
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help during labor. ♪ >> it was safe for mom we provide a little bit of everything with a rhyme and reason to leave the house in the morning. we provide with you a great 16-month work out either gou to the gym or do the dvd at the home. >> 3, 2, ♪ >> yeah, keep moving. >> i'm alleges lind strm and we are fit for mom club oddly enough becoming a mother is isolating. you have a child and your world is turned upside down in the best way possible. but you find that you stay at home a lot. with all the omissions and hormones we gain weight and you want to lose the weight but you don't leave the house.
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with fit for mom we provide a little bit of everything with a wiem are rhyme and reason to leave the house in the morning. provide with you a great total body 16-month workout all instructors are instructed in prenatal and post-natal and port partum fitness. i have no shame in knitting i have trouble keeping up with them. but the amazing thing is that they are doing this after having a kid or while pregnant. i really have no excuse. >> not just physical our fitness wellness but also mental wellness for socialization for the mom and child. >> i'm stacey howard and i have a almost 5-year-old austin and then almost 2-year-old andrew. it was tricky trying to get back in when your body is used to doing nothing but taking care of a kid. but that's the thing we do move that work certain jairs work your arms when you pick up the
5:38 am
kids you're stronger or legs when you bend down to help with something it's all based to help you in your everyday life. >> and one it helps with just ease of labor. you're more fit and your muscles are able to kind of go through labor better. but also helping east on back pain. having a stronger legs having the stronger core things like that will helplessen the symptoms that one may experience during pregnancy. >> i tell all of my family and friends and everybody like, it is by far my favorite. and it's not just the workout like we do come to work out but we stay and let the kids play. we have all banded and then the kids all bond. it just talk to each other and going through the same thing. it's more than just a workout. but it's nice to be able to workout and get a full body workout with the kids. >> it's fun to be able to be with your child and work out and not have to sacrifice anything. >> the kids are so cute.
5:39 am
you can check out abc's new brand at and still ahead here on abc 7 mornings, he stole hartz and more. new honor for dusty, a real life cat burglar. and here a live look at our emeryville camera looking nice and clear out there. lisa argen wil
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happening today, it's a giant's final series of the season at oracle park. and there will be special events leading up to today's game. fans are invited to a wall of fame ceremony honor the former
5:42 am
president peter mcgowan he died in february after a long battle with cancer. the jints have worn patches on jerseys. the ceremony starts on king street this morning you don't need a ticket. also happening today giants manager bruce bochy honored before the game this afternoon. this is his final series as a giants manager. san francisco mayor london breed with former mayor art agnes and jordan and willy brown will present the key to the city to bochy. he has won three world series titles a as the skipper. last week he became the 11th manager in mlb history to win 2,000 games in his career. impressive. what people want to know is will they have the jacket at the game. >> definitely. the winds pick up today. looking at sfo right now it's quiet winds breezy in the upper echlgss but it's so windy we could have an airport weather warning for the win.
5:43 am
but right now 54 dreergs there. 47 in novato. as temperatures climb today you notice it's not feeling warm. we're talking about cool air, gusty winds and a look at a fall-like forecast beginning october. but that's not the whole story. come back and i'll have the full ac "wealthtrack" seven-day forecast next. >> thank you, slee is a. the a's headed to the post season for the second year in a row. they clinched a wild card spot ask despite the heart b
5:44 am
5:45 am
in sports later today stanford will try to snap a three-game losing streak. the cardinals take on oregon state. kickoff at 4:00 p.m. the a's are still in a top battle for the wild card spot in the american league with just
5:46 am
two games left in the regular season. oakland tied with the ray i in the last night the a's lost to the marine esper but clinch a post season berth. anthony flores has the details in sports. >> good morning, earn. i'm anthony flores. the a's had a reason to celebrate before they took the field last night in seattle. you'll see cleveland lost so the a's punched the ticket to the post season. they still str to take kir of business in seattle because they are battling tampa bay to host that wild card game on wednesday. bob melvin again making a case for manager of the year. top 7 a's down 2-1 with a man on. opposite field 3-2 a's with the lead. bottom 9 now noun leon hernandez. tying run chet long knocks it past hendricks. mariners tie at 3. moments later. jp crawford doubles to left long
5:47 am
race home scoring the winning run. the mariners beat a's 4-3 oakland popping the champagne because they clinch the wild card spot but now tied with the reyes to host the wednesday wild card game. giants and dodger he is won the willy mack award for inspires kniskern the giant. steve kerr celebrating his 54th birthday watching the dodgers. they came out on for pop kody bollinger bashes the 47th of the year. cory seeger leaves the yard. i want 2-0. couple batters jacques peterson with a two-run shot 5-0. kwaut o only goes two innings, the dodger win 9-2. the cal bears are back in the spotlight ranked 15th and trying to go 5-0 for the second time since 2007. taking on arizona state at memorial stadium down 7-0 in the first quarter.
5:48 am
dropping to trafen clark to tie at 7. but before the half bad news for the bears, gaver is on the run. lands directly on the right shoulder, oh, man. watch his teammate as he walks by tries to pat him on the shoulder he wants to avoid it have nothing to do. he did not return. arizona state's ino benjamin with three touchdowns in the game, the third gives asu a 27 loh 21-17 lead over 4.57 to go. time chance for the bears on fourth down, yeah, that's the way it would end. the bears lose 24-17. they suffer the first loss of the season. after their big win at arkansas, brett brennan and san jose state trying to keep it going against air force. the barnes took the opening kickoff and march 75 yards down the field. dejan park we are the touchdown. but affairs scored 41 of the next 44 points wheating the partons 41-24.
5:49 am
that's a look at morning sports. anthony flores have a great weekend. >> thank you, anthony. now a check at the bay area forecast meteorologist lisa argen. >> jobina good morning to you. we are starting out with a certainly cool start to the day. the sun not coming up for another hour or so. and when it does we will see the clouds clear quickly. so if you are planning on coming into the city today for that giants game, well, grab the jacket, because not only are we looking at cool temperatures but the winds are going to play a factor today. so starting out with numbers in the 60s by about noontime, mid-60s you notice we don't go far from there. perhaps the upper 60s by 2:00. and the winds up around 30 miles an hour. right on through the afternoon. so enjoy the weekend. probably tomorrow the better day with less wind. although still bothays will be below average. here a look at live doppler 7 where the low cloud deck is with us along the coast.
5:50 am
also inland but quickly moves away, compliments of a system sweeping down through the bay area through the weekend. you can see the cloud cover here and some of th moisture moving into the pacific northwest. we will see perhaps a shot of an isolated shower. i'll show that to you in just a moment. but look at the numbers. upper 40s. certainly a chilly start in novato and up in santa rosa it's 57 in oakland as well as hayward with 5 a in san jose. here is emeryville and this morning we'll look at a few clouds. we'll call it partly crowdy and chilly to start. blustery and believe below average today. lose the wind throughout the day tomorrow. but then notice the extra cloud cover, some of the couple lous clouds arriving on the higher efrlgss. that could allow for a possible shower. let's start out with today with a high of 51 in south lake with lain. check it out. here we are noontime. the pink here indicating a bit of a mix. and moving down through the
5:51 am
spine of the sierra. that rain/snow mix through 5:30. there is a winter weather advisory throughout the day today into tomorrow and right on through monday in the mountains for the snow showers. here we are in tomorrow morning, clear but look through the afternoon. the cumulus clouds and ringing out the isolated shower up towards lake county. otherwise you notice the chill to the air. 70 in sunnyvale though. gusty winds on the pen la. 69 san mateo. up here in san francisco, looking at 66 degrees. and in the north bay, plenty of 70s but it's taking all day to reach about 70 degrees in sand rafael. breezy to windy for you. on the east bay 68 in berkeley. 70 in newark. that's a cool day for the east bay. heading inland, temperatures aren't you have much. looking at uniform numbers with 71 in pittsburgh. san ramon 70. breezy to windy today and the
5:52 am
accuweather seven-day forecast shows we hold on to the cooler than average weather today and tomorrow and even into monday. you download the accuweather app and you'll notice that as we get into october which is tuesday, the temperatures will begin getting milder coming up a few degrees and then back to average readings, low 80s for this time of year inland. mid-70s for wednesday and thursday. even into friday minor warming inland. it should be pretty nice out there if you can be a in a wind sheltered area which would be tough to find today. >> yes, inside is what you are telling me. >> maybe. >> definitely for me thank you, lisa. how could we ever forget dusty, the real live cat burglar in san mateo that became an overnight sensation around the world. after abc news we aired an story about him in 2016. he has been picked at the grand marshal of this year's burlingame pet parade at 10:00 a.m. today.
5:53 am
vic lee visited his pal dusty before the big event. >> remember dusty, the prolisk cat burglar in san mateo who stole more than 60 oh items from neighbors in three years. here is dusty today. at the old age of 13. >> how does he spend the days? >> sleeping. >> that's it. >> he is sleeping a lot. >> neighbors still think of dusty as a celebrity. his story more than a million hits on social media. it catapulted him to news programs all over the world. he appeared on david letterman's show look at that. a mercedes. >> jay leno had some fun with dusty. his owner jean says dusty is a reformed cat and his thieving days are over, almost. he still likes to steal. >> the last thing was in little whistle ball. >> an occasional stuffed animal. >> but mostly. >> towels, towels,
5:54 am
plastic bags. buts nothing like the the stuff he stole. a camera installed by the animal planet for a week the record 11 different items in one night. toys, towels and even people's personal items. dusty stole neighbor's bikini bottom. >> and came back and took the top home. >> we bumped into kelly's spouse brad. >> any missing bikinis. >> no missing tops or bottoms. >> the neighborhood seems safer but residents take no chances. >> they don't leave things out anymore. as we get in new neighbors, the old neighbors will warn them about dusty. >> on saturday clept o the marshal of the pet parade a pur effect choice. >> chaim shame on up dust.
5:55 am
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>> announcer: news to build a better bay area. this is abc 7 mornings. good morning, everyone. it's saturday, september 28th. i'm jobina fortson. let's lack at the weather. here is meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning to you, jobina. starting out with low clouds and fog. you can see from live doppler 7. call it partly cloudy but you may notice the chill especially in the north bay where temperatures are in the up err 40s from santa rosa to noft an o. but in the upper 50s towards fremont. 54 in san jose. look at the 24-hour temperature changele. still cooling off from the heat last week. not only will we have cool


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