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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 17, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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making news in america this morning, the war of words at the white house. top democrats storming out of the meeting with the president over syria. >> he was insulting, particularly to the speaker. he called her a third-rate politician. >> president trump tweeting out this image calling it speaker pelosi's unhinged meltdown. what happened behind those closed doors. impeachment showdown. a key witness, ambassador gordon sondland expected to face house investigators in just hours. his testimony, a possible crucial moment in the inquiry. plus, new details about a white house adviser's concern that sondland is a potential national security risk. on strike. classes canceled this morning for one of the largest school districts in the country. 25,000 teachers on the picket lines. p tus jumping
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into action when a classmate pulled out a gun. >> about three of my friends imld him stable. >> how they took the student down. the ancient discovery in egypt being called one of the largest and most important by archaeologists. plus -- >> scuba gear, prosthetic eyeballs. >> prosthetic eyeballs. >> wedding rings. >> the most bizarre lost and found you'll ever see. good morning, and thank you for joining us. we begin with president trump and house speaker nancy pelosi trading jabs after that explosive meeting at the white house. >> pelosi walked out of the meeting about the crisis in syria saying the president had a meltdown, but the president claims it was the other way around tweeting this photo and calling the speaker unhinged. >> without missing a beat, pelosi told him back using that picture for her twitter background. she said, the president was
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shaken after so many house republicans voted to oppose his decision to banish america's kurdish allies. abc's elizabeth hur joins us with this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. vice president mike pence has traveled to turkey hoping to work out a peace deal, but yes, meanwhile in washington, we are getting two very different versions of what happened inside that meeting on syria. president trump standing by his decision pulling u.s. troops out of syria. >> turkey is taking land from syria. syria's not happy about it. let them work it out. >> reporter: the president also tweeting pictures from a white house meeting on syria in one tweet writing, do you think they like me? referring to top democrats who sat stone-faced before walking out of that meeting. >> he was insulting, particularly to the spear.te but he called her a third-rate politician. >> a witness on the part of the president was a meltdown. sad to say.
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>> reporter: pelosi later making one of the pictures trump tweeted her new twitter cover photo and claiming the president was shaken by this earlier vote in the house. >> on this vote, the yeas are 354, and the nays are 60. >> reporter: house democrats and republicans voting overwhelmingly to condemn the president's withdrawal of the forces from northern syria, a move that cleared the way for a planned turkish assault on kurdish forces, a decision facing mounting backlash even from one of trump's closest allies. senator lindsey graham on cnn. >> he will have american blood on his hands if he abandons kurds because isis will come back. >> lindsey graham would like to stay in the middle east for the next thousand years. >> reporter: late wednesday, the white house released this letter president trump wrote to the president of turkey which read in part, let's work out a good deal. you don't want to be responsible for slaughtering thousands of people, and i don't want to be responsible for destroying the turkish economy, and i will.
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history will look upon you forever as the devil if good things don't happen. don't be a tough guy. don't be a fool. well, as for that white house meeting on syria, white house officials maintain the president was measured, factual and decisive and that speaker pelosi was baffling, but not surprising. kenneth? >> that back and forth likely to continue today. elizabeth, thank you. now to the impeachment showdown. with lawmakers poised to hear from another official embroiled in the ukraine scandal. the u.s. ambassador to the european union is heading to capitol hill today despite an attempt by the white house to block his testimony, and we're getting new details about why a former aide sounded the alarm about his conduct. >> reporter: this morning, a key figure in the impeachment inquiry preparing to testify. the ambassador to the european union, gordon sondland will appear before three house committees and now abc news has learned the president's former top russia adviser, fiona hill believes sondland was a
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potential national security risk because of his inexperience. sondland is a trump megadonor with no diplomatic experience. hill told house investigators during her testimony that she was concerned about sondland's cell phone use according to abc's mary bruce. >> hill said he would frequently use his personal cell phone for diplomatic affairs, potentially leaving him vulnerable and reportedly took it upon himself to invite foreign officials to the white house. david, hill was so concerned that she reportedly raised this issue with white house intelligence officials. >> reporter: sondland has defended the president against accusations that trump was withholding military aid to the ukraine until ukrainians agreed to investigate joe biden and his son. in text messages already turned over to house investigators, america's top diplomat in ld security assistance for help with a political campaign. sondland responds, the president has been crystal clear. no quid pro quos of any kind. according to "the washington
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post," sondland is expected to tell congress today that that response was essentially dictated by the president. trump has cited ambassador sondland's text to clear himself. >> the text message that i saw from ambassador sondland who is highly respected was, there's no quid pro quo. he said that. >> and you may remember sondland was expected to testify last week when he agreed to appear without a subpoena, but the white house blocked that appearance. breakingover -- overnight, chicago teachers are heading to the picket lines. classes are canceled for nearly 400,000 students in the nation's third largest school district. in addition to pay increases, teachers want smaller class sizes and more time to prepare for lessons. both sides are blaming the other for the strike. breaking news j. elijah cummings has died.
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he has passed away over at john hopkins hospital in baltimore due to long standing health challenges. he was elected to congress in 1996. he did not return to his office as expected this week following a medical procedure. "the baltimore sun" reports in 2017 he underwent an aortic valve replacement and that kept him in the hospital longer than expected. he was the congress chairman of the oversight committee leading the impeachment of president trump. he was 68 years old. he is survived by a wife and three children. we will have much more later on "good morning america." time now for a look at your weather for this thursday morning. a nasty nor'easter packing drenching downpours and raging winds that knocked out power to tens of thousands of customers. the storm is blamed for a crash outside philadelphia. three people were killed when a van rolled winds could gust as high as 80
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miles an hour today along the coast from massachusetts to maine, 50 to 60 miles an hour from philadelphia to new york. high temperatures today, 60s and 70s in the plains. mostly 70s across the south. mid 90s in phoenix. coming up, the most watched music video online. also ahead, the stunning revelation and the maybe crisis. experts are raising red flags about how addictive they say e-cigarettes can be, saying some teens are waking up in the middle of the night to vape. and the alleged crime at a casino caught on camera. why two women proved to be back
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cut the car off. >> we're back with this dramatic video of a police officer being dragged during a traffic stop in
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lawrenceville, georgia. the driver was pulled over for allegedly running a stop sign. the suspect later turned himself in and was charged with reckless driving. the officer is okay. a plane that crashed near harrisburg, pennsylvania, has a heavy duty helicopter brought in from canada pulled it to the surface. the plane crashed nearly two weeks ago. the two people onboard survived. a kentucky judge set bond at $3 million for a pilot charged with triple homicide. the judge said he considers him a flight risk because he's a pilot and has used aliases. martin is accused of killing three people in 2015. he was arrested in may as he prepared to pilot an american airlines flight. martin says he's innocent. the families of two americans detained in china say the charges against them are bogus. alyssa peterson and jacob harlan run a company that connects americans who want to teach english with chinese schools. they're accused of illegally moving people across borders. their families are concerned the
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detentions could turn into a lengthy ordeal because of diplomatic and trade tensions between china and the u.s. congressional testimony reveals addiction may be driving the vaping crisis. a tobacco prevention expert told lawmakers a number of teenage patients say they can't go more than a few hours without using e-cigarettes. dr. suzanne tanski blamed the behavior on high levels of nicotine delivery. she says e-cigarettes have led to behavior she's never seen before. >> speaking with my patients, they admit they are indeed vaping throughout the night. this is something i've not seen with adolescent cigarette users. >> meantime, federal officials say a mysterious vaping related lung disease is spreading. according to the cdc, about 1,300 people have been affected. at least 31 have died. 20 ancient coffins in egypts in recent years. they were discovered recently along the nile river. the coffins were stacked inside a large tomb, and they were sealed and intact.
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amazingly, their colors and carvings have not faded despite being at least 2,000 years old. very interesting discovery there. coming up, how students took down a classmate who brought a gun to school. also ahead, megyn kelly speaking out for the first time since her abrupt departure from nbc. what she's saying about harvey weinstein and matt lauer and calling for an independent investigation into her former network. plus, a trooper pulling an unconscious driver from his suv seconds before a train slams into it. the last-second save caught on camera. for the restless. those who need to move. and roar. and ride. up, down, over. powering through. this seat is for those that get down in it. into the fray. the arena. this seat is not for spectators.
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second on the list, mark ronson's "uptown funk," followed by justin bieber's "sorry." >> it was a hit and a hot one. an officer with the utah highway patrol says he's still trying to process what many are calling a heroic rescue. >> the patrolman risked his life to save an unconscious driver from an oncoming train with just seconds to spare. abc's will carr has details. >> reporter: a life saved with just seconds to spare. utah state trooper ruben correa racing up that embankment. he was making a traffic stop when the call came in for a car stuck on the tracks. the driver, unconscious. the train's headlights racing towards the car. >> we've got a train coming. >> he wasn't responding, and i heard the horn from the train. >> there's a train coming. >> reporter: correa believes the collision threw the car 30 feet down the tracks. >> i got the driver out.
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>> it was within a second of that collision, so maybe just a second later and it would have been a different outcome. >> had i been going the full 80 miles an hour, if i had hit the brake even a few seconds later, this would have had a very different outcome for sure. >> reporter: that trooper being called a hero. that driver suffered an unknown medical condition at the time. the trooper says that he had no time to think. he was just doing his job. in los angeles, will carr, abc news. >> thank you, will. former tv host megyn kelly is calling for an independent investigation into the sexual misconduct allegations against matt lauer. in a fox news interview, kelly criticized her former employer, nbc, saying they haven't detailed the sexual harassment settlements related to lauer. kelly said if they have nothing to hide, there should be more transparency. >> show us all of the agreements, the enhanced severance agreements that were reached or at least the numbers so we can see which ones pop out. which ones are super high. release the women from their confidentiality obligations.
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there needs to be an outside investigation into this company. they investigated themselves. that doesn't work. >> no. >> fox news had an outside investigator. cbs news had an outside investigator. npr, the nfl. this is how it's done. >> it was kelly's first interview since her abrupt departure from nbc last year, and her first appearance on fox news since leaving the cable news channel three years ago. port authorities are asking for help identifying a so-called dangerous duo. detectives in hollywood say two women drugged a man on a casino floor and then led him to his room, where they allegedly stole his $15,000 rolex and $1,000 in cash. the victim is a 69-year-old tourist from the cayman islands. he told police he had difficulty moving after consuming a drink. the suspects are still on the run. heroic high school students are being praised for their quick actions after tackling a classmate who brought a gun to school. la habra high school outside los angeles was placed on lockdown on tuesday.
4:19 am
police say a 14-year-old freshman brought a handgun to campus to show it off or sell it. fellow students took matters into their own hands when they saw the gun. >> i see that it's a gun, and it has, like, a white handle. it's kind of small, so i was ikp up and i run, and i go to the desk, and i put it down. the teacher just didn't know what to do. >> everyone was so shocked. like they couldn't believe what happened. the teacher just called the cops, and the cops just started running to our class. >> police say the gun was not loaded. that student was taken into custody. no word on whether he faces any charges. up next in "the pulse," the oscar-winning film from the '90s heading to broadway. also ahead, plenty of items get left behind at the airport, but now one airport is putting its entire lost and found up for sale. plus, the thieves accused of making off with a lot of cheese. how their plot melted down when we come back.
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♪ it is time for "the pulse," and we begin with the one and only "mrs. doubtfire" getting back to work. >> the oscar-winning film is becoming a broadway musical. the late robin williams played the title role in the 1993 comedy. his character was an estranged husband who posed as a scottish nanny in order to spend time with his kids. >> you guys, this was one of my favorite movies, especially when he sticks his face in that cake. now "mrs. doubtfire" has been adapted for the stage. after a practice run in seattle, the production will begin on broadway. it previews next march before officially opening in early april. oh, it was so good. >> just one of those iconic, legendary films.
4:23 am
so great. hey, now to the crime against cheese in california. >> police say two men stole $50,000 worth of cheese from the food plant where they worked near fresno. apparently the pair had been taking the merchandise for two years, then selling it on social media, at flea markets and door to door. police recovered what they say was large amounts of stolen product. now, here's a question. >> yeah. >> if you're going to steal cheese -- >> yeah. >> are you going to sell it on social media and door to door? i guess how else do you sell it? who's buying cheese door to door? >> they said it's really gouda for you. >> there you have it. if you left a fake eye in pittsburgh, this weekend is your chance to get it back. >> the prosthetic is among 10,000 lost or forgotten items going up for auction at the steel city's international airport. all of it or really just much of it was left behind by passengers in a hurry. >> an airport representative told a reporter from our station
4:24 am
in pittsburgh about some of those items that are up for grabs. >> scuba gear. prosthetic eyeballs. >> prosthetic eyeballs. wedding rings. all kinds of things people leave at the airport. >> everything is fair game? >> everything is fair game. we have some really nice cars here. we have some vehicles somebody paid a lot of money for and left behind here. >> okay. so one of the cars includes a custom gmc denali pickup truck worth $35,000, and those vehicles obviously not left at security. they sat in the airport parking lot for 45 days without being claimed. >> so if you left your vehicle at the airport and just happened to forget it while you're on a trip, that's ballerific. >> no kidding. you're just, like, keep it. whatever. finally, way back in the 1960s, abc aired "the jetsons," an animated series about people living in the future. >> their maid was a robot named rosie, and she had a human face.
4:25 am
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breaking news, now at 4:27, long-time congressman elijah cummings had died. he passed away at 68 from longstanding health challenges. and a new earthquake early warning system laufrnlnches acr california today. and juul reached a legal agreement to stop advertising to kids and teens. the cdc is about to release new numbers related to the vaping crisis. good morning, it's thursday, october 17thment >> i love how we're all wearing purple today. we'll talk about that later on. let's talk about the weather with lisa. >> did you guys get wet this morning? >> yes. >> there is damp pavement out there. a weak cold front will be it will fall apart making its way down into the south bay.
4:28 am
it is mild, did you notice how much warmer? 61 in san jose. so maybe just the light jacket, the slicker. 58 in novato. the 24-hour temperature change, 18 degrees warmer in novato. 11 degrees warmer in san jose. the winds on top of mount diablo, 48-mile-per-hour gusts. sunshine, breezy winds today. it will be a mild afternoon minus the wind. we'll talk about your weekend coming up. >> talking about the golden gate bridge, it's very mist yu out there. you can see some slick roads,wie across the span. visibility is good out there. give yourself extra time. let's go around to the san mateo bridge, a 14-minute drive from the tolls across the span over towards foster city. otherwise we're quiet, just road work out there. we'll check back in a couple of
4:29 am
minutes. congressman elijah cummings has died. his office says the 68 died at john's hopkins hospital in baltimore this morning after complications from long-time health challenges. cummings represented maryland's 7th congressional district in the house since 1966. he was the house oversight committee chair, deeply involved in the impeachment inquiry againstum on this 40th anniversary of the loma prieta earthquake we have a new way to be warned of a big shake. >> this could give us precious seconds before the next earthquake hits. jobina fortson is live in pacheco. >> this auto zone in pacheco felt the last earthquake near her, with these new warnings produced by shake alert, they could have gotten maybe a couple seconds warning, even as much as 20 seconds in advance in some
4:30 am
cases. to get an idea of how this all works, warnings will be pushed through two delivery systems, a cell phone app called my shake and the same wireless notification system that issues amber alerts, so people may receive both notification. the shake alert system is being used in l.a. it uses ground motion sensors across the state to detect an earthquake before we can feel them. my shake testing found some or most phones today can record earthquakes down to a magnitude of 5, which is moderate. california is the first in the nation to launch this earthquake early warning system. >> think about it. we have a warning for hurricanes, tornadoes, other situations, cold weather storms, now we have a warning system for an earthquake. >> coming back out here live, i downloaded the app so


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