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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 17, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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now at 6:00 a.m., it's time to get prepared on this 30th anniversary of the loma prieta earthquake millions of people will practice how to drop, cover and hold on. and will the nustar energy facility fire have an impact on gas prices in what needs to happen to keep the price at the pump from going up. good morning on this thursday, october 17th. >> so happy you're waking up with us. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. here's lisa. >> good morning to you. looking at some of you with clouds and mist ande stouhe fal heat in from last night. we're warmer. look at the wind on top of mount tam. breezy northwesterly winds. 57 in san franci
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the golden gate bridge, not looking at that wet pavement now, temperatures are mild into the east bay, upper 50s in concord. good morning, sue. >> good morning. we're headed to the bay bridge toll plaza, we have another issue, we had earlier with a big rig accident toll lane 15, now we're talking about toll lane 13 with bmw that got into an accident. metering lights are on. they'll try to move that accident over to toll lane 14 which is closed. just give yourself plenty of time. you're looking at a solid backup into the macarthur maze. back to the grinolden gate brid we have this road rage incident it's coming out of the span neither robin williams tunnel. two left lanes blocked with as many as six vehicles. they're trying to push that off to the shoulder and off to alexander avenue. hopefully that will beraffic ba robin williams tunnel. the two left lanes coming out of the tunnel near alexander. we'll be back in a couple of
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minutes with another update. ilis h today in san quak francisco. >> an interactive event getting under way and it coincides with the 30th anniversary of the loma prieta earthquake. amy hollyfield joins us from inside the simulator. >> it's your favorite day of the year watching me get rattled around inside the simulator. >> i look forward to it. >> i know you do. i'm here for you. you can watch me look like a fool, but this is a good way to get a sense of what it is to experience a massive earthquake. they'll be kind to me. they'll hit me for about eight seconds. a massive earthquake can last for up to a minute. here we go. you're supposed to drop, cover, get into a ball. as you notice -- we're going up and down and size ways. this is uncomfortable and scary. everything on the shelves fell
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down. so just because the shaking is over doesn't mean you're done. there is more to being prepared. we talked to an expert about what to do now. >> after you're done doing drop, cover, hold on, you should get up slowly and carefully and look around you, look around you, above you, to your side. things that were there before and the way they were there before may have moved, shifted, might have fallen. be careful when you get up and move slowly and cautiously. >> they are encouraging you to practice this today for a minute. this is the anniversary of the loma prieta earthquake, a good day to practice, check your kit, make sure you're ready, check your insurance policy. just start thinking about that big earthquake. you're welcome to come down here and try this for yourself. this will be here from 6:00 this morning until 11:00 this morning. there's vendors here, experts to talk to reporting live in san
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francisco, amy hollyfield, i hope you had fun watching that. >> i truly do look forward to this every year. i think you did really well. also, i think we found he fell off the shelf. >> he survived. he's okay. >> out of all this, that's what you found. of course you found nemo. >> it is me. thank you. >> i know. sure. starting today, californians can sign up to get an alert before an earthquake hits. >> a statewide early warning system goes online today. the shake alert system uses sensors on faults to detect the start of an earthquake and it can give all of us up to 20 seconds warning where shaking is likely to occur. the warnings will be sent similar to an amber alert. jobina fortson is going to have more details on that app that you can download now. i just downloaded it a few
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minutes ago. that's coming up in the next half hour. the app's launch comes on the 30th anniversary of the loma prieta earthquake. that 6.9 quake caused part of the bay bridge to collapse as well as a huge section of the cyprus freeway. tonight we are looking back at the earthquake and giving you a glimpse of the future. check out our abc 7 originals documentary "the earthquake effect." watch it anywhere you get abcincluding amazon fire tv and our abc 7 news app. we will bring you a special 30-minute broadcast tonight at 6:30 on abc 7. click on the clink prepare nor cal on to get tips on getting ready for that next earthquake. developing news following that fire at the nustar facility in crockett. officials are still investigating the cause. nustar is expected to start venting storage tanks and cleaning up. the tanks that caught fire had hundreds of thousands of gallons
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of ethanol. a professor explains why it shouldn't have much of an impact on gas prices. >> california uses about 4 million gallons of ethanol every day. this is probably 10% or less of one day's usage. >> but if the facility remains shut down for weeks, the fire could have an impact on local gas prices. the company building san francisco's second tallest tower has stopped. why it stopped construction coming up. and instagram has a new feature that gives you more control over your privacy. the choices you can now make. a weak cold front clearing the south bay. it's getting cooler and breezier. in the north bay, waking up to some
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. all right. good thursday morning. over an hour away until sunrise. you will have that sun throughout the bay area as this cold front is exiting the east bay and the south bay with a little mist and drizzle. it's raining along the north coast. it will be raining in the mountains. all night the cloud cover kept us mild. upper 50s in hayward. 53 in palo alto.
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check out the winds here from mount tam. a breezy day out there. so keep that in mind. high surf advisory going into effect by noontime. this lasts on through tomorrow. 60s and 70s today. sue? >> going back to the bay bridge. another incident, this one blocking toll lane number 13. they're trying to move this big rig and a bmw over to toll lane 14, which is closed. apparently that bmw cut off the big rig, they're just having trouble clearing it out of there. also metering lights are on. that's adding insult to injury there. back to the approach to the golden gate bridge, we had an earlier six-car accident that was the result of road rage. it is now cleared. traffic is flowing nicely making your way out of the robin williams tunnel towards the span. it's supposed to be one of san francisco's tallest sky scrapers but construction is being put to a halt.
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the chinese developer just suspended work on a 605-foot tower at mission and 1st streets. the shorter of the two that you see here in this drawing. the company is struggling with construction costs. this is the same group behind a 910-foot office building right next door that is set to open in 2023 if that building opens, it will be the second tallest building after the salesforce tow tower. teachers in one of the biggest cities are on strike now. and the airport has a plan for nearly
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the chicago teachers union is on strike after rejecting a new contract proposal. 30,000 workers on the picket lines this morning including teachers aides, custodians and security guards who also rejected a contract proposal. officials say schools are open. there's not going to be a lot of teaching involved. school administrators and union officials will be back at the negotiating table today. this morning instagram is beefing up security and letting you be in charge of it. you now have a choice over the third party apps that instagram can share your data with and what kind of information is shared. you can limit them to your user name or let them access as much as your photo captions and other
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details. to see or to change any of those and blocfoe psnd websites menu in the security section. kids are finding some creative ways to get around screen time limits set parents. kids as young as nine are sharing youtube videos and reddit posts that explain how to bypass apple's screen time controls. some of the ways include changing the time zone settings to get out of mandatory down time, watching youtube videos within imessage and using siri to send text when imessage is turned off. parents have complained that apple has not addressed those loopholes. we just told it all. >> they need to be told on. that's not right. >> there can be a lot out there. >> we need to control these screens. if you left a fake eyeball at the pittsburg airport, you can go get it back. >> the airport is auctioning off
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nearly 10,000 items left behind, those items include smartphones, tabl tablets, laptops. people are leaving behind all sorts of things. some of them quite bizarre. >> we found fake eyeballs for prosthetic eyes. >> wow. >> people leave -- again, something i think people would leavebehind. >> what? >> what are they doing walking around not noticing that the eyeball is not in? >> if it fell out -- >> yeah? what else? >> it rolled. >> okay. the airport is also auctioning nearly a dozen vehicles that were left in their three parking lots. also odd. the cars are considered abandoned after 45 days. their owners never responded to police or the state. who are these people? >> this is a lot in this story. the eyeball. the car. >> come get your car. come get your eyeball. >> i need to be on a level where i don't miss a car.
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oh, that car. >> actually, you know, if you leave it right -- i know someone who did that. they thought it was cheaper to get it towed than park in long-term parking. >> who do you know? >> it was getting late, he said i have to go. >> are they missing an eye? >> no. >> take a close look next time. >> good morning, everyone. we're looking at a little bit of mist and drizzle left over in the south bay. also the santa cruz mountains, dyherwis out there on top of mount tam. the breeze picks up throughout the day. a little rain in the sierra nevada. with the cloud cover all night, south bay and east bay you're mild. numbers continue to drop in the north bay with the clear sky. with all that mixing, you can see it from mount tap. numbers should stop in the upper 40s for the coolest locations. a little mist left over. south bay looking at a breezy day today with sunshine and then
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showers are possible early on saturday. here's the current wind gusts, 34 miles per hour, mount tam. 46 degrees there. chilly and gusty. ing bike ride or hike, i rn kind of doubt that. winds up to near 40 miles per hour at mount diablo. saturday, numbers come up just a tad. sunday winds shift. we're looking at a warming trend. on monday, offshore flow returns, we will be sunny and milder after the first part of the weekend. today, breezy and windy out there. 66 in san francisco. 68 in fremont. 71 in livermore. the seven-day forecast, little changed. another weak chance of show near early saturday. bright and breezy sunday. sunny and mild conditions into the middle of next week. i think you have that incident on the bay bridge. >> at the toll plaza, lane number 13 remains blocked. an incident of road rage.
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a bmw cut off a a a a still blocking lane number 13. lane 14 is one of the closed tool booth lanes. metering lights are on there. let's go back over to walnut creek. we were wondering what was going on there because of the brake lights. they have a stall reported southbound near north main, blocking a lane of traffic. that is why you're seeing all those brake lights there with about a 15-minute ride now from 242 towards highway 24. still we have two left lanes blocked with not a fatal but ma major injuries involved with a motor cycle down, westbound 580 near grant line, well over an hour from 205 in tracy to 580 to get past that seen. in the dublin pleasanton area, things are clearing out. check back in the next few minutes, hopefully you can take an ace train to avoid that.
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"good morning america" is coming up at 7:00. >> ginger zee has a live look at what's ahead. good morning. >> good morning. nice to be with you this morning. coming up on "gma" on a thursday, we have that stunning new revelation about vaping. an expert testifies that some teens are waking up in the middle of the night to vape. she's never seen that before, even with cigarettes. the death toll from the epidemic is rising. also megyn kelly making her first appearance since leaving nbc. why she's calling for an independent investigation of her former network into how the network handled sexual assault allegations against former anchor matt lauer. and tory has shizalling savings for the kitchen. we have a great story. we will surprise two deserving teachers who go above and beyond for their students. we don't want to give away too much. i saw lance bass at one point. things are happening. >> oh. nice. love the purple on spirit day.
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>> yes. >> thank you for showing the support. >> purple and puff sleeves. >> the sleeves are the best partment. >> thank you. we'll see you in just a few minutes. coming up, the popular movie based in san francisco that is about to hit broadway. and here's your chance to play mini golf with steph curry. the casting call for his tv sow, holey moley. >> after an earthquake do you know how to turn off the natural gas? this is a 7 on your side quick tip. a quick tip that could end up saving your life. you have to turn off the natural gas, otherwise you could end up with a major fire. that's where the majority of damage comes after an earthquake. do you it by finding this switch here. this is how you turn off and on natural gas. right now it's up and down. so it's on. it needs to be turned perpendicular like that, then it will be off.
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you can generally do it with your fingers, not always. an adjustable wrench or a crescent wrench is fire. make sure you put that near your meter and you find you
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good thursday morning. a cold front worked through the bay area. in its wake the winds in the next couple of hours picking il rafael. a high surf advisory for this afternoon that will take us through the beginning of the weekend. i'm excited about this. mrs. doubtfire is coming to broadway. >> the sta late robin williams will be adapted into a musical called "mrs. doubtfire she's a musical dearie." the roll was one of the most memorable for williams.
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the san francisco home that was the setting for the movie is still a big tourist attraction. the musical will make its world premiere in seattle this fall before coming to broadway in april. >> don't mess it up. >>he show is looking for the best mini golfers to compete in season two. abc is holding open casting calls in l.a. next month. you can also apply online. you will find the details on our website, coming up, the showdown between president trump and house democrats. california is launching a statewide earthquake early warning system. there's an app for that. i'm jobina fortson with the details. and 31 reported vaping deaths in the u.s. a
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e-gattes. juul ish kid frie"following big tobacco's playbook." and now, juul is pushing prop c to overturn e-cigarette protections. vote no on juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c. 30 years since the loma prieta earthquake. >> the freeway just completely collapsed. >> technology that wasn't available then could save lives now. what you need to know about the launch of the earlywasystem. searching for the cause of the nustar energy facility fire. >> it's incredible that fire did not spread to more tanks. >> what fire officials say about the threat of another explosion.
6:30 am
a debate over safety versus public space. >> when they bought their property that easement, that public right of way existed. >> how neighbors are trying to work with the city to find a solution for this alley. classic video games making a comeback. the device that will let you play all of your old favorites. yeah. all the games except duck hunt which somebody shaded. i thought duck hunt was a fabulous game. >> it was fine, but next to super mario brothers couldn't hold a candle. and they're on the same cartridge as you might recall. ngsses.hte we h moving through the gbay area while you were sleeping. temperatures are dropping in the north bay. 49 in santa rosa. getting windy, too. 58 in oakland and san jose.
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a look at your numbers through the morning-hours. climbing through the 60s at 1:00. by 3:00, it's a cooler afternoon with breezy northwesterly winds. we will be clear tonight. there's a look at the morning light. in about 45 minutes we'll see the sunrise. >> going back to the bay bridge toll plaza. we have another incident. this one is the second for the morning. it involves road rage. it's blocking toll lane number 13. they're trying to move it out of there still. it's a big rig andgot into it. the metering rights a ining lig. that's adding insult to injury. a stall blocking a l is in walnut creek. 680. and you're slow and go on those brakes from 242 southbound towards highway 24. new accident, this one northbound leaving the city, headed towards the robin williams tunnel blocking a lane
6:32 am
of traffic there. they're trying to clear that out of lanes. we have breaking news coming out of congress this morning. representative elijah cummings has died. he died at john's hopkins hospital in baltimore this morning after complications from long-time health challenges. cummings represented maryland's 7th congressional district in the house since 1996. he was the house oversight committee chair deeply in the impeachment probe of donald trump. today is the 30th anniversary of the loma prieta earthquake. the world was watching on tv when that happened. the 6.9 quake hit at 5:04 p.m., 30 minutes before game three of the giants and a's was set to start. 67 people were killed.
6:33 am
3,700 people were injured. it collapsed a section of the bay bridge and collapsed the cyprus freeway in oakland. the epicenter was near the loma prieta peak in the santa cruz mountains. technology not available then could save lives now. >> today the early earthquake alert system will be coming online. jobina fortson has more on what that could mean for you. >> i'm standing in front of this auto zone because earlier this week they really felt that earthquake that was near here, just a little further south. items fell all over the floor inside the building, and with this new warning system, they could have received an extra few seconds warning and in some cases more than 20 seconds. the warnings will be pushed through to delivery systems. a cell phone app called my shake
6:34 am
produced by uc berkeley and the same wireless notification system that issues amber alerts. so people maye s alert system i willing before used in lv .a. it detects an early earthquake before we can feel them. my shake testing found some or most phones today can record earthquakes down to a magnitude of 5, which is moderate. california is the first in the nation to launch this earthquake early warning system. >> think about it. we have a warning for hurricanes, tornadoes, other situations, cold weather storms, now we have a warning system for an earthquake. >> i downloded the app so you can see it. i want to zoom in and demonstrate lightly here. if you go all the way in, you can see that orange dot. that is just south of where we
6:35 am
are. if you click on it, you can see there was a 4.5 in pleasant hill on the 14th. if you click that, you can also click the tabitha says y that s experienced that. reporting live in pacheco, jobina fortson, abc7 news. tonight we're looking back at the loma prieta earthquake and giving you a glimpse of the future. check out our abc 7 originals documentary "the earthquake effect." watch it anywhere you get abcincluding amazon fire tv and our abc 7 news app. we will bring you a special 30-minute broadcast tonight at 6:30 on abc 7. the fuel tank farm in crockett is still closed. there is zero indication of
6:36 am
another threat of explosion or fire at the facility. >> they have their own fire suppression capables, sufficient to handle anything that might be related to what's going on now. >> contra costa fire overwhelms s fire officials said they're not sure if the earthquake contributed to the fire at the facility. nustar said they are built to meet or exceed industry standards. developing news, a u.s. delegation led by vice president mike pence has arrived in turkey. that group is trying to broker a cease-fire between turkish leaders and kurdish forces in syria the effort comes on the heels of a dramatic white house meting and ended with democrats walking out. here's elizabeth hur. with vice president pence in turkey trying to bourque out a peace deal n washington we're getting two different versions of what happened during that meeting in syria. >> reporter: president trump standing by his decision, pulling u.s. troops out of
6:37 am
syria. . turkey is taking land from syria. syria is not happy about it. let them work it out. >> reporter: the president also tweeting pictures from a white house meeting on syria in one tweet writing, do you think they like me? referring to top democrats who sat stone-faced before walking out of that meeting. >> what i sad to say. >> reporter: pelosi later making one of the pictures trump tweeted her new twitter cover photo and claiming the president was shaken by this earlier vote in the house. >> on this vote, the yeas are 354, and the nays are 60. >> reporter: house democrats and republicans voting overwhelmingly to condemn the president's withdrawal of the forces from northern syria, a move that cleared the way for a planned turkish assault on kurdish forces. late wednesday the white house released this letter that president trump wrote to the president of turkey which read in part, let's work out a good deal. you don't want to be responsible for slaughtering thousands of people, and i don't want to be responsible for destroying the
6:38 am
turkish economy, and i will. as for that white house meeting on syria, white house officials maintain the president was measured, factual and decisive and that nancy pelosi walking out was baffling but not surprising. one california city taking a big step towards setting a minimum wage for uber and lyft drivers. we're taking a live look at the big board at the new york stock exchange. we're starting up. another update on how the markets are doing next. one of the hottest dance parties require a certain something special. a baby. first a check on your weather and traffic. >> here's lisa. >> actually, it's me first. i'll take it. we're going to the central valley, they're issues a sigalert. we'll get to that in one second. northbound 101, an accident with a car facing the wrong way on the right hand shoulder before the robin williams tunnel. heading over towards tracy, a sigalert. this is a motorcycle down.
6:39 am
it has been down almost for two hours now. two left lanes remain blocked westbound 580 near grant line. check out the backup. about an hour and a half drive to get past the scene, up and over the altamont pass. consider the ace train this morning. this doesn't look to be clearing any time soon with that sigalert just issued. yes, nearly an hour and a half. highway 4, 38 minutes from antioch to concord. here is lisa. >> good morning to you. we are looking at not onlyerbu and in the mountains today. but that will be short-lived. a view from mount tam, look how windy. the camera is shaking. sun coming up in 35 minutes.
6:40 am
it's 56 in redwood city. 58 in san jose. numbers are dropping in the north bay. it's been clear for the past few hours. east bay hills camera, 49 in santa rosa. livermore at 57. we are much milder compared to yesterday morning. 10 to 14 degrees warmer. we will be looking at those winds kicking up today out of the northwest under sunny skies. another weak front heads our way late tomorrow into saturday. here's the rest of the day today. those northwesterly winds up to 20 miles per hour, and those winds also providing for high surf advisory from noon until about 9:00 tonight. we are looking at highs today, a little cooler, 60s to low 70s. the accuweather seven-day forecast featuring about the same for the first half of the weekend. warming up to next it's time. >> in every kingdom.
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>> it's a threat to everyone. >> there's only one queen. >> don't ruin my morning. >> this friday the battle -- >> a war is coming. >> -- begins. contain your animal or i will.
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good thursday morning. a weak cold front pushed through while you were sleeping and kept the temperatures up. it's raining in the north coast and the mountains. showers in south lake, 52. if you're headed to the sierra nevada, today will be the rainy day. tomorrow we're looking at sunshine. another chance of rain on saturday. notice numbers going up. that's going to be the same situation here by the second half of the weekend, your full forecast is coming up in a few minutes. all right. drop, cover and hold on. millions of people are annivers prieta earthquake. >> the great shakeout earthquake drill is expected to be the largest in history. amy hollyfield is already getting it started in san francisco. hi, amy. >> hi, reggie. i'm here, i'm coming back for more for those of you not awake at 6:00 a.m. we will shake again. this is the earthquake simulator, this is here to show you so you can experience what a
6:45 am
real massive earthquake feels like. okay. hit it. let's do it. oh, boy. it startles me every time. you're supposed to drop, watch out for things that are falling. you have to cover your neck and drop. that's it. it's very scary. you're going sideways, up and down. they say they want you to do this today, too. >> we hope that a lot of people are testing communications plans, thinking about the earthquake insurance policies, maybe even updating disaster kits. at the very least practice drop, cover and hold on for one minute. >> make sure you do that today. they're telling me they want people to go to the website. we have lots of tips on our website to prepare for an earthquake, this is all coming on the 30th anniversary of the loma prieta earthquake. a good day to check your kit, talk to your loved ones about your plan or come down here to
6:46 am
civic center plaza, you can also get inside this earthquake simulator. there's lots of vendors here, experts you can talk to. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> it is a good idea to get prepared. but on a totally unserious note, we have notes about this whole shake-up thing with you. they need more things on the shelves. i was suggesting eggs. kumasi said they need glasses. >> kumasi, are you trying to hurt me? >> friend, no. >> glass? eggs? terrible idea. they used soft, plush things to fall. >> do you really have nemo on your book shelf at the house? >> okay, but -- kumasi, they don't want it to be dangerous. are you trying to kill me? >> i want us to know what's really going down. >> i'm glad amy got the point of all of this. notice, all i said was eggs. like a dozen eggs. that's all i'm asking for.
6:47 am
next year. >> eggs. that's as far as i'll go. >> thank you. >> abc 7 news can help you prepare for an earthquake, any natural disaster, click on the prepare norcal link to find information on how to get ready for the next quake. now to your morning money report. the retail world is losing another department store. barney's new york is closing all of its locations. the luxury department store filed for bankruptcy protection in august. yesterday it reached a deal to sell its assets. barney's initially announced it would close 15 stores and leave 7 open, now all of those locations will close including the flagship store in madison avenue, where the rent increased to 2.5 million a month. we're taking a live look at the new york stock exchange as trading gets under way. you can see we're starting up this morning, 75 points. uber and lyft drivers in
6:48 am
southern california could soon be paid a minimum wage. the l.a. times is reporting that the los angeles city council is asking city analysts to study an hourly minimum wage with a goal of a $30 minimum. they want to know how the law would work and how it would be enforced. the city council requested a independent study of how much uber and lyft drivers make in a, as well as how much they spend on gas, insurance and other operating costs. a handheld device will allow you to play the video games of your youth. >> it's called the analog pocket. it will allow you to play several games that used to be played on sega and atari and genesis. if you want to get one it costs about $200. you think that's too much? >> to me that's high. they came out with that thing where you could play all the sega genesis games in one controller. you remember that? it was like a stocking stuffer. ye.t was not that expensive.busf
6:49 am
it's cool, right? >> i think it's cool. i love super mario. >> you got $200 for me? >> pacman. >> really taking it back. >> good morning. we are looking at some changes for your morning, your cloudy in parts of the bay. the mist and drizzle over with looking at sunny and windy conditions. as we widen the perspective, th heading into the mountains, wet in tahoe, south lake. here is mount tam. clear in the distance. still some lars yers of low clo. those winds will make it feel cool. all the upper 50s, and for mount tam, nice and clear with those gusty northwesterlies. 49 in santa rosa. 59 in concord. looking at our 24-hour temperature change, 9 to about 13 degrees warmer than
6:50 am
yesterday. so that's what happens when we scour out the low clouds with the cold front. so the skies are clearing. mild temperatures for th. here's a look at wind profile. it's getting gusty out there. by 3:00, 15 to 25-mile-per-hour winds. then they'll dial back tonight. to pick up dpan tomorrow. here's our high surf advisory, noon to 9:00 tonight. looking at temperatures throughout the weekend, mo we're back to winds and tod6 downtown. 71 in livermore. 68 in san mateo. good morning, sue. >> good morning. going back to the bay bridge. we had a couple of earlier problems blocking toll lanes. those are gone. metering lights remain on. if you have cash, you have slightly less weight than the fast trackers. also if you can carpool, that's always the faster way to get by all that backup. elsewhere, we have this sigalert
6:51 am
happening in the east bay. way far east, almost towards the central valley. motorcycle was down about two hours ago blocking the two left lanes. it has not improved much. they issued a sigalert there. if you can take ace train to get to work, you can avoid this big backup for about an hour and a half delay as you make your way westbound. now we're up to an hour and 45 minutes. highway 4 is a grind into concord as well. westbound from there. and the ride from marin is looking great. abc7 news is fully committed to building a better bay area. san francisco's engleside neighborhood is over a bind on how they should do that. >> we 's idea of a plywood wall to prevent shady alleywa z not meeting standards.
6:52 am
nashs s neighbors say everything they have tried has failed. >> there are lights in the alley. they've been broken. there are cameras in the alley. they've been stolen. >> one city supervisor is now involved and says the neighborhood needs to come to a consensus before they can move forward with any types of change. we want to hear what you think and your ideas about building a better bay area. share them by joining our building a better bay area group on facebook. juul will be taking a step back starting today. >> it's agreeing to restrict its marketing away from children and teens as part of a court ordered agreement, juul will not be able to market or advertise to kids or teen-friendly shows on any social media either. it also can't use younger models in its ads or in certain locations like concerts or near schools. today the cdc is expected to update the number of cases of severe lung disease tied to vaping. so far we've seen 31 reported deaths in the u.s. seven in california. this all comes after yesterday's
6:53 am
powerful testimony on capitol hill. a doctor with the american academy of pediatrics talking about how addictive she thinks vaping is for teens. >> recently a colleague asked me if i heard of teens getting up in the middle of the night. i said i had not. this is a sign of intense nicotine addiction. but i quickly realized it was because i wasn't asking the right question, and in speaking with my patients, they admit they are vaping throughout the night. >> you can find out what doctors are trying to get through to teens coming up on "good morning america" right after abc7 mornings. a monthly festival will end its nearly decade long run on treasure island next month. treasure fest gives people to sell their art and other products. starting next year there will not be enough space on the island for the market. the last two treasure fests on treasure island are next weekend and then on november 23rd and 24th. the market will move to a
6:54 am
different location starting next year. it could be the next big coachella, maybe even ultra miami, but for your baby. it's a baby rave and it's happening here in the bay area. the next rave at the bay area children's theater in oakland is in three days. they have them every month in case this one is sold out. it's billed as a kid-friendly dance party with a d.j., the "l.a. times" says it usually sells out in minutes. it costs $7 for adults and children ages 1 to 4. and babies 1 and under can rave for free. we're excited to announce phil matier will be joining the abc news team. he will contribute to building a better bay area with his scoops, insights and investigative reporting on our issues. will enhance building a better bay area as we search for solutions to high cost of living, environment, transportation. phil also will be the abc7 political analyst. you can read his columns in the
6:55 am
chronicle on wednesdays and sundays. and you can see him today on midday live. >> love it. coming up next, 7 things to know before you go. >> a live look outside at 6:55 as people
6:56 am
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welcome back. if you're just joining us, maybe 7 things to know before the bi one? millions of people are practicing how to drop, cover and hold on. the largest quake drill will take place today. among the events an earthquake simulator. number two, governor newsom is set to announce a statewide earthquake early warning system today. the shake alert doesn't predict earthquakes, but it can give residents a 20-second warning right as the effoarthquake is hitting. number three, sunny and breezy today. temperatures cooler than average, mid 60s in san francisco. low 70s in the warmest inland v valleys. and number four, elijah cummings has died. he passed away this morning from
6:59 am
a long-time health facility has been given the green light to start venting over two hours blocking the two left lanes. -mut dve time on both 205 and 580. number seven, we are all in purple this morning because it's spirit day. today everyone is asked to wear purple to speak out against bullying and to stand with lgbtq youth. >> the #choosekindness. we would love to see your pictures if you post them. it's a good day to send that support out and love to kids growing up and face disproportionate amount of bullying. >> we love you. >> we certainly do. would have been nice hear that when i was growing up. that is great. we'll be back in 25 minutes with another update. >> good morning, america. as we join you on this busy thursday morning, chaos and confrontation in washington and
7:00 am
the middle east after the president's pullout from syria. meetin the president over syria.edthe part of the president was a meltdown. >> after house republicans and democrats pass a broad rebuke of trump's retreat. even tthe criticism as vice president pence arrives in turkey this morning to try and broker a cease-fire. center of those text messages set to testify, expected to say president trump told him to say there was no quid pro quo. and a key figure in the impeachment inquiry and a renowned civil rights leader representative elijah cummings passing away overnight.


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