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tv   ABC7 News 9  ABC  October 20, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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it's one less thing for us to worry about. comcast business. beyond fast. good morning. happy sunday, october 20th. i'm liz kreutz. thanks for joining us. let's start with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, liz. here is live doppler 7, a look from our exploratorium camera. a beautiful start to the day with 52 in san francisco. 56 in san jose. and as we look at santa cruz, wow, look at all that fog, with low 50s. you'll have a lot of sunshine today. low 70s there throughout the afternoon. but it's only in the 40s in petaluma. it's been a chilly start in the east bay as well. we have plenty of sun on the way, making for a mostly sunny afternoon. getting there, though, 60s to near 70 by noontime around the bay and inland. by the afternoon, we're in the
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upper 70s inland, with the low 70s around the bay. today, coming up about four or five degrees. tomorrow, more significant warming. we'll tell you how warm for the week ahead in a few minutes. >> things, lisa. georgia officials say three soldiers were killed. three others were hospitalized when a bradley fighting vehicle was involved in an early morning accident. the incident is under investigation. we'll keep you posted as we learn more. back in san francisco, a soldout crowd will get to see former first lady and secretary of state hillary clinton and her daughter chelsea clinton. their book, "gutsy women," discusses the women who have inspired them throughout their lives. we were told someone hit a hydrant up there and it's
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flooding all of stern. >> a car crashes into fire hydrant on the uc campus. it was a long night for many students. abc 7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian has the details. >> reporter: it all started on first avenue near highland place. the suspected drunk driver was arrested. >> it hit the firehouse outlet, i think it broke it and it's shooting up water, dumping a lot of water onto the street. >> reporter: gallons and gallons of water rushed downhill, directly into stern hall and foothill. at foothill, students in buildings 4 through 9 got a text telling them to evacuate. >> my building was completely
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dry. they were like, please don't go back inside. then i got the text telling me to stay outside. >> reporter: the real damage is in building 6. students were displaced because of water damage in the dorm rooms. school officials are scrambling to find them a place to stay. >> people are being evacuated. they're not telling us right now information on when to get back in. the rooms are flooding, water is coming through the walls. >> reporter: students grabbed what they gao and left. >> i had my backpack with my laptop, my books. i was doing some studying. i plan on continue doing that. >> reporter: the gaming competition scheduled for this morning has been canceled. lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. many neighbors are asking questions about a campaign billboard. abc 7 news reporter luz pena has
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more. >> reporter: normally this wall covered in art is a reason for many to stare. but neighbors noticed something different. >> i live in the area, hopefully it doesn't cause controversy. >> reporter: the woman in the billboard has her feet up, smoking and holding up a stack of bills. the quote let's, -- the quote reads, "let's stop slavery." >> i believe that was the intention. >> reporter: do you think that's disrespectful? >> no, tall. >> reporter: ellen lee zhou is running next year. she says people should focus on her message. >> i will declare emergency for people to come in and clear the
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street, clean the street, arrest the drug dealers, and give them the services they need. >> reporter: zhou says she wants to stop car break-ins, clear the streets, and provide housing for teachers and workers. >> to me, it symbolizes a mayor who is talking about change, thinking about change, but not doing change. >> reporter: some think it's disrespectful. in a statement, the mayor's office responded, had this blatantly racist and sexist ad has no place in the discourse of our city. the general election will take place on november 5th. going back to that billboard,it8 will be up for the next three weeks. luz pena, abc 7 news. in east bay, a ceremony in
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remembrance of a 1991 firestorm that killed 25 people, injured 150 and destroyed nearly 3300 homes in the oakland hills. yesterday abc 7 news was in oakland at the emergency preparedness exhibit center where firefighters and others affected by the tunnel fire shared memories of those four tragic days 28 years ago. >> my thought was that nature has decided to punch us in the face and until the wind stops blowing, she's going to keep punching us, we have no chance. the tragedy of that day brought about a paradigm shift in the ways the members of the oakland fire department think and react to fires in the hills. >> the tunnel fire burned more than 1,500 acres. the oakland fire department says evolved for the better through training technology and mutual aid systems, to be even more prepared for such an event. if you were one of the thousands of people affected by california
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wildfires, you have until 5:00 p.m. tomorrow to file a claim with pg&e for your losses. the forms are crucial to release billions of dollars pg&e has been ordered to set aside for fire victims. we put a link to the claim form on mother nature remains restless in the bay area. a minor earthquake struck yesterday near cupertino just after 10:00 a.m., a magnitude 2.8, pretty small but we did receive reports from some of you that you felt it. it comes days after an earthquake measuring 4.5 in magnitude that hit the east bay. these recent quakes have served as a good reminder. we're in earthquake country. you can watch our abc 7 originals documentary "the earthquake effect," it gives a glimpse into the future. see it anywhere you get abc 7.
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meantime, a survivor of a mass shooting at a florida high school joint forces with a local activist. carlita rodriguez believes focusing on what young people have in common can tackle social isolation and reduce violence of all kinds. >> it's not about our differences. it's not about our trauma. it's about our story. and all together, when we speak out, our stories can come together as one and build a common bridge. >> rodriguez survived the shooting at marjory stoneman douglas high school. 17 people died when a gunman opened fire there targeting students and staff in february of last year. happening today, it is your last chance to enjoy presidio picnic in san francisco. dozens of food trucks have been out at the presidio every sunday since march.
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there are activities including yoga classes, lawn games, a photo booth, crafts for kids and live music. the picnic runs until 4:00 this afternoon. i guess this means summer has come to an end. >> around here we're just cranking it up. those offshore winds and high pressure are building today, a beautiful day. lots ofsun. numbers coming up to where they should be this time of year. mt. tam is a little he's a. 50s in danville. 59 in novato. our warming trend will take us through the entire week. d getting a little interesting by the end of the week. we could see a stronger offshore flow. i'll explain with my accuweather seven-day forecast, next. >> thanks, lisa. next, the san francisco district attorney's appointment is stirring up the race at the ballot box. a program that's putting together horses with cancer survivors.
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welcome back. a live look from the sutro cam overlooking the city. a chilly start, 53 degrees right now in san francisco. we'll get a look at the forecast in just a second. meantime, new development with purcharesident trump's pla hold the next g-7 group of meetings at his florida golf resort. he will now no longer be holding
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the g-7 there in 2020. he is searching for a new location including camp david. some had accused the president of using the office to enrich himself. a massive rally for democratic bernie sanders following his heart attack. here is abc's rachel scott with more. >> i am back! >> reporter: senator bernie sanders flexing his campaign muscle, pushing past a recent heart attack to reassure his supports he's up for the challenge. >> i am more than ready to assume the office of president of the united states. >> reporter: more than 25,000 packing a park in queens, new york, making sanders' rally the largest for any democrat in the 2020 campaign. his return to the campaign trail stamped with a coveted endorsement. >> holy cow!
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>> reporter: congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez praising the crowded field of democr bats throwing her support behind just one. >> we have one of the best democratic presidential primary fields in a generation. and much of that is thanks to the work that bernie sanders has done in his entire life. >> reporter: his supporters hope that endorsement gives sanders, who has slipped in the polls, a boost. >> i think seeing women of color, the vanguard of the new left endorsing bernie, it means everything to me as a young person. roes >> reporter: other candidates out and about in key early voting states. >> hello, virginia! >> reporter: as an unexpected feud breaks out, former candidate hillary clinton. >> i think they've got their eye on somebody they're grooming to be a third party candidate.
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she's a favorite of the russians. >> reporter: congresswoman tulsi gabbard believes she was the target of that attack, calling clinton "the queen of war mongers." rachel scott, abc, washington. >> we'll see if clinton says anything more about that feud when she's here in califoria. incumbent da george gasconee resigned on friday but one of the candidates was sworn in as interim da by mayor london breed. >> district attorney for the city and county of san francisco. >> congratulations. >> reporter: with all the pomp and circumstance, candidate for district attorney suzy was sworn in as interim district attorney.
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>> despite what happens in this upcoming election, my goal is to make sure that we have strong leadership in this official. >> reporter: loftus then got to work. a former prosecutor and past president of the city's police commission, loftus says she'll make crime prevention a priority. >> san francisco deserves a world class law office that can partner with the police, that can partner with the community and tackle these issues. >> reporter: while she got to work as the city's new d.a., one of the opponents in the four-way race for district attorney was exchange. he's deputy attorney general for the state of california. they're running for d.a. along with chesa boudinboudinboudinbon >> they're political allies, and it was an attempt to try to push a political ally across the
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finish line. >> reporter: it was criticized by the aclu, calling it un-democratic. >> i think to have an interim appointment for these 18 days and potentially a new d.a. coming in after that really destabilizes an office that's already hurting. >> reporter: in san francisco, anser hassan, abc 7 news. it's been shown that pets can help people heal from emotional and physical injuries. it's not just dogs that possess this ability. abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez visited a stable where horses are doing the same thing. >> reporter: the signs on this post in mill valley suggest there are several trails to follow but only one points the way to a dusty road where anyone entering is warned that you are now living on horse time. >> now you're annie oakley.
9:19 am
>> now i'm annie oakley. >> reporter: jean jones is a cancer survivor who once saw herself as an unlikely candidate to take up riding. ironically, cancer helped her overcome the fear of change. >> we start with the curry comb. >> i felt like if i could get on a horse at 67 years old and successfully learn how to ride it, i can do anything at this point. >> she's clean today, she's not dusting. >> reporter: it's had a calming effect on jones, the intention of the program called horses as healers. >> we don't have to be psychotherapists. we just let these women experience a relationship with an animal, where if you let them in, they'll walk right in. >> reporter: because the stables is on public land, federal law says they must somehow serve the
9:20 am
public. that's how horses as healers began. >> it's like pedaling a bike. keep them going with your legs. >> reporter: the pilot program brought in four women who had just battled cancer. each had four sessions with their horses. >> i kind of expected we could find at tr people. as it turns out, we have a wait list of ten participants. >> reporter: for christina, it meant she no longer saw herself as a victim. >> as a cancer victim, you always struggle with the fact that there's always somebody else in charge, the doctor is in charge, the nurse is in charge. this is my way of being in charge of what i do during the day. >> reporter: here the horses show them the power to heal and to teach. >> i can do it. they showed me i can. >> reporter: lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> what a great story. happening today, join the walk to end type 1 diabetes. there will be two walks this
9:21 am
morning, one at great meadow, the other at bishop ranch. the goal of the organization, jdrf, is to raise $1 million to fight type 1 diabetes. funds raised at each event supports research to find a and provide treatment. you see over by livermore, we had fog there. some of that heavier air sliding into the valleys and allowing for some of that dense fog. otherwise it's all about high pressure building into the eastern pacific. it will keep that system to the north. we'll see a few high clouds from it. then it builds in even further for stronger warming and those winds returning to the upper elevations. here is a look at the city, san francisco 53. oakland, 58. 49 and cool on the peninsula, cool in the east bay as well, 56 in san jose. 55 gilroy. half moon bay, 54.
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the golden gate bridge, nice visibility. we had some fog earlier but it's clearing out. livermore, you're at 53. 56 in concord. some of that fog still over into the east bay. we're looking at temperatures overall just a little bit warmer than we were yesterday, maybe 2 degrees or so. and finally, a view from our east bay hills camera. you see a little bit of haze in the distance. beautiful view, sunny and mild this afternoon. a much warmer week ahead. temperatures will be well above average, the warmest day of the week looks to be thursday. we'll bring in that elevated fire danger due to some gusty winds especially in the north bay. speaking of the north bay, mt. tam 20 miles per hour out of the northwest. it will be breezy today at the coast, but those winds will be onshore. as we go through the next day, you'll notice that the clouds want to advance from the north. but they're not going to make it due to that ridge of high pressure building in, maybe just
9:23 am
a few high clouds. otherwise we get that typical sea breeze along the coast. tuesday, warming really gets under way with 70 in the city, a nice afternoon. by wednesday we'll continue to %-p. the beaches warm to the 70s. and as we look at thursday, we get some offshore winds to the overnight hours wednesday night. could see some 90s inland. could see 80 in san francisco. let's look at those winds a little bit closer as we get into the afternoon on wednesday. the direction is out of the east there. and then they begin to gain in speed. they get faster from 30 to 36 miles an hour overnight. early thursday morning, north bay mountains, above 1,000 feet, we'll be looking at gusty winds. should last into the later morning hours. and then looking at lighter winds as we get into the late part of the day. we'll see whether or not we get a red flag warning, looks
9:24 am
likely. 78 in concord, 74 in fremont. on the penia, beautiful day with the sea breeze. upper 60s downtown, upper 70s in the north bay. the accuweather seven-day forecast, today the coolest of the next seven. we get into more warming for your monday. tuesday looking pretty nice. into wednesday we'll be watching that closely. download our accuweather app and you can keep track of your rapidly warming temperatures throughout the week. of course we have those longer nights so the nights will be comfortable. but it's that wednesday night/thursday time period that the winds are not going to be in our favor. so we'll keep you posted. >> we wanted to see if pg&e says they'll do more outages, so a lot to keep track of the next several days. thanks, lisa. ahead, a day on the farm.
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welcome back. people enjoy the sights, sounds, and of course tastes of san francisco's fisherman wharf day. abc 7 news anchor dion lim was a judge, there she is, plum assignment, pretty jealous, not going to lie. nine restaurants competed. a benefit concert was also played by the side deal, a band including members of train and sugar ray. part of the proceeds will benefit wharf cares to help san francisco's homeless along the northern waterfront. you gotta look up and watch
9:28 am
hundreds of corgis converged cgs corgi-con. organizers say more than 18,000 people convention. it included play time and of course a costume contest. this year's theme, homecoming. so cute. still to come on "abc 7 mornings," there are long flights and then there is a flight qantas airways just tried out. wait until you hear how long it was in the air for. and protest penalty. why a soccer team's statement got major cheers from the crowd.
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>> announcer: news to build a better bay area. this is "abc 7 mornings." good morning, we are starting this half hour with a look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen.
9:31 am
good morning, lisa. >> good morning, liz. the golden gate bridge nice and clear. we'll see a beautiful day here in the city. temperatures will be warmer than we have been. that's going to start a warming trend. it is 53 downtown, 55 at the coast. a look at sfo, a sea breeze on the peninsula today. in fact the winds getting a little gusty right at our beaches. that's in the afternoon. right now we're enjoying 58 by the delta. 53 in livermore. and the afternoon is going to feature a few high clouds. you can see them in the north there. by 1:00, we're in the low 70s inland. and then looking at afternoon highs, making their way through the 70s and through the 60s to the low 70s around the bay. it's the coast that's going to stay cool throughout the afternoon today. but would you believe by the middle of the week, we should be in the 70s at half moon bay. a detailed look at my accuweather seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> sounds goods, thanks, lisa. hong kong is seeing its 20th straight week of pro-democracy demonstrations.
9:32 am
huge crowds are marching marchig of the city's biggest tourist districts. police have launched water cannons. demonstrators damaged shops and public utilities by using spray paint. seven train stations have been closed because of the protests. british prime minister boris johnson plans to push ahead with plans to leave the european union by the end of next month despite a vote by lawmakers prevented the move. thousands marched outside parliament demanding that britain remain within the eu. slightly more than half of british voters approved leaving the eu three years ago now but their elected leaders are still sharply divided. >> it's not a good deal for our country and future generations will feel the impact. >> further delay would be bad for this country, bad for the
9:33 am
european union, and bad for democracy. >> johnson leav, the ruling conservative party, and some of his fellow lawmakers voted for the deal. 50 travelers can now say they're part of aviation history. they flew aboard the world's longest commercial flights. abc 7 news anchor eric thomas has details. >> reporter: the world's longest commercial flight is now on the ground in sydney, australia after 19 hours and 16 minutes in the air. the flight was nonstop from new york to sydney. that's a distance of nearly 10,000 miles. it took off friday night new york time and landed sunday morning sydney time. qantas was using this flight to research whether pilots, cabin crews, and of course passengers can deal with that much time in the air, and with jet lag once they get on the ground.
9:34 am
qantas plans another research flight in just a few months, this time from london to sydney. it will be 500 miles longer. >> i don't know if i could do it. although it would be fun to go to sydney. another horse has died at santa anita park. 34 hours have now died at the southern california racetrack dating back to late last year. that horse suffered an open fracture of one of its legs during yesterday's fifth race. santa anita's vet decided to euthanize the horse. animal rights groups have called for a suspension of racing at santa anita until more is learned about the rash of horse deaths. a warning from a comcast xfinity customer who said he could see inside a neighbor's home with his surveillance camera. edward callahan lives with his partner outside philadelphia. he said he could see and hear people talking in their kitchen after opening the xfinity app on
9:35 am
his phone. that's when his partner realized they knew the family. >> having someone look into your home, the space that you consider very personal, it's alarming, it's scary. you're not sure who is watching. you're not sure what level of integrity they have or what they would do with whatever they're seeing. >> xfinity released a statement, writing in part, we're very sorry this happened and we have a technical team researching the issue and we'll make sure this doesn't happen again. all right. look at that. that video there is a scary moment yesterday when the university of oklahoma's sooner schooner flipped over after a touchdown against west virginia. the covered wagon was making a sharp turn when it happened. a couple of people got thrown out and landed on the ground. three people were checked for injuries but none were serious. the two ponie are okay as well, following the accident. a girl's high school soccer team is giving a message about
9:36 am
equal pay but getting penalize for you it. there is community support for you nor that team. >> reporter: it's the u.s. women's national soccer team champ that's grown even louder than the cheers for their world cup win. >> they inspire us. we're rooting for them. >> it goes for everyone, every girl, every woman in the world. it's not just about sports. >> reporter: now this vermont high school girls soccer team is echoing their heroes but getting penalized for doing it. four players removed from friday night's match for taking off their uniform tops and revealing their #equalpay t-shirts underneath. >> we had planned to just lift them up to show the crowd our equal pay jerseys. people got excited and -- >> i ripped mine off and twirled it around. >> the fans were going crazy, chanting "equal pay, equal pay." and then all of a sudden, the officials came over and decided,
9:37 am
you know, we're going to give you a yellow card for unsportsmanlike conduct. >> reporter: the game ended in a tie but the girls are turning their punishment into a teachable moment. they've sold more than 700 of the jerseys, inviting men to pay 16% more, a symbol of the average pay gap in vermont. the school's boy's soccer team is also wearing the jerseys in support. the money made from the sales were support youth soccer leagues in their community. >> hopefully they'll be inspired like we were by the national team. >> reporter: vermont senator patrick leahy promoted his support for the teenagers' initiative and so do soccer legend brandi chastain? >> it's a win-win for all of us, not just a win on the field. >> reporter: kaylee hartung, abc 7 news, new york. ahead on "abc 7 mornings," halloween is around the corner and we have just the place to make some memories.
9:38 am
and a live look at golden gate bridge.
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9:40 am
happening today in san francisco, sunday streets closes out the season with a return to the excelsior. today's route transforms into a temporary park, providing plenty of space for people to walk, bike, exercise or just hang out. check out the climbing wall and listen to live music throughout the day. the event runs from 11:00 to 4:00 on mission street. also happening today, bring the family and enjoy free admission to the exploratorium. entry is first come, first served. you can step inside a tornado, turn upside down in a curved mirror and explore more than 600 hands-on exhibits. there are programs and events at the museum. today's hours are 10:00 until
9:41 am
5:00. the exploratorium accepts donations on a pay-what-you-wish basis. seems like a perfect day to come into the city and try it out. >> yeah, it will be gorgeous, not only today but all week long. lots of sun and no fog to speak of. 54 degrees here, the view from mt. tam. temperatures in the north bay ranging from the mid- to upper 70s, plenty of sun around the bay. we're talking upper 70s in the east bay as well. san jose, you had some fog. we'll talk about your forecast and the rest of the bay area coming up in just a few minutes. >> thanks, lisa. also next, the astros are heading to the world series after a dramatic walk-off home run.
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welcome back. a live picture of pier 39 in san francisco, where you can see, as jerry, our director, put it, people standing by the dock of the bay, watching the seals rest away. there they are, being lazy. halloween is just 11 days away. abc 7 news anchor ama daetz knows just the place to take the family. ♪ >> reporter: nothing says fall like a day on the farm. and for bay area families, this one has long been a favorite.
9:45 am
let's find out why. hayrides, truck rides, train rides. >> they still have stuff to do after all these careers. >> reporter: chickens, ponies, goats. there's even goat yoga, a play town, and two haunted houses. did you go through the scary one or the not so scary haunted house? >> the scary one. >> reporter: okay. was it scary? >> yes. >> reporter: will you have nightmares? >> no. >> yes. >> reporter: did you like the haunted house? >> yes. >> reporter: the farm has been a o for famil fun for decades. >> i have a granddaughter, 19 years old. we used to take her here every year. the tradition lives on. >> reporter: frank, you are on pumpkin. i'm on boo-boo. apparently the story starts with a cow. >> someone owed my great grandpa
9:46 am
a debt. they decided to pay him with a cow. he said, i need somewhere to put this cow. so bought a farm. >> reporter: it became a dairy farm until the '80s when bob and arnold turned it into what it is today, a pumpkin patch cherished by bay area families like the estradas. joseph is celebrating his 3rd birthday. he loves horses so they came up from gilroy. >> it's worth it. you come, you have fun. >> reporter: lemos farm is popular birthday destination no matter the age. >> i just feel so blessed to be here. i love this place. >> reporter: lemos farm, a place where families come to play. here seven things to know before you go. it's open year-round. the pumpkins are obviously for fall and halloween. but you cacut down your own christmas tree. there are egg hunts for easter. and take a trip to the wild west during the summer. hours vary by season so check
9:47 am
the website before you go. parking and admission are free. so the kids can come and enjoy the mosatmosphere. if you want to pay for something like a choo-choo ride, you can do that, or purchase a hand stamp for unlimited access to all the fun. ideally, 14 months to 7 years old is probably the sweet spot. these four legged friends are the only animals allowed so leave your pets at home. sorry, louie. bring your own food and grab a picnic table or buy the hot food available. you can buy pumpkins. we are on a farm but there are restrooms and thank goodness because you know there are diapers that need changing. if you're wondering what to bring -- >> bring a camera, bring a smile, bring a good attitude, and just come out ready to make some good wholesome family memories. >> reporter: that was awesome.
9:48 am
>> so fun, i love that ama's dog louie made a came eeo there. lemos farm is open every day of the month in october so you and your family can enjoy the farm. let's get a check of the weather with lisa argen. >> hey, liz. temperatures are coming up back into the 70s for you in the east bay. our inland east bay will be well into the upper 70s. it will be very nice software you are today. in fact, numbers are averaging where they should be for mid-october. but by the next few days we'll be well above average. and we're going to add some wind into the forecast. but not today. today looks to be just sunny and comfortable temperatures everywhere. the warming trend, though, will take us through monday and tuesday with 80s arriving inland, 70s arrive at our beaches. we could be near 90 on thursday, that looks to be the warmest wind. dry offshore winds will be with us as well. look at that 64 in novato,
9:49 am
that's what a north wind will do, north wind at 17 miles per hour. upper 50s for you in san mateo, 56 in san jose, 51 in napa. the fog has lifted, and we've got a beautiful autumn afternoon on the way. the golden gate bridge, temperatures at the coast will be pleasant, in the 60s but with the sea breeze, high pressure is off the coast. it's allowing for the jest stream to be pushed into the north. some high clouds for northern california. we'll be looking at a mostly sunny afternoon. what about san jose? today in the mid-70s, we should be in the low 70s. 81 afghanistrriving tomorrow. a warm day on thursday. everyone will be experiencing temperatures in the upper 80s, even 90. our beaches will be pleasant out there. with shorter autumn days, we'll cool off nicely. it's the winds we have to watch
9:50 am
out for through the overnight hours wednesday into thursday. milpit milpitas, 74 this afternoon. 73 in redwood city. mid-60s pacifica. in the north bay, a sunnier day for you with 77 in novato as well as cloverdale. santa rosa, 79. near east bay, low 70s in hayward. newark, 73 this afternoon with 74 in hayward. inland, we've got about 78 in concord, 75 for you in livermore and pleasanton. the accuweather seven-day forecast today, very comfortable. 60s, 70s to upper 70s. tomorrow, looking at the warming trend getting under way for everyone, as everyone climbs anywhere from four to six degrees we'armer. by tuesday and wednesday we've got lighter winds turning offshore wednesday night. that will bring concerns for the period of offshore wind that will begin throughout, say,
9:51 am
tuesday and just strengthen as we go through the next several days. that's going to bring about some gusty winds and perhaps a red flag warning. by the end of the week, it looks a little bit cooler. we still could see some of those offshore winds linger. it's going to be an interesting week. >> it's this time of year. >> for sure. >> thanks, lisa. in sports, the 49ers and raiders are in action on the road. silver and black face green bay backers at 10:00. and the 5-0 niners take on the washington redskins. cal will play utah on the road. abc 7 news sports anchor chris alvarez has the highlights in this morning's sports. >> players and coaches are creatures of habit. there is a routine to football. saturday's local start in berkeley is far from routine. cal hosted oregon state on their
9:52 am
homecoming game. cal made it there for an early start. bears trailed 14-0 at one point, chris brown jr. into the end zone, 14-10. late third, jordan duncan, cal, comes all the way back. 17-14 lead for you. b.j. baylor, watch this play, they originally rule him down but after review they say he rolled over the cal defender and broke the plane. they take a 21-7 lead. spencer brash got in after monster got shaken up. that did not work. final seconds, last chance. brash is sacked. the bears have now lost three straight games. >> it's -- yeah, we beat ourselves. they're a good team, but on defense we didn't play our best. >> it's a team game.
9:53 am
i mean, it takes 11 guys. on defense we had three drives where we played poorly. we all own it. sharks open the season with four straight losses. some fans may have hit the panic button but since then, three state wins. looking for four saturday night against buffalo. this youngster ready to go for the game. third period, sharks down 2-1. thomas hurdle deflects the eric carlson shot. back of the net. tied at 2. 22 seconds after buffalo regained the lead, all knotted up at 3. every time the sharks scored, buffalo responds. the eventual game-winning goal. houston rocket stars taking in game six of the astros/yankees series. out of the crawford boxes. 3-0 in the first.
9:54 am
top nine, yankees down 2. d.j. le mayhew to right. george springer jumps. oh, it was that close. and it's a two-run homer that ties the game at 4. bottom nine, astros fans were tense. mn on for jose. houston ahead of the world series, a two-run walk-off homer. they'll host the nationals tuesday night in the world series. what a win there in the baseball playoffs. now the nfl. coming up, raiders and packers. niners and redskins. we'll have it all for you later today. next, what's on tap for this year's day of the de
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:57 am
welcome back. in the south bay, thousands of people are expected at the annual day of the dead festival in san jose. the free family-friendly celebration honors the spirit of the mexican holiday with music, dance, theater, art-making and song. there is also an art of remembrance that showcases alters by local artists. the procession starts at city view plaza at noon. people are just getting ready now to head out and enjoy their day. what do they need to know? >> a beautiful day, 75, in san jose. much warmer with offshore winds through the middle of the week. >> thank you for joining us.
9:58 am
have a wonderful day. abc 7 news continues at 5:00 p.m.
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