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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 4, 2019 7:00am-9:01am PST

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>> why are we here today? >> i don't know. we're supposed to be here on tuesday. >> i know. tuesday is our monday. >> that starts next week. according to me. good morning, america. good morning, america. and as we join you, a deep president presses to review the identity of the whistle-blower to ignited. biden and bernie slumping. winter is coming. the coldest air of the season on the way, stretching from the south to northeast. snow already covering parts of new york. ginger here with the latest track and timing. ceo scandal. the head of mcdonald's fired over what the company is calling a consensual relationship with an employee. the new details this morning. new trouble for tiktok. the wildly popular app for young people used by millions now under federal investigation.
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is the chinese owned company a national security threat? breaking her silence. demi lovato now speaking out for the first time since the overdose that nearly took her life. >> i'm so tired of pretending like i'm not human. that's one thing i won't do anymore. >> why she says she's stronger than ever. ♪ looking for some hot stuff and it's back. the popeyes chicken sandwich sending fast food fans into a frenzy now finally returning. the hours' long lines and the nfl star calling it the secret to his success. ♪ ♪ and good morning, america. hope you're doing well this monday morning. two people at this desk don't have really sore legs this morning. >> over here. >> are you guys wearing slippers? >> well, actually i am but -- how was it? >> it was -- it was one of the most amazing experiences of my entire life. new york city at its finest. everyone came out to cheer us
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on. i can't tell you how much that lifts you up. there we are running. i ran with my friends and that was so cool. we all finished within a second of each other. that was also what made the experience so beautiful, it was a shared experience. >> wonderful. >> but there's some controversy. there's questions about the sneakers some runners were wearing including the men's winner. clearly i didn't have those sneakers on. much more on that. >> congratulations. >> thank you very much. we're going to go to the white house where president trump is defying the impeachment inquiry. ordering officials not to testify demanding the release of the whistle-blower's identity. as that whistle-blower offers to answer written questions from house republicans, our senior white house correspondent cecilia vega tracking it all. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: good morning to you. republicans have said that they want to hear from the whistle-blower and now it seems like the whistle-blower is essentially calling their bluff by offering to answer those
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written questions and on capitol hill, it was supposed to be a packed day in the impeachment inquiry and now it's looking like these white house officials called to testify will not show up. abc news learned four officials central to the impeachment inquiry are not likely to show up for testimony on capitol hill today despitthe threat of subpoena. among them, an aide to the chief of staff, an official in the office of management and budget and white house attorneys including john eisenberg. the top lawyer on the national security council. former national security adviser john bolton also refusing to voluntarily testify and sources say even if he receives a subpoena, he is not expected to immediately comply. >> it's really up to the lawyers. i like john bolton. i always got along with him but that's going to be up to the lawyers. >> reporter: this as the whistle-blower's lawyer said house republicans can submit questions directly to his client without having to go through democrats. the whistle-blower's answers would be in writing under oath and penalty of perjury. the lawy telling abc news, now we have offered directly to the gop, they have no excuses.
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but republicans, who have made a talking point of calling on the whistle-blower to come forward and speak to congressional investigators, already poised to reject the offer. >> who do you want to call? >> the whistle-blower itself. >> reporter: ohio congressman jim jordan saying, you don't get to ignite an impeachment effort and never account for your actions and role in orchestrating it. and president trump turning up the heat in his effort to unmask the whistle-blower's identity. >> the whistle-blower should be revealed because the whistle-blower gave false stories. some people would call it a fraud. >> reporter: but the reality, multiple witnesses under oath to congress have corroborated the whistle-blower's account of the president's phone call with ukraine, despite president trump's insistence there was no quid pro quo. >> my phone call was perfecto, it was totally appropriate. >> reporter: now the only questions that the whistle-blower will not answer is -- are questions about the identity, something that could
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reveal this person's identity. lawyers for the whistle-blower have said, george, that revealing this person's identity would put their client in danger and have already received death threats. >> cecilia, we're seeing some subtle shifts in the white house strategy. the president is starting to go from denying the quid pro quo to saying there's really nothing wrong with it. >> reporter: yeah, they've sort of been all over the map, not sort of -- they have been all over the map. some republicans now seem to be saying that if there was a quid pro quo, there's nothing wrong with a quid pro quo like the one that one seem to be offered in that ukraine phone call but as you said a shifting defense all over the map here and they really had trouble defending the process on this one or defending the substance, instead going after the process of this argument. >> thanks very much. now to the race for the white house. we are officially 365 days away from the election and the democratic field is getting less crowded with beto o'rourke dropping out. in our latest poll of registered voters only four candidates break 2%.
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that's former vice president joe biden, still leading, but elizabeth warren gaining ground, just five points behind, followed by bernie sanders and pete buttigieg is now breaking into the top four. the candidates were out in force over the weekend and taking aim, especially at senator warren. mary bruce has all the latest from washington. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, amy. well, with just three months now until the iowa caucuses the candidates descended on that key state this weekend, duking it out over the top issue -- health care. elizabeth warren is touting her plan to pay for medicare for all but her rivals say that her math does not add up for a win for voters. senator elizabeth warren on the rise but under attack defending her plan for medicare for all and challenging her rivals to do better. >> if somebody else has a better plan to deal with that $11 trillion that families are going to pay over the next ten year, then they should put it out. >> reporter: warren hitting a
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new high in our poll at 21%, says she can deliver medicare for all with $20.5 trillion in additional federal spending by raising taxes on wealthy americans and corporations but not the middle class. mayor pete buttigieg also rising in the polls is questioning warren's math. >> do you buy that she can pay for her plan without raising taxes on the middle class? that's what she says. >> well, the math is certainly controversial. again, there are variations in the estimates in the trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars. and we don't have to go there in order to deliver health care to everybody. >> reporter: warren's progressive rival bernie sanders admits under his similar plan, taxes would go up, but says overall health care costs would go down. >> it would raise taxes on the middle class but it would substantially reduce the cost for health care for the average american. >> reporter: biden calls it unrealistic. >> i promise you you couldn't
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even get it passed. >> reporter: "saturday night live" also poking fun at warren's numbers. >> sorry, senator, i'm going to need to see the math on that. >> oh, yeah. okay, i'll show you. look at this here, yeah. do you understand this? i do. i could explain it to you but you'd die. okay. >> reporter: now this race is still very fluid. there is a lot of room for movement here. our poll shows a majority of democrats still have not firmly made up their minds and roughly half of democrats who do support a candidate, robin, say they would consider supporting someone else. >> all right, mary, and, again, one year from today. thanks so much. turning to that bitter blast on the way for millions of americans. some of the coldest temperatures of the season. ginger, tell us where and when that cold will hit. good morning, ginger. >> i know so many of us already felt it but this is what it
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looks like in franklinville, new york. three to five inches of fresh snow. you know that winter has hit and not that we're going to break records but, boy, what a slap in the face this is after having such a warm fall. huntsville yesterday was subfreezing approaching that again. south carolina up to maryland, we're all doing this and we want to focus on the state of north carolina now. because that's where we've seen charlotte, raleigh, places like wilmington seeing their top three if not their warmest octobers on record and this morning with a northeast wind that's represented by our streamlines waking up subfreezing in some places. at least approaching it. those frost advisories include greensboro down to fayetteville, raleigh and durham, both around that freezing mark. we've done it out west. we've got two more big arctic blasts that will push through. i'll leave you right here with saturday morning's windchills, that's 19, george. >> that cannot be. okay, ginger, thanks very much. now to that big shake-up at mcdonald's.
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the ceo forced out because of what the company calls a consensual relationship with an employee. that's a violation of company policy. our chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis is here with that story. good morning, rebecca. >> reporter: good morning, robin, that's right. this was a big surprise. the company's board on friday voted to remove the mcdonald's ceo from the role saying, he, quote, violated company policy and demonstrated poor judgment involving a recent consensual relationship with an employee. mcdonald's ceo steve easterbrook fired as head of the fast food chain's empire admitting to what he describes as a consensual affair with an employee who worked under him. the corporation says the british executive demonstrated poor judgment involving a recent consensual relationship with an employee. no details have been disclosed about the employee or the relationship, but in an email to his staff, easterbrook confirmed the alleged affair, adding, given the values of the company, i agree with the board that it is time for me to move on. he had been serving as president and ceo since 2015. easterbrook who led the company to double its shares since his
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start earned $15.9 million last year according to "the wall street journal." >> they love the value we offer. >> reporter: while mcdonald's board voted to remove him for a violation of company policy, easterbrook will be entitled to a sizable golden parachute. the terms of which will be made public later today. and as i mentioned this did come as a big surprise. the stock is pointing dramatically lower. they've wiped out about $3.5 billion in value since that announcement over the weekend and it looks like it will be a rough day ahead for the stock. >> it does seem that way. rebecca, thank you. >> thank you. we move to a new interview with con victimed russian agent maria butina. she's back in russia after serving a 15-month prison sentence. our chief national affairs correspondent tom llamas here with her side of the story. good morning, tom. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. maria butina did this interview while she was still in custody sitting down with "60 minutes"
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and despite some damni ining evidence she claims she's a victim of racism against russians. others calling it a masterpiece of disinformation. for the first time convicted russian agent and provocative gun rights activist maria butina telling her side of the story. >> i never sought to influence your policies. i came here on my own because i wanted to learn from the united states and go back to russia to make russia better. >> reporter: the 30-year-old befriended powerful republicans and forged a relationship with the nra. the u.s. government believes to promote pro-russia policies. butina claims the feds tried to paint her as a kremlin seductress. >> you traveled across the united states attending nra meetings, the u.s. government says that you were making connections with republicans so that you could influence u.s. policy and you were doing it slowly but deliberately. >> if i were not russian, that would be called social networking. >> reporter: but "60 minutes"
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says they obtained thousands of her twitter direct messages she exchanged with a russian official where they allegedly used phrases like following our game, the battle for the future and patience and cold blood. >> you know, in reading through your messages, it reads as if he's your intelligence case officer. >> look, this is -- i think it's an american, very old saying that suggests that wolves have teeth. but not all animals with teeth are wolves. you cannot judge a person based on appearance. >> reporter: now, butina did plead guilty to conspiracy to act as a foreign agent. she's back in russia after serving more than a year in prison. lately, she's been a fixture on russian media complaining about the way she was treated in the u.s. prison system and i bet this is not the last we've heard of maria butina. >> thanks. to a manhunt under way for two murder suspects on the run this morning after escaping their california jail. matt gutman is in los angeles with the very latest. good morning, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning.
7:14 am
that urgent manhunt is now under way across central california. officials from the monterey county jail say the two men escaped sunday morning somehow breaking out of a high security facility. now, deputies found the inmate clothing just outside the perimeter and it's presumed they swapped those for civilian clothes. now, this isn't the first time there's been an escape from this jail. five years ago an inmate climbed out of a ventilation duct later found and re-arrested. in yesterday's escape, santos fonseca and jonathan salazar are wanted for murder. santos was being held on an over $2 million bail for allegedly murdering two people and salazar was charged with murdering a man and the attempted murder of his girlfriend after he allegedly fired into their car with their 18-month-old inside. now, there is a $5,000 reward leading for information leading to their capture but sheriff's deputies warn both men should be considered dangerous. amy. >> all right, matt gutman, thanks for the latest on that.
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we have some good news this morning about those devastating wildfires out west. all evacuation orders have now been lifted across southern california and thousands of people can now head home. firefighters made a lot of progress battling the blaze on sunday. it is now at least 70% contained. they are still watching for hot spots and winds that could whip up flames but certainly good news. all right, amy, now let's go live to niagara falls where a ship that's been wedged in the rocks for more than a century is now on the move for the first time since 1918. nearing the edge after a severe storm. will reeve on the scene with the latest. good morning, will. >> reporter: good morning, robin. that hunk of metal out in those upper rapids of the niagara river is a ship that's been stuck for over a century. now it's on the move perilously close to the falls. you can see the mist rising not far away at all. it has officials here on high alert. this morning, a ship that has
7:16 am
been stuck, wedged in the rocks above niagara falls for more than 100 years, has moved closer to the edge of the cliffs' famous nearly 200-foot drop. >> it's been stuck there for 101 years and it appears to have sort of flipped on its side and spun around. >> reporter: the iron cargo ship has been a must-see attraction at the falls since it got stuck in the rocks in 1918. but now officials say a wicked storm on halloween night was so strong it actually moved the wreck more than 150 feet downstream. >> it's not in the exact same spot it was yesterday. we think it's about 50 meters downriver from its original location. and what we think has happened now is it's turned and twisted in the very heavy current and flow of the river and is stuck where it is now. >> reporter: the falls attract over 14 million tourists
7:17 am
annually with over 6 million cubic feet pouring over the crestline every minute. now some are worrying that the ship could be the next thing to go over. >> it could be stuck there for days or it could be stuck there for years. it's anyone's guess. >> reporter: authorities are closely watching this situation considering putting cameras nearby to monitor the scow. if it does go over, there are two scenarios -- it goes right over the edge and impales itself on the hiding rocks or continues down the river where it would be taken out of the river 101 years after it got stranded here. guys. >> 101. all right, will, thanks for being there for us this morning. all right, now to washington and the huge celebration for the nationals. fans painting the town red lining the streets of our nation's capital to see the world series champs who won the title for the first time in franchise history and the first for d.c. in 95 years.
7:18 am
the players cheering there right along with the fans but no national celebration would be complete without -- >> "baby shark." >> "baby shark." there's the crowd clapping along to the rally song one last time. the next stop for the nats is the white house this afternoon. at least it's now far for them. >> not too far at all. new concerns about that popular app tiktok that millions of young adults use. question now is, is it a national security threat? the controversy brewing over the sneakers some runners are using at the marathon. are they giving them an unfair advantage? that is ahead but first back to ginger. > >> we're talking about cold but what about snow by the end of the week? ready for that? >> no. >> no. >> getting the heavy rain, that's thursday, and again this is a couple of days out. i'll tell you more.
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we will be right back.
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♪ so you say i'm complicated back here on "gma," demi lovato, her hit song, "confident," and it is wonderful to see her these days giving her first major interview since a relapse more than a year ago. she has a very powerful message, and we'll have a lot more of that coming up. >> looking forward to that. we're following a lot of other stories right now, including that cold air moving in for millions right now spreading from the south to the midwest. it's then going to hit the northeast and could bring the first snow for many. and take a look at this dramatic rescue in arizona. you see a red pickup truck rear ending another vehicle pushing it onto the railroad tracks as a train is coming toward it.
7:31 am
some good samaritans pulled the driver to safety as the train did hit that car. no one, thank goodness, was seriously injured. >> wow. some bad news for patriot fans. the team is undefeated no more. >> that's too bad. >> ah. losing to the baltimore ravens, their first loss in almost a year. robin as you can hear is clearly devastated. but it was a good night for the kansas city chiefs' damien williams, who sprinted for an epic 91-yard touchdown, wow. but look who else made it. tyreek hill beat him, and -- wait for this. amazing. according to next gen stats, hill reached a top speed of 22.64 miles per hour. >> what? >> was he trying to steal the ball away? >> that was awesome. >> that was. but can he run a marathon like you did? that's awesome. now to those new concerns about the very popular app tiktok that hundreds of millions of people use. it's now facing a national security review as investigators try to determine whether it's sending american users' data to
7:32 am
china. janai norman has more on that. good morning, janai. >> reporter: robin, good morning. this app is incredibly popular. according to one research firm, tiktok has been downloaded more than 750 million times in the last year. that's more than facebook, instagram and youtube, but now there are those concerns about what's being done with users' information. >> nope. nope. >> reporter: it's one of the most popular social media apps out there. ♪ my name is skylar >> reporter: loved by teens and young adults, turning dance videos and lip-syncs into viral sensations. with reports of 500 million users worldwide, tiktok has cemented its place in pop culture history favorited by stars like ariana grande. ♪ ♪ got me working side to side >> reporter: britney spears. >> i focus on getting a six pack. so here i go. >> reporter: and reese witherspoon. >> now look at me. my actions are --
7:33 am
>> reporter: but this morning the wildly popular app, which is owned by a chinese company, is reportedly under federal investigation. the u.s. government reportedly launching a national security review of the company's data collection and censorship practices amid concerns that users' personal data could be accessible to foreign governments. in 2017, the beijing-based company purchased, and merged into tiktok, opening its headquarters in california coming to the attention of several u.s. senators worried that tiktok could be a target of foreign manipulation after russia's attempts to interfere with the 2016 u.s. election through facebook. senator marco rubio calling for a review saying china could be amassing data on millions of unspecified users. "i remain deeply concerned that any platform or application that has chinese ownership or direct links to china, such as tiktok, can be used as a tool by the
7:34 am
chinese communist party." tiktok telling abc news while we cannot comment on ongoing regulatory processes, tiktok has made clear that we have no higher priority than earning the trust of users and regulators in the u.s. part of that effort includes working with congress and we are committed to doing so. the company previously responding online, none of our data is subject to chinese law. we are not influenced by any foreign government, including the chinese. and earlier this year tiktok agreed to pay the largest civil penalty ever to the federal trade commission in a children's privacy case, nearly $6 million, in a case over allegations it illegally collected information from kids. this issue with data collection regarding this app has been a concern before. >> it has. >> okay, janai, thanks very much. as we said amy was 1 of more than 50,000 runners who ran the new york city marathon and the men's winner pulled off the win with special shoes. some are now asking if those nike sneakers give runners an unfair advantage. linsey davis has the story.
7:35 am
good morning, linsey. >> good morning, george. the new york city marathon was not without controversy. after this herculean feat some are squared on the winner's feet. his $250 footwear like these fancy kicks right here and if they give elite runners a leg up to run even faster. the question of whether technology is beating out athleticism is an issue critics have picked up and they're running with it. 2:08:13, that's all it took for geoffrey kamworor of kenya to 26.2 mile run through new york city's five boroughs. after averaging less than five minutes a mile he seemed to effortlessly flash a megawatt smile. and equally as bright, his footwear. after burning up the streets his sneakers are coming under fire. kamworor, other front runners and amateur athletes were seen sporting these nike vaporfly sneakers which are made with a mixture of foam and carbon fiber
7:36 am
plates shaped like a spoon, designed to catapult runners forward and reduce the amount of energy needed to do so. >> it's all out or nothing. >> reporter: the sneakers were developed as part of a project to run the world's first marathon in under two hours, and a "new york times" study found that even amateur runners wearing them ran 3% to 4% faster. the five fastest men's marathons in history have all been run in the past 13 months by runners wearing vaporflys but critics say these sneakers are putting runners who don't use them at a disadvantage. >> it left a very sour taste in the mouths of a lot of people particularly those people who came fourth in those races saying, hey. there are these shoes that reputedly make people a couple of minutes faster, and they beat me by a minute? that's not fair. >> reporter: but a nike spokesperson says, the carbon plate and specialized foam components of the vaporflys have been around for decades and insist a shoe is only one factor in a race. the international association of athletics federation is expected to make a determination by the end of the year as far as if these sneakers are fair. the rules state that shoes must not be constructed to give
7:37 am
athletes an unfair advantage. so that's really -- i can tell you by putting them on they're super light. only 6 1/2 ounces and if you stay ready you don't have to get ready. they actually catapult you forward -- >> why didn't you do this segment on friday? >> it would have made all the difference. >> how is it an unfair advantage if anybody can purchase the shoes? >> because everybody should be able to have access to them so we're talking about $250, maybe with taxes $270, but the elite runners all probably get sponsored so maybe it becomes a moot point. >> all right, well, good to know for the next race. thank you, linsey. now to tributes pouring in for celebrity astrologer walter mercado. his televised horoscope readings were a fixture in latino households for years and gio benitez joins us now with more on mercado and what he meant to so many fans including your family, gio. >> reporter: oh, absolutely. for those who grew up watching him he was just truly monumental.
7:38 am
he was everywhere -- on tv, in magazines, on the radio -- and when he was on, you could hear a pin drop because everyone was just captivated. he's one of the most recognizable faces on spanish network television. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: for a few minutes a day famed astrologer walter mercado appeared on television sets reaching 120 million viewers a day giving his dose of daily horoscopes during the evening news becoming a staple in spanish households. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: he began his career as an actor and dancer but found his footing in foreseeing the future through astrology. first televised in 1970 his extravagant outfits and outlandish readings gained popularity amongst latino audiences all over the world even appearing as himself in commercials. ♪ >> reporter: and movies alongside sofia vergara in "chasing papi." >> in your house of love, listen carefully. >> reporter: after a career spanning more than 50 years, an exhibit in miami's history
7:39 am
miami museum paid tribute to the legend himself earlier this year. he died of kidney failure in a hospital in his beloved puerto rico. the news quickly rocking the twitterverse. "orange is the new black's" dascha polanco posting, you are an icon in our community. gloria estefan writing, it's the end of an era. [ speaking foreign language ] rest in peace, walter, and thank you for your beautiful spirit. >> for an immigrant community, and for the latino community, hope is a really big thing, and he brought hope to a lot of people who really needed it. >> reporter: a cultural icon where reporting the stars was just as important as reporting the news. walter mercado was 87. [ speaking foreign language ] >> that signature -- >> how many people a day? >> more than the super bowl. amazing, right? just amazing. if you spoke spanish you watched him. you knew who he was and i remember sitting around with my cuban family, watching him on television and he would always close off with that signoff there. [ speaking foreign language ] with lots and lots of love.
7:40 am
that's a line i think will live on. >> that's his signature line. it was really cool that you wanted to make sure that he was profiled -- other people not familiar with him. that was good that you wanted that. >> you know, he just spread so much love all the time and, you know -- >> and hope. >> and hope, absolutely. >> thanks, gio. coming up, demi lovato's powerful message speaking publicly for the first time since her relapse so come on back. relapse so come on back.
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we are back with demi lovato speaking publicly for the first time since her relapse over a year ago saying she's stronger now than ever. she said that at the teen vogue summit in los angeles. kaylee hartung is here with those details. glad to hear about this. >> reporter: good morning to all of you. you know, demi lovato's very public battle with sobriety spanned her young hit-making pop career. the 27-year-old now candidly discussing the strengths she's gained by accepting herself. >> i'm so tired of pretending like i'm not human. that's one thing i won't do anymore. >> reporter: demi lovato says she's stronger than ever speaking out in her first public interview since overdosing july 2018. >> just be yourself and don't be afraid of what anyone is going to think. ♪ i'm so sorry i'm not sober anymore ♪ >> reporter: nearly a year and a half ago the singer forgot the
7:45 am
words to her hit song "sober" on stage. >> [ bleep ]. i forgot the words. >> reporter: two days later paramedics with called to her house responding to an apparent overdose. >> ems 11, female unconscious. >> reporter: she spent two weeks in the hospital, then 90 days in a rehab facility. in the aftermath of the scare lovato thanked god for keeping her alive. in a post to her instagram, the pop star saying, i have learned that this illness is not something that disappears. it is something i must continue to overcome, and have not done yet. i now need time to heal and focus on my sobriety and road to recovery. ♪ i will be rising from the ground ♪ >> reporter: that road has led lovato to focus on her health and combat the habits that are were destructive for her. >> a huge thing for me has been body acceptance. we hear the terms body positivity all the time. but to be honest, i don't always feel positive about my body. >> reporter: lovato says she loves the person she is today and doesn't want her challenges to outshine her successes. >> i have new music coming out. [ cheers and applause ]
7:46 am
i didn't say when. no, i know. now i'm just teasing you. i'm really teasing you. >> demi says when she looks in the mirror she sees a fighter, not a championship winner but someone who will continue to fight no matter what is thrown her way. that new music she says will come in due time. >> you just really pull for her. >> absolutely. >> yeah. >> thank you. >> thank you, kaylee. coming up next, it's back. the frenzy over fried chicken and it's our "play of the day." ♪ i need some hot stuff baby tonight ♪ to mean something. that you got into college. or crossed the finish line... eventually. what? that you went someplace worth going. or have opinions. but if it's on there, it has to mean something. so we make sure this means something. that we've done everything - to make your shopping,
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♪ looking for some hot stuff >> playing my song. >> oh, yeah. back now with our "play of the day" and the hot stuff is back. popeyes chicken sandwich. look at -- well, there's that beautiful sandwich but look at this insane traffic jam in virginia and see all those cars. that's all for the popeyes drive-through. that is amazing. fans have been waiting two months for the beloved chicken sandwich to return. >> i love how you call them fans. >> fans. they're hungry. it was actually sold out in august, so the fast food giant tweeted video assuring customers, this is not a drill. we are fully stocked with those popeyes trucks. minnesota vikings wide receiver stefon diggs wore these custom cleats to celebrate. and here's houston texans quarterback deshaun watson --
7:51 am
revealing his secret recovery trick. >> i'll tell you the key. the key is it was a popeyes spicy chicken sandwich that i ate this week that helped. >> i'm getting some today. >> i'm a believer. we'll be right back. why not? we'll. be right back. why not? will you kiss me goodnight? ♪ last christmas ♪ i gave you my heart ♪ but the very next day ♪ you gave it away ♪ this year to save me from tears ♪ ♪ i'll give it to someone special ♪ hardest for last. ♪ for mother rose?! it's perfect. ♪ perfect. [door bell] another one for mother rose? ♪ ♪
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good morning. going to take a look at what's doing with traffic and we'll start with mike. >> all right, thank you very much. hi, everybody. we've gotalumaalumaalumaalumaala golden gate. temperatures today mid to 70s, low 80s inland. even a 70 along the coast. my seven day forecast, warmer than average temperatures in the afternoon. bone dry but right now looks like the air quality is fine and fire threatmargineaten >> we are going to check in now on an issue that just popped up in san francisco. we are looking at a three car crash blocking the left two lanes of this eastbound 80
7:57 am
street. really slowing down people trying to get on to the bay bridge this morning. speeds are down to 14 miles per hour. coming up on gma, demi lovato fighting back after her suspected overdose. why she says she loves the person she is today. we'll have another
7:58 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. bitter blast. the deep freeze is moving in for millions. the coldest air of the season on the way. stretching from the south to northeast. snow already covering parts of new york. ginger is here with the latest track and timing. impeachment showdown. the president orders officials not to testify as he demands the identity of the anonymous whistle-blower's identity who ignited the investigation. the latest this morning. ♪ the country singer revealing that her severe migraine turned out to be a stroke at the age of 48. the symptoms she missed. the warning signs you should know this morning. ♪ i don't want a lot for christmas not. holiday shopping in your wallet. so many deals dropping. even mariah carey reveals her
8:01 am
holiday must haves. is the pressure to pull off the perfect season driving you into debt? who is most likely to overspend? the action plan to get ahead of your holiday budget. the man behind the magic creating our favorite disney moments and bringing beloved characters to life on stage. >> wow. >> we're taking you center stage and behind the scenes. ♪ i'll tell you what i want the showdown revealed this morning. what has a spice girl facing off with someone she'll say bye bye bye to. all 'nsync as we dance into monday and say good morning, america. ♪ i don't wanna be a fool in this game ♪ >> you packed a lot in there, amy. i was trying to keep track of that. good morning, america. hope you're well this morning. the holiday season. you heard mariah carey, kicking into high gear. thanksgiving is later than usual so the shopping season is shorter and the deals have already started dropping so we'll tell you what you should know this morning to stop yourself from spending too much.
8:02 am
>> yeah, good luck with that. we're making the monday some of the many marathon runners who sweated it out, our amy included. you see many right there. they don't know but we have a big surprise coming up for them. and for you too. first a lot of news to get to starting with the coldest air of the season. ginger tracking it all, of course. good morning. >> good morning, robin. you know the atmosphere wanted to make you shop for the holiday season. i think that's what's happening. plymouth, wisconsin, the snow flying and western new york yesterday, franklinville, new york, three to five inches of snow was reported. this morning we are plenty cold. huntsville dropped below freezing yesterday. getting close again, raleigh, 34. you say these aren't records by any means but it's a big deal because october in many cities in north carolina, for example, was one of the warmest on record and that's why it feels like such a big difference. the flip of temperatures. by saturday morning it'll feel like the teens with the
8:03 am
windchill from chicago to detroit to new york city here and boston will feel like 14. now, this all comes with a storm in between. could be some flash flooding in the ozarks thursday and then you go indianapolis to columbus right on the line, pittsburgh of that rain/snow and could shift. it will undoubtedly impact travel, robin, by friday morning. >> got to keep an eye on that. thank you. >> thank, robin. the white house and president trump is defying an impeachment inquiry ordering officials thought to testify demanding the release of the whistle-blower's identity as the whistle-blower offers to answer written questions by republicans. back to cecilia vega. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: good morning, again. the president just tweeted about the whistle-blower. he said, quote, he must be brought forward to testify. written answers not acceptable. now you know this, republicans have made a talking point of saying they want to hear from the whistle-blower but they already seem poised to reject the offer. this was a surprise move from the whistle-blower's lawyer offering his client to come forward with these written
8:04 am
answers under oath from questions by republicans but you heard the president there, they already seem poised to reject this offer. over on capitol hill today, it was supposed to be a really busy day in the impeachment inquiry with four white house officials, we're told, scheduled to testify are now not expected to show up despite the threat of subpoena. among them an aide to the chief of staff and also white house attorneys including john eisenberg, the top lawyer on the national security council. also former national security adviser john bolton has refused to voluntarily testify and sources are telling us even if he does receive a deatsubpoena, is not expected to immediately comply. the president is sticking to his defense calling that phone call with ukraine, quote, perfecto. >> perfecto, okay, cecilia, thanks very much. >> another important week in washington. coming up, the country star that's revealing what she thought was a migraine was really a stroke. dr. ashton is here with what you need to know. holiday debt and your
8:05 am
wallet. as all those deals start to drop who is most likely to go into debt and how to make an action plan to tackle it. lara is upstairs. >> i'm so happy to say the gorgeous, talented elizabeth banks is with us. a vision, writer, director, producer and star of the new "charlie's angels," i'm exhausted just saying it. we'll talk to you about that and we have a wonderful audience as you just heard. >> yes. >> a lot coming up on "good morning america." so don't go anywhere. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] feel love" by sam smith] ♪ oooooh... for all the season's greeters. ♪ it's so good, it's so good... ♪ ♪ it's so good... for all the thanksgivers. ♪ it's so good for the gingerbread architects... ...and the lighting jedi. ♪ i'm in love.♪. for the mistletoe dodgers.... ...and gift detectives. ooooh... ♪
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8:10 am
welcome back. how about this wonderful monday morning audience we have here. [ applause ] oh, my gosh. hey, i want to share something with you. i had an opportunity to sit down with country music legend dolly parton for a -- >> wow! >> for a personal and very fun conversation. the special is called "dolly parton: here she cops again." it has never before seen footage and 10:00 p.m. right here on abc on tuesday, november 12th. i'm so excited about that. she is just a force of nature. wednesday night dolly will be a special guest co-host at the cma awards. we will be there live from nashville that morning. >> i'm so excited. >> great. [ applause ] >> now my weekend hangout
8:11 am
buddy -- >> did you say party. >> well, that too. lara spencer with "pop news." >> let's do it. [ applause ] we are going to begin with a big night for movie fans. the hollywood film awards were handed out sunday in los angeles. usually a harbinger of things to come for award season. so remember these names, everybody. first up, renee zellweger continues to bring home the hardware for her performance in "judy." just mesmerizing audiences with her embodiment of judy garland and the drum beat grows louder for antonio banderas for his role in his film. al pacino and laura dern for "a marriage story." she's two movies getting a lot of buzz and the hollywood film award to james mangold for "ford versus ferrari." the oscars are held early, february 9th right here on abc.
8:12 am
>> we'll be there too. [ applause ] >> on the road again. also in movie news, lady gaga returning to the big screen for a juicy role. she'll play patrizia reggiani, nicknamed the black widow whistle-blower she was convicted of orchestrating the assassination of her estranged husband maurizio gucci who ran the gucci fashion empire, a story that dominated headlines in 1995 and caught the eye of oscar winning director ridley scott way back when and they have gave up on it. angelina jolie was once in talks for playing the role but now it's lady gaga. gaga continuing her acting career. >> she is. [ applause ] >> she can do it all. and now to a compelling argument for a long weekend. microsoft testing out a four-day workweek giving all its employees a three-day weekend
8:13 am
every week and guess what, one less day but worker productivity jumped by nearly 40%. [ cheers and applause ] >> that is good. >> not only did productivity increase but microsoft reported lower bills in electricity and work supplies like pen answer paper. no surprise. over90% of microsoft employees are in favor -- >> who are the 10%? >> management? i don't know. i don't know. anyo i thought that was interesting. >> studies have proven it to be true. >> yes, people. [ applause ] finally nfl hall of fame wide receiver randy moss would probably like a redo on his weekend after, well, a slight detour on sunday. moss was heading to bristol, connecticut, home of espn's headquarters for a meeting and one of their shows he was going to be on but his pilot made a little boo-boo which resulted in randy saying this on the air.
8:14 am
>> i want to give a shoutout to everybody in bristol, tennessee. >> yeah, a 700-mile detour in the opposite direction. his pilot did manage to get him to bristol in time for the show. randy and the espn team had a good laugh about it. apparently he fell asleep when he got on the plane and he woke up and said this does not look like connecticut. >> big mistake. >> we're not in connecticut anymore. >> all right. >> that's "pop news," everybody. >> thank you, lara. thank you. [ applause ] well done. now to our "gma" cover story, country star chely wright revealing for the first time what she thought was a migraine was actually a stroke. now she hopes her story will help other women know the warning signs. stephanie ramos is here with that. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: initially country music star chely wright says she thought service a headache but after several days of pain she went to the hospital to get it checked out and now she's sharing the frightening health news, telling fans in a candid
8:15 am
facebook post she'd had a stroke and what signs you need to look out for. ♪ that keeps changing your mind ♪ >> reporter: she's the voice behind the hit "shut up and drive." ♪ so shut up and drive >> reporter: country singer chely wright posting to social media this weekend to share a terrifying health scare. some personal news i'm sharing for the first time. exactly one year ago today i went to the er at lenox hill hospital because i was on day three of a migraine which isn't uncommon for me. the doctor i saw whom i'd seen before was troubled by some of the symptoms of that day's headaches. after a series of diagnostic tests, i was informed that i'd had a stroke. the 49-year-old country superstar and mom to twin boys reveals she wasn't completely surprised by the diagnosis. i sort of knew it but i had been experiencing with that headache and leading up to that headache was different. i'd even said aloud to myself in the bathroom mirror, did you
8:16 am
have a stroke? according to the national institutes of health, symptoms of a stroke include sudden weakness, paralysis or numbness of the face, arm or leg, confusion, trouble with speech or vision, problems breathing, dizziness or loss of balance and severe headaches. ♪ i guess we get through life >> reporter: right now she says she's doing okay using the year anniversary to share her story in hopes of educating others on possible signs of a stroke. the reason i'm sharing this is so you all might take a moment to refresh your understanding of stroke and the symptoms of a stroke. pay attention to your body and encourage your loved ones to do the same. wright is asking her fans to share her story and they're doing just that. the post already gaining so much support receiving thousands of responses. robin. >> all right, stephanie, thank you. stay right there. i was at a brooklyn nets game
8:17 am
last week and the national anthem was sung by that woman right there, stephanie ramos. [ cheers and applause ] she was incredible. >> thank you so much. it was an honor to be invited. >> i had no idea. >> surprise. >> i know, i got nervous because they said someone from abc news is here to sing the anthem and started looking at me, it's not me. >> i got you. >> thank you, stephanie, so much. chely wright can sing as well, okay. she said there were similarities between the migraine and the stroke. >> and the stroke and here's the thing, robin. we have two sayings in medicine, common things occur commonly, migraines are more common than stroke but have another practice where we exclude the most dangerous things, the things that can kill you first when trying to figure out a diagnosis so when you look at some of the similar symptoms, migraine versus stroke, as we heard, severe headaches, sometimes people with migraines and stroke can get a change of their vision or a vision sensitivity and symptoms of both can be felt on one side of the head, face or
8:18 am
body so it can be difficult to decide and it's not up for the patient to make that diagnosis. >> okay. it is the third leading killer among women. women more so than men die from a stroke. >> exactly. >> why is that? >> we don't totally understand it. it's complex. part of the reason, we tend to deny things and say, this is not a good time. i'm not going to seek medical attention but there are also some hormonal factors and know there are certain reproductive or ob/gyn issues including gestational diabetes or pre-eclampsia. use of hormonal birth control or hormone therapy or those who smoke may be at higher risk. this is a medical emergency and goes by the ago name f.a.s.t. face dropping, a is arm weakness. s a problem with your speech. t, this is a medical emergency. it is time to call 911.
8:19 am
time equals brain. when in doubt check it out. >> so glad chely is doing as well as she is and sharing as much as she is. >> awareness is key. >> thank you. >> you bet. on to holiday shopping and the pressure to pull off the perfect season on a budget. rebecca jarvis is backtracking all the holiday shopping trends. >> that's right. americans are expected to spend as much as $730 billion this holiday season and many according to a recent survey will go into debt in order to pay for all that holiday cheer and it comes as the period between black friday and christmas sales is shorter than ever this year. black friday is closing in fast. less than four weeks away. but the deals are already in full effect from costco to walmart, amazon even pulling in mariah carey to reveal her holiday must haves. just how far some people are willing to go to pull off the perfect holiday revealed in a new report from more than half of millennials
8:20 am
specified as twentysomethings, 23 to 28, who were surveyed saying the holidays are reason enough to go deeper into debt and that debt is mostly credit card debt. that's got the highest interest rates of any type of debt meaning the perfect christmas may come at a very steep price. and it is not just millennials. nearly half of all credit card holders are willing to pile on credit card debt this holiday season and i want to put that in real terms for you. let's say you put a thousand dollars on a credit card and you make the minimum monthly payment. it will take you 63 months to pay off your debt. that is more than five years from this christmas to pay that all off and you will pay over $601 in interest charges on top of that 1,000, george. >> what can people do to avoid it? >> the most important thing, set a budget now. you have the time today so start thinking ahead. pay in cash. if you set cash aside and say when this is done we're done
8:21 am
with holiday spending that's a way to keep yourself from going over budget. i say set up a special email specifically for holiday shopping. every receipt comes to that, you won't be enticed to spend money you don't have and set up a browser extension like honey on your computer so when you shop it will automatically apply coupon codes so you know you're getting the lowest price that day when you're shoping. >> a lot of good tips. to ginger. >> it comes to us from north carolina, and this is like a psa so if you haven't taken down your halloween decorations yet, 2-year-old mercy says, please do. >> what is it? >> what happened to her. >> it closed on her. >> what should we do? >> i don't know. >> call for help. >> yeah. >> we thought that was so sweet. she's so concerned about the witch's feet. she's like somebody is under there. we need to help. please take a moment, put your "gma
8:22 am
and now we have a look at the magic behind disney musicals. tony award winning producer thomas schumacher wrote a new book called "how does the show go on?" taking us behind the scenes of some of the most beloved productions and gio sat down with him. >> good morning, amy. the book is out today and, listen, don't be surprise fundamental it becomes required reading for students everywhere. it's a journey through disney's groundbreaking broadway show, a love letter to theater and one
8:23 am
man's passion for the arts. ♪ >> reporter: he's the man behind the magic. tony award winning producer thomas schumacher bringing disney's memorable stories to life on broadway and stages all around the world for 25 years. now he is taking you behind the scenes in his latest book "how does the show go on?" >> i wanted a book for kids about the theater that was the book that i wanted when i was a kid, you know, as a theater geek kid i loved the theater and i knew nothing about it so i wrote the book for kids who want to know, not just what actors do, but what everybody does. >> reporter: the book offering an insider's look into the world of theater from the box office to backstage. >> you are going to shoot plame out of your hands. >> who better to teach me a little stage magic. from the illusions and special effects of "aladdin." come on, genie. >> reporter: to the pioneering puppetry of "the lion king". ♪ the circle of life
8:24 am
>> don't call us. we'll call you. you've got so much going for you already, gio. we're just going to sake zazu's head. he has a beautifully flexible neck. put it in your right hand. watch his head. and put your thumb in here. >> okay. >> here you go. >> that's his eyes. >> that's his eyes. >> you can make his mouth work there and make him talk. "frozen" probably has the biggest version of all. sven! >> wow. >> look at that. >> now, that's an enormous version of what we would call a puppet. >> oh, yeah. >> oh, oh, oh. >> he could let you have it. >> you can tame him if you want. he loves a good carrot. >> you like a carrot. you like a carrot. all right, here we go, sven. actor adam jepsen is inside. >> controlling the eyes. are you doing that too. >> yes, so everything we do that you see on sven we do, i feel
8:25 am
the blinks with this or the same with the ears. if i pull the trigger it goes back and down. >> reporter: yeah. >> i look at everyone today and i can tell you a story how we couldn't make this work or figure that out. the thing about the theater that is so great is that this family, this team comes together. we're all figuring out how this happens and how it can happen eight times a week. it is an entire show happening backstage and that to me is the greatest joy of the theater. >> i love you say that because i think the overwhelming message of this book is you can't do this alone. >> this takes a village. ♪ >> it does indeed and tom is always thinking outside the box. this time he's thinking outside the book. there's a very cool new feature with this book. take a look at this. tom showed me how you can download an app and hold your mobile device over specific sections of the book and the images come to life. this augmented reality feature was tom's idea and it really takes you backstage like never before. >> he is a genius.
8:26 am
>> wow. >> wow. [ applause ] >> the book is out today. >> all right. >> i love that. >> what a nice man. so nice. >> gave gio good advice. coming up the woman behind the new "charlie's angels," elizabeth banks here live.
8:27 am
good morning. tomorrow is election day and voters in san francisco will decide the fate of the city's uping ban on e cigarettes. proposition c would overturn the ban set earlier in year. in its place, a new limited ban would take effect. it would stop children from buying vaping products but allow adults to buy them. good morning. we have a serious issue in cupertino. a person has been hit by a car. this is southbound 85. a sigalert is in effect because emergency crews are blocking the light lane is what i understand right now. the injuries sound very serious. we'll keep you posted on how
8:28 am
things are going there and there's some traffic on the opposite side as well because people are stopping to look. here's a live look at walnut creek. 680 is maybe you're with the family you've got. or maybe the one you've chosen. it's culture salad. (laughing) our holidays don't all look the same. am i saying it well, l'chaim! and maybe that's what makes us great. make the dream yours. ikea. ♪ ahhh ♪ you are the one ♪ light of my life
8:29 am
♪ i love you so please be my wife? give a gift that says it all. yes! yes! ♪ only at jared good morning. temperatures warmer at 9:00. 40s and 50s out there. fog starting to lift. that's my only concern there in the golden gate bridge. my seven day forecast, bone dry
8:30 am
and warmer than average. >> all right. thanks. we'll have another update in about 30 minutes, but ♪ welcome back to "gma." look who is here with us, george. >> hi. >> powerhouse behind the new "charlie's angels." elizabeth banks. [ applause ] so i want to make sure i get this right. you wrote this, you produced it. you directed it. you act in it. >> yes. >> are you tired? >> i did it all. >> you wanted to create a "charlie's angels" for a new generation. >> i grew up watching reruns of the original television show from the '70s. i wanted to be kate jackson. who didn't? and -- thank you, yes, kate jackson, everybody. [ applause ] no, they were iconic and they were all about, you know, i have two sisters so the three of us
8:31 am
were charlie's angels. >> own pose like this. >> the idea these women were, you know, beauties with brains kicking butt in an industry doing a job that was traditionally done by men. it was very revolutionary and i felt like we needed to remind people even today that women's opportunities and what they're capable of, the sky's the limit. that's the point. [ applause ] >> i have said this before. a huge admirer of yours and the work you do and create for others. and you also brought in michael strahan. he's part of -- >> well, robin is in my directorial debut "pitch perfect 2." hello. former bella. exactly and i think michael strahan was just jealous really is what it was. >> stirring the pot. >> he's really jealous of robin and so he -- he came in to be in my second movie so he plays a
8:32 am
very small cameo, a very important moment in the movie, michael strahan. you got to see the movie november 15th. >> not going to give it away. it was fun seeing him pop up. >> we can see a little bit of it right now. >> i'm done sitting still. i'm done. i've had a taste. i want more. i want in. >> you know i once saw a really fat baby giving eskimo kisses to a kitten and that was more adorable. also it's kind of implied you're coming with us because you're in this briefing. [ applause ] >> so interesting, you say you watched reruns. we did too but none of those women were even born in the 1970s who are playing "charlie's angels" so did you make them watch any of it. do research. >> yeah, they did a lot of research. they're involved in posting throwbacks to the original cast on their instagrams and we
8:33 am
talked a lot about -- it actually was hard to find the series. now that we've made the movie you can find the series again. but it was hard to find the series. they were big fans of the movies that drew barrymore made with cameron diaz and lucy liu which are iconic and incredible and incredible threesome. we took a lot of inspiration from all of it. from everything that came before and i feel like as a filmmaker, as a feminist, as a woman i'm standing on the shoulders of everyone who came before me in my industry and this movie is really about that. these angels stand on the shoulders of the angels that came before them so we honor that in the movie. [ applause ] >> i know. but then you put your own little spin to it. >> yeah. >> you referred to kate jackson. kate jackson, the original angel is one you identified with. what was it about her character that you identified with. >> she was so brainy and relatable and honestly jacquelyn smith and farrah fawcett were --
8:34 am
they were so beautiful. i mean, i don't know. i just -- i couldn't have ever imagined being either one of them. >> well, in -- >> not that kate jackson isn't. >> i was going to say. >> you guys. i'm just saying -- thank you. she's obviously beautiful. she wore more -- she dressed more like me. >> she was more conservative. >> i'm from massachusetts. the wholedea of california, that's what the original angels also was about for me. it was like i knew about gidget ben the beach boys and i'm really dating myself and it was like "charlie's angels." that was california. you know, and that just was not in my -- i just didn't -- i never saw that. a bikini. >> you did sport a '70s haircut. we have a picture of it. just to remind you. >> oh, look at that. >> very precious. look at that. you guys, by the way, no braces. these just came in straight.
8:35 am
i know. can you believe it? i started out like that. saved my parents on the or do orthodontia. that was my dorothy hamel. >> i had a dorothy hamel. >> dorothy hamel. an amazing olympic skater and had this cute bowl cut. that was my hair growing out from that haircut that i -- >> we have your angels coming here wednesday. what should we ask? >> ooh. oh, my gosh. i'm on the spot. i would like to know what their favorite patrick stewart movie is. >> ooh. >> tune in for that. >> i think they're going to struggle with that one. >> "charlie's angels" hits theaters friday, november 15th. thank you, elizabeth. coming up, big celebration of the marathon runners that are here live. come on back for that. [ applause ]
8:36 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ blow a kiss, into the sun ♪ we need someone to lean on
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♪ blow a kiss, into the sun ♪ all we need is somebody to lean on ♪ ♪ ♪ annoepidemic fueled by juul use with their kid-friendly flavors. san francisco voters stopped the sale of flavored e-cigarettes. but then juul, backed by big tobacco, wrote prop c to weaken e-cigarette protections. the san francisco chronicle reports prop c is an audacious overreach, threatening to overturn the ban on flavored products approved by voters. prop c means more kids vaping. that's a dangerous idea. vote no on juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c.
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back now. amazing runners who tackled the new york city marathon including amy and some other members of our abc family that were out there. micah herndon who inspired us when he crawled across the finish line at the boston marathon was there as well.
8:39 am
let's remind you of his story. new york marathon runner micah herndon calls this the moment of a lifetime completing the 26.2-mile race. >> yeah. >> reporter: a much different scene from his finish at the boston marathon back in april that went viral. >> come on. you got this. >> reporter: the marine veteran crawling across the finish line while suffering painful cramps determined to finish in honor of his three fallen friends who died while serving in afghanistan. >> when times get tough throughout the race, i repeat their last names, you know, ballard, haimer, juarez. i tell myself out lied. >> reporter: he joined us on "gma" days after and we surprised him with a special invitation. >> you are invited to run the new york city marathon. [ applause ] >> reporter: for the last seven months micah trained day in and day out. >> i want to continue getting my brothers' names out there and then also continue to try to
8:40 am
raise awareness for the return of vets that do come back. >> reporter: the veteran proudly living the marine motto, always faithful. [ cheers and applause ] >> micah herndon is here right now. proud of you, man. [ applause ] ooh. ooh! beautiful wife. >> yeah, yeah. >> front and center right there. what was that feeling like yesterday. >> it was a combination of feelings. really the past seven months just been day in day out living and, you know, training and just trying to give my best performance yesterday so really a combination of thing, blood, sweat and tears, we just had a little baby girl, so -- [ cheers and applause ] so that's taking up some time. >> yeah. >> naturally. she dictates the sleep schedule. >> sure, sure. or lack thereof. or lack thereof. >> so, yeah, it's all a
8:41 am
blessing, though. little baby harper. she has me wrapped already. >> i'm sure she does. well, congratulations, congratulations to all who ran. i know we have la toya who we featured last week. yes. [ applause ] i know that you think that you're here just to talk about the marathon but you know how we always like to surprise you a little bit. just a little bit. little things like that and -- excuse me and it's not just for you. because you are somebody who is so selfless. you always think of others so we want to include everybody who ran in the new york city marathon that is here. we're going to make your mondays as well. would you please stand up, everyone who ran in the mar nobody. [ applause ] all of you, all of are you getting personalized 90-minute therapeutic massages from
8:42 am
elements massage. all of you, okay. all right? yourself included. >> that's great. [ applause ] >> that's not all, also a good friend of ours, jackrabbit, will give you a girth certificate so you can get the race gear, you can buy the race gear in store or online. jackrabbit and all that and elms massage, congratulations to all of you. we also want to thank the folks at recover who have been giving our runners treatments all morning. there they are. and they're offering free sessions for all new york marathon runners today. so you can go there as well. thank you as always for the example that you set and for your service. we appreciate, micah, so much. >> thank you. >> congratulations. [ applause ] >> ginger. >> i love that make your monday. it is monday. it means you can see a brand-new episode of "dancing with the stars," always makes me want to
8:43 am
do this. next monday's show, for the first time ever there will be two guest judges for a special boy bands versus girl bands edition that is 'nsync's joey fatone and spice girls' emma bunton. don't miss dance-off week tonight on "dancing with the stars" 8:00 p.m., [ applause ] >> ah, what a deal. all right, everybody very happy with the massage, lara. >> thank you so much. ginger. now to our quest for the best skin ever. who doesn't want that? we are steaming up with our sponsor olay and have sydney sadick here with three easy pips to start with smoother, brighter
8:44 am
skin. we love this. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> you say it's really simple. it really does pay off. cleanse, cleanse, cleanse. >> cleanse, a clean face is truly the perfect foundation for skin care because the cleaner your skin is the easier it is to absorb all that product so i always say you really want to cleanse with a really light and gentle cleanser. you can even use these great loofah gloves or a technology device. noticing it is on the dry side you can get deep into those pores and really get those dead cells away. >> not only talking about cleansing but sloughing off the old skin. >> basically that too, exactly. it's a combination of the two and if there's any time of day you want to invest in your routine it's at night. when you're sleeping that's when cell turnover takes place and you get that bright and fresh and beautiful skin. >> after we've sloughed it off and slept well hopefully, moisturizing is critical. >> when you're moisturizing find a rank of products that will help to solve not just one of your skin care concerns but many. >> we should go for two because
8:45 am
sometimes when you're on the go, one is easy. >> well, exactly but a lot of us are more concerned about fading dark spots and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. >> honey there, a's whole list. >> preaching to the choir. >> have hydrating ingredients to help solve that. this is where retinol comes in. >> i was going to ask you about it. a lot of -- i mean i have questions about it. is it drying? is it -- when do you start using it? >> a lot of women have steered clear from it because they found they've had irritations and reactions but this is where olay's brand-new product line comes into play and that is called retinol 24. it is a totally revolutionary and brand-new line of products comes in three different forms. the nighttime moisturizer, the eye cream and then we have the serum. all three of these are totally fragrance free. each product is super smooth and luxurious. i'll put a little bit of nighttime moisturizer on my hand, it glide, so smooth and it really does work.
8:46 am
a totally customizable line and 96% of people according to olay's research that tried out these products have not experienced any irritation. you can find more about retinol on >> i love it. sounds good to us. i believe we might have a treat for the audience, right? >> we do. we do. we have some olay for you. >> retinol 24. thank you for clarifying. looking forward to great skin and "gma" will be right back. thank you. [ applause ] "gma's" wake up beautiful sponsored by olay. face anything.
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of the new floor & decor don't miin milpitas. opening if you have never been to a floor & decor, you have to go to the grand opening. hardwoods, laminates, tile or stone. holy smokes, this place is huge! i'm on a budget and i was able to go to floor & decor, and save a lot of money. you will be blown away by this experience. the pros come here. i come here. if you love your wallet, and you love your home, you have to go. floor & decor. opening november 14th in milpitas, off the 880 freeway on north mccarthy blvd. you are in for a treat because we're back now with a true trail blazer. marc benioff is the founder and ceo of salesforce. that is the pioneering and multibillion dollar cloud computing company. by the way, he created the cloud. he's going to share some of the secrets in his new book, it's a "new york times" best-seller.
8:49 am
"trailblazer: the power of business as the greatest platform for change." please welcome my dear friend, marc benioff. didn't recognize you without the hat on. >> thank you for having me. >> you're welcome. this is so much more than just a book about business. you say each and every unworkforce us here, we're trail blazers. >> we are. we are all platforms in a way. we're all platforms for change then when working in the business community which is where i am then our business has to be a platform for change and i've seen that. you know, now it's been 21 years with salesforce but the smartest thing we ever did the day we spartd the company we put 1% of our connect it, 1% of profit and 1% of all employees' time into a charity. it was easy. we had no equity, no profit. but now we have 40,000 employees, so we do 4 million hours of volunteerism and given aw $4 million and run 40,000 nonprofits and ngos because we made a decision a long time ago
8:50 am
that business is a platform for change and that we could do that. we could make a business that gives back at scale. >> and we all can do that. i love your philosophy. culture rooted in values creates value. explain to meme what you mean. >> values do create value. you are 100% right and, you know, our core values are trust, nothing is more than than the trust we have with each other and customer success. the success with all of our customers, innovation, the ability to constantly improve our products and equality. we believe in the equality of every human being and that ripples through our entire company. >> this is something -- now it's commonplace for a company to say this. you have been saying this for decades since the very beginning >> that's exactly right. >> you are somebody who really believes in equality. and underrepresented communities and when you think of that in the tech world you think of women and want to make sure they are exposed to this as well, tech. >> that's why i wrote the book
8:51 am
"trailblazer." it's simple. two of my best female executives came in and said, you believe in equality. yes, i do. thank you. well, you're obviously wrong. i am? yeah. did you know you pay women less than men here at salesforce? well, that's not possible. and, by the way, i knew how much they made. no, systemically you're doing it. turned out through actually unconscious bias, plus we had bought 60 companies and when we had bought those companies we not only bought their technology and their culture, we bought all their pay scales so what we did is we had to commit number one we pay men and women equally. we pay equal pay for equal work. [ applause ] >> thank you. >> we're constantly auditing that. >> and you're staying on top of that. >> we have to do it. we have to. >> i want manal kahi. she is right there. an entrepreneur. she wants to ask a question. she is a new york-based catering company that recruits and trains
8:52 am
refugees to serve authentic food for the people who know it best. i love that idea. your question as a young entrepreneur to parc. >> thanks for being such an inspiration. we as a social business, a lot of investors tend to view us as less competitive. any ideas on how to get past. >> i wrote the book for someone like you. i want inspire you the way i inspired myself. 20 years ago we are where you are, we have our core values and know what we're about as a business. now is the time you have to recommit to those core values. you have to build a great product. i know you're doing amazing products. but you have to have great core values too. that ultimately will be your differentiator. we have a great business philosopher named peter drunker. he said cultures eats strategy for lunch. for you that's appropriate. so what that really means is that our core values are even more important than our products or our technology. so please recommit to who you
8:53 am
are and in your heart. >> what is your core value? what would you say is your core value. >> authenticity is one of the biggest. our product is authentic and us as a company. >> authenticity. >> beautiful. thank you very much. [ applause ] isn't that great? >> all right. i wish there was more time and let me say even if you're not in business, this book is something that can really teach you about yourself and about the bigger good and about we are a community. we all as you say all have a platform that we should use. >> we're all a platform for change. >> thank you, marc and trailblazer raila odinga is out now. we'll be right bac shouldn't they go to prison for as long as the law allows?
8:54 am
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thanks for starting a new week with us and congrats again, all these marathon runners. [ cheers and applause ] congratulations, amy and beyond. [ applause ]
8:57 am
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good morning here's mike with our forecast. >> hi, everybody. thankfully, fog for the most r part lifting. still a bit near the dwolden gate, but we're quoing to have a warm day today. 5 to 10 degrees warmer than average. 80s in the north bay, east bay and south bay. 70 along the coast. look at h. it lasts all seven days of my forecast. no right in sight. >> good morning. so unfortunately, we have a very devastating update to the sigalert we were following cupertino. it is deadly. person was hit by a car there. the right lane is blocked right
9:00 am
now. investigators are on the scene and there's no word as to when this will reopen because they have to work through this and emergency crews are still there. >> thank you for the the update. live with >> ryan: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, from the serious, "the resident," matt czuchry. and one of the stars of the new film, "waves," renee elise goldsberry. plus, performing their hit song, loud luxury and bryce vine. and check out the hot seat on our new travel trivia game. all next on "live." and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪


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