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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 8, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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police officer. >> just waiting for my train to come. >> foster says the officer walked by several other people eating and drinking on the platform and confronted him. his girlfriend caught the interaction on the cell phone. >> you are detained. >> you came over and singled me out of all thaes people. >> he was even handcuffed. >> definitely upset, mad. a little -- still kind of angry. >> bart says state law prohibits people from eating or drinking in the paved portions of the station. in other words from the time you enter the turnstiles to the time you exit at your destination. bart released a statement today in response. the spokeswoman said about foster, quote, he was not arrested. he was cited for eating which is a violation of state law. she adds the man was lawfully handcuffed after refusing to provide his name multiple times.
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once he provided his name he was cited and r foster doesn't plan to sue but he does have advice. >> start focusing on things that matter. hopping the bart. people getting stah t beeps foster also used foul language, was confrontational and there was even a homophobic slur at the end. the officer did not respond in kind. bart says it cannot tell us how common citations are for eating and drinking without us filing a freedom of information request. back to you. >> what is the penalty for eating on bart or the bart platform? is it just one citation? >> the citation comes with some penalties that will make the sandwich really expensive. it is a $250 fine or 48 hours of community service. >> wow. interesting. >> so what do you think? are rules rules or are there
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bigger concerns? we're asking you and we have our megapoll open. 56% say there are bigger concerns but 48% say rules are rules. >> it is interesting. context is important here. if as this gentleman says there was a whole line of people eating and he was the only one singled out you have to wond-hour did they target or select him. but bart has so many issues and i would rather not see police officers -- you know, go get the guys jumping the fares. there are so many other issues. i don't know if that is the one thing to really focus on if we're trying to clean up bart and build a better bay area, right? >> we'll have to see how it goes. you can see both sides of it. >> go to abc 7 and we'll keep the poll up until 7:00 tonight. today a wrongful death lawsuit was filed in contra costa superior court against airbnb, city of arinda, and party goers connected to the
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halloween night shooting. >> we have the latest developments. leslie? >> reporter: well, this is the first lawsuit to be filed by a victim's family. a memorial to the five young gunshot victims is still here in downtown arinda, still a police of mourning eight days after the terrifying shooting. a constant parade of residents stopped by to reflect on five young lives lost at a house party blocks from this busy intersection. what organizers on social media called a mansion party going totally awry when gunshots were fired on halloween night into the crowd of 100 in the airbnb rental property. >> i don't believe the problem is airbnb but guns. >> reporter: yesterday airbnb offered to pay for the funerals and for counseling costs for victims' family members but that wasn't enough for 23-year-old ramon hill jr.'s grieving mother and father. their attorney filed a lawsuit
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that alleged a large halloween night party fueled by alcohol and drugs without adequate supervision and/or any security measures taken all together served to create or promote an air of lawlessness and violence leading to the presence of the mass shooter or shooters on the property. police are investigating whether hill may have been a target and they're following up on hundreds of leads and interviewing hundreds of potential witnesses. >> while it's frustrating, you know, you'd like to have answers to a lot of things. you know they're trying to do it right. >> reporter: the city is in the process of drafting an ordinance to ban short-term nonhosted rentals coming up for vote on november 19th. right now eight days after the shooting still no arrests. i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. >> several people are under arrest accused of running a fencing operation in the bay
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area that sold stolen smart phones. fremont police released photos of four of the suspects. investigators say the group worked out of a business called torskin wireless in hayward. the bust went down and police found about $350,000 in cash and recovered devices. three shot guns and two hand guns were also found. investigators say evidence points to most of the stolen phones being shipped overseas. today is the first anniversary of the --
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as of this week a total of 19 homes destroyed by the fire. >> some international news secretary of state mike pompeo will head a u.s. delegation attending tomorrow's commemoration of the 30th
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anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall. it was november 9th, 1989 when jubilant crowds stormed the barrier dividing east and west after communist east germany announced travel restrictions would be lifted for east germans. crews in a concrete barrier down marking the beginning of the end of the communist regime. the wall went up in 1961 during the heart of cold war and spanned 27 miles. a heads up for anyone planning on using 8 #l 0, northbound lanes of the freeway will be closed from 2:00 to 5:00 tomorrow morning with a detour. southbound lanes will be closed sunday morning 3:00 to 6:00 with a detour at thornton avenue. it is being closed so crews can remove a portion of a natural gas pipeline no longer in service. news today whether stephen curry will be back on the court this season. he broke his hand october 30th against the suns o know that play. a bleacher report article
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indicated curry is not likely to return at all this year. the warriors called the report hog wash. so here is the deal which i reported a week ago and we did a whole podcast about he had a smaller break that might require a cleanup procedure. that is why the prognosis was curry would be out -- months. >> i'll be taking note and will check back. >> heroes honored. medals for two army recruiters for acting quickly after a shooting at a bay area mall. the end of the line for an old bart car. what made this trip unusual. and lighting the way. this light house is finally back open. the multimillion dollar
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now to an update on a story we've been following for more than five years. it all started with a drunk driver who killed andrew silva a young marine in fremont. today his wife showed us the permanent memorial where her husband will be remembered. here's abc 7 news reporter lauren martinez. >> you would think just kind of putting letters on some stone would be easy but it took a lot of emotional and mental preparation. >> reporter: high on a hill sits andrew silva's memorial, a visual tribute his wife julie designed herself. >> everything has a really deep meaning to it and i'm so glad we
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could finally share this with everyone here. >> those who gather together at chapel of the chimes in hayward can now learn about andrew's story. in 2014 he was killed by a drunk driver while he was home from afghanistan. since then, two memorials now honor his memory. >> i wanted people to come up here and just reflect on life and reflect on andrew and celebrate him. >> reporter: julie says this completed memorial feels like both a closure and a tribute. >> i felt like it was finally time to just kind of set everything in stone and memorialize him the way that i wanted. >> reporter: andrew's family says this memorial will be here for their son noah who is 7 years old today. this memorial will be here for generations to come. and with veterans day on monday if you need something to do you can come here to the chapels of chimes cemetery in hayward and not only honor andrew but honor our veterans as well. reporting in hayward, lauren
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martinez abc 7 news. well deserved recognition for two soldiers who answered the call of duty here in the bay area under extreme circumstances. staff sergeants isaiah lockleer and michael mora were at their recruiting station at the tan fran mall when shots rang out. they rushed in to treat two wounded teenagers with life saving first aid and today were awarded army soldiers medals for their bravery at a special ceremony in san francisco. their commanders praised their quick thinking and selfless action. >> incredibly proud. these soldiers ran to the sound of gun fire to administer aid, help save lives. this is what we do in our army. we serve our nation no matter where it is. it could be a mall or anywhere but we are here to serve. >> the soldiers credited their training for their quick reaction. and they're joining me now. staff sergeants, thank you for
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coming in. you guys looked so sharp today. >> thank you. >> thank you, sir. >> you don't have to call me sir. i'm going to call you sir. take me through the frantic moments. you're in an office. you have a recruit you're talking to and suddenly you hear gunshots. >> yes. so we were talking to our future soldier specialist muriel young just going through what training was like and next thing you know we heard gunshots. we ran out of the office immediately. started looking for a scene that needed aid and found two gunshot victims. >> pick it up from there. or take it back just a second to you hear the gunshots. was there a moment where you thought, we ought to just stay in the office and make sure everybody in here is safe? >> well, sir, we don't really get that luxury. we don't think like that. mostly you just respond much like a police officer or firefighter responds to a situation. same thing for us.
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the training kicks in. >> all right. so no fear at all? because at that point there's more questions than answers, right? you don't know if there's still people shooting in the mall. you have no idea of the real situation. is any of that going through your head like we got to be careful out here because we don't know what we're walking into? >> the first actions were to protect, save lives, not too much fear was in our minds. >> fear, for me, is always there. it is something that doesn't go away. training and through putting yourself in difficult positions you learn to overcome that fear and not let it keep you from doing what you have to do. >> what kind of training specifically? >> mostly a lot of it is in basic training, covered first aid, teaches you to pretty much that's why drill sergeants will be rough on you at first because they want to give you that shock to get you uncomfortable because when you're uncomfortable is when you find out the inner traits you already have. army training doesn't really
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turn you into something. it highlights the stuff everybody already has within them. >> enhances. >> do you have medical training? i know you were dealing with gunshot wounds and trying to stop the bleeding. >> yes. we have combat life saving course we take in the army and continuously keep doing throughout our army career for times like this. >> and i read one story that you actually accompanied one of the teenagers who was shot to the hospital. what was your thinking there, that he was kind of freaking out for lack of a better description? >> narrator: the beginning he was a little bit concerned. he was bleeding a lot. my main thing was to get him, try to stop the bleeding. keep him calm and get him super quick to the hospital: >> well, staff sergeants, you guys are true heroes. it is a pleasure to have you in the studio today.
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>> thank you. >> yes, sir. >> thanks so much for serving. >> okay. thank you. let's turn our attention to the weather because the weekend is here. spencer is here as well and still kind of the hazy sun shayne out. >> that's true. the fog has just lingered in a lot of places throughout much of the day. it finally is bright in our inland areas and over the bay but now the fog is surging back from the coast, pushing back out over the bay again. here is the view looking over san francisco and a little surge of some low clouds and fog there. 54 degrees here in the city right now. oakland 60. 62 redwood city. san jose 64. gilroy 67. 52 at half moon bay. here is another view of that surging fog from the east bay hills. looks like it is all going to swallow up the city of san francisco. other temperature readings right now 67 degrees at santa rosa. petaluma 61. 66 at napa. 81 fairfield our warm spot right now. #please 3 concord. livermore 77. here is the view from under the surging fog at the golden gate and these are our forecast features. low clouds and fog continuing to
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push locally inland tonight. we'll have mild, sunny days this holiday weekend. veterans day coming up on monday. and this dry pattern will persist through next week. here's our forecast animation. starting at 7:00 tomorrow morning we'll have fog at the coast and areas of fog out over the bay and pushing locally inland as well. not going to make much of a pull back from the coast until about midday. then we'll see more clearing along the coast line and whatever fog has lingered in the early morning and our inland areas will start to dissipate as well but then later in the day the fog will come back to the coast and no doubt will begin to push inland again late tomorrow night. overnight lows tonight will be mainly in the upper 40s around the bay shore line up in the north bay valleys a little chillier there upper 30s to low 40s and tomorrow's highs starting at the coast about 63 at half moon bay. upper 60s to low 70s around the bay shore line. mainly upper 70s inland. on sunday, the picture pretty much the same. mainly upper 70s the highs inland. upper 60s to low 70s around the bay shoreline. a little milder on monday.
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veterans day. we'll see a few low 80s inland. then we start to cool down again on tuesday. weather seven-day nice, mild three-day weekend for some of us. we'll start to cool down a little bit on tuesday. further cooling toward the end of the week and increasing clouds next friday. not calling for any rain yet but as the clouds get thicker and temperatures drop we hope maybe a drop or two of rain will fall but at the moment that is not in the forecast. >> hopefully sooner rather than later. >> the viral video that caught the attention of the star behind the original and the bay area school getting a lot of attention today. >> plus a holiday classic, a >> plus a holiday classic, a modern twist but does deal talk! >> plus a holiday classic, a modern twist but does my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo, comes with... 100% beef and hickory smoked bacon, plus fries and a drink all for just the change in your couch.
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big surprise this morning. >> in addition to their national tv debut they got a surprise message from the singer herself. >> that is so cool. abc 7 news reporter amy holyfield was there for it all. >> good morning america turned this second grade classroom in pittsburgh into a mini tv studio this morning ready to broadcast their positive message to the country. these elementary school students and their teacher tried to process what a big moment they were about to have. >> i pulled out a map yesterday and i was trying to explain and as i was explaining who was watching the videos, oh, my goodness. this is big. >> this is the video that started it all. dorothy changed the lyrics to the lizzo song "truth hurts" and taught it to the kids and they perform it every day to start their day with positive energy. video of their singing went viral on social media. even lizzo herself commented calling it the best thing she
4:23 pm
had seen that day. >> that was a big deal for me personally just because i am a big fan of hers. >> reporter: it all caught the afengs of "gma" which meant aarm clocks went off very early for these second graders. >> what time did you wake up? >> 3:45 in the morning. >> could you even believe it? that is really early. was it worth it? >> yeah. >> reporter: they handled it like pros and even got a special treat during the appearance. >> hi, kids. it's lizzo. >> the kids say it was a cool experience. >> that's fun. and really exciting and kind of nervous. >> reporter: the bright lights of fame may be fun but the dynamic teacher says don't worry. she is staying right here in the classroom where she knows she belongs. >> there's nothing else i would rather be doing. i think about other jobs and stuff and nothing beats teaching at all. >> reporter: when you're 7 years old and you wake up at 3:45 in the morning you have to be prepared. a lot of them brought their sleeping bags because it is going to be a very long day.
4:24 pm
they still have to go to school even though they're national stars but they will be celebrating this afternoon with a party complete with an ice cream truck and maybe a little nap time but they do have a lot to celebrate here. in pittsburgh, amy holyfield abc 7 news. >> can't help but love that story. just awesome. now to backlash over a different song. the christmas classic "baby it's cold outside" is getting a me too era update. not everyone is happy about the changes. listen. ♪ hey what's in this drink ♪ no cabs to be had out there ♪ i have one more drink ♪ it's your body and your choice ♪ >> so overnight john legend and kelly clarkson released a reimagined version with some glaring changes to those well known lyrics. >> radio stations were refusing to play "baby it's cold outside." i think what john legend was trying to do was give us an updated classic maybe people would feel better playing around
4:25 pm
the holidays. >> so critics are quick to react calling the rewrites absurd. john legend responded on twitter saying, he'll leave it up to fans to decide whether this is political correctness run amok or in his words a welcome update. >> what do you think? >> it's different. obviously. those are good messages we need to get out there. >> yeah. >> i don't know. what do you think? >> if you listen to the lyrics of the original based on where we are as a society now the lyrics are cringe worthy. they really are. >> they are. >> i mean, for the time nobody even thought about it so are we going to go back in history and change every single thing that somebody might find offensive at any point in time? i mean i don't know where you stop. but i would be along the lines of if you don't like it you don't have to listen to it. listen to something else. >> don't play it. we have all those christmas songs out there you can listen to. >> i'm sure somebody will find something to be offended by with those. >> you're probably right.
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now news to build a better bay area from abc 7. >> the promise of 775 new bart cars coming online in the next few years means that the old
4:29 pm
cars, that many passengers complain about, will be phased out. >> the first one to be decommissioned left bart's hayward yard today for a recycling center in oakland. this is an important step in bart's effort to build a better bay area. >> reporter: it's never been done before. how do you move a 40-ton bart car and place it on a flat bed truck? car number 2528 is the first of 669 cars that will be decommissioned over the next four years as a gnnew generatio of cars come online. this car was put in service in 1995 and retired 19 years later racking up 2.2 million miles. it was chosen to be first because of its troublesome history. >> this was a car that continually came into the shop, was repaired, and was sent out again and would break down like an hour later. >> reporter: car 2528's history is also blemished by an incident in 2013 when two bart employees were struck and killed by this same car while adjacent to the tracks during a strike. the car was dubbed the death car by the maintenance team at the
4:30 pm
system's hayward yard. a total of ten cars had been sold in oakland for recycling. it is estimated 44% of the car can be recycled. bart is in the process of trying to determine the value of the vintage cars some of which have been in service since the early '70s. this car was valued at zero because the wheels and other components are salvaged to repair similar cars until they are retired. cars purchased with federal funds require the government to get 70% of the sales value. the big challenge was how to load the 75 foot long car on to a truck. it took a team of bart engineers two hours to fine tune the process leaving them sometimes perplexed. they prevailed after using a band saw to make room for wooden beams to support the weight. the truck operator wasn't fazed that transporting a bart car this way had never been done before. >> just another day at work. >> is it going to be hard to get this all the way up to oakland? >> i think we'll get it done. >> reporter: that he did taking the car up highway 8 80 to becoe
4:31 pm
part of a large scrap heap that could be turned into something bigger, better, and perhaps less notorious. >> imagine driving down the freeway and seeing a bart car. >> double take. >> what is going on here? want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. join our facebook group. >> smart train service will be down this weekend from petaluma to novato to allow crews to install and test new software. >> we are opening two new stations this year, larksburg and novato downtown. that means we have to add those stations to our systems so we have to install software for these railroad crossings, test them, and then we have to reinstall the existing software so we can provide passenger service on monday morning. >> the bus bridge will be set up to carry passengers between those ofcials sayhey could be forced to shut down service again next saturday and sunday if they don't get their work finished by next weekend. >> now on to the latest from
4:32 pm
washington on the showdown over impeachment. democrats issued a subpoena for president trump's chief of staff mick mulvaney and testimony of two other white house officials was released today. here is abc news reporter rachel scott. >> reporter: after weeks of closed door testimony the public is getting a first look at some of the transcripts now being publicly released. president trump claims he isn't worried. >> i'm not concerned about anything. the testimony has all been >> reporter: he spoke just hours before house democrats made the decision to release more transcripts from fiona hill an expert on russia and army lieutenant colonel vindman a ukraine expert on the infamous july 25th call between president trump and ukraine's president. in his ten-hour testimony vindman told lawmakers he was disturbed by what he heard on the phone call where trump repeatedly urged ukraine's leader to investigate joe biden and his son. vindman told congressional investigators i did not think it
4:33 pm
was proper to demand a foreign government investigate a u.s. citizen adding it would underminus us national security. hill in her testimony quoted then national security adviser john bolton as being angry about the involvement of the president's personal lawyer rudy guiliani in ukraine matters. she quoted bolton as calling guiliani a hand grenade who's going to blow everybody up. as the impeachment investigation intensifies, the trump administration has directed current and former staffers to not cooperate. trump's acting chief of staff mick mulvaney the latest refusing to comply with the house subpoena. >> i like to have the people go up except one thing. it validates a corrupt investigation. >> reporter: president trump insisted today he has not been damaged by this impeachment investigation instead saying it has made him stronger. rachel scott, abc news, washington. >> president trump says his administration is ready to take action to change the federal age limit to purchase electronic cigarettes. the president announced this morning he supports raising the
4:34 pm
age limit from 18 to 21 to combat youth vaping. the president says a plan will be released next week. flavored e-cigarette products are widely blamed for soaring rates of underage use by u.s. teenagers. vitamin eacetate could be linked to vaping related illnesses, an additive found time to time in thc and other e-cigarettes products. the study showed samples taken from 29 patients and added this does not rule out other ingredients. at least 40 deaths nationwide are blamed on vaping. actress and activist jane fonda is stepping up her activism in the fight against climate change and the trump administration. the 81-year-old staged the latest in what she calls her fire drill fridays outside the u.s. capitol. today she was joined by ice cream giants ben & jerry who railed against the level of military spending in the face of a climate crisis calling it
4:35 pm
obscene. fonda began these rallies a month ago after recently moving to washington. in fact, she has been arrested each of the previous four fridays. millions of americans are in the grip of cold weather that is only expected to get worse next week. snow fell overnight in michigan with temperatures dropping into the low 20s across the midwest to the northeast. forecasters say this cold snap is only an appetizer for an arctic blast that's coming next week that could bring record cold temperatures for this time of the year from the plains all the way to the deep south and into new england. >> can you believe what we're seeing across the country? >> yes. meanwhile we have pretty much warm and sunny in california. >> yes. spencer? >> true. brutal winter weather moving into the northeast and the midwest but here we've got almost spring like mild weather coming our way. overnight it'll be cool in some spots inland. overnight lows mainly in the low to mid 40s. a little lower up in the north valleys and fog overnight but tomorrow look for sunny skies going into our holiday weekend. we'll see highs of 63 in half
4:36 pm
moon bay. upper 60s to low 70s around the bay shore line. upper 70s inland. here is the accu weather seven-day forecast. not much change on sunday. it'll be much like tomorrow's weather. monday, veterans day, even milder. low 80s inland and then we'll start to gradually cool down going into late next week but a lovely seven days ahead. >> thank you so much. okay. crab season is just around the corner in the bay area so how much would you pay for one? would you shell out, see what we did there, shell out $46,000? >> a little steep. >> it is. a five shining star snow crab was auctioned off yesterday in japan after it weighed in at 1.2 kilograms or about 2.7 pounds. the crustacean is highly coveted in japan which helps explain the bidding ending at a record $46,000. the previous high was $18,000. i don't think i'd pay either personally. >> that is a lot of money for a snow crab. >> it is. after more than a year the
4:37 pm
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abc 7 news is the media partner of the girls festival coming up this weekend. how did we get to this point already? it's mid november. you are the cocreator of the festival and volunteer advisory board member for worldwide women. thank you for coming in today. >> you are welcome. anything to talk about my
4:40 pm
favorite activity of the year. >> all right. let's talk about that. we've been talking about it here since abc 7 is involved but for people who have never been to the festival what is it? >> the worldwide women girls festival is the largest hands on career festival for girls, ages 8 to 18 in the country. there is nothing else like it. because we wanted to create something where the girls were actually trying their hand at careers not just sitting in the audience looking at somebody else talking about their career. we have cureated this amazing event. this is our fourth year. we have well over 6,000 girls and their families who signed up and will be there tomorrow san francisco palace of the fine arts. you can still show up tomorrow and get a ticket at the door. we'll have amazing activities like kaiser permanente is sponsoring a spoken word poetry slam competition.
4:41 pm
bizworld is doing a girl-preneur shark tank competition where the girls get to pitch their own business idea and we have great venture capitalist judges like mark cuban. tim draper. that is going to be exciting. they get to pitch their business ideas. we have the cool girls fashion show where the girls either have made their own clothes or they are repurposing vintage outfits to help them focus on recycling and certainly recycling fashion. there is a maker space where they can participate in all kinds of things like robotics. they can participate in a competition to program robots. so that is exciting. all kinds of stem, biotech, genetics. there's even a workshop on how to navigate the music and entertainment industry. >> so much really going on. >> you name it. >> why do you think it is so important we really focus on
4:42 pm
girls? obviously dads, brothers, everyone is welcome to come. why is it so important to have a festival just for girls? >> we wanted to do this because we wanted girls to understand that there is absolutely no career that is off limits to them. that is really the main message. any career that you want to have is possible and so get a sense of it. look at other women who are doing it. come try your hand at it yourself. and then realize that the whole -- all the possibilities are open to you. the whole world is really open to you as a girl to go out and achieve your dreams. >> it really is. sometimes it just takes someone believing in you and showing you that you can do anything you want to do. >> that is absolutely right. and that is what has been so amazing for the girls. they are doing mentoring sessions. they are learning how to be advocates. they are learning sports drills. that is the other thing. we want the spectrum of all the careers and obviously want the stem, size technology.
4:43 pm
we want the art. there is going to be dance and entertainment. all the girls doing it. music. we want them to know you can pursue this range of any or all of them. >> okay. if you don't have your tickets already you said people can still get tickets? >> get your tickets tomorrow at the palace of the fine arts. it starts at 10:00. it ends at 4:00. the last event of the day is the cool girls' fashion show which is a lot of fun but the pitch competition, you know, a lot of the dads come and bring their daughters because they want to see them up there pitching those ideas and it is amazing to see them come up with their business ideas and then get funded to really win them. isstfolth care, gentech.ith us all these different companies. gilead. we're really -- xilinx, yeah. >> you'll even see a lot of us out there. we hope you can come by.
4:44 pm
mary, thanks for coming in today and giving us a little taste of what we can expect tomorrow. >> you're welcome. >> larry? >> thanks. oprah fans get ready. oprah is back with her annual favorite things list. we'll show you some that made the cut. >> and 7 on your side's michael finney netflix cracks down on those who share their accounts. deal talk! my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo, comes with... 100% beef and hickory smoked bacon, plus fries and a drink all for just the change in your couch. i found the remote! try my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo.
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kevin?! try my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo. forky was the break out star of toy story 4 and now he has his own series on the disney plus streaming service launching on tuesday. actor tony hale said the opportunity to bring the humble spork turned toy character to life on screen was amazing and overwhelming and dished more with our entertainment reporter from our sister station in chicago. >> why am i alive? >> you are a toy. you belong to bonnie. these are your friends. >> hello! >> that a fork could take off like this. did you have any inkling at all? >> i was amazed and overwhelmed that i was even in the movie so when they asked me if i wanted to do shorts, i'm crazy about this character and pixar and, yeah.
4:48 pm
of course. >> this is a little strange but we all have to make sure nothing happens to forky. >> something happened to him. >> it's, forky was made simply, he looks at things very simply. and the shorts are very simple questions. >> what is a friend? >> what is art? what is time? >> time can be future or past. >> oh. nope. i'm still lost. >> all these kind of things. they're just done beautifully and they're funny and it's just like a very simple format. much like him. >> what is cheese? >> this is forky. >> how many forky stuff like things do you have in your home now? how much retail swag? >> i love the swag. it's fun to, you know, when they send me stuff because i love to give it away. and i don't have my bag on me. i'm so sorry. this is awful. i just said that.
4:49 pm
sorry. oh, wait. i take that back. look what i have for you. i am not a toy. >> oh, thank you. >> there you go. it's yours. wear it with pride. >> that was so much fun. >> crazy spork. >> got to get some forky swag up in here. forky asks a question debuts on disney plus. it starts streaming next tuesday. disney is the parent company of abc 7. okay. there are some troubling statistics about robocalls and how often you, us, we're all getting them. >> like every five seconds. 7 on your side's michael finney is here with more on that. >> they never had this phone number and about a month ago now a dozen a day. just absolutely unbelievable. americans received a record breaking 5.7 billion robocalls this past october according to
4:50 pm
robo call blocking app developer u-mail. the numbers are staggering and alarming. it is a 25% increase from calls made in september. a 7% jump from the previous all point all-time high of 5.2 billion calls made in march. the company says there have been 49 billion robocalls placed this year alone. almost half of them were scams. mastercard will allow transgender people to use their chosen name on some cards even if they haven't legally changed their name. chicago based bmo harris banks will be the first to offer the benefit under mastercard's true name initiative. individuals still need to sign up using their legal name then they'll be able to determine what name is printed on the card. mastercard says its goal is to avoid potential discrimination.
4:51 pm
an alliance representing cable and streaming service giants plans to crack down on those who are sharing accounts. no. never. >> never do that. >> i would have never thought the alliance for creativity and entertainment estimate that they're losing $6.5 billion in revenue because people are sharing passwords and accounts. the alliance is comprised of netflix, amazon, comcast, hbo, and other companies. one of the strategies they say they are considering is requiring users get a code sent to their phones to verify they are the ones watching or using their thumb print to log into their service. now, this is a huge change. about two years ago we did a report on all of this and we couldn't get any of them to say it was a problem. they didn't even care. they were like, that's fine. can you imagine? >> i only watch channel 7 michael. >> what is this netflix?
4:52 pm
>> never heard of that. can you explain? >> here is a sure sign the holiday shopping season is upon us. oprah has put out the list of her favorite things. she had a little help this year. >> happy to see you. >> now it's time to reveal what made the cut this year. >> thanks for letting me do your makeup. >> we have some essentials for everyone on your list. >> oh, there are 79 items she is recommending this year which is actually down from last year's list of 107. it covers everything from the kitchen, extra wide glass straws are on the list, to clothing. who doesn't want plush slippers? there are pretty pricey things though on oprah's list. the apple watch made it. that sets you back around $800. if you want to get in shape the fly wheel home bike with built-in tablet is on oprah's list. it lists for $2,000 but an oprah discount goad gets you 20% off. can we get that on everything in life?
4:53 pm
i got operate ra discount. here are local companies on the list. apple with its watch. baggu of san francisco. oprah likes the reusable shopping bags. salute sante of napa. the wilder condiments of santa cruz the mustard trio recommended this year. target is getting a jump on black friday with its holi-deals the retail chain's two day black friday preview sale featuring savings on thousands of items. target claims this is its biggest preview sale yet with four times the deals as last year. they include a $200 target gift card with a purchase of the newest generation iphones. and beats solo three which are on sale for 129.99. >> i think i'm trending more to be a good target shopper than the oprah's favorite things from a price standpoint you know? it guided sailors more than a hundred years but for the past year the point reyes lighthouse has been closed for restoration.
4:54 pm
we'll give you a look at the nearly $6 million upgrade. >> and what is ahead on abc 7 news at 5:00? new at 5:00 the north bay cities evacuated during the fire are back in business. >> hillsberg missed halloween last week because everybody had to evacuate. >> so what is the city about to do? how the city is hoping to lure people back nah town. in 2017 a jerry garcia guitar sold for nearly $2 million. now another one is up for sale. what it is expected to fetch on the auction block. those stories and more when dan and i join you for abc 7 news
4:55 pm
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