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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 8, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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destroyed in the. this should have been a busy weekend. no crowds. >> in a word, it's -- >> quiet. >> when's the last time you saw it this quiet? >> it's been a while. >> erin morris owns a pet boutique in the heart of downtown where frankly, you can get a table without a reservation right now. that's what a fire and evacuation can do. reservations canceled reservations, the town was closed for a week. >> what else did you miss? >> halloween, we missed halloween. >> reporter: so fast forward and then look what happened. >> rrrrrr. >> reporter: they're calling this the halloween do-over. it feels like a miracle.
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residents who evacuated because of the kincaid fire last week celebrating tonight. >> i didn't expect to be like this, this year. >> reporter: that's jim simon to didn't expect to be living in the hotel lamars with his wife and kids. ethan dressed as the grim reaper, elizabeth as robin hood. you want to stay here and never go home? >> kind of. >> trick-or-treat! >> reporter: a little while later they joined an encyclopedia britain ca of figures. >> i feel like it brings the town together. >> reporter: and the town needed it. as for elizabeth, she remained pragmatic to the end. >> we get more candy now. >> reporter: is that what matters? >> yeah. >> reporter: and then you get to bring it back to a hotel room. >> yeah. >> reporter: and then she gets to bring it home. leave it to a 10-year-old to talk about what's really
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important. actually, i should tell you, she's not 10 yet, she'll be 10 tomorrow. it comes one day after halloween. life in healdsburg. >> you can help the people impacted by the fire. we have a list of ways, from giving blood to volunteering time or donating money. you will find all those ways you can help out. go to abc 7 and find the info there. new at 6:00, water cut off at city hall. workers digging on a brt project hit a three-inch waterline serving city hall. the building closed early bal because toilets and faucets would not work. it nearly spoiled plans for one couple who came to get married. >> we did it. and thank goodness for that, that we were able to at least
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get married and take some photos inside. >> congratulations to the newlyweds. one office in city hall was not evacuated and stayed open through all of this. the elections department kept counting out standing ballots from tuesday's vote. and, on that subject, let's update you now on the races still too close to call from election day on tuesday. in the race for san francisco district attorney, boudin has 156-vote lead. loftis was named interim district attorney a couple weeks ago. the winner replaces georgeeplace gascon. dean press continton has a 35-v on brown. it's been going back and forth since the polls closed. san francisco uses ranked-choice
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voting. you can check out all the results on our website. those two are particularly close. the first lawsuit has been filed over the halloween night shooting in arenda that killed five people. >> it happened at a house party in an airbnb rental, and the home-sharing website is stepping up to help out. >> i'm spencer christian. we'll start the day with lingering fog but sunshine on the hordizon. this historic gem
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a hostage situation in clear lake is now in its second day, with no sign of it coming to an end. law enforcement has surrounded a home where a man armed with a rifle is holding his family hostage. police were called to the southeastern clear lake home yesterday morning. officers are in communication with the suspect. so far he has refused to surrender. law enforcement agencies are on the scene, each take beiing shi.
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today a wrongful death lawsuit was filed against airbnb, the city of arenda, and party organizers connected to a halloween night shooting that left five people dead. leslie brinkley is live with the latest >> reporter: well, still no arrests, but downtown arenda there is still this memorial. people tonight walking up here, bringing fresh flowers, light being candling to honor the five young people who died. >> somebody was upset in there, and they let the bullets fly. >> reporter: tonight the parents of raymond hill jr. through their attorney were set to file a lawsuit against airbnb, the city of arenda, the homeowners and party organizers alleging that the large halloween party,
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that all together, served together or created an air of lawlessness and violence, leading to the presence of the mass shooter or shooters on the property. yesterday, airbnb offered to pay for funeral costs and counseling for victims' families. >> i don't me the problem is airbnb, i believe the problem is guns. less guns, less mass murders. >> reporter: a constant parade of mourners came to the memorial. organizers on social media call td a mansion party, gone totally awry when gunshots were fired on halloween night into the crowd of 100 in the airbnb rental property. police are following up on hundreds of leads, including investigating whether hill might have been a target. >> there's a tremendous amount of evidence that they have to look through and work on, and there's a very large number of people that they're trying to talk to. and so, while it's frustrating from a, you know, you'd like to
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have some answers to a lot of things, you know, they're trying to do it right. >> reporter: arenda is in the process right now of drafting an ordinance that would ban short-term, non-hosted rentals. leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. a judge ordered gps tracking for a former twitter employee charged by the federal government for spying for saudi arabia. ahmad made his first appearance in seattle court this morning. he is a u.s. citizen and former bay area resident. he and another twitter employee looked up information of twitter users on behalf of the saudi government. he was released with a gps monitor pending trial in san francisco. colleges are celebrating first-generation students, whose
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parents didn't attend college. only recently has there been an effort to identify and support them. >> i'm a rsneraon college student myself. my parents did not go to college, and they did everything they could to put me and pmy brother and sis they ater throu college. i wholeheartedly support our first-gen students. >> you know they are making their families and community so proud. the weekend is here. so how's the weather shaping up? >> spencer christian is working pretty hard. >> we've got a three-day weekend, many of us do, because monday is veteran's day. we have lots of fog at the coast, a little bit developing over the central valley, and some of that coastal fog will push out over the bay and locally inland. we're getting a clear view frmo
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the san francisco skyline. redwood city, 58, 52 at half moon bay. nice view from emeryville, we have temperature readings in the low to mid-50s. 57 at fairfield and low to mid-60s at concord and livermore. one more live view from the abc 7 exploratorium camera right off the embarcadero looking back at the bay bridge, under partly cloudy skies right now. these are our forecast features, low clouds and fog pushing inland overnight, mild, sunny days lie ahead this holiday weekend and it will get cloudier and cooler next week. starting at 7:00 tomorrow morning we'll have bright skies over the inland areas for the most part, but there will be a lot of lingering fog over the bay, and communities right around the bay shore line, and fog will be lingering around the coast as well. a lot of lingering fog, but by
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midday it will have mostly pulled away from land areas, and even along parts of the coastline it will have pulled away, and we'll have a bright, sunny day for most of the remainder of the day for most of the bay area. but the fog will return tomorrow night of course. look for low temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. lows will drop into the upper 30s in the santa rosa area. then tomorrow's highs will range from low 60s at the coast to mainly upper 60s along the bay shore line. most inland areas highs in the 70s. furtherer on to sunday, inland highs in the upper 70s to right around 80. might be a little cooler on the coast on sunday than tomorrow. temperatures will rebound monday, it will be a nice, mild day with a few low 80s inland. low 70s around the bay and low to mid-60s on the coast. then we at the accuweather seven-day forecast.
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w weather's looking nice for monday, which is veteran's day. cooling begins on tuesday. we get increasing clouds on wednesday, thursday, and friday. and temperatures will drop down to a level we generally expect this time of the year as we approach thanksgiving. we are still seeing no rain in the forecast, but with the increase in clouds, maybe something is in the making there. we keep watching and hoping. >> i feel confidence coming. >> i feel, eentually. >> you two are way out on a limb. what sent this train off the tracks and whether anything dangerous was inside those cars that ended on their sides. and football between the undefeated san francisco
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a messy train derailment outside pittsburg, pennsylvania this afternoon, happening after one freight train slammed into the back of another. it happened on hemp field township around 1:00 our time, 25, maybe 30 cars jumped the tracks. no injuries though, a hazmat team was called to the scene as a precaution. norfolk is the operator. they say it could take days to clean up this mess. smart trainerce will be down this weekend through a
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section of sonoma and marin counties. trains will not run on saturday and sunday from petaluma and novato, to allow crews to install and test new software. >> we're opening two new stations, larkspur andarkspur ad downtown. we have to install software for these railroad crossings, test them and reinstall the existing software to provide service on monday morning. >> a bus bridge will be set up to carry pass is jeengers. they could be forced to shut down service again next saturday and sunday if they don't get the work finished by next weekend. a heads up for anyone planning on using 880. northbound lanes will be closed from 2:00 to 5:00 tomorrow. southbound lanes sunday morning with a detour at thornton avenue.
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freeway is being closed so crews can remove a portion of a natural gas pipeline no longer in service. coming up here, a story about building a better bay area. electric bike share bikes are coming back. >> we will revisit the problems that take them off the roads in the first place. b.a.r.t. is in the process of decommissioning 669 old cars, some in service since 1972. this is car 2528. some call it the death car. it's cursed. we'll tell you why coming up. the latest statistics show there's a car
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building a better bay area means making your better, day to day and mile by mile. >> and a local company is about to make that easier. san francisco-based lyft owns the bay area's bike share system. >> it's now named bay wheels and operates in the south bay and east bay and san francisco. within ten days, electric bikes will start returning to the
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streets of sanyf pulled all ele bikes from all cities twice this year because of problems. in may it was because of the brakes. a man said they malfunctioned, throwing him over the handlebars, breaking his arm in three places the then in july it was because of batteries catching fire. no one was hurt. >> as lyanne melendez reports, they say their bikes are better and on the way back. >> reporter: e-bikes will begin rolling out in mid december, just in time for the busy and congested holidays. they will sort of look like these previous ones. the company called motivate, owned by lyft, has hired a different battery supplier after problems surfaced with the older ones. what you see today are the pedal bikes, 4500 of them, in the next six months the company will add 4,000 more libertarielectric bi. >> i loved the e-bikes last time. so i was sad when they disappeared. >> reporter: the agency has granted the company a four-year
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permit to operate in the city but will keep a monthly record of their performance, looking at how well they are maintained, safety record and availability in all neighborhoods. >> more bikes means more choices for more users. more trips on bikes means less pollution in the city. >> reporter: the new e-bikes can be parked to any bike rack as well as regular stations. >> e-bikes would be great, because you don't have to get where you're going as sweaty. and i know certain not a big biker. and so it makes it a lot more accessible for people. > reporter: tncs, another name for ride companies companies cos lyft have added to the congestion. traffic delays in the city had increased by 62%. >> and about half of that was due to tncs, and the other half primarily due to population and
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employment growth. >> reporter: in addition to the e-bikes, the city has it to invest more in public transformation and consider congestion pricing. lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> building a better b.a.r.t. is part of building a better bay area. to make room for the new you have to take out the old. that's what happened today. sky 7 captured an old b.a.r.t. car being trucked down the road on the way to the recycling yard. >> reporter: it's never been done before, how do you move a 40-ton b.a.r.t. car and place it on a flatbed truck? 2528 will be decommissioned over the next four years, as a new generation of cars come online. this car was put into service in 1995 and retired 19 years later, wracking up 2.2 million miles. it was chosen first because of troublesome history. >> it continually came into the shop, repaired and sent out again. it would break down again like
6:32 pm
an hour later. >> reporter: but car 2528's history is blemished by an incident in 2013 when two b.a.r.t. employees were struck and killed by the same car while adjacent to the tracks during a strike. it was dubbed "the death car." a total of ten cars are slated for recycling. b.a.r.t. is in the process of trying to determine the value of vintage cars, some in service since the '70s. this one was valued at zero because wheels have been salvaged to repair similar cars. we discovered a hidden treasure, including this tarnished penny, a candy wrapper and sunflower seed by someone who ignored the no-food policy. the biggest challenge was how to load it onto a truck. it took engineers two hours to fine tune the process leaving them perplexed. they prevailed after using a
6:33 pm
band saw. the truck operator wasn't phased. transporting a car this way had never been done before. >> just another day at work. >> reporter: is it going to be hard to get it all the way to oakland? >> i think we'll get it done. >> reporter: and that he did, taking it up 880 to be part of a large scrap heap that could be turned into something better, safer and less notorious. david louie, abc 7 news. car break-ins are among the most common crimes in the bay area. but one man who fixes windows says the stories you hear may not tell the whole picture. >> reporter: on this afternoon, the owner of templeton auto glass is san rafael is replacing a window, much bigger than on a car. >> these also get vandalized in san francisco. >> reporter: but the rest of his day is jam-packed with calls about break-ins in san francisco, and he's not alone. >> i was talking to one of the owners of a glass company in san francisco, and they're selling
6:34 pm
300 door glasses a day. >> reporter: which is why he felt compelled to reach out after watching abc 7 news. >> i watched your show on tv, and they were telling us how the breaking crimes in san francisco were going down on cars, and i don't believe that to be the case. >> reporter: data from sfpd says car break-ins are going down, down from 82 in 2017. yet, to ray, it seems the number just keeps going up. >> i think the numbers that they have are at least ten-fold from what she reported. >> reporter: san francisco police confirmed to me ray's suspicions that car owners are probably not reporting their break-ins, but they probably hud. >> takes too long to report it. most of the people we're dealing with have been broken into multiple times. >> reporter: sfpd also says oftentimes the cost to replace a window is less than filing an insurance claim. but, before you think the break-ins are good for the auto
6:35 pm
glass repair business, think again. >> it's not a thing you make a big profit on. it, the door glasses, you know, are not very expensive to do. it's more of an inconvenience. >> reporter: in petaluma, dion lim. >> i bet a lot of people don't report t. it guided sailors for more than 100 years, but the point reyes lighthouse has been closed for restoration. >> we'll give you a look at the nearly $6 million upgrade. a little-known wray fay foru
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happening today, the point reyes lighthouse is once again opened to the >> it's been closed for 13 months for a $5.p million restoration. >> since 1870, the lighthouse has helped guide ships along one of the foggiest spots on the coast. >> cornell bernard gives us a look inside. >> reporter: she looks pretty amazing for a senior citizen. the lighthouse just had work done, and it was about time. >> the lighthouse is 148 years old. and over that time has really corroded. so this was the first major
6:39 pm
renovation where they really got down to the iron pieces. >> reporter: a year-long, $5 million face-lift, all the antique mechanisms inside have been refurbished, including all that amazing glass. >> it was built in paris in 1867. there are 1,032 crystals. >> reporter: even the steps have been refurbished. they added five more at the top. when you're heading up, that can be a deal breaker. what do you think of those steps? >> it's quite a hike. >> reporter: the family is back. they took a new picture to match the one they snapped in 2013. >> what a difference from six years ago. >> so cleaned up. fresh paint, fresh windows. >> reporter: she's no longer a working lighthouse. the coast guard now operates one below, but he still stands as a shining beacon above the pacific. it's open friday through monday, 10:00 a.m. to 4:30.
6:40 pm
at the point reyes national sea shore, cornell bernard. >> it is majestic. >> it is. it will be a nice w ♪ ♪
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"wheel of fortune" host, pat sajak is resting comfortably after undergoing emergency surgery for a blocked intestine. the surgery was successful and the 73-year-old host is looking forward to getting back to work. the show posted this get-well-soon message spelled out on its puzzle board. you can watch at 7:30 after "jeopardy." coming into the country from overseas can be frustrating. after a long flight, most travelers have to stand in a long,ovg le.>>but7 o your side' michael fen michael finney has a trick that can speed up the process. >> hardly anybody knows about this. you're getting in on something cool here. when you're flying in, you're so excited to get off the plane, then you get a glimpse of the line waiting attic customs and
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border patrol. next time you see that line, you'll smile. coming back into the united states can be trying. most travelers stand in a painfully slow line like this one. now new kiosks are speeding things up a bit. but you still end up in a long line, moving slowly. global entry members go through another line to a different kiosk, scan their passports, and fingerprints. then go through a checkpoint. often with minimal conversations and all within minutes. global entry has its own pain points, though. you must, in advance, fill out forms, be interviewed by a government agent and pay $100 for a five-year membership. rocco considers it a deal. he was coming in from japan when we spoke. >> it's re easy, fast, efficient, and i got it for the whole family. >> reporter: really? >> yeah. >> reporter: is it worth the money?
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>> poeroh, yeah. >> reporter: but there is a third option. few know about it, and with it can you swiftly clear customs and border control. >> we have mobile passport control. there's an app that you download to your phone. >> reporter: that's right. an app. this one. mobile passport. it allows you to skip the long line. look. there on the floor, a customs and border control entry line set aside only for those with the mpc app. a line most don't even notice, a line that is usually empty or nearly so. available in ios and android, i know what you're thinking. how much does it cost? the app is free, and simply asks for the same information you provide when filling out those paper customs and border declaration forms, but by going through the app, you avoid that long, welcome-home line. >> you fill out your information in advance, and when you arrive you till the app, i've arrived.
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you go to a, basically kiosk at one of the booths and they scan your application and all of your information is processed quickly. >> the app is run by a private company, but it is the only one authorized by customs and border control for passport and declaration form information. now the app is free, but there is an upgrade that sells for $15. it's actually worth it, it's a pretty good deal. san francisco and san jose airports both accept the app. now, if you have any questions about this or have a consumer problem, i have my 7 on your side hotline open friday, friday, 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. this is going to work for two or three years. >> this is fantastic. >> cool. >> thank you. people will start finding out about it, it will still be better than the long line. but in two or three years, you're going to whip through. >> thank you.
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>> we did get in on a little something. let's talk about the weekend weather forecast. >> we've got fog pressed up against the coastline as you can see. it's fipping it's beginning to push across the bay. lows in the mid to upper 40s. a little cooler over the north bay valleys where some spots will drop to the upper 30s. it will be mild, low 60s at the coast, upper 60s, low 70s along the bay shore line. and the accuweather forecast shows all the way through monday, we'll keep this dry, mild, mainly sunny day pattern. but clouds will begin to increase around the middle of next week and cooling will begin by wednesday. by the end of the week it will be mostly cloudy and sort of range of seasonal highs, what you would expect going into mid november. >> just need the rain. >> we need it badly. sports sometimes produces great success stories. >> yeah, larry's here. >> you want to talk about the road less traveled? unless you're eric harris, the
6:48 pm
raiders' safety who's gone from potato chip factory worker. trust me, he was there. to star of the game for the raiders. sports is next. and monday night football. a little reminder, as always, 49ers, seahawks, coming up h
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once again, no george kittle at practice for the 49ers as they get ready for the seahawks for monday night football, 5:00 kickoff here on abc 7. dealing with knee and ankle injuries suffered in the game with arizona last wednesday. there's no long-term damage, but it's not clear whether kittel will be able to play. here's jimmy garoppalo on his favorite target. >> he brings a lot to the team, even just his mind set, playing through what he played through in arizona, with that knee and ankle, a tough dude, you love having a teammate like that. his rout running, how he comes out of breaks and things like that. last year and even before that, it's night and day different. it's the time that he puts in that shows on the field. >> the raiders beat the chargers last night and can enjoy this weekend relaxing. safety harris had the game of his life. harris, a great story, a dvision two walk on.
6:52 pm
no training cam many invites. he was working in a potato chip factory and other odd jobs, finally got a chance to play in canada in the cfl and never gave up on his dream to play in the nfl. >> yeah, it was pretty exciting, special moment, special moment for my teammates, you know, and credit to them for putting me in a position and just trusting those guys. >> just stepped up, right? especially against the hall of fame quarterback. one of the best to ever play the game. and for our defense to step up and play the way they did was fantastic. >> keep getting better. it was a big division win, but we're not happy you know, conte with this win. we got much bigger goals, so just got to enjoy this win this weekend and get back to work next week. >> and carl joseph got banged up. unclear what his status is going to be going forward. le patrick mahomes returns for kc,
6:53 pm
the reigning mvp. they are in first place, a game up on the bleec bleacher report said steph might miss the whole season. coach kerr said no, that's not right. curry had two broken bones in his hand, may need a followup surgery. the timetable for reevaluation remains at three months. sparky is not in the lineup, but d'angelo russell is back after missing games with a sprained ankle. d-lo, there were rumors about him joining the t-wolves, 17 at the half. those rumors were last summer, before he signed with the warriors. with authority! andrew williams playing were more energy, comes up with the steal, ahead to robert covington, right now they're in the third quarter and warriors are leading, 83-79.
6:54 pm
talk college football. cal hosts washington state tomorrow. mike leach, the guy is a great sound bite. his weekly news conferences go off into unusual directions. this week's topic, what leach would do during a zombiepocalypse. >> i find zombies to be the most boring of the monsters. everything with zombies is redu redunn dapt. you have dead bodies walking around, and it's pretty undefined what it takes to kill a zombie. you kpiep chopping pay way at them, evidently. i've been waiting for the zombie thing to run its course, go back to vampires or something far more captivating, something that's not quite as science fiction, even an old frankenstein or something, or ghosts, the poltergeist thing. but i'm ready for the zombie thing to be over. i realize, you know, talking to
6:55 pm
my kids and son-in-law and all that through their zombie craze. they're obviously part of the problem. >> clearly, clearly. i'm with coach leach. the zombie thing has played out. i don't know about you. that was his football news conference. zombie talk. >> mummies need a comeback. >> you're right. >> vampires are cool, too. >> thanks. joins tonight for abc 7 news at 11:00. >> reporter: a conversation about compassion. richard gere and nancy pelosi are here, why they're choosing to share their message today, that story at 11:00. and your instagram account could look very different next week. the major change just announced by the company. coming up tonight on abc 7 at 8:00, "high school musical", the musical, the series. then at 9:00, "what would you do." finally tonight, a few thoughts about what really matters. an interesting piece in "the wall street journal" today about
6:56 pm
ian lovett about our state. he lives in l.a. and has the frame of reference as a resident. what he talks about in his piece today is something that you hear from more and more people around the bay area and the state. maybe it's time to go. precautionary power blackouts, wildfires, expensive gasoline, rampant homelessness and run away housing crisis all increasingly tarnishing the california dream for a lot of people. and many are now choosing to move to what they believe are greener pastures out of state. california is the nation's most populace state and the fifth largest economy, just ahead of the united kingdom, remarkably. look, we have some real challenges here, things have changed in fundamental ways, but, to borrow a phrase, there is nothing wrong with california that can't be fixed by what is right with california. there are many reasons this is one of the most desirable places in the world to live. what really matters is that we fight to keep it that way, building a better bay area and a
6:57 pm
better state together. i always love to hear from you. let me know what you think, follow me on twitter and facebook at dan ashley, abc 7. that will do it for this edition of abc news. look for breaking news on the abc 7 news app. >> for spencer christian and larry beil, we appreciate your time, we'll see you again at 11:00. kerrygold has a taste so rich it can take you to ireland's lush, green pastures. where grass-fed cows produce rich, creamy milk for a truly delicious taste. kerrygold. the taste that takes you there.
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this is the... here are three former champions-- an 11th grade physics teacher from new paltz, new york... a sports industry consultant from atlanta, georgia... and a graduate student from seatac, washington... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"--alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. hi, everyone, and welcome to what is undoubtedly the most exciting day of the week in the quarterfinal round of the "jeopardy!" tournament of champions. at the end of this half-hour, we find out the names of the nine players who are coming back next week to play for a quarter million dollars. francois, steven, and ryan, good to see you guys again. good luck. here we go.
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jeopardy! round has one daily double, as if you didn't know, but here are the categories... followed by... we're not dealing with old stuff. so you can identify the play. and finally... ryan, you start us. miscellany, $800. parts of london have detachable fence sections that were originally used as these emergency medical items during world war ii. - ryan. - what are stretchers? - yeah. - miscellany, $1,000. steven. what are earthquakes? that's it. shakespeare for $600, please.


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