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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 12, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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no one is above the law. and everyone must respect the law. we're here to stand up for the right way to do things. >> emotions run high. the fate of dreamers goes before the supreme court. the trump administration is seeking to put an end to daca. good afternoon thank you for joining us. >> a pivot toll day in washington for the future of hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants brought to the united states as children. >> we begin coverage with the the high court. >> protests outside the supreme court as news emerge the high courts conservative majority appeared to side with president trump. and his right to end the deferred action for childhood arrival program. >> what i'm feeling confusion.
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we don't know what's next. >> the future of more than 700,000 young immigrants haj hanging in the balance. it was enacted to protect dreamers. daca allows them to register with the government, receive a temporary waiver from deportation and work permit. >> the only home i've known is nebraska. >> his promise to crack down on illegal immigration. part of his 2016 campaign. he moved to end daca in 2017. several lower courts blocked the decision arguing the was arbitrary. federal law requires policy changes be paced on sound reasons that is explained to the t process. >> today justice delivered a
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long defense of daca and called out president trump tr sending mixed messages. the two trump appointees seemed to break with the logic indicating the trump administration provided sufficient reason for wanting to end the program. >> coming out of the arguments today is seemed as though the justices were leaning in the direction of allowing the add mirs to end the program. >> president trump says the supreme court over turns da can approximate he will strike a deal for dreamers to stay. his efforts haven't worked out. a decision is expected by june 2020. the election campaign will be in full swing. >> today students across the country hit the streets to support delayed action for childhood arrivals. >> we were at one protest in the south bay. >> here at the park there were lots of students from high
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schools and colleges from across san jose. they were here with something in common. all daca recipients. who came here young undocumented with parents many years ago and the supreme court decision will seal their fate. >> a contingent from high school started their walk after lunch recess. a trek of three miles to meet up with fellow students from ten other schools and colleges across san jose. estimates 23,000 young people were eligible for the program. started under the obama administration. the string of legal challenges and the case before the supreme court left people unsure about their future. >> i feel very emotional and unsure. of actually if it happens what will happen to me. and the other 800,000 people. >> she turned 18 and starting to
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think about college. she joined a rally and told students how she'd like to be a teacher and law school. her undocumented status makes her future uncertain. >> dozens of students here had similar stories and concerns. leading them to speak up sp speak out. even though they're 3,000 miles awa from others rallying outside the supreme court. they're hopeful their voices are heard. >> i'm sure they're listening and they can't silence our dreams or voices anymore. >> this was mostly a rally of high school students. many other stake holders in the situation. there's a sizable number of young adults now with daca protection. and working with temporary work permits and their fate will be tied up in the supreme court
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decision. >> thank you. you hear the words daca and dreamers. but they are not exactly the same. here's the difference. daca is people protected under president obama deferred action for childhood arrival. undocumented immigrants who arrived before age 16 and lived here since june 2007. it is now a path to u.s. citizen ship. dreamers are those who would have been protected under the dream act. which hasn't passed congress. under the law dreamers must have entered the u.s. before 18. lived here for four in addition the bill would have granted legal status in exchange for attending college or military. >> china town. residents and merchants have had enough of being targets of street robberies and attacks. they want hoep from the city and the police department. a meeting of concerned groups is about to start at port smith square. >> the cell phone video captured
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the violent scene. police say it started when one attacker jumped from a black suv. and ripped a cell phone from a victims hand. his friends intervened to be attacked by others. the three victims all in their 60s. the four attackers jumped nd their car and sped off. >> we know the videos of the action of the act is has been disturbing. it's heartbreaking to see what's been happening the targeted violence on our elderly community. >> she's an organizer of the news conference here at port smith square. saturday violent incident on the heels of another assault here on two seniors at the intersection. those attacks were also captured on video. a china town leader lying unconscious just after he was beaten by assail i can'ts who stole his gold watch. the second victim punched as he ran to help his friend. security video captured the
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three suspects just moments before the assault. one of them 19 year-old deshawn piercen was arrested months later in oakland. >> the police and city need to continue to take the incidents more seriously. and that we need to do and thorough investigation. >> pastor heads the china town community development center. >> i know some people don't like too many cops around. in china town right now we love it. we want more. >> a plea echoed by many here. a message that the mayor and the district attorney elect will surely hear. at a gathering that will start momentarily. >> a new report says the number of hate crime murders soared to a record high. the numb of hate crimes over all dropped. there were 24 hate crimes murders that include the eleven
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worshippers at a pittsburg synagogue. that's the most since records began in 1991. over all hate crimes dropped slightly in 2018 following three years of increases. agencies reported 7,000 incidents down from 55 in most of those against african americans. >> bart leaders at odds over apology offered to passenger hndcuffed by a bart police officer. that encounter captured on counter. it shows the officer detaining a passenger who had been eating a sandwich on the platform. and refused to tell the officer his name. bart general manager apologized but another official says that apology was unnecessary. >> it sends a tremendously confusing message to our police officers. on what they should enforce and shouldn't. you can't tell a police officer
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to only enforce certain laws and not others. >> the rider who was eating the sandwich has said he doesn't accept the apology and considering legal action. >> it's been more than three mornts since the terrifying shooting at the garlic festival. >> three people died. six victims have filed a lawsuit. saying organizers had out dated security policies and failed to prevent the shooting. >> we spoke to the victims. >> we're all suffering. survivors guilt. >> she was the first person that was shot. her and her partner bleeding out when they heard the footsteps of the shooter approach them a second time. >> he combs up to our head and asks if we're okay. he's not asking if we're okay. he's asking if we're alive. if he needs to finish us off. >> the words are still vivid on
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their minds. the physical pain they share and a dozen others. the lawsuit includes six of the victims so far. >> 2 million each. other clients depends how long they were in the hospital. >> their loss of unspecified damages above $25,000 against the gilroy garlic festival association and defendants. alleging negligent security measures. >> they want to make sure that promoters of public events like the garlic festival take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of the attendees of the event. they didn't do that here. they failed miserably. >> the festival association issued a statement that says in part. the lawsuit filed today stemming from a horrific act of the
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domestic terrorism is not unexpected and we will respond through the appropriate legal channels they are planning to file a claim against the city that could lead to a lawsuit. >> public hearing the impeachment inquiry heats up tomorrow. what you can expect. slowing down plans to introduce a new speed limit in san francisco. 20 miles per hour. your chance to weigh in. moving out. start up wants you to pay you to move out of the bay area. what you'll get if you do. >> another warm november afternoon. i'm tracking cooler and cloudier weather on the way. i'll explain in the foreca
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if you think getting across san francisco takes an eternity now. it will take even longer if one group gets its way. >> a member of the city pedestrian safety advisory committee will introduce a resolution tonight to set a maximum speed limit of 20 miles per hour. city wide. >> just 20 miles per hour. what do you think of that proposal? will it make streets safer or cause congestion. >> go online and weigh in. the speed limit in most areas is 25 miles per hour. >> this idea was actually has been around the block before. in 2015. suggested lowering the speed limit to 20. in certain areas after a report found speeding to be a problem in the city. >> the plan went nowhere. back in august we put the different speeds to the test.
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>> we measured out a 30 foot braking distance and got to work. our first run was a 20 miles per hour. this traffic cone might be a person or bicyclist. stopping not so easy. then we took it up to 25 and hit the brake. on both runs the cone wasn't harmed. we increased speed to 30. not a safe speed for any school crosswalk. watch what happens when i try to stop in time. our cone wound up under the car. and i was a nervous wreck. >> that was scary. >> such an eye opening report. research from triple a and others shown cars get more
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deadly once they reach speeds of about 20 miles per hour. cyclists and pedestrians are much more likely to survive a collision with a car if they are going 20 miles per hour or slower. >> the meeting gets under way at 6:00 tonight. at city hall. let's look at results of the poll. 75% are saying the slower speed will cause more congestion. >> 75%, 77% now. we'll keep the poll open. vote through 6:00. dream force convention in san francisco will feature the biggest headliner yet with former president obama attending. >> the event starts a week from today. traffic is diverted around the center south of market. >> we have the story. >> reporter: work is under way for dream force 2019 at the center. >> this happens every year. it's a pain to get to work. energy is fun. >> reporter: significant traffic congestion is expected around the starting tuesday november
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12. >> howard street will be closed between third and fourth. there will be extra congestion. especially during hours of 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. >> reporter: 60,000 people are expected to convene for the tech event hostedly sales force. tickets range from 1,000 to $2,000 and all sold out. >> you can't get an uber. it's like walk or bus. >> strongly suggest public transit. >> for people heading to dream force, public transportation is the best bet. >> reporter: fleet wood mac is expected to headline the event wednesday night. at oracle park. tickets are going for $1,000. president obama a guest speaker. apple ceo tim cook and actress. >> several bay area companies including sales force are on the
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list of the most ethical companies. it found technology companies more than companies than any other industry prioritize ethical issues. microsoft topped the list. that was followed by apple and intel. and sales force. alphabet the parent company of google ranked sixth. facebook one notable exception from the list. it ranked 149th over all. despite tieing for first in bor worker pay. >> another gorgeous day. what is it come? >> we have the latest. >> still worm out there. for november. cloudier skies kp cooler air moving in. back to reality. in the short term. it's a dry scan we saw some high thin clouds crossing our sky
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from time to time. outside we go. live look. east bay hills camera. you can certainly see that thin layer of haze in our atmosphere. air quality has been moderate levels and has been that way seems like for the past several weeks. the reason why hay pressure the muscle maker of the forecast has been sitting over head. for several weeks. and underneath high pressure what happens the air is sinking. the air is coming from higher elevations and closer to the surface. what that does is acts like a lid. it traps pollutants and those have been smoke from wild fires. it's also burning a fossil fuel as well. what we'll get rid of the poor air quality in spots. rain. a cold front. that acts like a shovel and will scoop up mix that up and the rain will cleanse us and finally get rid of the poor air quality. unfortunately doesn't look like
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that will happen any substantial rain until the week of thanksgiving two weeks from now. right now live look from the tower camera. golden gate bridge a thin marine layer. air quality forecast. once it gets above 50 like it has been, the moderate category. that is where we'll stand tomorrow. numbers certainly warm for november. 78 in santa rose. 74 san. live doppler 7. high pressure still formally in control. what we're watching there's a weak ripple of energy that will move towards california. and weaken this high a bit. what you'll notice and increase in cloud cover. and the chance of coastal drizzle early thursday morning. the cloud cover early tomorrow morning. up along the coast. tomorrow more in the way of the high thin clouds streaming in
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from time to time. partly sunny. midweeg on your wednesday and early thursday morning. coastal drizzle very likely for the early morning commuters. mix of stars and clouds. temperature wise in the mid-40s to low 50s. tomorrow a couple of degrees cooler than today. still this is mild for move. 67 oakland. about 74 san jose. up to 73. here's the 7-day forecast. cloudier skies tomorrow. thursday it's cool. we're stuck in the 60s. sunnier on friday. and bounce become over the weekend warmer weather moves in with 70s. before we dip next week. all in all no substantial rain. >> crazy. >> nuts. >> actor is trying something new. his new show on disney plus and what drew him to something different. >> what does it take to create a
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it's launch day for disney plus. >> users can get unprecedented access to the disney vault and original content. such as marvel. a lot to offer. one of the many shows you can watch is the world according to jeff gold bloom. >> we have the preview. >> this show is off the beaten track. unexpected and surprising. so, taste it. and enjoy. >> something you should explore is why people talk with their hands. >> really, why would i be interested in that? >> i have no idea. >> i like that. if we do more of them, maybe
4:25 pm
there's one on movement on dance. on communication. on i was interested earlier on in mime. who knows before it fell on hard times opinion wise. >> i learned a lot. ice cream. i don't know. >> it didn't look good? >> it tastes okay. >> it was delicious. >> there's no frozen desert. i'm not picky. i have denied myself dessert mostly and frozen treats for a few decades because of my health discipline. i was let loose. i like everything. >> i break into song. >> he was in town this year performing with the orchestra. >> pizza. songs, chicago. chicago.
4:26 pm
or the other one. my kind of town. i like that too. >> just like sinatra. >> what else can i tell you. the thank you for doing this. >> i'm a humble student. and a late bloomer. >> a late gold bloomer. >> he's fun. apparently so many people tried streaming this morning it's been unavailable for some. they tweeted the demand for disney plus exceeded highest expectations. we're so pleased you're excited to watch your favorites and working quickly to resolve current issues we appreciate your patience. no doubt they will sort it out. it will be a hit. >> sounds like it. what would it take to leave the bay area. one start up wants to give you
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what a $10,000 bonus be enough to dpet you to leave the
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bay area? a start up is offering that trying to help tech companies with hiring remote workers who would be based outside of the region. >> live in silicon valley with the story. >> working from home isn't for everyone. but if you're tired of the traffic or the high cost of living here in the bay area, this arrangement could be good for you. >> the baa area is one of the most dynamic regions in the world living here can be challenging. that's why a new start up is hoping to connect more companies with people who want to live in more affordable communities across america. >> we'll set you up in a community. with other like minded remote workers. give you support tools for your connect with your home company. >> main street cofounder says the companies they work with are ready to pay them to recruit and retain remote talent. in many cases working remotely can boost productivity and
4:31 pm
performance. but can be isolating from a social standpoint. psychology professor. >> this may propel loneliness for certain people. again some people are the kind of people that can create community where ever they go and maybe the best candidate to do this. >> main street envisions building out offices in rural areas where dozens of people can work remotely for varts various companies in a physical space. the director of the institute of metro studies at san jose state university. >> down the line the regions can be facing the same sort of housing crunch we're facing here. increasing jobs without housing sfwl concerns aside. map street is driving the point you shouldn't have to leave home wherefore it maybe in order to find a great job. >> the company will develop that talent. >> as for the $10,000 you have
4:32 pm
to work a minimum of 12 months before they write the check. >> all right. where does the company hope to open the first coworking space? >> the company plans to open its fist office in sacramento. sometime next year. but that's just the beginning. they have a plan to expand to 500 cities over the next ten years. >> okay. interesting. >> the next story won't help keep people in the bay area. new numbers show how much you need to make to afford a home. a study shows you need a lot to buy a home in the bay area. san francisco you need to make $309,000 to meet the minimum qualifying income to buy a home. no surprise this is the most expensive county in california. you need an income of $250,000 a year to afford a house.
4:33 pm
243,000 a year. contra costa is more conferredable. you need income of $130,000 to buy a home. >> we want to hear your areas about building a better bay area. join our group on facebook. >> the impeachment inkwish of trump gets under way tomorrow in washington. capitol hill quiet right now. ahead of the public hearing taking place before the house intelligence committee. the first witness will be bill taylor the top u.s. diplomat in ukraine the. >> the impeachment inquiry stepping out from behind closed doors tomorrow public hearings set to get under way in the hot seat bill taylor. top u.s. diplomat to ukraine who told lawmakers it was his clear understanding ukraine would not receive military aide from the united states until the country agreed to investigate the bidens. he's a west point grad and vietnam vet. but testimony and the entire
4:34 pm
impeachment procedure already being dismissed by the president. >> what they do is go all over washington, let's find ten people that hate trump the most and let's put them up there. >> with the public hearings democrats will attempt to make the case to americans that the president committeed what the constitution calls high crimes and misdemeanors when he pressured the ukraine leader to investigate his political rivals allegedly with holding aide. >> this is a very simple straightforward act. the president broke the law. >> the republican response has been mixed. some saying the president pushed for the investigation but there was no quid pro quo. and the president doesn't deserve to be impeached. others saying the anonymous whistleblower needs to testify. >> they don't call the whistleblower in the house. this is dead on arrival in the senate. >> centered on how the american public reacts to the hearings moving into the spotlight. >> every impeachment proceeding
4:35 pm
involves a push and pull. between what's happening in congress and public opinion. it drives what happens in congress. >> republicans have released their list of witnesses they want to see testify. including jb joe biden son and the unnamed whistleblower. the witnesses have to be improved by the chairman. and schiff is unlikely to call either of those people. >> you can watch coverage of the impeachment hearings rilgt right here tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. >> former president carter is recovering at an atlanta hospital tonight. he under went surgery this morning to relieve pressure from bleeding on his brain caused by recent falls. officials say there were no contamination complications. he's the oldest living former president in u.s. history. >> don't let it go anymore. frozen is back. we'll talk with a special
4:36 pm
effects animator. >> what is this tiny bird doing? it's learning an important life skill. >> lye look from the camera showing the sunset. clouds on the horizon. cloudier day tomorrow. we'll have the
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it's so exciting. you don't need to let it go. frozen is coming back. next week the next chapter in disney frozen franchise hits theaters. in frozen 2, el sa and friends go beyond the gates. and joining me is erin who worked on the effects on frozen. you are a california native. >> basically i grew up in fulsome. east of sacramento. then i basically spent my high school there and friends and family are there. i'm back all the time. >> local northern california girl does good. tell me about what you worked on. >> i was in charge -- i was on the effects team. the supervisor and my responsibility was the water in the movie. if you have seen the trailer there's a little bit of water in the movie.
4:40 pm
>> what exactly -- for those of us who aren't in that world. we're not sure how this process works. >> we start with story boards. and this is what we want to do with the water. and the this is crazy. you want her to be on top of it. blasting through the waves. it was ambitious. as an artist the first thing is create the set up to get the waves to move. those are my waves. so you are like on the graphics side. you're working on computers. for people who are like i want to do what she does. what kind of path do you take. >> i came in on the computer science side. i went to school for engineering and started working visual effects company. doing code for them. i found the effects team and it was this perfect marriage of art
4:41 pm
and technology. we have using physics to drive the natural phenomenon water and fire. and smoke and destruction. i remember thinking i think i can do this. i want to try this. thankfully they let me try and i have been working visual effects ever since. joined disney about five years ago to do moana. a big water movie. >> tell me about name drop. some of the other movies you have done. >> disney i helped on wreck it ralph 2. and before then i was worked in san francisco for a bit. industrial light magic and worked on transformers 4. ninja turtles. what else, i helped on life of pi. snow white. >> big movies. >> yeah. it's crazy to think my career is 12 plus years old now.
4:42 pm
it's been good. >> you didn't do the first frozen. is there nervousness that comes in because it was a huge success. >> just the stakes are higher and people are so anxious for to see any footage. when you put out the first trailer this is the first thing anybody is going to see from the movie. people had been waiting years for it. it had to be good and really sort of sell something epic and tease it. don't tell everybody what it will be about. >> don't give it away. >> the teaser was great. this is different. this is what is she doing. >> we saw the story boards. how long does the process take? from the pictures of what you're doing and making it on the computer. >> the boards here i saw for the
4:43 pm
first time around april or may. last year. that's when they knew the sequence was going to happen. because it was such a heavy sequence we had to get it into production as soon as possible. to get the testing going and making sure this is something that we can hit and nail that look. this sequence started early on and finished around january or something. so. >> to you go back once it's released do you watch your work and go nailed it. >> absolutely. we had the wrap party and the premier and it's it's it's it'ss celebratory. we hadn't seen the movie. to see everything cut together with the final sound mixing and the score. i look at all the work we did
4:44 pm
and i'm blown away by how much we got done in the amount of time. we did that. it's crazy. >> now you can watch a lot of your works. disney plus today. are you about the streaming. >> i'm going to get into that. for sure. there's a lot of cool stuff. >> we are excited about frozen 2. i will admit i saw the first frozen before i had a kid. we appreciate you coming in. >> it's a pleasure. >> congratulations. >> all right. >> fabulous. what a fascinating career. san francisco based jewel slashing more jobs. 16 years without having a dog. the story of prisoners behind bars getting a second chance. you know when you're at ross and you realize it's time your sister stopped borrowing your sweaters? yeah! that's yes for less. stop stealing mine... never. holiday gifts everyone's sure to love at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less.
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warm feelings of home this season. with country fried turkey, hand-breaded and fried 'til crispy, and topped with holiday herbed gravy. our take on a festive favorite is back. and it's only at cracker barrel. so, come on home for the holidays. come on home to cracker barrel. so, come on home for the holidays. and you realize you are the the hostess with the mostest. you know when you're at ross yes! yeah! that's yes for less. entertain in style all season long. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. over st. louis. look at that. that's a meteor passing by the gate way arch before 11:00 local time. the american meteor society says it received more than 90 reports from eight midwest states. here's video in kansas city. many people reported feeling and
4:48 pm
hearing a loud boom when it happened. flew across the sky from east to west at the approximate people of last night south meteor shower. >> the san francisco based jewel labs is cutting jobs. this company announced another major restructuring effort today. which includes laying off 150 employees. jewel slashed 500 positions last month most in the marketing department. today's decision comes in the face of heightened scrutiny surrounding vaping and a number of health concerns involving young people. several states working to ban e cigarettes altogether. and top retailers announce they will no cigarettes. >> the filing will allow the company to reorganize its debt and help fund workers pension. dean foods makes some of the countries most recognizable milk and dairy products including
4:49 pm
brands like land o lakes. struggling in recent years because americans are drinking less cows milk. >> impossible foods is ready to introduce plant based bacon. the ceo made the a announcement during an interview at the china international import expo. the china accounts for 30% of the worlds meat consumption. they hope to transform and encourage people to eat more plant based option. >> planning to close to shoe factories in atlanta and germany. april next year. and move them to china and vietnam. they opened the speed factory in atlanta in 2017. hailing it as way to use automated manufacturing technology to shift production closer to consumers. reducing shipping cost and accelerating product development. the company says the move is for
4:50 pm
organizational reasons. not financial. >> it's not thanksgiving and snow is already falling in chicago. 70% of the united states will have below freezing temperatures. the weather service is expecting record low temperatures in at least 300 locations. travel could be an issue. on the road and in the air. flight reports 1,000 cancellations for flights into or out of chicago. which getting some extreme weather conditions. >> we are just mild here. and sunny. >> sunshine still. should we feel guilty? >> that's why we live here. 70 is a heat wave. 60s and 70s. live doppler 7 is dry. mix of stars and clouds. mid-40s to low 50s over 12 hours. break down the day on wednesday. you'll notice more in the way of cloud cover tomorrow compared to
4:51 pm
today. sun up about 6:48 in the morning. start light winds. moderate air quality for 24 hours. temperature wise will be in the 60s and 70s. that sunset exactly at 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. highs on wednesday. cooler tomorrow by a few degrees than today. 64 in the city. 67 oakland. 74 san jose. half-moon bay cooler than that about 60 degrees. 7-day forecast. cloudier tomorrow. coastal dr coastal drizzle thursday. warm back up for the weekend. mild conditions sunday and even into monday. >> we are lucky. >> all right. there were a lot of smiling faces in the golden gate park up and down handle today. a joyful crowd of preschoolers joined for a newly renovated playground. the facility features climbing structures, artificial grass and a giant slide.
4:52 pm
the mayor said the work was completed as fast as possible to reopen the park for neighborhood families. >> we got this project done i will say in absolute record time because we just broke ground on this project last year. and in bureaucracy time this is fast. >> supervisor jumped in to take the new slide for a test drive. it was all systems go. >> one of the newest additions at the denver zoo is in the pink. check out this flamingo hatch lg. making great progress learning to walk. they have them chase them around the center. they say it's the best way to motivate them to exercise and get them healthy and strong for the upcoming denver winter. >> cute. >> all right. giving shelter dogs new life. >> this is the first time in 16
4:53 pm
years that i pet a dog. >> the dogs heading into prison. and changing lives. what they're doing that's making a difference. >> what's ahead on the news at 5:00. >> the warriors welcome back green. less than 24 hours ago. the team has to say good-bye to another mayer. the team's latest casualty. from public to private. what could be the next step for pg&e. and the $100 million gift. it's fuelling a new race to find treatment for alzheimer's. those stories and more.
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4:57 pm
we have the details. >> reporter: this is james cross. >> this is the first time in 16 years i pet a dog. >> reporter: he's been incarcerated for 16 years on a 25 to life sentence for conspiracy to commit murder. among other things. >> being a violent offender, and being in blue, it comes with a major stigmatism. and shame. the dogs having unconditional love just love you for who you are at your core. and right now. >> this is the best thing in the world. >> one of a small handful of inmates at the california medical facility that will help teach these shelter dogs to become service dogs. >> all the dogs come from high kill shelters and would probably have been put down. >> jeff has been here for more than 40 years now. and this is the first time he's even pet a dog in the last
4:58 pm
decade. >> it was amazing. i just can't hardly put into words how we feel. >> something so simple. the things we come for granted every day. it's very special. >> the paws for life program is credited with saving not just the animals, but the people too. >> i have been a part of this program since the beginning and formally incarcerated i had six life sentences. i was sentenced to die in the california state prison system. and this program changed my life. >> the now director of programs got a recall of commitment. from governor brown. for turning his life around behind bars. >> now i go back inside and try to give the men the same opportunity i have. and bring as many guys home as possible. >> many got the message. on day one. >> it really makes redemption tangible. it feels a lot of hope and i'm still a human being.
4:59 pm
with the love on the dog. and i have been waiting for a long time for this to happen. >> awe. >> awe. thank you so much for to the outside world, you look good, but you don't feel good. with polycythemia vera, pv, symptoms can change so slowly over time you might not notice. but new or changing symptoms can mean your pv is changing. let's change the way we see pv. you track and discuss blood counts with your doctor. but it's just as vital to discuss changing symptoms as well. take notice and take action. discuss counts and symptoms with your doctor. visit
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a new top cop. his plans to over haul the department in police shootings and claims of excessive force. >> oakland neighborhood grieves after the shooting death of a pregnant woman. a community remembers the person they called miss misty. >> a large party happening the same night five people were killed at an airbnb. what the company is doing to stop the events before they start. >> a political stand off over the fate of dreamers looms large at the supreme court. protests in washington are leading to walk outs in san jose. >> there's word that colin kaepernick will hold an open work out and the nfl is invited.


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