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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 12, 2019 5:00pm-5:28pm PST

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a new top cop. his plans to overrtntolicehoing >> oakland neighborhood grieves after the shooting death of a pregnant woman. a community remembers the person they called miss misty. >> a large party happening the same night five people were killed at an airbnb. what the company is doing to stop the events before they start. >> a political stand off over the fate of dreamers looms large at the supreme court. protests in washington are leading to walk outs in san jose. >> there's word that colin kaepernick will hold an open work out and the nfl is invited
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goodnew leader of the haorni us. the police department has been in turmoil for years. >> we were at the swearing in ceremony. and spoke with the chief about what he plans to do. >> good evening. police chief williams comes from san jose. where he worked for three decades. the first african american police chief in the police department. he speaks spanish. there's a lot of distrust in the community right now when it comes to the police department the hope is this police chief will be able to bring the community together. >> today is the day of rebirth. we chart a new direction. >> message of hope during the swearing in. >> i cannot change the past, we will impact the future. >> williams joined by his wife and 102 year-old aunt. who helped with his pinning. >> that must have been a proud >>erd.
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d i here. >> williams is taking over at a hard time. they having plagued for years with police shootings and accusations of excessive force. just this year the officers fatally shot 21 year-old rapper. at a taco bell drive through. a month earlier marine vet claimed he was assaulted for filming an encounter. >> what's your message to people who distrust the police department? >> if you have ever felt margin alized. i value yu. i hear you. i will listen and open up the dialogue and the communication. >> a civil righttorney>> to do n back any kind of trust? >> i think there will be have to be an acknowledgment of the decade long problem.
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the community has been terrorized for decades. >> we asked chief williams if he wants to see change. >> i want to see progress. i want to see the right progress. that has to be delivered and intentional. that is done through community inclusion. department inclusion and community policing. >> now, that attorney is hopeful about chief williams. we asked about the officer involved shooting by a richmond police officer this week. he wouldn't comment and hasn't been fully briefed. his number one priority is preservation of human life. >> good luck to the new chief. in the south bay a struggle over a wanted man's loaded gun led an officer to shoot and kill him. word from the police chief. he released details about saturday's shooting on highway 85. officers tried to stop a car saying a passenger was wanted on a warrant. today the chief said the man had
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several convictions. the driver was the man's father. when police caught up with the car the suspect pulled out a gun. >> a second officer used a taser on the suspect. attempting to over come resistance and grip on the gun. the fight continued. the suspect afls trying to grab the second officers gun. >> police say sergeant lee fired one shot. killing the suspect. identified as a 29 year-old man. >> breaking news a 22 year-old ma bas hnee attacking two people with a bow and a. police reowleasedrr this photog of the suspect. his name is -- he had been charged with attempted homicide. it happened at a homeless camp along the san francisco bay trail. near central afternoon. police say he and the victims knew each other. both are recovering in the hospital.
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>> still no arrests in a tragic murder this weekend that left a young pregnant mother dead in oakland. her husband was also wounded as they checked on their car alarm going off. >> reporter: outside this apartment building on 65th avenue. a young couple heard their car alarm going off at 8:00 p.m. saturday. they went to check on it and left their 8 year-old and 11 year-old sons in the apartment. there was gunfire. many shots fired. misty smith died. her husband survived and was hospitalized. someone who knows him told the news he described feeling the bullets go passed him and hitting him. >> out rage. people have no regard for other peoples lives. this is sos mother. she has sons. who are left motherless. >> she was the pta president at elementary school. >> she was greatly loved. she did a will the of things for
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the school. >> counsellors were at school today to help. >> how do you explain this to your children. >> you just think on the positive legacy she left. >> this is a safe area. we have never had any time of shootings. right in the area here. >> e spoke to a woman. she said one time her car was broken into. but otherwise she's felt safe here. now, that's forever changed. she's looking to move. >> airbnb responding to a claim regarding another party at a bay area rental party on halloween. the s per killed in a party in orinda. we have the story. >> dozens of people in costumes arriving at this house halloween night. paying to attend a party. never mind the sign outside that
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says no noise after 8:00 p.m. the homeowner had no idea the party would be taking place. >> they were brand new guests to the platform. for one night. that's all we knew. >> the booking guest reached out the next day to report small damage. saying she fell and her heel went through the wall. >> we get down here and there's a hole in the wall. >> here's a picture of the hole. >> the house smelled like marijuana and there's a little bit more to this. >> so he checked the security camera. >> the more i watch, it became evident this was a full on organized house party. >> complete with a hot pink stripper pole. >> there's scratches on the ceiling. hand print here. >> the most disturbing thing he discovered. party goers talking about the airbnb fatal shooting which happened the same night. >> patting down guests and
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explaining why. >> the folks here were aware about what went on down there. o >> they tell the i team quote unauthorized parties have no place on airbnb. we have removed them from the platform. they confirm they settled another claim with young. two weeks prior. different guests stole the washer and drier. tv. and the coffee maker. toaster and mike wave. he wishes guests were under the same mike scope as hosts. he calls both isolated incidents. >> their doing the best they can. all i ask is keep doing it. >> one more note.
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beginning december 15 airbnb will expand the manual screening of high risk reservations in effort to identify suspicious reservations. and stop unauthorized parties before they start. >> the supreme court conservative majority siding with president trump in his effort to end the deferred action for childhood arrival program. people who support the program rallied outside today. inside lawyers made the arguments. chief justice roberts and kavanaugh indicated the administration provided sufficient reason for ending the program. roberts could hold the vote. daca enacted by president obama to protect dreamers. immigrants who were brought to the u.s. as children. but don'tegal s th fme work is var unghee
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in daca no longer very young are far from angels. some are very tough hearted criminals. >> the supreme court could announce a ruling in june. we have reaction from san jose. >> they walked out of class at ten high schools and colleges. to raise voices in unison. more than 100 recipients sp supporters converge on the park. with a personal stake in what the court will decide about terminating the program. that allows them to state in the u.s. without documentation. >> i feel very emotional. and unsure and the other 800,000 people. >> she is a senior in high school. aspires to go to college and be elible for daca in the cnty.
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>> we learn from the very early age, there's a right way and a wrong way to do things. the federal government tried to terminate the program. the wrong way. >> dozens of students who rallied here were 3,000 miles away from washington. they were convinced their voices would be heard along with others rallying outside the supreme court. >> i'm sure they're listening and they can't silence our dreams or voices anymore. >> they were joined by elected officials and others who support the cause. and seek an end to the uncertainty. >> there was mostly a rally of high school students there's a sizable number of recipients now adults in the work force. and their fates will be determined by the supreme court. a sizable number of stake holders. >> still ahead. warriors practice for the next game. word another key player won't be joining them because of yet
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another injury. >> plus, from public to private. what could be the next step for pg&e. >> california connection the impeachment hearings and the big role for the bay area. and the state. >> fuelling the race to find new treatment for alzheimer's. the $100 million gift to two universities. >> temperatures above average
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the capitol building in washington d.c. gets ready for impeachment hearings. under way early tomorrow. no state has played or will play a more central role in the process than california. two of the most pivotal players are house speaker and intelligence committee chair adam schiff. both democrats. senior house republican minority leader. and ranking gop on the
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intelligence committee. also on the intelligence committee, congressman congressn tomorrow the public will hear from top diplomat to ukraine bill taylor and assistant secretary of state. yovanovitch testifies friday. their testimony are expected to detail claims alleging president trump pressured ukraine to launch investigations for his own political benefit. president trump denies that happened. >> special live coverage starts tomorrow morning. you can watch it starting at 7:00 a.m. >> state senator wants to tliti ke isotlear.nd scores customer r outages and the. intends to introduce a bill
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by february. it would convert pg&e from an investor owned utility into a public utility. he says it would help protect california since the bankrupt court is focussed on helping pg&e creditors. >> san francisco taking a bold step to tackle the mental health crisis in the city. supervisors joined the mayor to talk about a ground breaking peffort to provide mental healt treatment to residents regardless of ability to pay. to reach vulnebleomne i openic we are helping those people and meeting them where they are? this is where we need to go a. this is where we need to go as a country. >> both the mayor and supervisor have put out competing plans. the massive program unvailed today is the result of months of
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negotiation. >> two bay area universities are about to become part of the major brain research project. billionaires are donating $106 million to find therapies to treat brain disorders like stroke, epilepsy and alzheimer's. the money will go to berkeley and washington. it's being called a neurohub. scientists say brain treatments lie far behind other diseases like cancer and hiv because the brain is so complex. >> this is encouraging. >> let's focus on the weather. >> it's been really warm. hoping for rain though. >> i'm still looking for it. i do not see it any time soon. perhaps changes next week. showing you fog and high clouds. you may have noticed the air quality hasn't been rmoderate. it is good to moderate across
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the region. we're expecting smoke from the fires to the north and high clouds to continue to create hazy skies as we head into tomorrow. the air quality will be moderate for all areas and this pattern lasts on through most of the workweek. we look at live picture now. it's getting dark. by 35:00. this is the view. you probably notice all the clouds around today. 65 in san francisco. 63 oakland. low 70s redwood city. half-moon bay 50. a lovely view. we look at the setting sun over the shark tank. low to mid-70s. fair field 72. onight and t you need to watch f morning. t fog. visibility . ghs andonht ther t 40 aun comes
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up at 6:47. hazy skies at noon. plen it of cloud cover. and a cooler afternoon. low 60s to the mid-70s. those temperatures do come down by 7:00 p.m. speaking of coming down numbers first thing in the morning in the 40s and 50s much watch out for the fog. afternoon under hazy skies expect partly to mostly cloudy skies. 60 half-moon bay. chilly all day long because of the fog. 64 san francisco. 72. napa. 67 oakland. mid-70s concord and livermore. here's a look at the 7-day forecast. it is a cooling trend that is not just for wednesday but thursday. you will notice everyone in the 50s of 0s. drizzle in the morning. it maybe measurable. the thing is the temperatures are going to drop on thursday below average and slightly milder towards friday.
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certainly a warmer pattern setting up for the weekend. mild by november standards into monday. before those temperatures fall again on tuesday. >> all rig. for the rain. >> could it be the start of the colin kaepernick come back? >> the so that early retirement we planned. it's going ok? great. now i'm spending more time with the kids. i'm introducing them to crab. crab!? they love it. so, you mentioned that that money we set aside.
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the warriors injury depleted roster has taken another hit. sad to say. we were at the teams practice today. where we learned lee is going to be out for several weeks. the guard broke a bone in his hand during last nights loss to the jazz. warriors have lost lee, curry, thompson and loommy to injury. >> it's not ideal. but it's reality. you don't spend time -- just keep going. >> i haven't seen anything like it in my six years playing. how many back to back injuries.
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>> spellman are banged up and warriors could have just nine healthy players when they face the lakers tomorrow. lee will be reevaluated in two weeks but not expected to need surgery. >> colin kaepernick is getting another shot to try and prove he's an nfl quarterback. the league will hold a private work out for kaepernick this saturday in atlanta. every team has been invited. on field drills and private interviews. reports say the arranged the work out after several clubs inkwished about his readiness. he hasn't played since 2016. the same year he began kneeling during the national anthem to protest racial injustice. >> brains and brawn. you'll see it in action at the oakland zoo. that's next. >> this picture of the fog. if kwou look closely you can see the top of the tower. in the distance in san francisco. >> share your pictures with us.
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coming up at 6:00. they have had enough. tonight the attack on three older residents prompting a call for help from leaders in china town. the silicon valley t stao pay f. tt loo with one all right. >> we leave you with a look at bears. using their brains and brawn at the oakland zoo. >> the zoo tweeted this video showing black bears solving puzzle for tasty treats. smarter than the average bear.
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>> they maybe more intelligent than we think. they have a high ratio of brain size to body sides. >> bear biologists say they have equal intelligence to a 3 year-old human. >> and the claws too. >> all right. that's our report. world news is next. we appreciate your time. >> thanks for joining us. see you again in half hour. o♪ ozempic®! ♪f adults oh! oh! lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than 7 and maintained it. oh! under 7? (announcer) and you may lose weight. in the same one-year study, adults lost on average up to 12 pounds.
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(announcer) if eligible, you may pay as little as $25 per prescription. ask your health care provider today about once-weekly ozempic®. tonight, from washington, on the eve of history, the televised impeachment hearings. also tonight, the major storm now turning deadly. 200 million americans feeling this bitter chill across the country. snow and ice. the massive pileup. more than 50 vehicles on this interstate.
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temperatures in some areas dropping 60 degrees. here in washington, the televised impeachment hearings just hours away. the first two witnesses and why they were chosen. the urgent hunt growing tonight. the u.s. marine wanted for murder. searching across several states and you'll see the new surveillance. the vaping emergency. tonight, the teenager needing a double lung tr


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