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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 15, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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in the courthouse. lee was free on a $35 million bail. she left court immediately following the not guilty verdict. >> but the jury was split 6-6 for the murder charge. he remains in jail and could face a new trial. so far, no one has been held responsible for the death of keith green. a 27-year-old man, father of two young girls who disappeared in 2016 and was soon after found dead. >> abc news reporter chris nguyen live outside the courthouse in redwood city with a look at where the case goes from here. chris? >> reporter: good evening. the family of keith green was hoping for more justice but there's questions whether or not they'll ever get it. a grieving mother doesn't hold back about who she thinks is responsible for the death of her son. >> i know her for six years. she was evil. she was evil to me. she was evil to my son.
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she was just evil. >> his borrow real estate heiress was found not guilty of killing keith green, the father of her two children. we spoke to an alternate juror. >> we went to closing arguments, there was not enough information. there was a lot of questions left open for me. >> prosecutors say li conspired with her boyfriend to kill green over a custody dispute. the defense argued that the bodyguard tanned trainer olivier adella was a -- adella previously cut a deal with prosecutors to testify against li and bay yacht but ended up behind bars after breaking the terms. >> i want it hear the details and truth that they pretended to know whether it was a theory or whether facts to support it. >> the case drew international attention after her friends and family posted more than $60 million in propertsh. one of the highest amounts on record in the u.s. after deliberating for 12 days,
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jurors acquitted her but deadlocked on bay yacht resulting in a hung jury. >> it's defending the innocent that pressurizes you. we've been living with that pressure for 3 1/2 years. >> reporter: the district attorney is going to take a few weeks to review the evidence in this case, determine whether or not to retry bayat. another question that many people are asking is who will get custody of the children. right now, the mothers of green and li are splitting custody. but it is expected that tiffany lee will petition the court to regain full custody. we should learn more about that in the coming months. i'm chris nguyen, abc 7 news. >> the push alert on the abc news app -- enable push alerts
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to get the latest as news breaks. new at 6:00, what goes up must come down. dramatic video taken yesterday shows the demolition of the mall in cupertino. the company in charge says a safety zone was set up, traffic blocked off and there was no risk to the public. the debris seen in the air was primarily dust and insulation. the statement says the demolition contractor's work is going to be reviewed. new information coming out about the shooting at the orinda halloween party that left five dead. the sheriff's department released mug shots of the suspects and told us more about what happened at the party. abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkley has our update. >> it came down to gang members essentially shooting and killing people, including innocent people. the sheriff david livingston, shared mug shots of the five men arrested in connection with the halloween
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murders in orinda and showed the video of this suspect trying to evade officers yesterday morning as they fanned out across the bay area to make the arrest. >> there were rival gangs involved in the altercation inside the home. we are told by certain witnesses there was also an attempt to steal property from one person to another which may have precipitated the original round of shootings. >> countless -- after the social media promoted mansion party at an airbnb rental home in or an da. devin williamson is accused of being an accessory to murder as the promoter of the event. the other four were arrested on suspicion of murder and conspiracy saying they intended to cause harm and conflict as they fired weapons or assisted in firing weapons at the party. many had a criminal record, including firearm and assault charges. two of the victims who died were also armed at the party according to the sheriff and may
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have fired their weapons. the sheriff said hill was affiliated with san francisco's page street gang and another affiliated with the marin city jungle gang. the funeral for oceana tomkins warranted a police response. >> 19-year-old young girl, cosmetology student, well-liked, just going to the party. her parents, devastated. >> the five suspects in custody declined to do an interview today with abc 7 news. the sheriff's department says they are poised to make more arrests. in martinez, i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. the shooter in yesterday's attack at a santa clarita high school has died. nathaniel berhow seen in a yearbook photo initially survived after shooting himself in the head. he shot five classmates before
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turning the gun on himself. two of the victims killed yesterday, 15-year-old gracie mule berger seen here and 14-year-old dominick black well. investigators searched the shooter's home continuing to look for a motive in the attack. they found six firearms, most registered to berhow's late father. >> no motive or rationale has been established for the subject's assault. suffice it to say, we did not find i manifesto or diary that spelled it out. any suicide note. >> two of the victims remain hospitalized. 14-year-old addison who is pictured here. expected to be release in the next day or two. the fifth victim is a boy released from the hospital yesterday. we do have this reminder for you. go to action. you can find links to resources regarding bullying and school safety. we have links to connect you directly with local lawmakers. in the north bay, one city is dealing with something unprecedented, not to mention
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bizarre. a santa rosa city council member continues to serve her city while living in south america. her absence continues to cause problems. cornell barnard is at city hall with the story. >> reporter: city hall here in santa rosa dealing with a strange situation. one councilmember spriting her time between south america and the area. >> councilmember combs. >> she's been missing on the city council. she hasn't been there in person. she's been calling into meetings. it's been -- >> councilmember combs are you still with us? i think i heard her drop off. one reason for the spotty calls is that she's calling in from her part-time home in ecuador. almost 4,000 miles away. residents are starting to notice. >> a resident of ecuador is not
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a representative of the santa rosa community. as you saw tonight, we had to postpone an item. a vote on affordable housing projects had to be postponed on tuesday because it required combs to be physically present. >> what i'm hearing she has vacated her home and moved out of the country. i know she's phoned back once to attend a meeting. >> by law, combs can be away for 30 days at a time. but the job is more than just tuesday night meetings. >> you can't call into a meeting to do the other tasks that are part of the responsibility. i don't think it can be done. >> combs is still a resident of santa rosa and posted a message on her facebook page saying so much conversation about my personal life. i own two homes, my primary is in santa rosa. my husband has had a medical issue that has greatly affected our situation. he and i are currently at our second home in ecuador. several said combs moved out of their house. many locals don't know what to
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think. >> fires, evacuate wags, the feel around the area, you kind of need to be here to feel what people are feeling, thinking, experiencing. >> to councilmember combs, respectfully ask you to move back to santa rosa. if not, do what's right and resign your seat on this council. >> reporter: city attorney is investigating the situation. combs said on facebook, she will have more to say at next week's council meeting about the whole situation. we tried multiple times to reach combs in south america today. we have not heard back. live in santa rosa, cornell barnard. happening this weekend, fire choked the bay area clos d. as half mathon in berkeley. eric thomas joining us now with
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the event taking place on sunday. eric? >> reporter: larry, the berkeley half marathon draws runners thousands of them from all over the bay area. it's been canceled before because of november's heavy rains. but until last year, it had never been canceled because of smoke in the air. >> it was a hard decision to make. we've never had to cancel a race before. >> the rationale was easy. an ominous choking brownish gray cloud of thick smoke descended on the bay area from a wildfire burning a couple of hundred miles away. >> that was the worst the bay area ever experienced. >> charlie should know. he's a meteorologist with the bay area air quality management district. the air was so bad that organizers of the berkeley half marathon had to call it off. >> last year it was purely a decision on health. it was unsafe for anybody, even people without medical conditions. >> race organizer lori
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abrahamson says smoke from the deadliest fire in california history, the camp fire drifted nearly 200 miles south, heavy with particular lats from burning wood and buildings. it was so severe that doctors urged people with breathing problems to stay in and even experienced runners said no thanks. >> it was brown gray in the sky. so there was no way anybody could run in that. no way. >> air quality this week was moderate and favorable winds helped clean up the atmosphere. organizers allowed the 6,000 runners who signed up and paid fees last year to apply that to this year instead and all the 200 of them did. >> people missed our race last year and are happy we're able to do it this year. >> now i'm more ready for the half marathon anyway. >> smoke from the camp fire forced cancellation of the traditional bonfire for fear of making the air quality even worse. this year, instead of burning wood, they plan to build an aluminum structure with tubing allowing them to use clear burning propane.
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>> reporter: they plan to put that together on the morning of november 22nd to use it by 7:00 p.m. that evening for the new bonfi bonfire. skipping one year for the berkeley half marathon wasn't all negative. the one positive was, this year they have almost 11,000 people signed up to run. last year, about 6,000. >> wow. >> live in berkeley, eric thomas, abc 7 news. big change. thanks, eric. let's bring in weather anchor spencer christian to check out our current air quality. >> okay. air quality in all regions of the bay area was moderate today. not bad. it's going to improve tomorrow, though. look at the outlook for the weekend. tomorrow good air quality in all sections. sunday, we'll expect moderate air quality in all locations. once again, things are looking pretty good. this is certainly an improvement over what we're looking at when the fires are burning.
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larry and ama. ? >>. pg&e turned off the power several times last month to reduce the chance that the equipment would spark wildfires. customers are getting a chance to see october bills and they have some questions. 7 on your side's michael finney joins us with the answers. next, bernie in the bay ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we need someone to lean on ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ all we needed somebody to lean on ♪ ♪ ♪ sweden's greetings. enjoy one complimentary payment when you lease or finance a new volvo. now through january 2nd.
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take a look at this. two planes collided at the san antonio international airport. how do you get that? one of the private planes was from san jose. the other parked at the airport for a week after flying in from new orleans. thankful
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thankfully, nobody was injured in that crash. now to the 2020 election. you're looking live at a rally for senator bernie sanders in fresno. he traveled will after visiting the bay area today. sanders brought his wife and son to oakland, home of the national nurses union. not too surprising since he's had a relationship with the union for years. the senator, who has been an early proponent of medicare for all spoke their language about health care and ways to make it more equitable. >> it's not an idea that came to you yesterday. you have led this country in the understanding that health care is a human right, not a privileg >> sanders says, if elected, he will introduce his plan in the first week of his presidency. he heads to los angeles and long beach for events through sunday. he will be part of the democratic candidate forum this sunday here on abc 7.
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five candidates will participate in the forum, which is focused on latino issues. sanders, pete buttigieg, julian castro and others will be questioned, including leeian melendez. you can watch it at 10:30 a.m. public impeachment hearings continued today. she said she felt shocked and threatened by president trump. >> mona kosar abdi explains from washington. >> before lawmakers and the american people. former u.s. ambassador from ukraine marie yovanovitch testifies. >> she said the personal attorney, rudy giuliani orchestrated a smear campaign against her. outlining how early on she allegedly became collateral
6:18 pm
damage of the president's apparent shadowed diplomacy. >> how little it takes to remove an american ambassador who does not give them what they want. >> she said she was shocked and devastated to learn she was mentioned by the president in his july 25th phone call with ukraine's leader. when she called her quote bad news and remarked quote she's going to go through some things. >> sounded like a threat.threat. >> amid hearing he continued his attack on yovanovitch. his words prompting democrats to accuse him of witness tampering. >> i want to let you know that some of us here take witness intimidation very, very seriously. >> meanwhile republicans pointed out that she was removed in may prior to the events at the center of the impeachment investigation. >> you don't have a lot of facts
6:19 pm
and information relating to the part of this that we're investigating. >> yes, that's correct. >> behind closed doors, the house will also be hearing from a new witness. david holmes. he's the state department official who claims to have overheard the july 26th phone conversation with gordon sondland where trump allegedly inquired about the ukraine investigation. mona kosar abdi, abc news. capitol hill. president trump's long time friend and ally, roger stone was found guilty today in federal court. the jury convicting stone on all seven counts, including lying to lawmakers about wikileaks, tampering with witnesses and obstructing a housentli mmte investigation. stone faces a maximum of 50 years in prison. the question is whether he would receive a presidential pardon and then what would ensue after that. so we had a little drizzle
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yesterday. today we're back to sunshine. what's going to continue? >> spencer christian with the answers. looks like more sun. >> more sun for the weekend. you're right. low clouds and fog increasing along the coastline and over in the central valley. fog developing there. a little fog will probably push out locally over the bay tonight. right now a nice view from the abc 7 exploratorium camera. pier 15 camera looking back at the skyline. doesn't look cloudy here at all. 57 degrees in the city. 59 in oakland. 62 in redwood city. upper 50s at gilroy and half moon bay. this is the view from emeryvill rosa, petaluma, napa 66. concord 62. 59 at livermore. a nice view from sutro tower on to san francisco. these are the forecast features. fog along the coast and the bay shoreline overnight. sunny and warmer weather over the weekend.
6:21 pm
it will get cloudier and cooler middle of next week. but no hint of rain yet. 7:00 this evening, notice how the low clouds and fog continue to form along the coast and push out over the bay. so the day will get off to a start with lingering low clouds near the coast and bay. by mid-morning, midday, we're going to see sunny skies tomorrow just about everywhere. it's going to be a pleasant one. overnight lows in the upper 40s to 50 degrees. tomorrow, highs range from mid-60s at the coast to upper 60s around the shoreline to about mid and upper 70s inland. it will get warmer on sunday under sunny skies, inland highs year 80 degrees. slightly milder on the coast. mid to upper 60s there. similar range of highs on monday. that will be a mild to warm day as well. tuesday, a sharp drop in temperatures down to upper 50s on coast. low 60s around the bay. barely 70 inland. here's the accuweather seven-day
6:22 pm
forecast. if you like the warm weather, you'll enjoy the next three days. things get more fall-like going into the middle of next week. as i said again, no rain in sight. i want to thank st. clement catholic school in hayward for inviting me to be a guest for young readers week. not that i'm a young reader. >> young at heart. >> i'm a reader. young at heart. we had a great time. fantastic. >> all right. thank you, spencer. all right. disney + this week. shook up the world of streaming services. more changes. this time from hulu. days away from building a better bay area fremont week. we'll look at issues impacting the fourth don't miss the grand opening of the new floor & decor in milpitas. if you have never been to a floor & decor, you have to go to the grand opening. hardwoods, laminates, tile or stone. holy smokes, this place is huge! i'm on a budget and i was able to go to floor & decor, and save a lot of money.
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paying more for hulu's service. the price is jumping from $45 a month to $55. the change kicks in next month. hulu says the increase allows it to continue, quote, delivering the best live and on demand tv experience for subscribers this. announcement comes days after disney plus streaming service rolls out. disney owns hulu and also the parent company of abc 7. disney plus starts at $6.99 per month. you can bundle disney plus with espn+ and hulu for $12.99 per
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month. that doesn't include hulu with the live tv. disney plus gets access to the library of films and series and the original content made just for streaming. if you have questions, go to and we have everything you need to know there. coming up, san francisco tourist hotspot. but this place is so much more than that. it's also home to art. the controversial artists with works here and across san francisco. were you charged for power during the outages? i'm michael finney.
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let's change the way we see pv. you track and discuss blood counts with your doctor. but it's just as vital to discuss changing symptoms as well. take notice and take action. discuss counts and symptoms with your doctor. visit time after time after time after time. pg&e decided to shut off the power last month. some customers were billed for it anyway. it's a misunderstanding nobody will be charged for energy that was not delivered. >> however, you can check your bills to be sure. michael finney shows you how. >> you guys think i've received any complaints about this?
6:30 pm
>> maybe a couple. >> pg&e says your bills may show an estimated usage of electricity when there was no electricity. that's what set off alarm bills. the utility says the estimates won't result in actual charges. still, let me show you how you can check your bill. >> estimated. estimated. >> shanna turner of the he wielo county lost power more than a week during the safety outages. she was surprised to see a bill for her estimated usage on blackout days. >> i want to know why i'm getting billed. why? i had no power. >> pg&e says the bills show an estimate only because smart meters don't work during an outage. without data the bills automatically bill an estimate. that won't result in charges since there was no power actually delivered. >> you can go to pg& and
6:31 pm
click on my account and you can see your entire bill and day-to-day usage. >> here's how. your account, energy use detail. it will show how much electricity you used day by day, even hour by hour in this bar graph. if power was out on any day, it will show an estimate. but the bar graph will appear shaded like this. then click energy cost. if power was out that day, the cost should be zero like this. >> customers affected by the first pg&e power outage on october 9th should begin seeing the credits we've told you about in their accounts this month. residential customers are getting $100 each. business customers receive $250. it will show up as a customer satisfaction adjustment, you should get it within six weeks. if you don't, let me know about it. my hotline is open monday through friday, 415-954-8151.
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and also at we've talked to people who have seen credits on their bills. they're already coming through. >> if they have the information on their website, they know you didn't get any electricity. no need for an estimate. they're showing you have zero. it takes time to catch up. >> they were not designed for all of this. >> thank you, michael. breaking news in palo alto. a live picture from sky 7 where a train struck a car. this is at the intersection of alma street and churchill avenue. cal trans says the car was empty. you see the vehicle there. we've not heard if anybody was hurt. it appears as though the train was kind of swallowed it up. thankfully, no injuries that we know about at this point. after 20 months of construction, commuters in the south bay access to seven more miles of express lanes. they extend on westbound highway
6:33 pm
27 to mathilde a avenue in sunnyvale. this is based on congestion. here's what you need to know. 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. everyone needs a fastrak and clean air vehicles need a special fastrak tag. if you want to go through the express lanes as a carpooler and not pay the toll, you need the fastrak flex. >> if you're a solo driver and want to get through the express lane and pay the toll that's displayed on the sign, you turn it to one. if you are a carpool and you want it free to use the lane, you turn it to two. if you have two people in your car or three if you have three peopul tn the. >> sneer nearby, 580 and 680, the rules are the same there. in the north bay, the next level of smart train testing starts on sunday for the larkspur extensions. trains headed south drop off
6:34 pm
passengers at san rafael. the empty train continues on to the larkspur station. the goal is to have the station up and running by the end of the year. it debuted in august of 2017 with ten stops. larkspur will be the first half of about a half dozen new stations. novato downtown opens after that. in san francisco today, a birthday celebration for an artist long gone whose work is controversial. here's wayne freedman with the latest twist on the george washington high school mural debate. >> look around, with every day it's a moving mural. inside the entrance to kait -- the stories do not change. >> this is victor here standing next to the newsstand. >> as in victor arn to ha the man who created this. his grandstand peter met a group of aficionados. >> it's not like an old photograph. you get pretty intimate with it.
6:35 pm
>> today's meeting across town. same artist, bigger controversy. >> you come to school to learn. you come to school to run your horizon. not to have the people that you come from denigrated. >> this was last august at george washington high school during a public viewing of art to have's most controversial work. inside the entrance, students see a mural. african-americans next to george washington. arn to have painted this in 1936. now the school district plans to cover it up to appease those offended critics. hence today's gathering. >> i acknowledge and respect anyone's perspective. they have every right to be ne . it's a very small group as far as i know. >> he graduated from george washington high school in 1970. he says the mural never offended him. like this one inside the tower.
6:36 pm
he says it paints a portrait of truth. peter arn to have says his grandfather was a socialist who identified with the victims in his murals. >> you look at washington high school's murals. he had the dead indians like front and center. >> now on the artist's 122nd birthday, his work remains front and center again. in san francisco, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. abc 7 news committed to building a better bay area. up next, the reason we're dedicating an entire week to one city. its unique approach to many issues
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many people think of the bay area as just san francisco, oakland and san jose. there's so much more. like all this. it's where we work, live and love. all of our cities, big and small are facing the same problems and everyone is looking for solutions. that's why abc 7 is looking for answers and inspiration in communities throughout the rejond and revealing how they're tackling the same big problems. how is fremont work to go build a better bay area? >> that is the question that we are work to go answer next week.
6:40 pm
we've embedded reporters in fremont for the last month to look at their solutions. >> david louie has a preview of our coverage. >> reporter: hi and welcome to lake ehllizabeth in fremont's central park. we're going to be focusing for a week on fremont. the issues here are similar to those facing many bay area cities except it's unique. building a better bay area fremont week begins sunday night here on abc 7. here's a look at what we have in store. >> fremont, east bay or south bay. >> east. >> east bay. >> it's south. >> it's always in south. >> but you say? >> i say east bay. >> why? >> fremont, yes is in the east bay. it's in south alameda county nestled in silicon valley. it's big by geography and population. the city was officially formed in 1956 and it's now extraordinarily diverse. it's also a hub for tech
6:41 pm
manufacturing. >> where better to look than in your own backyard for solutions to your own sustainability questions for challenges. >> as the city works to build public/private partnerships, tesla remains the largest employer with main factory in fremont. >> every day you pass that factory and every day i would say that's my dream. that's my goal. that's nigh career. >> as some industries are booming, fremont is dealing with growing pains. for years, city leaders have been working on a plan to build a downtown. crews broke ground just last month on a plaza that will be the centerpiece. >> it's important for a gathering place in a city. a heart, an opportunity for people to have more interactions and dynamic services. >> city leaders also trying to figure out traffic in the downtown area. locals stay away from the congested roads made worse by navigation apps taking drivers through the area. >> i'm not get -- it's all just traffic. no one actually stops in. so people think it's busy.
6:42 pm
but it's actually not. >> a homeless navigation center is under construction. fremont has the third largest homeless population behind oakland and berkeley. >> they're doing what they can with an awareness of bigger pictures. >> fremont is home to families from all over the world. >> my parents are from afghanistan, but i'm born in america. and i'm a triplet. >> the centerville neighborhood is the largest afghan community outside of afghanistan. building a better bay area fremont week starts here on abc 7 sunday night. in fremont, david louie, abc 7 news. as part of our coverage, we'll be holding a live town hall talking to fremont leaders about the issues they're facing, including housing, diversity, jobs. it will be live streaming, as well as on facebook and youtube. do not move. do not move. spencer has the ...6, 7, 8 do not move. spencer has the
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it's time for a lars look at weather. >> a little bit of rain yesterday and now nothing. >> a couple hundred dreds of an
6:46 pm
inch, barely measurable. we'll have moisture in the air. but probably won't produce any raindrops. overnight, cloudy skies near the coast and bay. mainly clear inland. overnight lows in the upper 40s to 50 tomorrow. bright, sunny day. milder tomorrow. mid-60s at the coast. upper 60s near the bay. mid-70s inland. gets warmer going into sunday. look for highs sunday and monday, in fact, near 80 degrees inland. mid-70s around the bay. mid-60s on the coast. sharp cooldown on tuesday. breezy and cooler conditions. a few clouds midweek. tuesday, wednesday, thursday. but no hint of rain those days. just harmless passing clouds. another dry week ahead. as we try to project beyond next week, we think maybe there's a chance of some rain the week going into thanksgiving. >> wow. >> that's pretty farssentially that point. >> looks that way.
6:47 pm
nfl fans got to sharen o 49 facility today with nfl legends. >> how much fun is that. >> community journalist dustin dorsey was there for the special combine and he has highlights from the day. >> the nfl celebrates its 100th season, they're gettin experiences of a century. today these lucky fans are being put through drills by former nfl stars, including the all-time leading rusher, emmitt smith. >> on three. i think the best word is surreal. not only to do these activities, but to be around players that are not just played in the nfl but excelled in the nfl. >> i thought it was a one-on-one experience and being able to test my skills with football because i watch football. i haven't thrown a football in years. it was neat. >> the master class for for forr and -- we had them going through
6:48 pm
drills, getting a feel for what we do as nfl players. just a lot of different things. just to create that unique experience that he wants to do for his members. >> i feel i have improved. i listened to the feedback and applied it. it made me feel good. >> i really talked about how you really had to be mentally on top of your game. it was really interesting. i thought that's really what separated them from everyone else. >> just haven't been worked on in a long time. you could see that. you could see some people that definitely had some skills and had the potential to when they were younger, was pretty good. >> one, two, three >> awesome. >> good fun seein emmitt smith and steve bono out there. no achilles were torn in the making of that video.
6:49 pm
>> everybody walked away intact. excellent news. in sports, fallout from the bizarre helmet attack from the browns/steelers game. the what does help for heart failure look like? ♪the beat goes on it looks like emily cooking dinner for ten. ♪the beat goes on it looks like jonathan on a date with his wife. ♪la-di-la-di-di entresto is a heart failure medicine that helps your heart, so you can keep on doing what you love. entresto helped people stay alive and out of the hospital. heart failure can change the structure of your heart, so it may not work as well. entresto helps improve your heart's ability to pump blood to the body. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death n'torliskiren inr ide fects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ♪the beat goes on ask your doctor about entresto for heart failure.
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tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. to craig, this rock. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything to preserve and protect them. with love, california. well, the nfl reacted quickly to that pittsburgh/sleefld brawl. myles garrett who hit mason
6:52 pm
rudolph in the head with the helmet was suspended indefinitely. in the last hour reports are that rudolph will not be filing legal charges against garrett. i mean, he wasn't seriously injured or anything so that's understandable. the game had been decided. garrett using the helmet. that started a fracas. steelers center, marquis ee for throwing okeechobee. >> rudolph expected to be fined. it happened so quick. it's an emotional game. people put emotion. it's a physical sport. do the best you can do. >> i've never told a player not to -- that he wasn't allowed to take his helmet off and hit someone with it. i think they know it. it is a physical game.
6:53 pm
people go to some places that you have to control. there's a fine line in that. we talk about that all the time. >> one would hope you don't have to tell the player not to smack somebody else with a helmet. kyle shanahan there. the niners have their own situations. george kittle didn't practice this week. he's probably going to miss a second straight game. niners likely to be without their number 2 receiver. e-emmanuel sanders has a rib injury that kept him out of loss to seattle. kit will got hurt -- he has an ankle injury. easily the number one receiver. shanahan continues to hold out help that kittle maybe can go on sunday. >> he's doubtful. we'd rather not. i want him to be healthy throughout this year. we'll see what happens with the other guys. he'll never allow us to rule him out. he's done some pretty amazing things in the last couple of years. >> you almost feel you have to protect him from himself.
6:54 pm
>> no doubt about that. he played through the game two weeks ago with the same deal. that's why he's the guy that you never count out. we're trying to be smart with him, though. raiders figured some things out. they're rolling now. favored against the winless cincinnati bengals. the bengals are familiar with coach jon gruden. both the head coach and the current starting quarterback. two of the bengals assistants were raiders assistants last year. weird set of circumstances. so gruden's guard is definitely up. >> so strange. i have a lot of respect for the bengals. i could care less about point spreads and all that stuff. it's the first time we've been the favorite. but we got to really concentrate on playing good football. the bengals are dang russ. took seattle to the brink in seattle. seen them play well. they're well-coached because i know those guys. colin kaepernick's workout will have representatives from
6:55 pm
more than 24 teams. the original number was 11. get this. they have not provided the names of wide receivers they plan to have at the workouts. kap is bringing former nfl wideouts to volunteered to fly in on their own to help him. hue jackson will be leading the drills. he'll send video of the workout plus an interview with kap to all 32 teams. a lot of warriors fans believed they would beat toronto to win the title if klay thompson didn't miss game 3. draymond green among the believers there that theory quoting if klay thompson was health l healthy, i believe we win the title. we have no way of ever knowing. but i 100% believe that. the warriors hosting the celtics tonight. speaking of the krelts, 44 years after being elected to the basketball hall of fame, bill
6:56 pm
russell accepted his hall of fame ring in a private ceremony today. russell said he felt he didn't deserve to be the first black player inducted back then. that's why he refused at the time in 1975. the first african american player drafted was chuck cooper in 1950. he made the hall earlier this year. he tweeted out photos of the ceremony. attendees were his wife, bill walton and alonzo mourning. that's a lot of great big men there. abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. coming up at 11:00 -- tonight at 11:00, one year ago this young man went from fighting on the football field to fighting cancer and fighting for his life. i'm dion lim in san francisco, despite the prognosis that this may be his final days, his family is not giving up hope. it sure wasn't ice cream, what was in a freezer that made
6:57 pm
evacuations necessary. i'm larry beil. i'm ama daetz for spencer christian, for all of us here, have a great night and wonderful weekend. hope you're not in that traffic.
6:58 pm
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this is the... here for the deciding game are the three finalists-- a user experience librarian from chicago, illinois... ...whose cash winnings yesterday total... a professional sports gambler from las vegas, nevada... ..whose cash winnings total... and an 11th grade physics teacher from new paltz, new york... ...who won $1,800 yesterday. and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. welcome to the deciding game
7:00 pm
in this year's tournament of champions. at the end of yesterday's program, i mentioned to james, "boy, you certainly got off to a great start here today," and his response was, "well, i figure emma and francois are really going to be bringing it here today, so i wanted to give myself a little bit of a cushion." well, close to a $23,000 lead is more than just a little bit of a cushion. but if it happened on yesterday's program, it could happen here today. let's find out. emma, james, francois, good luck. let's go to work. now the categories. first off... oh, yes. i remember those. s-t-a-r coming up in each correct response. francois, start. sitcoms for $600.


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