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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  November 21, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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tonight, several developing stories. the stunning testimony on capitol hill. she was the former top russia expert for president trump. tonight, what she revealed. her interactions with ambassador gordon sondland, who was carrying out the president's wishes. she testified she told sondland this was all going to blow up. the alarming meeting inside the white house. the former national security adviser who said, "i want no part of this drug deal." republicans targeting her credibility. how this played out today. the other major headline tonight. the passenger plane taking off from l.a.x., soon after, the engine fire. you could see the flames, and then this moment inside the plane. the father recording his little girl sitting by the window. you then see the flames right through that window. the news conference moments ago. the deadly training accident. two american fighter jets crashing. we have late reporting.
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the major storm system sweeping across the country. some of the worst weather just as millions begin to travel for thanksgiving. rob times it out, when it hits and where. news tonight about the former college student accused of pushing her boyfriend to take his own life. authorities say she sent tens of thousands of text messages, and what her attorney revealed today. dozens of schools shut down tonight because of a mystery illness. hundreds of students and teachers sickened. and your money. the black friday deals launching at midnight tonight. a week early, and we have the list. good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a very busy thursday night. and we begin tonight with the impeachment hearings. and today, we heard directly from one of president trump's former top advisers, and she testified she warned one of president trump's hand-picked ambassadors this was all going to blow up. dr. fiona hill was one of two witnesses testifying about the president's dealings with ukraine. hill was the former top russia
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expert for the president, and she described in detail what she considered an alarming meeting inside the white house. the former national security adviser among those also in the room, after what they both heard, she says john bolton told her, "i am not part of whatever drug deal ambassador gordon sondland and acting chief of staff mick mulvaney are cooking up." republicans taking aim at hill's credibility, but she stood by her account. and the other witness who described what he heard in a president in ukraine, president trump right through the phone. abc's mary bruce leads us off from the hill tonight. >> reporter: fiona hill came to congress calling it her moral obligation and she brought with her a message for the committee. >> some of you on this committee appear to believe that russia and its security services did not conduct a campaign against our country. and that perhaps, somehow, for some reason, ukraine did. this is a fictional narrative that has been perpetrated and propagated by the russian security services themselves. >> reporter: she testified the conspiracy theory was being promoted by the president's
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personal attorney, rudy giuliani, and that the president was listening. >> is it your understanding, then, that president trump disregarded the advice of his senior officials about this theory and instead listened to rudy giuliani's views? >> that appears to be the case, yes. >> reporter: hill says she watched as giuliani launched a smear campaign against the u.s. ambassador to ukraine, marie yovanovitch. hill went to her boss, former national security adviser, john bolton. >> i'd asked if there was anything we could do about it, and ambassador bolton had looked pained, basically indicated with body language that there was nothing much that we could do about it. and he then, in the course of that discussion, said that rudy giuliani was a hand grenade that was going to blow everyone up. >> did you understand what he meant by that? >> well, i think he meant that, obviously, what mr. giuliani was saying was pretty explosive in any case. and that he was clearly pushing forward issues and ideas that would, you know, probably come back to haunt us. and, in fact, i think that that's where we are today.
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>> reporter: hill says when yovanovitch was fired, gordon sondland -- a wealthy trump donor hand-picked by the president as ambassador to the eu -- assumed a larger role. hill describing a confrontation with sondland. >> so, i was upset with him that he wasn't fully telling us about all of the meetings that he was having. and he said to me, "but i'm briefing the president, i've briefing chief of staff mulvaney, i'm briefing secretary of state pompeo, i've talked to ambassador bolton. who else do i have to deal with?" but it struck me when yesterday when you put up on the screen ambassador sondland's emails and who was on these emails and he said, these are the people who need to know, and he was absolutely right. because he was being involved in a domestic political errand. so, he was correct. and i had not put my finger on that at the moment, but i was irritated with him and angry with him that he wasn't fully coordinating. and i did say to him, "ambassador sondland, gordon, i think this is all going to blow up." and here we are. >> reporter: hill described a
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july meeting at the white house with ukrainian officials. bolton and sondland both in the room. the ukrainians were pushing to arrange an in-person meeting between president trump and president zelensky. then, sondland jumped in, saying the white house had one condition. >> ambassador sondland leaned in basically to say, well, we have an agreement that there will be a meeting if specific investigations are put under way. and that's when i saw ambassador bolton stiffen. i was sitting behind him in the chair. i saw him sit back slightly, like this. and then he looked up to the clock and basically said, well, you know, it's been really great to see you, i'm afraid i've got another meeting. >> reporter: bolton left the room. and hill says sondland then reiterated the condition, what had to happen for that white house meeting to take place. >> he said that he had an agreement with chief of staff mulvaney that in return for investigations this meeting would get scheduled. >> reporter: she went to tell bolton. his reaction?
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>> he had some very specific instruction for me. i had to go to the lawyers, to john eisenburg, senior counsel for the national security council, to basically say tell ieisenburg, ambassador bolton told me, "that i am not part of this, whatever drug deal that mulvaney and sondland are cooking up." >> reporter: republicans tried to attack hill's credibility. >> dr. hill, you have provided me probably the greatest piece of evidence that's before us to illustrate the problem with hearsay. >> reporter: but hill pushed back. >> we're here just to provide what we know and what we've heard. i understand that for many members this may be hearsay. i talk about things i heard with my own ears. >> reporter: also testifying, david holmes, an american diplomat in ukraine who says he heard the president's words himself. holmes was sitting with sondland in an outdoor restaurant in kiev when sondland picked up his cell phone and called the president. >> this was an unsecure cell phone, is that right? >> yes, sir. >> in the middle of a restaurant in kiev?
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>> yes. >> reporter: the president soon on the line. >> it was quite loud when the president came on, quite distinctive. when the president came on, he sort of winced and held the phone away from his ear like this. and he did that for the first couple exchanges. >> reporter: holmes then describing what he overheard. >> ambassador sondland replied, yes, he was in ukraine, and went on to state that president zelensky, quote, "loves your ass." i then heard president trump ask, "so he's going to do the investigation?" ambassador sondland replied that "he's going to do it," adding that president zelensky will do "anything you ask him to do." >> so, let's get to mary bruce. she's live on the hill again tonight. and mary, republicans pushing back on fiona hill, as you reported there, but also on david holmes. essentially asking him how he could have understood what the president was saying if he wasn't on the phone call himself in ukraine. the president tweeting the same thing today, claiming it would have been impossible to hear him. >> reporter: david, holmes was clear. he could hear the president. he says this was a very
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distinctive experience, something he would not forget, overhearing the president of the united states discussing something holmes had been working on for months. and while the president is questioning this, sondland himself does not dispute holmes' recollection of that phone call. david? >> mary bruce leading us off again tonight. mary, thank you. and as you heard mary report there, the president tweeting about david holmes, who says he heard the president on that phone call at a restaurant in ukraine, but the president was quiet on dr. fiona hill, at least publicly. but here's what we do know tonight. the president today invited some key republican senators to the white house for a lunch. so, let's get right to abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl with us live tonight. because jon, we know the president needs these republicans in the senate who could ultimately decide his fate. >> reporter: he sure does, david. and, in fact, there were two meetings here at the white house today with republican senators. there was the lunch with the president, there were eight republican senators at that lunch, including, interestingly, mitt romney, who is often the president's harshest republican
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critic. at the beginning of that lunch, i'm told, the president lashed out on the impeachment inquiry, he called it unfair, he insisted he had done absolutely nothing wrong, but the conversation quickly veered off to other subjects. the second meeting, which did not involve the president, was hosted by the director of legislative affairs here, eric ueland. mick mulvaney was there, jared kushner, six republican senators to talk strategy about a senate impeachment trial. something the white house now sees as all but inevitable, assuming the house votes to impeach. david, the bottom line, the president, the white house, they're working very hard to keep republicans in line and so far, it is working. i do not see an indication of a single republican defection, not in the house, not in the senate, on impeachment. >> jon karl live at the white house tonight. jon, our thanks to you and to mary and our entire team on the air all day today. but we move on tonight, to the other major headlines this thursday night. the frightening takeoff from los angeles airport. flames seen shooting from an
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engine on the boeing 777. inside the plane, a father recording his little girl, seated next to the window. a flash then catching his eye, look at this, pointing out the window and flames seen just under the wing there. the pilot then declaring an emergency, turning back to the airport. fire trucks and crews on the tarmac. and abc's will carr is at l.a.x. tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the terrifying moment. this little girl, onboard with jet with her family, hears what some passengers initially thought were gunshots. you can see flames shooting out from the engine. >> we were on the air and it was shooting fireballs. >> i've never seen that before. >> reporter: this father panning over to look out the window of the cabin as the engine misfired just after taking off from l.a.x. >> i was watching a movie. i thought it was something from the movie. listened to it, it was pop, pop, pop. and the flight started shaking around. >> reporter: the scene on the ground stunning people on their way to the airport. >> there's a heavy 777, they're in emergency with an engine out.
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>> reporter: philippine airlines flight 113 took off from l.a.x. heading to manila this morning. >> something's wrong. >> reporter: when it declared an emergency, then turned back. >> we'll be stopped for departures. we're going to have an emergency inbound. >> reporter: video shows flames and smoke trailing from the jet as it made its way to the airport. passengers say the engine burned on and off for 15 minutes before they safely touched back down on the ground. firefighters meeting the plane on the runway. the pilot radioed to the tower the plane was suffering a compressor stall. that's when an engine essentially backfires like a car. it's not uncommon, but a harrowing experience for everyone onboard. shaken passengers taken off the plane and onto the tarmac, left with long lines and few answers. the passengers tell me the pilot only came on once to say there was a technical problem and didn't say anything else while those flames continued to shoot out of that engine for at least 15 minutes. once they made it here on the ground, they say the airline told them to get their bags, get in line. they describe it as a confusing
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and as from trait frus traiting situation. david? >> yeah, but some harrowing moments onboard. all right, will, thank you. we also have late reporting lama.two aining jets involved the accident. one seen here, where it came down. there were two airmen on each of the aircraft, and we know tonight at least two are dead. abc's marcus moore with new details just coming in. >> reporter: tonight, an investigation is under way at vance air force base in oklahoma after two t-38 talon fighters were involved in an accident. it happened just after 9:00 this morning, when the two planes were performing a formation training flight. >> just the fact that it's upside down is bad enough. with the landing gear deployed like that, which would lead you to believe that it was close to the ground, if not on the ground when it happened. >> reporter: two airmen in one of the planes were killed. the other two, unhurt. >> did the aircraft collide with each other? >> i don't want to speculate. i don't know. there's -- i don't know. >> reporter: the incident comes after another crash involving a plane from the same base last
5:43 pm
year. the pilot was able to eject safely before the crash that officials say was caused by a bird strike. the names of the two airmen that were killed are being withheld tonight as loved ones are being told about what happened. and investigators hope to figure out what caused this deadly crash within 60 days. david? >> marcus moore tonight. marcus, thank you. we turn next here to the major storm system effecting much of the country with rain, snow, dangerous travel, from the midwest all the way east, eventually d.c. up through new york and boston. just as millions now prepare to travel for the holiday week. let's get right to meteorologist rob marciano, tracking it all. he times it out for us tonight. hey, rob. >> reporter: hi, david. this system is really stretched out. take a look. now we have two distinct lows and the one over the great lakes, which brought a mess to chicago, is beginning to weaken. the one coming out of the rockies, that's going to strengthen. we'll have some heavy rain ahead of it tomorrow morning from the tennessee and ohio river valleys and then tapping gulf moisture in the afternoon. and rolling across the southeast with some heavy rain through georgia, the carolinas.
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the mid-atlantic during the day on saturday. saturday night, after midnight, d.c. to new york with accumulating snows inland and after that one, a very active pattern shaping up, as we head into the holiday next week. david? >> all right, rob, thank you. next tonight, president trump and a showdown with navy leadership over navy s.e.a.l. eddie gallagher. the navy moving to strip him of his status as a s.e.a.l. after a trial over his behavior in iraq. here tonight, abc's chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz. >> reporter: tonight, chief petty officer edward gallagher at the center of a high stakes showdown between the navy's top leadership and president trump. gallagher was acquitted of war crime charges in the killing of a teenage isis prisoner, but convicted for posing in a picture next to the teen, defiling a corpse. but last week, president trump granted him clemency. >> they tried to frame me as a criminal from the get-go. >> reporter: but just days after gallagher was granted clemency, the navy started a process that could lead to gallagher being kicked out of the s.e.a.l.s and
5:45 pm
losing the trident pin that identifies him as a member of that elite community. now president trump has stepped in again. today, in a stunning public reversal, tweeting, "the navy will not be taking away eddie gallagher's trident pin. this case was handled very badly from the beginning. get back to business!" just before the president's tweet, gallagher's attorney appeared on fox news, blasting rear admiral collin green, the officer spearheading the effort to remove gallagher from the elite force. >> so, what he's doing here is really just an effort to try to publicly humiliate chief gallagher and stick it in the president's eye. >> reporter: the admiral took great risk to pursue this action, given the president's support of gallagher, so, it is possible he could now be removed or resign and if he remains, it is highly unlikely he will ever be promoted. david? >> all right, we'll continue to follow this. martha, thank you. overseas tonight, israeli
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prime minister benjamin netanyahu has now been charged on corruption scandals. netanyahu is accused of accepting luxury goods in exchange for political favors and of helping media companies in exchange for positive news stories. netanyahu denies the charges tonight, calling it, quote, an attempted coup. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this thursday. dozens of schools shut down tonight because of a mystery illness. hundreds of students and teachers sickened. also, the recall tonight for 75,000 pounds of salad possibly contaminated with e. coli. more than a dozen people sickened already. we'll have more on that. and your money tonight. the black friday deals launching at midnight tonight, a week early. and we have some of the key items when we come back. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with...
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5:49 pm
with involuntary manslaughter in her boyfriend's graduation day suicide has returned to the united states ahead of her arraignment. >> miss you made demands and threats with the understanding that she had complete and total control over mr. urtula, both mentally and emotionally. >> reporter: inyoung you of south korea is accused of manipulating alexander urtula "physically, verbally and psychologically" abusing her boyfriend, sending more than 47,000 texts in two months, some telling him to "go kill himself" or "go die." but this week, you's legal team released more messages to "the boston globe," claiming to show their client trying to intervene in those final desperate moments. the texts saying -- "if you expletive love me, stop. if you ever expletive loved me, stop." we spoke to the suffolk county district attorney's office who said these most recent texts were just a small fraction of what happened. inyoung you will be arraigned tomorrow morning. david? >> will, thank you.
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to the index of other news. the mystery illness shutting down 46 schools in mesa county, colorado. hundreds sickened by two highly contagious viruses. one believed to be the noro virus. schools won't reopen until after thanksgiving. more than 75,000 pounds of salad being recalled tonight because of possible e. coli contamination. at least 17 people sickened in eight states. missa bay says the recall in nearly two dozen states involves dozens of salad products containing meat or poultry. more on our website. and black friday deals starting a week early. amazon launching deals at midnight tonight, offering more than 40% off its echo show 5. other major retailers like lowe's and best buy launching deals, including $300 off an apple watch. when we come back, we love our teachers, but this was really something.
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finally tonight, america strong. the teacher, the student and the promise to his mother. that's 14-year-old jake manning. his mom, jean, right by his side. jean, a single mom, battling breast cancer for years. and when they moved from florida to massachusetts for better medical treatment, jake went to a new school. he bonded with his new teacher, kerry bremer, immediately. >> i fell in love with him instantly and as she got sicker that year, i just thought, "what is she going to do?" >> the two families would spend weekends together, holidays together. over the years, jake's mom continued her battle with cancer, and the teacher made her
5:58 pm
a promise. >> if you need a backup plan for jake, then our family is happy to make him part of our family. and she said, "i'll sleep better tonight than i've slept in a long time." >> jake bonding with his teacher's children and with her husband, dave. and it was just last week, while jake was at school, his mother jean passed away peacefully at home. >> my mom went to heaven. so, that means so much. >> she did love you so much. >> she did. and do you love her so much? yeah. oh, why thank you. >> tonight, the bremer family is now jake's family. and all of them carry his mother jean with them. >> we shared our boy. and she will live on here in this house. >> jake's new family and his mother, forever remembered. the family of a good
5:59 pm
samaritan killed on bart shows up at the suspect's first court hearing. they have one question they want answered about what happened. you'll hear from them only on abc7 news tonight. ending homelessness is a movement, not a moment. see the efforts under way in san francisco, part of building a better bay area. can a balloon be dangerous for a child? a new report lays out what toys may pose a risk to children. i'm michael finney.y.y. coming up on cinco de maseven o, i'll show you some examples. >> now news to build a better bay area from abc7 news. >> the man made his first court appearance today, hiding his face from our cameras and the victim's family. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> he tried to stop the suspect from stealing the shoes off a sleeping passenger. >> the deadly incident happened tuesday on a train that eventually stopped a the south hayward station. the suspect was arrested shortly after.
6:00 pm
since the attack, bart has promised to increase staffing. >> we put that to the test today. kris reyes rode several stains and stopped at multiple stations looking for police officers. find out what she saw in just a few minutes. >> let's go live to abc7 news reporter laura anthony. the victim's family spoke only with her, about their loss and their greatest frustration. laura? >> hi. first of all, there was a very brief court hearing here in dublin this afternoon. the families of both the suspect and the victim sat just a few rows from each other. as for that latter family of oliver tyrone williams, they're coming to term what happened tuesday afternoon on that bart train. >> it upsets me that he was the only person on that bart that -- that gave their heart to protect somebody else. >> reporter: the family of the man who died trying to prevent a theft on bart


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