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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 24, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PST

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news to build a better bay area, this is "abc 7 mornings." good morning, everyone. it is sunday, november 24th. i'm liz kruetz. here's meteorologist lisa argen. hey, lisa. >> liz, good morning to you. we're starting out with clear sky, live doppler 7 indicating no problems here this morning, but that's going to change as we get into the early part of the work week. as we look at numbers right now, it is 52 san francisco, 35 in santa rosa. we've got more 50s out towards hayward, 46 in san jose and a look at our 24-hour temperature change it's a little cooler out there, but the afternoon highs today, once again, nice and mild. plenty of sunshine with 60s by midday. low to mid 60s at our coast, 70
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inland. that sun coming up just before 7:00 setting before 5:00. then looking at gusty winds arriving for your monday and then a whole different story for the rest of the week. liz? >> thanks, lisa. neighbors in union city are mourning the loss of two young boys shot and killed in a school parking lot early yesterday morning. police are still searching for the suspects. the deaths mark the first two homicides in union city this year. abc 7 news reporter anner has san has the details. >> reporter: family and friends gathered at union city. >> that's horrific and terrible for the families. prayers go out. >> reporter: police say they got several 911 calls reporting gunshots. when police arrived they found two boys in a parked minivan. >> it wasn't a few fireworks that usually go off in this neighborhood, they like to do that here, but yeah, it was just a very long, long, drawn out
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range of shots. >> reporter: the 14-year-old died on scene. the 11-year-old died on wait to the hospital. >> the motive behind why they were there, what led them to edhect to comehem is understiga help them determine the type of weapons used. >> how do you just kill kids? >> reporter: this mom who didn't want to be identified said her son went to school with of the boy'sp new haven school district said the boy used to be a student in the district. >> i don't think he's quite grasped it yet. they're afraid to go outside. >> reporter: lieutenant mendez says community involvement will be critical in solving this case. >> we also rely on our community to be our eyes and ears in situations such as this. it's extremely important, their party, their role in this, is
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extremely important. >> reporter: union city police have not ruled out the possibility that this may have been gang related. they are also investigating if this incident is related to another shooting that happened on wednesday. the school district will offer counseling to students and staff when they return after the thanksgiving break. in the newsroom, anter has san, abc 7 news. this push alert as we learn more details about the shooting if you would like alerts like this, the abc 7 news app is free to download in the app store. new this morning, at least two cars have been towed and several suspects detained after a side show activity in oakland. police shared these photos on twitter here. they say one car was towed for doing doughnuts at the intersection of 49nd avenue and international boulevard and then fleeing from police. the department's helicopter followed the car and direct patrols on the ground to the driver. then police say another car was towed and multiple subjects detained after they threw bottles at officers. that was in the area of 66th
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avenue and coliseum way. oakland police have had extra patrols on duty for the last several weekends to prevent side shows. the vigil was held to honor the life of a pregnant woman shot and killed in front of her apartment complex. she live leaves behind two sons 8 and 11 and was 6 mogz months pregnant with a girl. they say misty and her husband came outside because her car alivermore was going off and they were shot. a letter from misty's sister was read at the vijle. >> our hearts will forever be broken by this senseless tragedy. our communities are suffering from losing their loved ones to gun violence in the streets of oakland. these stories are heard so much, it has become the norm. >> misty's funeral was friday. her husband survived the shooting. police have not announced arrests or suspect descriptions. two oakland police officers are haled at heros for saving an
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18-year-old who was unconscious after a drug overdose. the officers used narcan which reverses the effects of the overdose. luz pena has this dramatic story. >> reporter: one hour into the shift, officer vega jumped over this counte to save a life. >> come in, the driver and a brother. tey came in and first thing they said, the brother said, my brother needs help. my brother needs help. i think he's dead. >> reporter: officer vega called for backup and ran out of the station where he began cpr with an unconscious 18-year-old boy. >> the body was cold, no pulse, no breathing at all. >> how was that for you to try to save someone and you're touching them and noticing that they're pretty much gone? >> it's -- it can be hard, but -- we got to react. >> reporter: the victim's brother told the officers his
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brother had an overdose on hn. ficermatson h arrived to the station. he ran to the back of his patrol and grabbed his bag where he had a dose of narcan. >> we have just been trained on this by the medical staff and issued narcan just for these kind of situations. >> reporter: according to oakland police they've saved five lives in the last 45 days thanks to this training. every field officer carries narcan with them, 800 units were donated by highland hospital. >> it's not too often that we are in this situation where we can honor officers who save lives. it does happen quite often. >> reporter: both officers will be recommended to receive the medal of valor but for them seeing the victim survive is their biggest reward. >> i looked at his brother and his brother smiled at me and the first thing he was saying was thank you, thank you, over and over. >> reporter: in oakland, luz pena, abc 7 news. >> in the south bay several stores inside a strip mall were
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damaged after a fire broke out. the fire started before 5:00 yesterday morning in a building on the corner of hillsdale and new berry drive. firefighters found flames burning beneath cleaners and called for a second alarm to prevent it from spreading to nearby businesses. the cleaners and a taco and pizzeria had heavy damage. the fire is under investigation but the owner believes it was arson. >> a few days ago someone tried to break in and they started using fire. we've been in business 30 years. my mom and i. so we don't have any idea who would cause something like this. >> no businesses were open and thankfully nobody was hurt. one person is dead following a fire at a home in the rossmoore community in walnut creek. the fire started just after 6:15 last night at a complex on leisure lane. three other units have smoke and water damage and the residents stayed elsewhere overnight.
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the name of the person who died has not been released and the cause is under investigation. all right. happening now, three of the five lanes in both directions of the bay bridge are closed for routine maintenance. here are a couple live views of the bridge right now. cal trans closed the lanes at 11:00 last night and expected to reopen at 9:00 this morning. then again -- but tonight two westbound lanes will close at 11:00 and two eastbound lanes at 11:45. all lanes should reopen by 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. bart will be single tracking trains through san francisco as crews work on upgrades. the work zone between embark dare cro and 24th street stations. they could be 15 to 30 minutes and means trains won't make scheduled transfers between the richmond and antioch lines. yesterday was a very nice day. i know we talked about that once it warmed up. >> it was beautiful. how about another one? >> i'm here for it. >> so we're going to get to
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enjoy that today before the winds increase for your monday. mild 52 degrees in san francisco, but about 18 degrees cooler when you get into the valleys of the north and eastbouneast bay. that's where the winds will kick up. your soggy and cold accuweather seven-day forecast accuweather seven-day forecast next. >> that's a pretty view. less than a week before thanksgiving and bay area food banks are getting ready to help families this holiday. in some community the need has reached an all-time high. we get a preview of the artwork coming to san francisco's planned subway stops.
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tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. to craig, this rock. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything to preserve and protect them. with love, california. welcome back. a live look from our emeryville camera over the bay. 52 degrees in san francisco.
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chilly but clear morning. as part of our efforts to build a better bay area something we are focused on is food insecurity and possible solutions. less than a week before thanksgiving bay area food banks are gearing up and getting ready to help families this holiday. in the south bay the need for food and cash donations has reached an all-time high. here's reporter cornell barnard with the story. 1,5282 donated. >> reporter: the group outdid themselves this year donating a huge amount of turkeys to the second harvest of silicon valley food bank donation drive. >> there's a lot of folks out here that are a lot less fortunate, especially now, so we try to do this every year just to give something back. >> we have a 14 1/2 pound turkey. >> reporter: stopped by to drop off a turkey. >> there's so many homeless people suffering, and in this land of plenty, that is not acceptable. >> reporter: second harvest has a big goal of collecting 24,000
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en ain they hav no choice.n, >> we're actually serving 10,000 more people every single month. >> reporter: second harvest ceo leslie botcho says financial donations are down this year by $100,000. but the need is bigger than ever. >> we find now we're serving more and more working people, people who are working and low-wage jobs and really struggling to be able to afford their rent and cnt them more than 4,000 bags of food, being given away to folks in need. >> thank you. >> reporter: convoy of hope partners with south bay churches providing food and supplies. alicia says the donation will help her growing family. >> i have two sons and a little one and i'm due, so it's a blessing. >> reporter: a helping hand this thanksgiving. in san jose, cornell barnard, abc 7 news. body camera video shows a man police say is homeless
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aattacking two officers in sacramento. reporter chris thomas has more on the story. >> reporter: new body cam video shows the moments two sacramento police officers were attacked. officers responding to a call about a man allegedly threatening to kill someone with a hatchet along i-80 near norwood. police say when they got there a man threw a large rock at the officers and ran. >> he's in the alley ways running toward norwood and threw a rock and hit me with it. >> it's chilling to hear that on the radio, you hear your fellow officers call for cover and you have no clue. >> reporter: he tells me he's been patrolling 18 years and this encounter shows how quickly things escalate. watch how it all started. >> right now. >> this is the first you're having trouble with? >> it's not. >> hey. >> okay. >> talk to me over here. >> i don't deal with the police. >> well you do today. you do today. >> i do. >> yes. >> you sure? >> have a seat.
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[ speaking foreign language ] >> don't do nothing, daddy's girl. >> for real? >> for real. [ speaking foreign language ] >> put it down. >> [ bleep ]. >> reporter: sar grents brings says the suspects appears to have been homeless and released his dog who ended up biting one of the officer snooze it's a scary situation when you just want to get home at night literally the hairs on the back of my neck started standing up, the chilling sound of an officer calling for cover. >> yeah. >> on the ground, i'm going to tase you. do you understand me? even after tasing the suspect, police say he continued to fight with the officers until they were able to take him into custody and he's in the sacramento jail. >> that was chris thomas reporting. both officers are recovering.
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one was treated and released from the hospital. now a woman was caught on camera burglarizing a popular ice cream shop in san francisco. the incident happened around 2:30 thursday morning at milk bomb ice cream near 17th and tehar streets. the owner said the lock box was broken and used to enter the store. in the video the woman can be seen entering through the front door and walking over to the register which she later takes. the owner said the woman returned around 4:00 a.m. and went to the back of the store to poke around some more. now a heartbreaking follow-up about a college football player diagnosed with cancer. ramon sanders died friday at age 19. last november while treating the defensive lineman for a broken leg, doctors discovered he had bone cancer. recently the cancer had spread to his lungs. sanders received an outpouring of support from classmates, teammates and strangers. we are thinking of his friends and family at this time.
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art is being added to san francisco's central subway project. this is the first installation. you can be see it here called the micro cosmic and it went up near fourth and bran nonstreets. it's a wind activated kinetic sculpture mounted on a 40 foot pole created by bay area artist moto. this is one of ten pieces of art planned for the subway line. the central subway which has been under construction for years is expected to finish next year. >> and a conjunction controversy on "wheel of fortune." fans of the show are fuming after a technicality cost a contestant $10,000. take a look. >> everything, go ahead. >> right football left and sally. >> no, it's not right. i'm sorry. >> graduate stude and t her fin aner. twitter erupted with fans coming to her defense calling the rule ridiculous and garbage and she
5:18 am
seemed to take the mistake in stride. >> it was a combination of just nerves and i think i was just a little too excited. i don't think there should be a rule change. rules are rules. the show has been on for so many years. >> "wheel of fortune" edend defended the rule saying the contestants are briefed about the rule before and during the show. watch it here on abc 7 at 7:30. lisa losing $10,000 over the word "and." sh's probably regretting that right now. >> what a bummer. good morning, everyone. we are starting out with cool conditions out there. very little fog. live doppler 7 real quiet right now, but check out that 33 degree temperature by the delta. that is 8 degrees cooler than it was yesterday, so numbers are cold anywhere from a degree to about 8 or 9 degrees cooler with widespread 30s in the north bay. 44 in oakland. it is 50 in anlo leideood
5:19 am
vist visibility, cold start, nice mild and sunny afternoon on the way again today. gusty winds arrive tomorrow moving from northmainly in the but elevating fire danger the relative humid drops and then we'll be looking at a cold system coming in on tuesday, allowing for some steady rain tuesday night. scattered showers into wednesday. looks liking this thanksgiving will be dry but high temperatures in the 50s. here's a look at the wind profile. for your monday 8:00 look at the winds on the coast nearly 48 miles an hour. 20 miles an hour by half moon bay. they get stronger throughout the afternoon. here we are 4:00, and the wind gusts from 38 miles an hour half moon bay we're looking at 25-mile-an-hour wind gusts on average the diablo range, this will continue into your mday evening. you can see the colors indicating the fast wind speed and by 12:00, early tuesday morning, still pretty gusty out there. then the winds will dial back
5:20 am
and we'll be looking at an incoming weather system allowing for rain by your tuesday night commute. here's our storm impact scale. steady rain arriving tuesday night. it will become scattered in nature by wednesday and even into early thanksgiving thunderstorms possibility low snow levels 3,000 feet and lots of snow in the sierra nevada. the timing as we look at tuesday afternoon, the north bay is getting wet, the evening commute looks pretty sloppy. here it is by 6:30 and the rain is heavier in the north bay than as we get into your wednesday morning, still a wet time of it. remember this is getaway day for a lot of folks. sloppy not only here but in the mountains and southern california and by 5:00 wednesday night, looking at the scattered showers. rainfall amounts for the week looking generous. this goes through the early part of next weekend where we're almost at an inch in san francisco, three quarters of an inch in the north bay, so pretty good for our first area of
5:21 am
widespread rain. looking at snow levels and a winter storm watch through thanksgiving in the mountains and once again, we're still looking at anywhere from foot and a half to two feet of snow in the greater lake tahoe area. look at inclean 20 inches, 22 tahoe city and two feet at donner. highs different stories, mid 60s sunny in oakland, beautiful afternoon. it's going to be 67 in san jose, low 70s in the north bay. the accuweather seven-day forecast, gusty winds, elevated fire danger for your monday, cooler with the brisk northeasterly winds and one on our storm impact scale tuesday night into wednesday and scattered showers into thanksgiving. it is going to be cold out there and then looks like next weekend, maybe a little bit more rain. >> we are thankful for that, right. >> yeah. >> thanks, lisa. just ahead, climate protesters interrupted the harvard/yale football game. how the ivy league is responding.
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low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ♪the beat goes on ask your doctor about entresto for heart failure. ask your doctor about entresto for heart failure yeah! entrust your heart to entresto. ♪the beat goes on as we head to black friday thoughts turn to holiday shopping and toys for children for that matter. a consumer group has put out its annual trouble in toyland report and says toys have become much safer and a quarter million families went to the emergency room after children swallowed part of a toy. michael finney has more on the story. >> reporter: playing with slime, stretching, twisting, smashing, can be fun, creative, calming. just don't eat it. >> it has very high concentrations of boron. >> reporter: the california
5:25 am
public interest research group says four brands were found a material of borax which can cause news see ya and vomiting. >> it says here do not eat. it could be dangerous. >> reporter: however she says some kids might not resist the temptation t here you can see v light up. this toy registered at 87 decibels, far too loud for the youngest child. >> reporter: if it's annoying to you, it's probably not good for your kids either. >> babies, infants, toddlers obviously are always putting things in their mouth. >> reporter: the fishing toy is meant for older kids. if younger siblings get ahold of the parts they might swallow them. >> this is small enough to fit inside a toilet roll. >> reporter: it means small enough for a child to choke on it. which is also a concern with magnets. this is a stress reliever meant for adults. >> we have hundreds of very
5:26 am
powerful magnets. >> reporter: if a child swallows a couple of them it can cause serious internal damage. finally the traditional party balloon, seemingly harmless. >> if a balloon like this gets popped, there's all these tiny small parts. >> reporter: little pieces that kids might chew on. >> we're not saying that toys with small parts shouldn't exist in the world. but we are saying that parents with very young children need to be aware. >> reporter: the toy industry association says the report is needlessly scaring parents. response on i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. holidays stressing you out already. one reason might be porch pirates. a survey by forbes shows 49% of people are worried about having their packages stolen and 18% of those people say they know someone who has had a package
5:27 am
stolen before. 38% of people surveyed say they are getting deliveries now at work instead of their home. many are installing how many security systems with video to catch crooks in the act. it won't stop them but it could help catch them later. the rivalry football game between harvard and yale was delayed. they were protesting their school's undo youments from fossil fuel companies. more than 100 people rushed the field as halftime was ending. they were escorted off by police, delaying the start of the second half by almost an hour. yale ultimately won the game. in a statement the ivy league referred to the protest time as regret -- timing as regrettable. a veteran sheriff shot and killed in alabama. the suspect police have in custody for the crime. us leader support dropping act and sat requirements. their arguments for changing th
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. news to build a better bay area this is "abc 7 mornings." good morning, everyone. we're going to start this half hour with a look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. good morning, lisa. >> hey, liz, good morning to you. starting out with plenty of 30s in the north bay, it's in the 50s san francisco, 40s elsewhere. on the peninsula we have low 40s. a little chilly for you as we look at foster city and san bruno, 47, half moon bay. yesterday in the upper 60s at the coast. and with these chilly temperatures it's amazing we gain another 30 degrees of warmth for a sunny and mild afternoon, but this morning we are about nine degrees cooler at coast and do it again with another mild day on the way. 50s by 9:00. sunny and temperatures in the mid 60s by 1:00. enjoy it. we have big changes coming and, in fact, not looking at any of these temperatures returning any
5:31 am
time soon. we're going from above normal to below normal for the week ahead. liz? >> thanks, lisa. police in alabama have arrested a suspect accused of shooting and killing a veteran sheriff. lowndes sheriff john williams was killed last night responding to a call at a convenience store. authorities say 18-year-old william chase johnson was taken into custody after he returned to the same gas station where the shooting happened. sheriff williams was a marine and spent many years in law enforcement including ten years as the sheriff. vice president mike pence made a surprise visit to iraq and served up early thanksgiving meals to troops he also met up with the kurdish prime minister during his trip. abc news reporter, tells us the vice president took a swipe at congress. >> reporter: making an unannounced visit to iraq to visit u.s. troops in the region ahead of the thanksgiving holiday and to reassure our allies. first stop, an air base where he
5:32 am
took time to thank service members for their work. >> the armed forces of the united states are the greatest force for good the world has ever known, and you are that force. >> reporter: the vice president telling the troops the administration is fighting to secure another pay raise for the military. >> it will be the biggest in nine years. >> reporter: adding congress needs to do their job. >> congress should have finished their work on defense appropriations months ago, but you all know that partisan politics and endless investigations have slowed things down a bit. >> reporter: pence and his wife served thanksgiving meals to about 150 troops. >> thanks for your service. >> reporter: following his visit, the vice president traveled to eer bill the prime minister of iraq's kurdish region looking to show they have u.s. support. >> to reiterate the strong
5:33 am
wondss forged in the fires of war between people of the united states and the kurdish people across this region. >> reporter: u.s. relations with kurds in the region have been strained since president trump withdrew american troops from northern syria in october that change in policy a blow to syria's kurds. chuck severson, abc news, new york. former new york city mayor michael bloomberg is making an entrance into the presidential race with an 8 figure tv ad campaign. abc news confirmed bloomberg is spending at least $37 million in ad buys. some ads on national networks are set to air as early as today and most other ad wills run on local broadcasts starting tomorrow. bloomberg jumped into the race thursday after filing official paperwork with the federal election commission. following last week's democratic debate, abc news chief anchor george stephanopoulos goes one on one with democratic presidential
5:34 am
candidate senator aimbly klobuchar. watch the full interview with george stephanopoulos at 8:00. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg is in the hospital after experiencing chills and fever. the court's public information officer released a statement. ginsburg was evaluated at a hospital in washington, but then transferred friday to johnson hopkins hospital in baltimore. the court says with iv antibiotics and fluids, ginsburg appears to be getting better and expects to be released as early as this morning. a memorial now stands for the 22 people killed earlier this year at a walmart in el paso, texas. the 30 foot tall monument is made up of 22 individual arcs that group together to form one massive candle. the dedication comes days after the store reopened for the first time since the august shooting. the grand condella stands in a small plaza built on the store's parking lot. >> those who perished and their families will not be forgotten.
5:35 am
with this candela memorial, we will always honor your memory. >> the suspect in the shooting drove more than 10 hours to carry out this attack. he was arrested and has pleaded not guilty to murder charges. prosecutors plan to seek the death penalty. leaders with the university of california say they support dropping the sat and act exams from admission requirements. uc berkeley chancellor and academic officer say research points to dropping the exams and the tests are strongly influenced by family income, parent's education and race. more than 1,000 colleges have made the change. the tests were first scrutinized in the wake of the college admissions scanned really parents are accused of paying bribes to cheat on their kids' exams. tesla won't be the only company with an electric truck for long. gm will have a pick-up ready for market by the fall of 2021. the announcement made during an
5:36 am
investor meeting on thursday. this is part of a greater battle in the automotive industry for electric vehicles. gm plans to bring 20 different electric vehicles to market by 2023 and build thousands of charging stations around the country. ford is developing an electric pick-up truck. until then, orders for tesla's cyber truck are coming. tesla's ceo elon musk tweeted new numbers and said there have been 146,000 cyber truck orders so far. the truck's base model starts at $39,000 and hits the market in late 2021. the unveiling of the cyber truck did not go as planned. musk was touting the shatter proof windows. they cracked during a live demonstration, despite holding up in earlier tests. all right. hundreds of texans lined up to get a taste of california. yeah. check this out. specifically, the classic california burger and in-and-out burger. the chain opened a restauant in the houston area. customers lined up for hours.
5:37 am
some even said it waan tas stap >> the watch cha ma colic burger. >> you're offending all of houston. >> i know. >> you had to choose innd out versus what a burger, which would you do? >> only one for the rest of your life. >> you're putting me on the spot. >> in and out. >> that's the answer right. the burger battle goes on, but at least for now it does look like in and out is winning. no surprise to any of us in california. still ahead on "abc 7 mornings," a bay area mother and daughter are fundraising for pancreatic cancer research. how they're combining their personal story and love for alex trebek into an emotional campaign. a liveookm o exploratorium camera. a beautiful clear morning. all the lights lit up in san francisco. lisa argen will have your forecast in a few minute
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whataburger. here's a live look of the golden gate bridge. traffic moving smoothly as it should be on a sunday morning. in the east bay, an oakland church will continue a tradition of giving back today. the taylor memorial united methodist church will hold a feast for the homeless. turkey, ham, green beans, cake and pie served and there will be free clothes, groceries, hair cuts and showers. you can still donate items and volunteer for today's meal that runs from 9:00 to 3:00 at the church on 12th street in oakland. all right. just a few days away until thanksgiving.
5:41 am
we have to start shopping and getting our different -- >> and the weather cooperating today, tomorrow for dry ol, it's going to get windy as well. as we look at our picture outside from our east bay hills camera it's chilly. 37 san ramon, 39 in livermore. highs today once again near 70. beautiful afternoon but if you're waiting for rain and snow we have that next in my accuweather seven-day forecast is coming up. >> thanks. also next, cal beats stanford for the first time in a decade and takes home the ax. chris alvarez has the highlights and postgame reaction from the 122nd big game coming up in sports.
5:42 am
5:43 am
welcome back. here is a live look from the san mateo bridge camera. time right now is 5:43 on this sunday morning. hope it's all getting off to a good start for all of you waking
5:44 am
up this morning. could the warriors play fewer games next season? the associated press reports the nba is working with the players' union and its teams on a plan to shorten the season from 82 to 78 games. the plan would allow ways for teams to make up revenue from lost home dates. nba officials intend to prevent the proposal for discussion. important games for the 49ers and raiders. the silver and black face the vets at metlife stadium. kickoff is at 10:00 a.m. with a win the raiders can tie the chiefs ahead of the afc west ahead of the showdown in kansas city. tonight the 9-1 49ers take on the packers in a battle of the nfc's top two seeds. kickoff 5:20. cal has bragging rights over stanford forthe first time in ten years after the golden bears beat the cardinal in the big game. here's chris alvarez with the highlights in this morning's
5:45 am
sports. >> the 122nd big game ton on the line between cal and stanford. both teams need a win to keep their bowl hopes alive and for cal, trying to take back the ax, stanford has won this game nine straight times entering saturday. the cardinal trying to extend that series record streak to ten. house divided, coach wilcox and shaw hugged it out. davis mills, to donald stewart, his first career touchdown, 40 yards. 7-0 cardinal. late first quarter, cal a drive finished by brown jr., 7-7. still tied 10-10 in the third. cameron scarlet jumps over the pile and it's a touchdown. offensive coordinator pritchard you have to love the coordinator cams surfing. cal responds through the fourth, chase gashers to ramiile. stanford made it 20-17. garrbers back to pass, escapes and gets them blocked and sres.
5:46 am
cal takes the lead 24-20 and fun fact, cal is undefeated this year when garrvers plays the whole game. that happened on saturday. the blue and gold stormed the field. the losing streak is over. cal beats stanford 24-20. >> to see the joy on the faces of our players and coaches and fans and student body, alumni, what it means. it's really special moment. i want our guys to soak it up. it's because it's big. just really proud of our team and how they continue to fight thr through a tough game. >> i feel bad for our seniors and the rest of us let our seniors down and didn't allow them to finish their careers here with the ax. >> san jose state visiting unlv. josh love to offensive attack snyder. he's from mill valley. a big guy touchdown. how about the heisman for 55. check this out. love ghaither, right to brett
5:47 am
foley. touchdown san jose state. smarty up 4 until charles williams had a big day. he punches it in. unlv wins by three. something on ice on a saturday night. islanders take on the sharks, the swiss in the house. 1-1 in overtime. kaine, the pass to couture and he lights the lamp. the captain the first shark to score an o.t. winner in consecutive games. his team wins 2-1. a big day in nfl action, raiders in new york take on the jets, niners host the packers in a prime time showdown. have a great sunday. let's get a check of the bay area forecast with lisa argen. great day for sports. yesterday at least certainly was. >> yeah. it was beautiful out there and we need rain. we're going to get rain. in fact, once we transition into this wet pattern, it's going to stick around for a while. we're not going to look for several days of rain. just a couple. and as we look live outside right now, from our
5:48 am
exploratorium, our emeryville camera, clear, visibility is good and we're going from wind to rain and snow, but starting out with the dry and mild weather for your sunday. looking at once again temperatures above average. north winds that offshore flow drying out the atmosphere and then rain arriving into tuesday. it will be on and off into wednesday and then taper off into thursday. look at your morning temperatures, it's cold. how about the 33 by the delta, 35 in napa, santa rosa, 40s on the peninsula. good morning to you, san jose, 46. livermore at 39. so it is certainly another cool start out there, but our afternoon highs 5 to 10 degrees above average. here's our roof camera and san francisco in the mid 60s today. were you at the beach yesterday? 69 degrees half moon bay. it was 74 in santa cruz. pretty nice out there. and once again, today, high pressure is inhand
5:49 am
as we look towards the north, a piece of very cold air moving down across the bay area into your tuesday. here's a lookw. go from a northerly component to northeasterly. look how fast these winds are blowing from half moon bay through the coast, point rays and then area. the santa cruz mountains. as we look at our wind gusts from 6:00 tomorrow night, here's a look at those 38-mile-an-hour winds from half moon bay bs the mountains of the north bay, the diablo range. very gusty. byes the time we get into tuesday, still out of the north, still quite breezy. it's through the overnight hours and then tuesday morning they will begin to dial back. we're concerned about this offshore flow, relative humidity has been up, but it will continue to dry out. e mohe so it b
5:50 am
tuday we'll be adding up our rainfall totals. the more generous model from three quarters of an inch to over an inch throughout the entire week. the bulk of it falling into tuesday. here's the snow. one to two feet in the mountains with the winter storm watch through thanksgiving there. in the south bay, 67 in san jose and sunnyvale. mid 60s san mateo. redwood city. san francisco, mid 60s a beautiful afternoon. low 70s up in the north bay. look for 64 today in oakland with 66 in san ramon. east bay 4:00. 69 in livermore. the accuweather seven-day forecast looking at the warmest day today. the cooler air tomorrow with the gusty winds. the high fire danger throughout the day, elevated for sure. here comes the rain. download our accuweather app and keep track of live doppler 7. talk about tuesday, tuesday even commute should be impacted.
5:51 am
>> and yeah all these people traveling out of town are coming into town it's going to be a little bit of a rough few days after thanksgiving. thanks, lisa. >> this month is pancreatic cancer awareness month. on world pancreatic cancer day a woman and her mother are turning a love of jeopardy into a campaign to find a cure. here's dion lim. >> we love you alex. >> reporter: to say lauren and her mother jane are fans of jeopardy could be an understatement. >> i grew up watching jeopardy as a kid. i still watch it every night even with my mom. >> reporter: but their love for alex has become more meaningful in the past few months after alex revealed he had stage four pancreatic cancer. >> my dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer when i was 12. we were inspired by his honesty after his diagnosis. >> reporter: that was back in 2004. for two years, ed fought with toughness and as he called it, a passion to win. >> he was the type of person that would get up every day and
5:52 am
be grateful for what he had and grateful for life. he had a passion for it to work hard, to fight hard against his disease. >> reporter: lauren's father passed away in july of 2006. >> we miss him terribly. we miss him every day. >> reporter: every year since her father's passing lauren and her mom fund raise for the cause. they made this video and campaign asking for checks for alex trebek to fund research for everyone touched by the disease. >> i hope he would be proud of us. i think in a way, it gets harder every year. >> reporter: pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest forms of cancer with a five-year survival rate of less than 10%, which is why fund raising for a cure is important. >> we don't know enough about the biology of this disease in order to understand how to appropriately stop it in its tracks. >> reporter: the question is, what's next. psuccessful fundraising campaig.
5:53 am
in san francisco, dion lim, abc 7 news. >> watch alex trebek host "jeopardy" every week night at 7:00 here after abc 7 news at 6:00. next, today is your last chance to go to the festival on treasure island. why organizers have to move the venue starting next year.
5:54 am
5:55 am
here are the winning numbers. 28, 35, 38, 61, 66, the powerball number 23. nobody picked all six numbers. happening today, it is your last chance to check out the monthly festival on san francisco's treasure island. treasure fest is ending its decade long run today. it has given entrepreneurs a place to sell their art and other products since it began in 2011. today is the holiday market with ten tons of snow, hundreds of vendors, diy workshops and
5:56 am
carnival games. organizers say starting next year there won't be enough space on the island for the market because of ongoing development and construction and will move activity.nt nt i highly suggest going if you have a chance today. next at 6:00 a.m., union city police are investigating the first homicides of the year. why officers are asking the public for help in this case. oakland's extra patrols helped nab several suspects after side shows. how officers caught some of the drivers.
5:57 am
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by j.d. power. news to build a better bay area, this is "abc 7 mornings." good morning, everyone. it is sunday, november 24th. i'm liz kruetz. let's start with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. good morning, lisa. >> hey, liz, good morning to you. hope you enjoyed the day yesterday. so nice out there. we need rain. it is on the way, but how about another carbon copy of yesterday. it is clear out there, temperatures are cool. we're starting out in the east bay with low 40s in oakland, 41 san leandro. 30s throughout the delta. our inland valleys and about 50 on the coast. the light winds, the cooler temperatures this morning, but by the afternoon we are back up into the upper 60s to near 70. it's slow going getting there. throughout the 7:00 hour, plenty of 40s by noontime. we're in the 60s for most, upper 50s at the


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