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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 24, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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oh oh yeah yeah totally crazy ♪ ♪ can't you feel it c'mon baby i feel like a woman ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> shania on fire! what a night. and i have to say something. with taylor's artist of the year award, she's broken the all-time record for ama wins. congratulations, taylor. and to all the winners. and give it up again for the odht, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> american music awards nominees are based on key fan interactions as reflected in "billboard" magazine and on, including album and digital song sales, radio
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airplay, streaming, social activity, and touring. these measurements are tracked by billboard and its data partners, including nielsen music and next big sound. the voting is administered, monitored, and verified by telescope inc., an independent vote management company. and the results remain confidential until the time of presentation. air travel provided by american airlines. ♪ ♪
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>> thieves have been thargting restaurants in one san francisco
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>> announcer: now, news to build a better bay area from abc 7. >> you remember this? it's been more than six months since we saw significant rain fall across the bay area, but eveni, dioimto change this let's get to our meet yolgs with a look at the forecast. >> find your rain here finally after a very quiet start to the storm season.
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this week we're tracking wet weather mauking a come back. a storm system dive in from the north. not only rain here but heavy snow in the sierra. so, on the storm impact scale, we use this exclusively at abc 7 to rank the storms 1-5 light to se sere, give you idea what to x. we're tracking rain, scattered downpours. winds will gust well over 20-miles-per-hour. and that means we'll likely find some travel delays. this is only one day we're tracking of several days of wet weather coming our way this week. we'll break it down for you in the full forecast in a few minutes. you can track rain and get the forecast where you live with the abc 7 news app. we have live doppler 7 on the app and you can enable push ur phoner > l restaurants sbrn burglarized in the russian hill neighborhood.
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>> the suspect made off with thousands of dollars in electron uks and culinary knives. crime is something we've been focused on as part of our efforts to build a better bay area. >> how traunt owners are trying to find their own >> many of the small businesses understand the smaller burglaries often overshadowed by the bigger problems but they ill the want more to be done. >> a restaurant in san francisco is lucky to be open for sunday night dinner considering what happened here saturday morning. >> the window right here was smashed in. >> owner michael pollack says the burglar made off with several ipads and his collection of culinary knives he's been collecting for more than 20 years. >> my first job when i was 13 years old, the chef took me under his wing and taught me to cook. he bought me knives over the
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years. >> his collection is worth thousands of dollars. but pollack admits the break in didn't shock him. >> par for the curioourse. i knew it was only a matter of time. >> four months ago elephant sushi. >> it's a worrisome escalation. and i haven't really seen any indication that progress has been made to find out who's behind it. >> four years ago new russian hill market was also hit. >> he grabbed a bunch of cigarettes andly kwor. >> police sent this surveillance video of a masked man smashing the window and climbing the in with a duffel bag. he says more needs to be done to help people struggling. >> we need to address this problem that people are going through so they don't feel they
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have to break into somebody's business or steal what they have. so, there's an underlying issue that the city has to deal with. >> this owner hosted a city with officials and police. she was told that crime is down in san francisco. but she believes if unsolved inincentivizes criminals to do more. >> you're trying to get ahead. you're trying to make something of yourself. yeah, it's another hurdle to jump. so, burglaries do not help on so many levels. and it doesn't make you feel secure. >> one of the solutions that came out of the meeting is to allow san francisco restaurants in this area to allow police to have direct access to their surveillance video. but of course that raises privacy concerns. i want to add we did reach out to san francisco police for comment. they did not respond. reporting live, abc 7 news. >> we appreciate that report. we want to hear your ideas about
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building a better bay area. you can share them by joining our group on facebook. >> investigators worked late into the night yesterday to learn new details about the shooting that killed two boys in union city. the 11 and 14-year-old victims were shot and killed around 1:30 yesterday morning. they were parked inside a minivan. one mother at the scene said her son went to school with one of the boys and she says her son is shaken up. >> i don't think he's quite grasped it yet. they're afraid to go outside. >> police have not ruled out the possibility that this may have been gang related. happening right now more than a dozen homeless activists have set up in front of city hall. >> the group is calling for an end of what are cruel and inhuman antihomeless practices by the city. >> reporter: right across from oakland city hall, these activists and homeless individuals hope their message
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makes it all the way inside the mayor's office. >> housing is a human right. >> over a dozen tents make up what has been dubbed the housing justice village. this woman has been homeless the last two years. she said she was tired of being moved by city workers from one place to the next. >> there were 15 folks who were going to be staying here, most of them homeless, and that has grown. some people are doubling up in tents. >> what's the plan? >> the plan is to stay here and to take care of each other and to talk to the public, inform the public. >> we walked around the camp where food was provided. homeless cover their tents with posters that tell the story of eviction and living on the streets. >> we can't criminalize people because they don't have a place to live. >> you're staying here tonight? >> i am staying here tonight, and i will stay here as long as everyone else is staying here. >> it's still unclear how long the camp will be allowed to stay
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on the plaza. throughout the protest, oakland police officers surrounded the area. the latest homeless count identified a total of 4,071 homeless people in this city. the mayor's office responded to the encampment and said the group has the right to protest peacefully and added in part the housing and homelessness crisis is a priority in our community and we are working to create more safe shelter spaces. in the south bay police are investigating who fired several shots in a san jose neighborhood last night. [ sound of gunfire ] yeah, you could hear the gunshots as the neighbor played us video from their security camera. all of it happened about 10:30 last night on cape buffalo drive. shome, two cars, and even abues i -- they put
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evidence markers. there was like more than 20. >> people were inside the home that was struck by gunfire but no one was hurt. today loved ones gathered to honor the lainny college football player who lost his battle with cancer. he was supposed to attend the concert but instead it was made into a tribute to honor his memory. doctors discovered he had bone cancer last november while treating him for a broken leg. recently the cancer spread to his lungs. he received outpouring of support. tomorrow is thanksgiving service. about 4,400 food boxes will be distributed to families tomorrow through wednesday. those boxes include c food, fresh produce, and a choice of turkey, ham, or chicken.
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>> the 49ers made a statement win tonight over the green bay packers improving their record to 10 and 1. >> chris alvarez joining us with more on this. >> you can hear chris yelling from the sports office. >> could you? >> yeah. >> i thought i had the door closed. i was a little loud. 9ers just a gauntlet of a schedule ahead. tonight begins a huge three game stretch against teams with records of .800 or better. this is an interesting haircut, hat, what is that? the faithful had to like this. rookie nick bosa, 97. he is strong. his eighth sack of the year right there. he made aaron roger's life miserable tonight. jimmy g., welcome back. 61 yards to the house. 9ers win 37-8. they're 10 and 1. jimmy g. appreciates what's happening now and what is next. >> i've got to give a shout out to the faithful. they were rocking tonight. the stadium, the energy.
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walking in early in the afternoon you could feel it. it was really cool just to have levie's loud like that. we've got a good stretch right now. baltimore will be a good stretch. >> much more coming in sports. 10 and 1. a lot of reaction. a lot of highlights for you 49ers fans. >> the door was closed and we could still hear him. still ahead at 11:00, a half dozen people get sick on a cruise ship docked in southern california. the investigation now into what caused the illnesses. a seal is found wandering in a redwood city parking garage. by vets expect to see more rescues like this. >> in and out burgers is being
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. four people were taken to hospitals after becoming sick on a dkee ship in l.a. this morning. six people in total reported falling ill on the norwegian joy which was sailing for panama canal. ai cause or source of the illness hasn't been determined but a spokesperson said it was stomach related illness and they implemented stringent sanitation procedures. a seal made its way to land today. someone with the fire station 9 this morning reported seeing the seal down the street. firefighters rescued the animal, then brought it to the station and called the marine mammals association. >> he's going to need fluids and nutrition. we've got i think six or seven first seals up on site right now so he'll join that gang of first seals up there.
11:23 pm
>> she says this is the prime time of year seeing young pups needing rescue. in and out is being sued over a wild fire. that fire burned just about 250 acres in september of 2017. in its lawsuit, cal fire says a tractor mowing grass sparked the fire. it also claimed the tractor wasn't properly maintained and is seeking $1.2 million from the fast food restaurant chain. in and out has not commented ton lawsuit. on the peninsula people are celebrating the holiday season by going back to the victorian area. >> organizers say it's a one of a kind holiday adventure into victorian london. it transforms the palace into a twilight evening into a city full of lights and characters from history. the event features a party with hundreds of costumed players
11:24 pm
performing and interacting with guests. santa claus is there and shared one child's wish. >> i believe a 5-year-old looked at me and said i'd like a lamborgini. >> they set the bar so high these days. >> the dickens fair has been a bay area tradition since 1970. this year it runs weekends through december 22. now your forecast with drew tuma. >> we are wrapping up a quiet weekend but the week ahead features the return of wet weatherer and windy conditions. live doppler 7 showing you maun lie clear sky and dry conditions overhead for the time being. we are fog free but with the clear skies temperature-wise it is falling into the 30s in our coldest spots already now. 41 in navar yo, 53 in san jose. 44 right now in napa. so, overnight tonight plenty of
11:25 pm
stars. coldest spots will drop into the mid 40s in north bay, napa, cloverdale, santa rosa. elsewhere will hold in the mid 40s for the most part. however, early tomorrow morning winds will begin to ramp up a little bit as a dry cold front moves through here in the early morning hours sonchts 10:00 monday morning not the greatest hair day. you see the winds racing out of the north. gusting over 30-miles-per-hour. the good news with this wind event it's not nearly as strong as preefs you wind events this season and it's not as long lasting. these winds die down late monday night to early tuesday morning. we have no red flag warnings in effect but still the winds drag in relative humidities. it is a bright day, a dry day tomorrow. you'll notice the wind gusting. 64 in san jose, 65 in santa rosa and antioch up to 66 degrees.
11:26 pm
however the wet weather does return starting tuesday afternoon and into tuesday evening. on the storm impact scale, this is a level two moderate storm. we rank our storms here at abc 7 to give you a better idea of what to expect with each and every storm. tuesday afternoon we're tracking steady rain, scattered downpours as well. as this cold front moves through, winds pick up. that will cause travel delays on the roadways. this is tuesday morning, 10:00 a.m. tuesday morning. we start the day dry. find increasing clouds throughout the morning. and into the early afternoon, the rain first arrives in the north bay 2:00 p.m. tuesday afternoon. in higher elevations we could see snow flakes mixing in as well. as the evening progresses, the front and rain sinks south. by 6:00 p.m. tuesday we're tracking rain across the entire region. you see pink and white, could have a mixing around mount
11:27 pm
hamilton. this line of yellow and orange, that's a heavier downpour as the front swings through here. that likely happens later tuesday night. behind the front we'll see scattered showers for part of the day on wednesday as well and cooler air will move in here. total rain fall with the storm coming in tuesday into early wednesday. good bet to find half inch to inch of rain moving through the bay area. that's something we desperately need. that's what we'll find tuesday into wednesday. there's the winter storm warning. we'll see flakes flying. this is a major winter storm for the sierra. winter storm warning above 2,000 feet, two to three feet of fresh powder and highest peaks could see four feet of snow. gusty winds tomorrow, it's dry. the rain and wind moves in here tuesday afternoon and evening. scattered showers wednesday and thanksgiving thursday. neither day is a wash out but
11:28 pm
you might want to take the umbrella with you. we're dry for shoppers on friday. then saturday and sunday, more showers. in the picture. >> it's not just because there's rain but they're geeking because there's actual weather now. >> we need the rain and it's here. >> geeking out, all the above. >> that's true. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, paradise continues to rise from the ashes with an undefeated high school football
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♪ ♪ you never cease to amaze me, maya. see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. one year after the campfire decimated their town, the paradise high school football team is heading to the sectional championship. >> they beat top seeded west valley 28-13 friday night. paradise remains unbeaten this season. players have been determined to give the town something to cheer
11:32 pm
about. >> the whole town of paradise is here. it's our only event right now. >> it's unreal. and to see them play with the heart they're playing with is fantastic. >> paradise won the game without six of their starters who were suspended because of a fight in the previous game. >> congrats to them. and chris with the nfl football. >> that's a great story up in that area. what a great thing they're doing for their community. 9ers are 10 and 1. they're doing it for the whole bay area. 9ers put it to the pack,
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itreat them all as if, they are hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, and keep the public safe.right after so we can both respond out >> announcer: abc 7 sports
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sponsored by river rock casino. >> if a 9 and 1 record wasn't good enough to figure out how good the 9ers team was and you needed a statement win, ask the green bay packers how they feel about san francisco after tonight. the 9ers dominant from start to finish. who's the most faithful fan? this guy throwing his mohawk in the ring. opening possession 3rd and so for the packers. aaron rodgers sacked and the ball is loose. nick bosa jumps on it and the 9ers inside the 5 in business right away. next play, handed to tevin coleman and watch this. 26 keep the feet moving, drive to the end zone and get the ball over the pylon. he is in. aaron rodgers less than 2 minutes in, packers down 7-0. pack go for it on fourth and one, aaron jones running into a wall. get back coach, can't go on the
11:37 pm
field. 9ers on the move. jimmy garoppolo to deebo samuel. deebo to the house, 42 yards, 23-0 9ers at recess. how long strong is nick bosa? three tackle ls and a sack in this game. he is 8 sacks on the year. he's got my vote for defensive rookie of the year. no doubt. rodgers a night to forget, sacked five times. 9ers respond in two plays, play action right, roll left, and find a wide open hey george kittle's back. 61 yard connection, 30-8 san francisco, 6 catches, 129 score, return, jimmy g., two scores all good on the sideline and let's put a stamp on a signature win. raheem moster 15 yards, 227 yards rushing. the 9ers, they're surfing, they're swimming. 10 and 1.
11:38 pm
>> i wouldn't say it's anything crazy. i just try and be myself. i think guys respect that. they're going to see through if you try to fake stuff like that. it's a great group of guys to be with. >> jimmy garoppolo is our leader and we will follow him to the darkest of dark. i guarantee you won't touch him because you've got guys that he goes to battle and to fight for us every day and we have an obligation to go to battle and to fight for him. >> you play or you don't play. i wish i could have played last week and the week before. they wouldn't let me. but that was my first sunday night football game. that was fun for me. being able to have all that fun out there on the field with those guys is such an incredible moment. >> our guys haven't changed at all. they've got more locked in, more focused. our guys aren't focused about where they're at. they're pumped about the possibilities of where they can go. hopefully we can keep working t. >> this abc 7 sports report sponsored by river rock casino.
11:39 pm
some fans say nothing finer than being a 9er. >> much more to come on abc 7 news at 11:00. make room for one more. former new york city mayor michael bloomberg is running for president. bay area political experts are weighing in. plus border agents discover
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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> good evening. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm dion lim. in tonight's headlines now, more
11:43 pm
than a dozen homeless activists have set up a camp in front of oakland city hall. the group is calling for an end to what they say are cruel and inhuman antihomeless practices by the city. the city of oakland says it supports their right to protest peacefully. police are searching for the suspects accused of burglarizing a restaurant last night. the owners had several ipads and his 20 year collection of culinary knives stolen. well, make room for one more. democratic presidential field is now widening with former new york city mayor michael bloomberg entering the race today and bay area political experts are weighing in. >> here's car nell barnard. following weeks of speculation, it's official, michael bloomberg is in the race for president making his announcement in his first tv spot. >> mike bloomberg for president.
11:44 pm
>> dropping more than $37 million on a tv ad campaign, the largest of the 2020 election cycle so far. his fellow candidates accusing the billionaire of trying to buy the election. >> democracy means that billionaires cannot buy elections. >> maybe the argument is hey i've got more money than the guy in the white house. i don't think they're going to buy that. >> bloomberg's ads will air in several key battleground states, a campaign that's squarely aimed at beating donald trump. usf political professor james taylor has concerns. >> the idea that he is going to use his new york platform to gain national attention again is guaranteed failure. >> taylor cites bloomberg's stop and frisk program often targeting young men of color believed to be in engaged in criminal activity. the 11th hour campaign is unfair. >> it's disrespectful of the process.
11:45 pm
i think it's disrespectful of the other candidate who is have had to pay and compete. >> it's too soon to tell how the candidacy will resonate with undecided voters who were hoping the field would narrow. president trump's campaign seemingly not concerned with bloomberg's entry into the race. a spokesman telling nbc news they can keep adding names to the pile but no one beats trump. >> bloomberg may take chances on unconventional strategy and may wait until super tuesday, march 3rd. >> if you want the latest information on all the presidential candidates, just head to our website, >> navy secretary richard spencer was fired today over his handling oof a case of a navy seal. he went behind the back to
11:46 pm
eddie gallagher. he was acquitted of killing an isis fighter. developing news out of hong kong tonight. the prodemocracy opposition has won a resounding victory in local elections. it's an election that's seen as a test of public support for antigovernment protests. the pro-democracy camp has won a majority of the 452 district council seats. a record 71% of the city's 4.1 million registered voters cast ballo i elti. > supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg is back home after being admitted on friday after experiencing chills and fever. she was released today. a spokesperson says she's home doing well. ginsburg who is 86 has had a number of health complications in recent years including
11:47 pm
surgery for lung cancer last december. we know some people have left the bay area and california over higher cost of housing and many of them are apparently going to nevada. las vegas review journal reports more than 50,000 californians moved to nevada between july of 2017 and july of 2018. nevada has a lower cost of living and no state income tax. nevada though did lose about 22,400 residents to california in that same time period. even so, that is 10,000 fewer residents than in 2009. no bologna at the border. u.s. border agents seized more than 150 pounds of the lunch meat from a driver entering from mexico. the driver told agents he had rolls of frozen turkey, but they found mexican bologna. it can't be carried across
11:48 pm
because it can bring in foreign agents. today marks the 50th anniversary of apollo 12 which was the second space flight to land on the moon. the uss hornet sea, air, and space museum held a dedication. the hornet picked up the crew after the historic mission. just months earlier, the hornet had recovered neil armstrong, buzz armstrong, and mike collins from the first moon landing. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, fans have the ultimate say. a look back at the best performances of rican
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you saw them here on abc 7, the american music awards. >> this is one awards show where fans have their say choosing
11:52 pm
their favorite artists of the year. ♪ >> a night of big performances. ♪ >> the american music awards where the winners are chosen by their fans. >> thank you american music awards. >> taking home the prize for pop or rock song. best rapper hip hop song "old town road" with lil noz x featuring billy ray cyrus. >> your moment is waiting for you. >> and carrie underwood taking best country album. >> thank you to the fans, thank you so much. >> there were first time performers. billie eilish named new artist of the year. >> thank the fans because that's the only reason i'm even alive.
11:53 pm
♪ unbreak my heart >> and amma favorites back in a big way. but the big of the, taylor swift's performance commemorating her honor as artist of the decade. >> all that matters for me is the memories i have with you guys over the years. >> rounding out the night -- >> taylor swift, artist of the year. >> it was truly an evening of performances and honors that fans approved of. the biggest shopping day of the year is almost here but a new survey says half of holiday shoppers have already gotten a head start. according to the national retail federation, 56% of shoppers have already begun making purchases. on average shoppers had completed nearly a quarter of their shopping. both those numbers were up 8% this year compared to 10 years ago. amazingly 4% of shoppers this
11:54 pm
year have finished their holiday shopping. >> a man got more than he bargained for when he broke into the house of an 82-year-old woman. she just happening to be an award winning body builder. >> i'm alone and i'm old but guess what? i'm tough. >> those guns are better than yours, eric. >> they are. >> willy murphy lives in rochester, new york. he says a man knocked on her door asking her to call an ambulance. but moments later, the body builder heard a loud noise and realized he had broken in. she came down to confront him grabbing a nearby table. >> i took that table and i went to working on him. and guess what? the table bro j him. i had really did a number on that man. >> she's making me scared. when police arrived it wasn't murphy who needed medical attention. the suspect who police say was intoxicated was taken to jail.
11:55 pm
murphy is not pressing charges. >> well, if he wasn't intoxicated before, he may be afterwards. >> last ec which on weather now. >> tomorrow what we'll find is a dry day, a lot of sunshine, but winds ramp up. we're seeing wind gusts 20 to 30-miles-per-hour throughout the day. it'll keep us cool. 63 in oakland. 64 in santa rosa. wet weather continues on the storm impact scale with rain, scattered downpours, wipd gusts 20 to 30-miles-per-hour. that will likely lead to travel delays. we'll time it out for you. tuesday morning start the day dry. clouds thicken throughout the morning. rain first arrives in the north bay. the rain will spread south. 6:00 p.m. tuesday we're tracking showers across the entire region with a line of heavier showers moving through tuesday night before we end the day early on wednesday morning. rain fall potential, about a half an inch to inch in most
11:56 pm
spots. accuweather forecast, tomorrow is sunny and windy and dry. rain returns tuesday with scattered showers wednesday and thursday and another storm saturday and sunday. >> drew, thanks. >> big day in the nfl. here's chris. >> also when you play basketball you don't have to worry about the weather because you're inside. warriors, injury front for them, when you can expect to see looney back in the line up. and bad performance, bad weather, everything was
11:57 pm
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it'son the sleep numberate sleep360 smart bed. can it help keep us asleep? yes, it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. and now, during the ultimate sleep number event, save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. ends cyber monday. the oakland raiders fell into a trap against the new york jets. they entered the game 6 and 4 on a three game winning streak and a huge game looms in the distance next week. but the silver and black failed to take care of business today against the jets. less than ideal conditions in the greater new york area.
12:00 am
don't even look happy to be there. opening position third and long, quick screen pass. this is productive. nice gain for the first down. move the chains. the drive stalls and ends up with 48 yard daniel carlson field goal. why show you a field goal? that's the only points for the raiders all day. car with plenty of time. step up in the pocket and find a wide open tyrrell williams, but he drops the ball. a lot of drops to the raiders. gruden clearly not happy. second quarter, jets in the red zone, sam darnold finds himself in the end zone. 10-3 jets. they're down 20-3 in the third. a sh jacobs looks like he was stuffed. after reew tsre a touchdown. more bad news, ball tipped off


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