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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  November 28, 2019 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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. tonight, breaking news. president trump in afghanistan. the commander in chief making his first visit to that war zone, thanking u.s. troops, helping to serve thanksgiving dinner. saying the taliban wants to negotiate peace in america's longest war. plus, how air force one made the secret trip. the monster storms coast to coast. fierce winds shaking those thanksgiving day parade balloons. one marcher getting knocked over. and the new storm pummeling the west. snow, rain and treacherous drde on an icy road. holiday evacuations. the chemical plant disas ster forcing 50,000 people from their homes. the battle to control the flames choong
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prident umpit a show of support for human rights in hong kong. praised by protesters but vilified by china. are trade talks now at risk? danger on the track. the truck stalled at a rail road crossing, slammed by a freight train unable to stop. open for business. the black friday frenzy officially under way. one of the hot items this year? the apple airpods. where we found them on sale. the best deals to scoop up right now, and what you should wait to buy. and giving thanks. a second helping of gratitude for a hockey fan. a forever mom. a sailor's return. and the gift of color. the amazing stories that are all america strong. good evening. thank you for joining us on this thanksgiving night. i'm tom llamas, in for david. and we begin with president trump's surprise mission to afghanistan. his first trip there as commander in chief, thanking
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u.s. troops forintoer thanksgiv dinner, also. and meeting with the president of afghanistan, saying that the taliban is back at the negotiating table. the president's show of support comes as the recently fired navy secretary has scathing words for the commander in chief. abc's senior white house correspondent cecilia vega leads us off. >> reporter: on a secret mission that only a handful of top aides knew about, president trump today landing in afghanistan, delivering a thanksgiving surprise to american troops. surrounded by those service members, the president announced peace talks with the taliban are now back on. >> the taliban wants to make a deal. we'll see if they want to make a deal. it's got to be a real deal, but we'll see. >> reporter: the president abruptly cancelled those talks less than three months ago, after a spike in violence. the move sparked fierce bipartisan outrage. >> they're dead. they're dead. as far as i'm concerned, they're dead. >> reporter: 19 americans have died in combat in afghanistan so far this year, the most in five years. and president trump hoping to
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make good on a promise to reduce the 13,000 troops currently stationed there to about 8,600. this is the president's second trip to visit troops in a combat zone, traveling to iraq last christmas. but this mission comes amid controversy at the pentagon, after the president intervened on behalf of a navy s.e.a.l. at the center of a war crimes case. the navy secretary forced out after president trump refused to allow top leadership to strip edward gallagher of his elite navy s.e.a.l. status. in "the washington post", ousted navy secretary richard spencer calling it a, quote, "shocking and unprecedented intervention." saying, "the president has very little understanding of what it means to be in the military, to fight ethically or to be governed by a uniform set of rules and practices." but today, president trump eager to show off his military support. the president all smiles, as he served thanksgiving dinner.ngn own helping. >> i never got to my turkey.
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it's the first time in thanksgiving that i never had anything called turkey. but that's okay. >> all right, cecilia vega joins us now from the white house. and cecilia, this was a highly secretive mission, as you said, only a handful of top aides knew in advance. and you're learning tonight more about that extra security that was taken? >> reporter: yeah, tom, they had to keep this mission top secret for the president's safety on a high stakes trip like this one. when air force one took off from joint base andrews, it did so in complete darkness, the lights inside the plane were off, the window shades were drawn. when it landed there at bag ram base, it landed in complete darkness you as well. just a handful of aides traveling with the president on this mission, tom. not even the president of afghanistan knew that president trump was coming until just before he landed. >> cecilia vega with that new reporting tonight. cecilia, thank you. and we are also tracking two major storms tonight. one of them in the east, threatening those parade balloons here in new york city. take a look. heavy wind ripping a hole in ronald mcdonald, taking it out
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of service. the nutcracker knocking one of its wranglers to the ground. and now that secondming the wes. fire fighters on an icy road in utah, rescuing people whose suv had gone down a hill. and on i-25 in colorado, icy conditions flipped this charter bus upside down. the storm is now moving east, threatening travel just as millions of americans return home. here's abc's rob marciano. >> reporter: tonight, high winds nearly grounding those famous balloons at the macy's thanksgiving day parade. handlers struggling to keep some of them under control. gusting shoves the nutcracker balloon, knocking this person to the ground. the wind tearing a hole in the ronald mcdonald balloon, causing it to partially deflate. officials pulling it off the route. and on the back side of this storm, first responders in utah racing to rescue three people in an suv that rolled at least 30 feet down an embankment in heavy snow wednesday. in colorado, a bus with some
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45 people onboard overturning on i-25 south of pueblo. roads icy in the area. at least one in southern california, tow trucks pulling stranded big rigs out of the snow. i-5 north of los angeles shut down for hours. driving treacherous on the 15 freeway north of san bernardino. >> coming up the pass, the 15 here was a lot of hydroplaning and a lot of stop and go. >> reporter: both storms delaying more than 5,500 flights wednesday alone. fears of significant travel headaches for millions heading home with the busiest air travel day of the year room ilooming. >> and rob is with us now. rob, that new storm moving out of the west could mean trouble for people heading home after this holiday. >> reporter: i think so, tom. it's really starting to expand. this as the storm in the east starts to calm the windsoo end the country and we had a rn a sw i aler, w ones have been ard rnin
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dakotas. storm washirnings in socal. but it will be on the move tonight. so, the heavy rain will move into las vegas and phoenix. more heavy snow in the colorado rockies. and then into the high plains, where the blizzard conditions are expected tomorrow night into saturday. heavy rain across the mississippi, missouri river valleys. maybe strong storms during the day on saturday in the deep south. still blizzard conditions in the upper midwest. and then the leading edge of this precip hits colder air in the northeast. new york, pennsylvania will start off as an icy mix, making for dicey travel there. and yet another storm on sunday getting into the mix for next week. tom? >> all right, rob, we know you and your team will be tracking both those storms. rob, thank you for that. in texas tonight, families within four miles of a burning chemical plant forced to spend this holiday away from their homes. new video of the first explosion at the plant captured by a doorbell camera. you see it right there. nearly 48 hours later, the fire
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icla'seen burning since eary mo. late today, local officials pledging significant progress hass been made in the battle to extinguish those flames. >> the situation is improving, but we are not completely out of the woods yet. >> reporter: the initial explosion injured three workers. the blast caught on camera inside a coffee shop. you can see a bright light flash just before the massive explosion blew out doors and windows across the area. >> all of a sudden, we heard a big crash, a big boom and didn't know what it was. and a split second later, the glass and win dose come flying in the bedroom. >> reporter: then hours later, a second blast causing a steel tower to shoot out of those hellish flames, then torpedo down towards the ground. thermafour-mil evacuation, forcing tens of
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thousands of residents to flee from their homes for thanksgiving, packing up and leaving. >> i worry about what we're breathing in. >> reporter: tonight, they're wondering when they'll be able to return home. authorities say they're keeping a close eye out on the air quality, and while they won't be able to find out what caused this fire until they get it out, they say tonight one thing is for sure, it is a miracle that nobody was killed. tom? >> will carr for us tonight. will, thank you for that. next, president trump caught in the middle after signing new measures supporting human rights in hong kong. grateful pro-democracy protesters waving american flags at a thanksgiving rally. but a furious china summoned the u.s. ambassador to a meeting in beijing. are the u.s./china trade talks now at risk? here's abc's senior foreign correspondent ian pannell. >> reporter: thousands of ofong kong, many waving streets american flags to say thank you. they're grateful after president trump signed legislation, strengthing the position of
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pro-democracy protesters. two bills that threaten sanctions and penalties if china meddles with the city's rights and freedoms. it also bans american-made tear gas and rubber bullets from being sold to hong kong. mr. trump said he signed the law "out of respect for president xi, china and the people of hong kong." but beijing's furious. the american ambassador summoned in anger. china saying it "strongly protests" the move, calling it "serious interference in china's internal affairs." and warning of "strong counter and warning of strong counter measures during a time when both economic superpowers are engaged in highly sensitive talks to end the long-running trade war. all this as the battle on the streets of this city descend increasingly into violent clashes. move, move, move! the recent siege of a college campus further escalating tensions. with no end in sight, the protests now straining
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u.s./china relations. if beijing hoped it could ignore or marginalize the demonstrations in hong kong, that's gone out the window. with america backing the movement, it will likely only provoke more protests and potentially violence. tom? >> ian, thank you. and back here now, some major stores are open for business at this hour. black friday is already under way. abc's gio benitez with some especially good deals, including where to find apple airpods, which rarely go on sale. >> reporter: tonight, retailers are open for business. not waiting for black friday, like at bed, bath, and beyond, who opened their doors at 5:00 p.m. almost 40% off this kitchenaid mixer. the store also slashing an additional 25% off your entire purchase, but only until noon tomorrow. at macy's, this 13-piece cookware set slashed 75%.
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now just $29.99. >> it's time for black friday doorbusters. >> reporter: target offering these beats wireless headphones for $129, down from $299. and walmart discounting some apple products, which almost never go on sale. like these airpods down to $129 from $159. with next generation gaming consoles due out next year, multiple retailers tonight are unloading the xbox one s, bundled with three popular games, for 149 bucks. and don't forget, you can let a mobile app like shop savvy find you the best deals. it scans a product's barcode and alerts you if another retailer is selling it for less. and if you're just sticking to amazon this season, camel camel camel can track amazon's prices, telling you when they reach rock bottom. >> all right, gio benitez joins us live now from macy's. doors now open. a lot of deals out there. anything we shouldn't be buying? >> reporter: yeah, tom, so, macy's opened up its doors here at 5:00 p.m. across the country, so, that's some good news. but listen, we're seeing good
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deals on electronics and kitchen appliances, but experts are telling us, hold off just a little bit if you're looking to buy toys, bedding, fur chniture even fitness equipment. tom? >> i'll hold off on that thigh master. gio, thank you. there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this thanksgiving thursday. dueling corvettes. dash cam footage posted on social media, appearing to show a father and son drag race. there are arrests. plus, the championship patriots latest opponents, the flu, tackling nine teammates and counting. what we're just learning. and that truck stalled on the tracks. we'll have much more. te to sevee psoriasis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. is. ..n creased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts
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[sneeare you ok?fles] yah, it's just a cold. it's not just a cold if you have high blood pressure. most cold medicines may raise blood pressure. coricidin hbp is the... ...#1 brand that gives... powerful cold relief without raising your blood pressure. back now with the medical issue taking the new england patriots by surprise. at least nine members of the defending champions sacked by a bad case of the flu. abc's kaylee hartung with more. >> reporter: flu season proving once again it can tackle anyone. tonight, sidelining several members of the reigning super bowl champs as they prepare for their next game. >> intercepted by new england!
3:46 pm
>> reporter: nine of the new england patriots hit with the flu this week. most sent home from wednesday's practice, including five starters. >> we just had guys came in, you look in their eyes and you could tell, they were just out of it. >> reporter: massachusetts among six states battling widespread influenza activity, as the virus continues to spread. flu season came early this year. its earliest start in the last decade. but the center for disease control says it's not an indication of how severe or how long flu season will be. the patriots now taking precautions to protect its healthy players. and encouraging them to speak up, instead of fighting through it if they feel ill. tonight, four of those players still unable to practice. this is a reminder, it's not too late to get vaccinated. the cdc says getting a flu shot is the best way to prevent the virus and its potentially serious complications. tom? >> always a good reminder. all right, think. when we come back, the death toll spike in new violent clashes between police and protesters. where this is happening and why. and the emotional
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thanksgiving surprise on the court, reuniting a member of the military and the son he hasn't seen for a year and a half. stay with us. when we see you enter through our doors, we don't see who you're against, or for, whether tomorrow will be light or dark, all we see in you, is a spark we see your spark in each nod, each smile, we see sparks in every aisle. we see you find a hidden gem, and buying diapers at 3am. we see your kindness and humanity. the strength of each community. we've seen more sparks than we can say. about 20 million just yesterday. the more we look the more we find, the sparks that make america shine.
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knocks out your worst symptoms. cancel your cold, not your plans. advil multi-symptom cold & flu. time now for our index, and we start in louisiana. an abandoned truck full of sugar cane stuck right there on the rail road tracks south of baton rouge. that train slamming right into it. one person sustaining minor injuries. the incident is now under investigation. and the wild scene captured on dash cam in new york's lincoln tunnel. police looking at this crash video posted on instagram. a father and a son each driving corvettes accused of drag racing there last february. one car, you see it here, losing control and crashing. police arrested the man and his somebody this week, charged with reckless driving and participating in an illegal speed contest. e overseas now to the spiraling say leens in iraq. security officers opening fire on protesters in the south, killing at least 40, wounding 160 people. the attacks and ongoing unrest
3:51 pm
part of a series of anti-iranian protests and riots over the past two months over iran's growing influence in iraq. protesters setting fire to the iranian consulate in najaf just last night. and the surprise at a sixers game we're grateful to witness. the 12-year-old son of an army staff sergeant, you see him there on the court, seeing his dad for the first time in a year and a half. the emotional moment, his father now retiring from active duty. congrats to them. we wish them and all of service member members families a happy thanksgiving. and when we come back, a look back at some amazing moments that made us all so thankful.
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finally tonight, as we gather around the table, a spotlight on those giving extra thanks this year, filling us all with an extra helping of gratitude. it's america strong. in st. louis, the hockey team there, the blues, so thankful for their toughest fan. we told you about her. 11-year-old laila anderson, battling a rare autoimmune disease. when they won their first stanley cup ever this year -- >> ahh! >> it was laila they wanted on the ice with them. >> woo! >> the team then stopping by laila's home with something just for her. the giant championship ring. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. >> etched inside, laila's name. in massachusetts, one family thankful to a teacher. 14-year-old jake manning's mother battling breast cancer for years.
3:56 pm
>> i fell in love with him instantly, and as she got sicker that year, i just thought, what is she going to do? >> his teacher, kerry bremer, making jake's mom a promise. >> if you need a backup plan for jake, then our family is happy to make him part of our family. and she said, "i'll sleep better tonight than i've slept in a long time." >> when she passed, kerry and her husband kept their promise. >> my mom went to heaven. yes, she loved me so much. >> she did. >> she did. >> do you love her so much? yeah. oh, why thank you. >> and tonight, this photo from the new family's first thanksgiving together. in pittsburgh, we were there when relatives of world war ii veterans were so thankful for something they thought they'd never witness. this footage showing what explorers just found 1,400 feet
3:57 pm
below the surface off the coast of japan. the uss grayback. the resting place of 80 american sailors. a sub marine that has not been seen in 75 years. gloria hurney and kathy taylor's uncles were on that vessel. >> this is the grayback. >> oh, my god. >> yeah. and we wanted to be -- do this in person. all right? this is where your uncles are. >> the discovery, a type of remedy for all those years of pain. >> he's come back. >> he's come back, yes. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> you're entirely welcome. >> all yours. >> and this past weekend, we were also thankful for this moment out of southwest minnesota. seventh grader jonathan jones, extremely colorblind, handed a pair of special glasses that let him see vivid colors for the first time. >> he's trying. >> i was feeling joy and happiness that i could finally see all this color and a little bit of sadness, because i wasn't able to see color my whole life.
3:58 pm
>> come here, dude. >> jonathan got the glasses from his principal, who is also colorblind. after this video went viral, the family started a gofundme page to help out others. in just a few days, donations poured in. skyrocketing to now roughly $30,000. >> it's just snowballed in a beautiful, beautiful way. >> and jonathan now anxious to see the world in full color. >> one thing i'm looking forward to is this winter, we are going to the caribbean and i'm excited to see the ocean blue. >> and we will be on the lookout for that video from the caribbean. we want to thank our staff tonight who worked this thanksgiving and we thank you for watching. i'm tom llamas in new york. i'll see you on "gma" tomorrow morning. happy thanksgiving and good night.
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