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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 29, 2019 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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it's almost small business saturday and small business owners want you to think of them when you think of the holiday season. tracking an atmospheric river. here in san jose you can see people have come by to pick up sandbags in anticipation of the big storm that hits the bay area tomorrow. abc 7 news starts right now. and that breaking news is out of fremont. a driver hit and killed a woman and her dog. it happened around 8:30 northbound niles boulevard expected to remain closed in the area for the next few hours. police say the driver stopped, walked over to the woman, then got back into his car and drove away. the car involved is a light
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colored four door sedan. we'll bring you any updates on that hit-and-run investigation on our free abc 7 news app and on our website. but now let's get right to abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel with the rain we'll get. >> it's the first atmospheric river event of the season and the moisture stretches all the way out towards hawaii. this system is going to be a slow mover. it's going to hang around for several day, which why we're going to be feeling its impacts. expect rain that is going to be heavy at times, strong gusty winds even the possibility of thunder on sunday. flash flood watch has been issued for 1:00 p.m. tomorrow until 3:00 a.m. monday. this is for the north bay and includes the kinkade fire burn area and that's because several inches of rain may lead to high flooding. also have a flash flood warning for the coast. 10:00 a.m. tomorrow until 3:00 a.m. monday.
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those winds may be strong enough to cause damage. by 10:00 a.m. a few showers are starting to move onshore, but the heavier stuff doesn't really quite get here until later on in the night. and it doesn't end there. i'll be back with the rest of the time line coming up. >> sandhya, thank you. in the south bay people are aurmd making preparations for this weekend's rain. in san jose people have come by to pick up sandbags. and for those who need a safe place to stay dry warming shelters are now open. open. >> reporter: yeah, good evening, ama. san jose has two warming shelters. they're opened from 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m. from now until april. this is one of them. it's a nice place to get a warm shower and warm place to stay for the night. and with the heavy rains coming it looks like everyone's looking for a place to stay dry. friday's rain that hit the south
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bay is light compared to what was predicted for saturday. she says she's excited for the rain and cold weather. she likes the wet forecast. what she doesn't like is how unpredictable the rain can be. >> it literally changes so fast in just the same day so we dress in warm layers. >> you've got the parka, the hat. you ready for the cool weather? >> yes, i'm ready for the cold weather. >> for some getting ready means picking up sandbags. for others it means getting out of town. see and her husband came up from the central coast to spend thanksgiving with family in the south bay. they already plan to leave tonight to beat the weekend downpour. >> my husband is a professional driver, so we definitely stay out of the crazy weather. >> i'm wearing about five layers and a scarf. >> their daughter says she'll stay indoors with her baby.
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>> roads get very sleepily working in the er, so don't want to see a lot of people with road injuries so definitely stay safe while driving. >> reporter: definitely some good advice. once again the bulk of the rain is expected to hit saturday afternoon. reporting live in san jose ansar hassan, abc 7 news. snow was pounding parts of the sierra. this is i-80 which is closed between hol fax and the nevada state line. another 6 to 8 inches of new snow fell in the sierra over the past 24 hours. steady snow is expected to start tomorrow and continue all day sunday. you can always keep track of the weather conditions where you live with the abc 7 news app. you can get updates from your weather team and monitor live
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doppler 7 on the go. residents from one san francisco neighborhood are assessing the damage after three separate water main breaks flooded their homes last night. all three of them run along 22nd street along kansas and in por trarra hill. water rushed down the streets seeping into garages and basements. the san francisco public utilities commission identified damage to 12 8 by 6 water mains. >> water was coming down the hill so it was like a flood. this is the third time during the week they'd had our water shutoff. so it's a bit of a challenge, but these guys have been working very hard all night long and we appreciate that. >> highway also poured on the 101 forcing chp to close the northbound lanes for a short time. the utility admits its equipment may have started a recent one. pg&e says its distribution lines
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sparked no damaging wildfires since it began public safety shutoffs. but in a court filing today the company did not rule out the possibility that failed transmission commitment may have started the kinkade fire last month in sonoma county. the cause of that fire is not yet known. fremont police have been arrested five suspects in connection with the robbery and shooting at target last night. sky 7 was over the store where four adults confronted a teen and a juvenile. one suspect fired multiple shots in the air as a get away car pulled up. they jumped in and took off. a patrol officer spotted that vehicle about a mile away. a short chase ensued that ended in newark where the group was arrested. no one was hurt. in san francisco tonight the christmas tree was lit up in union square, but city leaders are actually hoping people wait
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to see the tree and maybe avoid the mall tomorrow to participate in small business saturday. luce pena spoke to small business owners to talk about what they're doing to attract customers to their stores. >> reporter: black friday is almost over and small business saturday is next. tomorrow is small business saturday. are you going to go shopping? >> i wasn't planning on it but now i might. >> reporter: small business owners really hope you do. >> this is cactus based polish and it's also a face krub and really moisturizing. >> reporter: the owner of the store says she has one of a kind products. >> for me as opposed to a big box store your money not only stays in the community but you're getting the experience you're not going to get at a big store. >> reporter: a 1% increase in spending at local restaurants and retailers will generate an additional $113,000 for the
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city's economy. they say that increase in revenue is more than necessary. >> in the last couple of years we've had about 20 businesses close here. a lot of that has to the do -- i call it the amazon effect, the online effect. >> reporter: the san francisco chamber of commerce has several strategies. >> we do things like small biz connect where we ask local residents to pledge to purchase from small businesses and we ask large employers to commit 5% of their purchasing to local businesses. >> reporter: and that's why business owners are staying positive, having their sales and keeping in mind tomorrow is a big day to shine. small business saturday. >> you evolve or you die. and you must listen to your customers. it's a war on cardboard. all those boxes from the holiday season have to go somewhere. the push in one bay area community to cut down on the clutter. is twitter ceo jack dorsey
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leaving san francisco? sort of. what he's revealing about his plans to live in africa. and the warriors in miami looking for back-to-back wins for the first time this season. that's ahead in sports. first here's a look what's coming up tonight on jimmy kimmel live. not watching would be an impeachable offense tonight. >> i'm going to pass the one i'm wearing to you. >> got it.
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of terrorism offenses in 2012. the suspect a staed stabbing bystanders, killing two and injuring three. a group of samaritans wrestled him to the ground and held him and the police rushed in. and abc 7 reacheditute to the san francisco police department and we were told patrols are going to be increased. the statement adds there are no credible threats to the city. three minors were taken to the hospital on a main street crowded with shoppers. all three of the victims have been released from the hospital. dutch authorities have not called it a terror attack. it's been called the cardboa cardboard economy, one that only heats up with the holidays. the number of packages that shift each year in the u.s. is approaching 200 billion. one north bay county that's
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looking how to reuse all those boxes specifically the ones that arrive from amazon. >> reporter: tiz the season for cardboard and lots of it. the kind generated by all that holiday online shopping and the home delivery that comes with it. so much so that some in marin county are calling for amazon to rein in its own waste. what do you do with the boxes? >> we just put them in roik and hopefully it gets recycled. >> reporter: in june abc news introduced to carolyn who launched a petition asking amazon to require drivers to not only drop off packages but also pick up the empties. >> have delivery trucks pick them up on subsequent deliveries and return them to amazon warehouses for reuse. >> reporter: her petition now has more than 7,000 signatures and has picked up the support of seven communities.
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the town council was still considering whether to support the initiative. >> we have too many things traveling to our homes in boxes. and we have a whole lot of extra cardboard right now. >> reporter: more than a few of the black friday shoppers we talked with say they do feel guilty about all the packaging that comes with their online deliveries. so what are you going to do with the box? >> i am actually going to cut it up and use it for another package that i'm mailing to support the package. so a little bit of recycling there. >> reporter: abc 7 news was unable to reach amazon for comment on the marin initiative. in marin county laura anthony, abc 7 news. twitter ceo jack dorsey will be spending less time in san francisco. he tweeted this week he'll be living in africa for 3 to 6 months. he isn't sure where on the
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continent he'll decide on. in his tweet he said the continent would, quote, define the future especially the bit coin one. we have a sweet update we have for you now. a dying man and his family have watched the new star wars movie. a hospice in england had written their patient may not make it until december 20 kt, the rise of skywalker release date. we told you last night the ceo approved a special screening and today the hospice posted this photo of the star war party they threw. disney is a parent company of abc 7. the weekend is here. let's get to sandhya and that storm coming our way. >> that storm is going to bring us wet, windy conditions for upcoming weekend but i want to show you what it looked like today. it was a beautiful double rainbow from our exploratorium camera. we added a few spotty showers around our region today, a bit of hail at times and then that
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gorgeous rainbow. it was quiet and wasn't like that earlier today. we did have snow showers over hamilton as well. temperatures right now in the 30s, 40s, 40 and chilly overnight tonight but not as cold as this morning. santa rosa hit 25 degrees, that was a record low for this morning. the last time that happened was 19141. our wet pattern continues well into next week. our our storm impact scale it's a level 2. rain will be heavy at times, strong gusty winds and a chance of thunder on sunday. 5:00 p.m. satn hour in lfoon bay close to 60 le an hour at 11:00 p.m. this is why there couwind damag getting knocked down or trees going down. and then tseial back, but still remain gusty on
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sunday. here's your hour by hour forecast if you want to start getting some holiday shopping done. tomorrow morning 8:00 a.m. it's dry. but things start to change by the time we go into the about 12:00 p.m. widespread rain begins to move in. the heaviest rain doesn't come through here until later on. so 7:00 p.m. the oranges and yellows indicating some moderate to heavy rain moving onshore. 11:00 p.m. you're going to see some downpours. and sunday morning possibility of heavier rain coming through 3:00 a.m. certainly the rab will continue on through sunday afternoon, evening, even going into monday. so the rainfall potential for this storm will be anywhere from about an inch to 2 inches in some areas. but if you're in livermore only about half an inch. santa cruz mountains is where the focus of this atmospheric river is going to be and ben loamened expected to pick up close to 5 inches of rain. if you're doing some traveling
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and want to head up to the mountains, you still have time. tomorrow morning is your best bet to get up there. tomorrow afternoon and evening you're looking at snow and treacherous possibly impossible. sunday is going to be a rain-snow mix. same thing on monday, so difficult travel. tuesday you have an opportunity to enjoy some fresh powder. winter storm warning 3:00 p.m. tomorrow until 6:00 p.m. monday. 2 feet of snow or more expected. the snow level 3 to 4,000 feet and rising to 6,000. this is warm storm so travel will be impossible during that time. just make sure you know that it is going to impact the travelers anyhow though. temperatures upper 20s to low 40s. it is going to be a cold start but not quite as cold what we saw this morning thanks to the extra clouds. and tomorrow afternoon, rain, wind. 40s, 50s on your highs. and level 2 with high winds and heavy rain for tomorrow. still gusty and wet sunday. level one for monday and
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scattered showers. and basically this weekend we will see some minor low lying flooding on the roadways, ama, because the rain comes down pretty q
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their unlikely friendship began with a mistake and they just celebrated their fourth thanksgiving dinner together. many of you have been clicking on this story. in 2016 arizona grandma wanda dench mistakenly texted jamal inviting him to thanksgiving dinner. they have kept up the tradition, and this year dentine and his girlfriend hosted the dinner. everyone loves this story. everyone coming together. >> we have a good s
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you know when you go to ross for a few gifts and realize... oh yeah! you should've gotten a cart? that's yes for less. get gifts for everyone on your list and save 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less. fresh off a home win against the bulls at chase center the warriors were searching for back-to-back wins for the first time this season. the search continues in miami. stephen curry stayed at home. deangelo russell did make the trip. he's making a return. up goes the shot. second quarter now bowman hero
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not to be deterred. moments later pool with a splash. he had five threes and finish with a team high 20 points. draymond green finds -- wide open. the heat would pull back away, though. miss the lob, no matter chris sylva with a hammer over chris. let's end on a warriors highlight. poole behind the back, stein throws it down but warriors fall 122-105. >> first two or three weeks of the injury was tough because i was still in that competitive mind-set figuring out how our team was going to be this year and i was going o help lead that kind of charge. now i get to pick and choose my spots where i get present and that kind of stuff. >> if that's one way to get some black friday shopping done.
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give her a deal. that's amazing. first period a little tic-tac-toe. and that's his 557th career goal. 2-0 sharksch from t. from the oldest shark to the youngest. that's his first ever they've won 10 of 12 and are now third in the pacific division. back a forth into the final minutes lob and fitsman 21 points and 11 boards. that motor revving all night long. the three for the lead. he finished with 27. st. mary's gets the game win and 81-73 the final. virginia wins its rivalry game for the first time in 15 years and the fans didn't want to wait any longer. this is unbelievable and in
11:31 pm
realtime. you can actually see no grass on the field after these fans stormed it. virginia will play in their first ever acc title game next week. this abc 7 sports report was sponsored by river rock casino. >> it's crazy seeing them rush the field. >> it's
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all right, enjoy what's left of the dry weather because we're in for it, right? >> tomorrow afternoon will be when the worst will start and tomorrow afternoon even heavier. >> thank you so mh


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