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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 3, 2019 1:07am-1:41am PST

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kerrygold. the taste that takes you there. if you drive through parts of west oakland you'll see logs on the street.
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we'll explain the controversy they've caused and city's response. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel, how long showers are in the forecast. round one of the storms left mark on the north bay. folks getting ready for round two. abc7 news starts right now. news to build a better bay area. from abc7. >> rain, then a brief break, right back at it. >> scattered showers continue to fall around the bay area but race is on in the north bay for next round of wet weather. live look at golden gate bridge. some sprinkles on the lens. meteorologist sandhya patel is tracking it. >> live doppler 7, we have a few showers that just developed past hour. as we get you into san francisco, street level radar around jackson street.
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wet. slippery in tiburon, richmond parkway. it's headed to novato and napa. light showers from the south. all in association with the stalled out storm system, this area of low pressure continues to send moisture up from the south. level one storm tonight. tomorrow morning, scattered showers less than half an inch and breezy in spots. i'll time it out and let you know when next rain is ariding, widespread and even wind, coming right up. in the north bay break in the rain is giving residents time to get ready for next storm this week. cornell barnard is live. they're working fast. >> reporter: they are. rain has been dumped in parts of the north bay and it's time for
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round two. >> more rain's acoming. >> reporter: super busy in healdsburg selling thing to keep the rain away. stuff's going fast. >> wiped out. everybody needs tarps. four days ago, boom, gone. sand bags. >> reporter: extra pallets of sand bags have been ordered. one storm is out, another on the way. fire department tweeted, offering free sand bags. >> look at off and on rain around the bay area, then a brief break and back at it. >> reporter: parts of sonoma got 11 inches of rain over the weekend, causing mud slides in the burn scar zone in healdsburg. >> showed us leaks in roof of 150-year-old barn.
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tastings happening after main area burned in fire. >> we're avoiding the leaking areas. >> reporter: the rain a welcome sight after a season of fires and bower shutdowns. >> i'll take the rains over the fires any day of the week. >> reporter: fire department says now might be good time to check downspouts, clear gutters at your home, get rid of all the leaves before the next storm hits. cornell barnard, abc7 news. on the peninsula, live look at san francisco international airport, where the weather has disrupted flights all day. well over 120 flights have been canceled. another 565 delayed. some arrivals running as much as four hours late because of the weather. abc7 news was at the airport checking on the situation there. found one couple headed to los angeles who had in idea their trip would be put on hold a couple of hours.
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>> grandmother telling me lot of flights were delayed or canceled yesterday. i never got email or anything. showed up, said 9:40 8:00. >> airport officials say it's combination of the bay area and other parts of the country. really bad back east. interstate 80 is open both directions. roads wet but not as significant as past few days. rock slide blocked part of highway 50 by echo summit but it's cleared, no chains for highway 50 or interstate 80. stay with abc7 as we track the weather. our meteorologists use live doppler 7 all the time and you can through the abc7 news app. camp fire, pg&e missed a
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chance to prevent it is the word from the regulatory officials. found that pg&e didn't properly maintain and suspect the power line that started the fire, worst wildfire in state history. regulators say the utility didn't do climbing inspection, just inspected from the ground and air. pg&e says it accepts the findings and remains deeply sorry for the losses caused by the fire. new at 11:00, woman is dead after struck by vta train no one else was hurt, woman's name not yet released. violent attack on video. group of teenagers in emeryville beating off-duty chp officer as he tried to stop an assault. bay street ball. witness got involved when girl
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in white shirt is pushed after accusing the group of stealing her cell phone. group attacked him, good samaritan. witness was off-duty chp officer. shoppers say it's frightening. >> leads me to question my safety. eight people on one person. >> police say the officer lost consciousness, then used pepper spray on the group, drove himself to the hospital. 14 and 16-year-old were arrested. looking for six other teenagers in the video tonight. south bay, someone groped a woman at stanford university as the woman was walking along escondido road towards ray's grill. stanford department of public safety says man grabbed her from behind and ran away. east bay, massive logs, some as big as two feet wide, ten feet long lining streets,
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attempt to deter homeless people from parking rvs. look at this google earth machlt you c map, you can see the logs highlighted. anser hassan is on the story. >> reporter: not known who put the massive logs here but if goal is keep homeless and rvs out, may be working. >> to keep people who junk stuff. dump stuff. everything. >> reporter: she lives in trailer nearby, understands the troubles that homeless deal with, but for her, single woman, logs provide security. >> park in front of my trailer, feel unsafe, i don't know what they're into, what they do. >> ridiculous and mean. >> reporter: homeless advocate recognizes safety concerns but says this is a problem that city
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can fix and logs punish those struggling to survive. critics say city is ignoring illegal dumping. >> they'll respond with quickness to someone surviving on their knees in a car. >> reporter: city of oakland writes doesn't support intentional obstruction of the public right-of-way, administrative staff will be reaching out to office and stakeholders on the issue. doesn't know if helped anyone but hurt the community. >> needs to be a little bit more compassion rather than so much hatred. where do people go if there's nowhere for people go. >> reporter: abc7 news. renters 1 step closer to getting protection in san francisco. board of supervisors rules committee unanimously approved expanding regulations to prevent
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landlords from evicting tenants from buildings built after that date. proposal before full board. new developments with rue deucing wait reducing wait redur times. dropped from 73 minutes last year to 38 minutes this year. dmv's data shows it's just missing goal in bay area. average wait time if you have appointment is 20 minutes. target is 15. if you need to get a real i.d., now would be the time. lines are expected to pick up as october 2020 deadline approaches. >> reporter: 29 mission district businesses are participating in mexican bingo game. i'll tell you how to shop, play and win. cheeseburgers without the fries? french fry shortage could be on
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the horizon. how to win a christmas light contest without even trying. what's on "jimmy kimmel live." >> thanks dan. i ask for a lot but please watch this. you came out in beautiful suit, for a moment i thought oh, i died and angel has come to take me. >> that's what i was going for.
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go to and enter promo code drtv. boosting and supporting local businesses, integral part of building a better bay area of course. in san francisco, a popular mexican bingo game named loteria is now incentive to get shoppers to mission district to buy things. luz pena checked it out. >> reporter: let the game begin. in mission 29 businesses are participating in mission loteria. this is one of them. inside fiesta bowls, get a snack of mexican fruit snacks.
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>> banana, mango, strawberry. >> also with sticker. no stranger to la loteria, grew up playing this. >> with frijoles, beans, that you put on your card. >> reporter: how does this take work? campaign led by san francisco economic work force development office to get more shoppers to the mission. get a sticker with every purchase. >> how you play is connect a line on the game board or fill the game board, submit it for raffle tickets. >> reporter: coowner of the artillery, one of three local artists chosen to create the icons. >> bridge communities and businesses, have people explore the neighborhood. >> reporter: second stop was
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this patteria. this is the third place, this is jewelry. heard that even though the campaign just started, she's seeing the impact in this community. >> on my own to visit with other businesses. >> reporter: how many do you have? let me see your loteria board. my gosh, i love it. if you were wondering, i have three stickers, so i can officially enter this raffle, san francisco, luz pena, abc7 news. >> that's fun isn't it? we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area, share our build a better bay area group on facebook. potato producers are warning that french fries could be in short supply. who could imagine right? problem according to bloomburg news is a harvest partly ruined
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by cold and wet weather in united states and canada, at the same time french fry demand is off the charts. hoping to source more spuds from the east coast where there's evidently a surplus. now more sparkle to the season in san francisco. nob hill's tree lighting took place this evening, unlike yearyears past, held in the cathedral because of the wet weather. home in australia is more than ready for christmas. elaborate display of lights. neighbor has other ideas. if witty response. instead of decking the halls, says ditto with arrow pointing to the display. i like that. saved a lot of time. weather forecast, meteorologist sandhya patel, nice break from the rain but as you say, more is coming.
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>> as you look at live doppler 7, i'll show you where we're seeing a few showers right now. roads are getting wet in the north bay, particularly around san rafael, greenbrae. lucas valley, heading into that area right now. from santa cruz camera, a time lapse, rainy view, atmospheric river focused on the santa cruz mountains, points southward, big sur area where a lot of heavy rain fell last couple of days. ben lomond picking up close to half a foot of rain. santa rosa, kentfield, 5 1/2 to 7 1/2 inches of rain. that's a lot obviously. as you will notice, oakland, half inch, hayward, san jose, .39,
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they were in lee of the mountains where it was dumped. one to four feet in sierras. winding down, rain/snow mix as temperatures rise. live picture from emeryville camera, beautiful towards san francisco. break tomorrow afternoon through thursday morning and next storm on friday. storm impact, level one for tonight. tomorrow morning, scattered showers, less than .4 inches. have the umbrellas handy, midnight tonight to tomorrow morning's commute, some wet weather. san mateo coastline, showers push through the north bay and long break before the next round comes in as storm is still stalled off the coast. wednesday morning through
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wednesday afternoon before the system winds down and we have a stronger storm coming inday. additional rainfall, not a lot more, a few hundredths to a third, maybe .4 inches. don't leave home without the umbrella. need it first part of the morning. afternoon is milder, need the shades, 50, 60s highs. accuweather seven-day forecast, level one for tuesday. wednesday scattered showers, thursday is chance of a little bit of rain in afternoon/evening but wet, windy, level two storm for friday, moderate strength, slight chance of showers for sunday but saturday is a one. we have storms coming but spaced out. >> good, thank you sandhya. tomorrow on "good morning america" felicity jones chats
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back-to-back. dubs out hot, jordan poole, nice pass to omari spellman for the right-hander. trae young, rookie averaging 28 a game. fourth in the league. dubs down five, eric paschall, rookie puts back the slam. team high 24. 25 turnovers leads to deandre hunter slam. vince carter can light it up. hawks win. 79 points by warriors, second fewest, tie for any game under steve kerr. 49ers are 10-2, but if seahawks beat the vikings, could move up. seattle fans bring it every time they're in seattle. tied at 7-7.
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bats it, picked off by anthony harris who scores. like a volleyball play and harris, right to him, untouched for the score but seahawks score 17 straight in the third. wilson, all kinds of time. airs it out to david moore. 60 yards to the house in those neon green jerseys. new edition, if it isn't love, dance. best one i've seen all season long. hawks hold off late rally, seattle wins, now in first place in nfc west. fifth seed is the 49ers. a's only year in the green and gold, five years in texas. e giants nontenured will willie mac award winner pilular.
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that's our report. appreciate your time. appreciate your time. for sandhya and all
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