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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 24, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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intensify after midnight. we're seeing showers along our coastline. going into daly city you're going to see light showers. south san francisco, pacifica right now. to the north we go. light drizzle near sears point, san rafael. and this line is just crawling about 15 miles per hour. so oakland will likely find some drizzle around 6:30. san jose, about 7:45. gilroy after 8:00 p.m. light to moderate rain, not only that, we're tracking rough surf as well. most spots between 0.1 and 0.75 inches of rain. we'll have the full accuweather forecast later. a live look at sfo where some last-minute travelers are taking off to reach their
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destini destinations tomorrow morning. the wet weather moves in tonight. many in the bay area may be dreaming of a white christmas with their families. and that has many packing up the car bound for snowy tahoe. cornell bernard is on interstate 80 in berkeley with details. >> if you're heading out of the bay area this christmas eve, you will need to pack your patience. here's why. we have seen stop-and-go traffic for hours on interstate 80. we are told if you are heading to the mountains, it's totally worth it. >> can you feel tend? the end? just a little bit? can you wiggle your toes at all? okay. that's perfect. >> there's lots of boot fittings going on in walnut creek, skis and poles too. >> we're heading up to tahoe in a couple days. take the girls skiing at squaw.o >> hasty taking his three daughters.
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as you can see they have a lot of energy and loved our camera. >> the two older ones got to go last year so this will be the first time having everybody out. >> i take off my shoes? >> yes. >> reporter: the lui family is gearing up for tahoe too. >> hopefully we're trying to make this into a family tradition. >> the ski rental department has been slammed this week with lots of reservations. >> it's been super busy. everybody's been so excited for the season. powder is up there. we get all the good stuff. >> here's the payoff, a winter wonderland. this is north star resort near truckee where it's been snowing most of the week. near-perfect conditions for skiing, boarding, and even tubing. >> everyone's really excited about the fresh 13 inches that we've gotten from the storm sunday night. we're really, really excited. >> the chp urges drivers to take it slow, give yourself plenty of time to get where you're going. if you are heading to the
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mountains, carry chains. officers say just because your car is all-wheel drive, that doesn't mean all-wheel stop. cornell bernard, abc 7 news. don't forget you can get the latest on the rain's arrival with live doppler 7 on our website and the abc 7 app. employees at an east bay salon got a christmas rush they were not expecting. take a look at this. that's a tesla that crashed into a salon in the blackhawk shopping center in danville. a witness says he heard a loud screech and saw the tesla slammed through the doors and rolled over chairs near the product displays. we don't know if anyone was hurt, but we do not believe so. the chp is investigating exactly how and why this happened. happening right now, the chp's maximum enforcement period for the christmas holidays has just begun. it started at 6:00 and will continue through midnight tomorrow.
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all available officers will be out for increased enforcement. officers will be watching for drunk or high drivers. now, according to these figures across the state, last year 16 people were killed and 350 were injured in crashes that involved drivers under the influence. that is, again, from the chp. additionally, more than 1,100 people were arrested for dui. an alameda county court judge that stabbed cnn is fit to stand trial. he is charged with murder and attempted murder for attacking her sister. he's been evaluated by several psychiatrists. the judge ordered another mental evaluation before the trial in january. a san jose church is asking for help from the community after two thieves stole thousands of dollars meant for children over the weekend. >> really heartless theft that happened at the end of a baptism
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service. julian glover is live at the church where this happened. julian? >> good evening to you both. one of those many christmas eve masses just wrapped up here a short time ago. we've had plenty of time to speak to parishioners. so many of them talking about how giving is important to this church and the community. that's why people all over the south bay came to donate what they could after hearing about this theft caught on camera. tonight the san jose community alleged helping hand to our lady of guadalupe after hearing about the bold weekend theft at the church. >> i've never been to this church before. i go to another church and i heard about this on the news this morning. so i figured i would come by after work this morning and see if i could donate. >> there's been a steady stream of people hoping to help with the more than $2,000 stolen from the church. >> you can donate, come on by. >> money meant to buy kids toys
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was stolen by the 200 intruders in less than 30 seconds. >> very upsetting. i think this is christmas season we were really looking forward to buy the gift. >> the two hit up the church in the middle of the afternoon on saturday with people inside just moments after the father finished a baptism, leading him to believe it was planned. >> there was an intention, definitely, to come in and break into the church. >> then yesterday -- >> one of the donation boxes that was broken into -- >> the father noticed all the cash was stolen from the second smaller donation box. he thinks it happened at the same time. he's not angry. he's praying for the two behind this. >> and you're robbing not only money. you're robbing gifts for children. and i hope that you will return the money. >> members of the community are looking for a silver lining on this christmas eve. >> i'm sure they'll be able to make up the money and then maybe even get extra. maybe it turns out to be a positive in the long run. >> some truly incredible news to
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be able to share with you. i just checked the gofundme page that was set up by the church and they have already surpassed their fundraising goal. they raised $5,500 tonight. that's $500 more than the $5,000 they were looking for. $2,000 more than what was stolen by those thieves. so certainly someone was feeling the christmas spirit. reporting live here in san jose, julian glover, abc 7 news. >> nice to see the community come out. >> thanks, julian. while we're on the subject, a group of sophisticated crooks hit up several stores in the pac heights neighborhood walking away with high-end stuff. >> they each told the very same story. now employees are comparing notes and sharing their surveillance video with police and with our very own abc 7 news reporter melanie wood roe joining us live. this is an exclusive story. tell us more. >> dion, the story these criminals were telling the stores here is that they were
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here visiting from paris. they were apparently very engaging and very talkative. as one of them would be talking, the others were walking. thousands of dollars worth of clothing and handbags stolen. >> i've had shoplifting before, but not as good as this time. >> sophisticated shoplifters managed to get past employees at several stores this month saying they were visiting from paris. in the surveillance video, you can see them stuffing jackets worth thousands under their outerwear. >> the pros are so good, they can do it front of you and you would never know you were being picked. >> no masks, no smash and grab. the crooks according to employees were actually quite engaging. employees couldn't tell anything was missing until they were gone. >> it does make me ill. >> the next day two . >> usually when somebody asks to
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do the designer case, we just leave it open. >> as this woman looked at zblavz she held up a bunch of them like front of, like, my coworkers' face. >> the man stuffed a $6,800 purse and stuffed it up his jacket. >> what's weird is that he shook my coworker's hand when they left. >> both stores shared their video with san francisco police . a spokesperson says police are investigating whether the people in both videos are the same. nrthern station officers also patrolled the area, but the store employees say they're not sure that would have made a difference in these cases. >> san francisco police say that since the end of november there's actually been a slight decrease in thefts and robberies city wide. in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. an iranian refugee who founded a bay area tech firm has cleared the remaining lunch debt
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for hundreds of oakland residents. one planet ceo donated over $15,000 to the oakland unified school district. he says he was not allowed to go to school in iran because of his religion. he says if students do not have access to a meal, then they have full access to their education. without that meal, they don't have that kind of access. >> what a big heart he has. still to come on abc 7 news at 6:00, president trump lashes out at speaker of the house nancy pelosi right after wishing overseas troops a merry christmas. plus, christmas chaos. the last-minute push to get everything done before that big day. and a concord home is getting quite the reputation. how it's using the force to draw a crowd. . he just left brazil and he's on his way to canada. it's getting close. we expect him to be on the east coast somewhere between 6:00 and 8:00 p.m. we'll keep an eye on that. more after
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president trump thanked members of the military for their service this christmas eve. the president spoke via video teleconference with u.s. troops stationed around the world from his mar-a-lago resort in florida where he's spending time for the holidays. even as he sent holiday wishes, rerailed against house speaker nancy pelosi for possibly delaying his senate trial. >> she's doing a tremendous disservice to the country. she's not doing a good job and some people think that she doesn't know what she's doing. >> pelosi is refusing to hand articles of impeachment to the senate until, quote, we know what sort of trial the senate will conduct. it is, of course, christmas
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eve and the clock is ticking for those last-minute errands. >> ticking fast. abc 7 news reporter lauren martinez has more now from one of the busiest places of the day, the honey baked ham store in colma. >> we're at a shopping center in colma where people are doing their last-minute holiday shopping today. but the real winner is the honey baked line. it is so long. we talked with one couple that came here at 7:00 this morning and said it was device twicet as long. so they actually came back this afternoon, but michelle, you're a regular. you're used to this? >> yes, i am, i am. i was here for thanksgiving and now i just got off work. i wasn't expecting a line this long, but, you know, actually last year the line was all the way around by the old navy there. so my my daughter and i, we stood for two hours last year. but this isn't bat bad. >> it's moving. >> it's moving, it's moving. >> did you reserve online? >> yes, i did.
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i reserved. in and out hopefully really quickly. >> what are you picking up? a turkey or ham? >> i'm just doing a ham this year. my daughter, which is her birth today, she told me he's going to cook for me for christmas tomorrow, which is a nice present. >> very nice. michelle, thank you. so some people are picking up either turkey or ham for tonight or tomorrow. either way, they say it is worth the wait. reporting in colma, lauren martinez, abc 7 news. >> lauren, thanks very much. >> making me hungry. drew tuma is standing by tracking santa and the forecast. >> you know what, those dry skies will give way to rain while many of us are sleeping tonight. we are already tracking a line of light rain, if not drill. -- drizzle around half moon bay and daly city into millbrae. and this line is marching at
6:16 pm
about 15 miles per hour, so it is very slowly moving offshore. by about 6:30, redwood city wills drops. san jose and parts of the south bay, more like 7:30 with this line of light drizzle. the christmas tree is lit up on this christmas eve. tranquil conditions right now, but that will change overnight tonight. we do bring in the storm impact scale. this is a level 1 light system weir monitoring tonight. through christmas day itself. light to moderate showers. rainfall about 0.1 to 0.75 inches. our surf will be very rough, active ocean current along the coastline tonight as a beach hazard statement is in effect. here's what we were tracking. showers are developing this evening. it's a rainy start to christmas day. but tomorrow night drier conditions do prevail. right now we're cooling off into the 40s, getting chilly out there. 41 in clear lake. 53, though, in oakland. 49 in san jose.
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51 in the city. beach hazard statement will go into effect early tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. for that risk of rip current and sneaker waves as our storm moves on shore. we'll be tracking downpours, those pockets of yellow. as we head into the morning we'll have scattered showers throughout much of the morning. we'll include the chance even through 7:00 a.m., 8:00 a.m., 9:00 a.m. as we head into the afternoon and into the evening, we'll begin to see showers diminish and they'll push off to the south. tomorrow night we do anticipate clearing skies before the holiday is through. that leads to a pretty dry pattern to finish out the week. overnight tonight we'll see the showers developing. temperatures in the upper 30s to mid-40s. on and off rain moving through. the best bet of finding wet weather first thing in the morning. we'll track scattered downpours.
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isolated chance by 4:00 p.m. and then the showers begin to move out by the day's end. highs on wednesday, 52 in the city. cool holiday. 54 in fremont. 51 in santa rosa and concord up to 54 degrees. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. rain is heaviest in the morning on christmas. it sets the stage for a nice couple days, a dry stretch thursday, friday, saturday. lots of sunshine. another chance of rain on sunday. all eyes on monday and tuesday, a mix of sun and clouds, guys. >> thank you so much. one homeowner taking their love of the movie magic to a new limit.
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♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we needed somebody to lean on ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ all we need is someone to lean on ♪
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the numbers are in. super saturday shoppers made december 21st the single biggest day in u.s. retail history. that's all according to retail analysts at customer growth partners. super saturday's sales reached $34.4 billion. that beat out black friday by 10%. megaretailers like walmart, amazon, costco and target saw their best numbers in years. on the subject of the holidays, a home in concord is getting a bit of attention. from the front it looks like a regular home. but if you look closer, you'll
6:22 pm
find a little more movie magic mixed right in. ♪ everyone. >> had lights. everyone h . >> they take the turn and they see the castle. oh, the castle. and they think it's over. and right when they start to make the loop, they see the "star wars." >> oh, my god. what is that? ♪ ♪ >> you know, we kind of did our research to make sure that it kind of had the hoth look. disney plus we watched a few times on the tv to make sure we were kind of close. i wanted to make it as realistic
6:23 pm
but still have a little bit of christmas feel. >> it's incredible. the lights and the storm troopers and everything, it's like they're walking into "star wars." it's like empire strikes back all over again. >> i feel like i'm in the movie. >> this is the showstopper, probably my greatest in three years. >> 16.5 feet tall and it's cemented in. he's as tough as the ones actually in the movie. >> it was a lot of work. at least ten days in total. just those ten days really put me in shape. >> welcome to our "star wars" themed christmas light display. three years ago we didn't have a single light out. my daughter came home from looking at other people's lights and said, daddy, can you please put some lights up? and i don't normally do things small, so i went from zero to 1,000. watching the great light fight show on abc has all been
6:24 pm
helpful. you get a lot of tips finding things online. my daughter and my girlfriend have great craft skills that helped me through this. people think they're going to drive by and then they park and walk it. we see multiple people come back multiple times and say i didn't see that one over there. we sit inside and i have remotes to the bubble machine. and i can hear 5-year-olds to 7-year-olds jumping up saying bubbles! so it's really rewarding to give back and everyone being happy during this time. >> bye, mr. storm trooper. >> i joke around and say this is my last year. a couple neighbors probably will take my home away if i don't keep putting it up. concord, you got a christmas elf for a long time. it's well worth it. it's always good to give back because you always get something in return. >> that's amazing. >> and the look on the little
6:25 pm
girl's face, transfixed. >> still to come, would you let an auto insurance company track your every move? what some drivers are doing to cut their bill in hf. a local beer that's tap rooms only about to be bottled. when you can take it home. it started with a mansion in san francisco. we take a look back
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itreat them all as if, they are hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911 and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out
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and keep the public safe. . now, news to build a better bay area from abc 7. >> newsreel on 4. >> here we go. ♪ ♪ >> television news came of age in the 1960s, but first it had to find its roots in the '50s. stepping back in time to the very start of kgo tv, channel 7. ♪ ♪ channel 7 went on the air in may
6:29 pm
of 1949, broadcasting out of historic san francisco mansion with a transmission next to it. judith patterson became an on-air personality. >> nobody knew what television was. in the whole city of san leandro there were only five television sets. >> the early days of local television were a giant experiment with a hodgepodge of live shows as producer tried to figure out what people wanted to watch. >> the executives used to refer to what they were doing as being in the wild west. i liken it to the tech industry today. no holds barred, anything you could think of you can create. >> imagining what local tv news would look like was especially challenging. the cameras were huge and
6:30 pm
expensive, and not suited for fast on the spot news. the first formula they came up with was a 15-minute newscast with still photos and an unseen announcer reading the details. that lasted well into the 1950s, even as kgo moved to a state of the arth station on golden gate avenue. the television industry was flourishing along with the nation's economy. >> they'll know you've arrived when you drive up in the 1958 car that's truly new. >> the same year the ensle showed up, the san francisco giants arrived in town, and channel 7 managers decided it was time for what they called the news commentator to finally be seen on camera. they appeared front of a big map like this and read stories off the teletype. >> the station management wondered whether television was
6:31 pm
really equipped to broadcast news because a person would sit behind a desk and talk into the camera. >> local tv news was something most stations did joust to satisfy government requirements but by the early '60s, things were beginning to change. >> these pickets have vowed they will set in, lie in, or do anything necessary to block the entrances in order to express their distaste for vietnam policy. >> film equipment was getting smaller and audiences getting larger. so now the station could afford to send camera crews to news events. >> picketers crawled and sat front of the main entrance and that blocked the entrance into the hotel. police officers broke the camera. >> television was beginning to become very important. >> paul was a wire service reporter who left the newspaper world to work at channel 0.4
6:32 pm
back in the '60s, newspapers were much more important than they are now. and newspapers were most people's primary source of information. but television still had the pictures to go with it. >> then a stunning tragedy proved beyond a doubt television's ability to reach millions of people fast. >> president kennedy has been shot in dallas, texas. >> americans were glued to their tv sets as the whole country mourned together. the coverage established the power of national network news and local stations took notice, continuing to up their game. in 1964, channel 7 news broadcasts included devastating floods in northern california, native americans first attempted to take back alcatraz and a free speech movement at uc berkeley. people could see students spurred by the civil rights
6:33 pm
movement demanding their right to speak on campus. a massive sit-in forced classes to be canceled. >> they should know the assembly has become illegal and you are hereby noichd. >> 800 students were arrested. police dragged some of them down stairs and harder the fiery rhetoric firsthand. >> there are freedom schools being conducted up there. >> people really developed strong opinions and feelings about those events because of what they saw on television. >> that kind of audience response led channel 7 general manager david sacks to start broadcasting daily editorials, the first station in the country to do it. channel 7 tackled a lot of the issues still at the forefront today, including gun control, abortion, and the cost of state universities. >> nice to be here. >> even when the topics were lighter, tv news remained a very
6:34 pm
formerly affair. >> we are inside the cow palace. they're not making much of a racket yet, but show time is still a few seconds away. the next sound you hear will be that unique beatles scream. ♪ >> by 1965, channel 7 became the first bay area station to shoot at least some news stories in color. but color film was expensive so it was used sparingly, look this story about soldiers shipping out for the vietnam war. at the same time the drug-fueled era of flower children in san francisco's haight-ashbury was beginning. in north beach, go go dancers on broadway were pushing the boundaries of what society considered acceptable entertainment. countless performers were hustled off to jail blamed for san francisco's growing image as a city of sin.
6:35 pm
>> we've been blamed for everything including the fall of the roman empire. >> a jury found the dancers not guilty of indecent behavior and a few months later hugh hefner opened a playboy club in san francisco. in 1966 as social change accelerated, channel 7 viewers also watched a relic of the past disappear. the demolition of the is you throw bath swimming pools near san francisco's cliff house had already begun when fire took hold and finished the job. a different kind of inferno broke out in the city's hunter's point neighborhood. channel 7 cameras were there as riots broke out after the controversial police shooting of a black teenager. >> we must be serious and calm and decide that this shan't be repeated. >> that same year brought protests in daly city when the builder of a new
6:36 pm
movie star ronald reagan was elected governor of california. the coliseum opened and the massive b.a.r.t. construction project was finally in full swing. the relentless pace of news helped fuel audience interest in the newscasters themselves. >> the wish tonight that your news is good news. >> ankle of channel 7 news from 1961 to 1968 and emerged as one of the bay area's first celebrity news anchors. >> roger was so popular that he occasionally appeared on "the tonight show" with johnny carson as a guest and he ended up in new york where he was the most successful anchor that new york has ever seen. >> television news costers were still almost all men, but a few women did manage to break into the boys club. >> i think in this city the unconventional is practically
6:37 pm
unavoidable. >> by the late '60s, the single anchor at the desk became a team. >> still in gray, all the news beat people. >> news was one of the station's profit centers and promotion went into overdrive with ads like this that required the city to clear the streets for filming. ♪ ♪ but not all news vehicles looked that great. this was the one they roweled on theout for a night crew. >> it was an extremely raucous meeting called to decide whether to challenge the new bans on public gatherings and loiterering. police outside were readies snangds flanks around city hall and the police department. >> it took so long to get film developed in those days that most of the night crew stories wouldn't appear on television until the next day, and channel 7 promos touted performancers and photographers working around the clock. >> last week this man left for
6:38 pm
work and his family expected him home around 7:00. he finally made it two days later for breakfast. >> another big part of channel 7's identity launched in the 1960s was the circle 7 created by a san francisco graphic designer named dean smith. >> dean came up with this brilliant design of a circle 7, the infinity circle. this station is going to go on forever. >> the logo first appeared on the news set, microphones, and then was added to the vehicles. there was even a special circle 7 item for station executives. >> this is a cuff link. you have to remember in the 1960s men still wore french cuffs and liked to have them showing. >> kgo managers wore their circle 7 accessories to a national network meeting and they were such a hit, the logo was adopted for other abc-owned stations. but the real key to kgo tv's image that has stood the test of
6:39 pm
time is great news coverage viewers can trust. >> by the time the marchers reached civic center, the police estimated them to be 7,000 strong. >> the 1960s would end with three tumultuous years that included the vietnam war and the music of dissent. ♪ i don't give a damn ♪ just be a man >> at san francisco state, a massive student boycott shut down the campus with protesters demanding the university hire more teachers of color. there were violent clashes with law enforcement as the strike dragged on for five months. across across the bay, the black panthers' fight for racial justice was leading to deadly confrontations with oakland police. >> either the attitude of race in america will change or else we will have revolution.
6:40 pm
>> a shootout with police ended with the death of "black panther" bobby hutton. marlon bran doe attended the funeral, adding his status to the civil rights cause. >> i haven't been in yur place. i haven't suffered the way you've suffered. and somehow that has to be translated to the white community annoy. -- now. >> on alcatraz, native americans staged second takeover that would last for 14 months. >> our official position is that we want the deed to the island. >> their numbers are growing and as they say, they're here to stay. >> reporting that story was van amber who would lead abc 7 news into the 1970s and a new decade of massive change. >> part of this great continue am of abc 7 we're so broward proud to be a part of. part 3 airs new year's eve. fun to look back on that history, isn't it? >> it opens your mind. i can't believe it almost.
6:41 pm
we have part
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craft beer lovers are getting a treat just in time for christmas. >> they are. russian river brewing company's pipelineny the younger will soon be available in $10 bottles.
6:44 pm
>> usually you can only enjoy it inside brew pubs in santa rosa and windsor, but this will be sold in either tap room. the sonoma county company says this year the triple ipa will start felling-selling in february. cancer companies are looking for ways to lower your rate but some call it an invasion of privacy. how you could lower your rate by up to 50%. tracking santa on the move. last word he was heading toward canada. should be on the east coast of in america probably within the next hour then across the country to the bay area.
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. imagine paying less for cancer just before for being a good driver. it's called usage-based insurance. >> we should point out it can mean having your insurance company track how you drive. abc 77 on your side's michael finney explains. >> roger recently signed up for usage-based cancer. >> . >> he's hoping to save 20 to 30% off the $2,500 he's been paying yearly on premiums but with a tradeoff. drive safely and log fewer miles. numerous major insurance
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companies like state farm nationwide, all state and liberty mutual offer the program using a smartphone app and a tag or dongle, insurance carriers monitor speed and phone use and provide a score. >> this last trip gave me a rating of five stars. >> if your score indicates low-risk driving, your premiums could be reduced, in some cases up to 50%. >> this gives an impetus to follow speed limits. >> to get the discount, you'll also need to watch how far you drive. state farm, for example, considers 7,500 miles a year or less low mileage. but if you're driving suggests risky behavior, some insurers could charge you even more. while some companies say they don't share your information, for some, privacy may be a concern. >> if you're in an accident, your information can be used, for example, by law enforcement. >> i don't have a problem with that. i have a cell phone as it is, so fact that i could save money by being watched is acceptable.
6:49 pm
>> okay. interesting. the 7 on your side hot line is open monday through friday. that number is on the screen. you can also reach michael finney on his facebook page and through he always to here what is on your mind. >> we would like to hear how the weather will shape up for tomorrow. drew tuma tracking the forecast. >> light rain moving in from the coast and it's slowly pushing inland. light green on the screen in advance of a front that moves through early tomorrow morning. tonight and christmas day, level 1 storm. we'll track that light to moderate rain with surf. scattered showers tonight. temperatures dropping to the upper 30s to mid-40s. heaviest rain will fall tomorrow morning on our christmas day. the evening will see showers and
6:50 pm
we'll top out in the low to mid-50s. thursday, friday, saturday, lots of sunshine, dry conditions. our next chance of rain comes on sunday with a slight chance. >> thanks. on to sports. a little warriors to talk about. >> casey sitting in today. >> with drew tracking the weather and you tracking santa, my daughters are going to love this show. things are clicking for the dubs as they get set for their christmas matchup here on abc 7. marshawn lynch you know when you're at ross and you find their favorite hero... a price that makes you the hero? yes! that's yes for less. yes! with hot holiday toys for all ages, ross is your toy destination. it feels even better when you find it for less. at ross. yes for less.
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it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. . as is the tradition in many homes, the seattle seahawks received a christmas eve gift to jump start the holiday. marshawn lynch signed, seahawks delivered. the oakland native and seahawks legend was already on the practice field today. seahawks head coach pete carroll said beast mode stayed in shape in hopes that the opportunity would pop up at the right time. carol revealed lynch has been considered as an emergency option for a while. he opened up today about joining his former team. >> what brought you back? >> happy holidays, merry new year. y'all have a great day. great feeling to be back. thank you. >> surprised by it.
6:54 pm
i mean, guy is a hell of a player. we'll see what he's got. >> i saw the backs they lost. they knew they were going to sign someone. they signed a good one. so i know marshawn will come in and he'll be ready regardless of how much time he's had off. >> he was serious about getting ready for this opportunity. the stroke of misfortune really opens up the door which happens at times and he's ready to take the full opportunity at hand. >> as one of the premier teams in the nba over the past five years, the warriors have found themselves in a mainstay in the nba lineup. this year even after back-to-back wins, draymond green was surprised the dubs stayed on the nice list. >> they let us keep that? i wonder why. probably switch the game too, huh? >> the warriors found momentum heading into tomorrow's game against the houston rockets.
6:55 pm
their first win streak of the season and are starting to feel that christmas cheer. >> i never thought i would be so excited for two record season wins in my life, but it feels good. >> we just needed to win a couple games in a row just to get a little momentum and feel good. christmas is always a special day to play on. you know that everybody's watching and it's got a different vibe, a different feel. our players will be really excited and it will be good to go into that game with a little momentum. >> now, festive in beill belichick aren't often used in the same sentence. planting an elf on the shelf before the coach's press conference on sunday. apparently this is not the first time belichick has been pranked like this. check it out. >> merry christmas. >> i saw you had some company up there at the podium, some elves
6:56 pm
on the podium, so to speak. is that the holiday spirit going around? . >> yeah. just what i need. happy holidays. > well, everybody knows you're not supposed to touch the elves on the shelf. it takes away their power. what is bill belichick doing? >> and going into the playoffs. >> i know. this is a bad omen for the patriots. >> funny. thanks, casey. raising the stakes in the fight over a vacant home now occupied by a group of mothers in oakland. city officials issue a threat to the real estate investment company that owns that house. we'll have the story. and only on abc 7 news, we catch up with santa before he takes to his sleigh. how he is spreading joy across san jose. coming up tonight on abc 7 at 8:00, it's santa claus coming to town tonight, followed by cma country christmas at 9:00.
6:57 pm
stay tuned for abc 7 news at 11:00. >> stick around. jimmy kimmel live comes on at 11:35. >> look for breaking news anytime on the abc 7 app. >> santa is on his way. >> we appreciate your time. there he is. i'm dan ashley. >> taking a live look at norad. he's very close. i'm dion lim. thank you so much for joining us.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
♪ this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants-- a wine technician from napa, california... a transit operations specialist from vancouver, washington... and our returning champion, an editor and consultant from lansing, michigan... ...whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"--alex trebek! [ applause ] thank you, johnny. thank you. welcome, ladies and gentlemen. it's christmas eve, so get the kids in bed early.
7:00 pm
put out the milk and cookies. santa's on his way. he was good to robin yesterday. she won a lot of money. barbara and drew, it could happen to you. let's find out if it does. here we go into the jeopardy! round of play with one daily double awaiting you in one of these categories, starting off with... where is he? oh, gosh. and finally, we'll deal with... robin. the roles of morgan freeman for $200, please. robin. - what is "driving miss daisy"? - yes. morgan freeman, $400. drew. what is "the shawshank redemption"? that's it. morgan freeman, $600. [ beep ] that was "the lego movie." drew. let's stick with it for $800.


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