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tv   ABC World News Tonight with David Muir  ABC  December 28, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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tonight, the breaking news as we come on, the deadly plane horror. that aircraft slamming down near a louisiana post office. bursting into flames. at least five people dead, including a sports reporter. the daughter-in-law of an lsu football coach. those on the plane said to be en route to today's major college playoff game. that coach wiping away tears on the field. the deadliest aviation accident there in ten years. the big winter storm gaining strength, marching across the country. millions in its path. that semi-truck losing control in heavy fog. sheets of ice sending this school bus skidding. winter weather alerts from the rockies to new england. no survivors. new details coming in on that fatal chopper tour, crashing in hawaii. the concern tonight for rescue teams.
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truck bomb massacre. the rush hour attack at a busy security checkpoint. that death toll, at least 79, and officials fear it could rise. many of the dead are students. plus, would he testify? former vice president joe biden saying he would not comply with a congressional subpoena to appear in the senate impeachment trial. now clarifying those remarks, saying there's no basis to call him as a witness. mom's desperate plea. the young woman vanishing after leaving a bar with two men. texting a friend she may be in trouble. missing since before christmas. her mom now turning to social media in a desperate search to find her. and, kidnapping scare. the bizarre scene for a family at a restaurant when a stranger appears to try to steal the 2-year-old away. all caught on camera. and the alert 12-year-old sibling who saved the day. good evening. thanks for joining us on this saturday.
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i'm whit johnson in for tom llamas. we begin tonight with the deadly and tragic crash in louisiana. that piper, carrying six passengers, plunging into a post office parking lot southwest of baton rouge. just missing an apartment complex. witnesses say it snagged power lines before bursting into flames. multiple fatalities on board, injuries on the ground. and sources tell abc news the travelers were en route to the college playoff game, the peach bowl, in atlanta. lsu versus oklahoma. one of the victims, sports reporter carley mccord. whose father in law is the lsu offensive coordinator. the ntsb now on its way. abc's kaylee hartung is in lafayette starting us off. >> reporter: tonight, the horrifying crash in lafayette, louisiana. >> this is bad, bad, bad. >> reporter: a twin-engine plane, with six onboard, plummeting to the ground just after takeoff.
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>> all of a sudden, a big flame. straight through the field. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: just before 9:30 a.m., witnesses saw the low-flying aircraft struggling. slamming a power line, the plane bursting into flachls as it crashed. the fuselage nearly hitting a post office, smashing out its windows, setting this car on fire. five on board dying in the crash. one man on the plane surviving with critical injuries. another person on the ground, and two inside the post office, were rushed to the hospital with injuries. >> it's going to be a slow process. it's going to take a while. we're asking the public to stay away from this particular area. respect the privacy of the family and let the first responders do their job. >> reporter: the passengers were heading to today's lsu-oklahoma playoff football game. one of the dead, carley mccord, a sports reporter who filed this story just last night. >> some people may have some concern that antonio could bring some distraction. >> reporter: mccord, the daughter-in-law of lsu offensive coordinator steve ensminger. the coach seen visibly
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emotional, wiping away tears on the field just before the game. also killed in the crash, gretchen d. vincent, and her 15-year-old son, walker. the ntsb tonight heading to the scene. this community grieving, looking for answers as to what went wrong. >> it's a tragic event. it hurts, you know, because they you feel for their families, you know, and it's something that we know we're going to get through. >> kaylee hartung joins us from the scene of that awful crash. the ntsb is launching a full go team to look at a number of factors including the actions of the pilot. >> reporter: that's right, whit. investigators arriving tonight will look at what remains of the structure of the plane and its engines. and we should note that pilot was very experienced. whit? >> kaylee, thank you. next to the major winter storm gaining strength and marching east. winter weather alerts from the rockies to new england. that wild crash caught on camera in the west, texas fog there, the semi-truck out of control coming so close to that camera
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person, landing a trooper in the hospital. and this bus, out of control, sliding sideways down a street outside of minneapolis. drivers stranded going nowhere fast. roads a sheet of ice. drivers slipping and sliding in downtown dallas as well. numerous fender-benders there. abc's stephanie ramos with the latest. >> reporter: tonight, a major winter storm barreling east just as millions return home from the holidays. the dangerous storm system bringing heavy snow, ice, and rain, causing delays for more than 115 million people. the storm first hitting parts of the west. in denver, heavy snow and high winds causing near-whiteout conditions. icy roads causing this van to rear-end a car at an intersection. this pickup truck sliding across the slick roads. drivers stranded along highways. abandoned cars left on the roads. in lubbock, texas, kcbd-tv capturing this 18-wheeler losing
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control and plowing into other vehicles before sliding onto its side and injuring a state trooper. over in the dakotas, snow-covered roads stranding drivers there too. this truck tumbling off the highway. across minnesota, police say there have been more than 350 crashes between 5:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. this morning, alone. this school bus skidding dangerously into an intersection. neighborhood streets frozen over, kids even playing hockey on them. >> and stephanie ramos joining us now live. stephanie, those blizzard conditions making travel difficult in the dakotas and minnesota and the winter storm now leading to a variety of travel delays. >> that's exactly right, whit. air travel has been impacted. airlines like delta and united issuing travel waivers in minneapolis and denver as more than 200 flights have been cancelled and thousands more delayed. whit. >> all right, stephanie ramos, thank you. let's get to meteorologist jeff smith from our station
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wabc. that storm slamming the middle of the country, but expected to make a mess of the northeast on monday. >> if you're north and west of the path of this storm, a major winter weather event unfolding right now, nebraska up through parts of the dakotas, where we have winter storm warnings in effect right through the day tomorrow. we're talking about over a foot of snow in those areas. let's track this storm during the next 24 hours and 48 hours, it's persistent snow and wind. minneapolis, cold rain overnight tonight. as it moves into the northeast, the very leading edge of this could be an icy mix, especially north and west of the boston/hartford line. it could be an icy morning commute in those areas. where it remains snow, from northern nebraska through the dakotas and northern minnesota. whit. >> just as people are getting back to work. jeff smith, thank you. next to the helicopter tragedy in hawaii. six of seven bodies now recovered.
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bad weather putting rescuers on hold. the ntsb on the scene looking for clues as to what brought that touring chopper down. abc's will carr is there with more. >> reporter: tonight, as search crews comb this rugged coastline for the last person missing after a tragic tour helicopter crash, the first victims are being identified. 47-year-old amy gannon seen with a big smile on her facebook page, and 13-year-old jocelyn gannon from wisconsin. they set out to take in the majestic hawaiian views from the air when something went tragically wrong. so far, six bodies have been recovered, including 69-year-old paul matero, the chief pilot for safari helicopters, and a family of four from switzerland. the group, touring the napoli coast, was supposed to fly back at sunset thursday, but never returned. >> the area is infamously known for having weather change in a heartbeat, and, you know, it's mountainous, it's elevated, it's close to the cloud line as it
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is, the temperatures fluctuate tremendously. >> reporter: as federal investigators get set to arrive, search crews continue to battle stormy conditions including rain, wind and fog. safari helicopters runs a fleet of white and green aircraft that take tourists on scenic trips. on its website, the company prides itself on safety. the owner writing, "in this business, we don't cut any corners." this is the latest fatal accident involving tourists in hawaii this year. three people were killed in a helicopter crash on oahu. separately, 11 people were killed after a skydiving accident on a twin-engine plane. >> and will carr joining us now. will, you mentioned there in your report that the company says it takes pride in its safety record. but how are they responding to this crash now? >> reporter: well, whit, as you can imagine it's been a jarring experience for the family-owned company. they plan to shut down their operations until january 1st. they say they're going to refund customers their money.
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as they try the figure out exactly what went so wrong. >> okay, will carr, thank you. turning now to politics, former vice president joe biden clarifying his remarks that he would not comply with a subpoena in the senate impeachment trial. now saying he would "honor whatever the congress legitimately asks him to do." the vice president saying, calling him to testify said it would take the focus off of president trump's conduct. rachel scott is in west palm beach tonight with the latest. >> reporter: tonight, joe biden is facing questions over his comments about whether he would testify if subpoenaed in president trump's senate impeachment trial. >> i would honor whatever the congress in fact legitimately asked me to do. >> reporter: the former vice president has said he would not comply with congress, defending his stance to "the des moines register" editorial board. >> the reason i wouldn't is because it's all designed to deal with trump doing what he's done his whole life, trying to take the focus off him.
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>> reporter: campaigning in iowa today, he clarified -- >> my point was, there would be no basis upon which to call me as a witness to an event that in fact i cannot have any impact on. >> reporter: president trump has repeatedly insisted both joe and hunter biden should testify in impeachment proceedings. >> we want biden. we want the son, hunter. where is hunter? >> reporter: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has said he's now open to witnesses. but hasn't released the rules for the trial. from his mar-a-lago resort, the president launching a new round of attacks against house speaker nancy pelosi for withholding the articles of impeachment, potentially pushing the start of his trial deeper into the election year. >> 37 more days until the iowa caucuses, are you ready? >> reporter: the five democratic senators in the race, now bracing to be pulled back to washington. senator amy klobuchar, racing to visit all of the state's 99 counties, warning supporters she'll be off the trail. >> i may be in a little thing called the impeachment hearing.
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and so, you will see my husband and daughter and all these incredible legislators and others that we have supporting us all over this region. >> and whit, the trial could take the senators off the trail during the final push. ahead of the first contest. with the timing of that trial still up in the air tonight, each campaign is taking it day by day. whit? >> all right, rachel scott for us, thank you. a quick programming note as well, the latest on the 2020 race and the impeachment tomorrow morning on "this week." now overseas to somalia, where the capital is reeling from a devastating act of violence there, a truck bomb exploding during rush hour. at a busy security check point. at least 79 people killed, including many students. more than one hundred wounded. the latest from abc's julia macfarlane. >> reporter: chaos on the streets of somalia's capital city. a truck bomb rocking a security checkpoint in a crowded intersection early this morning. at least 79 people killed in the blast. and officials fear that number could rise.
5:43 pm
more than a hundred injured. this, the worst attack there in more than two years. emergency responders rushing the wounded to the hospital. this man describing the harrowing scene. he says, "i saw many dead bodies lying on the ground." twisted vehicles lining the street. this van covered in blood. mogadishu's mayor saying many of the dead are students on their way to universities. their scorched textbooks scattered in the streets. no group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack, but tonight, somalia's president blaming al shabaab, the homegrown al qaeda affiliate. the terror group has no qualms with killing civilians. the government has struggled for years to fight their insurgency. al shabaab, suspected of carrying out a 2017 truck bombing, killing more than 500 people. despite a decades-long peacekeeping presence attacks like today, show that somalia still has a way to go to shake off the enduring threat of terror.
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whit? >> julia macfarlane for us, thank you. back here at home to houston, and what police are calling a deadly drive-by shooting. investigators saying a group filming a rap music video in the parking lot of an office complex, was ambushed in a residential neighborhood in north harris county, at least two people shot dead, seven others injured. police canvassing the area for other possible victims. that incident now under investigation. now to the bizarre scene caught on camera at a family restaurant. a grandmother and three children approached by a stranger, apparently trying to grab one of the children, a 2-year-old. but the 12-year-old sibling saving the day. here's abc's marci gonzalez. >> reporter: tonight, this 2-year-old boy is home safe after his sister bravely stopped this attempted kidnapping. >> she was saying that my brother was her baby and i was just yelling back at her saying, "that is not her baby, that's my brother." >> reporter: 12-year-old makayla phillips says she, her two siblings and their grandmother
5:45 pm
were eating at this restaurant in oklahoma when a woman they didn't know approached the youngest two kids. >> she walked up to them and she gave both of them a kiss. and my grandma, she thought it was weird and like not right, so she tried to move us to a different table. >> reporter: moments later, this surveillance video obtained by police in their investigation shows the woman grab the 2-year-old. >> she picked him up and she took one step but i grabbed him back from her and yelled at her and i said, "don't touch my brother." >> reporter: makayla's actions, drawing quick attention, leading restaurant employees to force the woman to leave. >> especially in a public place where there are so many eyewitnesses, anyone grabbing my child, even if it was just for a split second, it's terrible. i think the worst. what could have happened, what would have happened if she wasn't there, it's terrible. >> reporter: police say they believe they know who that suspected attempted kidnapper
5:46 pm
is, but tonight, no arrests have been made. whit? >> that was a brave big sister. marci, thank you. there's much more ahead on "world news tonight" this saturday. the newly released video showing a car hitting offices are. what led to the violent confrontation. the desperate search. a woman missing for a week after she was spotted leaving a bar. the emotional plea now from her family tonight. and a deadly avalanche overseas, children among the victims. the latest from rescue teams on the ground. let's blow out the candles together!thday! ok, let's huff and puff. like you do sometimes, grandpa? well, when you have copd, it can be hard to breathe. so my doctor said... symbicort can help you breathe better starting within 5 minutes. it doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. symbicort helps provide significant improvement of your lung function. symbicort is for copd, including chronic bronchitis and emphysema. it should not be taken more than twice a day. it may increase your risk of lung infections,
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5:49 pm
>> she was always in touch with either me or my other siblings or her best friend. >> reporter: police say paighton was last seen at the tin roof bar in birmingham eight days ago. the 29-year-old arrived with a co-worker, leaving around 10:45 p.m. with two unknown men. shortly after midnight, paighton sent an alarming message to that co-worker, writing she felt "in trouble." >> it was like paighton to check in, it was like paighton to always keep somebody informed, but it wasn't like paighton to send a text like that. >> reporter: but paighton's mother is clinging to hope, urging on facebook for people to "keep sharing her story and bring paighton home." >> you see it on the news, and you see it on tv, and you always feel for the families that it happens too. and you just never think it's going to be hitting so close to home. >> reporter: paighton's mother says her bank account hasn't been used and her phone goes straight to voicemail. at this time, police are not quite sure if foul play is involved. whit? >> mona, thank you. when we come back -- the latest on that deadly avalanche overseas.
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dramatic body camera video from a police-involved shooting in kentucky. the video showing an alleged car thief accelerating towards officers, hitting one of them. the officer then fires into the window, striking the suspect in the arm. the suspect, identified as thomas brooks, now facing an attempted murder charge. overseas now and the deadly avalanche in a popular ski region. the avalanche in the italian alps killing a woman and two young children who were skiing on a glacier. authorities say the victims are believed to be german nationals. no other skiers reported missing tonight. avalanches also hitting the alps in switzerland and austria this week. and the historic space mission for one u.s. astronaut. christina koch has set the record for the longest single spaceflight by a woman. as of today, she's been in space for 289 days, surpassing the record of peggy whitson. when koch leaves the international ace station in february, she'll be just shy of the nasa all-time record set by scott kelly.
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finally tonight, the man who inspired the ice bucket challenge. the final show of support in his honor. it's "america strong." tonight, a final gathering celebrating the extraordinary life of a man who inspired millions. the plunge for pete held in gloucester, massachusetts, on what would have been pete frates' 35th birthday. >> this is the best birthday party you could ask for. wherever he is, he's very grateful. >> reporter: it was frates ice bucket challenge that helped spark a movement, raising more than $220 million to fight als, the disease that ultimately took his life earlier this month. in 2014, it was the viral craze that swept the country. everyone from bill gates to oprah, to lebron james. even our team here at abc getting in on the action.
5:58 pm
the former college baseball player was diagnosed when he was just 27 years old. >> for a young guy like myself to be diagnosed, hopefully i can use my youth and the networks that i'm part of to promote some awareness. >> reporter: he and his family working tirelessly, raising awareness and money. one of their marquee events every year, the plunge for pete. brave participants rushing into the icy waters at harbor beach every winter. the proceeds helping with frates' medical bills, his family still owing half a million dollars. this year's plunge, the biggest ever, more than 300 people taking part, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars and dumping those buckets one last time. >> this community has lifted our spirits. this is amazing. such a tribute to my son. >> a true inspiration who helped so many. >> thanks for watching. i'm whit johnson. "gma" and "this week" first
5:59 pm
thing in the morning. have a great night. watching. i'm whit johnson. "gma" and "this week" first thing in the morning. have a great night. tonight, a fire forces six people out of their home tonight. we have late details from san jose. how much your pg&e bill will be going up. we're there for a final performance. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts now. now, news to build a better bay area from abc 7. >> live doppler 7 showing us it's clear right now, but that is about to change. within a matter of hours a new storm will arrive. i'm eric thomas. let's start with the weather. abc 7 meteorologist with more on the timing of the approaching rain. >> the last storm of the year is heading our way right now. here is live doppler 7 with the
6:00 pm
satellite radar impage. you can see the increasing cloud cover all ahead of a system that is going to bring us rain throughout the day tomorrow. on our exclusive storm impact scale, we're ranking the storm a one out of five. wet tomorrow through early monday morning, very early. light to moderate rain at times. it's a very cold system. we could see possible thunderstorms. the thunderstorms are more likely along the coast and snow level will be down to 4,000 feet. i'll let you know the timing and about how much rain to expect coming up. now to the quick thinking citizen who helped stop a suspected thief. he fought a big thank you from a woman who had her phone stolen and quickly returned. we are learning more about a nonprofit group that's helping to build a better bay area. we are joined now live from the news room with more. duane kemp is m


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