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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 31, 2019 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. as we join you this new year's eve, we have breaking news. hundreds of protesters storming the u.s. embassy in iraq. breaking overseas. u.s. embassy on edge. protesters breaking into the american compound in baghdad smashing the gate, teargas fired. flames erupting as demonstrators protest those recent u.s. air strikes. we're live with the very latest. back here at home, a massive winter storm on the move closing out 2019 with snow, ice and flooding, and now the new storm moving in. ginger is tracking it all. wildfire emergency. as new year's celebrations get under way in australia, raging flames are scorching homes. now thousands trapped fleeing to beaches waiting to be rescued.
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church shooting hero. the quick-thinking worshiper who stopped the texas gunman in just six seconds now speaking out. >> i don't feel like i'm a hero. i was doing what i needed to do to protect the people of the congregation. >> as families gather to honor the victims overnight. desperate search. the new reward for the missing 29-year-old who disappeared from a bar in alabama with two unknown men, texting a friend she was in trouble. what police are now saying. box office blockbusters. the biggest movies of the decade from "black panther" to "bridesmaids" -- >> ready to party. >> and how they're changing movies in the new year. ♪ fireball and we're roaring into 2020. the celebrations beginning all around the world right now and the massive party about to kick off in times square. we're at the center of it all with behind-the-scenes secrets
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this morning. ♪ fireball ♪ i saw, i came, i conquered and good morning, america. great to have you with us on this final day of 2019, the final day of the decade, right? >> yep. >> it's already the new year in new zealand. fireworks going off right there. >> that's right. all those resolutions prepared for complete disregard in just a matter of weeks, and just hours from now the giant celebration will kick off here in times square. take a look. that's the giant crystal ball made of more than 2,000 waterford crystal triangles that will drop at midnight. >> one of the biggest parties in the world if not -- come on, this is the biggest in the world, right, right here in times square, and officers will tell you this is one of the safest places on the planet as well. they're preparing for those massive crowds expecting a million folks here in times square, but they will be monitoring them from the ground and sky and will be using drones. so, again, as big of a crowd as we will see it's one of the
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safest places to be. >> much more coming up in just a bit. but first, we begin with breaking news. protesters storming the u.s. embassy in baghdad lighting fires, enraged over the recent u.s. air strikes. abc's james longman starts us off with the very latest on this developing story. good morning, james. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, amy. this is supposed one of the most secured embassies in the world. hundreds of protesters have attacked the u.s. embassy in response to u.s. air strikes over the weekend. setting fires and smashing a guard post. some climbing no to america and get out occupier. security guards have been forced to retreat inside and others are sitting low behind sandbags on a balcony above. it's unclear how many diplomats are still inside, but staffing levels have been sharply reduced since may. president trump saiding, they'll
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be held responsible. many of those in the crowd . this is a very tense situation. amy. james, you'll continue to monitor any new developments for us. >> james longman in london, thank you. we are going to turn now to that nasty weather. millions of folks getting hit by this stuff as we close out 2019. we have a winter storm that's on the move and it's bringing some heavy snow and ice. our will reeve is bundled up outside of chicago where they're getting some of that snow. how are things looking? good morning to you, will. >> reporter: good morning, t.j. not quite the storm of the decade here in joliet, illinois. this is all the snow i could find on the roads. a light dusting on the last day of 2019. the last storm of the decade. elsewhere, though, around the country millions of people are
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bracing for weather in the upper midwest, into the northeast, an icy mess closing out the year. that massive winter storm bringing whiteout conditions to the upper midwest carrying an icy mess northeast as millions prepare to travel for the holiday. heavy rain swamping the massachusetts turnpike in boston. interstate 90 closed for nearly an hour. this rainy pennsylvania road opening up swallowing this suv. wind gusts whipping the blades of this massive wind turbine out of control in new york. the blades snapping, toppling over 200 feet and collapsing onto a busy intersection destroying this billboard and smashing this car. luckily no one was hurt. icy conditions downing trees in new hampshire, at one point knocking out power for over 1,000 people. blizzard conditions slamming the dakotas. some areas seeing more than 20 inches of snow. poor visibility slowing down travelers. vehicles spinning out and getting stuck.
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this farmer freeing this police vehicle trapped in the snow. the weather should be easing up as the day goes on, clearing up in time for new year's eve, for people around the country, but there will be more weather surely around the corner at some point in 2020. t.j. >> all right, will. thank you as always. we go from will's forecast to another one. our ginger zee is standing by next to literally a crystal ball. you don't need one necessarily to give us the weather but everybody is wondering what the weather is going to be like when the clock strikes midnight for them, ginger. good morning to you. >> you know what t.j., if i touched that crystal ball it would be a little bit damp because we had mist here in morning. i don't know if you noticed, i don't have a hat on. it's not going to be too terrible tonight. the storm that's pulling away
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now left up to an inch of ice on the roads, power lines in northern new york, look at that picture out of connecticut, the power lines down, the low pressure system pulls away. couple of snow showers behind it and they'll be pretty sporadic. the wind will gust tonight at 20 to 25 miles per hour. feels like, sub freezing. a little bit of windwhy. the only spot on the map that's problematic is likely near the cascades, washington state and oregon, too. a nice one here in times square. whit. >> people here will happily accept mild temperatures you just mentioned there. ginger, thank you very much. we'll talk to you soon. as you can imagine, security is always a concern for new year's eve in times square. this year thousands of officers on patrol and they're using a new tool to keep revelers safe, drones. eva pilgrim is outside with all the details. eva, good morning to you.
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>> reporter: we're used to seeing a large police presence here on the ground, but this year we'll see a another presence from the sky in form of drones. the countdown is on. the stages are up. the barricades are built and if you can see people are already here. hundreds of thousands of people are expected to pile in to get as close to times square as possible so they can see that iconic ball drop. some law enforcement already in place, more coming. thousands of officers both in uniforms and plainclothes will be in this area and it is closed to traffic at this time. everyone coming in will be screened and there will be a long list of things you can't bring to this area. no backpacks, umbrellas or booze and if you leave, because it's going to be so crowded here, there is no getting back in. >> a lot of rules there and for all the brave souls who will be locked in there in times square what's new from the tech angle?
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>> new this year is a way to share and get information from people in this area. you can actually text new year's eve to 692692 and that will give you updates about everything from weather, road closures and traffic delays and a lot other information as well. the one thing it won't be able to tell you is where the bathrooms are because there's no bathrooms in the area. >> eva pilgrim for us. as australia celebrates new year's this morning and sets off those famous sydney fireworks, the wildfire emergency is escalating. thousands of people trapped as flames move in. some fleeing to the beach to be rescued. maggie rulli is there with the very latest. good morning, maggie. >> reporter: amy, good morning. despite those fires the more than a million of people came out to celebrate. they were here to see that
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iconic fireworks show. more than 250,000 signed a petition to cancel the entire event saying it was insensitive to celebrate with fireworks as those historic wildfires continue to rage across the country. panic and chaos as devastating wildfires grip australia. mass evacuations are under way as soaring temperatures fuel what's being called apocalyptic flames. the inferno tearing through homes this morning sending tens of thousands of people fleeing. in victoria, the blaze leaving a scar of charred houses, businesses, schools and cars in its wake. about 4,000 people in mallacoota trapped. families sheltering on boats and beaches, prepared to jump into the water at moments notice to escape the scorching flames. the scorching fires already killing at least 10 people and nearly 500 million animals. >> pretty extreme.
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it was very scary. >> reporter: the fast-moving fire cutting off roads and power for thousands of customers. billowing smoke and ash visible from the air, the thick cloud choking the sky. >> apocalyptic. this is in the middle of the day. >> reporter: charging it with a deep red glow as the fire spreads. tv l tv stakes here are trying to celebrate while making a difference. they're hosting a telethon during tonight's broadcast to raise money for the australian red cross. t.j. >> all right, maggie, thank you so much. >> we need to turn to texas. we're getting new details on that deadly church shooting that left two parishioners dead. this morning, we are now learning more about those victims and also the hero who took down the gunman. he is speaking out. our marcus moore is there for us with the latest. >> reporter: this morning, the man hailed as a hero for taking down the gunman at the church speaking out. >> the event only took less than six seconds but at the same time, you know, that's a long
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six seconds. >> reporter: a shooting inside the church near ft. worth, texas, leaving two dead. this video from the church's live stream of the church's service capturing the incident showing the gunman drawing his weapon during sunday morning service. for six seconds chaos before jack wilson returns fire striking down the shooter. >> i don't feel like i'm a hero. i was doing what i needed to do to protect the people of the congregation. >> reporter: wilson provided weapons training for the church's volunteer security team. the alleged shooter, keith thomas kinnunen, stands in the back pew before firing. wilson and others keeping a close eye on the suspect. >> his left hand never was visible so i'm assuming at this point that the shotgun was in his pocket all the way up under his armpit and he's holding it in place with his left hand. >> reporter: the gunman killing richard white and tony wallace. wallace's grandson was inside the church at the time of the shooting. >> the gunman stood up and
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turned around to him so probably like three feet away from my pop-pop. >> reporter: there were more than 200 people attending the service. at least six people drew their own weapons in response. ♪ overnight, mourners gathered at a candlelit vigil outside the church praying for the lives lost and thankful for wilson's quick actions. authorities have not said how much ammunition the gunman had but we did here from wilson that when we moved that shotgun it didn't feel empty. there's still a lot we're waiting to learn about the attack at this church including a possible motive that remains a mystery this morning, whit. >> all right, marcus, our thanks to you. this morning, we're also learning new details about the suspect in that hanukkah stabbing case. he's now facing federal hate crime charges. prosecutors allege he kept journals with anti-semitic writings. stephanie ramos has more. >> reporter: the man accused of stabbing five people in a rabbi's home during hanukkah
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celebrations is now facing hate crime charges. investigators say journals recovered from 38-year-old grafton thomas' home appear to express anti-semitic sentiments and refer to the black hebrew israelite movement, a group also linked to one of the suspects in the shooting at a kosher deli in new jersey earlier this month. in his journal, prosecutors say thomas wrote about hitler and nazi culture. on his phone authorities say searches popped up for, quote, prominent companies founded by jews in america and local temples. >> we must continue to push back on anti-semitism every chance we get. >> reporter: overnight, the jewish community coming together at a rally to fight anti-semitism in the wake of this gruesome attack. this new image allegedly shows the suspect entering the rabbi's home where roughly 100 people gathered. many of them fighting back. >> i came in. there was a small coffee table right where you come into the front door. i threw the coffee table at him.
7:15 am
>> reporter: after running from the scene nypd officers arrested the suspect in harlem two hours later saying he was covered in blood and smelled of bleach. recovering a machete and a knife from his car. thomas' family through an attorney says he has a long history of mental illness and needs a psychological evaluation. >> my impression from what i have read in my conversation with him is there are severe psychiatric issues. whether those manifested in anti-semitism at a moment, i can't tell you. i don't know. it's not what i heard when i spoke with him. >> reporter: thomas' pastor tells us they're all in disbelief. there are a lot of details about -- in his journals about anti-semitic views. >> it is very surprising. the last time i saw him we prayed together and his mother was happy that he allowed me to pray with him. >> reporter: thomas has had minor arrests over the years but no criminal convictions. he's pleading not guilty to all of the charges but law enforcement officials tell us
7:16 am
overnight that they're actually looking into an incident in november, an unsolved stabbing that he may be related to. >> oh my. all right, so more to come potentially. stephanie, thank you. we're going to switch gears now and turn to the record holiday returns under way. the rush to exchange those gifts expected to hit new levels in the days ahead and rebecca jarvis is at, well, macy's right here in new york with some tips on how to get the most out of your return. good morning, rebecca. >> reporter: good morning, amy. yeah, that's right. everybody has a return right now. a record $100 billion worth of stuff. that's a lot of special christmas sweaters going back to retailers in the coming days and weeks and that is a record $6 billion more than there was in returns last year, and as it turns out, people love to shop online but when it comes to returns they prefer to go back in store, have a look around, see what's in stock. now, if you do have a return to take back, the recommendation is look for that gift receipt. if you have a gift receipt in the box, you're in luck. that's your golden ticket.
7:17 am
without a gift receipt, make sure you keep your items in the original packaging, give the store a call, ask to speak to the manager. just let them know that you're planning to bring in your gift, your item for return soon and tell them that you're willing to share your i.d. with them, that you're willing to take a store credit with them. amy, that's the way that you can get that return done without the gift receipt. >> all right. get it done without the receipt but are there any deals out there right now for shoppers who are trying to exchange something for that unwanted gift? >> reporter: is there ever not a deal, amy? there is always a deal to be had and this time of year is the best time of year to shop for exercise equipment. there are a lot of fitness apps out there. if you have a new year's resolution that you can take advantage of, there are discounts on those. this time of year there are also a number of sales on bedding and towels and finally winter clothes. any kind of winter gear whether it's coats or sweaters or gloves, this is the time to shop
7:18 am
for that, amy. >> all right, rebecca, thanks so much. you've just tickled t.j. >> the deals, fun stuff there. i can go get some bedding. >> towels, bedding and winter clothes. >> new pillowcase. all right, rebecca, appreciate it. there is a lot more ahead here on "gma." the urgent rescue. a 16-year-old falling hundreds of feet down mt. hood shattering his leg. the race now to save him. and the desperate search for this young woman missing after leaving a bar with two men texting a friend that she was in trouble. what police are now saying. but first, let's go back up to ginger. >> and you know who got fresh snow for the end of 2019? areas just north of los angeles. yes, those pictures with four to eight inches of snow. i-5 was covered there. you know who will get it tonight, the cascades. rain and snow there. let's get to your tuesday trivia now brought to you by state farm.
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we'll be right back. we'll be right back.
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♪ good morning east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." >> good morning, everyone. thousands of people are going to pack the embarcadero, and if you are taking b.a.r.t., extra service, but other trains will not stop at embarcadero and get off at montgomery. dun lynn and pleasanton and the warm springs trains will stop at embark dare ra and the other trains will make all stops. >> so, capitol corridor has had a series of issues, because of deadly tras passer incident and somebody was hit and killed by train 520 this morning. this is a list of how the impact is romming through.
7:24 am
train 521 is on a 30-minute delay. and train 551 is cancel and that is now 535 and train 522 is going to be t a drink with friends can turn into two.. and a prescription can be stronger than you thought. stop! there are a lot of ways to get a dui. and a lot of ways to go. text a friend. call a cab. share a ride. whatever you choose to do, go safely, california.
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and now your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> beautiful start for the last day of the year featuring the pink clouds at the golden gate bridge and increasing clouds throughout the day. 47 in san francisco and 38 in redwood city. it is calm at the surface with 32 at livermore and mild 50s and upper 60s, but we will see a few more clouds around tonight. and looking at those mild temperatures from the up 40s at 8:00 to low 50s and by midnight, we are in the 40s and low 40s in the inland valley. happy new year's.
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>> yes, nex on "gma," the frantic search for a woman who texted that she was in trouble in alabama. we will have more
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study every bite of frost. because the good things we do today can help harvest a better tomorrow. ocean spray. harvest goodness. this is "20/20." >> this is "20/20." >> this is "20/20." >> i'm barbara walters, and this is -- >> welcome back, everybody, to "gma." you know exactly who that is. barbara walters with her infamous welcome to abc's "20/20" and now she's welcoming us -- >> pretty good. >> she will welcome us to the new decade. some tried to match that iconic phrase. we will see robach give it a try. >> that whole fun thing where we're talking about "20/20" in 2020 so, you know, you get -- you get where we're going with that. >> digging through the archives on that. >> we got a lot of folks giving it a try.
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you see who else. that's coming up as we count down to the new year. but first, the top headlines we're following right now. that breaking news overseas. hundreds of protesters storming the u.s. embassy in iraq outraged after recent u.s. air strikes lighting fires, some of them breaking into the compound. president trump is now blaming iran for that breach and calling on iraq to protect the embassy. also right now that winter storm bringing heavy snow, ice and flooding leaving behind gusty winds and snow showers from the great lakes to the northeast. and as we all get ready for the new year take a live look at the giant waterford crystal ball hundreds of feet above times square set to drop at midnight. it has a different theme each year. we'll find more about what this year's theme is in just a bit. >> ginger's on security duty watching over everything. we do want to turn to that heart-pounding rescue. a 16-year-old falling hundreds of feet down mt. hood breaking his leg. crews racing then to save him.
7:32 am
matt gutman has the story. >> reporter: hey, whit, good morning to you. 16-year-old gurbaz singh was with a group of climbers and within a foot of the summit when all of a sudden he lost his footing. that 500-foot tumble down a summit. somehow he managed to stop his descent but not before to shattering his leg. a miraculous rescue after a 16-year-old slipped on the ice near the top of mt. hood he plummeted 500 feet from the area known as the pearly gates to another area known as the devil's kitchen below. >> it's a technical mountain. this isn't a sunday stroll. it is inherently dangerous. >> reporter: he shattered his leg in the fall and he had to be slowly and carefully brought down the treacherous slopes before being rushed to the hospital. his father says his son is an avid climber and did everything he could to stop that fall. >> he thought he was going to stop somewhere and he was trying to arrest the fall but it just didn't happen because he was
7:33 am
rolling so fast. >> reporter: he was reportedly in stable condition as he was whisked into a waiting ambulance and is expected to have surgery on that leg later today. his father so grateful for his son's survival. >> i'm so humbled and so grateful. all of them are heroes. i thank everybody who has been so much help to my son. >> reporter: and it took 3 1/2 hours to get him down the mountain. but hypothermia was a concern. he hopes to conquer mt. hood again. this time with his father, maybe one of those crampon shoes to help keep his stability on the ice. >> some new gear might be in order for sure. thanks. now to a guy who was trying to go to a football game and ends up carjacked, kidnapped and shot. yes, he was visiting arizona
7:34 am
just to go to the fiesta bowl. abc's trevor ault is here with how this guy managed to escape. trevor, this is a wild story. >> reporter: it's unbelievable. traveling across the country to watch your team lose is a pretty bad night. this was a nightmare. this ohio state fan in phoenix for the game ends up going door to door with a gunshot wound begging for help. >> hey, i've been shot. i've been shot. >> reporter: a chilling plea for help in the middle of the night from a college football fan captured on a ring camera. >> call 911. >> reporter: that man anthony had come all the way across the country to phoenix for the fiesta bowl showdown between his ohio state buckeyes and clemson but that night things took a terrifying turn. >> gunshots it sounded like five or six of them. >> reporter: anthony telling police that while in his car three teenagers pointed a gun in his face, pushed him in the backseat and drove him around for more than an hour forcing him to make withdrawals at several atm machines before shooting him in the abdomen. anthony then began ringing doorbells desperate for help.
7:35 am
at last he reached the doorbell of jerry, a phoenix-area firefighter. >> who is it? >> anthony, i've been shot. >> call 911. >> who is anthony? >> just call 911. i've been shot, i swear to god. >> reporter: despite his skepticism he called 911 likely saving anthony's life. >> i could tell he's hurt. in some way, shape or form. >> reporter: while anthony recovers in a local hospital jerry is now relieved he took his plea seriously. >> i'm glad to hear he's okay. i'm glad to hear he's a righteous dude. >> reporter: anthony is recovering in a local hospital and three teenagers have been arrested for the crime including an 18-year-old who according to police is already a convicted felon. >> wow. >> good thing he called 911 too. >> trevor, thanks so much. now to the latest on that desperate search in alabama for a young woman who went missing after leaving a bar with two men and then texting a friend that she was in trouble. authorities are now offering a reward for any information and
7:36 am
diane macedo is here with that story. >> police say they have pursued several leads in this case but so far none have panned out. now they're asking for help from patrons of that bar as houston's family and friends are banding together holding out hope for her safe return. this morning, the search is intensifying for 29-year-old paighton houston missing now for over a week. authorities say houston was last seen 11 days ago leaving this alabama bar around 10:45 p.m. with two unknown men. houston's family says shortly after midnight she then sent an alarming text message to a friend saying she did not know who she was with and felt she was in trouble. >> she's always very cautious. i mean, she's just not one to do, you know, something like that, like leave with random persons. that's not who she is. >> reporter: houston's family says since her disappearance she has not used her bank account and her phone goes straight to voicemail. the governor's office and crimestoppers are now offering a $10,000 reward for any information leading to houston's whereabouts. >> she was reported to have left
7:37 am
with two largely built black males. we have located those persons at this time. we do have a lot of tips that have come in from the public and we're currently going through those tips in hopes that it will develop new leads. >> reporter: overnight, her community gathered at a vigil to sing songs and say prayers of hope. family members expressing gratitude for the support pouring in from the community. >> this entire state has shown their love, their prayers. we feel their love and the prayers. >> reporter: friends keeping strong in their faith that paighton will soon return. >> she has to come home. she will come home. she has to be safe. >> reporter: police are urging anyone who was at the bar that night to jog their memories and comb through photos or videos taken. they say sometimes what may seem like a small thing to us can make a big difference in an investigation like this so they're hoping that someone has some piece they might not realize that will help them get to the bottom of this. >> we hope they get answers soon. coming up, the biggest blockbusters of the decade from
7:38 am
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every year we play a concert as part of the holiday festival. i wake up that morning, and it's pouring down rain. and we have no idea if we're going to play or not. i was at chick-fil-a with some of my students having breakfast, and i thought, "what if we played our concert at chick-fil-a?" all of a sudden, ms. houston is talking to diane. i was just like, "absolutely, let's do this!" everyone loved it. and even though she was like really busy, she just showed that love and care for us that just meant a lot. i hope they'll come back and play for us again, 'cause we really enjoyed it!
7:41 am
back with the biggest blockbusters of the decade reshaping the box office and the faces in front of and behind the camera. david wright is here with all the hits. good morning, david. >> good morning, amy. it's just about time to roll credits on the decade that was. one that brought big changes to the entertainment industry reinventing old genres with a whole new cast of characters.
7:42 am
>> long have i waited. >> reporter: it's fitting that the box office's dominated this week by "the rise of skywalker." >> what are you doing there, 3po? >> taking one last look, sir, at my frien. >> reporter: closing out a decade that saw the beginning and the end of another "star wars" trilogy. 2010s were a multiverse in the multiplex. including four new "avengers" movies. the last of which "avengers: endgame" remains the highest grossing movie of all time, 2.8 billion worldwide. >> avengers. assemble. >> reporter: a pretty good decade for men and women in tights. >> don't worry. >> she's got help.
7:43 am
>> reporter: superheroes also led the way for a decade of diversity including "black panther." >> whoo. let's go. >> reporter: becoming the highest grossing film by a black director. >> wakanda forever. >> reporter: and "wonder woman" smashing box office records. becoming a breakthrough film not only for female superheroes but for women behind the scenes with director patty jenkins reportedly becoming the highest paid female director in history. >> it is our sacred duty to defend the world and it's what i'm going to do. >> reporter: and other genres doors have opened. "bridesmaids" helped pave the way for a decade of fearless female comedy. >> i'm ready to party with the best of them. ♪ and i'm gonna go down to the
7:44 am
river ♪ >> reporter: which led to 2017's "girls trip" and the meteoric rise of its star tiffany haddish. >> i plan on getting white girl wasted this weekend, okay? >> reporter: "crazy rich asians" delivered historic impacts. >> you're rich? >> we're comfortable. >> reporter: raking in box office rewards and making constance wu a household name and jordan peele's brilliant but terrifying take on race relations in "get out" breathed new life into horror earning peele an oscar. >> do you smoke in front of my daughter? >> i'm going to quit. >> reporter: all of which signals progress for an industry that just a few years ago faced backlash for its lack of diversity both in front of and behind the camera. >> not bad. >> reporter: the 2010 also saw
7:45 am
hollywood acknowledge how people consume movies a little differently these days. the asian box office especially china hugely important for the success of big money blockbusters and we also saw several movies with just the briefest of theatrical runs before they ended up streaming on the small screen. >> sometimes they've come out at the same time which is convenient for people who have children. >> for sure. thank you, david. >> thanks, guys. coming up, a special new year's eve "play of the day" for you. ♪ ♪ don't stop the party like thi. it's the next one. you always drive this slow? how did you make someone i love? that must be why you're always so late. i do not speed. and that's saving me cash with drivewise. my son, he did say that you were the safe option. and that's the nicest thing you ever said to me. so get allstate. stop bossing. where good drivers save 40% for avoiding mayhem, like me. this is my son's favorite color, you should try it. [mayhem] you always drive like an old lady? [tina] you're an old lady.
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♪ we are back with our "play of the day" and we're counting down to 2020 and taking you high above times square where the party is going to be. well, ginger is there with that waterford crystal ball that is going to drop at midnight tonight. ginger, llo to you again. you found a hat but also we are sure you are about to tell people things about that crystal ball that they did not know. >> you know what, i'm up here every year and i learn something every year so i'm about to share that. you know these are flown in from waterford, ireland. come up the stairs. each one, 192 of them are replaced every year. this year it is about the pineapple. that's what you'll see new as far as details go, but the picture you're seeing now is actually from 1999 when the steel frame of this ball was constructed in a vault here in one times square. now, what happened after that was, well, the ball stays up here the whole time. they just replace the crystals. i didn't know that before and
7:50 am
i also thought bit, why do we even drop a ball? doesn't that seem strange? it all goes back to 1833 in greenwich, england, when they had captains of ships that needed to know what time it was so they dropped a lit ball. lincoln was telling me he remembers when it was made of wood and iron in 1907. joking. he knew when it was lightbulbs all around the ball. it's really such a storied history. it's a beautiful moment when up to a billion people watch these crystals come down right before we start the new year. so i feel very honored every year to learn new facts and bring them to you this way. >> we appreciate you sharing them with us, ginger. i'll be thinking about that as we count down and watch the ball drop. thank you, ginger. much more with ginger in a bit. and the co-host of tonight's big show, lucy hale, joining us live. stay with us. live. stay with us. it's tough to quit smoking cold turkey. so chantix can help you quit slow turkey.
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7:55 am
ahhhh! -ahhhh! elliott. you came back! "good morning america" is sponsored by crest. crest, healthy, beautiful smiles for life. for life.
7:56 am
good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." >> let's go over to lisa argen for a look at the outlook. >> yes, it is going to be beautiful out. and the beach, upper 50s to 60 in some of the inland valleys. it is 40 in santa rosa right now. and a few clouds and milder today. going out tonight, increasing clouds and in the 40s for most. the capitol corridor has been a tough time this morning because of deadly tras pass llly a train hit someone. and so the train 521 is 1:45
7:57 am
behind, and train 531 is canceled now and train 522 which is the train that hit that person is also running behind. tonight, a big preview coming up on "gma" with you work hard. you play hard. a drink with friends can turn into two. and a prescription can be stronger than you thought. stop! there are a lot of ways to get a dui. and a lot of ways to go. text a friend. call a cab. share a ride. whatever you choose to do, go safely, california.
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7:59 am
a drink with friends can turn into two.. and a prescription can be stronger than you thought. stop! there are a lot of ways to get a dui. and a lot of ways to go. text a friend. call a cab. share a ride.
8:00 am
whatever you choose to do, go safely, california. good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. breaking overnight, u.s. embassy on edge. hundreds of protesters storming the u.s. embassy in iraq. protesters breaking into the american compound in baghdad. the gates smashed. teargas fired. flames erupting as demonstrators protest those recent u.s. air strikes. we're live with the latest. it's new year's eve. celebrations beginning all around the world right now. new zealand already setting off fireworks. australia ringing in 2020 as we speak. we're live from sydney. new this morning, the virus hitting hard this time of year. parents mistaking it for the common cold. kids ending up in the hospital for days. the signs you need to watch out for. ♪ give the world to you and wait for it.
8:01 am
>> this is "20/20." >> no one welcomes you to the new year like barbara walters as we get set to celebrate this morning. you know josh gad as the hilarious voice behind "frozen's" olaf. what happened when he took the disney character instagram challenge. and the last day of the year means it's time for the american girl doll reveal. all these girls are waiting here at "gma" and they're saying -- >> all: good morning, america. [ cheers ] they're adorable. good morning, america. great to have you with us on this final day of 2019. >> yes, it's very exciting and if you can't wait until midnight you can party down under with the folks there. it's officially 2020 in sydney, australia. the famous harbor fireworks show ringing in the new year just moments ago. people around the world coming
8:02 am
to see it. >> and people around the world coming here as well to times square expecting a million plus in times square for the big celebration packing in to see that crystal ball drop and a whole lot more happening in times square on new year's eve. but first, we are going to switch gears to that breaking news from overseas. protesters breaking into the u.s. embassy in baghdad this morning outraged over those recent u.s. air strikes. let's go back to james longman with the latest and what we know right now. good morning again, james. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, amy. hundreds of protesters have attacked the u.s. embassy in baghdad this morning in response to those u.s. air strikes over the weekend. they've smashed the main gate and destroyed a guard post. teargas deployed and gunshots heard and some climbing on walls chanting down with america. it's extraordinary that these crowds have managed to reach the heavily fortified area. the president has now been tweeting this morning saying iran is orchestrating an attack on the u.s. embassy in iraq. they will be held fully
8:03 am
responsible. in addition it goes on to say, we expect iraq to use its forces to protect the embassy. the protesters have come from funerals held for those killed in u.s. air strikes on iranian-backed militia kataib hezbollah on sunday. it's a designated terror group. one of a number sponsored by iran thought responsible for the death of a u.s. contractor last week. this is a very tense situation, amy. >> and we will continue to keep everyone updated on this developing situation. thanks so much, james. whit. switching gears now to new year's celebrations kicking off right now. people in australia ringing in 2020 just moments ago as the wildfire emergency there escalates. let's go back to maggie rulli in sydney. >> reporter: welcome to 2020. we're already celebrating here in sydney. more than a million people came out tonight to ring if the new year. welcome the new decade. lot of them were here to see that iconic fireworks show in sydney. it's known around the world. guys, this year it almost didn't
8:04 am
happen. a petition signed by 250,000 people asking to cancel the entire event. they said it was insensitive since so much of the country is dealing with those historic wildfires. politicians got involved saying the event must go on to celebrate australia, they're coming together as a country despite these trying times times welcome to 2020. welcome to the future. the first to wish you have a very happy new year. >> maggie ruli. all right, coming up next here on "gma" we do have a health alert about rsv. a virus on the rise. young children most at risk. dr. ashton is joining us live. as you make those 2020 resolutions, the surprising foods with added sugar and the swaps that still taste great. also, lucy hale, yes, she's here live hours away from taking center stage for new year's
8:05 am
rockin' eve. stay with us folks on "gma." for new year's rockin' eve. stay with us folks on "gma."
8:06 am
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8:09 am
♪ welcome back to "gma." happy almost new year. as we kick off 2020 on thursday, we will exclusively reveal the "u.s. news" best diets for the year. so that's something to look forward to. also just want to say that t.j. said you and i look like we're going straight from work to a party. >> we are. we are partying until 2020, exactly. a few short hours. >> "pop news" before the party. adrienne bankert here. >> thank you, guys, so much. good to see you. we begin this morning with a very special and exclusive
8:10 am
message to send us into the year 2020. we love all barbara walters' iconic line this is "20/20." so this is the premiere of this is "20/20" with famous and familiar faces. >> this is "20/20." >> this is "20/20." >> this is "20/20." >> i'm barbara walters and this is "20/20." >> this is "20/20." >> this is "20/20." >> this is "20/20." >> you nailed it. >> this is "20/20." >> this is "20/20." >> this is "20/20." >> this is "20/20." >> make no mistake, this is "20/20." >> this is "20/20." do i get the job? >> "20/20." >> this is "20/20." >> in 2020. >> welcome to "20/20." >> that was impressive. okay, and i know everybody at
8:11 am
home now is practicing this is 2020 today as we get ready to celebrate, yes, don't forget to tune in to "dick clark's new year's rockin' eve with ryan seacrest 2020" beginning at 8:00 p.m. right here on abc and a big thank you to barbara walters for preparing us all this time for a new decade. >> little did she know. little did she know. >> i mean, pretty iconic. >> robach, give it to us. >> stop it. >> go ahead. >> 2020. >> you got to say welcome. >> exactly. finally, if you've been on instagram in the last few days want to leave you with a smile and have seen your friends using the what disney character are you filter. you hold up a phone, you put it in selfie mode and take a video and the filter will answer the question which disney character are you, so josh gad who does happen to be a real-life disney character himself, olaf from "frozen," decided to try it out. take a look. [ laughter ]
8:12 am
>> he got dory from "finding nemo." he's like what, what? we wanted to try it ourselves and find out -- >> it needs work. >> let's check it out. >> it needs work. >> let's see. >> all right, so this is completely -- this better be good, man. oh. get this off. >> what's it going to be? what's it going to be? maleficent. wow. i don't know about that. i think that would scare my children. >> "frozen." >> what? >> aladdin. it needs work. >> your hero. >> i said at the end i always knew i had some male tendencies. >> oh. >> you're an adventurer. you're someone who flies around on a magic carpet. i was shir khan from "jungle book." go figure.
8:13 am
>> and i'm smelly apparently. >> i'm a little bit jealous of your character. >> i'll turn everything into a positive here. and that's "pop news." >> appreciate it. we move to our "gma" cover story. a health alert about rsv. a virus surging in recent weeks and while rsv is common it's not well known and it can be very dangerous. erielle reshef is here and, erielle, unfortunately you found this out firsthand. >> yeah, i did. right now the cold weather is keeping little ones indoors and that means spreading germs. rsv is rampant this time of your. our family just had a scare with our baby and now a mom in virginia is sharing her story to warn others. >> the night he became unresponsive is probably something i will live with for the rest of my life. >> reporter: this morning, 3-month-old cameron tate finally released from the hospital after a frightening bout with rsv. respiratory syncytial virus sports for most of us like a nagging common cold. symptoms like cough, congestion, lack of appetite and fussiness.
8:14 am
>> at first it just started out with a runny nose and a pretty deep wet cough. >> reporter: but for babies and the elderly rsv can be potentially dangerous. >> it is a virus that just has to take its course and in the meantime, we have to make sure that babies are able to breathe. they're able to stay hydrated and they're not having high fevers that can get them in trouble. >> reporter: the cdc reports on average 2.1 million children under age 5 are diagnosed with rsv every year. and like in cameron's case it can spiral quickly. the little one testing positive for the virus on december 23rd. two days later on christmas he was admitted to the hospital. >> he became extremely dehydrated to the point he was completely unresponsive and they had to give an emergency i.v. to kind of like bring him back. >> reporter: my baby's brush with rsv coming just days before. our 5-month-old testing positive in the doctor's office saturday. by sunday he had shortness of breath and was admitted for
8:15 am
24-hour observation in the hospital. a terrifying turn, but thankfully he is back to his smiley self. >> most babies do totally fine even if they require a few days of hospital admission. >> reporter: baby cameron home and healthy after six days on oxygen and breathing tubes. his mom thankful for the care he received and for her intuition that told her something just wasn't right. >> i would want other parents to know when dealing with rsv, always go with your gut feeling. >> it's good advice there and so glad cameron is okay. doctors say it's easy for babies to contract rsv from older siblings. we think that's what happened. washing hands very good strategy and trust your gut when something doesn't feel right and you feel like your baby may be demonstrating symptoms see your doctor. >> so great of you to share your
8:16 am
personal story. i think a lot of parents don't know. i just told you i had never heard of it. i'm past the danger point with my kids being older but thanks for sharing your story. we'll bring dr. jennifer ashton in from massachusetts and i want to ask you, dr. jen, we heard this is common but how common is this virus? >> well, amy, let's take rsv by the numbers. first of all, it's the most common cause of pneumonia in babies under the age of 1. by the age of 2 most babies and toddlers, the majority have been exposed to it and as we heard erielle said in the piece over 2 million cases of rsv are diagnosed in children under the age of 5 in this country every year. if you've heard the term bronchiolitis, it's not just the flu circulating. there is rhinovirus, adenovirus, rsv, parainfluenza, other upper respiratory viruses circulating
8:17 am
and can make people sick. >> what should people and parents specifically know about the symptoms to this virus? >> they really vary based on age, amy. in terms of adult, older children they might have mild or no symptoms at all. babies, toddlers, the symptoms generally start with a runny nose then progress to sneezing, cough, fever, fatigue, there can be a headache, obviously you wouldn't hear that from your baby but in older children, it really does depend on the age. the vast majority of cases will resolve on their own in about five days. >> right, because those symptoms, you see them all the time when you have little kids. so, at what point should you worry? at what point should you take your baby or your toddler to the hospital? >> well, if we're talking any upper respiratory infection here are the warning signs and symptoms that people should be aware of, particularly parents of babies and young children, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing and in an infant or baby that shows up as
8:18 am
flaring of the nostrils or retraction of the rib muscles with each breath. if there's a bluish discoloration around the lips or the nailbeds we call that cyanosis, that could be a sign they're not getting enough oxygen and obviously if they become lethargic get them to an emergency room immediately. >> very important information, dr. jen, happy new year. >> you too, my dear, happy and healthy. we continue to roar into 2020 and one of the most popular resolutions, of course, is to get healthier. yes, one way to do that is cut back on sugar and michele promaulayko, the author of "sugar free 3" is here with tips and swaps. it sounds simple. sugar, sweet stuff tastes good but it's more to it than that as to why we're hooked on it. >> so, added sugars and their evil twin, refined carbs and artificial sweeteners wreak havoc on our body. cutting back on them can help you lose weight. the problem is we developed a
8:19 am
dependence on them. one of the reasons is it hangs out in places you would expect. >> okay. these are some of the places. we think about sugar we're talking about dessert and sweet >> it's surprising to find it in foods that we don't even consider sweet like ketchup or salad dressing, right? beware of the balsamic vinaigrette and definitely honey mustard. we don't need sugar on our salad, do we? >> no, we don't. >> we also don't need it on spaghetti but you find it in pasta sauce. >> you're giving us options. we have some healthy options without the sugar but we often start our day with breakfast with a lot of sugar. >> so many of us have been eating dessert for break fast our entire lives. that is no way to start the day. >> how do i get around it. >> these are two of my favorite recipes from "sugar free 3." sweet potato toast with a crispy egg. who knew sweet potato can double as toast but it can. these are pumpkin ricotta pancakes with nuts.
8:20 am
much better breakfast than sugary yogurt. >> yogurt, that sounds like a simple, easy healthy breakfast but a lot of sugar. >> it can be healthy if you know what to look for, but a lot of sugar in fruit yogurts and sometimes artificial sweeteners too so double whammy. >> okay, it's tricky. we're trying to make it through the day with a snack and we go to the vending machine and that's a problem. here's better options. >> want to snack smarter. snacks are supposed to get you to the next meal. if you eat something sugary it won't quell your hunger so you want to go for something nutritious and satisfying. cucumber chips and guac, hummus and veggies you can never wrong, hard boiled egg and everything but the bagel seasoning which is my sugar-free secret weapon, the seasoning. >> which seasoning? >> everything but the bagel. >> everything but the bagel. get rid of refined carbs. keep the seasoning and also whole grains are allowed so brown rice cakes with nut butter. healthy fats and this is
8:21 am
something you may not know. an air dried beef jerky that doesn't have added sugar. >> you got me there. >> try it. that's a healthier breakfast. >> better than the twizzlers i was having a short time ago. we can't talk about dessert. how do i take sugar out of my dessert? >> i would not deprive of you dessert. get rid of the added sugars. don't get rid of dessert. here we have whipped ricotta with roasted cherries and this is a cinnamon baked apple but you can microwave it too and whole fruit is okay. it's naturally occurring sugar. >> okay. so we could -- okay. >> so all of these recipes and tips on how to read nutrition labels can be found in the book and also on the open fit app and leave nothing to chance. >> this is actually good stuff here. all right, michele promaulayko, always good to see you and happy new year to you. >> happy new year, t.j. >> thank you for helping us through a healthier new year. we're going to turn now to ginger back in times square with that new year's eve crystal
8:22 am
ball. >> yes, it's always such an honor to be up here. i have this whole stage and feel like i need to do a dance. how about i bring you a "gma" moment from ramsey, minnesota. this guy teaching us how to slide into 2020. that's with that ice they had over the weekend. salting his driveway. it's perfect how he was doing this. i want to note through the rest of the show i will keep adding pieces and i feel like these 2020 glasses are really my next step so that's coming at you if nothing else. we got jessie james decker right over here. we have lucy hale. don't go anywhere, right.
8:23 am
now to the buzziest beauty in 2019. five beauty products that lit up social media and will be even hotter in 2020. >> yep, sarah eggenberger, editor-at-large of "new beauty" magazine is here to fill us in and give us the inside scoop. >> i've been oohing and ahing. we have patrick tau, makeup artist for chrissy teigen, ariana grande and one item from his cosmetic line blew up on social media. so we're going to show it to you. yes, more than 200,000 likes on instagram. what is it about this lip gloss that makes fans so crazy. >> this is a major lip shine product. so tt's why it has a name. it is a remarkable product in his collection because it ntains an advanced gel technology which gives you a
8:24 am
glass-like finish but it also adheres to your lips so you don't get feathering and zero stickiness and will upgrade your cosmetic bag. arguably your life. you know how that is. >> excellent. my wife's birthday is coming up so i'm getting the inside scoop here so coming in as a ringer and let's talk about this here. the next we have instagram's favorite mask. people have been talking about this. it's got a cult following so far even includes jeff goldblum of all people. let's see how fast it sold out after that launch. in ten days. >> in ten days. yeah. >> so what makes it so special? >> this initially launched in 2018 but really became popular in 2019. it is amazing for your skin if you travel but if you have a dehydrated skin it nourishes it with super antioxidant, great for a stressed out skin and will calm the skin down and has this lovely peppermint smell. wash your face. put this on. sleep with it on. you'll wake up with a revitalized refreshed skin or if
8:25 am
your skin is dry, go to mask. >> we are moving on to rihanna's makeup line fenty. it's obviously a social smash so let's see how many instagram followers there are. 8.9 million followers and what makes this foundation so obsessive for so many. >> well, it took off and had literally over 200 likes within the first couple hours of launching simply because it contains 50 shades. there is a shade for every variety of skin. go to their site and they have a shade finder to help you navigate the site and give you your match. it will be sweat and humidity resistant and it will stand up to those damaging harsh winds, the high humidity and it stays on your skin. it is going to be a medium to full coverage but it feels very light as air on your skin. it's undetectable. >> rihanna is involved. full disclosure. i follow her on instagram as well. we all do. who doesn't?
8:26 am
it's rihanna. all right, this next one a-listers like drew barrymore crazy about drunk elephant. let's look at the reveal and they are not alone, 3.2 million likes on instagram. tell us about this famous product. >> drunk elephant had a tremendous 2019. this is one of their standout products because it's so luxurious. their luxurious facial oil absorbs instantly into the skin. you can see how beautiful it is. you just need a little bit and rub it into your skin and it will absorb well. you will have this immediate refined look to your skin. great antioxidants, feels wonderful. >> last but not least, we want to talk 40.1 million followers for huda. these are beautiful colors. >> high metallic shine, a variety of different colors, find your match. >> thank you and we'll be right back. and we'll be right back.
8:27 am
good morning, north bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." >> i'm kumasi aaron for "abc7 mornings." starting today, you can expect the extra officers on the road for the new year's holiday. the chp's maximum enforcement is starting 6:00 p.m. and ends midnight on january 1st. they are looking for people driving drunk or high. the highway patrol says that 271 people were arrested over christmas holiday for dui. it has been a mess this morning in the traffic, because of a deadly trespasser incident and a train hit and ptrain 521 is on a one hour and 45 minute delay and train 531
8:28 am
has been can elled and is now 535 and train 522 is running an hour and 45 minutes behind train 521 and that is going to biccing up passengers from 520 on
8:29 am
now, your accuweather forecast with lisa argen.
8:30 am
>> it is a beautiful morning, and 50 in half moon bay and the beach today is upper 50s, and the high clouds are increasing. 40 in santa ♪0 in santa welcome back to "gma" on this new year's eve, nothing to see here. >> no, not at all. >> did you tilt yours? >> oh, my god. >> somebody had to do it. >> no, they did not. nobody had to do that. >> i didn't think it was going to be that loud. my apologies. >> ginger is way up in times square with the ball that will ring in 2020 at midnight. hey, ginger. >> amy, thank you so much. happy almost new year. look who's with me. country singer and songwriter jessie james decker. we are so happy you're here. you're part of the big show tonight. 28th anniversary of "dick
8:31 am
clark's new year's rockin' eve" and they're doing something new tonight that you're part of. tell me about it. >> i get the pleasure of being a great messenger and i get to tell someone they have won a million dollars. yes, powerball is amazing. they have set this whole thing up. a million dollars so -- >> how does that work? >> the way it worked is millions, millions entered the top of the year or early spring 2019 and they narrowed it down to 300 people. those 300 people got flown to new york. they've been having this incredible new york experience but a couple nights ago they narrowed it down to five and those five will be with me and after midnight one will win a million dollars. >> that will be a good 2020. >> you can't complain. y'all better be making friends because one of y'all will be a millionaire. >> i don't know if i'd want people to know that. let's talk resolutions because it's that time of year so what's your resolution for 2020? >> you know what, it's always to get healthy and work on fitness and that is always the same every year but this year i want to spread more love and positivity. >> so she's got the confetti. throw it early. do it. get it out there.
8:32 am
there we go. it's out in the world now. >> that felt good. >> i know you're cold. you poor thing. >> i am a little cold but i'm from the south so it's real cold and y'all are like -- >> this is a nice year. >> put some shorts on. >> all right, well, stay warm. enjoy tonight. >> thank you. oh, hey, i'm just talking here with one of the hosts of new year's rockin' eve, lucy hale, roaring into 2020 right here in times square hosting the biggest party on the planet with ryan seacrest and we were just talking about what it's like in the middle of times square. >> you were like tapping me for tonight. >> i've done it a few times and the weather is always the big, big story but it looks like you've got -- >> tonight -- >> it's going to be windy but -- >> fingers crossed it's looking like it's not going to rain. >> that's what you care about. the rain is what -- >> i feel like that would -- nothing would put a damper on tonight. bring on whatever. i'm ready. >> yes, exactly. whatever mother nature has in store for you. i want to ask you, you've done this a couple of times but from new orleans, not here in the middle of times square.
8:33 am
what was your reaction when you got the phone call, hey, we want you to come to new york? >> i didn't think they were serious at first. are you sure you're calling the right girl? are you sure, are you sure? but like, i mean this is a show i've been watching with my family. this is the only show i remember watching, new year's show so, first of all, it was on my bucket list to come to new york city, not to be hosting so this is just a full circle moment and i have known ryan for 16 years so it's just -- >> it feels right, like coming home. >> yes. >> it's fun to be able to enjoy such a special night. i want to know, though, have you done anything -- are you doing anything to prepare? >> i mean, we've done a lot of rehearsals but the great thing about live tv you can rehearse and things just change and you have to be on your toes and expect anything, and you told me i need to get a lot of warmers. i'll have a lot of feet warmers and a lot of coffee. it's going to be a long day. >> that's right. that's right. and it's true but there is a magic about doing live
8:34 am
television too and some spontaneity and fun and part of what we're excited about is seeing who will be performing tonight. anyone you're most excited about listening to and seeing? >> yes, so in new york we have alanis morissette who i'm -- i'll be down the street but will be able to hear her and the cast of "jagged little pill" and post malone and bts which is going to be insanity. >> crazy. >> i don't even know what to expect. i feel like they would draw a million people alone. and then sheryl crow and dua lipa and people all over the map. >> so much fun. i'm asking you, because we always ask this on new year's eve, any resolutions for 2020? >> i have just been sitting -- i usually have broad, like try new thing, get new hobbies, go see your family more, but ryan and i were talking yesterday and we kept saying like organize our life, de-clutter, and i kept thinking about all this stuff i have that i don't need so get rid of -- what is it called? >> marie kondo. >> i need to do that to a lot of areas of my life.
8:35 am
>> yes, and it is so cathartic. it's great. i love that resolution. it will be mine too. 2020 will be quite a big year for you. you have some exciting projects coming up. i saw a trailer -- yesterday in the movie theaters and saw a trailer for "fantasy island." that was my generation. but this is a little different. >> it's got a dark twist. "fantasy island." >> i got made fun of for that impression. it's all right. thanks, fonz. >> i thought you did great. i thought you nailed it. it comes out february 14th. i've been busy filming "katy keene" in new york. i've been busy filming that in new york. i'm very excited about everything going on. it's been a really great year and i think 2020 will be equally exciting. >> do you want to do your barbara walters impression? >> this is "20/20." "20/20," yeah. is that good, "20/20." >> it's however you want to do it. >> no one can do barbara walters like barbara walters. i failed miserably. >> i did too. thank you very much.
8:36 am
lucy hale, we're excited about seeing you tonight. be sure, everyone, to tune in to dick clark's new year's rockin' eve with ryan seacrest 2020 tonight starting at 8:00 p.m. eastern right here on abc. coming up, we have some of the best nat geo photos of the decade.
8:37 am
[ dramatic music ]ing ] ahhhh! -ahhhh! elliott. you came back!
8:38 am
>> announcer: friday start your day with a smile and matt stell live.
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♪ i moved everywhere but on >> announcer: the "gma" concert, matt stell, friday only on "good morning america." presented by carmax. we are back here on "gma" with some of the most moving images of the decade, not just of the year here. we are counting down to 2020, of course, and national geographic is revealing the top photos but, adrienne, they are the top photos they are looking out of 20 million to choose from. >> oh my goodness, it's just remarkable. let me tell you and these were voted on by, of course, fans and viewers of national geographic. these are the best photos and it still proves that a picture is worth a thousand words or more. these are just some of national geographic's best photos of the decade -- mysterious, haunting, heartbreaking. >> conservation is arguably one of the most important issues of our time. we need to think about how we save our animals, how we save ourselves, how we save our
8:40 am
planet. >> reporter: whitney johnson, director of photography for national geographic, says that over the past ten years their photographers have taken more than 21 million pictures like this photo of a hummingbird eating from a microscopic dinner plate. >> our photographer, in the case of this hummingbird project, he slowed down way down and by doing that he reveals details that we are unable to see otherwise. last month we set out to pick the best photographs of the decade. but because of advances in technology and because of the power of moving storytelling we had to include this video. >> reporter: one of national geographic's most popular instagram posts ever with nearly 2 million likes is sudan, the last male of his species, a northern white rhinoceros being comforted by one of his protectors before passing away in 2018 leaving only two females in the world. >> one reason we chose this photograph is because it helps remind viewers and our audience that we have a responsibility to
8:41 am
care about animals, to care about nature, and to care about our relationship with it. >> reporter: these pictures taken by motion censored cameras or a camera trap took five months and 200,000 images to capture. >> basically you set the stage but you don't know who is going to show up to perform. >> reporter: more than a year after camera traps were set up in los angeles this elusive mountain lion photographed in front of the iconic hollywood sign shining a light on our proximity to wildlife. >> for me these pictures are the ones that delight, the ones that touch our hearts. i hope that these pictures raise awareness for people to really think about how they can make the world a better place. >> ginger, can you top that. give me se inspiration. take this thing from the top to bottom that was inspiring. i'm sure they had to be very
8:42 am
strong to do that. it's inspiring, such a beautiful one for us tonight. a little blustery and breezy. the temperatures is going to be 40 or so. it will feel like just below and now i am joined by the president of countdown entertainment, jeffrey straus. it's so good to see you. we get along just once a year but this is our time together. >> i brought you a gift this year. >> and that's what i want to start with. we're hours away from the beautiful waterford crystals coming down. this year, a new theme, the gift -- >> of good will. one of the things we need is more civility and kindness not
8:43 am
only across the nation but across the table and the gift of goodwill represents we'll have a great year in 2020. >> 192 on the pineapple, the beautiful detail here. you know, the next big thing and everybody watching tonight will be wanting to know who is playing? who are we going to hear music-wise? >> i got to tell you abc has a great lineup. alanis morissette. we have sam hunt, my sons can't wait to see, bts, then post malone close to midnight. >> this is going to be a big night as it always is, but always about the resolutions so we thought we would want to share yours and mine. i just put on this card right here, baby. this is not a pregnancy announcement by the way. i'm not pregnant. i would love to have another one. i got to talk to my husband. we might adopt. i don't know. i got to talk to my husband but i'll put this out in the universe. what's yours? >> mine is about family too. i'm going to slow down and share precious moments with my family and good health to all. >> i'm so happy that you said that. good health to all. happy 2020. we are going to be watching tonight, the 48th anniversary of dick clark's new year's rockin'
8:44 am
eve with ryan seacrest 2020 that starts tonight on abc at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. i know i'll be watching. >> i'll be celebrating. whoo! >> he's ready. guys. >> happy new year, everybody. >> all right, ginger, happy new year to you as well. coming up, the exclusive reveal of the new american girl doll for 2020. are you excited? [ cheers ] everybody is excited. back in a moment with more.
8:45 am
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thanks to dav now i feel like i am human again. announcer: support more victories for veterans, go to ♪all around the world, we are one♪ we are one♪ ♪so where did we all go wrong?♪
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♪woo ♪where did we all, where did we all go wrong?♪ ♪love, love, love, love ♪love, love, love oh, the excitement, the anticipation is building. my two daughters watching at home as well also thrilled. we are back now and for so many kids the start of the new year means one thing. that's finding out who the next girl of the year will be and we are about to reveal her for everyone here.
8:48 am
first, though, a look back. it's been almost 20 years of those american girl girl of the year dolls, representing all of what it means to be an empowered, adventurous, ambitious girl. >> are you ready? [ cheers ] >> reporter: so many of them introduced right here on "gma." from lucianna on a mission to inspire girls to reach for the stars. >> there she is. >> reporter: to gabriella. >> come on down. >> reporter: who loves the arts including music, painting and poetry, to blair. >> there she is! [ cheers ] >> reporter: an aspiring chef in training. now as we roar into 2020, the first doll of a new decade. get ready for your next american girl. all right. here we go. the moment we've been waiting for. here's the american girl of the year doll for 2020, welcome joss
8:49 am
kendrick. [ applause ] you love her? is this good? everybody is excited? excellent, excellent. let me tell you a little bit about joss. she is a fierce athlete from southern california with a passion for surfing and competitive cheer. though she was born deaf out of one ear she wants you to know that stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things can help a person grow and that we can do many things more than one thing. how excited are we about this? come on, right? [ cheers ] excellent. i'm here with mila, nikki and lily. what do you like most about joss? >> i like that she's a surfer and a message that she can do -- that people with hearing aids can do whatever they want. >> i love that. >> i like that she's athletic and she has hearing aids like me. >> i like that she's athletic, strong and competitive. >> beautiful answers, girls. well, guess what, thank you so much.
8:50 am
also we've got more to talk about here. how many of you would like to hang out perhaps, show of hands, hang out with joss kendrick? would you like to? well, i've got good news for you. bring them on out because you're each going to go home with the new american girl doll. [ cheers ] come on in. come on in. nice and easy, nice and easy. all right. here, let me explain a little bit more about joss while we hand out the dolls. joss, the new american girl of the year doll goes on sale tomorrow. but these lucky girls get one right now and we'll be right back. one more time, excited, yes? all right. [ cheers ] euphoria, jubilation. back in a moment. moment. you work hard. you play hard. a drink with friends can turn into two. and a prescription can be stronger than you thought. stop! there are a lot of ways to get a dui. and a lot of ways to go. text a friend. call a cab. share a ride. whatever you choose to do, go safely, california.
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a drink with friends can turn into two.. and a prescription can be stronger than you thought. stop! there are a lot of ways to get a dui. and a lot of ways to go. text a friend. call a cab. share a ride. whatever you choose to do, go safely, california. >> announcer: friday, start your day with a smile and matt stell. live. ♪ i moved everywhere but on >> announcer: the "gma" concert, matt stell, friday only on "good morning america." presented by carmax. so what year is it about to be? tell them, barbara. >> this is "20/20." >> this is "20/20." >> announcer: and this week, "gma's" roaring into the '20s. live better, look better, feel better. now what is better than that? >> all right, thanks for watching, everyone. you know, it's been a crazy final morning of 2019 and we thank our young ladi who came
8:54 am
out today but behind the scenes for our producer, greg, if you can see the expression on your face you might get a little idea. >> absolutely. our crew here is all here and ready for 2020 along with all of our guests and parents, the girls, thank you so much. >> such a good job. >> wishing you very happy new year, everybody. >> yes. happy new year. [ cheers and applause ]
8:55 am
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good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. this is "abc7 mornings." good morning. i'm kumasi aaron from "abc7 mornings." here is lisa with the forecast. good morning, lisa. >> hey, there, kumasi. we are looking at the high clouds here at the golden gate bridge, and otherwise nice looking day. 46 in san jose and chilly in parts of the bay and sea breeze this afternoon. we have a beach hazard with strong waves this afternoon through tomorrow. and the forecast for the holiday looking at the clouds increasing tonight. jobina? >> thank you, lisa. the issue has not been to roads, but with the trains. capital corridor because of train 550 hit someone and killed that person on the tracks. this is the ripple effect that we are looking at right now. train 521 behind by an hour and 45 minutes. train 522k with a 55-minute
9:00 am
delay and train 523 is an hour and ten minutes behind. kumasi. >> thank you. it is time for "live with >> all: road trip! [car engine turning over] [upbeat music] [horn honks] ♪ [cheers and applause] [air horn blares] ♪ road trip! >> steve: it's "live with kelly and ryan" from las vegas. today, comedian, actor, and host howie mandel, and steve patterson-- hey, that's me-- takes us on a tour of instagrammable vegas, plus a performance from "the beatles love" by cirque du soleil, all next on "live." [the beatles' "drive my car"] ♪ >> ♪ asked a girl ♪ what she wanted to be


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