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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  January 9, 2020 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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tonight, the new video. what appears to be the moment that boeing 737 is hit by a missile. this evening, the new images posted by a resident of a tehran neighborhood showing the passenger jet that had just taken off from tehran on fire, then crashing three miles away. the wreckage up in flames. the plane took off just hours after iran launched those missiles targeting the u.s. military in iraq. tonight, u.s. intelligence now believes it was iran's own anti-aircraft systems that hit the jetliner. what iran is now saying, and tonight, what they've now done at the crash scene. also tonight, president trump's new claim after ordering the deadly strike on iran's top military commander. the president now says there was a plot to blow up the u.s. embassy in baghdad. the administration pressed
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tonight -- where is the evidence? bracing for a severe winter weather outbreak in this country. texas to michigan, then right into the east. snow, ice, flooding and possible tornadoes, and rob has the new track tonight. overseas, prince harry reportedly defying the queen. giving his father, prince charles, just ten minutes before going public with that announcement that harry and meghan are stepping back. tonight, the conference call -- the queen, prince charles, princes william and harry. and word this evening duchess meghan is now heading back to canada, where they had left baby archie. the harrowing takedown. the new body cam showing police and the man armed with a machete. officers opening fire. the alleged police imposter under arrest tonight, pulling over a mother and son. and what the son did that helped catch him. the remarkable moment today. the american firefighters arriving to help. and the alarming new headline tonight on the flu. good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a
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very busy thursday night. and we begin tonight with the growing certainty from u.s. intelligence that it was an iranian missile that brought down that passenger jet that crashed outside tehran. allowed to take off just hours after iran launched those missiles targeting the u.s. military. and tonight here, this new video posted by a resident in a tehran neighborhood, showing the plane on fire and then crashing. this cctv video airing on iranian media showing the moment of impact out of the crash site. the devastation where the passenger jet came down just minutes after takeoff. the wreckage strewn across so many acres. all 176 people onboard died. 63 of them canadians. tonight, iran is defiant, calling it scientifically impossible that they are to blame. but what's now been done at the crash site. and there is news coming in -- will u.s. investigators now be allowed in? abc's david kerley, who covers aviation, leading us off. >> reporter: for the first time tonight, this -- what appears to be the moment that 737 is hit by a missile. this video shot in the
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neighborhood of the last tracked position of the ukrainian jetliner. that missile can be seen streaking upwards right before impact. the sound following seconds later. the crippled jetliner in this video posted by a resident outside tehran shows the plane apparently on fire, breaking apart and crashing three miles away. that impact also captured by cctv video, which is airing on iranian media. the moment of impact with debris streaking past the camera. all videos reinforcing western intelligence out tonight that iran's anti-aircraft system hit the jetliner. more than a third of the 176 onboard were canadian. >> the evidence indicates that the plane was shot down by an iranian surface to air missile. this may have well been unintentional. >> reporter: the american intelligence community is confident. a u.s. official confirms to abc
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that iran turned on a radar aimed at the jetliner, which would guide anti-aircraft missiles from a mobile launcher. a u.s. satellite then captured the firing of two missiles at the 737, which was less than 5,000 feet off the ground. the warheads of those missiles would explode near the aircraft, blowing into bits of shrapnel that would pierce the aircraft in multiple locations. pictures from the scene yesterday showed what appeared to be shrapnel holes in the wreckage of the ukrainian jet. president trump wouldn't say if he thought the jet was shot down, but -- >> somebody could have made a mistake. some people say it was mechanical. i personally don't think that's even a question, personally. >> reporter: iran continues to deny it shot down the jet, calling it scientifically impossible, but look at what the iranian government has done. this was the scene hours after the crash yesterday. abc news has exclusively obtained this video from this morning. the crash scene cleared of
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wreckage. the potential evidence. >> just incredible. david kerley with us live from washington. you just reported there that the crash site has been cleared and rather quickly, david, just as we get word tonight that u.s. investigators might be allowed into iran now? >> reporter: as well as the canadians, the french, and the ukrainians. the u.s., if it accepts the invitation, the ntsb then would undoubtedly invite boeing to also take part in this investigation, david. >> but of course, that crash site has now been cleared. david kerley leading us off tonight. david, thank you. and you heard the president there on the crash. he was also asked today about his own decision to order that deadly strike on iran's top general. and he offered a new claim, saying there was a plot to blow up the u.s. embassy in baghdad. the administration pressed tonight -- where is the evidence of that plot? and abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl picks up the story. >> reporter: one week after he ordered the attack on qassem soleimani, the president offered a new reason for killing him. >> we did it because they were
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looking to blow up our embassy. >> reporter: the president was asked what evidence he had that iran was trying to blow up the american embassy in baghdad. >> can you provide any more details on what that plot was? >> no, i think it was obvious. if you look at the protests, that was a totally organized plot, and you know who organized it. that man right now is not around any longer, okay? >> reporter: but several senators who were briefed on the intelligence that led the president to order the attack say there was no mention in the briefing of a plot to bomb the embassy. democrats, and at least a few republicans, complained about the briefing, which was conducted by the president's national security team. >> they had to leave after 75 minutes, while they're in the process of telling us that we need to be good little boys and girls and run along and not debate this in pubic. i find that absolutely insane. i -- i think it's unacceptable. >> reporter: mr. president, i'm sure you saw mike lee's comments. did your national security team really say that it would be wrong for congress to debate military action on iran?
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>> mike and rand paul disagree, because they want information, that honestly, i think is very hard to get. it's okay if the military wants to give it, but they didn't want to give it. >> the current resolution is adopted. >> reporter: the house today approved a resolution requiring the president to get congressional approval for any future military action against iran that lasts longer than 30 days. >> fight any foe, pay any price, keep the american people safe. but to not be frivolous and cavalier about how we decide to show strength. >> reporter: would you go to congress to take further military action against iran? would you seek congressional approval? >> it would all depend on the circumstance. i don't have to and you shouldn't have to be able, because you have to make split-second decisions sometimes. sometimes you have to move very, very quickly, jon. >> all of this fast-moving today, jon. and of course, as all of this plays out, so does the impeachment showdown, this battle over when the senate trial will begin.
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house speaker nancy pelosi has been pressed repeatedly, when will she deliver those two articles of impeachment passed by the house. and again today, she said she wants to know what this trial is going to look like. here's what she said. >> as i said right from the start, we need to see the arena in which we are sending our managers. is that too much to ask? >> are you willing to hold the articles indefinitely? >> no, i'm not holding them indefinitely. i'll send them over when i'm ready. and that will probably be soon. >> so, jon, speaker pelosi now saying soon. what are you hearing about the timing of all this? >> reporter: david, democrats close to speaker pelosi say they expect her to turn the articles over to the senate in the coming days. senate leaders meanwhile are preparing for a senate trial they expect will start next week. the bottom line, i expect that we will see the third presidential impeachment trial in american history begin by early next week, david. >> all right, next week. jon karl, thank you. we are also matching a major winter storm threat looming tonight, set to bring treacherous driving from the south all the way up into
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michigan, and then right across into the northeast. heavy rain, flooding, tornadoes, snow and ice. meteorologist rob marciano tracking it all again tonight. hey, rob. >> reporter: hi, david. this storm abo to eject out of the rockies with some strong dynamics for all those hazards. for starters, let's look at the flood watches posted up from vermont, new york, all the way back through texas. winter storm watches from northern oklahoma in through michigan. and of course, very concerned about the warm sector, severe storms. dallas to houston tomorrow afternoon, that's a dangerous spot. tornadoes, damaging winds up through shreveport, little rock, memphis to new orleans saturday morning, then pushing into birmingham in the afternoon. there you see the flooding rains in the ohio river valley and the snow and ice from tulsa all the way up through milwaukee. and those rains and that ice gets to the northeast on sunday. could see a foot of snow in the cold sector. david? >> rob marciano. thanks again. overseas tonight, the royal mess. word tonight of an urgent conference call, the queen, prince charles and his sons, princes william and harry, after prince harry revealed he and meghan are stepping back from royal duties.
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prince harry reportedly defying the queen by going public with this move and giving his father, prince charles, just a ten-minute warning. and tonight, word duchess meghan is headed to canada, where they left baby archie during their holiday visit. james longman from london again tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the royal family in crisis mode after harry and meghan's bombshell announcement. royal sources confirming to abc news harry defied a direct order from the queen to keep discussions about taking a step back private. now she's leading four-way talks with harry, prince charles and prince william in a desperate attempt to find a workable solution within days. >> she wasn't aware that the statements got out. in fact, she expressly said, do not go public with this until we've managed to resolve it. >> reporter: harry had been in talks with his father prince charles for months about a change of role. charles urging his son to come up with a more detailed plan and that's when sources say harry took things into his own hands. >> for charles and william, they only knew ten minutes
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before that the statement was going out. they were given that much notice. so, not great. >> reporter: and questions over just what the couple means when they say they want to become financially independent. how can they reduce their roles, while still being funded by the taxpayer? police protection and their home in windsor for example, refurbished for around $5 million for their use, all costs picked up by the british public. >> the british people will not like the fact that there are part-time royals living million-dollar lifestyles, while still taking money from the public purse. >> reporter: harry has acknowledged the pressure of public life, and so, too, did his late mother, when she gave this advice during an interview with panorama. >> if you find someone you love in life, you must hang onto it and look after it and if you were lucky enough to find someone who loves you, then you must protect it. >> reporter: tonight, harry seems to be following his mother's advice. >> so, let's get to james longman with us live tonight from buckingham palace. and james, royal watchers were really quick to point out something else in recent weeks,
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that this was the queen's christmas message in 2018. you could see harry and meghan's photo sitting prominently on her desk. but so many then pointed to this, her address at year's end the couple's photo was gone. of course, some suggesting the queen knew the royal couple was unhappy, that there were problems. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, david. and that's why they're in discussions about a change. she did acknowledge the young family in her christmas message, but it's clear behind the scenes all was not well. so, what is next? well, meghan is heading back to canada, where baby archie had remained after a previous trip. there is a lot to sort out. david? >> all right, james longman with us from london again tonight. thank you, james. back here at home tonight, chilling new video emerging from los angeles in a case. a suspected carjacker with a machete chasing an officer. the officer falling. his colleagues then opening fire. and tonight, what that officer saw, from his own body cam. abc's will carr tonight, and it is difficult. >> reporter: tonight, we are seeing that life and death moment. a suspect with a machete standing over an officer,
5:43 pm
hoisting that blade up in the air. the deadly takedown captured on officers' body cameras. >> he has a machete. he's right there, brother. >> reporter: police say 22-year-old nathaniel pinnock initially robbed a store, then stole a car from this fast food restaurant. >> oh, he got a machete. he got a whole knife. >> reporter: the suspect took off, then slammed into two nearby police cars. >> he got stuck. >> whoa! >> reporter: officers fire bean bags and foam rounds, but pinnock escapes, leading police on a wild chase in the streets of hollywood before turning around and charging an officer. that officer falls to the ground with the armed man standing over him. several other officers open fire. that suspect later died in the hospital. while the investigation continues tonight, all the officers involved are back on duty. david? >> will carr tonight. thank you, will. and there is new reporting tonight about jeffrey epstein's first suicide attempt in jail. federal prosecutors in an
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unrelated case now say jail officials inadvertently deleted survllance video from the night of epstein's first suicide attempt in july. when epstein died in that second apparent suicide attempt the next month, the camera outside his cell did not work. and tonight here, we hear from the first alleged victim known to have reported jeffrey epstein to law enforcement 24 years ago. here's abc's chief national affairs correspondent tom llamas tonight. >> i'm painting these beautiful survivors, these women. >> reporter: maria farmer met jeffrey epstein and british socialite ghislaine maxwell in the mid-1990s, when epstein asked the 25-year-old art student to work for him. >> maria farmer, in a lawsuit, alleges while she was working the front door at epstein's townhouse, she started seeing things that concerned her involving epstein and ghislaine maxwell. >> ghislaine maxwell would go out on these drives to procure models. she would say, these are the nubiles.
5:45 pm
i need the nubiles. that was her word. she would bring them to jeffrey epstein's mansion. >> reporter: farmer says maxwell told her they were simply auditioning young girls for modeling jobs. >> i knew something was wrong. i didn't know what was wrong. >> reporter: according to her lawsuit, farmer says her experience with maxwell and epstein took a dark turn when they sexually assaulted her. >> i remember being in a lot of pain. i remember having some bruises. they didn't get my clothes off, they tried. >> reporter: maxwell has not responded to requests from abc news for comment, but has previously denied allegations she enabled epstein's abuse. >> the way i'd been treated made it very clear to me there is something else going on. >> reporter: farmer says she was so alarmed that she reported epstein and maxwell to the fbi. >> if the fbi had listened to me in 1996, there would have been no more victims. >> reporter: the fbi declined to comment for this report. you'll learn in our two-hour special, the fbi came back around ten years later and asked maria farmer about epstein.
5:46 pm
tonight, maria shares more of her story, and you'll also meet her younger sister who says at 16 years old, she, too, was victimized by jeffrey epstein. as for ghislaine maxwell, sources tell abc news she's currently under investigation by federal authorities in new york. david? >> tom, thank you. and as tom just mentioned here, this yearslong investigation airs tonight, "truth and lies: jeffrey epstein." 9:00 p.m. right here on abc. tom, thanks. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this thursday. the alarming new headline on the flu. the numbers just in. also ahead, the teacher arrested. video showing him physically removing a 14-year-old student from class. and what set off this moment. the alleged police imposter under arrest tonight, pulling over a mother and her son. and what that son did that helped catch him. and tonight, we remember the talented screen writer and actor, his work from "the graduate" to classic moments from "saturday night live." a lot more news ahead tonight. i'll be right back. i'll be right back.
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14-year-old student from class over music. here's linsey davis. >> reporter: this student cell phone footage captures the moment a florida teacher's temper flares, to the point of lifting a 14-year-old student out of his desk and then shoving him out of the classroom. >> i'll kick you out of class. >> reporter: it happened tuesday at buddy taylor middle school. jeffery paffumi claims, the student refused to turn down his music on his computer and slapped his hand away when he tried to mute the music. paffumi told police the student called him a cracker and claims he grabbed the teen safely so he couldn't hurt himself or anybody else. the teacher has been charged with simple battery. back in 2012, paffumi was convicted of battery after a bar fight. the teen in this incident says he was not hurt, but after he reported the incident to his parents, they say they plan to press charges. paffumi is now out on bond and on leave pending the outcome of the investigation. david? >> linsey, thank you. when we come back here tonight, the alleged police imposter under arrest.
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the same humira you trust with less pain immediately following injection. to the index of other news. the alleged police imposter arrested in jefferson county, colorado. michael nelson is accused of impersonating an officer, pulling over a mother and son, using a fake badge, claiming to be a federal agent. her son recording it all. police arresting him after the son's video was made public. we have alarming news on the flu tonight. flu season on pace to be one of the worst in decades, in fact. the cdc reporting at least 27 children dying of the flu so far. that's the highest number at this point since 2003. cases of the dangerous b-strain of the virus appearing earlier than normal and official cdc numbers come out tomorrow. and screenwriter and actor buck henry has died. his long list of credits include the screenplay for "the graduate," directed by mike nichols, and his many appearances in the early years of "saturday night live." buck henry was 89. when we come back tonight,
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the remarkable moment today. the american firefighters and the emotional welcome. firefighters and the emotional welcome.
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now with 25% more concentrated power. nothing works faster for powerful cold relief. oh, what a relief it is! so fast! finally tonight here, america strong. finally tonight here, "america strong." the american firefighters arriving to help in australia, and the australians grateful. the brave firefighters in australia overwhelmed but not giving up. as those fires ravage much of the country, tonight, they're getting help. more american firefighters arriving to join the fight, and this was the welcome at the airport. [ applause ]
5:58 pm
arriving at sydney airport, they join the other americans who are already on the front lines. some of the passengers waiting in the terminal in tears. they did not stop clapping. commissioner shane fitzsimmons of the new south wales rural fire service capturing the moment, writing of the video, it reflects the gratitude and admiration we all have for their generosity. by some estimates, more than a billion animals have now been lost. so many homes, so much land. damian campbell-davys, a water tank operator, rescuing this koala. and these baby wallabies. >> seven new babies today. >> cuddled together in a baby pool. tonight, nursed by volunteers. so many of them, including the americans, vowing to keep up the fight. the american firefighters and the awesome fight ahead. and, of course, we'll stay on it. i'm david muir. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow. good night. good night.
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you can see san francisco's trash problem almost everywhere. tonight san francisco supervisors are calling on agencies to do something about it. also, the protests going on in oakland right now. sky 7 was over the scene. what this group you see here is demanding. and the governor is pushing california into the prescription drug business. his plans to deliver cheaper drugs. >> now news to build a better bay area from abc7. >> this is a innovative city, a creative city. we should be able to have trash cans that work where they're needed and be able to keep trash in the bins. >> keeping the city clean is part of building a better bay area. today san francisco supervisors began looking at ways to get the trash off the streets. good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm ama daetz. every day it picks up a thousand tons of trash that ends up in
6:00 pm
the landfill. 650 tons goes into the blue recycle bins and 800 tons is put into the green bins. >> that's nearly 2500 tons of trash generated by san franciscans each and every day. some of it is ending up on the street. >> lauren martinez is in san francisco with more for us tonight. lauren? >> ama and kristen, supervisors ask different city agencies what they're doing to help alleviate this issue. they're hoping they can all get on the same page and adopt a citywide plan. >> you're not convinced that additional trash cans actually make the streets cleaner. >> right. it's got to be a balance. >> reporter: san francisco supervisors and the department of public works don't agree when it comes to how to approach one of the city's biggest problems, trash. >> from our perspective, the biggest issue is really bad behavior. we see lots of illegal dumping at cans. we see lots of pilfering through cans. >> supervisor matt heaney is leading the hearing


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