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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  January 17, 2020 1:07am-1:43am PST

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america's getting sicker. sick of donald trump, there are one million more uninsured americans every year under trump. and he's repeatedly tried to repeal obamacare. mike bloomberg will make sure everyone without health coverage can get it, and everyone who likes theirs, keep it. while capping fees to lower costs. as mayor, he helped expand coverage to seven hundred thousand more people.
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and championed women's reproductive health. as president, he'll give access to everyone. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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a south bay teen kidnapped, drugged and assaulted. but social media helped rescue here. students and parents at sacred heart hospital say they feel unsafe after student made racist threats. >> storm's not through yet, how long it's sticking around, coming up. andrew yang gang came out in force, still faith in the campaign. abc7 news starts now. now, news to build a better bay area, from abc7. rain, hail, thunderstorms, flooding and snow. slow-moving storm swept through the bay area, packing a real punch. >> not done yet, meteorologist sandhya patel is tracking the current conditions. >> we're seeing some showers and snow showers, wintry mix. live doppler 7, as we get you in a little bit closer to the peninsula, moderate pockets of showers across 280 as you will notice. rainfall rate's about a third of
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an inch per hour. don't be surprised if you get caught under one of these pockets. snowing on mt. hamilton and other parts of the bay area. highway 101, north bay, looking at rain showers. widen out the picture, level one system is producing mountain snow in the sierra, back in time. we've had thunderstorms tonight as you will notice. lightning strikes passing through, hail here, as we go into the wee hours of the morning, showers will be winding down. but there's more rain in the future. let you know if will impact the weekend plans coming up. powerful winter storm brought heavy rain to the bay area and dusting of snow to the mountains. >> reporter: in holme stead valley. >> driveway is gone.
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>> reporter: turned nasty. water poured off the mountain, cascaded down the lane. >> white water rafting. >> reporter: predictably tough going everywhere. only place it might have been worthwhile, along highway 175, upper regions of lake county looking like tahoe. >> in the east bay, rain came e down, rain drops bouncing off the asphalt. even the umbrella wasn't enough to keep people from getting wet. >> san francisco received a soaking from the storm. standing water on interstate 280. moderate flooding on city streets as well. people caught up in the downpours had to change up their routines. >> had to go slower with babies, to be safe.
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>> reporter: slippery highway 17, well known for spinouts and collisions with minute precipitation. most dramatic, in scots valley. >> hailstorm, thunder and lightning, went out and made snowballs and fooled around it in. >> happening now, cal trans crews keeping eyen the 80, traffic is sparse but chains are required. when weather like this hits, track with live doppler 7 on the abc7 news app. tap the weather tab. new at 11, 14-year-old girl is safe thank goodness after using social media to escape her kidnappers. >> rescued from hotel in south bay. live in san jose, damn.
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>> reporter: dan, ama, san jose police arrested three men in connection to the crime. officers say the 14-year-old girl used snapchat to alert her friends. led to her location and that's when police were called. a suspicious circumstance led san jose police to the ez 8 motel, found 55-year-old vazquez leaving a room on the second floor, victim, 14-year-old girl, inside. >> nobody taking nobody's young daughter and kidnapping her like that, that's just is not right. >> reporter: joshua holmes didn't know about the crime that started in cap toll la where vazquez met the girl, drugged her, called two other men. vasquez, salvador and avarenga drove the girl to san jose. pd reports vasquez assaulted her
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in the vehicle. arrived at ez 8, carried her to room and assaulted her again. other guests call it painful but not shocking. >> work in the industry, doesn't sploo surprise me at all. >> reporter: girl used snapchat to let her friends know she was kidnapped. police used features inside the app to find her. felony, false imprisonment, rape by intoxication and controlled substance and others. all three men booked into santa clara county jail, amanda del castillo, abc7 news. tonight anger and frustration for parents at private catholic school in san francisco, say the administration mishandled a threat by a student. lauren martinez has the story.
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>> told him to his face, i am going to kill you. >> reporter: candace pearson says her son was threatened by now former sophomore at the preparatory. threats made and song released ♪ white superior because i am a racist ♪ >> reporter: students notified parents but school didn't notify the parents. >> nobody got anything. >> reporter: town hall meeting was held. >> because a parent called the police, not the school, principal or authorities. >> reporter: inside the police addressed parents and students. said three hours after the report was made, searched the student's home, found the threat not credible. not at meeting was the principal. >> i don't have faith in the
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principal at all. should be fired. don't have faith in the dean at all, i think he should be fired. >> reporter: sacred heart released this statement. as institution we extend heartfelt apology for anxiety and uncertainty over the past week. >> evident they dropped the ball with communication. moving forward, how do we make sure our babies but everybody feels safe? >> reporter: in san francisco, lauren martinez, abc7 news. much of our effort to build a better bay area is focused on finding solutions to the homeless crisis. today governor newsom's four-day homelessness tour came to end in oakland. unveiled 15 former fema trailers for temporary housing for 50 to 70 people. smart part of a plan to provide
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for 150,000 californians without housing. >> it's issue of our time, it is a crisis in the state of california. it's happened on our watch and we need to meet this moment. >> as for homeless mothers evicted tuesday from oakland house, newsom will meet with them soon. want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area, including issues like homelessness, join our build a better bay area on facebook. poll numbers less than stellar but san francisco showed up to support him. i'm kate larsen, andrew yang's fundraiser in the city. senate takes over president trump's impeachment trial, how new evidence could impact the case. first "jimmy kimmel live" after abc7 news at 11:00. >> thanks dan and ama, not watching tonight would be un-american. guillermo you stay out there,
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new developments,
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impeachment is now officially in hands of the senate. sets the stage for only third trial to remove a president in american h reporter serena marshall walks through it. >> reporter: solemn sight on the senate floor. >> raise their right hand. >> reporter: nearly all 100 senators present as they took an oath to do impartial justice. one by one signing the pledge. came after the articles of impeachment against president trump were presented. >> hear ye, all persons to remain silent on pain of imprisonment. >> it's a hoax, everybody knows that. nothing was done wrong. >> reporter: position his legal team is expected to reiterate next week.
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even as gao, nonpartisan watchdog reported the withholding of military aid did break the law, not permitted to withhold funds for policy reasons. budget office disagrees. president's lawyer, rudy giuliani, when told to investigate joe biden, parnas says. >> he was aware of all of my movements. wouldn't do anything without the consent of giuliani or the president. >> reporter: president saying he doesn't know parnas. these have democrats arguing need for new witnesses and evidence. trial is expected to last two to three weeks but could change to hear from new witnesses.
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simple majority, only four republicans would have to cross party lines and vote with democrats. nbc news, washington. andrew yang had a big night in bay area. long shot candidate says he's hopeful ahead of the upcoming primary season, so are his supporters. abc7 news reporter kate larsen spoke with him about connection to bay voters. >> reporter: not polling at top of the democratic pack but hanging tight to the race. >> missed last debate, still fourth most tweeted about candidate despite not being there. >> reporter: fierce online and in-line, yang gang weathered a storm for a spot at san francisco fundraiser. >> incredible to see asian-americans represented at top of the slate. he's here to solve a problem
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like all good entrepreneurs. >> going to do universal basic income. >> stands for make america think harder. opposite of donald trump is asian-american who loves math. >> reporter: mistaken for bay area guy. >> yes. >> many here are working on the future. know what's coming. we need to let the rest of the country know too. >> reporter: you're not polling top of the field but still hanging in the race. do you think you can still win? >> race is very much up in the air and we've been growing faster than other campaigns. really excited about the next weeks. >> reporter: says he's looking forward to the caucuses and primary season, including super tuesday in march when california gets to vote. abc7 news. >> yang's wife said voters inis
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spired her to come forward about being sexually assaulted. spoke exclusively to, examination when she was pregnant. other women reported similar stories to authorities. >> what happened to me should have never happened. that's what's very painful, knowing what happened to me could have been prevented. >> doctor pleaded guilty to two charges. legal filing from his attorney denied the allegations. andrew yang is proud for her telling her story. michael bloomberg is expected in the bay area, coffee with libby schaaf at b.a.r.t. station. then oakland.
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candlestick park, former home of the san francisco 49ers, it's like an omen. check in with meteorologist sandhya patel for the forecast. >> it is going to be fabulous forecast for the game. variety pack today, rain, hail, thunderstorms, wind gusts, higher peaks up to 60. main street, half moon bay, you're getting moderate pockets of showers. on the peninsula, las altos to mountain view, getting pounded right now, brief heavy showers and snow showers continuing. mt. hamilton, mixed precip. some mixing in with snow showers over mt. diablo as well. boiz hot springs getting wet. back in time. all the storm reports, about 20,
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some flooding on the roadways, we expected it. rainfall verified. most in half inch to inch category but wettest spots, 1 1/2 inches in half moon bay. ben lomond, almost two inches. .75 inches redwood city to concord, good soaker. look at pretty skyline, sun hitting the clouds in exactly right spot from our kgo rooftop camera. be prepared tomorrow morning, chain controls on all roads except 80, parts of which are shut down because of the snow falling. winter storm warning until tomorrow morning, additional 8 to 12 inches expected. showers taper in bay area by morning but roadways still wet. watch out. showers tapering, chilly, foggy
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areas. overnight, one, scattered showers with snow over the highest peaks, breezy in the hills. 2:00 a.m., still spotty wintry showers, 5:00 a.m., this is when you watch out for fog. rest of your day will be nice looking end to the workweek. upper 20s to low 40s in morning. need the heavy winter coats. watch out for fog. in the afternoon, 40s, 50s, going to be cool day. milder weather in time for the nfc championship game, university of arizoniners taking on the packers. accuweather seven-day forecast, dry for weekend, including the game, and monday night into tuesday, level one system with wet, breezy conditions. definitely was a good storm that
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it's on. san francisco law enforcement is betting big on the 49ers, sunday's nfc championship game. >> chief scott made this video about wager with green bay's chief. if niners win, he makes a donation to the police association. >> enjoy the game, and most importantly, go niners! >> san francisco's fire chief made a similar bet with her counterpart in green bay, a jersey swap. with a win, green bay chief would have to install a 49ers smoke detector. stakes up there. >> good fun but all business. >> those green bay people will look good in red and gold. >> goes with the hat. >> that's what she said. pouring rain
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abc7 sports, sponsored by river rock casino. >> no need to panic, george
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kittle alive and well after 24 hours of mystery about his ankle, 49ers tight end was practicing. considered practicing indoors because of the rain, stayed outside. kittel says he's ready to go. >> i feel fabulous, thanks for asking. i feel fabulous, thanks for asking. we did what we needed to do, got the reps in, practice. >> mentality he brings to the offense, energy he brings, sundays, thurs, saturdays, whenever we play, his mindset out on the field. warriors and nuggets tonight, klay thompson, full uniform warming up before the game? he's not coming back soon but tantalizing. jordan poole, no look dish. get your goggles on, warriors built a 19-point lead.
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eric paschall with authority, this is athleticism at its finest. fourth quarter, lead's down to three. d'angelo russell, corner three, looks like warriors are going to upset first place nuggets, missing three starters. but final seconds, double nikola jokic, tied it, three seconds left. alec burks, chance to win from way out, got to get better look than that, overtime. nuggets up four. will barton a big three, nuggets up seven. warriors keep fighting. four seconds left, damion lee, chance to tie at buzzer, back rim. warriors lose 134-131. lost ten in row first time in 17 years. women's hoops, number three stanford and number six oregon. she jams with ease. game was close for a while. jones, runner down the lane. one-point game but next big
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thing in women's hoops, career high 37. oregon's all-time left fielding scorer, ducks blow out stanford. sharks barely showed up, first minute, avs in the second. ryan it's time for the january sale on the sleep number 360 smart bed. can it help keep me asleep? absolutely, it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. save $1,000 on the sleep number 360 special edition smart bed. plus, free premium delivery when you add a base. ends monday.
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they don't help single moms. hi. hi. what happened to our house last year? it flooded. and the water flooded out. yeah. the red cross arranged the hotel for us. they gave me that break, that leverage, to be able to get it together and... take care of them, you know? i feel like we've come full circle. like that! this is how i'll do it. sarah: there you go.
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♪ shine for the rest of your life ♪ ♪ stronger than ever, ever ♪ stronger than ever, ever ♪ shine every day and night ♪ stronger than ever, ever ♪ stronger than ever, ever [cheers and applause] >> tamron: hello, hello! hello! hi! hello! welcome! welcome to the show! hello! good to see all of you! have a seat, have a seat. we have a big show for you today! we got it all covered! thank you, you are wearing a
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"tamron hall" t-shirt. my mother doesn't even have one. who is this woman in the audience? thank you for joining us, we've got a pack show for us. one of my dear friends, an incredible journey. tony harris will be here. do you guys remember the dc sniper case, 2002? there is a hit, remembering what that case did to us. watching cable news, how this all played out. what we learned about ourselves, what we learned about the case. all of that covered in tony's new podcast, "monster: dc sniper." he's going to join us and reveal some new information about this case. plus the survivor, one of the survivors who missed being a target. she he'l still has what she cals survivors guilt. 25 years, when i see an incredible news story, i say let's talk about it around here. we have a big


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