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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  January 17, 2020 2:42am-4:01am PST

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my dentist suggested biotene. my mouth felt more lubricated. i use the biotene rinse and then i use the spray. biotene did make a difference. [heartbeat] we are back with a deadly and tragic shooting at a high school in texas. we are back with a deadly and tragic shooting at a high school in texas. a 16-year-old cadet mistakenly shot his friend in their rotc classroom. the suspect fled the scene but was later arrested and charged with manslaughter. he'd planned to serve his country and had already enlisted in the army. a midair emergency played out on a united airlines flight just after takeoff from newark international airport. the cabin shaking and flames shooting from one of the
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engines. david kerley covers aviation. >> reporter: the frightening flames right outside the united jetliner soon after takeoff from newark. passengers could also hear and feel the trouble coming from the engine. >> suddenly it felt like being shot at, like pow pow pow pow pow. >> four, five of the loudest bangs i had ever heard. >> loud shaking, whole plane. >> reporter: the pilots of the 757 quickly decided to turn around. >> just may have had a compressor stall on the right engine here. >> reporter: what the pilots described is a compressor stall, in essence, a jet engine backfiring, which is alarming. >> it was very scary. even the flight attendants, you can see when they're nervous. >> reporter: nerve-racking indeed, as we've seen in previous cases like this 777 flight in november. a father catching the compressor stall and his young daughter's reaction. the newark to los angeles flight did land safely with united only confirming that it was an engine
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issue. david kerley, abc news, reagan national airport. >> terrifying for the people who were on board. >> as david mentioned, we've seen some other planes backfiring like that. each time, just terrifying for those on board. a book about jesus has made it back to bethlehem after 40 years. >> the book is called "baby birthday, baby jesus." it was supposed to be returned to the public library in december 1980. it returned by way of a library in nazareth, pennsylvania last week. the fine was waived but it could have been pretty pricey. >> it's so old, there's no records on it, we don't know who had it out. there's no bar code on it, there's no -- it's not in our catalog. 20 cents a day, which is a lot, for 40 years. we did the math, i think it was like $2,500. something like that. >> the library doesn't know who checked it out, and the person who returned it didn't give their name. they didn't want that bill.
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>> let me let y'all in on a little secret here. we try to read these stories beforehand, before we say them on the air. but sometimes they're what we call a cold read. so i thought that story was literally about bethlehem, a book about jesus returned. >> huh. it was. >> in pennsylvania? >> look -- >> we got a resident pennsylvanian up in here who loves some pennsylvania. so he probably thinks that's the holy land. >> indeed it is, to everyone who lives there. coming up, the new questions this morning about the future of prince harry and duchess meghan. >> it comes as harry makes his first and perhaps last day back on public duty after their royal breakaway announcement.
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for me, it was heart-wrenching. bea: it takes a toll on everyone. i mean, it's a depressing disease to watch unfold before your eyes. you just don't see -- the person's soul is, like, gone. lisa: this disease just ravages a family. it changes your life. the magnitude of it is indescribable. art: now is the moment. if we work together,
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we can stop this epidemic. grace: contact brightfocus and learn more. ♪ if i was king for just one day i would give it all away ♪ ♪ you know that love he was prince again for a day. britain's prince harry made what could be his last public
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appearance as a senior royal. >> feeling fresh speculation about the post-royal world. here is james longman. >> reporter: by all appearances it looks just like another one of the countless public engagements prince harry makes. but this one his first official outing since the royal crisis. prince harry's calm demeanor in contrast to the chaos surrounding him. smiling and posing with young rugby players from a local school. even joking with the children. using the opportunity to launch a new initiative on one of his closest causes, mental health in the rugby community. >> the perception of rugby is you need to be tough, you can't show your feelings, you have to grin and bear it. but something like the mental fitness charter will help us make real progress. >> reporter: his wife meghan focusing on one of her key issues, female empowerment. >> she didn't talk about her life as a royal. her interest was very much
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focused on the women. >> reporter: posing with the charity justice for girls which aims to promote social justice for teenage girls living in poverty. both their appearances fueling speculation about how their royal roles would evolve. is this the end of their official duties and the beginning of a less public life? >> i think it's pretty progressive of them. i think it's very modern. i think it's pretty brave that they want a different life for themselves. i think it's great. >> they seem a lot happier. being away. so maybe it will be better for them. >> reporter: it's been one week since the bombshell news that the sussex royals would be taking on progressive new roles and would be stepping back as senior members of the royal family. what followed was an emergency royal summit with the queen, prince charles, and sons harry and william discussing future roles for harry and meghan.
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the queen saying although we would have preferred them to remain full-time working members of the royal family, we respect and understand their wish to live a more independent life as a family while remaining a valued part of my family. >> the future is difficult to predict. they've told us they want to support the queen, but they want to be financially independent. their future is very much in their hands. >> reporter: the couple also expressed a desire to spend time away from the uk and the british tabloids, the constant battle with the press a recurring issue ever since meghan was introduced as harry's girlfriend. much of the coverage from the tabloids had racial overtones. >> people of color and black people know exactly why they're leaving. >> reporter: recently the "sun" coining the phrase mehxit. >> it puts all the emphasis and the blame on meghan, that she has somehow been the catalyst for this decision. it also takes agency away from harry. >> reporter: their plan to spend more time in canada generally met with enthusiasm.
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but one of canada's biggest newspapers "the globe and mail" publishing a harsh editorial saying, canada is not a halfway house for anyone looking to get out of britain while remaining a royal. this instagram story the couple posted fueling the next round of speculation, the song in the video the stone roses hit "this is the one." there's a lyric about leaving the uk for a month of sundays, perhaps a not so subtle reminder that harry and meghan are breaking away. i'm james longman in london. >> fascinating things that are really happening with all of this. >> interesting point about megxit. a week ago i held up a sign saying i'm here for megxit. we stopped using it after it was used putting the blame on her. this is a decision they're making together, it's not all on her. i'd take that megxit, see ya.
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>> articles closely covering the racial overtones of headlines, it's eye opening. >> it's so serious that we don't have time to get into. it's nasty, it's ugly. >> and it's real.
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♪ and i think to myself >> okay, where's eddie murphy? this one also stars antonio banderas and michael sheen. doolittle is only scoring a 17% splat on rotten tomatoes. one says it splats onto the screen like horse dung with few laughs and no charm. >> yikes. >> i thought doolittle would be awful, instead, it's merely forgettable. >> wow. >> womp-womp. >> next to a long-awaited action comedy sequel, we've been waiting a long time, will smith and martin lawrence. they reprise their roles as
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this this morning on "world news now," the impeachment trial of president donald trump is officially under way. >> senators pledged to deliver impartial justice while the president continues to call the trial a hoax. also this morning, dangerous storms on the move right now hitting coast to coast, causing havoc for tens of millions with heavy snow, gusty winds, and torrential rain. the timing and expected impacts just ahead. plus the fallout from the major league baseball sign-stealing scandal has spread from the houston astros and boston red sox to the new york mets. the mets firing manager carlos beltran just two months after he was hired. and finding romance. exactly four weeks away from the most romantic day of the year,
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they say, we're getting some tips from a relationship expert about making yourself ready and open for love. it's friday, january 17th, 2020. it's friday. >> we don't need any advice, we got this. there's plenty of love here on the desk. >> oh, we do. i was going to say, you're right, we don't, but maybe somebody at home does. let's begin with president trump's historic impeachment trying. opening arguments are scheduled for tuesday after a monumental day on capitol hill. >> members of the senate are now under oath to administer impartial justice. that oath was given by chief justice john roberts who was also sworn in to oversee the proceeding, only the third trial of a president in u.s. history. >> some lawmakers said that was the moment the seriousness of the situation took hold. abc's mary bruce reports from capitol hill.
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>> reporter: on the senate floor, a solemn ceremony seen just twice before in american history. the trial of president donald trump now officially under way. a sight rarely seen. nearly all 100 senators present, sitting quietly in their seats. the chief justice, john roberts, then sworn in. roberts then administering the oath to the full senate. >> do you solemnly swear that in all things appertaining to the trial of the impeachment of donald john trump, president of the united states, now pending, you will do impartial justice according to the constitution and laws, so help you god? >> reporter: the senators then signing that pledge one by one. democratic leader chuck schumer echoing its words with a warning to republicans who have already vowed to stand by the president. >> now that every senator has sworn a solemn oath before god and the american people to do impartial justice, let every senator reflect on that choice.
3:03 am
and let history weigh on every one of our shoulders. >> reporter: and even as the trial begins, explosive new allegations. an associate of the president's lawyer, rudy giuliani, now speaking out. >> can't wait to come back, see you in ukraine soon. >> reporter: lev parnas tells msnbc he and giuliani worked together to pressure ukraine to investigate joe biden, and he says the president knew all about it. parnas flatly dismissed the president's claim he only wanted ukraine to investigate corruption. >> it was all about joe biden, it was never about corruption. >> reporter: parnas insists quote everyone was in the loop, including vice president mike pence and attorney general bill barr. >> attorney general barr was basically on the team. >> reporter: barr and pence deny it, and the white house points out that parnas is under federal indictment. parnas says the president can try to distance himself, but his lawyer releasing this video of trump and parnas together at mar-a-lago in 2016. democrats say parnas'
3:04 am
revelations prove their point, that the senate should allow more evidence and more witnesses to be heard. now republicans have been attacking this process saying the president committed no crime, but now a nonpartisan federal watchdog group has weighed in saying the president did break the law by withholding military aid from ukraine. house speaker nancy pelosi seizing on this saying that it further strengthens the house's case for impeachment and removal and reinforces the need for a fair trial in the senate that includes documents and witnesses. the administration not surprisingly says it disagrees with the watchdog's opinion that the president broke the law. mary bruce, abc news, capitol hill. >> all right, and in the oval office president trump called the impeachment a complete hoax and says it should go very quickly. asked about that rudy giuliani associate, lev parnas, trump insisted he doesn't know him and doesn't remember having a conversation with him. >> that's despite video and
3:05 am
pictures of the two men together in several different settings. the president acknowledged the evidence showing parnas with him but trump said that doesn't prove anything. >> i take thousands and thousands of pictures with people all the time. i don't know him, perhaps he's a fine man, perhaps he's not, i know nothing about him. >> parnas told cnn last night he's willing to testify at trump's impeachment trial. he also called former national security adviser john bolton a very important witness and said their testimonies could fill in all the dots. meanwhile overseas, ukraine has launched a criminal investigation into the possible surveillance of u.s. ambassador while stationed there. ukrainian police are trying to determine if marie yovanovitch was illegally monitored before being forced out by president trump. the fbi has reportedly visited the home and business of the man claiming to be behind the surveillance. this follows the disclosure of new documents involving president trump's impeachment. the other big story this morning, the weather. brutal winter weather is hurling across the country from the west coast to the great lakes and into the northeast.
3:06 am
>> western washington state, heavy wind-driven snow knocking down trees and power lines, gusting across the roadway there. northern california, the storm that's been drenching the golden gate bridge is bringing new snow to the sierra. >> in new york a deadly incident when gusting wind sent plywood off a building, hit a woman walking down the street and killed her. accuweather meteorologist chris nallan with what's ahead today and this weekend. >> very busy weather pattern across the midsection with snow to the north and the icing concern around missouri to the south. all that heavy rainfall and all of this moving into the great lakes heading into friday night and eventually the weekend. we talk about the snow around the northeast, but heavy snows with 6 to 12 inches for minneapolis, back towards green bay. as mentioned, back towards the east here into your saturday. we're looking at more snow. kenneth, janai? >> a lot of us are bracing ourselves, thanks, chris.
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at least five people were shot after two gunmen opened fire outside a chicago barbershop. the victims were inside getting haircuts. those injured include two adult males and three boys ages 11, 12, and 16. everyone is expected to survive. so far no motive has been revealed and no suspects arrested. police are searching for surveillance video. three suspected neo-nazis with alleged plans to attend monday's pro-gun rally in virginia are in jail including a former canadian army reservist and a u.s. army soldier. they face weapons and other charges. the arrests came a day after virginia's governor imposed a temporary weapons ban near the state capitol in richmond, the site of monday's rally. yesterday opponents of the ban lost a court fight to have it lifted. sepsis or blood poisoning is responsible for more deaths than cancer. researchers found 1 in 5 deaths worldwide is caused by sepsis, double previous estimates. in the u.s. 270,000 deaths are blamed on the disease. sepsis arises when the body
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overreacts to infection and causes blood vessels to become leaky which triggers organ failure. talk about finding love or your chance to give someone a love bug is here again. >> new york's bronx zoo has revived its annual roach program. for the fee you can name the zoo's hissing madagascar cockroaches, the largest cockroaches in the world, after an ex, or a loved one. $15 gets a certificate, $50 and you get roach-themed socks and a roach-scented candle. i thought yours would be here by tonight. >> people name them after their ex or someone they don't like. i hope i am the latter. definitely not an ex. >> yeah, thousands of them are
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available to be named. the roaches can grow up to four inches long. >> i feel like i've seen those roaches in one of those "fear factor -- >> no, stop it. remember they had the graphic where they make the roaches -- >> don't do that, guys, don't do it. >> not today. >> don't do it, i stopped singing "jeopardy!" james,
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a swat on the rear end has cleveland browns receiver odell beckham jr. in trouble with new orleans police. >> video shows beckham appearing to hit an officer's back side after monday night's championship game. he's facing an arrest warrant for simple battery now. meantime lsu officials are looking into claims beckham gave tigers players real cash as opposed to novelty bills after their win. turning to the world series cheating scandal and the fallout stretching from houston to boston to new york. >> the new york mets have become the third team to fire its manager as major league baseball deepens its investigation into possible illegal sign stealing. here is trevor ault. >> reporter: the ripple effects of the major league baseball sign-stealing scandal spreading even wider. the new york mets announcing carlos beltran is out as manager just two months after he was hired.
3:14 am
beltran was a member of the 2017 houston astros during their world series win. mlb investigators say he helped orchestrate a cheating scheme using a camera in the stands to record signals from the opposing catcher, then tipping off their batters by banging on a garbage can. mets c.o.o. and general manager saying in a statement, it became clear to all parties it was not in anyone's best interests for carlos to move forward as manager of the new york mets. beltran in his own statement saying in part, i am a man of faith and integrity, and what took place did not demonstrate those characteristics that are so very important to me and my family. beltran is the third manager fired in this cheating scandal following a.j. hinch of the astros and alex cora of the boston red sox, who was also with the astros in 2017. >> yesterday was a sad day because we all have such respect for alex. he admitted that what he did was wrong.
3:15 am
>> reporter: the red sox are also now under investigation for potential sign stealing in 2018 where they won the world series against the dodgers. the league now vowing a thorough investigation. these three teams are scrambling to pick up the pieces following these firings, and it's possible they'll start spring training next month without a manager. janai, kenneth? >> all right, our thanks to trevor. >> this is just incredible. and i would dare to say there are a lot more people out there who know more than has come out. >> 100%. >> the players not being punished for any of this? >> yep. >> the league has said it's just -- it would be impossible, essentially, or wouldn't be feasible to punish all the players involved. why? because you'd be taking out entire teams? who knows. >> it really is remarkable. the mets are left to hire a third manager in just over two years, 27 months. really incredible how quickly this is spreading. and --
3:16 am
>> voice of jack, you like some baseball? >> yes, i do. >> weigh in? >> sure. i'll be happy to weigh in. the new york yankees are going to win, and all these other teams are losers for cheating. >> cheaters. all right. >> hey, if you're not trying to cheat, you're not trying to win. >> especially the mets and the red sox. >> okay. >> glad we asked you to weigh in. >> surprised we're doing this red sox story with the senior producer we have here who loves some boston. >> yeah. can't ignore this scandal, though. >> shows he's not biased. >> real journalist. coming up next half hour, the dramatic rescue of an 11-year-old girl kidnapped on her way home from school. the extraordinary images of neighbors and strangers banding together and what one couple did that ultimately saved her. but first, new year, new you. if new love is in your plans, what you need to know about detoxing from your ex and have a look without looking.
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we are exactly four weeks away from valentine's day. i love this j-hudson from "sex and the city." if you're ready to be all dressed up in love, we've got just the thing. >> before you find love, at least one relationship expert is now telling us you have to first make sure love can find you. will ganss is here with more. >> i am following in love with these dance moves right now, that's the honest truth. if you're looking for your "when harry met sally" moment, according to instagram you've got to put in a little work first. ♪ it's 2020. if you're focusing on finding love this year, forget cupid. keyshawn scott is the man with the plan. let's talk about love. he's a relationship expert and heartbreak coach with hundreds of thousands of instagram followers. and tips to finding that real-life happily ever after in 2020. >> if you've got to let your ex go, let them go. >> reporter: but you can't just
3:20 am
skip to the fairytale ending. >> it first starts with, are you in a position emotionally, mentally, spiritually, to receive love? or give love? >> how do you know that you're ready? >> i would say, when you no longer have thoughts of your ex, number one, and you're in a state emotionally where you're ready to fall in love again. >> what are some of those concrete things you can do to make sure that your ex is not a part of your life anymore? >> you have to detox from your ex. social media, blocking them, deleting them everywhere. you want to position yourself for success. >> reporter: the ex detox includes physical items too. >> get rid of the shoes. i've got to get rid of the shoes that he brought me, the clothes that she brought me? yeah, that's still a piece of them. >> reporter: once you've detoxed and left all that drama in 2019, you're ready to meet someone.
3:21 am
>> look approachable. look laughable. enjoy your life. look without looking. go out more. explore. say, you know what, i'm going to networking events. i like to shop, let me go and shop. let me do some things with my life, let me get out of the house. >> reporter: once you do land the date? >> the number one thing to understand is dating is gathering information. take a step back. take a deep breath, ladies and gentlemen. ask the right questions. who are you? where do you want to go in the next two to three years? where do you see yourself? do we share the same values? >> reporter: what if those values don't line up? >> don't try to color red flags white. a lot of us see the red flags but try to paint it white to meet our needs. >> reporter: the romance resolution to avoid in the new year, saying you'll have a boo by a specific date. >> you don't have to put a time stamp. just say, 2020's going to be my best year. if love comes, then it comes.
3:22 am
if love doesn't come, it's okay. at the end of the day, i still love myself. >> that's good. >> thanks for having us. >> good stuff. >> that is really good stuff.
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♪ it's national popcorn day. >> we got all the good ones here. >> oh! >> popcorn shop's here. >> during the break i opened this thing up and said, oh my goodness! >> where's jack, everyone? >> here it is. the caramel, the butter. >> you've outdone yourself. >> which one do you want? >> that's going to be a mess. that is incredible. even on a thing i can have this, right? >> so good. >> also i want this pigeon because it's cute in the sombrero. >> wait, wait, wait.
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>> you can still talk about the popcorn. >> okay, fine. >> the pigeon in the sombrero as well. because you got to eat popcorn while you're looking at some things as well. >> where is that pigeon? >> that's in reno. okay. hey, also as we celebrate national popcorn day, we also celebrate something else. the phi beta sorority. happy centennial, women. >> polka! >> introducing natalia "saw lady" peruz. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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or call your doctor. because... this morning on "world news now," brutal winter weather is slamming most of the country. gusty winds, freezing rain and heavy snow wreaking havoc coast to coast, making for a messy morning commute. several states are bracing for the worst. the historic impeachment trial of president donald trump has begun. senators taking the oath and pledging to deliver impartial justice amid new bombshell allegations involving ukraine and what the president and others in his administration knew. new this half hour the dramatic fire rescue in florida caught on body cam. >> the miami-dade police officer who jumped in to save the lives of a family living near a potentially deadly shed fire. ♪
3:31 am
and sorry, not sorry. demi lovato has nothing to apologize about after making a major announcement. find out how the singer is making her long-awaited return to the spotlight. it's friday, january 17th. baby, i'm sorry, he's not sorry for trying to hit those notes. >> can we turn it up? it's friday, y'all, let's hear it. can we hear it some more? i don't care. pete, can i hear it again? >> it's not coming from me, that's what he said. >> can we hear demi lovato? no. i'm excited for her, i'm excited to hear that song this morning, it's one of my favorites. >> that is a good one. we begin with that nasty morning commute for millions of americans. many will be battling wind, rain, ice, and snow to get where
3:32 am
they're going. >> buckle up. the radar shows the stormy mess with heavy snow, some icy rain falling from the west coast to the plains before hitting the great lakes and northeast. abc's alex perez is in chicago with details. >> reporter: that powerful winter storm slamming the west. a white-knuckle whiteout on washington's interstate 5. heavy wet snow knocking trees onto power lines in skykomish. one community cutting off for days. one family finally getting supplies from good samaritans. >> the trees are heavy. a lot more trees are going to be coming down with the wind. >> reporter: north of redding, multiple disabled tractor-trailers shutting down a stretch of i-5. in the mountains east of there, rescuers found a woman trapped in her snowbound suv for six days miraculously alive. her family says she suffers from dementia. she used floor mats from her car
3:33 am
to stay warm. in san francisco, torrential rain flooding streets across the bay area. as storms barrel east, a separate system bringing heavy rain to the dallas area, cars stalling during the morning commute. that storm is now headed east. here in chicago we're bracing for a snowy and icy commute on friday. parts of the upper midwest are preparing for blizzard-like conditions. alex perez, abc news, chicago. >> for anyone hoping to fly somewhere for the long weekend, you may be out of luck. airlines have already begun issuing travel waivers. >> accuweather meteorologist chris nallan joins us now with what's ahead today and this weekend. >> kenneth, janai, once again we are talking about a busy weather pattern with several winter storm warnings posted for the great plains, upper midwest. back toward the south winter weather advisories all the way back to texas. getting quite, quite troublesome here around, say, the great
3:34 am
lakes. then into the northeast we go with this snow and ice for pittsburgh back to new york city. kenneth, janai? now to president trump's impeachment trial. opening arguments will be made tuesday. after being sworn in as the trial's presiding officer chief justice john roberts issued oaths to senators. later the senate's democratic leader chuck schumer used that key phrase in a warning to republicans. >> now that every senator has sworn a solemn oath before god and the american people to do impartial justice, let every senator reflect on that choice. and let history weigh on every one of our shoulders. >> president trump is facing two charges, abuse of power for allegedly pressuring ukraine to investigate former vice president joe biden, and obstruction of congress. trump ally gop senator lindsey graham told abc news the evidence he's seen has nothing to do with the facts, and he's ready for the trial to end.
3:35 am
>> the president maintains his impeachment is, quote, a complete hoax. but evidence from lev parnas, a close associate of trump's personal lawyer, rudy giuliani, is raising new questions. a newly released video shows parnas and trump together in florida four years ago. in new interviews parnas says his work with giuliani in ukraine was all about getting the president re-elected come november. abc's jonathan karl has more now from the white house. >> reporter: shortly after the formal opening of senate impeachment proceedings, president trump says he wants a speedy end to the trial. >> i think it should be very quickly, it's a hoax, it's a hoax, everybody knows that, there was nothing done wrong. >> reporter: as for the new allegations from rudy giuliani's associate, the president insisted he just does not know lev parnas. >> i don't know him, i have never had a conversation that i remember with him. >> reporter: the president acknowledged there are photos of
3:36 am
parnas posing with him, but he said that doesn't prove anything. >> i take thousands and thousands of pictures with people all the time. i don't know him, perhaps he's a fine man, perhaps he's not, i know nothing about him. >> reporter: i expect the president's legal team for the senate trial will be led by white house counsel pat cipollone and by the president's outside lawyer, jay sekulow. i'm also told alan dershowitz will play a role. there still has not been a final decision made about the composition of the president's legal team. jonathan karl, abc news, the white house. despite the dark cloud of impeachment proceedings, president trump got another victory after a rare moment of bipartisan cooperation on capitol hill. the senate overwhelmingly approved a new trade agreement 89-10 on thursday. it comes one day after the president signed a trade deal with china. the u.s., mexico, canada agreement, or usmca, replaces the 26-year-old nafta. the new deal includes labor provisions. the white house calling it another trade win for american workers.
3:37 am
overseas filipino officials are still warning people to stay away from the area near that volatile volcano. experts say the mountain has become less active over the last day, however, they're warning that the volcano may be gaining strength and is still considered life-threatening. all right, a very big ball of fur is about to get its forever home. >> that's quite a line. bazooka, the orange tabby, weighs a whopping 35 pounds. >> big kitty. >> fat cat. the 5-year-old lives at an spca outside raleigh, north carolina right now. but come monday he'll be in a permanent home. bazooka will also be going on a weight loss program. >> why? >> you know. >> let that kitty live. >> yeah, hoping that they can get him to lose 20 to 25 pounds? he's going to be a fraction of himself. >> kitty's going to be on a thing. >> oh, a whole thing, that military diet or something. >> tuna only. >> good thinking. coming up, the brand-new honor for miss mariah carey.
3:38 am
but first, the heart-stopping moments in massachusetts as neighbors chase down a man police say kidnapped an 11-year-old girl hours earlier. plus the so-called visine wife killer. the sentence for the woman convicted of poisoning her husband's drinking water with eyedrops.
3:39 am
3:40 am
ordinary tissues burn when theo blows.
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so dad bought puffs plus lotion, and rescued his nose. new puffs have more lotion... and soothing softness to relieve. a nose in need, deserves puffs, indeed. miami police officer roland garcia's body cam was rolling when he was out on patrol. he smelled smoke and saw a shed that had burst into flames dangerously close to homes. he ran house to house, waking people up and warning them to get out right away. because of his actions, fire crews were able to save all of the homes and everyone escaped safely. a south carolina woman was
3:42 am
sentenced to 25 years in prison for fatally poisoning her husband with visine eyedrops. >> she confessed to spiking her husband's water with eyedrops in 2018. she started using the deadly chemical on july 19th. her husband clayton died two days later. according to the victim's sister, medical experts say clayton ingested enoh of the chemical to kill an elephant. >> i'm not a medical expert, but i've heard a lot of people talk about -- a lot of medical experts talk about what happens to the body when a large amount of vasoconstrictor is introduced into the system. and i think my brother died a horrific death. >> prosecutors say clayton killed her husband for his money. she apologized for the poisoning saying she didn't mean to kill him but wanted to punish him for abusing her. a dramatic rescue of an 11-year-old girl in massachusetts kidnapped on her way home from school. >> we're getting our first look at one couple chasing downs abductor's car. here's abc's erielle reshef.
3:43 am
>> reporter: heart-stopping moments as neighbors in springfield, massachusett, chase down an accused abductor. >> blue honda civic and they're doing 100 miles an hour right now. >> reporter: police say inside that car, 11-year-old charlotte mosia. >> he's blowing through red lights. >> reporter: kidnapped six hours earlier as she got off her school bus, sparking an amber alert. >> i flash my high beams, the guy pulls up his hood, covers his face. >> reporter: strangers spreading the word on social media. others spotting the vehicle, desperately calling for help. >> the car was running and he just grab her, throw her in the back seat, and she was screaming "stop, put me down, stop, put me down." >> reporter: police in pursuit. >> possible vehicle headed eastbound on the pike. >> reporter: rescuing the girl. >> i have that girl in custody here. >> confirming you have that female?
3:44 am
>> affirmative. >> reporter: the suspect, 24-year-old miguel rodriguez, arraigned on multiple charges including kidnapping and assault. authorities say a video shows a car similar to the suspect's driving down the street the day before the kidnapping. the suspect's own sister called police saying she believed her brother was involved. charlotte reuniting with her family. police are calling this a case of stranger abduction. a not guilty plea has been entered on the part of the suspect. charlotte's parents are thanking everyone in the community for helping bring her home safely. erielle reshef, abc news, new york. >> bravo to those alert citizens who jumped into action, did the right thing there. hearing those cheers, that applause from the family at the house there, just gave me chills. >> especially in cases like this, police are aware that they only have such a short window to be able to find that child alive and get them home safe. also emphasizes the importance of those amber alerts. you hear them when your phone goes off, you may not always be
3:45 am
paying attention, but this is what happens when you are paying attention. >> definitely. moving on, there will be no supermodel star power on the jury deciding the fate of hollywood mogul harvey weinstein. gigi hadid was dismissed from the jury pool after making a second appearance in court. she was among three dozen prospective jurors asked to appear. he's pleaded not guilty. when we come back, the big news from demi lovato that we can't wait to get to, and the premonition she apparently had ten years ago. and one of our favorite celebrities, our golden girl. >> national treasure. >> celebrating her 98th birthday today. co mpetition and we broke through. you've tried retinol, but you have never tried one like this. olay's retinol24 complex hydrates he's pleaded not guilty. y smoon in just 24 hours.
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♪ ♪ got me feeling so good it is time now for "the skinny." don't call me out, y'all, please. starting with the news that's making demi lovato's fans freak out this morning.
3:48 am
she'll be performing the national anthem at the super bowl. demi has avoided the spotlight since her overdose in 2018. so many people are shocked she's taking the stage at such a huge venue but demi herself apparently saw it coming. >> ten years ago demi tweeted, one day i'm going to sing the national anthem at the super bowl, one day. you guys, that is the power of putting your dreams out into the universe. dream big. in addition to her super bowl performance, lovato will also take the stage at this year's grammy awards. like you said, she stayed out of the spotlight for some years. what a way to come back. 2020 is for you, demi. >> this song, that was my song in 2017, the summer. turn it up! ♪ baby i'm sorry i'm not sorry ♪ baby i'm sorry i'm not sorry
3:49 am
>> okay. >> yeah. >> you ready? >> yeah. now from one hitmaker to another. >> yeah, getting myself together. mariah carey. special honor for her. >> finally nabbed what's perhaps the most elusive prize, a place inside the songwriter's hall of fame. >> the organization has announced the five-time grammy award winner will be inducted into its 2020 class of inductees along with other duos like annie lennox, dave stewart, isley brothers, steve miller. >> carey has written or co-written 18 of her 19 number one hits. i had no idea. she's previously expressed her frustration at the lack of recognition for her songwriting, telling "rolling stone" magazine, quote, oftentimes people put that as a secondary thing and for me it's always at the top of the gifts i could be so thankful to have. >> carey tweeted out her gratitude saying, this is truly one of the greatest honors of my career and that she is so proud and humbled. >> oh, the queen of christmas not giving up yet. >> songwriting, that's where it's at. i often say, kandi makes the most money on "the housewives" because she's a songwriter.
3:50 am
>> don't check for me unless you've got a check for me, that's her tag line. next to a special treat for some 820,000 -- >> want a peach? >> -- new york city subway commuters. >> that's how many people ride what's known as the 7 train which links manhattan to queens. now one of queens' most famous celebrities is about to give them all a treat. >> actress awkwafina will make all the recorded announcements on the train for a week with a healthy splash of her trademark humor and sarcasm. >> this is times square, 42nd street, where new yorkers go to relax. this is 46th street, a friendly reminder that if the train is crowded keep your dance routine to yourself. >> it's part of comedy central's promotion for awkwafina's semi autobiographical comedy "nora from queens." >> she's hilarious. i saw her in the "jumanji" movie, golden globe. >> well deserved.
3:51 am
finally, we're thanking betty white for being a friend to all of us, 98 wonderful years even though i'm not that old. >> born in 1922. white has been on tv more than 75 years, including "the mary tyler moore show," "the golden girls." she's also the oldest person to ever host "saturday night live." >> white credits her pets, vodka, and hot dogs with her longevity. what kind of hot dogs? okay, ballpark, yeah, that's good. oscar mayer. she says finding the humor in every situation has allowed her to live such a happy life. >> since we were talking about kandi, what if we had a real housewives of abc, what would be your tagline? >> okay, okay, it would be like -- >> i have to think of something good. >> why did you have to throw me
3:52 am
into the spotlight? i'm kenneth and i'm here for the -- i don't know. >> i don't know either. t it. are
3:53 am
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try pepto liquicaps for fast relief and ultra-coating. ♪nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea.♪ get powerful relief with pepto bismol liquicaps. ♪ baby come back any kind of fool could see ♪ ♪ there was something player was topping the charts this week back in 1978 with one of the greatest breakup songs of all time. >> this week the world witnessed an epic breakup playing out across the pond as the british royals family crisis rivaled headlines back at home. here now is our weekly "friday rewind." >> another tornado slamming into a high school. an ef-1 flipping these cars, 90-mile-an-hour winds. marcus moore in the storm zone tonight. >> in north carolina, part of the roof of an elementary school gym blown off east of
3:56 am
fayetteville. >> what a blessing it is that the only three students were injured and those three students are going to be okay. >> this after that severe weather outbreak claimed at least 12 lives. >> prince charles, prince william, and the prince at the center of a royal crisis today emerging from talks aimed at finding a way for the duke and duchess of sussex to step back from royal life. the queen voicing her support but admitting it was not what she wanted. we respect and understand their wife to live a more independent life as a family, while remaining a valued part of my family." >> lsu sits on the throne of college football. >> overnight the clash of the tigers in new orleans. the college football playoff national championship featuring two undefeateds. with his father, nfl hall of famer randy moss in the stands, thaddeus moss racked up two of the five touchdowns thrown by lsu quarterback joe burrow, the man of the hour delivering a performance for the ages. >> it's the oscar shutout
3:57 am
causing controversy this morning. all five nominees for best director, male. one notable name missing from the list, "little women" director greta gerwig. despite the academy's recent attempts to diversify, jennifer lopez, considered by many a shoo-in, shut out despite booming box office success. >> so whatever she sends -- >> you'll share it. are you biting your lips? >> i am, i am. i was like -- can i get something -- >> his dry lips up here. we're in the middle of a newscast. and you're biting your lips, come on. >> i was going to get away with it if it wasn't for that -- >> "real housewives of abc news" tagline, go. >> i may be an insomniac, but
3:58 am
don't sleep on me. >> oh, that's good. i deliver the latest news and the hottest tea. or, i read the news and i'm not or, i read the news and i'm not afraid to read my name is eddie metcalf. i enjoworking in my yard and you know, i can't. i can't do that any more,'cuz i'm missing most of my lung. they did a cat scan of my kidneys, no more kidney stones. that's the good news. "but, we found a spot on your lung." that frankly scared the "hell" out of me. i hadn't smoked in 22 years. how could this happen to me? he said, "well, you know about radon gas?" we'll... you know, i heard about it. he said, "well, the second leading cause of cancer" "in america is radon, 22,000 people a year die from this." i literally left the doctor's office, got a test kit, put it in my house, and our result was 39.8. the upper limit is 4. we got to get this fixed. that was on a monday, and on wednesday, our mitigation system was up and running. well, i think everybody should have their house tested. we'd never know. we'd still be living there. i could get another tumor from it. right now, it's changing my life.
3:59 am
4:00 am
>> stay with us for "gma." making news in america this morning, winter wallop. the dangerous storm moving in for the weekend hitting coast to coast. tens of millions of americans waking up to a blast of frigid cold and the snow is coming. what to expect today. but first the impeachment trial of president trump now under way in the senate. the chief justice of the supreme court swearing in the senators who will be the jury. will witnesses be called? plus, the fallout from the bombshell allegations made by rudy giuliani's associate and the new criminal investigation now being launched. the baseball cheating investigation takes a new turn. were players wearing buzzer devices under their jerseys to steal signs during games?


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