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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  January 17, 2020 6:00pm-6:59pm PST

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we'll follow this story on air and online. good evening. >> a skier is dead after an avalanche this morning. >> it happened around 10:15 just west of lake tahoe. >> fiofficials say the avalanch was in an advanced ski area, but not the back country. >> reporter: today's tragedy happened in an area they describe near promised land. this is a tragedy in this community. skiers know each other. the man involved today was cole comstock. he was pronounced dead at the scene. the 34-year-old lived in a small town of a few dozen people north of tahoe. a male skier suffered severe injuries to his lower body. t's yomepl
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public safety radio dispatch. this will give you an idea of the rush to reach those men in the avalanche. >> alpine meadows avalanche. >> ski patrol requesting two ground ambulances, two confirmed patients, avalanche. >> reporter: that's the kind of radio call nobody wants to hear. crews scoured the area and found in other victims. they wrapped up about 90 minutes after the avalanche. the cause is under investigation. a an a level avalanche area. it records the largest number of avalanches of any ski resort in the united states. you may remember in 1982 seven people were killed.
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something like 15 inches of new snow. they have received 25 inches in the last 24 hours. the ski resort issued a statement today extending sympathies to the families and the friends of their victims. there's much more going on here. we're going to get to it and we'll have more for you later. live at alpine meadows. >> thank you very much. in the past 15 minutes we received a statement and photo from cole comstock's wife. she said cole was kind hearted and loved skiing. if there was one thing about his life to take away, remember to always be kind to one another and celebrate each other's victories, not because you need something, but because it is the right thing to do. here is a look at t sno conditions. spencer christian is here with a look at the snowfall totals and
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conditions up there tonight. >> the weather is calm right now, but there's a lot of snow on the ground. let's look at the totals. these were measured in a 24 hour period. 26 inches at tahoe. several locations received more than two feet of snow in 24 hours. north star, 22 inches. tahoe 20 inches of snow. the weather is calm there now. so is ours. i'll show you how long it will remain that way in my forecast later. >> thank you so much. a minister has been arrested for allegedly threatening to shoot members of his former church. he spoke to abc 7 news about it. he sent a series of letters warning of an attack this sunday. we spoke to the pastor and we're live with the exclusive interview. >> reporter: what a troubling story. this is the church whose members
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were threatened with gun violence this sunday in a series of hand written notes that were delivered over a 12-day period, the most recent received yesterday. the suspect is a former minister here. he admits to me that he did send those notes, but during the course of an interview he had lapses of memory about what he did and why. sheriff's deputies were armed to arrest the minister. he is accused of sending letters threateni threatening violence. did you do that? >> yeah. >> why did you do that? >> it was personal. >> reporter: we interviewed the reverend. the retired pastor is accused of threatening gun violence agains >> he was seen on surveillance footage from the church
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delivering them and since he was a former member he was identified by members of the chur church. >> reporter: he said he was upset at the pastor. >> he wasn't supportive of us when my wife had going through that period of time. >> reporter: he said his wife of 47 years died about two years ago. they lived here for decades. while the reverend sent the letters, he seemed to have lapses in memory during follow up questions. >> did i make threats? yeah. >> reporter: what were those threats that you were claiming you would >> well, >> reporter: do you remember? >> do i remember?
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>> reporter: what threat you made in those letters? >> no. >> reporter: given the nature of his arrest, neighbors didn't want to do interviews. this is a man facing possible felony charges. neighbors did wonder if he has a medical issue. i heard you had a fall off a ladder. >> right. >> reporter: has that caused any thinking problems? >> it might. we're just in the -- we're just in the process of now checking that out. >> reporter: although he's retired, the reverend has been serving as the minister at another church. the bishop told us that they're shocked and saddened about this arrest. they're at a loss to understand why anyone would attempt to do such a disruptive act.
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abc 7 news. >> okay. thank you. tonight a 1-year-old girl is back with her family after police say her father kidnapped her this morning. we were live on the air as the child was carried out by her maternal grandmother. this is the video you're watching. investigators say the suspect kidnapped his daughter from his estranged girlfriend at a nearby hotel about 5:00 this morning. he ran from the scene and ended up at a friend's up the road which led to an hour's long standoff. police chief tells us the grandmother played a huge role in helping with the negotiations. >> this is why you become a police officer, to do these kinds of things where you bring safety to a community and help rescue a child. it worked out perfectly. our officers did a wonderful job. >> family members say the baby's mother is at a trauma center where she is undergoing surgery for her injuries.
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the suspect has been taken into custody on charges related to kidnapping and domestic violence. the child is okay. a san francisco international airport is one of three airports in the country doing additional passenger screenings in the name of public health. the other two airports in new york and los angeles. the screenings target passengers arriving from a specific location. we are live at sfo to explain. >> reporter: good evening. about 15,000 to 20,000 passengers arrive on international flights every day. only a small number come from the city. i did speak with passengers from beijing. they said they did have temperatures checked before boarding flights, but sfo will start screening passengers tomorrow when the first direct flight comes in. starting saturday passengers arriving from china may face extra screening, especially those on direct flights from the
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city. >> we're applying all the measures that are necessary. >> reporter: the spokesperson says upon arrival passengers from the city will be sent to a special screening area and interviewed and check by officials. anyone with symptoms of the virus will be sent to local hospitals. >> we're talking about a maximum of about 175 people that would be involved in this and they're really going to be diverted into a separate area from anyone else. we're not expecting this to affect the overall arrival activity at sfo. >> reporter: it may not impact other travelers, but the outbreak is raising concerns for passengers. >> concerned about it, sure. >> reporter: this man flew in from south ckorea. he's worried about the virus spreading. >> china is not that transparent. they're not dealing with those kind of things. they try to hide it. >> reporter: this woman is not concerned. she remembers the outbreak from a few years ago.
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she says her government is capable of containing the spread. >> i think our doctor is very great assessing several years ago. >> reporter: the cdc says they have been in touch with chinese officials to see what precautions they're taking before letting passengers board flights on the way to the u.s. the cdc says if the situation worsens, they will expand the number of u.s. airports that are conducting screenings. reporting live, abc 7 news. >> thank you. following a historic week in washington, d.c. with impeachment proceedings, nancy pelosi is back in the bay area. >> people say you should have done it sooner and people say why didn't you hold it later? we think we timed it exaly just right. >> her thoughts on the impeachment and what she hopes
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will happen during the trial of the president. a major development in a 7 on your side investigation. ahead, an 11 count felony indictment is filed in a suspected contractor fraud case. a car gets broken into and stuff is stolen. this story takes a different turn things to some people who sound like ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ we need someone to lean on ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ all we needed somebody to lean on ♪
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quitting smoking is freaking, like quitting every monday hard. quitting feels so big. so, try making it smaller. and you'll be surprised at how easily starting small... ...can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette i need all the breaks, that i can get. at liberty butchumal- cut. liberty biberty- cut. we'll dub it. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ building a better bay area reached out to us with a story that began with bad news. her car was broken into, but it
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gets better from there. >> when it happens you're stunned. >> reporter: vanessa was working when her backpack was stolen in a smash and grab. a backpack that contained a wallet filled with gift cards, an iphone and most disturbingly to her a folder of papers for refinancing her mortgage. >> there was just glass everywhere. because i was shaking. >> reporter: that same night the uptown downtown benefit found her backpack behind a bush. >> whoever probably broke in they grabbed what they want and then they just toss or hide it. if a tragedy strikes, we try and lessen that just by providing the service. >> reporter: the next day after online detective work the victim was reunited with her backpack and paperwork. >> he says here you go. and i tried to hand him money. i wanted -- he said no, no, no. he goes, you know, i can't accept that. so i jumped out of the car.
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i was just filled with emotion and gratitude a and i held his i said thank you, thank you so much. >> reporter: the ambassadors do far more than just recover stolen property using social media. they do cleanups. they plant landscaping along an 82 square block area. >> we have 30 full time ambassadors out there. >> yeah, working seven days a week almost 24 hours a day in different shifts. >> reporter: your organization builds a better oakland. >> absolutely. >> i think they're underrecognized. i think there are really good people like uptown downtown oakland and we don't speak about them enough. >> reporter: they are supported by property taxes to fill in the gaps. abc 7 news. >> we mentioned this started with a tip from a viewer. here is how you can do that. go to abc 7 and click on one of the stories that you
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see. then you can scroll down and you'll find a form that makes it easy to send your name, contact information, story idea and pictures. you can contact us through facebook. we have a better bay area group. oakland's helping fund the homeless housing plan. the companies are donating money to create housing and offer preventative health care to the growing number of homeless people in california. a statewide tour to combat the homeless crisis. they have teamed up with bay area community services group to house more than 500 homeless adults battling chronic health conditions. so the weekend is upon us. there's a big game this weekend. >> there is a big game on sunday. what will the weather be like? spencer is tracking that for us. >> i've heard about that game,
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but i'm happy to say we have a couple of dry days coming our way. at the moment we have dry conditions. a few high clouds around the bay area. this is the view from the 52era. frcisco right now. san jose getting chilly there. 58 in bay 46. high clouds and bright skies. 48 degrees in santa rosa. only low to mid 40s in napa, concord and livermore. inland areas are beginning to cool down. this is our view from the rooftop. it will be chilly in the inland val leys tonight with patchy fo. remaining dry through the weekend. rain returns early next week, but not soon enough to mess up the game on sunday.
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snow pack statewide is at 80% of average. that's a good number. it's below average, but it's close. 78% of average in the central sierra. we're doing pretty well. thanks to a large blanket of snow that fell in the last 24 hours. starting at 7:00 this evening shows high clouds sweeping through. that will be the pattern overnight and tomorrow. the day will begin with bright skies, filtered sunshine and high clouds continuing to pass through. we may have an increase in clouds on sunday, but rain is not expected. overnight tonight with the public safety rad passage of high clouds and fog and low temperatures will drop into the mid 30s in many inland ohecost.tomollav high to about temperatures and a pretty cool range. only about 55 degrees in most locations. a little milder up at santa rosa where it will go up to 58 degrees and down south in san
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jose where the temperature will rise to about 58 degrees. let's talk about weather conditions for the game at levi stadium sunday afternoon. game time is 3:40. we'll have partly cloudy skies and of about 61 degrees and the temperature won't drop very much during the three hours or more that the game lasts down to about the mid 50s. comfortable football weather. here is the seven day forecast. a dry weekend and a dry start to the week, but clouds will increase on monday and a chance of late night rain ahead of a storm coming in for tuesday. that storm ranks one on the storm impact scale, but it's going to be a rainy breezy event. on wednesday sunny skies and thursday. it's mild thursday and friday. high temperatures in the low 60s inland out to about 60 degrees on the bay and mid 50s on the coast. we have nice weather coming our way. great weather for the game on
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sunday. >> good to hear. four years of college, five years of tuition increases. >> uc schools could be
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stocks closed higher again today ending the week with new record highs. added more than 50 points. nasdaq was up 31. google's parent company is the
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newest member of the trillion dollar club. became the fourth u.s. company ever to be worth $1 trillion or more. they join as the only american companies to hit that mark. the votuniversity of califoa is proposing five years of annual tuition increases. the cost of the increase depends on two plans being considered. one plan will raise the fee for all students by the cost of inflation each year, the second plan would raise tuition for each incoming class, but keep the costs flat for four years. the plan will be considered on wednesday. the democrats running for president are starting to show up in the bay area. >> let me be clear. i am running to defeat donald trump. >> we were with michael bloomberg in oakland. what he's telling supporters. >> the american people deserve the truth. nancy pelosi appears in s fro forhe first time since signing the articles of
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impeachment. her thoughts as the s i appreciate what makes each person unique. that's why i like liberty mutual.
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we're going to get back to that breaking news, the hit and run in oakland that left a woman
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dead. >> what are you hearing? >> reporter: we're hearing that the coroner has just arrived on the scene. you see all the flashing lights out there. that's about where it happened at 98th avenue and cherry street. this afternoon this victim was struck by a white nissan vehicle. the driver of that vehicle left the scene. what we have seen is some shocked people here in the neighborhood and additional investigators from the oakland police department arriving on the scene to try to figure out what happened. they have not identified the victim to us yet. they are trying to figure out what happened to the perpetrator, why they left, where they may be at this point and the circumstances of the accident. as you said, there is one fatality here, an adult female. no connection to the middle school, which is right here
6:28 pm
right next to the collision scene. these are aerials from a little bit earlier today. we saw all the police activity. again, there are lots of police officers out here. the street is blocked at birch. you have to go around at this point. you see all those lights back there. we're told an ambulance was brought to the scene, but the victim was not able to be saved. so a lot of police presence out here. they're asking for any help you can give them in identifying w may be responsible for this. you can call oakland police. live abc 7 news. >> thank you for that update. moving on, the district attorney's office today announced an arrest warrant for a contractor accused of bilking three residents out of thousands of dollars. >> we broke this story in july. we have an update. michael.
6:29 pm
>> the contractor state license board called for action to be taken against the contractor of il global back in july. further investigation by the district attorney led to the filing this week of an 11 count criminal indictment. he opens the garage door installed more than a year after the scheduled completion date by il global. the family says it was only installed after he paid nearly $20,000. that's $9,000 more than what was called for in the original contract that also included a roofing job. the contractor faces 11 felony counts, including theft and embezelment and grand theft of personal property and diverting construction funds for continue money and my stepdad felt pressure to give him more money.
6:30 pm
>> reporter: she says the experience has caused undue stress on her father. >> he would call every morning and ask him for money and he would promise that he was going to do the work that he promised to do. >> reporter: he hopes the contractor gets what he deserves. he also kicks himself for paying out all that money. >> i don't know. i wasn't thinking. that was partly my fault too. >> reporter: the indictment, which names two other victims, also accused the contractor did wrongfully divert funds to use other than for which the funds were received. the whereabout of the contractor is unknown, but in july he denied any overpayments were made and said he fulfilled the contract. the d.a. has issued a sarst. he is thankful we put his story on television. >> it was a great help. it took some pressure off of me and they did a wonderful job. >> special thanks to the d.a.'s office. everybody who helped bring
6:31 pm
justice for our family. >> reporter: we will continue to follow this story and we'll update you with any new developments. >> thank you. nancy pelosi is back home in san francisco and today she spoke in detail about the effort to impeach president trump. >> i would hope that the oath that the senators took yesterday to participate in a fair trial would insist that there be eye witnesses and documentation, which is very important. >> speaking at a joint event with the mayor, the speaker was greeted with tears and applause. it's the first appearance since signing the articles of impeachment this week opening the senate trial of president trump. >> people say you say you should have done it sooner and some say why didn't you hold it later.
6:32 pm
we think we timed it right. >> reporter: this week saw several events including newly appointed impeachment managers. >> pens are being handed out and it's like a victory party for democrats. any attempt now after already kind of really cheapening this to a partisan issue to attempt to look like you're listening to what is being said is an empty exercise. >> reporter: the mayor praised nancy pelosi for her continued support of san francisco. the speaker has an event on sunday. no word on where she plans to watch the championship game. just that just optimistic. >> i have my tickets. we're having our discussion in our family about that, but i already have my tickets for the super bowl. my airline tickets and my tickets to go to the game. >> reporter: in s abc 7 news. president trump has added big names to his legal team.
6:33 pm
his defense is led by the white house lawyer and private counsel. now he's added the lawyer who represented jeffry epstein and oj simpson and kenneth starr. the trial begins at 10:00 a.m. tuesday. the first vote will be by the senate majority leader by rules to govern the trial. presidential kaicandidates making visits to the bay area. today is michael bloomberg's turn. before being censent to the breaking news in an interview with him today. >> reporter: he began his day with a series of photo ops. walking from 19th street station to snow park alongside the mayor. >> can i take him wherever i want? >> reporter: she respects
6:34 pm
bloomberg, but won't endorse anyone until the primaries are over. >> i am running to defeat donald trump. >> reporter: later bloomberg spoke to a roomful of supporters at the square. he says his administration got more health care coverage for people, battled climate change and created jobs in new york. he said he can reach across party lines. i asked him how you do that with such a polarized >> you are civil to each other and finding things in common and ways you can get some and the other person can get some and you go back and forth and it's called management. >> reporter: the campaign is self financed and supporters think his wealth means he can't be bought. they also like his track record as new york mayor. >> my son lives in the safest place in america because of this man. we are in. we jumped in with both feet. > he has a record of doing what needs to be done, both on
6:35 pm
politics and in business. >> reporter: not so flattering comments today from president trump who tweeted, quote, bloomberg doesn't get on the debate stage. he's a terrible debater and speaker. if he did he would go down in the polls more if that's possible. >> in the race for president i'm the untrump. >> reporter: abc 7 news. last night candidate yang was in san francisco. he says he's looking forward to the iowa caucuses in february and super tuesday in march when california gets to vote. a recent sanderin the lead in he's been focused onning the latino vote. that cs ld nrl 2-1 advantage among latino voters. a record number of latinos will be registered to vote in
6:36 pm
november and they will have a greater impact on the primary election because california, which has the biggest latino population, moved up its primary from june to march for this year. we looked at sanders' strategy called chasing california which leads up to the presidential primary. i think you'll find it fascinating. you can watch it in its entirety on abc 7 the 49ers are chasing a chance to go to the super bowl. >> the game is on sunday, but some stuff is sold out at the team
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disneyland's latest attraction has star war's fans on their feet. the ride is open. some people arrived overnight. it is a 15-minute long ride. rii visitors must sign up in advance using the park's virtual system. disney is the parent company of abc 7. a music icon talked with
6:40 pm
about a major honor his band received. he found out that the band is being inducted into the rock n roll hall♪ the band is celebrating their 50th anniversary this year with a new album and tour. this week the big announcement the band is being inducted into the hall of fame. >> you're a bay area guy and finally inducted into the hall of fame. when you heard the news, what did you think? >> it's exciting to be in that company. also to have the appreciation of your peers. that's huge. the fans are great. without the fans, we're nowhere. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> the band will be inducted into the hall of fame in cleveland, ohio on may 2nd. what a great song. >> absolutely. the weekend may beorm isn't
6:41 pm
behind. >> spencer is keeping his eye on it. stay with us. with more to come.
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hello snow. check out this beautiful sight in the east bay. the hills are covered in fresh powder. not fun for driving, but pretty to look at. the photographer says he snow following overnight south of the valley. mostly sunny skies this afternoon. check out the view as we rise up looking out over the bay toward the bay bridge and oakland in the distance. let's talk a little bit more about the weather. things are changing as always. >> spencer is here with the latest. >> ever changing, that's the operative expression. here is a look at doppler 7. calm conditions and clear skies. we'll see a few high clouds passing through. it's going to get chilly in the inland valleys where lows will drop into the mid and upper 30s. maybe patchy fog developing.
6:45 pm
near the coastline and bay we'll see lows down around 40 degrees. tomorrow sunny skies and thin high clouds and high temperatures will not be very high at all, mainly mid to upper 50s. then on sunday nice calm weather for the championship game at levi stadium. 9ers taking on the packers. game time 3:40. partly to mostly sunny. temperature 61 degrees. more than in green bay. seven-day forecast. our next round will rain will begin monday night and into tuesday. the storm will rank one on storm impact scale. we get three dry days after that and a nice warm up next week with high temperatures in the low 60s. >> nice. >> that's not bad for january weather. >> thank you. as you might imagine 49ers gear is flying off shelves as the fans get ready for the game. >> justin dorsey found out popular items are already sold
6:46 pm
out. >> reporter: levi stadium, you going to be packed this weekend for the championship game between the san francisco 49ers and the green bay packers. the team store has been packed all week long. friday was no exception. everyone is trying to get fan gear ready for sunday. let's check it out. gear has been flying off the shelves here with many items selling out. plenty of popular choices to be ready for the game on sunday. what did you buy today? >> i got me some key i got a jersey. >> reporter: if all goes well for the 49ers this weekend, fans will be back getting their ch gear if you're noteame dayor toa to sporting goods locations across the bay area. grab your piece of 49ers'
6:47 pm
history. >> we're starting to accumulate that now in hopes they will clench that victory, but we won't get it until the win. >> reporter: somewhere between eight and ten stores will be staying open on sunday night and opening early on monday to get their fans a championship swag. these stores have had their share of practice for championship excitement thanks to the recent success of the golden state warriors. >> it prepped us for the madness that will occur. we've been through this a few different times. it makes us that much more excited to celebrate a different team. >> we'll be back on sunday and mondays. we're going to have our friends come over and buy two. >> reporter: now all that's left to see is san francisco to bring the crown to the bay area. abc 7 news. >> hot ticket indeed. >> yeah. it's going to be a good game. >> if you're lucky enough to go to the game, hopefully enjoy.
6:48 pm
49ers, packers matchup is like big brother versus little brother. i like liberty mutual. they get that no two people are alike and customize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. what do you think? i don't see it. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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good evening. sunday's championship game is a little like a game of family feud. you have 49ers head coach and packers head coach, they previously worked together on three different teams.
6:51 pm
texans, redskins and falcons. 9ers defensive coordinator used to live together and he was the best man in his wedding and he helped him get to the nfl. yeah. matt's younger brother is the passing game coordinator. everybody knows what the other guy is thinking. >> whenever you have to do that, it's always different the second time. it's a lot of the cat and mouse we think they're going to do this and we think they're going to do that type of thing and the back and forth with it. you have to play and react to what's happening on the field. >> what's nice is the guys you are going against, you get their moves and stuff, but defense changes and they prepare differently. you know the players better. i know how he's going to cover me on this one because i went up against you two weeks ago. other than that you still have
6:52 pm
to show up and play 60 minutes. >> aaron rodgers grew up a huge 9ers fan. his dream was to play for the red and gold and now he delights in beating them if he can. rodgers not super close with his counterpart, but they have spent time together. they hung out at the kentucky derby. this was a few years ago. >> he's a really fun guy, great guy. i remember teasing him as a young player when he was putting 20s into the machine and everybody else was putting 100s. he can afford that now. he's had a great season and he's smart and accurate and tough. it will be a fun matchup. >> do you see the sweatshirt? aaron rodgers representing. best basketball player ever at washington state will have his jersey retired tomorrow,
6:53 pm
clay thompson. he will be the first player to ever have his jersey retired. look at young clay. he averaged 18 points a game in his three years. he hasn't gone back much since joining the warriors, but he arrived back today just a short time >> if i can go back and do it again, i would choose it again every day of the week. it fit my personality perfectlyn the nba released tjeey list. curry on the list. james is number onesales.
6:54 pm
tatum is fourth. durant is 12th. i'm talking about steph. come on. come on. tommy thompson of the earthquakes teaming up with the harlem globetrotters. are you kidding me? that's mind blowing right there. degree of difficulty, off the charts is exactly right. he did it backwards like this one time and i asked him how many takes was that and he said how many did you see? one. i'm sure there's probably 100, but good job. >> that's awesome.
6:55 pm
>> thanks. >> it seems hard to do. join us tonight for abc 7 news at 11:00. police in the north bay on the lookout for a home burglary suspect who they say was shot at, not by officers, but by a homeowner. that story coming up tonight at 11:00. also coming up rn, we will e the latest on a deadly avalanche near tahoe and we will look at new technology to keep people safe on the slopes. coming up tonight a good line up. american housewives followed by fresh off the boat and a two-hour 20/20. stick around for the news at 11:00. then jimmy kimmel live comes ont what really matters. this is a milestone moment in the history of the country. president trump facing an impeachment trial in the senate after the inquiry in the house which determined there was
6:56 pm
enough evidence to move forward. with democrats controlling the house, that was the expected outcome. the expected outcome in the republican controlled senate is that the president will not be removed from office. as i am asked what's the point? the point is the process. the point is the pursuit of the truth. that's hard to accept one way or the other in this sharply divided country. regardless of the outcome the process of checks and balances of democratic was accomplished. i love to hear from you. let me know what you think. follow me on twitter and facebook. that is going to do it for this edition of abc 7 news. you can look for news any time on the news app. thanks for being here tonight. >> from all of us, we appreciate your team. we will see you again at 11:00.
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this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants-- a youth librarian from chicago, illinois... a bartender from old orchard beach, maine... and our returning champion, a librarian from portland, oregon... ...whose 4-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"--alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. ns been our champio all week. she has come up with a couple of runaway games also. so for dennis or lindsay to replace her, you guys are going to have to be at your very best. but good luck to all three of you. here comes the jeopardy! round.
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one daily double coming up in oh, gosh. that's scary. followed by... the letter "o" will come in exactly the middle of each correct response. that's followed by... and... veronica, start. you burned my food!--$200. lindsay. - what is cheese? - good. you burned my food!--$400. veronica. - what is crème brûlée? - right. you burned my food!--$600.


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