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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  January 21, 2020 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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los angeles distribution and broadcasting, inc. tonight, history in the nation's capital. the impeachment trial of president trump. and the first battle already. democrats arguing majority leader mitch mcconnell's proposed rules amount to a coverup, allowing for no evidence from the house investigation and no promise of any witnesses. what mitch mcconnell agreed to within the first hour. and the setback late today for democrats. and what we noticed when we were allowed inside the senate claim per. president trump watching overseas and what he's saying tonight. also breaking tonight, the deadly virus from china arrives in the u.s. the cdc revealing the first case of the deadly corina virus here at home. how many days was the patient in the u.s. before he was hospitalized? and what they're now doing at u.s. airports. the new winter storm
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marching across the country. heavy snow, dangerous wind. could it potentially become a nor'easter when it hits the east? the mother tonight accused of killing her own children, all under the age of 3. the deadly crash. three teenagers killed. and authorities now say the other driver did it on purpose. reports tonight of a potential motive. hillary clinton, a new documentary, unplugged and unleashing tonight on bernie sanders. sanders now responding and it comes just a week after elizabeth warren asked him this -- >> i think you called me a liar on national tv? two separate wildlife attacks tonight. a 3-year-old boy rescued from a mountain lion. and then a father fighting off a coyote. an american mother missing tonight, on vacation at a popular destination. and your health. the new warning tonight about sunscreen and the potential chemicals absorbed into the bloodstream. and good evening from
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washington tonight. and we are here this evening because of the history being made in the senate chamber as we come on the air tonight. the impeachment trial of president trump now under way, in a deeply divided capital, a deeply divided nation. the chief justice of the supreme court, john roberts, presiding. the first battle right from the start. a fierce argument over the rules laid out by senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. the democrats calling it a coverup, arguing mcconnell's framework does not allow evidence from the house investigation and gives no promise of any new witnesses. democrats declaring the house did its job, the senate must now do theirs. the president's team, white house counsel pat sip loney and his personal lawyer jay skeulow accusing the democrats of an investigation full of secrecy. democrats saying the president blocked evidence and witnesses from the start. and what we noticed when i was allowed to sit in today. the key senators who were taking copious notes.
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abc's mary bruce was with us all day here, and she leads us off tonight. >> the senate will convene as a court of impeachment. >> reporter: with a bang of his gavel, chief justice john roberts opening the senate impeachment trial of president trump. 100 senators sitting in silence. their cell phones tucked into cubbies outside the chamber. >> hear ye, hear ye, hear ye. all persons are commanded to keep silent. >> reporter: but from the outset a fierce clash, as republican leader mitch mcconnell proposed his rules governing the trial. >> it sets up a structure that's fair, even-handed and tracks closely with past precedents. >> reporter: mcconnell's plan would have compressed the trial, giving each side just two days to present their case, forcing marathon 12-hour sessions. he also wanted to exclude at the outset all the evidence democrats gathered in the house investigation. >> a trial without evidence is not a trial. it's a coverup. >> reporter: some republicans, like senator susan collins of
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maine, weren't happy, either. they pushed back. and mcconnell, eager to keep the key republicans in his corner, quickly gave in. the changes scrawled by hand onto the text of the resolution. mcconnell now giving three days of opening statements and allowing the existing evidence. but democrats say that's not good enough. they want to be able to subpoena documents and call additional witnesses the white house has been blocking, including the president's former national security adviser john bolton. >> the house calls john bolton. the house calls mick mulvaney. let's get this trial started, shall we? we are ready to present our case. we are ready to call our witnesses. the question is, will you let us? >> reporter: some republicans have suggested they could do just that. >> well, i think it's important to hear from john bolton and perhaps other witnesses, obviously, from both the defense as well as the prosecution. the right time for that vote, that decision, is after the opening arguments. >> reporter: democrats urging senator mitt romney and his colleagues to take a stand. >> the house did its job. so now it's up to you.
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>> reporter: but the president's lawyers are fighting back, they say house democrats should have let the courts decide the question of witnesses. >> obstruction? for going to court? it's an act of patriotism to defend the constitutional rights of the president. >> reporter: democrats introducing one resolution after another, trying to change the rules to allow them to subpoena documents. but their efforts failing. white house counsel pat cipollone saying it's time for the two sides to make their case. >> it's long past time that we start this so we can end this ridiculous charade and go have an election. >> and so the trial under way tonight. mary bruce live inside the capitol, not far from where we are broadcasting tonight. mary, as you know, reporters are allowed in. i sat in on the impeachment trial for a time today and i noticed so many of those key moderate republicans you've reported on here, susan collins, lisa murkowski, mitt romney, all taking notes. mitt romney had a notebook in
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hand. and they hold the power here when it comes to deciding whether they're going to join democrats in asking for witnesses? >> reporter: david, this trial and how long it lasts comes down to witnesses, and what four republicans ultimately decide to do. mitt romney said he would like to hear from john bolton. but for now, these republicans are waiting to make a decision. first, they say they want to hear the arguments. and david, those could get under way tomorrow. >> mary bruce, we'll be here are you. and president trump, meantime, was on the world stage, 4,000 miles away, but fully aware of what was playing out right here in washington. at the world economic forum in switzerland, he celebrated the strong u.s. economy, but he had choice words for the impeachment trial, too. here's abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl tonight. >> reporter: the message from president trump at world economic forum in davos, switzerland, even as the impeachment trial gets under way in washington, he's hard at work on the world stage. >> we're meeting with the biggest companies in the world, the biggest businesses in the world and world leaders, all for
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the benefit of the united states. >> reporter: one leader not on the president's schedule, ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky, who is also at davos. but president trump told "the wall street journal" that he would be willing to meet with zelensky, adding, quote, he's a really good guy. the president's only comments on the senate trial, brief and familiar. >> that whole thing is a hoax. it goes nowhere because nothing happened. the only thing we've done is a great job. so i'm sure it's going to work out fine. >> jon karl with us live tonight across town at the white house. and jon, you've learned tonight that president trump has been briefed on the proceedings so far? >> reporter: and aides here said he almost certainly watched some of the proceedings. the bottom line for the white house is, this was a first test of whether or not republicans in the senate would remain united and now, towards the end of this first day, not a single republican defection on any of those procedural questions and for the white house, david, that's a win. >> that's what the president
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wants. jon karl live at the white house. jon, our thanks to you. mary bruce, our entire team in washington. our coverage of the impeachment trial for tonight. but we do move onto the other breaking news in that deadly cry us tonight, spreading from china around the globe now, and this evening, it's here in the u.s. the cdc now reporting one man is now hospitalized in everett, washington, that's near seattle, and now two more major u.s. airports are set to screen passengers arriving from china. abc's kayna whitworth is in washington state tonight with what authorities revealed late today. >> reporter: tonight, the first confirmed u.s. case of that mysterious virus tracked here to washington state. a 30-year-old man diagnosed five days after returning home to seattle from wuhan, china. >> our number one priority is to complete the identification of all the patient's contacts, reach out to the contacts and monitor their health. >> reporter: health officials report the patient did not visit that wuhan fish and meat market, ground zero for the outbreak,
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where today, teams were busy disinfecting the streets. >> i think the risk to american citizens now is low. part of the reason that the patient was so rapidly identified and treated appropriately is because he himself was educated and recognized the risk. >> reporter: the man arrived in seattle last week, before the cdc began airport screenings. he started feeling sick a few days later and reached out health offiicials. experts now retracing his steps and expanding those airport screenings to include chicago and atlanta. anyone traveling from wuhan to the u.s. will have to enter through one of five u.s. airports. around the world, a scramble to stop the virus, which is now spreading person to person. six people have died among the nearly 300 sickened in five countries. in russia today, inspectors checking passengers on flights arriving from china, where millions are expected to travel during the chinese new year. >> so, let's get to kayna whitworth, live from seattle tonight. and kayna, that patient, we
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know, is in isolation tonight. what else have you learned about his condition? >> reporter: well, david, doctors are saying his condition is satisfactory, but they will continue to watch him and keep him in isolation for at least the next 48 hours. they're also monitoring all health care workers and patients that he came in contact with. david? >> kayna whitworth from seattle tonight. kayna, thank you. we're going to turn next here to the bitter cold across the east. i can attest to it, standing outside here in washington tonight. and that new winter storm marching across the country. a wind chill advisory in miami for the first time in seven years. the cleveland area tonight buried under up to six inches of lake effect snow. and this question tonight, could that new storm potentially become a nor'easter when it slams into the east? chief meteorologist ginger zee tracking it all for us. >> reporter: david, it was the coldest of the season for atlanta and it is going to get even colder as we share that air down into south florida. numbers wise, 21, charleston, 35 new orleans tomorrow morning. but focus on tampa and miami.
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all could easily see their coldest air in two years. if miami drops to 42, it would tie the coldest in two years. 55-mile-per-hour gusts, one to two feet of snow in the kas says. then you have winter weather advisories from st. louis to des moines. the snow stays inland, rain at the coast. david? >> ginger zee, thank you. we turn next here to the deadly collision in southern california. a car ramming into another car with six takers inside. three of the teenagers killed. and tonight, the highway patrol saying the adult driver did it on purpose. here's abc's zachary kiesch. >> reporter: tonight, three teenagers are dead after this horrific crash. a suspect accused of ramming his car into theirs after a chase that may have begun after the teens rang his doorbell and drove off. it happened sunday night east of los angeles. six teenagers were in this toyota prius when police say they were run off the road by this white infiniti driven by 42-year-old anurag chandra.
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drake ruiz and daniel hawkins died at the hospital. jacob ivascu died at the scene. police say chandra left the scene. an eyewitness followed him to his home where he was taken into custody. >> our investigation led us to believe mr. chandra intentionally rammed the prius, >> reporter: as police investigate a motive, drake ruiz's mother debbie says the teens were playing a game known as ding-dong ditch, ringing doorbells and running when a man came after them. >> when he came out and got in his car to chase after them, they fled for their lives, basically. >> it's just quite a family here, so, when something like this happens, it's -- it hurts. >> reporter: chandra is facing multiple felony counts, including three charges of murder. tonight, he's being held without bail. david? >> zachary, thank you. and from phoenix tonight, a mother is now under arrest in the deaths of her three children, all of them under 4. 22-year-old rachel henry now facing three counts of first
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degree murder after police say she admitted she harmed her 3-year-old son and 2-year-old and 7-month-old daughters. officers responding to a 911 call said they found the children unresponsive and were unable to revive them. the cause of their deaths has not been determined tonight. we turn now to that new documentary, hillary clinton unplugged and unleashing tonight on so many topics, including her former rival, senator bernie sanders, saying, quote, nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him. and refusing to say whether she'll endorse him if he's the 2020 nominee. here's abc's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: tonight, hillary clinton unplug and unleashing. in a new documentary, she opens up about it all, including bernie sanders. a quote from the film in a "hollywood reporter" article saying, "he was in congress for years. he had one senator support him. nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him, he got nothing done." clinton and the filmmaker both spoke to the magazine about the
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new documentary, exploring it all. the reporter asking if clinton stands by what she said about sanders. she said yes. sanders off the campaign trail for the impeachment trial responding today. >> on a good day, my wife likes me, so, let's clear the air on that one. secretary clinton is entitled to her point of view. my job today is to focus on the impeachment trial. >> why do you think the secretary is still talking about 2016? >> that is a good question. ask her. >> reporter: clinton's comments come just a week after sanders faced off with fellow runner elizabeth warren over her claims he told her a woman could not win in 2020. >> i think you called me a liar on national tv? >> what? >> i think you called me a liar on national tv? >> reporter: clinton asked about that, too, saying, "it's part of a pattern. if it were a one off, you might say, okay, fine, but he said i was unqualified. i had a lot more experience than he did and got a lot more done that he had, but that was his
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attack on me." >> so many of the candidates are right here in washington for the impeachment trial. others remain in iowa. and that's where eva pilgrim is tonight. and eva, hillary clinton was also asked if he should endorse bernie sanders if he gets the nomination and she was unwilling to offer support, at least for now? >> reporter: that's right, david. clinton saying, quote, i'm not going to go there yet. we're still in a very vigorous primary season, adding she finds the culture of his campaign particularly against women to be worrisome. late today, a spokesperson for clinton saying she will support whoever the nominee is. david? >> eva pilgrim in iowa tonight. eva, thank you. at the world economic forum in davos, switzerland, a stark contrast on climate change. greta thunberg urging leaders to stop investing in fossil fuels the. president trump and his remarks dismissing the, quote, perennial prophets of doom, announcing the u.s., though, will join the
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campaign to plant 1 trillion trees. thunberg responding tonight, planting trees is good, but nowhere near enough. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday from washington. two separate wildlife attacks involving families. a 3-year-old boyless couped from a mountain lion. and in another case, a father fighting off a coyote. also tonight, an american mother is missing at this hour. she's on vacationular destination. and your health tonight and the new alert this evening when it comes to sunscreen, and the potential chemicals being absorbed into the bloodstream. a lot more news ahed. i'll be right back.
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3:49 pm
out of nowhere and grabbed his 2-year-old son. >> it was snapping and attacking and lunging. >> reporter: o'reilly says in that moment his instincts took over. >> i had its snout here, pushed it into the snow and then just took my hand and got on his windpipe as best i could. >> reporter: with his bare hands, he suffocated the coyote. he was bitten multiple times, but his baby boy not hurt at all. >> never underestimate the power of survival. i supposed. that coyote was very much interested in living, but so were we. >> reporter: 3,000 miles away in southern california, another father jumping in to save his son from a mountain lion. >> my 3-year-old child. it, like, knocked him over and got him by the neck. >> reporter: the quick-thinking dag throwing a backpack that the distracted cougar carried up a tree. >> we request that you evacuate the park. >> reporter: the boy only slightly injured. david, that mountain lion was euthanized. and the coyote tested positive for rabies. david? >> stephanie, thank you.
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when we come back here, the american mother missing on vacation, what we've learned. and the new health alert tonight and the new health alert tonight about sunscreens. filled with soft surfaces home is that trap odors and release them back into the room. so try febreze fabric refresher. febreze finds odors trapped in fabrics and cleans them away as it dries. use febreze every time you tidy up, to keep your whole house smelling fresh air clean. fabric refresher even works for clothes you want to wear another day. make febreze part of your clean routine for full home freshness. la la la la la
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talk to your doctor about chantix. to the index of other news tonight. a someo an american mother disappearing in belize, vanishing while sailing and camping with her boyfriend. he says when he woke up, she was missing. the tour company tonight saying it is cooperating with authorities. the state department late today saying they're aware of the reports of her disappearance. the health alert tonight when it comes to sunscreen. fda researchers now confirming that chemicals in sunscreens can be absbed into the bloodstream at higher than recommended levels. the chemicals possibly remaining in the body for days. the fda urging for more testing for possible long-term health risks, and saying people should not abandon their sunscreen. and prince harry and meghan beginning their new live in canada. prince harry tonight has joined meghan and baby archie on vancouver island. as of the spring, the couple
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side effects include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, belly pain, and decreased appetite, which lead to dehydration and may worsen kidney problems. i have it within me to lower my a1c. ask your doctor about trulicity. finally tonight here, america strong. the bride and groom and their surprise guest. this is steven and lauren marec on their wedding day in fallbrook, california. everything had come together on their dream day. everything except for one thing. steven's best friend, and best man, a.j., anthony white, was unable to make it. two months before the wedding, a.j., a member of the u.s. army, got word he would be deployed overseas.
3:58 pm
steven decided he would not replace his best man and, it turns out, he didn't have to. >> congratulations mr. and mrs. marec. >> bro! >> there he was, in uniform, congratulating mr. and mrs mrs. marec. lauren hugging a.j., steven in tears. and then a.j., the best man, walks over to his best friend. >> oh, god. >> it turns out just two days before the wed, a.j. found his deployment was getting pushed back, but he kept it a secret until this moment. >> dude. >> the best man, the group hug, the bride and groom thankful for the wedding gift they did not expect. the wedding crasher they were grateful for. the best wedding crasher ever. i'm david muir. good night.
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sometimes it's a bit of a challenge. >> i live in vallejo so i take ferry. >> it's too unpredictable. >> commuters share their public transport frustrations and that's causing a problem. declining ridership in the bay area. good afternoon. >> a new study set to be released tomorrow show fewer people are taking public transit these days. >> live with more on the reason for the change and some of the solutions that could help build a better bay area. >> reporter: good afternoon. as you mentioned, the full presentation is expected tomorrow. this is a preview. what we do know is out of the three categoies of transit users they identified, two out of three saw a ridership decline before


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