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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 25, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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we're tracking rain moving through the bay area. how long it will san francisco police officers. we are hearing from the da himself on this decision. abc7 news starts right >> the san francisco district attorney office has put a hold the charges against the man attacking two police officers in video. the officers in the video, shot the man who was still in the hospital recovering from his injuries. abc7 news reporter lauren martinez joins us live from the
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newsroom with more on the da's decision about charges. lauren. >> reporter: the officer involved shooting happened on the 7th in the mission. the da' office has decided to remove the case from their calendar so they can evaluate all the facts. today the police officer's association said that what the officers are doing are dropping charges against the man. >> mr. bodine has made it clear that it's open season on officers. >> the president of the san francisco police officer's association said the district attorney's office is dropping charges against 24-year-old jamaica hampton. seen here, on police body camera, footing with two police officers on the morning of december 7th. >> his charging decision to not charge mr. hampton for assaulting two of my members not only caused all o my members, should be cause to every law
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abiding person that comes to san francisco. >> the da said that is not what is happening. he made the decision to with a draw the complaint against hampton. he said this is not dropping charges. >> there's an important difference between dismissing the case and withdrawing the complaint. >> that's just lawyer talk. technically they said that they are withdrawing the complaint. if you are reading between the lines, that's exactly what they are doing. dropping the charges. >> reporter: bodine said there's not a decision to drop the charges, it's a decision to wait pending investigation. >> it's a decision that is in the best interest of the ce being investigated right now by our internal investigation bureau in to their use of firearms in the incident. it would be improper and unfair to put them on the witness stand to testify against mr. hampton while they are being investigated for their use of force. until both investigations can be completed, we are going withhold
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making a final decision of who to charge with what. >> reporter: internal investigations by the da's office are standard protocol after an officer involved shooting. the police department has not released a formal statement about the decision. but the chief of police, bill scott, did send out a message to his officers indicating that bodine informed him about the withdrawal, and said, "i want you to know that we remain committed to working with the da to see that justice is done in the case for our officers." now, bodine said he called the kmeef and -- call today chief and officers involved to explain his decision. >> lauren, thank yu very much for that. a woman is dead andd the man they suspect killed her. erm th -- early this morning a man called to have the officers check on a woman. he not spoken to the woman for several hours.
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when had the sist-- when the of got to the home, they found the woman stabbed. they say thecaller was the killer. the relationship between the two is under investigation. new developments in the search for a suspect wanted in a fatal hit and run in berkley. police now say they know who they are looking for and that he is armed and dangerous. abc7 news news reporters spoke to the police about the progress in the investigation. >> we consider the suspects armed and dangerous. >> reporter: the search continues for the 29-year-old manslaughter suspect of oakland. >> last night, officers attempted to arrest the suspect in a location in oakland, but he was able to elude capture. we did recover the vehicle that was used in the fatal hit and run. >> on monday, at 10:30 a police officer saw mcgee punch a woman in the head in a parked vehicle on 6th street. when the officer approached the vehicle, the driver made a
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u-turn after the woman screamed for help. the suspect drove his vehicle on to the sidewalk and killed a woman that was sleeping right here. neighbors confirmed she was homeless. a homeless person that i watched for a couple of days previously sleeping in the cold on the ground, that died on the street. she lived on the streets and she died on the streets. >> candles and flowers were left on scene to remember the 58-year-old victim. the neighbor said, two days prior to the hit and run, she planned to help the woman. >> you were saying when you saw her first, you thought, i'm going to ask her to move out of the way. >> i did. i thought, why is she laying there, she should be morin land, maybe in a area t guess i was t late. >> mcgee has several warrants for his arrest for multiple police departments in the bay area. >> he has outstanding warrants for felony evading and for burglary. >> as to the woman inside the vehicle screaming for help --
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police did not give information about her. >> it could be domestic violence or human trafficking as well. we know it was a violent assault. >> they hope that the photos lead to his arrest. abc7 news. time now for early look at the weather. meteorologist has been tracking rain. >> it's ban cloudy saturday night out there, we have light showers, criss-crossing the bay area. we have green on the screen, right down the street level. light rain is moving through san francisco and it's crossing the bay bridge in to the east bay, emoryville and oakland, you will see light in e. as we head to the north bay, we have had steadier showers around ukiah and cloverdale, a cold front will move through the early morning hours of tomorrow. on the storm impact scale. it's a low level system that
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will linger in to sunday. we will walk you through the day tomorrow and show you when the weather exits. >> we will see you then. drew, thank you. you can track the weather on the go, on your phone. download our free abc7 news app. >> happening now, the excitement is building in miami as we get closer to super super bowl 54 next sunday the 49ers will take on the kansas city chiefs. chris alvarez is in miami. we are here in miami for the super bowl. just landed at the airport and the first thing i notice is people are just much warmer than us. and there's merchandise of course, when you get to the airport, take a look at the stuff they have. super bowl, >> i will wait until i make the first super bowl purchase. a lot of fun, we got her before the team arrives. they will arrive tomorrow
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afternoon. actually, evening. we will have the coverage from south beach. we are just getting going. and we will have more with larry coming up in sports. send it back to you guys. >> it would not be the super bowl without the lombardi trophy. it's been sent to the area. anquan bolden had the honor of receiving it for the nfl. bold enplay -- he was a member of the baltimore ravens team that beat the niners. >> you know, playing in san francisco for three years. i would love the to see them bring home the sixth championship. but i would also love to see andy reid win it. he is a great coach. a guy that i have lined up across the field against many times. >> the trophy is named for the legend airy coach of the green bay packers vince lombardi and
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it's also referred to as tiffany. as it's made by tiffany and company. we have a large team headed to miami. sports director larry beale and julian glover and dustin dorsey will keep you up to date on the players and the fans. our digital team will cover the super week on the facebook page, free abc7 news app and at our live reports begin tomorrow night. >> and still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00. the u.s. consulate are evacuating due to the corona virus. how there's not rom f-- there's room for everyone. and why the message is stronger than ever. a celebration of culture, legend, good will and dragons of course. check out how san fra
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now to developing news, the u.s. consulate is evacuating staff and private citizens and will fly them out of china to san francisco tuesday. this is a live look at sfo right now. according to the associated press, a notice from the embassy from beijing said there will be limited capacity and in the event there's not enough seats priority will be given to those at greater risk for the virus. 13 more people have died, and that is now totaling 56 and now, nearly 2,000 reported cases of the av the details. >> reporter: the potentially deadly virus is on the rise in the u.s. a patient in seattle was hospitalized after returning from china.
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the epi center of the outbreak and on friday, a second case was confirmed in chicago. and the patient in her 60s had visited wuhan. >> she had cold-like symptoms. shortness of breath. fever. and many times it would present like a cold. travelers at 5 u.s. airports are being concentrated on flying from china. >> it's an opportunity to educate returning travelers of the risk of the virus. >> reporter: concern over a large-scale outbreak in the u.s. is minimal. >> the thing that you need to be watching out for is sustained person to person transmission. >> reporter: with confirmed cases in at least 13 other countries or territories. officials in china met on saturday to discuss how to halt the spread. chinese authority thes are cancelling many lunar new year events and closing major tourists sites and implementing
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a travel ban. >> convenience stores and small places that could sell things like food or clothes un -- >> they have 30 million people on lock down. pete stark who represented several east bay districts for four decades in congress has died. the cause was leukemia. house speaker nancy pelosi said in part, america has lost a champion of the people. congressman pete stark was a master legislator who used his gavel to give a voice to the voiceless and he will be deeply missed. he focused on healthcare while this congress and was a key architect of the affordable care act. he was 88. san francisco welcomed in the lunar new year today. today. ♪
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dragons, drummers and fire crackers took over the streets of downtown, and did we mention dragons, the festival celebrates the beginning of the new year on the traditional lunar calendar. they have helped to ring in the chinese lunar new year and the salvation army hosted a meal for those residents of china town. in the south bay, the vietnamese community is celebrating tet. it had its opening ceremony today and will continue tomorrow. it's been held at the fairgrounds for over 40 years. we saw drew a couple of minutes ago, and there was green on live doppler 7, where is that green headed, drew? >> you will find the light showers overnight, drifting south as the cold front moves through and many of us are sleeping. live doppler 7 showing you late tonight, we have light mist and drizzle falling across the bay
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area. we will zoom in to street level. you can see light showers indicated by the green. and on live doppler 7, we will zoom in, 80, getting wet roadways in the area. and to the south we go, still finding light scattered showers around palo alto, and mountain n view, the bay bridge toll plaza, drops on the lens, the roadway is wet as folks are going in to the city in the late night hour. and we will find showers for the first half of the sunday tomorrow. a along with the wet weather, it's mild out there. look at this, oakland right now. is holding at j degre-- is holdt 60. 58 in san francisco, 55 in santa rosa, you compare it to this time last night and it's warmer by 3-5 degrees in a lot of spots. we are on a way to a mild night.
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most locations will hold on either side of 50 degrees. so, live doppler 7, along with satellite, the reason for the wet weather, we have a front that is currently moving through ahead of it we have a warm south wind that is pulling in that mild air right now. that continues overnight and with the front moving through early tomorrow morning, it will supply us with showers before noon. the storm impact scale, now through sunday morning, it's a level one. and light system we have, with light to moderate showers. and most cities outside of the north bay, pretty much less than a .10 of an inch of rain. where we find the front lingering the longest in the north bay, we could see half an inch. time it out, weather tomorrow morning. we will stop the clock at 3:30 in the morning and we will track light showers in the area. and by 8:00. 9:00 in the morning. we still have to allow for light showers. scattered in showers. by the afternoon, this front is getting out of here. we will start the day with cloud cover and get afternoon sunshine
11:19 pm
out there. and we will see a pretty decent end to the sunday. if you have outdoor events if you can hold off to midday, that wet weather is totally out of here. so, overnight tonight, we will see temperatures in the upper 40s to lower 50s with the light showers moving through and then tomorrow, again, you start out with cloud cover, a couple of isolated showers in the morning and by the afternoon, the rain is out of here, and the sun is breaking out and temperatures will respond to the upper 50 ps to lower 60s for the afternoon. so, here's the forecast. morning showers to sunshine. portly cloudy on monday. tuesday in the north bay, there's the morning chance of a shower. elsewhere, we remain dry, and that sets up the stage for mild and dry patterns for the second half of the seven day forecast. friday and saturday, some of the warmest spots hit 70 and meteorologist will track showers tomorrow morning saturdaying at 5:00 a.m. >> if it makes you feel better, it will rain in miami. >> all right, still ahead on
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abcity news at 11:00. the 49ers faithful are not the only fans excited this weekend. a's fans have something to cheer about. we will show you this year's fan fest and find out why suppo i'climate is the number 1ove priority.sage.
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in the east bay, spring was in the air today, abc7 news was at jack london square in oakland as the a's hosted the annual fan fest, it gave fans an opportunity to ming well one another and the players. manager bob melvin and faces from the past including dennis eckersley and ronny fingers. there's a lot of optimism after the a's made the playoffs last year, for this season. >> it's the best team they have had in many, many years and they have had many, many great teams. so this year will be fantastic. we will win it all for sure. no doubt about it. a's win the world series. >> check it out, spring training will be here in less than three weeks. pitchers and catchers for the a's were born on february 12th.
11:24 pm
more sports now with larry beale. >> eric, thanks, coming up the 49ers, the final practice before they head off to miami, abc7's chris alvarez, he is already there. his report on the preparation, the niners
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good evening, years ago, there was only a one week gap between the conference championship games and the super bowl. so it was a mad scramble for players and coaches to get ready and take care of the tickets and what not. now a two week break is standard. the niners will go to miami to prepare for the match up with the chiefs.
11:28 pm
waiting for the ninerss on south beach, chris alvarez. >> hello, here for super bowl week for the 49ers and the kansas city chiefs. of course, this is a bye week leading up to next week's game, kyle shanahan said if they had to play tomorrow, they would be ready. >> if we had to play sunday, we would be ready, any time you can go through a normal week and not actually have a game on sunday, it's nice to have a long plane ride for myself to go through the week of everything and then we will start over on monday and tuesday, where we don't have to reinvent the wheel, we know what we have. we have a week of tape where we can clean up things or take stuff out, and some more stuff come to us, we can put more stuff in. >> both teams are set to arrive tomorrow, kansas city around 4:40 eastern time, san francisco, just after 7:00 local time. one of the first things you notice when you get off the plane, it's warm. a lot of people in shorts and t-shirts and there was stuff that we saw in the airport,
11:29 pm
tropical cal shirt that might be purchased, it was cool, super bowl liv, they are all set to go in the airport, across the area, getting ready for the game. with the 49ers, abc7 sports. >> thank you, chris, put it on the expense report, the boss will love the shirt. wide receiver tyrek hill says when he is not the practice, he is watching video constantly. not the video you might expect. >> i go home and play madden, man. i play my own super bowl. i play the chiefs verse if 49ers and i get my thing going. of course, i'm throwing myself the ball. so, you know. -- >> who wins? >> the chiefs every time. it's on rookie. so don't judge me, don't nobody judge me, i play on rookie, man. >> one more 49ers note, their offensive linemen kbathed last night for the dinner at the house of prime rib. it's a tradition started in 1987 when the owner, joe betts wanted to throw a party for his friend,
11:30 pm
niners lineman, randy cross. >> you hear about holding. moving. and never getting any credit. so, i said, you know what? i have a party for you guys. and it started out with the offensive line. and only the offensive line. no defense. defense actually wanted to have a party too. i would not do it. >> joe betts is the best. we will have a ton of 49ers super bowl coverage live from miami, starting tomorrow. abc7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. eric? >> much more to come on abc 7 news at 11:00. anti-abortion activists got out their message during the annual walk for life. and former governor jerry brown is questioning an up coming auction. the letters between his dad and
11:31 pm
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usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa live, where you live. this is abc7 news. good evening, i'm eric thomas, deon is off tonight. in tonight's headlines, berkley police are searching for a suspect in a deadly hit and run. 29-year-old alexander mcgee is suspected of running over and killing a homeless woman while speeding away from officers on monday. police have found his car. they say, he is armed and dangerous. in san jose, peter rodriguez was arrested this morning for the murder of a woman. police say, rodriguez called 9-1-1 to get somebody to check on her and whenhey found the wo with multiple stab wounds. the district attorney's office has decided to withdraw a complaint against a man shot by police in the mission.
11:35 pm
the -- the da said the charges have not been dropped but the police department disagrees. -- president trump's lawyers have gotten their chance to defend him. we are on capitol hill with the latest. >> you will find that the president did absolutely nothing wrong. >> reporter: the president's defense team going on the offensive. attacking lead house manager adam schiff and his summary of the president's now ind famous phone call with the ukrainian president, vladimir zelensky. >> that's fake, that's not the real call. sgloo. >> reporter: on the senate floor, they have accused the democrats of trying to take down the election and take trump off the ballot in 2020. >> they are asking you to tear up all of the ballots across this country. >> reporter: and now, new developments in a story first reported by abc news.
11:36 pm
>> the president, thank you for being here. >> reporter: in april, 2018 recording the president with indicted rudy giuliani associate lev parness and others, and on the tape, a voice identified as parness, telling the ambassador to ukraine was bad mouthing him. she is basically walking around telling everyone, just wait, he is going to get impeached. >> get rid of her. get her out tomorrow. i don't care. get her out tomorrow. take her out, okay? do it. >> the reporecording comes in te of the showdown, with the push for new documents and de the mo for the necessity of witnesses and documents to be made. >> if you run down the documents road, you run in the to executive privilege that is --
11:37 pm
>> the president did not deny the authenticity of the tape. capital hill. turning to the democrats trying to beat trump this november, senator elizabeth warren has picked up another key endorsement ahead of the iowa caucuses. the des moines register's editorial board threw their support behind warren. they said she is a thinker, a hard worker. they have been endorsing candidates, and endorsed marco rubio for the republican nomination. iowa's caucuses are nine days away. you can catch up the new political series, 2020 chasing california online. our first two episodes are about bernie sanders and michael bloomberg. a new episode dropping thursday with andrew yang. thousands of anti-abortion
11:38 pm
activists took part in the walk for life this year. many say their cause has been strengthened since president trump recently vowed his support. reporter, cornell bernard has the story. ♪ thousands of activists sang songs and marched down the street. it marks the anniversary of row verse wade, maria lopez brought her three kids. >> the unborn has to be respected because it's a creation of god. before the march -- >> we have the most polite president in american history. >> the crowd was energized after president trump was the first sitting president to address friday's march or life in washington. >> we are here for a very simple reason, to defend the right of every child born and unborn to
11:39 pm
fulfill their god given potential. i think, coming from our leader i think that's a, it's a powerful message to respect life. >> roe-v-wade stay, trump pence go. others made their presence -- >> i hope you know what it feels like to be in a position where you have to make the choice, and you have to respect your body and yourself over an idea. this was the 16th annual walk for life, they say the event was peaceful. abc7 news. new details now in the australian plane crash that killed three americans. air crews that were grounded after the crash are now back on duty tonight. air fire crew this is had been grounded after thursday's crash out of respect for their colleagues. the americans were in australia to help fight the fires near new south wales, the crew had been on a fire bombing mission.
11:40 pm
all three were veterans of the u.s. military. more than 200 american firefighters are still there helping with the bush fires. in the south bay, cleaning chemicals could be the culprit of an incident. two dozen people complained of nose, eye and throat irritations at the high school gym just before 11:00 last night. the gym was evacuated. the paramedics treated ten people at the school, two went to the hospital, and fire officials say a beach or ammonia cleaner used on the mats were likely what caused the fumes. an animal shelter is honoring three that died with a free library. it was built outside the santa cruise animal shelter center. where the three spent their time volunteering. the public can exchange books with the community for free.
11:41 pm
they helped with education and summer camp programs and fostered cats and kitten. former california governor, jerry brown is wanting to know who is selling his family's memorabilia related to john f. kennedy. they are being auctioned by suthebyss, they estimate the value of $30,000. the seller wants to remain anonymous, and brown wants the items to be part of the father's archives at uc berkley. the 49ers are the it team in the bay area as they get ready for the super bowl. abc news was in san jose, as emanuel sanders signed autographs. it was a huge crowd and people started to line up hours before sanders showed up. this was similar to what happened yesterday when autographs were signed in daly
11:42 pm
city, they were just as excited the today to see one of the 49ers stars. >> we got our jersey signed. >>. >> emanuel is great. they are going to win. >> it's great to see him. he brings a lot to the table. he stretches the field, so he was a great acquisition. i know he did not have a -- i think it's worth it. it's amazing having him on the team. >> it's on my mind to win. the super bowl is a big event. and at the same time, we are going out to handle business. so we are trying to win. >> so why did some show up with denver broncos jerseys. well the team won a super bowl when sanders was a member. the 49ers leave for miami tomorrow. san francisco has welcomed one of the first babies of the lunar new year. the baby boy was born at 3:35 this morning at cpmc vaness campus. the baby and mother are doing well. people born in the year of the rat are said to be intelligent,
11:43 pm
creative and resource. still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00. an impressive figure skater from the east bay made history again. she has accomplished more in her young 14 years than most pro skaters do in their entire crews. light rain out there tonight, we will track it on live dop
11:44 pm
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a woman was dangling from the side of a cliff before rescue crews got to her in the nick of time. the 69-year-old woman fell while hiking a canyon. the ground was apparently crumbling beneath her feet. you can see, she was hanging on to plants. rescue crews flew her to a safe location where she was able to hike out by herself. she only had scratches and scrapes from the fall. oakland figure skating sensation alyssa liu has been the youngest skater to win
11:47 pm
back-to-back titles. she becam the first female to land a quadruple jump at the national championships. liu is still too young to compete on the senior international level, but she can start looking forward to the 2022 olympics. >> earlier this week. we told you the family of a fallen army sergeant from sacramento was going to the super bowl thanks to 49ers tight end, george kittel. this photo was shared of him meeting his wife and son. yesterday, kittle presented them with tickets to super bowl liv, with the help of three service organizations, they will be able to make the trip to miami. time for one last check oni light rain as the next storm system moves through. much of the rain will fall while we are sleeping. right now, we are finding light
11:48 pm
showers from pleasanton and light drizzle in union city and to the north. light rain up 101, so, we will find wet roadways early first thing tomorrow morning. a lot of the rain is out of here by tomorrow afternoon. the storm impact scale now through sunday, a level one light system with light to moderate showers in most areas and it will wind up with less than a .10 of an inch of rain. over knight numbers, on the mild side. upper 40s to 50s, light showers moving through and as we go through the day sunday, the showers will exit. so, we will start out the day with cloud cover and finish it with sunshine in the upper 50s to lower 60s. so, the accu weather seven-day forecast, the sun tomorrow, dry on monday and another chance of wet weather in the north bay on tuesday. otherwise, it's getting sunnier. brighter and warmer by friday and saturday. > thank you very much. sir. >> y>>pos ming up with>>ou know game has been dominant, with
11:49 pm
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abc sports, sponsored by river rock casino t49ers have run wild in the playoff wins over the vikings and packers. if you are the kansas city chiefs you almost have to load up to stuff the run in the super bowl. that means jimmy garoppolo, he may feast on sunday. some forgot that he led the 49ers to a shoot without win over the saints. four touchdown passes in that game. and he four against arizona. the -- the guy can show. the 49ers rushing attack was like a steam roller. jimmy g has thrown for 208 yards total in the playoff wins but was tied for fifth for touchdown passes in the league with 27. niners don't care about stats.
11:53 pm
only one more win. >> i mean, we were doing what we needed to do to win the game and that's the main point of an nfl football game. i think, you will be sad if you threw for 450 and we lost. doesn't really matter. >> i hear all the stuff and everything. it's just, you can't, you know, you can't put that all out there all the time, it's just, you have to do with it what you will, and take it for what it is. just, you know, at the end of the day, you have to go out and play football. >> senior bowl cal's evan weaver there, he has lost 11 pounds. impressive in practice. oregon's justin herbert marches it down the field and prine marched it in. the north scored 31 of the next 34 points. fourth and goal, washington state's anthony gordon, finding gordon, from liberty. and right in the camera man for the score. north wins 34 they have 17 and the nfl combine is at the end of next month. let's talk
11:54 pm
tomas hertl, they have a 3 on 3 format for the all-star game. the winners of the first two games meet in the championship with a million bucks at stake. metropolitan verse the atlantic. canadians scored, duclair, he is everywhere. three goals and assists in the period. bruins, david pastrnak, leading the league in goals. empty net pretty easy, had three in the period. 9-5. let's get to tomas hertl, team teal, his pacific division teammates taking on the central division. top shelf, goal number one. well, look at the smile. you will see why he is smiling at the finish. backhand, off the toe drag for the hat trick. and the break away, goaltending optional in this thing. fourth of the game, pacific division advances to the finals. 10-5. so, all right, let's get to it. pacific and atlantic, this is for the cash. 2:40, left, tied at four. it's hertl on the break away and
11:55 pm
he shoots and scores. his fifth of the night. that was the game winner. pacific wins the all-star game, 5-4 and they split a million dollars. to golf, is there golf there? fog delayed the third round of the farmer's in san diego. play would resume, tiger woods making a charge up the leaderboard, 369, tied for 49th at 7 under. five back of the leader, john rahm who shot -- the final goes to a man. you cannot see jordan spieth, he is there. below the gallery. 15th hole. where's the ball? there's no way this is curling in? yes! but he is tied for 43rd. to the nba. lakers and sixers. in philly. lebron james, scores 29 points. a milestone passing kobe bryant for third most points in nba
11:56 pm
history. kareem and karl malone are one, two. lakers were down big, furious come back in the fourth quarter. alex caruso to lebron with authority. but simmons star of the night. 28 points, ten boards. eight assists and joel embiid the 76ers beat the lakers 108-91. where were you, jerome lane playing for pit. bill rafferty, with the legendary call, "send it in jerome." he played six years in the nba and had a brief stint with cleveland in '92/'93. abc sports sponsored by river rock casino. see you in miami, eric. >> oh, yeah, miami. did we mention that we are sending abc 7 news team members and sports teams members to mimi for a little football game they are having down there next week? sports director larry beale, you see there, sports anchor, chris
11:57 pm
alvarez and julian glover, and an man -- they will keep you up to date on the players and fans and you can follow along here on abc7 and on our app and they may face a little rain down there. >> a little bit. but it's warm, they will love it. >> they will love it. and it's the super bowl, how can you not love it? that's it for tonight, we continue tomorrow morning at 5:00. for drew and lair
11:58 pm
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