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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 29, 2020 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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grieving wife reaches out to fans first time
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tonight, vanessa bryant breaks her silence on the loss of kobe and 13-year-old daughter gianna. >> bay area family reflects on special message from kobe bryant that helped their son on the road to recovery. how 49ers fans can get their perfect post. abc7 news starting right now. we're completely devastated, words from kobe bryant's wife vanessa, breaking silence after sudden death of her husband and 13-year-old daughter. >> on instagram vanessa changed her profile picture of kobe holding gianna and in an
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emotional tribute honored her husband, daughter and millions of fans who expressed their support. kobe bryant's widow is publicly sharing her heartbreak for first time. posting on instagram, there aren't enough words to describe our pain right now. i take comfort in knowing that kobe and gigi both knew they were deeply loved. former team, the lakers crash. ed first time >> influence will be felt forever. >> investigators now say the chopper didn't have recommended warning system to alert the pilot he was too close to land, though it's unclear whether it would have prevented the accident. tributes to the bryants. washington capitals captain alex ovechkin wearing 24.
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new jersey put flowers in the seats kobe bryant and his daughter sat in earlier in the season. "jeopardy" host alex trebek paying tribute. >> we lost a los angeles legend. there's a lot to miss in the death of kobe bryant. >> east bay tribute, 150 foot tall grass image of kobe. new ground technology. they're not revealing exact location but one of pleasanton parks, spur of the moment decision. east bay, young high school student is sharing personalized get well message he from kpooint. >> from kobe bryant. >> helped him recover from car accident. >> struggling to get healthy
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until he got this message. >> medi, how you doing? heard you were in a horrible accident but i understand you're also a fighter. >> when he saw it, he teared up, there was just this immense feeling of he could get through this. >> medi's mom said he had been in the hospital two months, unable to move. had the support of family and friends but kobe's message motivated her son to get better. >> to have something like that to hold on to and give him that he could do it. >> reporter: diana evans harris runs east bay soldiers youth in richmond, took them to tournament in southern california, met bryant, coaching his daughter's team, medi couldn't make it. >> he goes do you have your phone? yes, okay, turn it on.
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amazing shout-out. >> would tell you to be tough and strong but i know you got that already. >> reporter: after 26 surgeries, doctors gave him a clean bill of health. mom wishes kobe bryant knew how the words impacted his son. >> he said i'm never giving up, going to run again, walk, play basketball. >> reporter: just like his idol, in richmond, abc7 news. >> what a story. find more about kobe bryant and the victims in the crash on new developments in the corruption scandal rocking san francisco city government. two people arrested, including director of public works. now sfo commissioner who didn't accept a bribe from him has resigned, citing health reasons. melanie woodrow broke the story. >> reporter: director of the
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department of public works and restauranture offered her $5,000 cash and free trip for assistance in helping boefis in bid to run a restaurant. along with federal confidential sources and federal und cover employee, met for dinner. she didn't accept the cash but what she was recorded saying was unethical and inappropriate according to the complaint. >> words about doing unwarranted favors, being able to control the outcome of the decision at commission. words about the airport director owing his job to this individual are spine tingling. >> reporter: by phone crayton told me she had done nothing wrong, integrity means a lot to her.
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planned to publicly call for resignation. >> did not take the bribe but it's not appropriate for her to continue as supervisor. >> reporter: quote, demands of my medical treatment havin krooesed to the point i can no longer continue on the commission. writes in part given the alarming revelations this week, i don't want to be a distraction but reiterate, i played no part in contracting scheme. period. attorney writes she's innocent of wrongdoing and plans to cooperate with authorities if asked. abc7 news. we sent out the exclusive update on the commissioner's resignation through the abc7 news app. download it now.
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ea easiest way to be firt toe know what is going on where you live. 170 people have now died the coronavirus. >> only 68 cases are outside china. state department chartered flight with 195 american passengers from wuhan arrived at military base in southern california, will remain three days, undergo health exams. at least ten airlines are stopping or cutting flights to china. world health organization will vote on whether to declare an emergency. school has canceled trip to china. quote, although the students are disappointed, health and safety is priority. market street is now off-limits to private vehicles in effort by city to build a better bay area. >> look at view from
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2.2 miles, embarcadero and necessary avenue. >> kind of sad but good for thet people, visitors to come over here. >> doesn't including busses, taxis or commercial delivery vehicles. traffic still can cross most streets. cars opted for other streets but no unusually long delays spotted today. high rise horror, what we're learning about inferno at los angeles apartment building. chris alvarez in miami, days away from the super bowls. putting the extra touches on security. how fans can be crime fighters using an app. >> this isn't honeycomb or caramel, what they reveal about
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the solar system. smeteorologist sandhya pate. says winter but feels like spring. how warm coming up. >> "jimmy kimmel live" after abc7 news at 11:00. >> thanks, i know i ask a lot but watch this please. >> and he introduced me to the secretary of interior, i'm like, i love what you've done with the place. >> president bush probably
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i'm abc meteorologist drew tuma, never before seen video of the surface of the sun.
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captured by the world's largest solar telescope on maui. will allow researchers to study magnetic eruptions that cause disruptions to satellite communications that impacts air traffic. before today astronomers would have to wait for total solar eclipse to study its surface. fire at building in los angeles, police calling it suspicious. rescues terrifying. one man clinging to side before pulled to safety. others pulled from the rooftop. two people remain in critical condition. as football fans flock to miami before super bowl sunday, law enforcement agencies are teaming up to make sure everything is ready to go and can keep people safe. >> much of the security around
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hard rock stadium where the 49ers will take on the chiefs on sunday. >> chris alvarez is live the story. >> reporter: hi guys. normally be at nice location in miami but torrential rainstorm and lightning forces us inside for safety reasons. that's what this area is about. ton of security at stadium and any major event in miami. really beefed up. customs and border protection examined cargo trucks coming into the stadium. drivers were getting checked. truck goes through x-rays. detection dogs. group effort with border patrol, coast guard in the waters and police inside. also monitoring for cyberattacks and human trafficking. fans asked to do their part. see something, say something
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message. >> no credible threat to super bowl but high risk and iconic american event. >> reporter: come sunday fans will be going through checkpoints similar to airport. can download app called safe watch to report crimes and suspicious activity. this is a lot to plan. tampa police are here to monitor the beat for next year's super bowl. amanda del castillo is here with me in miami, new story about social media influencers and their tips. >> reporter: if you're heading to miami, maximize your time. want proof you saw the super bowl setup. maybe brave the crowds at bay front park. want to post perfect pictures. going to help you out. actual social media influencers in middle of south beach. few with serious followers. >> 6700, something like that. >> over 100,000 followers.
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>> 970 -- yeah, thousand. >> reporter: they're qualified. starts with location. >> winwood, bay side. south point. palm trees, walks, the water. >> reporter: rely on bright colors. we found plenty. miami beach's most iconic street, ocean drive. >> never know what you're going to find, people watching area. >> reporter: no shortage of picturesque sights. perfect picture depends on your approach. one professional photographer says less it more. >> be honest with yourself, do things that you enjoy. >> reporter: another says do what you have to do. >> get you a friend that's willing do anything to get the shot. all about the angles. >> reporter: we want to see the pictures.
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#49erson7. amanda del castillo, abc7 news. >> reporter: i have about 972 total. all right, much more coming up in sports. football game to play. we'll hear from the players in a little bit. back to you. >> get the right angle chris. shoot you through the roof. >> atta boy. nice. having fun in miami. weather. >> they're having rough weather but ours is calm and nice, sandhya. >> they're seeing rain and thunderstorms as chris mentioned. and larry tweeted some video. by the time of the super bowl on sunday, weather is going to be fantastic. comfortable morning on sunday in miami. 7:00, 61 degrees. noontime, 67. sun out, bright afternoon. 72 degrees and clear. 65 at 7:00 p.m. we had our share of sunshine today. east bay hills camera, sun down
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at 5:29, so pretty. high colors and boost there. to wash or not, go ahead, wash your car. i've got a coating of dust on mine, no soaking storms in seven days, unfortunately, we need it. rainfall deficit in inches. oakland just over five, san jose about four inches of rain. live doppler 7, not seeing much. just a few sprinkles around our radar site. not expected to amount to much other than a few sprinkles near lakeport. temperatures, now 40s, 50s. not cold night. our emeryville camera, beautiful. warming next two days, began for some areas today, more like spring than winter. coast, watch out, risk of rip currents and sneaker waves
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tomorrow morning through friday morning. swell is building, nine to ten feet waves now. first thing in morning, 40s and 50s. watch out for fog, reduced visibility and pockets of dense fog. look out. enjoy the sun, break out shorts and short sleeves in fairfield at least. 67 in san jose, 64 oakland. 62 in san francisco. 64 san rafael. 66 in concord. look at what's going to happen. satellite radar showing a weak system, a few sprinkles around lake county. next seven days, unfortunately atmospheric river stays in the pacific northwest. sierras may get rain. we'll remain dry. one model says slight chance of rain. but 70s, inland, parts of the
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bay. cooler saturday. dramatic drop on sunday, chilly start monday followed by crisp afternoon. when you go from 70s to 50s, that's going to feel like winter next week. until then, good looking weather. enjoy. can't change the fact there are no storms. >> that's true. thanks sandhya. tomorrow on "good morning america," taika waititi
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millions of dads and daughters, celebrity and not have shared photos online with the #girldad. pay tribute to kobe bryant and his close bond with gianna and other daughters. went viral after anchor shared
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story about bryant being thrilled for her because so proud of being a girl dad. giants buster posey posted a photo. and cal fire santa cruz postedd chief and his daughter. very important. >> really was. or is i should say. back to miami. chris alvarez, going? >> reporter: good outside of the weather. it was sunnier earlier in miami. we'l
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abc7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. >> reporter: welcome to miami, super bowl liv coverage continues. normally be outside but there was torrential rain storm and lightning. niners got back to the practice field first time in south beach. very sunny at university of miami. 49ers practicing, music blaring per usual as they always do in santa clara. 70 degrees, deebo getting groove on. nfl network said they want to put the game on jimmy garoppolo's shoulders, force him to beat them with his arm. >> getting back on the football
11:30 pm
field is great for us. blast to be out there hitting each other again. >> felt really good, run around, get a sweat going. feel like we had a solid practice today all around. lot of guys were happy to get back out there. >> back to preparation, preparing for this game, most important about this week is trying to win this game. >> rushed day, meetings, practice, back here, study at night. bit of a whirlwind but got to embrace this stuff, not every day you get to do this stuff. >> reporter: jimmy garoppolo is right, you don't get to do this every day. our sports director larry beil before he went to practice went to radio row on the media center. >> reporter: this is what they're playing for sunday, lombardi trophy. 49ers have won five. last one in miami 25 years ago. chiefs have won it only once in 1969. at the time they didn't call it
11:31 pm
super bowl but afl/nfl world championship. >> to watch the team i grew up watching is fun. >> i don't think score matters. end of the day, once you win, you're the champion. only thing that matters numbers-wise is the ring size. >> i played for the rams, i don't like the
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>> i'm ama daetz. for sandhya patel and >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- jessica simpson. from "the photograph," lakeith stanfield. and music from orville peck. and now, for the most part, jimmy kimmel! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> jimmy: welcome to the show. i'm jimmy. i'm the host. thanks for watching. please relax. thank you for joining us on what is, i believe, day 245 of the impeachment trial of everyone's favorite dictator tot, donald trump. i don't know if you've been watching, but the president has been watching and got tweeting early today, directed at john


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