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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 1, 2020 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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that's what's making news in america this moramerica this mo. right now on "america this morning," the deadline passes. no deal in washington to rescue the airline industry. the thousands of layoffs announced overnight, plus a new decision setting sail affecting the cruise industry. how the white house intervened. debating changes. how the debate debacle in cleveland could lead to a major change in future showdowns between president trump and joe biden, but will another debate even happen. what we're learning this morning. breaking overnight, trading halted. one of the world's major stock exchanges suddenly shuts down due to a glitch. a first in the nation stat. how california is considering whether to pay reparations to descendants to enslaved
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people. later the battle over bread. the legal ruling over the kind of bread that subway uses. is it the real thing? plus, one busy beaver stopping traffic. good thursday morning, everyone. we begin with breaking news affecting hundreds of thousands of jobs across the country. >> overnight a crucial deadline came and went for the airline industry and the result of that deadline passing could be mass layoffs. >> also new overnight a major decision affecting workers in the cruise line industry. abc's andrew dymburt is here with all the developments. good morning, andrew. >> reporter: good morning, kenneth and mona. tens of thousands of airline industry workers woke up this morning without a job as leaders are waiting for congress to act. it could be the long end.
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in morning, more than 40,000 workers out of a job after federal funding ran out at midnight. my work as a flight attendant for united airlines for the last seven years and worked her last flight one week ago. >> i dreamed of being a flight attendant when i was a little girl. so my dreams came true. i have my dream job so i have been asking myself what do you do when you lose your dream job? where do you go from there? >> reporter: back in march the airlines rocked by the pandemic received $25 billion from the u.s. government. now they're asking congress for $25 billion move. >> at delta we're looking at potentially 2,000 furloughs in our pilot ranks if we don't get the grant from the government or indeed if we don't find a solution with our union. >> reporter: now controversy brewing over the cruise industry. the cdc extending the no sail order through the end of october but according to axios cdc director robert redfield has pushed to extend the order until
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february of next year but that plan was blocked by vice president mike pence. and in a statement regarding that no sail order, the white house insists they're following the data and science and the cdc has no comment. as for the airline industry they say they may recall some of these workers back to their jobs if congress reaches a stimulus deal. so stay tuned. kenneth and mona. >> much more on "gma." andrew in washington, thank you. doctors say they're seeing troubling trends as infection rates rise in 30 states. one report described as the most concerning since memorial day warns the risk of virus transmission has rapidly increased across much of the northern u.s. a severe outbreak in wisconsin prompted teachers to call for a switch to remote learning. the governor is asking president trump to either skip his rallies in wisconsin this weekend or require everyone to wear a mask. latinos have been hard hit. one doctor now calls it
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a historic decimation of the latino community that make up 56% of virus deaths in texas. one potential vaccine is facing new scrutiny from the fda and we'll have that later this half hour. now to the fallout from the first presidential debate. president trump took a victory lap telling supporters he took the fight to biden. now the debate moderator is speaking out for the first time about that chaos on the stage. this morning, president trump claiming victory in the first presidential debate. >> i held joe biden accountable for his 47 years of lies. >> reporter: during a campaign stop in minnesota last night, the president went after joe biden and took shots at chris wallace. >> i said, sleepy joe, name one law enforcement group that supports you and then crisis wallace says don't do that. can you believe this guy? i was debating two people last night.
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>> reporter: the debate filled with attacks and interruptions being called the worst in u.s. history. >> the radical left -- >> will you shut up, man? >> i hate to raise my voice. why shouldn't i be different than -- >> wallace tells "the new york times" he never dreamt it would go off the tracks the way it did adding generally speaking i did as well as i could. biden last night saying he has no regrets. >> he thinks that if he just yells louder and louder, throws out lie after lie after lie he'll get his way. >> reporter: this morning members of the proud boys are celebrating their moment in the spotlight saying there is a surge of interest in the far right group since the debate. trump mentioned the group when he failed to denounce white supremacists and right wing militias. >> proud boys, stand back and stand by, but i'll tell you what, i'll tell you what, somebody's got to do something about antifa and the left. >> reporter: the proud boys have adopted that motto, stand back and stand by as a new slogan but the president
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yesterday claimed he doesn't know the proud boys who are designated as a hate group. >> white supremacists, they clearly love you and support you. you welcome that. >> i want law and order to be a very important part. it's a very importt part of my campaign. >> but you denounce them. >> i've always denounced any form, any form, any form of any of that. you have to denounce. >> reporter: the debate commission is planning changes at the two remaining debates vowing to use what it calls additional tools to maintain order. something the biden campaign says it would welcome putting the next debate in doubt according to abc's jonathan karl. >> so one change under consideration is giving the moderator the ability to cut off the microphone of a candidate if the candidate violates the rules. the bottom line here, if the trump campaign continues to insist on no changes, there is a real possibility that the next two scheduled debates do not happen. >> reporter: this morning concern is also growing after
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the president told supporters during the debate to independently monitor polling places on election day. philadelphia's mayor now saying his city is working on a plan to prevent voter intimidation. massachusetts' attorney general is even threatening to prosecute the president for any election interference. most voters we spoke to said it left them disappointed. >> i think the debate along with all the events of the last few months was a moment where all of us is like something is wrong here. something is deeply wrong here. >> 73 million people watched that debate falling short of the ratings for the first clinton/trump debate in 2016. new details on the decision to throw away nine military ballots in pennsylvania. an election official says it 46 appears to have been a mistake not fraud. the person responsible fired and workers are getting more training on how to handle overseas ballots. the tokyo stock exchange has been shut down for a day because of a technical glitch. thousands of investors are unable to trade as the exchange
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scrambles to fix the problem. japan's government says there is no indication that a cyberattack is to blame but can't say for sure. a man with a long criminal history charged in the death of two deputies from the los angeles county sheriff's department. surveillance video shows a man firing directly into the deputy's suv critically injuring both of them. s.w.a.t. teams swarmed the house where he was hiding and lasted through the front door. winds are expected to pick up in northern california today making wildfire conditions more dangerous. four deaths are now being blamed on recent fires. 30 people have been died this year in fires across the state. the so-called grass fire destroyed 143 homes along with several wineries, restaurants and they're looking into whether it was started near an electric fence near a vineyard. time now for a look at your thursday weather. on this october 1st we start with brilliant fall foliage from the mountains of northern new england.
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the region could see some much needed rain today. this year's peak foliage season expected to be slightly shorter than usual because of the drought conditions there. checking today's high temperatures, boston reaches 75. in the 50s around the great lakes today with some rain. and still very hot in california. winds up to 40 miles per hour could create critical fire conditions once again. 106 in phoenix. coming up, new concern about so-called murder hornets. also ahead, one of the richest women in the world, heiress to a liquor fortune is sentenced.
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i'm to help california's 19 most vulnerable. over 24,000 homes were destroyed by wildfires in less than two years. too many of those victims are also hit with a sudden tax hike after their forced to move. it's wrong. prop 19 limits taxes on wildfire victims and limits taxes on seniors and severely disabled homeowners. join firefighters and emergency responders in voting 'yes' on 19.
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back now with word from washington state about three new sightings of so-called murder
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hornets. experts are setting traps to tag and eventually destroy them which can be deadly to humans. california has become the first state to take a step toward grannting reparations toward black americans. members have to figure out what form they might take. under the law they would not be limited to descendants of enslaved people. now to a surprise in court at the sentencing for the heiress of the seagers liquor fortune. the judge throwing the book at clare bronfman. abc's andrea fujii has more. >> reporter: this morning the seagram's liquor heiress is behind bars. clare bronfman was sentenced to nearly seven years in prison for her role in helping keith raniere, a self-improvement guru, convicted of turning women into sex slaves. the sentence putting some
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victims at ease. >> i feel a little bit more safer and i think that a lot of us can feel a lot safer. >> reporter: victims faced bronfman in court as the judge denounced bronfman's support of raniere and his organization called nxivm even after she knew of his sex trafficking scheme. bronfman found guilty last year admitted she harbored someone living in the u.s. illegally for unpaid labor and services and committed credit card fraud for raniere but she claims she never knew about the trafficking allegations. raniere was also found guilty of several felonies. prosecutors claim nxivm was like a cult treating women like slaves branding them with raniere's initials and forcing them to have sex with him. >> why is it that i can have relationships with multiple women for a long time. >> reporter: an hbo documentary focused on the group and its demice. >> i'll never forget what she did to me and i'll never
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what keith did to me or nancy did to me but forgiveness is for me. >> reporter: prosecutors say raniere relied on bronfman's wealth and status to keep nxivm afloat. her attorneys say they'll appeal. >> clare bronfman had nothing to do with the sex cult, didn't fund it, didn't know about it but nonetheless gives such an outrageous sentence. >> reporter: bronfman was also fined $500,000. actress allison mack from tv show "smallville" also pled guilty to her role in nxivm and is awaiting sentencing. kenneth, mona. >> andrea, drank you. coming up, a legal ruling concerning the bread used in subway sandwiches. first, another issue resulting from the pandemic. a shortage of home appliances. whatever your type, epclusa could be your kind of cure. i just found out about mine. i knew for years. epclusa has a 98% overall cure rate. i had no symptoms of hepatitis c
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and blood sugar changes were similar to placebo. so if you're affected by schizophrenia, ask your doctor about caplyta from intra-cellular therapies. to the ground, man. >> jesus, i didn't do anything. trump campaign adviser brad parscale is stepping down after that confrontation with police. his wife said he was threatening to harm himself. parscale was demoted as trump's campaign manager in july. he says he's resigning as senior adviser due to overwhelming stress. a celebrity couple is sharing heartbreaking news. chrissy teigen and singer john legend have suffered a pregnancy loss. teigen detailed her difficult pregnancy on social media revealing over the weekend she had been hospitalized after complications. last night teigen posted an emotional update on instagram honoring their son who they named jack. our thoughts are with their family. >> so tragic. turning to the coronavirus now.
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new concerns about a potential vaccine. earlier i spoke with dr. darien sutton. we also talked about guidelines 46 are for voting on election day and gathering on thanksgiving. dr. sutton, this morning reuters reports the fda is expanding its reports into astrazeneca. >> for context, transverse myelitis is an inin nation of the spinal cord that can cause lasting nerve damage and i think it's important these questions are raised and precautions are being raised by the fda. >> when it comes covid-19 researchers are warning the transmission risk is rapidly increasing across much of the northern u.s. from the pacific northwest to the midwest and northeast. what's to blame here? >> it's very concerning to be honest with you. as an emergency physician that worked during the height of the pandemic in the middle of new york city i fear we'll have a repeat of exponential growth.
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many public health officials are advising significant mitigation. states like wisconsin and south dakota are exceeding 20%. so these predictions are a warning from science that we must act now. >> dr. anthony fauci told our abc news podcast that he plans to vote in person on election day in noverr with conditions. he said he would recommend wearing a mask at thanksgiving if you are with people outside of your family. >> i believe if you feel comfortable going to your supermarket and shopping you can vote in person. i'm going to vote in person with basic precautions. as far as the holiday season it will be different than others but we have to take precautions and i understand that many want to see friends and family and i advise if you have to travel ask your check and check
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yourself. ask yourself if you are a high-risk area, if you're going to a high-risk area decrease the group size as much as you can and social distance yourself and making sure you're remaining aware. >> our thanks to dr. sutton. kitchen appliances are in short supply due to the pandemic. refrigerators are especially in high demand. some retailers say you may have to wait until december if you're looking to buy a new one. in sports, the yankees and indians played the longest nine-inning major league game ever. yankees won 10-9 and will advance in the playoffs. it didn't end until 1:14 a.m. lebron james and the lakers dominated game one beating the heat 116-98. game two is tomorrow night. and look closely at the virtual front row of fans. our very own robin roberts on the left next to shaq and former president obama. >> good to see ms. robin there. coming up how three tons of
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♪ time to check "the pulse" beginning with a mystery in london. >> social media was full of posts asking, what is this? it's nearly 32 tons of carrots. it was dumped onto a campus to be used for an art installation. >> the exhibit is meant to raise awareness about wasting food. the artist plans to eventually donate the carrots to animals. next subway will be paying a hefty price for the bread it uses. >> at least in ireland where the supreme court ruled that subway's dough is too starchy to meet the legal definition of bread. instead of paying zero in tacks they were slapped with a tax
4:54 am
rate of 21%. >> subway's new slogan,slogan, you can make it what you want led to wild combinations. one man asked for a meatball sub topped with chocolate chip cookies. both kenneth and i can tell you the cookies are delish. brotherly love. >> granted a wish from the make-a-wish foundation so jabri park said instead of going to disney world he wants to dress up like a superhero and spend one day helping the homeless. >> the organization helped him give out box lunches. he has epilepsy and says he just wanted to give back. just an incredible, incredible young man right there. and finally a real busy beaver. >> this one had a job to do and he wasn't letting traffic or the weight of that branch -- right there you see him dragging it along.
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now at 5:00, red flag
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warning. serious concerns about the glass fire spreading today with winds picking up. mike is tracking our forecast. what do you do when you lose your dream job? where do you go from there? >> more than 40,000 airline workers out of work this morning. federal funning for the industry ran out at midnight. we'll tell you about the impact to the bay area. >> also, california taking steps forward and ending systemic racism. the bills the governor just signed into law ahead of his deadline overnight. be good morning everybody. it is friday eve and can you believe it? it is october 1st. you guys. >> ooh. thank you for the reminder. >> a look at the weather forecast. it does not look like october 1st. yeah. we're hoping a new month, new weather conditions. unfortunately, they are deteriorating. good morning everybody. nice to see you along with reggie and jobina


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