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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  August 20, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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we will see how it ended. the state issues the latest report on unemployment and a big egg recall just got bigger. a new test confirmed salmonella from a different farm. this is bay area news alt 7:00. >> good evening, it is friday august 20th i'm gasia mikaelian this is bay area news at 7:00. continuing coverage of an amber alert issued by oakland police. the 2-year-old oakland girl in question is safe and her father is in custody. the police say a girl was abducted by her father, 21-year- old sanders. it happened at 2:00 this afternoon at a home near 95th avenue and east 25th street in oakland. they say sanders got into an argument with the girl's mother and took her car and the girl and threatened to kill himself
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and the child. they found the car at 4:00 but no sign of him or the father. they tracked him down 45 minutes later at a relative's home. sanders came out of the house and was taken into custody. the police say the child was not hurt during the incident itch the state budget crisis hit home today for tens of thousands of state workers. they had a forced day off without pay on the first furlough friday since the governor issued his order last month. the order requires 150,000 state workers to take three unpaid days off every month until a new budget is approved. the state engineers union filed suit arguing the governor does not have the proper authority. the union says unpaid days off actually hurts the state financially. >> the people we represent are initials who design projects that need to be designed before they can be constraoubgtd and they are not there doing that work which means eventually other people in the praoeuf athsector are not going to have a job building those project
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>> on wednesday, california supreme court ordered the furloughs to go forward until the argument on the legality of the furloughs next month. in a surge of jobless claims around theination the staid of california released the july unemployment report. the state unemployment rate remains the same. one year ago california was at 11.8%. the sraet rate is now lower at 9.5%. we were at a job fair this afternoon. we go live with that, patty? >> reporter: gasia we are live at the trinity cathedral where so many members here are unemployed that church leaders teamed up with another faith- based groups designed to taylor for their needs. >> reporter: prayer, prep talk >> practice to prepare to be
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positive. >> reporter: perform stories. >> i found myself at age 58 training others to take over my job. i was no longer valued or needed. >> reporter: about 50 unemployed professionals attended this meeting. it was part support group part resource fair. >> i am so excited to see you ... >> reporter: unina wong used to design data networks. now after being unemployed for a year and months of coursework on solar power she is looking to reinvent herself. >> i tried actively but it is a roller coaster to tell you the truth. sometimes you get jazzed and other times, you know. >> reporter: the unemployment rate in santa clara couldn't se11.4% and as bad as that sounds event organizers say the reality is if you count the underemployed and discouraged worker who's are no longer looking for jobs that number is closer to 20% or one in every five people. >> we are actually considering pulling up stakes and moving
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away from silicone valley [ everyone talking at once ] >> reporter: sarah says because both she and her husband need full time work the overwhelming lack of response has made it difficult to stay afloat financially. >> now we are focusing at  making money again at a time we thought we could not do that so much. >> reporter: this is the first time since the recession started that san jose faith based leaders initiated a response to the unemployment problem. they say given today's turnout it may not be the last. reporting live, patty lee, back to you. >> according to the state development department seven of the nine bay area counties showed a slight increase in unemployment last month. contra costa had a climb of 4/10th of a%. alameda unchanged.
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marin had the lowest in the state last month at 8.6. the attorney respect senting kidnapper garido the defender may raise the issue of the mental capacity. it will suspend his court proceedings. he and his wife, nancy are accused of kidnapping jaycee dugard and holding her hostage in their backyard for 18 yearsism san francisco police chief announce new reforms in the department of the wake of the new crime lab scandal. the chief says supervisors fail to spot and stop a crime technician for stealing cocaine evidence while on the job. he is splitting the internal affairs department into three parts to look into employee issues that could impact court testimony. earlier this week who high ranking police officials were demoted for failing to take action when the crime lab
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problem came to light. also in san francisco, three separate shootings claimed the lives of three people during a stretch of 24 hours. it happened early yesterday in the tender loin. yesterday evening in the ocean view neighborhood and early this morning in bertele heights. that one happened shortly after midnight. the victim, 29-year-old raymond twine died at the scene there is nothing to indicate the shootings were related itch the egg recall got larger. a second egg producer is involved after tests there confirmed salmonella. recalling close to 200 million eggs. more than half a billion eggs have been recalled. >> with a second iowa egg farm testing positive for salmonella the recall expanded. now, another 170 million eggs produced by hilandal farms in iowa are being recalled. the fda says the two recalls are related. the strain of salmonella is the same in both casees.
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customers that we talked to aware of the news? it was mix mixed. >> they recalled a number of eggs. >> not at all and i just bout some. >> they bout eggs at this luckies. the company says the only effected eggs it had were sold over a seven-day period back in june. and only eggs that were sold in five dozen lots. the company issued a statement saying it is confident that none of the eggs currently stocked are brands listed in the recall: the new egg recall covers five brands sold between april and august. hilandale farms, sunny farms, sunny meadow, whole sopl farms and westcreek. it covers eggs sold if 14 states including california at roughly 1,000 illnesses reported linked to salmonella- tainted eggs. >> i might just stop eating eggs for awhile. just the whole spinach thing, too. i think i will stop eating eggs
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for awhile. >> it may be a natural reaction but it is important that it targets spectacular brands sold over a specific time period. for more details go to our web site at in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. if you go to you can view the complete list of recalled eggs looking at the brands, packing dates. go to the right now section at midpage u. a northern california school district says it is trying to figure out why a disabled teen was taken to the wrong school for the first three days of classes without anyone saying a word. spear has cerebral palsy and is legally blind. his mother says she put him on the bus thinking he was being taken to a high school for people with disability where is he was registered. instead he was dropped off at another nearby high school. she only found out when a
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receptionist at the intended school called on monday top ask where he was. >> reporter: a. a state park official shutdown a campground for a plague outbreak. it is located 50 miles northwest of truckie. of it was closed yesterday after a dead squirrel there tested positive for the plague. the park officials say the disease can be transmitted to people on flees. they hope to reopen the campground by labor day. a south bay lake will remain off limits to swimmers for a few more weeks. an algae bloom prompted them to prohibit swimming. the algae has not participated so they are canceling the remaining part of swimming season. no swimming is allowed the rest of the park lake remains open. an oakland teenager was sentenced to 15 years to life for killing a 15-year-old girl in alameda, halloween night three years ago. 19-year-old tran was sentenced
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for first-degree murder and gun charges. convicted of killing a woman who was with a group of young people when she was shot in the back and killed on october 31st 2007. her mother says nothing will bring her daughter back she is happy with the sentence. >> you know, looking forward -- looking forward and continue my life to my son. i have is to. >> tran was 16 at the time of the shooting. the attorney called the sentence obsurd it is a tragedy to send a child to jail for that long. they arrested a drunk driver a man with 10dui arrests. they arrested the 52-year-old last night. the police say he was stopped in marin county on tuesday for dui. at that time the record showed two duis and then released but
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the da's office found seven more not listed on his driving record. mccrohan is now held on $250,000 bail. an oakland police officer and two other people walked away from a violent traffic accident when the officer's patrol car collided with the van. oakland police say the officer was trying to catch up with a bus with a wanted parolely on board when the car struck the minivan. it happened at 10:30 this morning on 22rd avenue on east 24th street. the impact of the crash flipped the van on the side. the officer and the two woman inside of the van suffered minor injuries. the woman told the police she had music playing and she did not hear the police siren. new details about a massive drug bust in southern santa clara county. coming up next, why investigators say the 100 million dollars in drugs may be tied to a certain gang. >> also tonight, bedbugs invade the workplace. why exterminators say they are seeing more of the in-- insects
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in the office. now, look out to the lafayette area we have fog banks. cool temperatures for tomorrow. the five-day forecast may surprise you. i will have that coming up
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. half of the 420 students at elementary school does not show up for class today. there was graffiti on the walls with a threat to bomb the school today. the doing did not find anything suspicious that was brought in to search for a bomb. the police made no arrest in connection with the threat. a san francisco taxi driver was honored for chasing down suspects in the fatal shooting of a german tourist.
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[ applause ] >> reporter: the cab driver is credited with will figure a vehicle from the scene of the shooting near union square on august 8th and reporting their location to the police. officers took five people from that vehicle into custody but no one has been charged in the case. the cabby himself wants to remain anonymous until the killer is found. the cabby attended today's lunch at john's grill but blended in with fellow drivers. three suspects near jail following the law enforcement officials a record-breaking bust bust. >> reporter: investigators believe a huge methamphetamine and cocaine distribution operation run by a mexican drug cartel was shutdown yesterday. the federal and state and local agencies seized 500 pounds of drugs with an estimated street value of $100 million. >> as we kept counting and weighing to the point where is
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it going to end? so much dope. how far are the distribution going. where is it all going to? too much for just us in this area. way too much. >> reporter: there are clues, investigators tell us that some of the methamphetamine found at the house included blue meth or blue ice that could indicate a connection with the narcano street gang. they are helping with the crack down. >> they would operate here in the u.s., operate the drug trafficking operation always withor gips back to mexico. >> the california burro of narcotics and enforcement say cartell are part of the grow operations in the bay area. >> public lands, open fields and it is not patrolled by forestry people or deputies or blm or police officers. >> reporter: three mexican
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nationals are held in the santa clara jail in connection to the bust. they are being held without bail and passports held by security. ktvu channel 2 news. the marin county sheriff's office put a price tag on the 7,000 pound marijuana plants they -- excuse me 7,000 marijuana plants they found on wednesday. it is worth more than $20 million. it was discovered on 100 acres in the watershed. 142 law enforcement officers from a dozen agencies participated in the bust. the helicopters airlifted the marijuana from the rugged area. they made no arrests. the state department announced today that president barack obama will host the first direct mideast peace talks between israel and palestinians in 1 1/2 years. secretary of state hilary rodham clinton say fist say starting point for a year-long
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resolution. the sum sit scheduled to begin on september 1st in washington, d.c. the president of egypt and the king of jordan are also invited. continued uncertainty about the economy weighed on investors today as stocks spent most of day in the red. the dow and the nasdaq traded lower. the nasdaq rallied late to go higher. the dow lost 57 points. bedbugs are apparently my grating out of a bedroom and into places you might not expect them to find them. they are showing up in office buildings in the bay area. they say getting rid of bedbugs are hard. the number of office infestations doubled in the past three years. just weeks after someone cut down more than a dozen trees in san francisco's golden gate park the police say that someone is slashing the rosees at the park's rose garden. jim vargas explains how the officers expect to catch the person. >> reporter: three dozen rose
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bushes and plots were cut down on wednesday afternoon and yesterday morning. >> the vandalism here follows a distrubgz of 16 trees that were cut down by vandals last month. >> it is irerational acts that defy understanding on our part. but it keeps the vigilance up. it is possible that some of them can be saved. >> between our park rangers and staff and richmond again it is a good city park that we have a heighten presence here and we are on the lookout and trying to see if we can catch whoever this person is. >> the police and ranger patrols skpurpbdcover officers are increased after the trees were cut down. >> i think it does help having a presence and having officers at night twhaoeupl there is less people -- nighttime there
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are less people and people should not be at the park. >> it is likely the vandalism is occurring in the middle of the night when there are not many people around to witness the crimes it is a very difficult job. in san francisco, channel 2 news. he was perhaps the most famous enlistee in the afghanistan conflict but now more about the death and life of pat killman. the producer says it pror theys a true picture of the family and the government deceit the family says happened after tillman's death. the former nfl star's death was contverbal. the military told him he died from enemy bullets and only later he admitted that he died from friendly fire. coming up on bay area news at 7:00. no fish story. unexpected guest is taking center stage at a poplar
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aquarium to the delight of shark lovers. bay area temperatures are heading higher. meteorologist mark tamiya will be here with your forecast [ male announcer when meg whitman arrived at ebay,
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for a great cause. the fame of faith is in honor of faith francher. she lost her battle to breast cancer for -- in 2003. it including a walk at 9:00 a.m. find more information by going >> we had a crew of people last year and it was warm. this year however, bring a jacket. >> bundle up. the fog pushing in and drizzle. we are looking at wet pavement out there the low fogs are regrouping. the temperatures will continue to cool off heading into the bay area weekend. right now the maps i can show you this with the help of live storm tracker 2. there is the fog bank. solid deck off shore and the fog pushing into san francisco and already a few patches pushing into the bay. that trend will continue at least in the short term. a look outside right now hooking out from the camera there is a cloud bank that you
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can not see in san rafael bridge. right around 59 to 60 degrees and on track tomorrow to reach only the 60s. the entire bay area will be cooling off for the first half of the weekend. the temperatures from today, most areas on average four to eight degrees cooler than yesterday's highs. san francisco 62, still a few 80s out towards antioch and livermore. the fog increasing overnight. but look what happens for the extended forecast. another warming trend. a big change in the weather pattern. tomorrow, no 80s to report. the warmest locations only in the middle to upper 70s. this is the weather pattern developing for your saturday for the short term. the fog, the breeze, in the e tended forecast beginning on monday, high pressure returns. a sign of a warm up. in fact, we are talking about quite a few inland places 90. monday and tuesday the coast will be in the upper 60s and
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lower 70s. tomorrow morning, bundle up, low to middle 50s, drizzle, clouds clearing back to the shoreline. partly sunny skies around the bay. here is a look at the numbers. santa rose a71 degrees, fairfield, middle 70s. oakland, 63, livermore, 70s. no 80s to report on the forecast highs for tomorrow. san francisco tops out 61 and half-moon bay only in the upper 50s. a look ahead. the five-day forecast, the temperatures up a few degrees. then a nice recovery on monday and tuesday next week. >> mark, thank you. a type of shark the public rarely has a chance to see is now on display at a san francisco aquarium. staffers at pier 39 collected the female gill shark yesterday. the aquarium says -- it is almost 10 feet long and 319 pounds. the shark is one of the largest ever displayed. they are common in san francisco bay but little is known about their behavior and
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life cycle. if the shark does well it could stay on display for several months and then they plan to tag it and release it back in the bay. that is it for us. keep in mind our coverage continues on-line at and with tonight's 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. tmz is up next right here on tv36. [ man i was deciding what to do
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