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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  November 17, 2010 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu, channel 2 news. he weighs only 145 pounds but he is the biggest name in boxing. tonight the wild scene as the bay area crowd mobs the champ. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville.
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a world champ and a worldwide sensation. manny pacio is in the bay area fresh off a huge win last weekend. live where hundreds of people showed up to see him is lloyd lacuesta. >> reporter: inside the gun club it was a mad house as hundreds turned out to see world boxing champion manny paciao. he holds eight world boxing titles. he displayed a different side tonight. manny, the singer. he is a ration to riches story of a filipino boy who rose out of poverty in the slums to become the pacman, described as pound per pound the greatest boxer in the world. >> he has to be pill piano. we are proud to have him part of us. >> reporter: in the ring his
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speed and skills are impressive. this weekend he destroyed the taller and heavier antonio margarita to claim the junior middle weight belt, his 8th. outside the ring he serves as a congressman in the philippines. he is a writer as he was signing his new book tonight, i asked him how does he balance politics and bunching? >> if i have a fight, you know, i give everything to the fight. and after the fight i give 100% to work. >> but from pumper to president maybe? >> i don't know. i don't know. right now i have to do my job. >> reporter: people paid $150 to see him tonight. although i was told some got their tickets for as much as $500. some came away with autographed gloves. >> i will probably give them to my son, you know. put it in a frame and keep it for memories. >> reporter: this is a picture
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of his gloves sold at a fundraiser for a group called philippine international aid in san francisco last weekend. they went for $5500. as his fame continues to grow, fans anxiously wait for his next fight. live, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu, channel 2 news. the fda sent a warning letter to four beverage makers today saying their calf natured malt alcohol energy drinks are unsafe and violent federal law. the company has 15 days to reform late their drinks to meet the fda statistics. if they don't the fda will seek court orders to cease the drink or take other legal action. some of the beverages affected are core high gravity, moon shot, four loko, joose and max. four loko says they will remove caffeine from the drinks. it can mask the drunkenness and
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have them become ill. >> rave parties are no longer welcome at the cow palace. there is a moratorium on dance parties. just three weeks ago 17 people were sickened by alcohol and drug related illnesses during a cow palace raid. back in may two people died of drug overdoses after attending an electronic dance party at the daly city venue. >> the upcoming appeal of proposition 8 will be carried live on television in court. the 9th court of appeals allowed them to broadcast the hearing. a judge over turned proposition 8 saying the ban on same-sex marriage in california is unconstitutional. now supporters of the ballot measure are appealing that ruling. >> a christian student group lost another legal round today in its fight in san francisco. the christian legal society only allows member who shares its religious views and renounce homosexuality. the group accused hastings of
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selectively discriminating against it by refusing to give it money while giving money to other groups. the 9th circuit court of appeals highway rejected that argument -- has rejected that argument. the university of california board of regents is set to vote on a controversial tuition hike. today hundreds of protestors clashed with the police outside the re gets meeting in san francisco. they are now questioning raising questions about appropriate use of force. >> reporter: an estimated 300 people rallied in today's uc board of regents at the san francisco mission bay campus. it quickly became a volatile confrontation between the protestors and the police. ktvu was there as three officers faced off against a crowd of about four dozen attempting to enter the conference hall through an adjacent garage. one officer got into a confrontation as he tried to clear the crowd. he drew his gun on the protestors while keeping his finger on the trigger. >> the crowd dissarmed the
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officer of his baton. that officer was injured. he did draw his weapon to protect himself. >> reporter: regents are set to vote tomorrow on an eight percent student fee hike university officials say is necessary to close the $$1 billion budget shortfall. >> my family is around $50,000 in debt because of all of these student loans. >> the funding from the state on a per student basis has declined by 50% in the last 20 years. >> reporter: as students and workers spoke out inside today fearing protestors outside faced off against ucn san francisco police officers. >> an officer was rushed. the barricade was used by the demonstrators against the officer. the officer was injured. another officer was being pulled over the barricades by the crowd. and pepper spray was used as a defense to that activity. >> reporter: at least 15 people were exposed to the spray. protestors called the police response extreme. >> he tried to get into the meeting going down the stairwells and they started
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pushing up the stairwell. someone come across me and then there was pepper spray. >> shame on you. shame on you. >> reporter: that gun incident is now under investigation by uc police. 13 people were arrested. 11 of them were students. most of them face misdemeanor charges. one uc student who allegedly struck a uc officer with his own baton now faces a felony charge. in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu, channel 2 news. later this hour a closer look at that police scuffle and the moment a police officer draws his firearm. did he go too far? and exactly what led up to that moment? what one expert told us coming up at 10:30. the district attorney inside santa clara and san mateo counties issued a warning today to airport security agents who perform those controversial security patdowns. the das say agents cannot cross the line. the procedure is performed when the passengers opt out of going through full body scanners. the das say they will bring criminal charges against security agents who use the
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searches to commit sexual crimes. they say the charges will be determined on a case-by-case basis. ucsf shuttle bus struck and killed a pedestrian in san francisco this afternoon. witnesses tell us the victim was in a crosswalk on geary street at leaven worth when the passenger van made a left turn. accounts's janna katsuyama reports. >> reporter: police say about 12:30 this afternoon the calls started coming in from witnesses who saw the woman on the ground. >> i hear the impact. people screaming. i immediately grabbed my cell phone. >> reporter: witnesses say a shuttle bus operated by uc san francisco hit the woman at the intersection of geary and leavenworth streets. >> hit her once. and then he backed up and then he hit her again. that's what happened. >> reporter: a nearby surveillance camera caught the impact. at the top of the screen you can see the woman stepping off the curb as she crosses geary in the crosswalk. and then seconds later, the
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ucsf bus makes a left turn from leavenworth on to geary and suddenly stops. >> when officers arrived on scene they found an approximately 65-year-old woman had been struck by a shuttle bus and later declared dead at the scene. >> reporter: a crowd watched as investigators analyzed the scene and waited for the medical examiner to arrive. traffic was backed up for nearly three hours and service was delayed on three muni bus lines as police shut down the area, forcing cars to take detours around the crash scene. ucsf staff said the bus driver involved in the crash was hired three years ago and had a clean driving record. police say at this point they aren't sure whether the driver will face any charges. the driver of the shuttle bus did remain at the scene and he is cooperating with the police investigators and gave a statement regarding the collision. >> reporter: tonight ucsf released a one-page statement which included this message. tonight i did speak with a
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medical examiner's office. they say that they have identified the woman who died here today but they are not releasing her name until they have notified her family. reporting from san francisco, janna katsuyama, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> walk san francisco says the number of pedestrian deaths in the city is higher than the national average. the advocacy group reports 2.6 pedestrian fatalities in san francisco for every 100,000 residents. the national death rate is 1.53. in richmond tonight, residents got a chance to weigh in on whether a waterfront casino is the best option for developing point maloti. a consultant presented various options and offered pros and constable. one suggest suggestion was for a medical marijuana growing operation. also suggestions for a wildlife preserve, an industrial or office park and that casino. it has been mostly vacant since the naval fuel depot was closed 15 years ago. the city of richmond wants to do something there to bring in
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much needed revenue. [ music ] >> fog is back in the bay area. there are more changes behind it. the forecast for tomorrow in about ten minutes. seven defendants are back in court in that richmond gang rape case. what a crime scene investigator testified about today about the injuries to the teenage victim. a bay area biotech giant announces layoffs. we wil
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. a crime scene investigator took the stand today to discover injuries survived by a teenager in a gang rape in richmond. he spent the whole day testifying. this was the straight day of testimony to determine whether the seven suspects will stand trial. ktvu's rita williams has tonight's update. >> reporter: families of the seven defendants watched as sheriff's deputies marched them in to and from the jail in courthouse in martinez today. the men 16-43-year-old are charged in the alleged two-hour gang rape last year of a 16- year-old richmond high school student after her homecoming dance. richmond police crime scene investigator was back on the stand today more composed than late yesterday when she choked up describing photos she took of the 16-year-old girl right after she was found. today she said the girl had
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scrapes on her knuckles and the tops of her toes and feet but the judge would not allow her to say whether she thought the girl had been dragged. in cross-examination, defense attorneys asked her why instead of administering first aid she first took photos of the girl naked from the waist down draped first down over a picnic table leg. >> she replied. the defense attorney then asked so it was obvious she was alive? yes, barely. >> they thought moving her would be more harmful than leaving her where she was. >> reporter: the prosecutor gave the defense attorneys a brown envelope containing the girl's medical records from the hospital where she spent almost a week after she was found. >> it is fair to say that critical was putting it minor. i mean, she had injuries that were life threatening.
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and that's going to be introduced through these records. >> reporter: at the end of court today, only five of an expected 20 witnesses had finished testifying prompting the judge to say: "i hoped weed be we would be done by thanksgiving. it's beginning to look like christmas. receipt did williams ktvu, channel 2 news. they are trying to force the estate to explain how it obtained the one of the drugs used for lethal injection. in september a judge called off a planned execution and one reason was the expiration date for the supply of the drug on hand. in october prison officials said they had obtained in new reply and were ready to carry out the execution. the aclu says the court should explain where that new supply came from. the attorney from phillip garrido asked the court today to keep court documents sealed. he and his wife nancy are
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accused of kidnapping jaycee dugard and holding her captive for 18 years. the release of the grand jury transcript and other transcripts would jeopardize garrido's right to a fair trial. a hearing on this matter is scheduled for next month. former republican candidate for governor meg whitman today reached a settlement with her former housekeeper for unpaid wages. attorney gloria allman said the whitmans agreed to pay her $5500 in a labor hearing in san jose. the dispute overwarms erupted a few months ago when she went public to say she is an illegal immigrant and whitman fired her. >> undocumented workers cannot be exploited or taken advantage of, cannot be denied the wages that they are due. >> reporter: she had asked for $8,000 to led for less. whitman did not attend the hearing, however her husband did. in the settlement they deny any wrongdoing. >> the latest numbers in the
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state attorney general's race shows that harris is maintaining her lead over republican steve coolly. her lead is a little over 30,000 out of eight million votes cast. seven hundred thousand ballots remain to be counted. if harris wins, democrats will have swept the major state wide offices. house speaker nancy pilosi has survived a challenge to her leadership of her own party after house democrats lost dozens of seats in this month's congressional elections. in a voted to democrats chose pilosi as the minority leader. john baener will now become speaker of the house. jennifer davis reports now from washington, d.c. >> reporter: outgoing speaker nancy pilosi will stay on as the party's leader. there will been great debate among the rank and file. but house democrats overwhelmingly chose her. despite her party's mid-term election losses. >> i am proud to be part of this leadership team. our consensus is that we go out there listening to the american people. >> reporter: pilosi didn't have
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everyone's support. 43 voted against her. >> she is the face that defeated us in this last election. and it seems to me that at some point in time you have to put your personal agenda and ambitions aside for the good of the country. >> reporter: there was no descents among house gop members who voted to make minority leader john baener the new house speaker. but the top republican isn't so happy about the democrats still in charge of this lame duck session. >> i would be remiss if i didn't discuss concern about the priorities on the other side of the aisles. >> reporter: it is time to tackle the issue of bush era tax cuts set to expire at the end of the year. >> we should send a message that congress won't raise taxes on january 1st. >> but gop leaders did ask to delay a meeting on thursday to discuss tax cuts citing a busy calendar. the two sides can work
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together. the meeting between the president and bipartisan leaders is now set for the end of november when lawmakers are back in town after their thanksgiving recess. in washington, jennifer davis, fox news. the republican governor's association began its an mule two-day conference in san diego today. close to three dozen state leaders attended including newly elected governors. among those were nicky haley whose parents immigrated from india. and martinez, the nation's first female hispanic. it is to celebrate the gop recent elections and to rally support for the 2012 presidential race. [ music ] and it's going to be a cool one out there. tonight things are inning thatting. get the winter clothes out as you go into your bay area weekend. but not that fast. tomorrow will be another nice day. not as warm as today. cooler today. it will be cooler tomorrow. and then friday the clouds really start to move in. so tonight overnight some very
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cold temperatures. you had frost in the inland bay valleys. talked about that last night. you will see it again tonight. there is fog right along the coast. the fog, this is coastal fog now at the avenues of san francisco and a lot of fog along the coast. here is the system i'm tracking. it's a whopper. a lot of cold air. not a really wet storm but this air is coming right from the gulf of alaska. it will drape itself over the bay area starting friday, late afternoon. the showers will be light. we will get to all of that in a little bit. san raphael 48 degrees at lunchtime. 62 degrees. daytime high in san raphael for thursday. when i come back we will take another look at the storm that i showed you. look at the computer model and how it solves the timing on this thing. we will have all of that back here in just a couple of minutes. >> a new report from an independent scientific panel found bp missed and ignored warning signs involving the massive oil well blow-out. the national academy of engineering says bp and its
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contractors made risky and flawed decisions and downblades the risk of deepwater drilling. much of the nothing was lost when 11 workers were killed. up next undercover video and accusations of horrible conditions inside an egg farm. where this video was shot and the company's reaction. >> and a police officer pulls a gun when students scuf
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a welt known bay area biotech company is cutting 350 people in the bay area. the layoffs will take place soon after christmas. amber lee is live in south san francisco with our report. amber? >> reporter: frank, tonight, we
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spoke with some of their employees here at the south san francisco headquarters. they told us they learned about the layoffs through a company e- mail. as employees left work and boarded buses provided by the company, they told me there is a mood of apprehension as they wonder which jobs will be cut. >> people kind of are a little bit guarded about it. you know, they are worried about the future. they have no control over kind of what's going on there. >> a spokeswoman for the company told us up to 650 jobs here in south san francisco will be eliminated. and that an additional 100 positions will be cut from its manufacturing facility in vacaville. the cuts will come over the next two years. >> if you are laying off, you are not bringing in. >> reporter: uc berkeley professor of labor shakein says so the number of jobs cut is not massive any layoffs from the company which develops products for the future does not bode well for an economy that's trying to make a recovery. >> so when we see lay-offs in
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these industries, even if they are not large lay-offs, it tarnishes the future and causes concern. it's dark clouds on a day that we were hoping would be sunny. >> the biotech giant was acquired last year by roch, a switzerland based company known for being the word's largest cancer drug producer. roch says the job cuts are necessary, due to mounting cost pressuring in healthcare, including added hurdles for approval and the pricing of new medicines. >> reporter: how are you feeling if there is going to be layoffs a couple of hundred? >> it is scary. but you feel that you are not the person getting laid off. >> reporter: you hope you are not the one? >> yes. >> reporter: i spoke again with the spokeswoman by phone late tonight. she confirms that some employees will be let go as early as mid-january. reporting live here in south san francisco, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. state farm insurance is
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also taking jobs out of the bay area. the company plans to close its regional office and move its operations to bakersfield. state farm is also closing nine smaller offices including one in san francisco. the changes are part of a restructuring plan to improve the efficiency. state farm says it will help relocate most of the 450 workers employed at the office to the new bakersfield location. animal welfare advocates reduced video today that they say was shot at a texas farm operated by the largest egg producer in the u.s. cal main foods. we want to warn you the video you are about to see is disturbing. it shows dead and bloody animals. the humane society of the u.s. says it shot this video secretly over a month-long period last year. the video shows dead birds, birds stuck in their cages and what appears to be hens covered in feces. they released a statementing
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saying. >> a teenage employee with a gun to his head inside a chucky cheese restaurant. the surveillance tape police hope will lead them to the three men responsible. but up first tensions es
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. questions are being raised tonight about whether a campus police officer went too far today when he pulled his gun on a crowd of angry demonstrators. it happened at ucsf during a protest over a new plan to raise tuition. ktvu's ken prichard talks with a law professor about whether mistakes were made. >> reporter: university of california police were holding a line at a watching of elevators at a camp of parking garages. the protestors were trying to get into the adjacent main
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building. the crowd pushed and one officer struggled with a student demonstrator. then the officer backed off and pulled his gun. campus police describe the incident this way. >> he took the baton out of his arm. he later picked it up. he was struck in the head with the baton. >> reporter: if so, the blow was not visible in this video. and here in slow motion the video shows the officer break free from the crowd and release his baton before he pulled his sidearm. chief pamela says she reviewed this video and believes the officer acted properly. >> during that discourse, the officer heard individuals in the crowd calling for taking his gun. and he was genuinely concerned for his safety. (take his gun take his gun ♪ ♪ >> reporter: those chants were heard after the officer pulled his gun but not sure if the same words were spoken
12:01 am
previously. the incident occurred as the main protest took place outside the will jam j rudder center. at 10:00 a group of protestors entered the parking garage went to the second floor and that is where the videotape confrontation took place. >> the protestors appear to physically push and shove him, which is unwise as well as unlawful. >> reporter: uc hastings college of the law professor rory little viewed the videotape and says the officer was entitled to draw his weapon in that situation. he says the officer appears to keep the weapon pointed down in a safety position. but he questions why the officer was alone in that crowd. >> well, i can't watch that tape and say that the officer made a mistake. i can say that the campus police should have had it better staffed. >> reporter: the university of california police say the incident will be investigated. in san francisco, ken prichard, ktvu, channel 2 news. and we have posted more of that video on our website, judge it for yourself. just look for the bay area news tab. and later tonight, a closed
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door meeting to plan more protests for tomorrow. and the new confrontation that meeting prompted tonight. that's all coming up at 10:45. police tonight are working to get a description of a gunman who shot a teenager to death in a busy commercial district in richmond. they say the victim was standing on the sidewalk with at least two other young people near south 30th street and cutting boulevard around 10:30 this morning when someone walked up and opened fire. the 18-year-old victim died at the scene. his name was not been released. investigators say the shooter jumped into a dark blue chevy suburban and then took off. the getaway vehicle is 5-10- year-old. oakland police today identified the man gunned down outside of a church yesterday afternoon. his name is wilson. he was 46-year-old. wilson was attending classes at the church to get his ged when his cell phone rang. he went outside and that's when he died. he died at the foot of a large cross. the police do have several
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leads to wilson's killer. a a frightening takeover style at a chucky cheese in newwarning has police searching for three gunmen. the masked men stormed the building full of parents and children at the time. ktvu's mike mibach has this story. >> reporter: a teenage boy with a gunpointed at his face inside a newwark chucky cheese. >> chucky cheese i would never have thought of it absolutely not. it is just really sad. >> reporter: the time was just before 10:00 saturday night. >> i am sure it was very traumatic, especially for the children. and very aggressive takeover. >> reporter: the police commander re winds the image and takes us from the top. the young man is seen assisting a couple of customers. the surveillance camera captures the first robber storming into the building with a gun at hand. >> they ordered him to the ground while the two others round up the patrons and employees of the restaurant and
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order them to the ground. you hear people saying: don't hear my children, et cetera, things like that. >> reporter: they correspond railed the customers inside the storage room and attempted to get the restaurant's cash but did not succeed. customers called 911 from their cell phones. police arrived within three minutes and the armed robbers were gone. >> i wouldn't feel safe to bring my kids back. >> reporter: this mother says she won't until the three men are in custody. >> well, it's an unfortunate thing but i mean there is people out there that are on drugs or they are on certain other things that it's going to affect them. and they are going to go and do whatever they need to do to run their life. >> to run their life. >> reporter: commander douglas did give a description of the robbers free african american men late 20s. police are working a few leads but they can always use more. mike mibach, ktvu, channel 2 news. vacaville police today released the names of the two young men shot and killed
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yesterday. identified as 20-year-old richard perez and 21-year-old cameron scott silva both of vacaville. the woman who was bounded was identified as 21-year-old sarah jane bear about i'mer. the suspect richard rubin is in custody. he is hospitalized with a head injury which he suffered during a fall after an officer tazed him. he knew the victims but there was no word on the motive. stocks turned mixed today after four days of losses. the dow dropped 15 points but the nasdaq picked up six points. investors remain concerned about ireland's debt crisis and there was word today of a short drop in housing construction in the united states in october. general motors set to go public tomorrow with an ipo that is expected to fetch some $20 billion. gm is valuing the price of its common stock at $33 a share. the initial public offering will let the federal government recoup sizable chunk of the $50 billion spent on the gm
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bailout. the government could make $13 billion tomorrow. >> police worry others could become victims. the unusual kidnapping case that is now prompting a warning. >> and as i said, i am tracking a very cold weather system headed your way. winter jackets here pretty soon. i will tell you which days will be the coldest. >> and they said
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. >> san jose police today stressed the importance of reporting crimes following an unusual kidnapping for ransom case. five people are under arrest. police say the men dressed up as police officers and kidnapped a local business owner at gunpoint on november
12:09 am
4th. the suspects then reportedly asked the victim's family for a $1 million ransom. the police say the family did not contact the investigators until the next day. >> in this case there was a delay. and rather than criticize everyone in this case, we just want to encourage others that if something similar to this occurs or any crime occurs police notify the police department as soon as possible. police eventually rescued the victim. they say any time you think someone is i am person i united stating an -- impersonating an officer call 911 immediately. >> concord police are calling the missing father of two young girls a person at risk. brian was last seen early in the morning on wednesday of last week. his disappearance is very much out of character and they are worried about his safety. he is described as five feet ten and weighs about 185-pound. he has brown hair and hazel eyes. he was last seen in a dark blue ford door 2004 ford f-350 with
12:10 am
california license plate number seen here. in news of the world tonight, mexico gunmen shot up a newspaper office in acapulco late last night. several workers were inside at the time but no one was injured. the newspaper's editor say the gunman may have had political motives since the paper was a fears critic of the state government. however drug gangs have frequently targeted journalists. in germany today hundreds of police officers began patrolling hundreds of areas such as airport and the bus stations. the interior minister says there is a new tangible intelligence of a threat from islamic extremists possibly at the end of this month. the show of force is meant to send a signal that germany will not be bullied. and in finland, they popped the champagne but there wasn't a whole lot of fizz left. a few bottles of what's billed as the world's oldest champagne were opened today. those who sampled it said it had a taste of honey. the champagne was discovered in july in a shipwreck and believed to date from the first
12:11 am
half of the 1800s. some of the other bottles will be auctioned off. golden state warriors players and coaches got into the holiday spirit today. the team gave away 300 boxes of food to families less fortunate 0 outside a lucky store in oakland. this was just one event the team has planned for november and december. head coach keith smart says it gives the players a chance to give to people who can't afford a holiday meal. and has a list of charities helping those who need it the most this holiday season. you will find it on our home page under holiday charity. okay. if the sky remains clear tonight you may be able to get a glitches of some shooting stars. tonight is the peek of the annual leonid meteor shower with as many as 15 raining down per hour. the best time will be after the moon sets at 4 a.m. up until dawn. the meteors will come from the east. don't think we will be up that late. a popular shopping website that is now the target of
12:12 am
prosecutors. >> and also coming up. >> students, activists and uc administrators are preparing for more protests and demonstrations on uc campuses statewide. some of the planning meetings got a little tense this evening. we will have more straight up ahead. and when rain will ♪
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♪ keurig is the way to brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew. [ female announcer so with keurig, every cup tastes like it's brewed just for you. ♪ because it is. choose. brew. enjoy. keurig. >> university of california students are preparing for another round of protests tomorrow when the uc regents vote yes or no on an eight percent tuition hike. the meeting in san francisco -- the protests are expected at most if not all uc campus. allie rasmussen is live at the campus with this story. >> reporter: julie, the regents vote is scheduled for 10:00 tomorrow morning at the ucsf
12:15 am
mission bay campus. but here in the uc berkeley campus, there is a larger than normal police presence. i spoke to a campus police lieutenant tonight who tells me there are more officers on patrol tonight than they would normally have on a regular wednesday. but also tonight a group of students and activists held a meeting on campus to decide when, where and how to protest tomorrow's vote. we watched a few students slip into this empty classroom on the uc berkeley campus. behind these wooden doors about 40 people met to plan tomorrow's demonstration. we weren't allowed inside that meeting and in the near were police. >> you are going to bust into a meeting that you are not invited to. >> reporter: officers system wanted to know how medium were in attendance. >> but organizers said their meeting wasn't violating any campus rules and that they had a right to some privacy. >> for him to even put his head through that door is intended to scare everybody who is
12:16 am
there. it is saying we're watching you. >> reporter: ultimately the activists and the police shook hands and the officers left without entering the meeting. but some students say tensions were high because of the protest that broke out on the uc san francisco campus this morning where regents debated the possibility of an eight percent tuition hike. >> the fee increase will amount to $822 across the board. that's about $60 a month. and that can be a lot of money for a student who has got other financial pressures. >> the more it increases, the more i have to work so less time i have to study. >> reporter: the students at this meeting spoke with the university admissions counsellor. some asked how a tuition increase would affect the diversity of the student body? >> people are trying to stay here and they are doing their best to stay here. i don't think people are trying to leave. but it's becoming very, very difficult. >> reporter: and a uc spokeswoman tells us that they are anticipating some sort of protest or rally to take place on all ten uc campuses statewide tomorrow. live in berkeley, allie rasmussen, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> the family of a 14-year-old
12:17 am
boy from vacaville killed while riding his bike held a vigil tonight. they want to know exactly what happened to alex forward. police say he was struck and killed by a car friday night as he was riding his bike. but witnesses said a second vehicle, a white pick-up truck, ran over him as he lay on the ground. his family has hired a private investigator to try to prove that a second vehicle was involved and to find the driver. the senate may soon vote on ending the military's don't ask, don't tell policy but how the vote will go is uncertain? senate majority leader harry reid said he would call for a vote to allow gay troops to publicly acknowledge their sexual orientation. right now they can be discharged if they do that. several leading republicans, including senator john mccain oppose an end to don't ask, don't tell. >> the air force is advising its troops to be caution when using apps such as facebook places which allows users to share their location with other users. concern is that it might show
12:18 am
enemies making troops more vulnerable to an attack. other smaller networking sites have similar features. the army plans to issue a warning next week. seven california district attorneys filed a civil lawsuit today accusing online retailer of lying to customers about how much money they save. the 33-page complaint filed in alameda county seeks $15 million for misleading customers about retail prices. a company attorney says overstock follows standard advertising practices. oakland mayor says he has no intention of stepping down before the end of his term on january 3rd. a san francisco chronicle report had suggested today that the mayor was considering leaving early to pursue other ventures to help pay off a $252,000 tax bill. but tonight the mayor issued a
12:19 am
statement saying. the mayor issued his final state of the city addressed to not in person but online. in his 68-page farewell the mayor says oakland is safer for all of its residents than it was in the last year. homicides are down 28% and violent crime is down 14%. the mayor also congratulated the city on its growth in small businesses and increasing employment despite these difficult economic times. [ music ] just kind of waiting on this storm. we have been talking about it all week. it has been forecast, well, it looks like it will come in friday night. here is the system where it is now. still a good 32 hours away from bringing a lot of cloud and showers. it's very cold. right now it is up on the oregon, california line. that line sinks south over the next 24 us 40. clouds increase on friday. so here is the system. come and look at it.
12:20 am
it is impressive. i've got to show it to you again because if you told me what time of year it was i would say february. that looks like a light february system. a lot of cold air. snow levels are coming down. not a bit of rain because i keep saying this but cold air doesn't hold a lot of water. rainfall accumulations over friday and saturday and sunday half an inch of rain. more in someplaces. less than others. the headlines in this will be the lower snow levels. perhaps a dusting of snow up on mount hamilton. and mount diablo early in the season for that. of course the ski resorts will love this, right as we go into thanksgiving weekend. with a holiday. friday at 6:00 move the computer model forward. you see the sprinkles showing up. that's your friday getaway. for some it might be a holiday getaway because it is thanksgiving. saturday morning early there are showers. cold showers. there is saturday a.m., scattered showers. scattered showers into the 7 p.m. overnight saturday more showers. and then sunday they start to
12:21 am
breakup. saturday is your wettest day from about noon until about 343 or 4 in the morning on sunday. sunday scattered showers. monday it should start to clear up. the headline again it will be snow. snow especially in the mountains. 64 in nevada. 64 in napa. doesn't mean we won't get rain. a 10th of an inch or a quarter of an inch each day is not a big headline. snow at lower elevations and a lot of snow up around lake tahoe are this early in the season that's a headline. 64 in redwood city. there is the forecast highs. know that thursday is your transition day. as we head into friday not a bust either. the first half of friday is pretty dry. then after lunchtime the clouds come in and it starts to cool off and the showers begin. shows showers will impact what could be a friday getaway for the holiday for many folks. that he is always dicey when you have friday and got a little bit of rain. weekend will be wet. saturday is the bulk of this thing. a cold storm. >> just in time for the big game at 12:30. >> it will be wet and cold. not that heavy rain.
12:22 am
just drip, drip, drip need jackets and umbrellas. >> just enough to make it
12:23 am
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. >> mark is here now with sports. i can feel it, sharks moving, making a move. >> you can, hay? >> yes, right here. >> well as you know hockey season never ends so plenty of good stuff may yet happen for the sharks. but it's got to get a whole lot better for them i tell you that. just another season for san jose with no cup in the cupboard. really let one slip away this evening. 1-1 up in colorado. joe thornton will track it down and find a way to get it to down boil. they lead it 2-1. soon after 3-
12:26 am
1. the sharks lead and paul stasny top shelf with 5:15 to go in the third period and it goes to overtime. just 2:07 in, it's all over as the backhander from kevin porter will send the sharks home losers on the shortened. 4-3 despite the fact that they had that 3-1 lead in the third. the sharks did outshoot the avalanche 43-22, yet let it get away. tell you what if they voted for the manage of the year after the world series i don't see how anyone other than bruce boche could have won it but they don't and he didn't. instead national league honors go for a yet deserving bud black who had his padres up into the race right until the final day when nobody ever figured anyone in san diego could have been in contention. dusty baker lost by one vote. his reds won the central division title. in the american league the
12:27 am
twins ron gardenhigher beats out ron washington for honors in the a-l. >> i am not going to pass judgment immediately on trades. time will tell you. i can't imagine though how this is popular for the as and their fans with a roster not loaded with winning players. they trade davis out of here. solid fielder, great speed. in fact 50 stolen bases to go with a 284 average this past year. but oakland deals him for two minor league pitchers to toronto. raise your hands if you've ever heard of these new guys. but you never know. only time will tell. no doubt who the nfl's elite quarterbacks are right now. manning, breeze, brady, vick, but there are quite a few knocking on the door. the 9ers had to deal with one last week in the person of sam bradford. of course hoping their own troy smith continues to develop. the d did a decent job on bradford but this week they will have to tangle with another up and comer josh freedom of the bucks.
12:28 am
>> he is doing what the coaches are asking of him. a big guy. he can throw the ball around really well. and there are some good receivers catching the ball well and making the good plays. like i said we are going to play good defense across the board. >> 49ers have won three out of their last four. another home gate. that's the sporting life for wednesday night. >> mark, thank you. be sure to join the morning news beginni
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