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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  November 28, 2010 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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♪ when you base your love on credit... ♪ . >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu, channel 2. >> the annual thanksgiving retreat as one of the busiest travel days of the year is coming to an end. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. from the snow capped sierra to the central valley to the california coast, travelers up and down the golden state are
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still trying to make their ware home after the long thanksgiving day weekend. for many the journey took longer than usual. maureen naylor is live with a report. >> reporter: ken, this area is notorious for backups. but those drivers who waited until tonight are benefitting because traffic is moving slowly right now. things a lot slower on i-5 and i-80 in the sierra. this newwark mother was in snow boots and good spirits despite her ongoing trek home from tahoe. >> we have a place in tahoe donna, getting back to work is about three and a half or three hours, between that. but so far we have spent five hours now. and i'm not home yet. >> she says yesterday's storm prevented her from leaving earlier as planned. instead, she started her trip here at i-80 at truckee where it was sunny but slow going with bumper-to-bumper conditions. another cal trans camera on highway 89 shows the southbound
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traffic on the right of the screen inching along. >> not fun but it is kind of expected because everybody is coming back. >> reporter: aaa predicted more than five million californians would travel this holiday weekend. 11million more than last year. >> it is always worth it but you got to understand there is going to be pain but mitigate with games in the car, the ipod anything but it's worth it. >> reporter: in berkeley visions of headlights and sparkling red brake lights in holiday tran digs. >> we spoke with passengers who chose the rail over the roads and skies. >> very crowded. booked. not an open seat. but i got to sit down at least. no one standing so it wasn't too bad. >> she sent 19 hours on the train to utah to avoid the airport. >> it is more comfortable. not a lot of people. and they have the screens and
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touching you, i don't like it. >> one traveler was willing to travel this weekend but he won't be doing so for christmas. live in berkeley, maureen naylor, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> while drivers had plenty of company on bay area roads, there wasn't the anticipated airport rush today. our check of area airport shows things were busy but not overwhelming. we look at the possible reason why. >> reporter: at sfo, passenger travel is up about four percent this thanksgiving but you didn't see evidence of it today. about 50,000 passengers passed through and the same number are expected tomorrow. about the same as any normal day. airport officials say they are surprised. >> it's actually been a very unusual thanksgiving. this year our busiest day was monday before thanksgiving when it seemed like everybody left on that day. >> reporter: airport duty manager said sunday used to be the busiest day with people returning all at once. but people's plans have spread out on both ends of the
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holiday. burke was heading back to grad school today in new york. >> i came in tuesday evening. and i came in through jfk. everything was fine. >> it was pretty easy this year. security went quickly. >> reporter: maria returning from chicago says passengers breezed through the stepped up screenings. >> i am glad to see that the whole protest didn't pan out. >> this is the tower. >> reporter: planes are taking off and landing on time under clear skies at sfo unlike yesterday when the weather caused delays. but no major problems since the saturday load was the lightest of the holiday. as far as other bay area airport go, san jose international says the sunday after thanksgiving typically does not produce much traffic. at oakland international, things are busy but running smoothly. at sfo, this is ktvu, channel 2
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news. you can find the travel trouble spots in the bay area by going to our website we have a map showing how heavy or light the traffic is on major roadways. just look near the top of the page. >> a 60-year-old napa man was shot and killed today by police officers after the officers were called to his home by family members who said he was suicidal. police say they went to the home in the 1400 block of meecher avenue to try to get the man help. there the officers called the man on the phone and had him come outside. >> a confrontation in the intersection just down the street involving the subject. and one officer deployed a taser. another officer destroyed his firearm. the subjecting is deceased at this time. >> tonight police decline today give details of the incident saying they were unable to release any information on whether the man had a weapon or had attacked the officers as this investigation is still underway. a neighbor told the napa valley register the man had many pistols in the house and was trained in martial arts.
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among the thousands of secret messages released by wikileaks today are those that show arab nations strongly urged the united states to attack iran and destroy its nuclear facilities. the king had repeatedly asked u.s. contacts to "cut off the head of the snake" before it was too late. the white house has condemned the leaks as wreckless and dangerous and lawmakers from both parties agree. >> leaking the material is deplorable. i agree with the pentagon's assessment that the people at wikileaks could have blood on their hands. >> reporter: the diplomat inning messages also include candid views of foreign leaders such as comments that hamid karzai is "driven by paranoia." he says the leaks will damage the contact with quebec. a man trying to bomb a
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christmas tree lighting ceremony. the new developments. >> reporter: federal agents say the arrest of mohamed is the culmination of a long fbi sting. the somalian born teen arrested friday night after allegedly attempting to detonate a car bomb during a crowded christmas tree light not guilty portland. police say he drove a van to the annual event under the impression it was packed with explosives. instead, they were fakes, planted by undercover fbi agents. they have been trailing him for nearly a year after being tipped off about his radical beliefs. while the bombs were a dud, authorities say the threat was very real. >> at every turn he demonstrated his determination to commit jihad, even after the tough bomb, even after he was cautioned by the undercover agent, undercover officers that there would be women and children involved. >> reporter: and early sunday morning a new twist comes after
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the islamic center mohamed occasionally worshiped at was set on fire. evidence at the scene led the authorities to determine it was arson. >> we have nothing to associate the events here to what happened in portland. as i said just before, we don't know if this was somebody that was walking passed and started the fire or whether or not it is a targeted event. local muslims expressing outrage. >> we have come here for 30 years, you know, everybody knows who we are. and yet, you know, somebody comes from portland or from anywhere and yet, you know, we get -- we are responsible for him. >> the islamic center describes mohamed as a good student, one who drank occasionally and listened to rap music and attended sporting events. the federal officials say he has no tie to foreign terror groups. although it is still unclear how and why he became so radical eyed. in the west coast newsroom, casey stegall, fox news.
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>> an oakland house was damaged in an early morning fire. three people are out of their home tonight. it broke out at 2:30 at a home in the 900 block of west mcarthur boulevard. they were able to keep the flames from spreading to neighbouring homes. no injuries were reported. firefighters think it may have been started by a broken water heater but the official cause of the fire is still under investigation. oakland firefighters also assisted in putting out a house fire early this morning in piedmont. that fire started at 3 a.m. piedmont fire put out a call for oakland for mutual aid. crews from both departments were able to put the fire out quickly. no injuries were reported and yet no word on the cause of this fire. >> legendly actor leslie neilsen known for his roles on airplane and naked gun has died. >> surely you can't be serious. >> i am serious and don't call me shirley. >> the 84-year-old died today at a hospital near his home in fort lauderdale, florida. he was being treated for pneumonia. the canadian wherein actor came to hollywood in the 1950s.
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he quickly became known as a serious actor but he was known as a prankster off screen. he traded drama for laughs in the 1980s box office hit airplane. he then went on to play frank drebon in the popular naked gun series. [ music ] don't rush. besides impaired drivers who the patrol are targeting. the deadline given to dozens of hospitals by the state who claim they haven't made a medi
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you inhale, they inhale. millions of children continue to be exposed to secondhand smoke. secondhand smoke causes asthma, a disease that cannot be cured. protect your loved ones.
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. not so fast. some drivers in a big rush to return home today got slapped with pricey tickets. ktvu's john sasaki reports on stepped up efforts to control the speed this holiday weekend. >> reporter: around the bay area, this is a maximum enforcement period when officers say 80% of the available highway patrol force is out on the streets. this driver was stopped near san quentin. >> whatever vehicle i will give the distance. >> reporter: these officers ran a speed trap with one of them spotting the speeders and radioing to the others who gave chase. >> we want to start off with a
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white ford explorer, 1879. >> officer john slow went after vial tores. >> we are finding a lot today just because people are probably anxious to get home from a long weekend. get home from thanksgiving. so we are finding quite a few. oar. >> reporter: in just one hour officers busted 20 drivers who were doing roughly 80 miles per hour in a 65 miles per hour zone. >> blue volvo station wagon just passing you now. blue volvo station wagon just passing you now. >> reporter: in some cases drivers got out with a warning. this man was just that lucky after getting stopped for hitting 82 miles per hour. >> i was just trying to keep up with traffic. there was a guy i thought was going a little bit slow so i just took off around him and that's all it took. >> reporter: this area near highway 12 is a rough spot for traffic. >> just around this corner south of where we are standing backs up all the time. so we get people 80, 90 miles per hour coming southbound. next thing they know they are coming into stopped traffic. dui arrests are up this weekend they have seen
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improvements. >> we have seen a reduction, though, in fatal crashes and crashes in general. so that just shows us this kind of enforcement does pay off for us and for the public. >> reporter: while thanksgiving is a big effort for this weekend christmas eve and new year's will be if not as big, bigger. john sasaki, ktvu, channel 2 news. as we just mentioned dui are up but driving fatalities are downstate wide. chp officers arrested more than 1400 people for driving under the influence. last year's total for the same period was 1300. 14 people. so far there have been eight traffic deaths statewide. the chp maximum enforcement program ends at midnight. it appears san mateo county may be closer to getting a new jail. the san francisco examiner is reporting that county supervisors are expected to approve an agreement on tuesday with redwood city. the deal would give the county an option to buy four industrial properties near
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highway 101. san mateo county has been looking for a location to build a new jail to help reduce the overcrowding in its current facility. a water main break in san ramone caused minor flooding and leaked recycled water into a creek. the main broke along the iron horse trail near pine valley road. the excess water damaged landscaping at two homes. district officials tested the water going into the creek. the results are not yet available. but they say there is no danger to drinking water in the area. the recycled water usually you are gets parks, golf courses and other grounds. >> hospitals across the state have until this tuesday to report whether they have made any medical errors involving patients over the last three years. a 2007 law requires 418 california hospitals to report those errors to the department of public health. within the last three years, 87 facilities, that's nearly 20 percent, have not reported any such mistakes. 10 of those 87 hospitals are right here in the bay area.
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patient advocates are skeptical saying the reporting suggests hospitals cannot effectively police themselves. hospitals face fines up to $100,000 for medical errors. south koreas president warned tonight that north korea will face "consequences for future aggression." joint u.s. and south korean war exercises that began in the yellow sea today have the entire region on edge. greg powellcot reports from sool. >> u.s. and south korea launching a joint military exercise in the yellow sea. the uss washington is now in those waters with other u.s. and south korean ships. the exercise takes place over four days. and they started on sunday. the north strongly condemns the military drills, calling it a rehearsal for war. >> this is no more than an attempt to find a pre text foray depression and ignite a war at any cost. >> reporter: the war games came after north korea last tuesday
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fired 100 rounds of artillery. two marines and two civilians were killed in the sudden attack. 18 others were wounded. one of the worst assaults since the korean war in the early 1950s. >> this is a very unstable regime who uses power and intimidation. there will come a day when the people in north korea are so frustrated they will act. >> reporter: some south koreans holding a candlelight vigil to make a plea for peace. the u.s. military presence in the korean peninsula is one of the main reasons behind its efforts to build nuclear weapons. china is calling for a meeting for dissarmment talks including north car yeah. they are being asked to come to beijing in early september. >> china can very a valuable role here in trying to bring under control a situation very volatile. >> reporter: but south korean media here reports government officials don't think the meeting is such a good idea.
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the u.s. has been lukewarm about such a suggestion as well. the house of congress will be bustling again tomorrow as lawmakers return from their thanksgiving holiday. this week kicks off the final stretch of the post election session in washington, d.c. at the top of their to do list is voting on george bush era tax cuts which are due to expire at the end of the year. democrats wants to keep the cuts for any couple earning $250,000 or less a year. while republicans want to make them permanent for everybody including the wealthy. there are a number of other issues, including whether to lift the don't ask, don't tell policy. the military's ban on gays serving openly. >> republicans in washington came out against repealing don't ask, don't tell today. senator lindsay graham said there is no ground swell against the policies in the military. >> this is all politics. i don't believe there is anywhere near the votes to repeal don't ask don't tell on the republican side. i think what the united does --
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>> however, the pentagon survey said to be released tuesday is expected to show most troops do not oppose repeal and don't mind if gays serve openly. the house has already passed the legislation in two federal courts have also ruled the policy is unconstitutional. senator john mccain today praised his former running mate sarah palin on cnn's state of the union. the arizona republican calls palin a powerful political force. and she has stirred up significant republican support. >> i think she is doing a great job. she has motivated our base. i think she had a positive impact on the last election and i'm proud of her. >> mccain also compared palin to president ronald rea gan said both were considered by some as divisive. about her run for the white house, mccain said the former alaskan governor should keep her options open. in a safe san francisco neighborhood, what happened in the moments before someone opened fire on the victims. an arrest and now a
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stunning admission from an accused gang leader in mexico. >> temperatures continue to cool off
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. san francisco police are investigating a drive-by shooting in the pacific heights neighborhood which left three men injured. the shots rang out just after 2:00 this morning near clay street and vanness avenue. the victims tell police they were being followed by another vehicle which pulled up next to them and someone inside opened fire. investigators say it is unclear what happened priority the shooting. all three victims are expected to survive. so far no arrests have been made. palo alto police are looking for a man suspected of attempted rape. police said today a woman was attacked on alma street shortly after midnight thursday but screamed and fought the man off. the attacker is described as
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white, six feet, one inch tall in his early 30s. short dark hair and a well groomed goatee. anyone with information about this incident is asked to call the palo alto police. >> in news of the world tonight in haiti protestors crowded in the streets calling today's presidential election riddled with fraud. 12 of the 19 candidates denounced the vote and demanded the election be voided. the only major candidate who did not question the vote was the candidate supported by the current president. if the vote is validated no results are expected until december 7th. and the top finishers are likely to face a run-off vote. in mexico, federal police say a notorious gang leader claims he ordered most of the killings in the last 15 months. and that includes the killings of a pregnant u.s. consulate employee and her husband. the leader of the gang was
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arrested yesterday. police say he not only ordered but took part in the killings of 15 teenagers at a party. the violence has claimed the lives of more than 2,000 people this year. (gunshots). >> and from rio de janeiro they are claiming victory after 2600 police and marines poured into a shanty town for heavily armed gangs. during a two hour battle the gang members fired back at the government forces. brazil prepares for the 2014 olympics and the 2016 world cup. there are lingering concerns tonight bat euro as it briefly fell to a fresh two month low in trading in asia even after the european union and the monetary fund approved an aid package for ireland. the european ministers agreed to the equivalent of a $113
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billion bailout to help ireland emerge from its banking crisis. however, there are persistent fears that spain and portugal will also need rescue packages. analysts say those concerns are keeping the euro down. already, ready, set, click. first black friday and now cyber monday. how the online shopping phenomenon is changing. mouth to snout
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the black widow spider's severe bite can cause coma and even death. the african black mamba can kill a man with one bite. but there's an even deadlier predator cigarettes, produced by big tobacco, which take a life every six point five seconds. don't be big tobacco's next victim.
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. we have some developing news at this hour. in redwood city the coroner has just arrived on the scene of what police say is a homicide. these pictures are just in to the ktvu newsroom. police are not releasing many details right now. we do know the body of a man was found late this evening in an alley in the 400 block of
11:58 pm
madison avenue. the alley is in a residential neighborhood and is near both the apartment complex and several homes. police are not saying how the man died or releasing any suspect information. >> after two dismal years retailers are optimistic this holiday season will be brighter. so far so good. this black friday saw more shoppers in stores compared to a year ago. the national retail federation estimates $212 million shopped this year. holiday sales are expected to increase 2.3%. a more complete picture comes thursday where retailers report the november retail figures. the numbers can show what retailers can expect tomorrow on cyber monday. the online deals are ramping up as consumers take to the web. allie rasmussen reports. >> reporter: he is looking for
11:59 pm
a new lcd, tv and plans to by one online. scanning online for deals. >> we are going to do more shopping because i particularly don't want to go out to the stores so much. >> a few years ago online shoppers were very different from the macy's shopper. nowadays we all shop online. >> reporter: according to a survey from the national retail federation an estimated 106 million people will shop online this cyber monday. a 10% increase from a year ago. and retailers are ready to cater to those customers. the same nrf survey found that 9-10 stores plan to offer some type of cyber monday deal or promotion. >> there is something to be said about being able to, like, click and go and not have to wait in line ordeal with like the crazy people elbowing you. >> st. mary's college business professor says those promotions will be tailored to target what customers want. retailers spent this past weekend watching consumer trends closely. >> much of the information that they have gathered over the
12:00 am
last couple of days, black friday and the saturday after, they are going to use that when they design their promotional offers for monday. >> i will probably get an e- mail or something like that. i will take a look. because i get those on my phone, too. >> and now that more people have smart phones and tablet computers, it's easier for retailers to rope shoppers in. >> i am with emt so i am going to be shopping while i am sitting at work. and i will probably be using the droid here. >> the national retail federation estimates seven percent of cyber monday shoppers will click and buy using their mobile devices. that's nearly doubled the number of smart phone shoppers from last year. in the newsroom this is ktvu, channel 2 news. this week foster city's park and recreation committee is expected to weigh in on whether those who break the city's dog park rules should be fined. the public will have a chance to voice its opinion. the parks department says since august there have been at least two incidents at the park. in one a man was bitten by his
12:01 am
own dog as he tried to pull two fighting dogs apart. the question now is whether to fine people who break the three dog per person rule at the park. park visitors today seemed undecided. >> some folks that come here with more than three dogs and never take responsibility for the dogs, you know, business or actions. >> the city's parks and recreation committee is expected to vote wednesday on whether to recommend to the city council if the fines should be imposed. the public will be given a chance to speak at the meeting at 7 p.m. at the city council chambers in foster city. >> it appears that san francisco's push for more composting is a big success. city officials are crediting a- year-old composting law for a jump in composting bins at apartment buildings. the san francisco chronicle says 70% of apartment buildings in the city now have composting bins. that's compared to just 20 percent last year. the officials say 600 tons of
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composted material is checked every day throughout san francisco. last year 300 tonnes was collected on a daily basis. firefighters in sacramento went to great lengths today to save a dog. they rescued buddy from a burning house but quickly found out that an oxygen mask wasn't enough to get the little dog to breathe. that's when the captain took matters into his own hands. >> i knew exactly what needed to be done and that was to take the -- shut the mouth and place my mouth over the mouth and snout. >> captain johnson's efforts paid off and buddy began to breath on his own. the dog is recovering at the vet tonight. just yesterday sacramento firefighters also saved a labrador pulling him out of a 30-foot hole. parents of sikh children in the bay area are starting a new campaign to educate to combat what they say is rampant bigotry and harassment aimed at their children. the sikh coalition surveyed 500 sikh youth in the bay area. the coalition found that 69% of boys who wear the small sikh
12:03 am
turbans called papkas felt harassed in schools. 47% said they were harassed for their identity. and 76% of those surveyed thought it would help if someone spoke about their religion at school. a sikh cab driver in west sacramento says he was brutally beaten because of his religion and his turban. police found 56-year-old singh early this morning. singh says he picked up four people in sacramento who led him to a dark neighborhood before robbing and beating him. singh says one attacker referred to him as osama bin laden and threatened to kill him. the cab driver was able to escape when one of the parties tried to stop the beating. >> the case of youself says he was motivated to plan a journalists murder to save his bakery. he is accused of murdering two
12:04 am
men including bailie an editor for the post. crumb asked the judge to admit evidence of other crimes to show bay's desperation. he allegedly ordered the kidnapping of who women because they had access to cash he wanted for the bakery. the jury selection begins in january. a search is underway tonight for the hit and run driver who injured a skateboarder near martinez. the accident happened at 3:15 this afternoon on shell and martinez avenues. a pick-up truck struck-an 18- year-old. he suffered moderate injuries and was taken to the medical center. the suspect vehicle is described as a red 2002 chevy silverado with silver rims. the front driver's side is damaged. anyone with information is asked to call highway patrol. a case about the over crowded prison system heads to the supreme court this week. it high court will hear arguments about federal orders to drop almost 40,000 inmates
12:05 am
from the state's 33 prisons. lawyers for the inmates say the overcrowding vital the constitutional been on cruel and unusual punishment. california will argue that a federally set deadline to release inmates threatens public safety. the prison population has gone down by about 8,000 inmates since its peak in 2006. >> still in the hunt, hear from the raiders starting quarterback at least this week after a tough day against the miami dolphins. a chill is in the air. another chilly night is on top. ♪
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[ music ] >> a pretty nice sunday across most of the bay area.
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we had a few high clouds this afternoon. clevening and with clearing ski temperatures dropping off rapidly. as you can see on live stormtracker two a few high clouds way up to the north and west and around the california oregon border. mostly clear skies over a good portion of the bay area right now. in fact some of the coolest spots as you would expect up in the north bay. santa rosa checking in at 35 degrees. napa right around 36. we do have relatively light winds. as a result temperatures will continue to cool overnight. the scene today looking out across the bay san francisco out in the distance. some scattered high clouds. chilly for tonight. it will be dry for your monday. no raindrops to worry about tomorrow. the extended forecast though we increased the rain chances especially as we do head toward friday. as far as current numbers just updated fairfield is checking in at 33. san raphael at 41. san francisco in the upper 40s. see still some upper 30s and 40s. san jose at last check right
12:09 am
around 42 degrees reporting fair skies. overnight lows, first thing tomorrow morning clear and cold. inland frost. with he could have a few patches of frost closer to the bay as well for san raphael. napa, livermore right around 30 degrees. these temperatures will check in at 6:00 tomorrow morning. so definitely want to bundle up first thing for monday. another look at the satellite and all of the active weather once again in the upper portion of your screen. the upper left portion of your screen up to the north and west. with he could have a few high clouds approach the region on tuesday. but tuesday is still relatively quiet as high pressure remains in command of our weather. monday and for the most part tuesday a fair weather pattern. we will take this into wednesday. that activity will be approaching northern california on wednesday. as a result, there is that area of low pressure. most of the cloud cover will be focused up towards the northern half of the bay area. this is when we do bring in a chance of a few light showers. a few sprinkles. the target area the highest chance will be up in the north bay, especially up towards
12:10 am
sonoma county. all just on the light side. a slight chance as we do head into thursday. and then by friday we bump up the rain chances bay area wide across the region later in the week. first thing tomorrow morning showing you the 20s. that's that white contour. 30s and then the 40s. 40s near the coast and also for san francisco. we will put this into motion into the afternoon hours. we do recover nice lip. most areas in the 50s by 2:00 and by 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. so here is the plan for tomorrow. partly to mostly sunny skies. a few high clouds could still move into the region. temperatures mainly in the 50s. san francisco is 55. 56 in oakland. san jose is 57. here is a look ahead at the five day forecast. pretty much the same deal. another cold morning is expected on tuesday. and then on wednesday we thicken up the clouds. there is that chance of a light shower. once again the focus up in the north bay. a slight chance on thursday. and then showers could be bumped up at least the probability by friday and also into next weekend.
12:11 am
but heather and ken talking about cold numbers here in the bay area. right now it is 0 in truckee and they are heading towards minus 11 for the overnight low. >> whoa, that is cold. >> we think it is k about truck tomorrow morning. >> i am not going to complain so much. thanks, mark. >> coming up, stanford lines up in the football standings. >> stick around. hear what tom cable is saying hear what tom cable is saying about the loss today you inhale, they inhale. millions of children continue to be exposed to secondhand smoke. secondhand smoke causes asthma, a disease that cannot be cured. protect your loved ones.
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and bas [explosion boom [panic, scream soldier requesting help ♪ [male announce he was there when his country needed him and we'll be there when he needs his country. join us and send your message of support to our wounded warriors at the uso. until every one comes home.
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male narrator: one in five are on their way to getting it. it kills more americans each year than breast cancer and aids combined. one in thirteen have it. one in four of those don't know it yet. find out how you can share, act, learn, give, and help stop diabetes. [ music ] >> good evening, everyone. welcome to this late sunday night edition of sports wrap. the top teams in the afc west are separated by just two
12:14 am
games. but after tonight's efforts against the miami dolphins the raiders are number three on that list. things started out well enough for oakland this afternoon at the coliseum. ford has already shown off his speed and looks to be one of the great picks in the 2010 graft. the opening kickoff he got passed a couple of tackleers and kicked it up a notch. a 101-yard return for a 7-0 lead and a sure welcome in the black hole. the dolphins were threatening to add to that when their rookie picked off a chad pending pass for his first interception that held the dolphins off for a while. still 10-7 when ford decided to make his presence known again. it is into the arms of ford. the 44-yard play made it 14-10 raiders. 14 listen 13 at the half. but the dolphins took control of the game in the second half. he takes advantage of an injury depleted raiders secondary.
12:15 am
walter mcfadden commits and moo goes 67 yards for the 20-14 miami lead. 26-17 dolphins in the fourth and then they put it away. ricky williams pops into the secondary. no one is there. williams takes it 45 yards into the end-zone. here is the stats the dolphins rush for 186 yards as a team. the raiders are 16 yards on 12 carries. the 33-17 drops oakland to 5-6 two games out of first behind kansas city and one back of the chargers. quarterback situation may be up for grabs again this week. brad re-injured his shoulder today. jason campbell may be called upon next week in san diego. there is no dispute about today's results. >> but today was ugly, you know, and on my part i can't play like that. i can't turn the ball over. and that's on me, you know. that doesn't give our defense a break. you know, we have to stay on the field. and i apologize to my team for that. i can't put them in my position. i feel like that's on my and that's one thing that's hard to
12:16 am
swallow. >> when you get dominated on the scrimmage like that really on beth sides. 28 difference i believe in time of possession and three turnovers, you really put yourself in a tough way trying to win football games in this league. so i am very, very disappointed. >> i don't really know about all of the numbers. i just know that we got beat flat out up and down the field, plain and simple. at 3-7 the chargers say 49ers and playoffs in the same sentence. but such is the state of the nfc west the 49 certifies play the cardinals tomorrow night in the desert. the winner there will be one game out of first place. that's because the chiefs did everybody else in the division a favor kansas city leading san francisco 7-0. but earl thomas scoops the ball up and takes it 10 yards to the end-zone and it is a 7-7 game. this combination hurt matt castle to dwayne bow for 36 yards and a score. those two hooked up three times
12:17 am
for tds. bow has a team record 14tds. the seahawks are 56. >> the rams took on recently fined denver coach josh mcdaniels. rookie sam bradford doing his best not to look like a rookie. they connected twice on scoring passes. the rams win it 36-33. they are tied for first. you expect a certain standard whenever the colts' payton manning takes the field. but wasn't up to that standard tonight against the chargers. mans was picked off four times. twice for touchdowns. eric whittle grabs this one to take it back 49 yards to the end-zone. san diego a 26-14 winner. one game separates all four teams in the afc south. ray lewis and the ravens hosting another 7-3 team in the tampa bay bucks. they break the 3-3 tie when they connect on the 65-yard scoring pass. pretty good running for a
12:18 am
tightened. ravens 17-10 winners. they are tied for first in the north with pittsburgh. in chicago, michael vick leads the eagles on to the field. the game matching two of the nfc's best. no magic for vick in this one. he is picked off in the end- zone by chris harris stopping one potential scoring drive. that's the first interception vick has thrown all year. the bears drove down to the other end of the field. and then jake cutler put a nice touch on this scoring throw to bennett. the bears win 31-26. all alone in first place in the nfc north. two more of the nfc's elite. green bay and atlanta aaron rogers stands in with plenty of time to look things over. he spots nelson in the back of the end-zone. that ties the game at 17 with 56 seconds left. but the packers then hurt themselves on the ensuing kickoff. aaron gets dragged down by matt willhelm. the falcons move to the 29 and from there matt brian was good
12:19 am
on the 49 field goal. atlanta is now 9-2 after the 20- 17 win the packers are 7-4. in buffalo, mike tomlin and the steelers in trouble. in overtime with the bills. ryan and fitzpatrick let's one fly. johnson is open in the end- zone. game over. johnson drops the ball. fitzpatrick thinks the catch was made. and then the reality hits him. the steelers took advantage of the new lease on life shawn sweeson connected with 2:14 left in ot. steelers pull it out 19-16. they are 8-3. the bills are 2- 9. and in houston the texans andre johnson had heard enough from tennessee's courtland finegan not just trash talk but some outright belows. both were ejected. fines are coming. houston ended their losing streak at 4 with a 20-0 win.
12:20 am
john casey grazed the uprights but missed a field goal as time expired in cleveland. the vikings got a win over washington in less by fraser's debut as head coach. they beat jacksonville. the new bcs college rankings are out and good news for stanford. on the heels of the cardinals 38-0 win over oregon state last night. stanford has jumped two spots in the rankings to number four. lsu and boise state were both losers this weekend. they fall out of the top five. auburn is the new number one. but whering alsos on saturday, it will most likely still be oregon against auburn for the national championship that will send tsu against the rose bowl against wisconsin. the top four assures stanford of a berth in another bcs poll. one more poll to come out next week. lots of bay area basketball when sports wrap up continues and
12:21 am
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12:24 am
. we are about to dive full blast into college basketball season. stanford hasn't had the greatest holiday weekend losing twice in the 76 classic in anaheim. before today's game against depaul. this event held in the shadow of the magic kingdom and story book land. jerry green led in the final minutes. that tied it 67. and sent it into overtime. all stanford in ot. andrew zimmerman was a big-time rejection of drew that sets up gabe wright for the easy two. stanford 4-2 after this 81-74 win. after the game green was taken to the hospital suffering from dizziness. cardinal coach john dockin says green has been fighting a stomach virus and overcome by a
12:25 am
combination of dehydration and exhaustion. >> a tough code section of reality for the bears this week in the old spice classic in florida. cal took the five point lead early over boston college in the tournament consolation bracket. eagles cranked it up later in the first half. paris with a three of his own. it was 35-31bc at the half. fair to say the second half belonged to the eagles. gabriel to the baseline. and then the soft touch around the rim. the bears score just 19 in the second half and lose 68-46. they are 3-2. >> two former greats candace and jane at maples to see the third ranked cardinal women host 16th ranked texas. the shot doesn't go but the follow there for 22 points. peterson added 19-12. an impressive one-handed put back. stanford ends the longhorns their first loss of the year. the cardinal are 5-0. another example of the
12:26 am
precise rules of golf riding up to bite a player today in the finals of the world championship in dubai. ian poulter. you won't see it but as he was about to place his ball on the green he accidentally moved his marker. intentional or not, that is a one stroke penalty. that meant he was putting for par rather than birdie. it might not have mattered because carlson was good on his birdie putt after knocking his approach within four feet. and things shaken up a bit in the tennis hierarchy today at the atp event in london. roger federer in the near court and the world's former number one was a three sets winner over nadal. the numbers give momentum for federer to take into january's australia open. a win there and nadal would simultaneously be the winning champion of all four grand slam events. that's it for this late sunday night edition of sports wrap. have a good week, everybody. >> maybe the 49ers can make us care a little bit more.
12:27 am
>> maybe they will have a go ahead night tomorrow night. >> a big win and the coach said he wanted to look at the film so hopefully he had time to do that. >> the winner of that game will be one game out of first place going in 3-7. >> all right. it could happen. >> it could. >> thanks, joe. >> be sure to join the ktvu morning news beginning at 5 a.m. tomorrow. >> they will have new details on that homicide in redwood steep. also the kickoff of cyber monday. our coverage also continues online at thanks everyone for joining us tonight. have a great week and we will see you back here next weekend.
12:28 am
. >> for complete bay area news coverage, news and weather available any time you need it. the black widow spider's severe bite
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