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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  January 22, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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this was the field goal that ended the 49ers dreams of a super bowl and coach harbaugh could not disguise his disaappointment in tonight's heartbreaking loss at candle stick. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. it wasn't supposed to end this
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way. after a dramatic win, many 49ers fans were looking to go to their sixth super bowl. you can hear it from kyle williams who botched two critical plays. many picked the giants to beat the niners. the niners almost made them eat their words but came up short. now that the giants are heading to super bowl xlvi, the 49ers clean out their lockers and look forward to next season. >> they were wet and they were weary and they were probably disappointed at the end. the 49ers were terrible in third down situation. they did not throw the ball well. fans may remember one person in the loss to the giants. they are one victory away from san francisco's first super bowl since 95. niners start the night with a
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lightning strike. vernon davis races down the sidelines. davis scored twice tonight. punt returner gets too close to the bouncing ball. it actually hits him. at the 49ers 29-yard line. quarterback eli manning makes them play. mario to manning ham, giants take the lead 24-14. niners are able to tie the game and force overtime. they're about to get the ball but guess what, it's kyle williams again. it's deep in 49ers territory once again. williams will remember this night forever. pynes sends the crowd home, giants go on to play new england in super bowl xlvi. ouch, joe fonzi was at the game and in the locker room afterward.
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i'm sure they're trying to tell the players a 14-6 season is something to celebrate. it's pretty difficult to tell them right now. >> reporter: i agree with you. the way the 49ers won games all yearlong was the way they lost tonight. they led the league in turnover differentials. they forced four turnovers last week. and it's turnovers that killed them today. williams had the lead and all the momentum in the game. then in overtime the punt that was fumbled that set the giants for that game winning field goal. it's something that kyle williams will be thinking about for a long time. but his teammates were taking it as a team. >> it's tough it had to end the way it did. especially with the momentum of the defense and the turnover on special teams. just a tough situation. we have to let k know that we love him no matter what.
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we're a team, we all went out there together. just because he fumbled the football, we don't treat him any differently. >> for me, we're one of 13 in third down. i know it's tough for him. he's obviously thinking about those two punts. punt returns for quite a while. but we didn't lose the game there. we lost the game across the board. we weren't good offensively. we didn't get it done. >> after all it's a group game. it's on all of us. the team to team to team. we point the finger at nobody. we just take it for what it is. give credit where it's due, new york won and they're going to the super bowl and we didn't. >> reporter: it was a great season for the 49ers. it just doesn't feel like it tonight. we have more coming up in sports, until then reporting live, i'm joe fonzi back to you. >> more tonight in sports wrap. the highlights, more sound from
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candle stick. but let's face it it wasn't just kyle williams that had problems today. >> it was a tough game. the 49ers had their chances just couldn't capitalize. >> defense was able to force the ball back to them. they had a chance, the ball was in their court literally. 14-4. come on. >> not bad. >> let's go. >> let's go next year. thanks fred. almost 70,000 fans jammed candlestick park for the game and many watched it right here. debra villalon is at one of the bars where fans must be drowning their sorrows. >> reporter: super bowl dreams die-hard. we watched the game here in the mission where the only consolation is visions of next year. the crowd here was a little over the posted limit. standing room, barely describes it. packed like so many bars and restaurants across the city.
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full of people and full of optimism, even in nail biting overtime. >> alex smith needs to get a touchdown. >> it doesn't get any better than this. >> niners. >> reporter: instead it got worse fast and as the super bowl slipped away, this fan found his hands shaking. >> it hurts, it really hurts. >> the true interceptions we were supposed to have, the kyle williams fumble. that's what kept the niners finally back. if those things were not to happen, the niners would be in the super bowl right now. >> i'm having a little bit of a roger craig flash back. uncanny but hope for next year. hope for next year. kept me at the edge of the
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seat, you can't ask for more. >> reporter: it was a heart pounding game with a heartbreaking outcome. the only comfort the team's turn around this season. >> at least they played a good game and they played their hearts out. so you win some you lose some. they've come so far this season. it's just been, been really great. the energy is back. >> i'm really proud of the niners either way. we made it this far and the legacy continues, so we'll get it next year. >> reporter: tonight we saw tears of disappointment where last year they were tears of joy. so much pride in this 49ers team transformed. we're live in san francisco, debra villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. while things can't quite turn out the way 49ers fans had hoped. today's game was viewed quite differently by fans of the new york giants. that was the scene at aces bar
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in san francisco, giant supporters watched their team do battle with the niners never losing hope they say. >> i thought we were going to win in overtime before the game even started and i was right. i was right. >> san francisco got an economic boost from the niners revival with bars, restaurants and' tells all of them seeing an up tick in business over the last two weeks. the team's remarkable run this season just made tonight's loss more painful. we used unique steps officers used to keep peace among the fans tonight. rain showers have been picking up across a good portion of north california. our next storm cueing offshore. you will notice its presence over the next few hours. the latest right now on live
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storm tracker 2. the presence has been increasing. moderate rain, downpours, even heavier rain as well. here you can pick up more activity for san rafael. approaching nevado closer. some more action heading into san francisco. coming up we'll have the timing of the heaviest downpours. as mark mentioned another storm system is moving into the area right now. it's expected to bring strong winds and strong rainover night.
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ken wayne is live in one of the busiest locations. >> reporter: right now we have a pretty good breeze but then it'll suddenly gust up. same with the rain. we had rain coming down here and now it seems to have stopped. both seem to be alternating coming and going the wind and the rain. the wind advisory actually kicked in about 90 minutes ago. geographically we're right in the middle of it. it stretches from point reyes to the north, south of the santa cruz mountains and across to the hills of the east bay. take a look at some of this video we shot earlier. you can see the flags blowing at the visitor center north of the golden gate. that was about an hour ago. we could see gusts of up to 35 to 50 miles per hour coming in from the south with the heaviest rain arriving in several hours. the wind and rain kept most of the people above the marin head lands tonight. we found him walking this man walking his dog. he was taking a break after the
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weather changed his night. >> unfortunately on lucky drive, my girlfriend took a spin, ended up in front of opposing traffic, totaled the car. that's what brings me out here. >> reporter: other bridges at a different orientation such as the bay bridge, richmond san rafael bridge, you could see those wind warning signs going over those bridges. could be a concern later tonight for those folks still straggling home from the game. at the marin head lands, ken pritchett. crews in southern california have been cleaning up after a fierce storm there. palm springs was hit hard by winds. crews worked all day to restore power and clear debris from
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roads. the palm springs police department says it dealt with 150 calls for service related to those high winds. there's plenty of snow in the sierra and more is underway. these are images from interstate 80 in soda springs this afternoon. the snow is expected to get heavy again tonight. and a winter storm warning is in effect right now. drivers should expect gusty winds and to bring chains along. joe paterno has died. his family said paterno has lost his battle with cancer at the age of 85. his death comes just two months after he was fired in the wake of that sex scandal that gripped the school. >> reporter: students young and old, filled with emotion as they gather around joe paterno's iconic statute to pay tribute. >> it's more than a coach, he's like one of the family. aside from all that's happened
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this is different. it's all the people that have come to pay respect for him. it's joe was penn state. he made penn state. >> he meant a lot. if it wasn't for the football program and penn state i probably would not have come to penn state. >> reporter: jopa as he was affectionally called was the most successful coach in college history. he spent 66 seasons in penn state. his 409 career wins are an ncaa record. however a child sex abuse scandal cut his career short. officials fired paterno to his reaction on allegations that his former assistant sandusky sexually arrested a young boy in the university showers. his fans stuck with him.
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>> we're still going to love joe paterno forever and ever, period. >> reporter: fans say the long term coaches legacy at penn state will far outlive the scandal that led to his ouster, i'm barbara hall reporting. >> reporter: bay area football fans we spoke to today said that paterno's legacy would likely be tarnished by the penn state abuse scandal. >> we're going to remember him for the scandal, it's sad because the man was better than that. >> it's a shame, it's only been a couple of months that he passed away afterward, he was living for that team. >> reporter: the sex abuse charges for his former assistant coach were one of the greatest sorrows for his sight. and he said in hindsight, he wish he would have done more to stop the abuse. six young people are shot at a sweet 16 birthday party. hear what led up to the shooting. this was the scene this
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weekend in washington, d.c., oakland mayor jean quan talks to ktvu about
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a party celebrating an antioch girl's 16th birthday ended in gunfire with six people shot.
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ktvu spoke to the girl's father and told us how all of this unfolded. >> reporter: a bottle and debris is what ended the party. police say the crowd grew to 80 people and things started to get out of hand. >> you saw kids coming down, one had a gun and started shooting. that's when everybody started the police. >> there were two different groups that got into the argument in the garage area of the residence. gunshots were fired at that time. >> reporter: all the victims were teenage boys expect for one 21-year-old woman. most received graze wounds but one was hit in the about. neighbor collins heard all the noise and came out running. >> there were people running, there was a lot of people in the garage. it was hostile and the kids
11:48 pm
were acting student. running around. >> reporter: the girl's father told me he just wanted to throw a fun party for his daughter. he says they didn't invite the trouble troublemakers and they feel awful about the shooting. the girl's father told me from behind the door they are very sorry this happened. >> we are looking for any witnesses that have information who might have seen the incident. >> reporter: police say it's unusual for antioch to have a shooting with so many victims. people who live here hope it's the last it happens in their neighborhood. janine de la vega, ktvu news. a san francisco prosecutor was arrested yesterday on domestic battery charges. the district attorney's office confirmed to ktvu that nikaein was booked and released yesterday afternoon for battery. the attorney general's office
11:49 pm
will handle the case. sheriff mirkerimi is expected back in court. that date is expected to be within the next six weeks. mirkerimi is also scheduled to go back to court on thursday where a judge is expected to order the sheriff to stay away from his wife and son. -- ramos has admitted to driving the car but denies firing any shots. the case gained nationwide attention after it was revealed that ramos was an undocumented immigrant with an arrest record and was never deported because of san francisco's sanctuary city position. a victim is described as an adult male who was walking on
11:50 pm
the tracks. no one on board the train was injured. caltrans reports this was the second fatality of 2012 on its tracks. last year 16 people died after being hit by caltranss. today, mayor jean quan down played a situation where she ran into protesters in washington, d.c. >> the people came to the car, police broke them up. about one minute, no excitement. arizona congresswoman giffords plans to resign this week so she can focus on her recovery. she delivered the message today in a you tube video. >> thank you for your prayers. and for giving me time to recover. i have more work to do on my
11:51 pm
recovery. so to do what is best for arizona, i will step down this week. i am getting better. >> she says her spirits are high and that she plans to return to public service once he is better. giffords was shot in the head during a campaign appearance last january. firefighters are tracking down thieves who took life saving equipment. the connectors are mounted on top of pipes to pour water into building sprinklers in case of a fire. firefighters believe they took them to recyclers. >> in some cases i think they are probably stolen to be recycled in an effort to make money, unfortunately. the fittings are usually painted red and made of various
11:52 pm
cast metals. officials are asking landlords to check for any damage or missing equipment. crews continue to battle the elements to clean up a landslide in a road collapse. in the oakland hills at oakwood drive. the slide cut off service to 55 people. crews worked to remove the debris and covered the road with plastic sheeting to prevent further erosion. flights tonight are delayed 45 to 90 minutes. sfo duty manager tells ktvu the airport has been in slow control for most of the day because of cloud cover. operations are said to be normal at san jose and oakland airports tonight. all eyes are now in florida, republican hopefuls are heading south for votes and mitt romney makes an announcement before repeated calls to release his tax returns. investigators make a key
11:53 pm
discovery in the gruesome case of body parts found near the hollywood sign. coming up i'll break down
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we want to show you live picture outside in downtown san francisco with the 49er flag and the american flag blowing outside. the winds in the city are blowing at about 22 miles per hour. another storm is picking up steam and heading to the bay area. the heaviest rain can be expected in the middle of the night. and election 2012 news, the republican gop race shifts to florida with romney moving on past his loss in south carolina
11:56 pm
to rival newt gingrich. romney set his focus set on president obama. >> we're going to instead return to the values that made us the greatest nation in the world. president obama represents a very different direction than i do. >> romney said he would release his tax returns on tuesday as his rivals have demanded. gingrich today said he thought a campaign between himself and president obama would be better for republicans than a fight for the white house involving romney. the man who came in third in florida, rick santorum also swept into florida today. the former pennsylvania senator who on friday was declared the winner in iowa, told the crowd today he is the only true conservative candidate and said he would not leave the race. divers on that capsized italian cruise ship have recovered the body of a woman. that brings the confirmed death toll to 13 and the number of
11:57 pm
missing to 19. there are now reports there may have been unregistered passengers on the ship. the body was found by fire department divers. the victim was wearing a life jacket. in other news of the world, salai is on his way to america. he is coming to the u.s. for medical treatment. he made a televised appearance in his country apologizing for the mistakes he's made in the past. in palistan thousands gathered to protest. some pakistanis are calling for a ban of the u.s. and nato.
11:58 pm
in china, lunar new year celebrations are under way. the festival to usher in the year of the dragon is now in full swing with fire crackers and food. and a special message from american billionaire warren buffet on this televised appearance. buffet plays a yucalali and sings. wishing them a new year. they say the victim is this man 66-year-old harvey medellin who's a former mexicana airlines exproyee. detectives searched hihis home and seized several items including a car. medellin's down stair neighbor said he heard a lot of noise in medellin's apartment a few days
11:59 pm
ago. >> some footsteps, shouting. >> reporter: parts of his body were found tuesday. rescue crews found the man's hands and feet during the past few days. there's been no arrests. heartbroken fans leave candlestick park. hear what frustrated them about tonight's loss. and [ male announcer ] for some reason those five food groups sound a whole lot better when you put them in a taco shell instead of a pyramid. old el paso. when you gotta have mexican. fantastic! pro-gresso ] they fit! okay-y... okay??? i've been eating progresso and now my favorite old okay
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is there a woman i can talk to? [ male announcer ] progresso. 40 soups 100 calories or less.
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whatcah, these new jeans i want. i've been looking everywhere. new blue jeans? oh, don't be crazy, i've got tons of blue jeans. frank! frank! get my jean bin, susie wants my jeans. no she doesn't. here we go. nice and loose. ohhh. those are loose, but i actually just ordered three pairs of this kind. ooooohhhh. oh. when it's on your mind, it's on ebay. it was a slow and painful exit out of candlestick park tonight for niner fans. team supporters expressed frustration and hope for next
12:02 am
season. >> 49er fans soaked from the rain, and crushed after a painful over time loss in the championship tonight. >> i'm down, because i wish the 49ers would have won. i cried and then i laughed and i cried again. >> reporter: in faithful flew their 49er flags high. and tried to stay optimistic. >> reporter: how are you handle the loss here this is a tough one. >> next year, we'll make a great come back. and i love alex smith. >> reporter: that was a tough way to lose. >> i know but we got this far. >> reporter: some niner fans aren't taking the loss easy. they're frustrated by that fumble in overtime by kyle williams that opened the door for the giants. >> he should go home for the money he's making and he should feel more than terrible. he should go to his house and hide for the next three years and find another way to make
12:03 am
money. he should be taken out of this city, this is embarrassing. >> reporter: the giant fans gave the niners a lot of credit. >> tough day, tough fans, tough game, but in the end we got the breaks and we got the win. >> reporter: the niners came up short this year. >> hey, 49ers forever. >> next year. >> reporter: but their fans couldn't be more proud of what they accomplished. in san francisco, alex savidge. there are plenty of 49er fans in the south bay and some of them today got a chance to meet quarterback zeros. bubba paris had a surprising confession. while dana stubbl efield loveed the crowd. >> it hasn't been like this since we played.
12:04 am
>> this is is second time in my life that i've been to a bar and seen fans react to a 49er fans. maybe i'll do it again, it's kind of fun. >> reporter: south bay fans will be closer to their team in coming years. plans are moving forward for the niners to leave in san francisco for a new stadium in santa clara. check out live videos from the players after the game and hear what they had to say. go to a new drug could be available to cancer patients. scientists are creating a study for a drug from raw marijuana. the drug would come in the form of a spray. the company hopes to receive approval by the food and drug administration by the end of 2013. scholars of art and culture are the reopening of a museum in berkeley.
12:05 am
the magnes museum reopened today in a new and much larger building. the new museum contains rotating displays, a long glass display wall and an a auditorium for presentations. it is also the product of a merger with uc berkeley. >> also join forces with the university of california, so they're going to be able to have scholars and people come from all over the world as well as the scholars here in berkeley. to study the wonderful things they have in the museum which go back thousands of years. >> the museum was founded in 1961 and has accumulated 15,000 pieces of art, artifacts about jewish art. we're going
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the strongest part of storm number three is heading on shore right now. rainfall rates have picked up. already the greens and the yellows indicated at least a moderate to heavy rainfall. heavier rain just to the north of concord closing in on the fairfield area moving into solano county. spreading into oakland and san leandro and oakland. as we take a look at the south bay, san jose reporting a lot of cloud cover. just to the south of pacifica we could have a little bit of a thunderstorms development and we could have a chance of a thunderstorms in the forecast for the overnight hours. a lot of activity developing
12:09 am
here in the pacific. increasing rainfall rates that will be the forecast rainfall at least in the short term. wind advisories haven't picked up as well. as a result the wind advisory in place for san francisco, through the bay area hills. the santa cruz mountains and the coastline. we could have winds gusting to 50 miles per hour. typically the winds come out in advance of the storm and that's happening right now. look at the north bay hills, could have amounts up to 3- inches through tomorrow morning. right into the central portions of the bay just over a half an inch and an inch and a half for the santa cruz mountains. and here's the forecast track with this area of low pressure. basically approaching point rays first thing tomorrow morning. so with storm number three, heavy rain expected early tomorrow morning. the chance of a few thunderstorms and as we mentioned the winds are going to continue to bump up out of the south. here we go with the updated
12:10 am
forecast model. 3:00, i was talking about this early monday morning. this will wake you up. we'll take this into the 6:00 hour. the main action moves out to the southeast, we could still have scattered rain showers around the bay area. and this is a quick mover as we head into the afternoon hours. scattered clouds but the main rain moves out of town. so the main event happening within the next three to six hours. our rain means more for tomorrow. snowfall will be on the order of one to 2 feet and snow levels coming down to 4,500 feet. the sun cloud mix as we head into the afternoon will be in the 50s. san francisco at 56, san jose tops out about 48. morgan hill 59. here's a look ahead, your extended forecast and one rain cloud into monday. primarily for the morning hours. a slight chance into the afternoon. a sun cloud mix for tuesday, just patchy morning fog for
12:11 am
monday and thursday. we're back to a very familiar forecast, breezy conditions. heather and ken that's just about it for the overnight hours. one more rain cloud, it'll definitely warm you up. after that it could be dry possibly through the remainder of january. >> kind of disappointing. >> a little disappointing but at least we had a trio of nice days. well the trophy awarded tonight to the new york giants was made by tiffany. the trophy was inspired by the lombardi trophy who is also made by tiffany. the design is to pay tribute to the athletes dedication. >> 49er fans are probably thinking make it out of sweetheart. we need to talk. i've seen your stunts online. i can explain... jumping a ramp in a shopping cart. so 2005.
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good evening everyone and thanks for joining us on this sunday night edition of sports wrap. you saw it and you still can't believe it. the san francisco 49ers battled but lost today in the same fashion as what got them to the play offs in the first place. turnovers. head coach jim harbaugh was hoping alex smith would repeat last week's performance. and for a while it looked like smith was going to go legend on us. smith to his favorite receiver vernon davis. davis just beats roll. davis just too fast. he's too big the stop. one of four players to make a
12:15 am
play in san francisco tonight. he's an excitable guy and gets flagged for accessible celebration. did vernon step out of bounds? giants thinked so. replay is inconclusive so count it. eli manning called it close and often. he comes back and does this. 7-7 bears first td catch of the year. manning to victor cruz. that sets up a late field goal to give it a seven point lead. victor cruz had no touchdowns but he had 10 catches for 142 yards. 12-26, vernon david making him look good. san francisco retakes the lead third quarter and stay classy vernon. 14-10. we go to the fourth quarter, kyle williams is back to take the punt but kyle get away.
12:16 am
the ball is going to hit his leg. devin thomas recovers. giants take over at the 29-yard line. it was not a good day for kyle. you can't give eli manning that kind of field position. manning for the go ahead touchdown. 17-yarder hits 17-14 giants. niners are able to tie it at 17. they hammered manning like a nail. 49ers sacked him six times and 12 more knock downs. here's willis with this big play. we are going overtime. giants win the toss, they had the punt in the first possession. giants get it a second time. and they get nothing, so they punt to the niners for their second try in overtime and it's kyle williams again. he doesn't knock the ball but
12:17 am
he gets it stripped. number 57 williams rips the ball now 49er fans knew this was the beginning of the educational background as kyle williams just etched his name into the -- beginning of the end as kyle williams just etched his name into the beginning of the end. giants 20-17. they are 5-0 championship games. so close for the niners but they lose the turnover battle and the game as jim harbaugh watches in silence. >> eli manning outplayed alex smith. niners were plus 38 in the turnover margin through the first 17 17 games but they were minus two today. they finished this season with a 14-2 record. it's hard to blame one player for this loss. they didn't stop that manning to cruz combination all game. >> reporter: especially in the first half. but the 49er defense has shown up all season. i don't think tonight was any
12:18 am
exception. talk about having your work cut out for you. when they played the saints last week they played an elite quarterback in drew brees. despite that they were able to sack manning six times, they were in his face and really the 49er defense had all the momentum in this game until that turnover that came in the third quarter that they were needing by a score of 18-10. harbaugh no question on the effects he's had on this team and he's hoping that his team will look at this as a spring board to better things in the future. >> i'm proud of the way our players played. the way they prepared, works, competed. and wasn't there for us today. and in a lot of ways we played well enough to win. and we don't come away with it. it'll be a tough one. it'll take a while to get over but we'll get over it. this team is not defeated by
12:19 am
any stretch of the imagination. a man can be destroyed but he can't be defeated as long as his team knows that there's hope. >> it's hard to put one word on it. frustrated, disappointed for sure. the nfl championship game, it's a lot of work. it's tough road to even get here and you get here and you're so close. but, so it's not good, not a good feeling. >> almost like you're in disbelief. when something happens and you can't believe it really happened. throughout, in our mind we were going to win that game regardless of whatever it took. whether we had to go 100 times in overtime or win it in regulation. in our minds we knew -- that game had to be ours. we were going to win that game but unfortunately it doesn't out that way. >> reporter: the thing about
12:20 am
play off football, you build and build the momentum and when it ends it ends very abruptly. what remains, although it doesn't seem it right now the niners had a very successful season. what remains to be scene, where does it go from here. do they build on something better, that's what folks are hoping out here at candlestick park. >> thanks a lot. that's one of the other questions, will alex smith return as quarterback. but 49ers after the anderson fight, [ mom ] hey guys.
12:21 am
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baltimore traveled to new england for today's afc championship game and like his younger brother jim, john harbaugh could only sit and watch as they get kicked out of the play offs. baltimore head coach john harbaugh message with a well- dressed bill belichick. tom brady looked very human today against the ravens but new england led 2-0 when tom terrific throws this of two interceptions. patriots come right back. ellis so good he needs three names. it's a 7-yard touchdown it's 10- 3 new england. then quarterback joe flacco
12:25 am
orchestrates a throw to smith. ravens take their first lead 17- 16. fourth down at the one yard line, tom brady dives in. that's the hardest yard to get in this league but you can see clearly he put the ball against the yard line. new england takes the lead. lee evans makes the catch in the end zone. not quite. sterling moore knocks it lose just a split second before the touchdown. he saves new england's bacon here. ties the game with 15 second left. billy cundit wide left, no tie, no overtime. and read brother john's lips. he knew it was black sunday. and goes to the seventh super bowls. this was not tom brady's best
12:26 am
super bowl win but he ties for 16. >> as a kid growing up, i was a 49er fan so i got to watch a lot of super bowls. and you pinch yourself to get this opportunity and privilege to be a part of an incredible organization. the quarterback, you never want to turn the ball over and you know you want to hit the open guys, you want to capitalize when you have open receivers and i wish i would have done a better job of that today. you know in some ways you always beat yourself up. i've been doing this for quite a while. i'm glad we won, i'm glad we're moving on. we won 10 straight, hopefully we can make it 11. super bowl xlvi will be a match up of super bowl iv #. giants versus the patriots, giants won that game. but new england are already slight favorites for the game in indianapolis two weeks from today. kgw reports today their oregon ducks chip kelly is working out final details to
12:27 am
jump to the bucks. ducks won the conference title in all three years that kelly has been their code and kelly led them to their first rose bowl victory. the last one to get eliminated tonight serena williams went out in the fourth. makarova wins in four straights. 37 unforced errors. here's your uninspired serena numbers. that is sports as we see it this sunday night. 49ers lose 20-17 in overtime. they finish 14-4 in a sour note. after all that healing maybe we think of what is to come next year. that is our report for
12:28 am
tonight. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time sports breaks. >> make sure to joins for the latest on all this stormy weather. we're always here for you on and mobile ktvu. thank you so much for joining us tonight. we'll see you back here next weekend. ♪ first you take the jumbo jack, then you add two tacos. ♪
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