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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  March 4, 2013 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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it is still stuck tonight. the effort under way right now to free a stolen yacht that ran aground on a bay area beach. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. a tug boat is at work trying to tow a boat to water after it ran aground and got stuck. live now is ken wayne, authorities arrested three people for the salvage operation to try to save the 82-
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foot boat is still under way, ken. >> reporter: it's a luxury sailboat called darling and it's still out there in the surf. a tug line has been tied to it called eagle that's trying to sail it out to sea. tug boat engines put out 1,400 horsepower. the problem is the keel extends 14 feet below and it's likely wedged in the sand. >> he's in the gear with both engines just at an idle speed. he can stay that way until 4:00 in the morning. >> reporter: that's an hour before high tide when crews will assess the situation. a smaller boat tried to tow the boat earlier but the line snagged. the drama began this morning when police were called to linda mar beach. the three people aboard did not
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want assistance, even ignoring a radio tossed on board. >> they just kept waving off any kind of help. they didn't want to eastbound take the radio at first. >> we told them for their safety that the coast guard was commanding them to leave their vessel and order them to obey our commander. mara and motowell finally came ashore. all were arrested on grand theft for allegedly stealing the boat from a sausalito marina. officers say, beer cans and pizza boxes littered the boat. >> then we would have an environmental incident because
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then the oil would be in the sea. >> reporter: the boat hopefully will be towed out of here once it is it'll be taken back into san francisco bay and towed to a marina in richmond where the boat will be looked over and any damages repaired. live in pacifica, ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news. b.a.r.t. says concerns about visibility caused major delays for passengers this evening. a b.a.r.t. spokeswoman told ktvu that train operators reported smoke in the tube. she later described it as more of a haze. b.a.r.t. closed down one track and that caused delays through much of the season. a crew was sent into the tube to investigate and returned to say visibility seemed clear. trains resumed on both tracks at about 8:30 tonight. richmond police are searching for three men seen racing from a shooting. it happened at about 4:30.
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a man was shot and died at the scene. officers say their shot spotter technology alerted them. we checked with police but say no arrests have been made. this is richmond's second homicide this year. a man who was shot and killed today on a busy san francisco street has been identified as 21-year-old dominique scott. witnesses say several shots were fired at the third and palute about 8:30 this morning. police chased the man who was seen running from the scene and arrested him. he is identified at 22-year-old cameron williams. officers say they recovered a gun that was hidden in a wheel well of a car. police detectives lauren butch baker and elizabeth butler's service will be held at hp pavilion to accommodate the large number of mourners. governor jerry brown is expected to be among those in attendance along with hundreds
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of police officers from all over the state and the country. investigators say baker and butler were ambushed by jeremy gulette when they went to question him about sexual assault allegations. ktvu will air the memorial services live in their entirety. our coverage begins at 11:00 a.m. on thursday with the funeral procession. the service is set to begin at noon. new at 10:00, we now know who will oversee the oakland police department. a federal judge has named thomas fraizer as the compliance director. he will begin march 12. fraizer is a former baltimore police commissioner and spent 28 years with san jose police. he will have broad authority in oakland and can even ask for
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the police chief to be fired. and noelle walker joins us now. >> reporter: we've seen some picture taking and heard some oohs and aahs over this last dress rehearsal. tomorrow night it's show time. for most of us the bay bridge is transportation, engineering, utility. for artist leo villareal it's a canvas he's painting with the lights. >> i just wanted the bay bridge to shine in the nation's conscious one more time. >> reporter: practice sessions started in january, tonight the artist is hold up in a dark hotel room working on the finishing touches to turn
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thousands of lights into dancing art. >> if the tests are you know even a portion of what the real thing is going to be. it's going to be good. >> reporter: the installation extends over 1.8 miles of the western span. 25,000 white l.e.d. lights will transform into moving sculpture from dusk to 2:00 a.m. never repeating the same pattern. the artists inspiration comes from the birds, tides, clouds and traffic around the bay bridge. >> when you add the fourth mention -- dimension of the fog and even like tomorrow the rain, it's delightful because it adds to the display. >> reporter: perry's and sinbad's with it's prime water front seats -- >> we're booked up solid for tomorrow night. >> reporter: private donations are paying for this project. the money is coming both from
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large donors and every day donors who can claim and name their very own bay bridge light for $50. reporting live from san francisco, noelle walker. if you don't plan to be at the water way tomorrow night, we're going to be streaming the display on and mobile ktvu. and chief meteorologist bill martin forecast is coming up in 20 minutes. the man accusing the death of a 20-year-old rapper appeared in court today. these are sketches of amar harris in a federal courtroom. harris is fighting extradition to nevada. saying the court must positively identify him as the man wanted by police. prosecutors say harris shot and killed kenneth cherry jr. as they drove down the vegas strip. the shooting triggered a fiery crash that also killed a cab
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driver and his passenger. now to our continuing coverage of the federal budget cuts or sequestration that kicked in last week at the start of march. tonight there is no sign of any movement toward compromise from the white house or republicans. president obama held his first cabinet meeting of his second term and those budget cuts were at the top of the agenda. the president says he will try to find republican partners willing to find a deal. and he stood firm with cuts. >> we are going to try our best to negotiate it but it's not the best way for us to go about deficit reductions. >> reporter: the house is proposing legislation to help the pentagon deal with the cuts by giving it extra flexible with spending. airline passengers can expect longer wait times at airline security because of sequestration. so tom vacar went to san
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francisco airport to gauge the impact. >> reporter: the secretary of homeland security says she heard reports of morning screening delays at l.a.x and chicago o'hare. >> not significantly. i travel every week for work and there really wasn't any delay this morning. >> reporter: no one told us they had any tsa delays at all from any airport. but it's fair to expect problems as soon as budget cuts bite. >> we will begin today sending out furlough notices. we will see these effects cascades over the next week. >> we've been in conversations with all three of the federal agencies, faa, tsa and customs and border protection. >> reporter: sfo expects not just federal employee lay offs but reduced overtime for remaining workers and the hiring freeze that would prevent replacement of those who quit or retire. >> it's going to make it tough for some of these agencies to
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increase their staff to meet peak volume periods. >> reporter: so not only will there be fewer security screeners but fewer air traffic controllers and custom agents as well. all increasing delays. >> i would say 150 to 200% as long as we would normally expect. >> we're just being held hostage as my friend over there said by a group of people who are trying to make political advantage out of our needs. >> reporter: best advice come at least a half hour earlier than you normally would. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. solano county is preparing for their very first buy back. today the chief showed some of the guns his officers removed from the street during routine enforcement last year. >> these are being used in everything from robberies to aggravated assaults to other serious assaults. to you know all sorts of other crimes just about anything you can think of related to using a
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firearm. none of these were used in a homicide. >> reporter: the chief says officers have confiscated more than 40 guns so far this year. the buy back will take place at the county fairgrounds in vallejo from 10:00 to 3 o three -- 3:00 on saturday. handguns and shotguns will get $100 each. and automatic weapons will get $200 each with no questions asked. senators are joining forces on new gun control enforcement. it would make gun trafficking a federal crime along with the strong purchase of firearmless. senators say there is currently no law that defines either. you can make decisions for our future for our children who are living at a hotel in the airport. certain to sink, why we could be seeing more dangerous sink holes like these. but first a violent collision on the caltrans. we'll show you the damage
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caltrain is back on its normal schedule at this hour following an earlier accident on the peninsula. about 6:30 tonight a northbound train struck a car on the tracks at san bruno avenue. fortunately no one was in the car when it was hit and there were no reports of injuries on the train. it's not clear why the car was on the tracks, crews were able
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to move the car and regular train service was restored about 8:00 this evening. a 17-year-old girl walking along san francisco street was hit and killed by a suspected drunk driver. police have now arrested ki era n brewer. he's accused of hitting chan a junior at lowell high school as she was walking down vale avenue. chang was a member of the trackteam. she was scheduled to compete at her first track meet in a week. a former high school football player turned college student is campbell's first homicide in more than five years. ktvu's amber lee is in santa clara now where more than 100 people came out tonight to remember the 18-year-old who may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> reporter: julie, tonight's vigil for richard vega was held here at santa clara high school
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where he graduated last year. friends and family tell us they are shocked by his death. >> reporter: the chill on this march night was easier to bare than the chill in their hearts. family, friends, coaches and teachers gathered on the field where richard vega played football for the santa clara high bruins. >> i think you god for remembering him with that big old smile. remembering him with his crazy jokes, and his little moments. >> reporter: vega was attending deaza college and working at a phone store. someone shot vega who died at the hospital. >> we heard two gunshots. i heard a guy say help me. it sounded really bad. please help me. and i saw him walk along the sidewalk and collapse. i called 911. >> reporter: police don't know if the shooting was targeted or
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random. at tonight's vigil, loved ones say vega a devout christian was at the wrong time at the wrong time. >> he never did harm to anybody. this kid, you could not picture him doing harm to anyone. >> reporter: friends say he was a joy to be around. that he made them better. >> he always had a night. hey coach, how are you. how's your day going. one of those kids. the world needs more of those. they do. >> and i know he loved each and every one of you. >> reporter: everyone we spoke with tonight described vega as a good kid. police say so far no one has been arrested. reporting live amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. we're learning more tonight about a man who died yesterday while competing on the escape
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from alcatraz. he was an attorney from austin texas. he died after plunging into the water. his death is the third in the history of that triathalon. a water main burst last week. tens of thousands of gallons of water flooded 15th avenue in the city's west portal district last wednesday. more than 20 homes were flooded and sink homes opened up in the street. and in one backyard. since then at least three more sink holes have appeared and one of them in re monday chris kruse's living room. >> there was a floor that got flooded. we pulled the floor up and there it was a little bit of concrete had given way. >> reporter: the sink hole is one of the smaller ones. inspectors have red tagged three other homes and two of the homes share a sink hole that is 20 feet in diameter and
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5 feet deep. >> because of the massive flood that neighborhood had at least some warning that sink holes could appear. but that's not always the case. allie rasmus explains why other neighborhoods could be at risk. >> reporter: engineers insert metal rods into the ground. they're testing the stability of the floor. >> we need to make decisions for our future for our children who were living in a hotel at the airport. >> reporter: this sink hole was caused by a busted water main. but sink holes could happen any where where water runs through the ground. certain types of soil are more vulnerable to erosion and sink holes than other. so what's underneath the concrete in san francisco, much of the city is built on sand.
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the ground underneath this palatial home was sand and clay. and back in 2005 it collapsed after a busted sewer pipe and rain caused the ground to run off. san francisco city engineer says radar devices can detect early signs of a sink hole. but san francisco spreads over 4900 square miles. >> it's almost impossible to survey the entire city for something like this. whether it's caused by flooding or underground streams, sometimes the ground can open up beneath us without much warning. in florida, another sink hole has opened up three miles from where a man was killed when the earth literally
11:51 pm
swallowed up his bedroom thursdays night. this time the sink home appeared in a backyard. this second sink hole has not caused any damage to a home but has made neighbors worry about their safety. rain headed our way. it's going to be here but not until later in the day tomorrow. tomorrow is about increasing clouds as this system teeing up and starts to move in. crowds increasing tonight means overnight lows are going to be in the 30s, upper 30s and low 40s. tomorrow is all about increasing clouds. as we get into the afternoon hours and the evening hours, showers will develop. temperatures outside right now 45 in napa, 46 in concord so kind of mild out there. umbrellas needed not just for tomorrow but as we go into the next few days. when i get back the time line specific with the computer model and the five day forecast we'll see you back here. britain's queen elizabeth checked out of the hospital
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after a bout with a stomach flu. the queen smiled and shook hands with the hospital staff in london. she spent the night in the hospital for monitoring. this was the first time in a decade that the 86-year-old mononarc has been hospitalized. college students bring their demand to the state capital. the mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪ san francisco assemblyman tom amiyano has introduced legislation to accommodate transgender students. ammiano wants a bill that accommodates to their gender. and take part in team sports. religious conservatives have
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said they will fight the legislation. thousands of college students marched on the state capital today as ktvu's ken pritchett reports they are demanding that years of tuition hike be rolled back. >> you can hear the demands in the chants not just tuition hike reversals -- >> we are the students. >> the mighty mighty students. >> reporter: but that higher education should be free. >> i am going to go to school. i am going to leave school with $11,000 in loans. i'm trying to be a lawyer. i'm talking about $20,000 just to go to school. >> reporter: much of that money goes to k through 12 education but higher education receives enough to avoid further cuts. >> this is the first year that we've had since 2007 that we've had funding restored. >> there's a will the of damage that has been done. prop 30 was not the only answer. >> reporter: senator nori says
11:56 pm
she's introduced legislation that will give colleges 20 million years. >> we're the only oil producing state in the nation that does not tax oil that is extracted from our grounds. oklahoma does this, texas does this. alaska does it as well as many other states. >> reporter: this so called oil severance tax has been brought up by several lawmakers. ken pritchett, ktvu news. apple stock has hit the lowest level in more than a year. stock in the cupertino company fell to $720. that is a drop of 40% in the last six months. over all u.s. markets started the week with gains. the dow rose 38 points, and closed within 37 points of its
11:57 pm
all time high. nasdaq gained 12. the markets had been lower for most of the day on concerns china's booming housing market is cooling. jamba juice says it's looking for young folks to fill some 3,500 summer jobs and 500 of those jobs will be right here in the bay area. jamba juice says it supports the obama administration's effort to find summer jobs for low income and disadvantaged youth. wildlife officials revised their rules to include a response guidance team to find a nonviolent way to remove wild animals out of residential areas. fish and game officials have said they were a threat to
11:58 pm
public safety. a retirement home death with ramifications reaching to the bay area. we'll hear from the dispatcher disparate to get someone to do cpr. >> and in news of the
11:59 pm
12:00 am
evacuations in the south bay today after pg & e says a backhoe ruptured a natural gas line in milpitas. this is the scene about 1:20 this afternoon in the area of main street and great mall parkway. firefighters evacuated near by condo complex as a precaution. residents swirl out back in their homes when the leak was capped at about 2:30. authorities in san jose issued a safety in place warning after three burglary suspects were spotted near
12:01 am
campus. a resident on willey way called police when she heard people breaking into her home at about 10:00 this morning. the three suspects ran away and were seen at payne elementary school. they were arrested a few hours later. the san francisco medical examiner has now identified a man shot and killed by a man shot and killed by daly city police officers. aaron sawyer led officers on a chase while driving a stolen car in daly city early saturday morning. the chase finally ended near candle stick park. police shot and killed sawyer after he allegedly pulled a gun on an officer that arrested him. san francisco police say they are going to great lengths to recover a weapon from a car that was stolen from police scars. >> we are sparing no expense and reaching out to see if
12:02 am
anybody has any leads. >> police say the stolen weapon was a semi automatic ar15 similar to this one. it was taken from an unharmed police car over the weekend. police say the gun was hidden and secured inside the car. only especially trained police officers use the ar15. sfpd says it has notified other law enforcement agencies about the theft. a police investigation and possible new state law are in the works stemming from the death of a woman in a retirement home while a nurse stood by and wouldn't save her. ktvu's deborah villalon is live in redwood city in a nursery home owned by the same company. >> we can't do cpr. >> reporter: company policy was why no resuscitation was tried on an 87-year-old resident who had a heart attack at this
12:03 am
senior facility in bakersfield last week. >> it's a human being. is there anyone willing to help this lady and not let her die? >> not at this time. >> they won't touch her at all. a gardener, any staff. can we flag someone down in the street and get them to help this lady? >> if you listen to it. it's horrifying. >> reporter: pat mcginnes is a long time watchdog. >> what they did wasn't illegal. >> reporter: not illegal she said but unethical. >> to stand there and watch somebody die. i don't know i think that would be very difficult. >> reporter: the same company owns seven bay area facilities. all but one offering independent living which offers no oversite and little medical care included. our inquiries were cut short. >> we're not speaking to the media today. you can leave our premises, please, thank you.
12:04 am
>> reporter: management in bakersfield has supported the facility. >> we've had years and years and years of many friends here and it's always been very good. >> i'm sure it's happened before. >> reporter: if not for the release of the 911 tape this debate wouldn't even be happening. >> oh i can choke on a piece of meat and they're going to let me die, i don't know. >> reporter: there was no do not resuscitate order for the woman who died. but her relatives have said they have satisfied with how it was handled. at least one state lawmaker is now talking about new oversite on independent living facilities. reporting live in redwood city, deborah villalon, ktvu news. more details now, brook dale the seven company has seven facilities here in the area. they are in brentwood, san jose, santa rosa, san jose,
12:05 am
scots valley and redwood city. the baby who was delivered during an emergency procedure yesterday at its parents lay dying, unfortunately that baby also died today. the newlyweds died within hours. doctors performed an emergency c section on the mother but they say the 4-pound baby died today from trauma. new york investigators say 44-year-old julio acevedo is the prime suspect as the hit- and-run suspect. avecedo was charged last month with drunk driving and served time in time for a killing. avecedo was driving very fast during the crash because someone was shooting at him -- avecedo told his friend that he was driving very fast during the crash because someone was
12:06 am
shooting at him. the cardinals sent a letter of gratitude to former pope benedict xvi who stepped down last week. in kenya, hundreds of people went to the polls endured long lines and the threat of violence from separatists. this is the first special election since the one in 2007 that was marred by ethnic violence and left more than 1,000 people. in brazil, police and soldiers moved into two shanti towns to reclaim them from drug gangs. brazil has been trying to clean up rio before soccer's world cup next year and the summer olympic games. police said they made several arrests they also hoisted the flags of brazil and the state of rio de janeiro to show they are in charge. joe biden tried to reassure israel and its american supporters of a meeting of a powerful proisrael lobby.
12:07 am
he said that the u.s. would use military force to stop iran's nuclear program if all else fails. >> big nations can't bluff and presidents of the united states cannot and do not bluff. and president obama is not bluffing. he is not bluffing. >> israeli prime minister appeared by a video link and said the u.s. threat is necessary to keep iran from developing nuclear weapons. president obama announced three major appointments to his cabinet. burwell currently chairs wal- mart charitable foundation. the president tapped gin amc carthy. a chase ends in a cash.
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>> also parking in one part of san francisco just got more expensive. back here in 10 minutes tracking rain, you are going to need an umbrella and it will have an impact on the commute. back here in 10 minutes. >> we don't get a lot of that. so that does spark a little [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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new video tonight of a crash in oakland following a police chase. this is the crash scene at keller avenue and mountain boulevard. the chase began around 8:40 on 98 avenue. initial reports indicate that police believe the driver was armed and selling weapons.
12:11 am
following the crash the driver took off on foot. officers have been searching the area with guns drawn and they have a helicopter overhead and the search is continuing at this hour. police are investigating a hate crime. a customer found a dangling news in the bathroom of the starbucks. the customer reported the discovery to an african american employee who fears it was intended as a hate crime. >> finding a noose any where is unusual. we don't get a whole lot of that. starting tonight for meters cases that surround at&t park. cara liu has a run down on a the new rules and new rates and also what people are saying about them. >> reporter: marking near at&t
12:12 am
park just got more expensive. meters are now being enforced. meters will be 25-cents an hour after 6:00 p.m. when there's no game. but on game days and special events, metered parking will cost you $7 an hour close to the ballpark in the area between bryant, fifth street, mission bay and the embarcadero. >> that seems kind of high for me for an hour during the game day. you want to stay a while and enjoy it. it seems high but i suppose you pay a premium. >> if it's easy to find a parking space that means that people don't have to circle around or attempt to double park. >> reporter: the new rates are also meant to keep some spaces available for local businesses. those who live and work near by have mixed reactions. >> kind of sucks, they're going
12:13 am
to make me walk more. >> on game day it seems like a good idea because it frees up for the people who need to be here and aren't going to park for four hours on the street. >> reporter: the change affects about 1,000-meter spaces that neither have no time limit or four hour limit. sf park says they do plan to start issuing tickets later this week. in san francisco, cara liu, ktvu news. in less than 24 hours we will see a big change in the weather. the precise amount of rain that will fall and why it could be bigger news in the higher elevations. my complete forecast just minutes away. a word you don't often hear associated with hiv. cure. the baby providing hope to hiv positive patients and the treatment that left her without a trace of the what do you think of this one?
12:14 am
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the owner of the happy hound restaurant is vowing to reopen within a month. that after an early morning fire that cost about $40,000 in damage. the restaurant has been in business for more than 40 years and many customers are more like fans of the business that's how much they like it. firefighters think that the fire began in a storage area and was probably sparked by an overloaded electrical strip. reports of a toddler cured of hiv is a major milestone in aids research. >> reporter: right now many thousands of adults and some children use a three drug regimen that if taken every day makes hiv disappear. >> it happened to me. and i had it since 94. >> would you continue to take the drugs. >> of course like clock work. >> reporter: a doctor
12:17 am
administered large doses to a child born with hiv. and two years later without any more doses. she's been cured. >> they don't know why the drug worked so much more effectively this time. possibly using more of the drugs, sooner. >> reporter: at san francisco's mission center, michela hoffman overseas hiv services. it's been nine years since the lastive hiv positive baby was born in san francisco. about 100 million nationwide but in developing countries 2 million children have hiv. >> this may be something that we can cure. it really is a great optimistic boost to our efforts to find a cure for hiv. >> reporter: at the aids ward helped perfect this treatment. but it offers little for adults with hiv. if they stop the drugs the virus rebounds worse than
12:18 am
before. health and science editor, john fowler. breaking news now. we have just learned that san francisco police have found that assault rifle that was stolen from a police car. the semi automatic ar15 was similar to the one you're looking at there. it was taken from an unmarked police car this weekend and police say it was hidden and secured in that car when it was stolen. police wanted to get the word out now that that ar15 has been found. tracking some rain finally. dry january, very dry february. we're going to get some showers right off the bat. this is the system we're tracking. the center of the system is going to track to north of the bay area as we go into the next 24 hours. showers offshore now but as we head into tomorrow this area is going to swing into the north baby late in the day. by about sunset we will see showers developing around santa rosa and heelsburg. rainfall accumulations hopefully a half inch,
12:19 am
hopefully an inch. it's going to be a cool storm, a winter storm warning goes into effect for the lake tahoe area. snow levels are down there. they could get 1-1/2 of snow. tomorrow clouds increase. tomorrow is a lot like today till lunchtime then it gets real cloudy. by the sunset you will see showers in the north bay. by the overnight hours by the 10:00 news tomorrow night we will have live storm tracker 2 show up. those showers push through late tonight early tomorrow morning. and what that means is, not early morning, late tomorrow night early wednesday morning what that means is your wednesday morning commute is going to be damp. it's going to be a slow commute. i don't know if we will -- not a huge storm but a storm and that's what we need. so the forecast at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. not bad. clouds increase all day. showers at 7:00 in santa rosa. showers at 10:00 moving into
12:20 am
san rafael and into oakland and san francisco. and then showers glide through the morning commute and that's your morning commute. widely scattered showers, wet on the roadway but we're not done. we go into evening, 6:00 in the evening, wet roads, a little bit of drizzle. then we go throughout the day and into early morning and you get a thundershower here and thursday afternoon more scattered showers. that type of activity is not going to get you a will the of rain in the buckets it just won't. we could see an inch. we might even see an inch and a half in some places but that scattered shower stuff i showed you after the frontal passage on wednesday night into thursday. that doesn't really get you a lot. but it's coming, we need it. it's good. five day forecast looks like this. we have plenty of showers on wednesday. looks like they will last into thursday. weekend it warms up and dries up again. good we're getting some rain. >> we need anything we can get. >> thank you bill. this year a new record was set for the number of nominees
12:21 am
submitted for the nobel peace prize. there have been 259 nominees of those 209 have been for people. 50 for organizations. among the nominees 15-year-old malala yousafzai. an education activist. bradley manning the u.s. army soldier, and pussy riot, well, well, well.
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you probably wouldn't expect to encounter horses on a freeway ramp in contra costa county but that's exactly what happened this morning. these two horses escaped from their pasture and wandered on to the pacheco ramp. fortunately some good samaritans came along, stopped their car and herded the horses to the side of the road. the animals were taken back to their ranch in martinez and animal services blames lose fencing for the escape. warriors had a little horsepower tonight. they did well. >> yeah and were ready for that switch. because out on the road they weren't looking good. the flaws exposed out on the road. for whatever reason just seemed
12:25 am
to be a little less obvious when they hit the home floor. even with this victory over toronto, warriors are not a team that exude confident. although they will get out on the break and always happy to have andrew boden back on the line up. and curry looking agile enough. four rebounds on the night. they were up by eight at half. curry dishing out 12 assists tonight to go to 26 points david lee the beneficiary there. he had 29 points 11 rebounds as usual. but toronto's rudy gay back from an injury is looking healthy again. you might call it charging, that ref did not. 26 points for gay. warriors down seven, entering the fourth. look at the rookie, harrison barns going to the hoop and won. so end warriors four game slide. they're at home all week. it'll be a tall order literally for either cal or
12:26 am
stanford women to get over the top ranked baylor. they turn their 6'8" center lose tonight. greiner the dunk, her first on the home floor since she was a freshman. have another look at it. baylor 18-0 in the big 12. it's worth yet another look. spectacular shot if you didn't see it yesterday. high school play off, new rochelle looked like they were going to lose it but it's a victory for them as calell steals a shot, throws it in and it goes. new rochelle 61-60 over mount vernon. that kid is a hero. they first ruled it no good.
12:27 am
then they looked at it and it is good. you're going to see plenty of nfl players changing uniforms one of them will be the soon to be place kicker for the 49ers david akers at age 38 coming off
12:28 am
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