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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  March 13, 2013 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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the selection of a new pope breaks new ground. why he's considered a surprising choice to lead the catholic church. good evening, everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> the new pope chose the name francis. one of the firsts for the leader of the catholic church.
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jorge mario bergoglio is from argentina. it is a historic selection, yes, but for the millions of progressive catholics in the united states, there's little in his background to indicate any change to the church's conservative stance on issues such as abortion, contraception, gay marriage, or the role of women in the church. >> there are some other aspects of the new pope that set him apart as well. he apparently rode the bus to work in buenos aries and cooked his own food. >> reporter: the sight of the white smoke ignited a chilling roar from those in vatican city. the bells of st. peters basilica started rang. at about 8:15 p.m.
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in vatican city, pope francis emerged from the balcony. [ cheering ] >> reporter: the first pope from south america. the first pope to name himself francis, and the first pope who is a jesuit. is known as a man who can blend first world with third world. old with with new. in a sign some say shows his humility. >> first, i ask a favor of you. >> reporter: he asked catholics around the world to bless him. >> i ask that you pray to the lord so that he blesses me. >> reporter: so pope francis bowed, and absolute silence
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descended on vatican city. >> at one point, i got chills just from the silence and the respect that everyone had around me. >> reporter: francis will celebrate his first mass tomorrow in the sistine chapel. on tuesday, he will officially be installed as the pope. mike mibach, ktvu, channel 2 news. our team coverage continues with ktvu's maureen naylor, she's live in santa clara, tonight, she poke with the man who knows the new pope better than most after working with him for decades. >> one of pope francis's close friends happened to be here in the south bay. they were excited about the first pope from south america, known for his humility, and simple living. alfonzo gomez has seen the new pope's life up close. father gomez wasn't the only
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one surprised. i asked if cardinal bergoglio ever thought he would be pope after his name came up after benedict. >> part of it was his age. he thought they would elect somebody who was a little younger than himself. although, people kept saying to him, this can happen to you, you know? >> reporter: he describes the new pope as intelligent, a good listener. known for making necessary changes, with a love of opera, and reading. >> he cooks his own meals, sufficient like that. very much sort of the, i guess kind of the way christ lived. that life of simplicity. >> reporter: at our lady of peace in santa clara tonight, church members recited the new leader's name. >> there's a part in the mass that we pray for the pope and the bishop, so it was
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beautiful. it sounded very natural to hear. >> reporter: as the sunset on a historic day for the catholic church, members celebrated their new leader. >> they're very, very happy. >> reporter: for gomez said pope francis had lung problems years ago, but that he has enough energy for the job. >> more details on the pope's positions. as a cardinal he clashed over legalizing same-sex marriage in that country. calling it a destructive attack on god's plan. he also said gay adoption is discrimination against children. and on the topic of abortion, he called it a death sentence for unborn children. >> the church needs to get out of the business of protecting priests, and get more into
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following the laws of reporting child abuse. >> the church treated abuse as a religious issue, but it's really a criminal issue. he told us, he's heard a lot of words from the church, but not a lot of concrete action. >> the pope is expected to meet with his predecessor, benedict xvi. the meeting is expected to take place just south of rome, where benedict has been living. at we have a tab dedicated to the pope's selection, including his first public address as pope, along with more local reaction. we are learning new details tonight about the arrests made during last week's crime sweep in oakland. police tell us they arrested 17 people as part of the violence reduction program known as
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operation cease-fire. police believe most were gang members. those arrested are between 18 and 35 years old. most face charges related to having or using a gun as well as conspiracy to commit a crime. fire investigators in antioch are trying to determine the cause of a house fire later today. it happened at h, and 4th streets just before 5:30 this evening. firefighters arrived to find smoke and flames pouring out of the victorian home. they said the fire started in a rear bedroom. the sole resident wasn't there at the time of the home. damage is estimated at $200,000. in solano county, investigators stopped fires burning along red top road in fairfield. there were no injuries reported. authorities did search a nearby hillside, but were not able to find a shirtless man who was
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reportedly seen holding a gas can right after the fire started. musicians with the san francisco symphony are on strike today. they walked off the job today in a contract dispute over salary and benefits. >> reporter: julie you probably noticed there are no picketers behind me, so in that sense, it's not a traditional strike. unless you hold tickets tomorrow, you might know the symphony has gone silent. he's second chair basoonist to the symphony. >> there's not a day i cannot allow myself to adequately prepare. >> reporter: he is rehearsing in his home studio. disappointed to be on strike. >> the attention we prefer is taking our instruments onto the stage, and performing as professional musicians.
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♪ [ music ] >> reporter: as contract negotiations reached a crescendo yesterday, they wore arch rival dodger caps to point out their l.a. counterparts are paid more. >> the third highest paid orchestra in the country. we really think that's important. >> reporter: the symphony director says revenues are not keeping pace with production costs. today, musicians began their strike with around the hall. >> it's a very sad day at the symphony, this is what we do. our musicians are the center of why we're here. >> reporter: sticking points are health benefits and pay. musicians average $165,000 a year. pay they say is necessary to keep elite orchestra status. >> the idea of attracting young player to the symphony is something we're very concerned about.
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that's our lifeblood. >> reporter: he is not ready to play the symphony's swan song. >> i'm always hopeful. >> reporter: this symphony picked up its 15th grammy recently. nobody wants the strike to go on. he will be offering up another contract proposal tomorrow. reporting live in san francisco, noel walker, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> more details now, this is not the first time the symphony's contract neglect sageses have hit a low note. we found this video in our ktvu archive. and more recently in 1996. extra police plan to be on hand at an east bay high school in the morning following the discovery of a threatening note. the note was found in the girl's bathroom yesterday. we have blurred out the profanity, but the rest of the note says i hate everyone at this school. watch me shoot everyone on march 14. i swear to god.
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parents and students are a bit apprehensive. >> it's a scary thing, and it's definitely not something you want to hear, but i also don't want to live in fear and i don't want her to live in fear. >> her son said it was probably some kids wanting attention, but he also said he may not go to school tomorrow. 22-year-old calvin snead was killed last june in a drive- by shooting. it happened in the bay view neighborhood. prosecutors say the parents of a 17-year-old girl blame snead for dragging their daughter into prostitution. the parents and their two alleged accomplices are now facing three charges, including murder. they are all due back in court later on this month. the dow keeps climbing. today was its ninth consecutive up day. the dow industrials rose 5 points to close at another record high. nasdaq gained 2. the dow has posted gains every day this month. a report from the commerce
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department helped drive the market. it says americans are spending more. some of it due to the higher gas prices we've been paying. a plane crash near a bay area airport. the critical piece that may have fallen off the plane before it went down. >> a change in the law could mean a change in the way bars do busine mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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a small plane accident in the south bay tonight. this is what it looked like at reed hill airport, when the pilot said his landing gear had collapsed. the pilot said it appears the wings may have broken partially apart from the lane. it's possible that bars and clubs in california may be allowed to serve alcohol until 4:00 a.m. san francisco state senator, mark leno has proposed that idea, because he says it will boost the local economy. amber lee is live in the city tonight, where some people think extending last call will bring some big headaches. and not just for those who are drinking. >> reporter: frank, we're inside tupelo in the northeast. an area known for its vibrant nightlife. the question is how will it affect businesses and residents. every drink that's poured is
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money that flows into the economy. the owner of tupelo bar and restaurant says two additional hours of alcohol service will make a difference. >> to allow businesses to maximize their ability to have profits, and san francisco in general, i think has always been a place for people to come for nightlife. >> reporter: if passed, it would allow cities to partner with the state to come up with a plan that would include community input in allowing certain establishments to serve alcohol until 4:00 a.m. supporters say currently, there are at least 25 cities, including chicago, new york, and washington, d.c. which allow alcohol service beyond 2:00 a.m. >> if there were enough employees that you know willing to work the extra hours, it would then be putting more money into san francisco. >> reporter: this north beach resident says problems from
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bars are already a headache. >> there's usually a couple of fights every week on north beach. some people in my building, we don't go out past 10:00, because there's too many fights going on at north beach. >> you're going to have more people on the street. you're going to have more disorderly country, which requires more manpower from the police. >> reporter: others point out, not everyone works 9 to 5:00, and san francisco is a global city, which attracts tourists from all over the world. so a change in the law is necessary to keep up with the times. >> if we want to maximize the ability to bring tourism to san francisco, it's important to be competitive. >> reporter: if approved, the law would go into effect january 1, 2014. reporting live in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. a bay area congresswoman is raising questions about how the
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army dealt with rape allegations against jamie goulet. he's the man police say shot and killed two detectives last month. in the army, he was court- martialed on charges of raping two women. the charges were dropped in exchange for less than honorable discharge. there is new information tonight about the santa clara man accused of sending a death threat to state senator leeland yee. today, a chp report on that case was unsealed. the investigator says the emails sent indicated the writer was upset about efforts to ban assault rifles, and the email went on to say quote i'm a trained marine sniper. i have 39 confirmed kills in afghanistan. don't make me get to 40.
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the marines say it finds no record of basham in service. indisputable evidence a former middle school teacher engaged in sex acts with students. he was arrested last september on sexual abuse charges. days later, he killed himself in the backseat of his car. police say he left behind photos and videos that support the allegations of abuse in addition, police say he secretly made sex videos of juveniles and adults. continuing coverage now of today's selection of a new pope. tonight, many latin americans are celebrating, and it is an especially proud moment for people from argentina. ktvu's eric rasmussen heard from some of them who now call the bay area home. >> the sight of cardinal jorge
11:49 pm
bergoglio appearing as francis. >> i'm so excited for this. >> everybody is calling us to congratulate us. >> reporter: michelle nuevo's family has owned the argentinian gift store since 1962. >> it was all about jfk, the civil rights movement. to see a pope elected of noneuropean dissent. it is a change for the catholic church. as a san francisco, i'm a progressive catholic, and we'd like to see more great things come out of the catholic church. >> reporter: he left argentina just five years ago, and says the cardinal gained his reputation of fighting for the poor. >> he was working with them. >> reporter: the owner of this
11:50 pm
restaurant moved here in 1998, tonight in spanish he told me this is a great day. not just for his country, but all of latin america. he expects the celebration to go well through the weekend. eric rasmussen, ktvu, channel 2 news. ♪ [ music ] fog returning to the coast now, spilling over into the san francisco airport area. temperatures outside are in the 50s. even 61 in concord right knew. still kind of warm. the daytime highs in the inland valleys yesterday. upper 70s and low 80s, with more fog tomorrow, slightly cooler. it's going to show fog. 6:00a.m. tomorrow morning, fog along the coast, maybe a little bit of fog along the bay. this morning, we had that dense fog advisory, could happen again tomorrow morning. look for that. by about lunchtime, starts to clear out. these are high clouds that move in overhead. another reason for slightly cooler daytime highs for your thursday. but not cold. still in the 70s. when i come back, specific
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numbers for your day tomorrow, and the cool down as it moves us into the bay area weekend. some of the chairs at a plaza in san francisco are being removed, because that area has become a gathering point for transients. the city asked for the removal of some of the red chairs set out for people to enjoy in jane warner plaza. that plaza is located at 17th and castro. some say the homeless backpackers there are intimidating people who want to use that plaza. the california proposal that is a first. also -- >> we're growing and exploding in our size. >> in seven minutes, hiring for hundreds of jobs. what we learned about the hello?
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the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on.
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a roadway improvement project has encountered an unexpected obstacle. drivers keep crashes, and that creates new repair work. >> reporter: evidence of the latest crash along this newly redone section of capitol expressway, a driver veered off the road, and took out a light pole, creating another headache for work crews. >> trying to improve the neighborhood. >> reporter: brandy childress is with the valley transportation authority, the agency in charge of this project. $8.5million is being spent here on new sidewalks, fencing, and light poles. since work started two years ago, there have been several similar crashes along the express way with repair work costs thousands of dollars. >> a little disheartening when you see some of the damages that are done. car accidents are going to happen, but we are going to be able to fix these relatively easily. >> reporter: police weren't
11:55 pm
able to tell me whether speed has been a factor in any of these recent crashes. drive the expressway, and you will notice people tend to go fast. >> i hear the cars going real quick. >> reporter: neighbors tell me, reckless driving is certainly appear issue around here. saying seeing this damage is disappointing, because this project has given pedestrians a safe place to walk. >> our taxes go to that. make it look nice, and we brag about how pretty it looks. now we can walk down the sidewalk. >> reporter: the vta spokesperson told me today, no additional taxpayer money will have to be spent for repairs. she's confident the agency will be able to recoup the cost through insurance, and forcing drivers who caused damage to pay up. ktvu, channel 2 news. a search for a missing oakland woman has now been called off.
11:56 pm
31-year-old erica maskkaleres's cell phone places her at the golden gate bridge at about the same time a person jumped from the span. they have not recovered a body. state lawmakers are now considering a bill that would allow students at public universities to use credit from online institutions. if approved it would be the first in the country to address impacted campuses. supporters say the bill is needed so that california's public universities can immediate the demand for basic required courses. it also calls for a panel that would approve the content of those online courses. a 15-year-old girl is taking home a $20,000 scholarship prize from the prestigious intel science contest in washington, d.c. she finished 10th out of 40
11:57 pm
national finalists. her project involved research that improved the speed and efficiency of computer algorithims. she is currentlying about home schooled. however, she takes afternoon classes at stanford, and an afternoon school program at palo alto high.
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new at 10:00, students graduated from college are starting the process now of looking for a job. ktvu's christian captain is live on the bcu campus is telling us why someone traveled hundreds of miles just to be at that job fair. >> reporter: we watched as a steady stream of students walked in, and out of the front doors here of the memorial mining building looking for work. while the job prospects are bright for some like engineers, for others, it will still be a
12:01 am
struggle. they visited one booth after another from tech companies. tara says she's looking to fill 300 positions and traveled 700 miles to berkely, looking for the best. >> we're hiring in sunnyvale, denver. >> reporter: she considered leaving school a few years ago, with a master's degree, but opted to stay. >> yeah, the jobs weren't really out there anyway. so i thought why not stay a little longer and get a little more specialized, maybe i could be more marketable. >> reporter: attorney mike bern says job prospects for students in the tech field are bright. >> if you have those skills, it's very promising. for the rest of us, it remains very competitive. >> reporter: he says grads out of the tech field need to get in any way they can. >> get in the door.
12:02 am
whether it's taking a part time position, taking a contingent position, a contract position. whether it's volunteering. the important thing is get in the door. >> reporter: getting a foot in the door is even more important, because more and more companies are looking for internal candidates. so that part time, or volunteer job could lead to a full time job. some report receiving as many as 400,000 resumes a year. we're live on the uc berkely campus. christian captain, ktvu, channel 2 news. the irs says a filing error by america's biggest tax preparation firm h and r block could lead to delays. the problem involved the form 8863, which must be filed for a student tax credit. the agency says it could mean a delay on returns of up to 6 weeks. h and r block says the problem with the handling of those forms has now been fixed.
12:03 am
blackberry is hoping for a comeback with its new z10 phone. today, the company got the biggest single order it's ever had. blackberry wouldn't name the company. but said it's one of blackberry's established partners. blackberry's stock closed the day up more than 8%. the new touch screen z10 phone is september to launch on march 22. today, facebook announced an update, calling it cleaner. the company says users will see better organization, with posts on the right side of the page and photos, music, and recent activity on the left. the changes are expected to continue rolling out over the coming weeks. san francisco's solar energy program is about to receive $2 million in new funding. >> that's invaluable for this program. it's one that has helped us, and helped homeowners. and not profits throughout the city get the kind of solar
12:04 am
panels that you see here to reduce their energy use. >> san francisco mayor ed lee made the announcement today from the roof of the boys and girls club. the go solar sfu program offers incentives for local businesses, homeowners and nonprofits. also today, the obama administration approved three projects in california and nevada. two solar projects, the mccoy solar project. the third project is the search light energy wind project south of las vegas. scientists say an earthquake warning system that's being developed worked this week. a prototype in pasadena gave 35 seconds warning before monday's 4.7 quake in riverside county. the system doesn't actually predict earthquakes. what it does is defects the first pulses of energy when a fault ruptures. 35 seconds may not sound like
12:05 am
much, but it can actually be just enough time to take cover, or possibly shut down trains. in venezuela, the late president hugo chavez seems to be as popular as ever. in the middle east, the group save the children is detailing the traumatic impact on children of the war in syria. it says 2 million children have been impacted by that war in some way. 1 in 3 has been injured. 2/3 have been separated from their families. a third have lost a loved one. refugees try to offer some mental health support. in mexico, scientists say the number of monarch butterflies has dropped nearly
12:06 am
60% this winter. the monarch's migrate from the u.s. and canada to escape the cold. some blame climate change, others point to pesticides. police have arrested a man accused of stealing thousands of pills from a pharmacy. he broke into the palo alto medical foundation on march 2. they say he stole a large amount of prescription drugs, including oxycodone, and morphine. he was arrested three days later. in all, police say he stole more than 10,000 pills. a pope from the americas. >> the first of its kind. >> in ten minutes, a break from tradition, and why we found pride in the name he's chosen. >> bill martin is updating the forecast. he's back with 10:45 with the trend you're going to no
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new at 10:00 tonight, davis police say they're investigating the beating of a 32-year-old gay man over the weekend as a possible hate crime. tonight, mikey partida remains hospitalized. his family says he and another man were walking home from a party sunday morning, when a man started harassing him, and called him a gay slur. police say that's when the man began beating partida. the attack may cause long term neurological problems. >> davis police say they have identified a suspect, and hope to make an arrest soon. the marin county family of
12:10 am
american taliban john walker lynn says it is grateful the government will not appeal a ruling, allowing lin and fellow muslims to hold prayer in prisons. the prison had allowed them to pray together, but only for one hour a week, citing security risks. in january, the court ruled in favor of lind. democrats and republicans seem to be about as far apart as possible on a federal budget. senate democrats presented theirs today. jennifer davis reports it came after a challenge from a republican leader in the house. >> if you don't like our plan, offer your own. >> reporter: senate democrats are doing exactly that. unveiling a budget proposal they say ask balanced with equal amounts of spending cuts, and new tax revenue. budget chair patty murray is also calling for a $100 billion stimulus. >> the highest priority is to
12:11 am
create the conditions for job creation, economic growth, and prosperity built from the middle out, not the top down. >> reporter: senate republicans say it's nice their offering up their first budget in four years. >> i'm calling on my democratic friends to shelf the extremist liberal budget we've been hearing so much about. >> reporter: president obama returns to capitol hill, this time to reach out to house republicans. >> i thought that we had a very frank, and candid exchange of ideas. frankly, i think it was productive. >> reporter: partisan divisions were still on display during the debate of the house gop that wants to reform entitlement programs and repeal obama care. >> this republican budget once
12:12 am
again takes an idealogical uncompromising approach to addressing that budget challenge. >> reporter: the president does not typically visit lawmakers often on capitol hill, but he's headed back again on thursday to meet with senate republicans and house democrats. in washington, jennifer davis, fox news. pittsburg and bay point residents will have a chance to turn in guns for cash. police will pay $50 for weapons that don't work, $200 for semi automatic handguns, shotguns, and rifles. and $300 for assault weapons. santa clara county is holding its second gun buy back event on march 23. this is video from the county's last gun buy back early this month. the second event will be held in san jose. they're offering $100 for handguns and $200 for assault weapons. finally, an end date for
12:13 am
the devil's slide project. when you will be able to drive through those $400 million tunnels. >> there's real pride over the pope's choice
12:14 am
12:15 am
after seven years and more than $400 million, two new tunnels on highway 1 now have an opening date. the tunnels run between pacifica and montara, and awill you drivers to bypass that notorious stretch of highway 1, known as devil's slide. the tunnels are expected to open on monday, march 25. the $439 million tunnels were paid for with federal emergency funds. work on a new eastern span of the bay bridge is also progressing, heads toward a labor day opening. ktvu got a close look at the work done to protect the
12:16 am
tables, which are actually 17,000 individual wires. they've been gal vannized with molten zinc, coatedk and then painted several times. that should protect the cables from the elements for 150 years. faulty air bag sensors are causing nissan to recall models. nissan says the faulty sensor can permanently disabled the front passenger seat air bag. owners can take their cars to dealers for inspection. pope francis is a pope of first. he's a jesuit, a south american, and the first to pick the name francis. ken pritchett spoke with bay area catholics today, as they are eagerly learning all they can about their new spiritual leader. >> reporter: the sounds of
12:17 am
bells ringing could be heard. signifying a pope had been elected. in the back, they watched as a new pope was revealed. >> just amazing. >> we have some very difficult times, and he has a lot to deal with. >> i was hoping that it would be a latin american. not an argentinian, i was hoping maybe brazilian. >> reporter: it brought pride to gustavo calderon. >> with the time comes the cross. we had to work with the crisis in the catholic church right now. >> reporter: the choice of the name francis was unprecedented and a surprise. the archbishop says choosing the name suggests pope francis
12:18 am
is not afraid to try something new. >> it is as pope benedict did in resigning. we may see more of that sort of thinking and approach with pope francis. >> reporter: the diocese announced there will be a special mass here at st. mary's cathedral tomorrow at 12:30 p.m. in thanksgiving of pope francis. more details now. california governor jerry brown said he was pleased that a jesuit was elected pope. brown studied to become a jesuit priest when he was a young man at a seminary. the governor also noted that in his day, jesuits weren't allowed to consider higher office. that has obviously now changed. ♪ [ music ] some patchy fog along the coast tonight. it was big time this morning. it was a dense fog advisory. i think we'll see dense fog again tomorrow morning. just pointing out where the jet
12:19 am
stream is. it's following these line of clouds. we're down here, where it's pretty dry. the fog along the coast will fill in tonight, kind of like last night. doesn't show here in this imagery. we will see fog in the morning. temperatures right now are in the 50s, right around the bay. that's the cooling influence of the marine layer. the winds are coming on shore now. the temperatures inland, 65 in antioch, still kind of warm for this time of night, for this time of year. why is it warm? the air is sinking. temperatures today got into the upper 70s, and low 80s. 80 in santa rosa. 80 in fairfield. the warm spot was morgan hill with 84. that's because the air was compressing. the air is going to expand, or the marine, the inversion is going to expand. the warm marine air will filter inland. it can just be the cool moisture air mass. don't have to see it, just cool most air and that will trend
12:20 am
temperatures down. cooler in lafayette and san rafael. the cooling trend is not massive. cooler, but by a few degrees. instead of 80, maybe you're 75 tomorrow. maybe you're 74. this warm, dry pattern, right through the bay area weekend. these are forecast highs. 70s are in the yellows. a few 80s south of san jose. tomorrow we wake up with a lot of fog. i think right along the coast, and i think it could be dense. check out the morning news tomorrow. on friday, this kind of continues as this weak low pressure system stays to the north. cooling, a couple of degrees. look at these numbers. these are forecast highs for thursday. it's not like massive cooling. typically this tile of year, we get a warm up. i say it's going to cool down, and we mean it. it would be in the 50s the next day, but because it is still
12:21 am
winter, but in this case, it's just going to stay 70s, right through the week, and dry. >> typically, you would also say it's going to cool down, and we're going to get some rain. >> exactly. maybe on wednesday a chance for some showers. so we'll see. >> thank you bill. the fda is warning that a popular antibiotic can cause abnormal, and possibly fatal heart rhythms in some patients. it is commonly called z max, or z pack. researchers found a two and a half higher risk of death from heart disease in the first five days of using a z pack when compared to another antibiotic, or no antibiotics at all. the drug may cause changes in the elec
12:22 am
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12:24 am
the first musher across the finish line in alaska's iditarod race is the oldest winner ever. 53-year-old mitch seeivey won the grueling race yesterday. last year, his 25-year-old son was the youngest winner ever. this year, the son finished three hours behind his father. experts say age and experience sometimes trumps youth and
12:25 am
stamina. mark is off tonight. joe is here earlier this week. the warriors crushed the knicks, and kept it going tonight. >> the warriors seem to have regained their mojo after six games of a seven game home stand. the warriors keep the ball alive under the basket here. andrew bogut gets to jarrett jack who finds lee. they were tied at 50 at the half. lee with a good job of spotting harrison barnes. it was steph curry who led the warriors with 31. the warriors win 105-97. they maintain their number 6 spot in the west by a game and a half over houston. stanford against arizona state. aaron bright hits the three, he was fouled. he completes the four point play. he had 27. they head to overtime tied at 79. stanford had no answer for this guy. no one stops carson in the
12:26 am
lane. it's one and out for the cardinal. the frenzy continued in day two of the nfl's free agent season. deashon goldson signed with the tampa bay bucks. the 49ers are looking for help. charles woodson was cut by the packers last month in the salary cap move. woodson was the number 4 overall pick in the 1998 draft picked by the raiders. it was more than a visit for glen dorsey. he signed a two year deal with the 49ers today to address a weakness magnified yesterday by the loss of isaac. dorsey was taken 5th overall in 2008. he's played for the chiefs for five years. he was a starter all that time, but played only four games last season before being placed on injured reserve with a calf injury. the raiders today addressed one
12:27 am
of their major weaknesses in 2012. defense. oakland has signed former browns linebacker. cincinnati defensive tackle pat sims. the broncos have produced another premier target for peyton manning. wes welker will be on the receiving end of manning passes. one other nba note tonight, the lakers kobe bryant is out indefinitely with an ankle injury. they continue to hang onto the 8 spot in the west by a half game. seems like it's going to be coming down to the wire for the last four or five teams. thank you for trusting ktvu, channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> the ktvu morning team continues at 4:30 tomorrow. more on the historic events in
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[ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids? it's nice having u-verse, isn't it?
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see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? no, we watched march madness in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about? and if mom was hosting her book club that day, guess missed it! we couldn't just move the tv all willy-nilly all over the house. ohh! ohh! kids today have it so good. ok. [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv starting at $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.


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