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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  March 18, 2013 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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developing news, police in san jose open fire on a suspect. we just learned what prompted the shooting. i am julie hay nor. >> i am frank somerville. police are on the scene of an officer involved shooting it happened after authorities say he rammed an unmarked police car. more from matt keller he is live in east san jose off of story road. >> reporter: you can see the investigation is going on, more
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than three hours after the shooting. we just got word the suspect has died. the ambulance carrying the dying suspect sped past as we arrived at the scene of the officer involved shooting in the east hills neighbourhood. police officers in unmarked cars saw a stolen vehicle and tried to stop it when investigators say the suspect rammed a parked car and one of the police cars. one officer fired one shot hitting the suspect. >> when i came out my neighbors came out we looked down the street and saw under cover cops, surrounding a white car. >> at this point one of the metro officers got out of the car and the suspect tried to accelerate toward the officer at a high rate of speed. the officer in defense of his life, fired one shot toward the suspect, the suspect was wounded. >> the guy was on the floor,
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and they were doing cpr on him. >> reporter: these photos show what took place after the shooting witnesses say the suspect was driving the white vehicle. investigators say he was take on the valley medical center where he died. investigators only say he is an adult male. a passenger was in the suspect's car. he is being treated as a witness at this time. live in san jose matt keller, ktvu. video from vallejo where our camera caught a lot of police action. officers with swat team members converged on a house and made at least two arrests police are not releasing many details but we know this was happening a thousand yards yards from vallejo's most recent homicide. the killing marked the sixth of the year. in san francisco, a singer
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named michelle shock went on an anti gay rant that stunned people in the audience and many walked out. amber lee is here with more on what she said and an almost unheard of response from yoshi's. >> reporter: the concert took place here management tells me the singer song writer has been banned from performing here again. yoshi's is dark on monday's but michelle shock's rant during last night's concert is still playing out tonight. one audience member tweeted this photo the folk singer reportedly said, god hates and then uses a slur for homosexuals and says you can tweet that i said so. >> last night's events should not ever happen, first time in five years that we had to shut down a show. >> reporter: management showed the message that shock left on stage they say many in the audience of 200 walked out when she made the remarks and management pulled the plug.
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>> my first reaction was turn on the lightget the microphone out of her hands. >> reporter: this is her third performance here there has never been trouble before. she had a relationship with a woman in the past and has a lesbian following. this is how she described herself in video. >> i give myself gender neutrality. i am free to be whoever i want to be. >> reporter: she is reportedly a born again christian. many people never heard of the singer one woman said she disagrees with her but says it is free speech. >> i guess if i want the right to say what i say she need it is right to say what she says but seems like a strange choice of location to voice that opinion. >> reporter: it is offering an apology and refund to patrons other clubs including one close by have cancelled her concerts.
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hillary clinton expressed a change of heart today on the issue of gay marriage. >> lgbt americans are our colleagues, teachers, soldiers, friends, loved ones. and they are fum and equal citizens -- full and equal citizens and deserve the rights of citizenship that includes marriage. >> she made the announcement in a video posted online today. during the 2008 presidential campaign she opposed gay marriage. president obama changed his mind on the issue leading up to last year's election. clinton's announcement is fueling speculation she is considering another reason for president. fbi nearly solved, one of the most infamous crimes 23 years ago two thieves stole, 13 works of art from a museum in boston including, rembrant, and
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manet. agents know the identities of the thieves, but they have not been arrested and the art is still missing. >> they have confirmed the identity of those who entered the museum and others associated with the theft >> the art was traced to connecticut and philadelphia but don't know where it is now. someone may have bought it not realizing it was stolen. former santa clara county supervisor, walked into a courtroom today disgraced and walked out as a convicted felon. he pleaded guilty to a dozen criminal charges for misusing $130,000 in county campaign funds he says that he used the money to feed what he called a gambling addiction. prosecutors said some of the so called campaign funds were solicited so they could be used strictly for gambling. >> that money went through the slush fund that was never made public, that he was taking in money, under false pretenses.
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>> also today, prosecutors said it appears he won $400,000 gambling with that money and those winnings could be used to pay back his debt. prosecutors say by pleading guilty he avoids up to 8 years in state prison he is now facing up to one year in jail. so far, two people, have filed papers to run for the office, to fill his seat. friends and family paid respects in san francisco for a family killed by an alleged drunk driver in daly city. 50-year-old and her two sons died after their car was broad sided by a speeding driver earlier this month. police later arrested a 28-year- old man from sunny vail. he is facing three counts of gross vehicular manslaughter and other charges. decision by the cash strapped postal service to spend millions on a conference
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in san francisco is coming under fire. but the post master general says he can't afford not to attend. protestors are outraged at a time when the u.s. postal service is making drastic cuts, its managers are spending more than $2 million to attend this conference. >> when they are closing plants, taking away jobs from americans. >> yet the post master general says they cannot afford not to attend. this is their best chance to reach their biggest spenders. >> it is a very responsible thing if you take a look in this room the people in this room represent 22 billion dollars of revenue, one third of the revenue in the postal service. >> reporter: vendors say this is their chance to see what is new. >> let them know what we are looking for in mailing and giveus ideas what they have
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coming up we can utilize. >> reporter: cuts keep coming they have reduced cost and delivery routes and elimination of saturday mail come august but there is a huge push towards technology as a way to compete, 40% of postal service revenue comes from online access. >> we've lost 27% of foe it will volume and mail. >> reporter: -- postal volume and mail. >> we are one of the highst rated federal agencies we would hate to see the postal service go under. >> reporter: they sent 160 fewer employees to the conference this year than last year. in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 news. on wall street markets closed down as investors worried about europe's debt crisis, dow last 52 points, nasdaq down 11. the ceo of electronic arts, is
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stepping down. he said that he is responsible for the company's recent financial problems. electronic arts or ea is one of the world's largest video game companies, ea's stock has dropped 60%, during his six year term as ceo. a highway patrol officer is being recognized as the nations top trooper. the the officer in the center of this photo disarmed a suspect who just shot his partner, officer youngstrom he performed cpr on him long enough so when he died his organs could be donated according to his wishes. officer carleton, 26 years old continues to patrol in contra costa county. in less than 24 hours rain will return to the bay area. how it could effect you
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for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪ investigators looking into this weekendest deadly crash near a race way in sacramento
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are focussing on the steering wheel. two people died when the car careened off the track. from the young victim's hometown, in santa rosa. heather. >> reporter: julie, the principal here at the middle school tells me when students return from spring break next week they will gatt inner the gym for -- gather in the gym for a special assembly. as you can see tonight, candles glow in honor of the well liked teen who loved basketball and sprint car racing. a table in the school's courtyard reflects a community's pain. >> we are such a tight, close knit community, something like this effects everybody. >> reporter: saturday 14-year- old marcus johnson was in the pitt area, watching his cousin complete warm up laps when the car suddenly went off the track and struck the santa rosa teen and another spectator, killing them both. >> i was completely shocked i
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just didn't think that was possible, not marcus. >> reporter: basketball coach, and teacher, patrick eagle described him as a dream kid and player. >> always supportive of his teammates, never said anything mean, tried hard all the time just an all around terrific kid. >> reporter: investigators are looking into whether the car's detachable steering wheel malfunctioned. his father said his nephew chase johnson had taken precautions with the wheel. >> he checked it. i watched him check it myself. i don't know how it could come apart. >> reporter: they were said to be more like broughtcome from a long tradition of racing. at the family's muffler shop a picture and words of remembrance for the eighth grader. >> i am going to miss him a lot. it is so crazy he is not here any more seemed like just yesterday we were playing basketball. >> reporter: the 17-year-old chase, johnson is an
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accomplished driver. he was last year's series champion. his father released a statement saying the family has been racing for four generations and loves the sport. frank and julie, it has now brought them so much pain. authoritys in sacramento say a convicted graffiti artist may have been tagging a bridge when he fell to his death over the weekend. the body of the 22-year-old was discovered by a street sweeper saturday morning underneath an overpass on interstate 80. he was one of several vandals convicted in 2009 for about 300 cases of tagging that cost $80,000 to clean up, he was also convicted in 2011. people in oakland say they have seen a huge increase in the amount of graffiti along the 880 corridor just south of downtown. the brand new bart connector has already been tagged in
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addition to highway ramps, businesses, homes and delivery trucks. >> gotten a little out of hand they are starting to spray paint the curbs now. anything we even made a joke the other day we saw an abandoned couch. >> oakland city councilman says there are plenty of anti vandalism laws on the books but a lack of enforcement and just two city crews to do all the clean up. state officials voted to issue $8.6 billion in bonds for the high speed rail project it is to link northern and southern california with trains. they want to sell $2.5 billion of the bonds construction is set to begin on the first segment in central valley this summer. opponents of the high speed rail project filed a new lawsuit in an effort to stop construction.
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it argue it is agent is misleading voterthe project is misguided and unfeasible. they claim the project approved in 2008 is drastically different than the one currently in the works. two men indited for a scheme to funnel $20 million out of the state's pension fund. the former ceo of california public employees retirement system and former board member, of fabricating documents that tricked people into paying $20 million in fees to the firm apollo they are facing fraud, obstruction of justice and other charges the sec also sued them last year. los angeles jury heard opening statements. he started using the name clark
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rockefeller after the 1985 death of sovas. his remains were discovered in 1994. they are suggesting his wife killed him. pope francis is set to be officially installed in just a couple hours. earlier he met with the president of argentina, a woman he once clashed with. there rome on the preparations for the inauguration mass. >> reporter: sounds of tractors, as workers set up barriers inside, all part of the last minute preparations for the inauguration mass for pope francis, the new head of the catholic church along with barriers, plenty of police providing security not just for the pope, but the more than 100 leaders from around the world here to witness the historic event. that group including vice president biden, the first catholic to hold the office. meeting with italian heads of
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state before witnessing the ceremony tomorrow. pope francis meeting with argentinean president, although the two clashed over certain social issues while he was the archbishop of buenos aries it was all thanks today. inside the vatican, officials unvailing the papal ring and coat of arms. >> the ceremony will start at the tomb of st. peter in is center. the mass will take place on the square according to tradition is the location of the martyrdom of st. peter. >> reporter: it will be a packed house as more than a million touristpilgrims will converge upon rome and vatican city to watch the ceremony for pope francis, the new pope. in rome, amy kellogg, fox news. stay with ktvu we will
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bring you live coverage of that installation mass from st. peters square coverage begins 1:30 a.m. chef. >> temperatures were warm, 70 antioch, 67 in santa rosa. highs tomorrow remain warm, increasing clouds again. here is the weather system a nice looking system it will rain but most of this moisture, a lot of it, will go out of the area to the north of us. we will get rain but not as much as we could. here is how it breaks down. tomorrow noontime it really starts to cloud up and this is the computer model now see the shower building offshore. you are drive, morning classes, outdoor work, before noon you are solid. after that, we get into it. 5:00 p.m. showers start to fall we could have a little wet on the afternoon commute this isn't heavy rain but wet. it will impact your afternoon commute. when i come back i roll this
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all the way through we go looking for more rain. 5 day forecast with your weekend back here 10:45 p.m. tomorrow a san francisco supervisor, plans to introduce legislation, to create a 25- foot buffer zone. the need for legislation comes after the continued anti abortion protest. an anti abortion activist outside the clinic told us if the restriction is passed it would be challenged in court. a large recall by lululemon. while they said, transparency is the problem with some of its clothes. >> republicans are mired in the past. i
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the republican party is looking to make big changes a report out today outline it is party's plans. this so called autopsy is calling for the gop to shift its focus. >> reporter: after mitt romney lost last november, party leaders, ordered an autopsy on what went wrong. they released the findings in a report called the growth in opportunity project. >> we need to do a much better job crafting our message to appeal to voters from demographics who have not been voting republican. >> reporter: the report says they need to reach out to minorities especially latino voters who overwhelmingly supported president obama.
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republicans should tailor their message. the message should be we are going to provide, opportunities, without regard to the color of your skin. >> reporter: it urges them to reach out to women. >> marketing politics is like a product you have to use messaging specific to the target to succeed. >> reporter: we asked voters downtown walnut creek. >> the generation my children are growing up and have a much different view of the world than the republican party of you know my generation or the generation before. > republicans are mired in the past i am republican i don't mind saying that. >> reporter: they hope to implement the new strategy in time for the 2014 election. in walnut creek. a new survey finds
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california lawmakers are paid the highest basalry in the country. for 2012 it was more than $95,000 a year. in addition legislators received $30,000 in tax free per diem payments. the governor made less than 6 others around the country. he earned $173,000. the governor of pennsylvania was the highst paid in the nation earning just over $183,000. authorities in contra costa county identified a victim of a fiery accident on the freeway. he was a 31-year-old from walnut creek he died yesterday, north of danville after his motorcycle hit a car. he was involved in a race with several other cars including a nissan 380z that hit the embankment and burst into flames the driver was hospitalized with serious injuries. the man shot and killed at
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a richmond bart station last thursday has been identified. 34-year-old raymond harris of san pablo. police found him on the station stairs of 19th street and mcdonald avenue. witnesses heard a number of shots at this point no one has been arrested. fans of lululemon swear by the shaping benefits of the yoga pants but some may be showing off more than they intend to. they have stopped shipment of some of their pants deemed too sheer. a fabric problem. any purchases since march 1st can be returned. at&t park crews are working right now to get it ready for tomorrow night's game here. we will take you inside the world baseball classic. proposed changes
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standing room only tonight at a meeting regarding major changes to polk street. municipal transportation agency is proposing taking away parking spaces to make way for bikes, mccallister to union street. one business owner said that would be disastrous. >> it would tear apart the neighbourhood a lot of businesses would go out of business because they count on cars pulling up to their stores or near their stores. >> one speaker receive add lot of applause when she asked if there was a way to increase parking. they may also add more parking meters on side streets off polk. the first day of a five day experiment on bart where bikes are allowed on trains during
12:01 am
the peak commute hours. 5% of all riders use bikes and demand for space is growing. bike riders say they have long been frustrated with the rules that prevent bikes from certain trains at certain times. >> some times they kick me off some times i try to sneak in. i do some times i got to get home or either i got to come this way to get to work. >> some seniors and disabled riders were concerned about bikes taking up too much space around the doors. bart said it is realigning train seats to make room. after this week bart plans to consider whether a change in policy seems appropriate. a big crowd tonight to a t and t park where the dominican took on the netherlands in the world baseball classic semi final match up. christian captain is live where we now know who will advance to the championship. >> reporter: dominican republic
12:02 am
one tonight, 4-1. they are prepping for tomorrow night's game. fans have all left whether they spoke ditch, spanish or english, -- dutch, spanish or english, baseball was the international language. hot latin music and fans in orange. look closely. this time the fans are backing the netherlands and the red white and blue stands for the dominican. like any game, fans cheered on their favorite. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: immigrants from the dominican republic say baseball is park of their national identity -- part of their national identity. >> magical. >> you say netherlands. >> reporter: while at times netherlands fans may have looked more accustomed to
12:03 am
soccer the dutch say tonight, baseball is their game. >> even though it is not our first sport we do very well in it. and yeah, i am proud of the netherlands. >> reporter: people watching tonight agree the world baseball classic doesn't have the fan base or the heavy hitters associated with major league ball but do say the international players have a way of boiling the game down to its fundamentals. >> i haven't had a chance to watch a lot of the games but those i did see i saw a little station to station and a little small ball. wasn't necessarily that pour game you might expect -- power game you might expect. >> reporter: last night puerto rico upset japan. game time is 5:00 p.m. right here at a t and t park. live in san francisco. ktvu channel 2 news. as for tonight's game, mark will have more on all of that coming up later on in sports. march madness games are
12:04 am
coming to san jose's shark tank. the ncaa regulation basketball court is one of the final steps needed to get hp pavilion needed for the regional in san jose. games start thursday and go until saturday. eight teams including cal, oregon, and syracuse are drawing fans from far and wide. local business owners are gearing up for busy days. >> going to be much bigger than any sort of event that goes on at hp typically bigger than a sharks game. >> many local businesses say they lost at least a third of their incomes during the nhl lock out now thousands of basketball fans are in town and that could help them bounce back. president obama introduced his choice as secretary of labor, thomas perez. he is son of dominican immigrants. >> over my career i have
12:05 am
learned true progress is possible, if you keep an open mind, listen to all sides and focus on results. >> so far perez is the only hispanic to be named to the president's cabinet during his second term. at least one republican has said he will block the nomination because of perez's work with the justice department on a voting rights case in louisiana. new details on president obama's upcoming visit to the bay area next month. april 3rd arrival, reported for two events in san francisco the first, a $5,000 per person cocktail reception at the home of tom stier then the get at thes will host a $32,000 per person dinner on april 4th, they move to a $32,000 a plate brunch and then a luncheon at the home of john goldman and that event is a bargain compared to the others tickets there are just $1,000 per
12:06 am
person. in cypress residents, protested a plan this could drain their bank accounts under the plan the government could seize 10% of savings accounts banks have been closed but there has been a run on atm machines. jerusalem, preparations under way for president obama's visit his first to israel he is scheduled to leave tomorrow. while the signs are out in israel that is not the case in palestinian territory. protestors tore down a billboard with the president's picture. he is expected to meet with israeli and palestinian leaders but not offer a grand peace plan. in canada police arrested four people wanted in a daring daylight escape from a prison outside montreal yesterday. two men hijacked a helicopter and forced the pilot to fly over a prison where they dropped down a rope.
12:07 am
two inmates climbed onboard. three suspects were captured and another arrested nearby. incredible stunt captured on camera. why they decided to pull off this stunt very early in the morning. tracking rain at 10:45
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a san francisco based, japanese diplomat was given a one year jail sentence. he attacked his wife with a screw driver once and another time with a laptop. he pleaded no contest as part of a plea deal. his wife says the abuse began
12:10 am
when she confronted him about a woman's photo on his cell phone. he still works at the japanese con sew late and may be eligible to serve time through the sheriff's alternative work furlough program. a suspect in the killing of a wall street journal correspondent has been arrested. daniel pearl was arrested in 2002 in pakistan and later deheaded a former -- beheaded a former leader of a militant group was arrested yesterday. he was kidnapped in an attempt to win freedom for al qaeda members being held at guantanamo bay. cara lou reports on a new app. >> reporter: hailing a cab in san francisco especially during special events or out lying areas, can be frustrating to say the least. >> friday night, saturday
12:11 am
night, almost impossible. >> usually they don't come or show up, or i mean you can never get it just standing on the street, because of where i think i am. >> reporter: the city has 1700 cabs and 8 different dispatch services. >> luck of the draw whether they get the closest taxi or one across town. >> reporter: they may soon require taxi companies to provide real time information about availability of cabs that would go to a virtual hub so consumers can be connected with the closest available cab. >> what happens now people call multiple different dispatch services and they just take whatever one comes first. >> reporter: some say it will make the industry more competitive with other transportation providers. critics say many companies already have smart phone apps and centralizing data from dozens of companies isn't the best way to improve service.
12:12 am
>> lack of supply, of taxi cabs is the reason why you can't get cabs. >> exactly how the app or apps would work depends on developers. in san francisco, ktvu channel news. lyndsey lohan is headed back to rehab. she agreed to spend 90 days locked in a drug rehab facility as part of a plea deal to settle charges related to a traffic accident last summer she did not challenge the finding she violated her probation from a previous shoplifting conviction. a view of rio few people will experience. this was taken by two stunt men in wing suits as they dropped into rio last friday. it ads surface area to the human body and allows someone to virtually fly. the two men say they didn't have permission to fly into the
12:13 am
city so did their jump early at 5:45 a.m., giving them exactly 20 minutes before the first commercial flight would appear on the horizon. a semi barreling down the freeway in the wrong direction. the devastating accident and surprising condition of the driver of this car. hope of survival, waiting for help to arrive. why an east bay gas station could be one of the best places to have a heart attack. first drops will st morning, brian!
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take a look at this video. traffic cameras in portland oregon show a semi truck driver traveling the wrong way interstate 205. the 49-year-old truck driver
12:16 am
appeared heavily intoxicated. it hit a car 4:00 a.m. this morning the female driver was rushed to hospital where her injuries do not appear life threatening. several blocks closed to the public at this hour in the west lake area of oakland. police say they were called to the area of frizz bee and fairmont avenue, 6:45 p.m. tonight about a man with a gun who may have been involved in a robbery. they saw two men running when they arrived on scene. they used a taser to arrest one man but the other got away. they believe that man is armed with a weapon. federal judge sentenced a 27-year-old hacker to 3.5 years in prison for illegally obtaining tens of thousands of ipad users e-mail addresses he found a security breech in a t and ts ts and gave the
12:17 am
addresses to a journalist a federal jury found him guilty of identity theft and conspiracy to access computers without authorization. bay area food banks saw a running low on food and money. one will be completely out of donated food by the end of the week. it is happening at a time when a need is still growing. >> reporter: stacked to the ceiling, you can't drop a donation into these 3,000 food drive barrels because they are sitting in a warehouse in oakland. >> why are they not out in the community. >> no one is signed up. >> reporter: the alameda community food bank said they are almost out of food. remaining pallets will be gone in a few days. >> we saw a 20% up take in food drive donations which is great but the food left our facility two weeks faster which is a startling indication of need in our community. >> reporter: betty brooks see it is need first hand she is
12:18 am
among five volunteer who is help out every day. >> today we are short, you see, we have more items to put into the bag and i have like five, six items. some times we do as many as 40 people a day in this little shop. >> reporter: the same scene is playing out around the bay area. second harvest of santa clara and san mateo said its holiday fundraising came up $300,000 short. having these barrels out of sight makes their job tougher. >> like having 3,000 billboards it is great people see that even if they can't donate food they are thinking about us might go back home and make a donation online it all helps. >> reporter: while they would like to fill up more barrels money can go further than food they can turn one donated dollar into $4 worth of food. in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. >> time is critical when
12:19 am
someone suffers a heart attack. in one contra costa neighbourhood help may be found at a gas station. an aed was installed at kensington chevron on arlington avenue. that is the first in the county put in place for community use. it will be available for anyone who needs it from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. >> if you suffer sudden cardiac arrest one of these can save your life we want to make these available and accessible. >> there are an estimated 800 defribulators scattered around contra costa county they are trying to get all those locations to register them so when people call 911 they can get information on the closest device. clouds moving in outside moistening up feels like rain. communities are high. radar showing if you look you will see green showing up
12:20 am
there. it is not hitting the ground in parts of the bay area i have reports in forestville and will lets and north towards santa rosa we are getting a few light sprinkles. feels like it wants to rain. we may see a few light sprinkles we are far north bay but most likely showers don't begin until tomorrow afternoon. here is how it looks outside for the forecast, clouds building up, all about cloud but not chilly a warm day. extended forecast, as soon as this rain gets out it dries up. dry and warm and springtime again. here is the system i am tracking it is a one shot deal. nice if this is february. this is one storm, energy goes north, tuesday clouds increase showers by 5:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon light light showers and showers and rain overnight, tuesday night into wednesday morning. by wednesday, morning showers,
12:21 am
i think the heaviest rain will be mid-morning, 8, 9, 10 a.m. area. tuesday afternoon, drippy that will show you down too. computer model things i agree, tuesday 6:00 a.m., not too bad clouds there but in the 5:00 p.m. hour the system is still out here but light shower activity your afternoon commute tomorrow overnight, 11 tomorrow night and real rain now. real rain in the north bay see it slide south, 7:00 a.m. wednesday morning that is the commute in the bay area. more showers in the north and 11:00 a.m. one shot deal. how much rain are we going to get? probably a half inch, heaviest locations computer model picks these up. throws up numbers for you. a half inch in san raphael more in santa rosa, an inch of rain in coastal hills, point rays and north bay. it will help not as much as we would like to see but will help
12:22 am
forecast highs tomorrow mid- 60s, upper 60s brent wood liver more. of 6 and 67 and liver more, 5 day forecast, bay area weekend in view, rain we will take it i wish it was more all five days were lit up with rain but not happening. showers we get again
12:23 am
12:24 am
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the warriors are substandard but do know how to pickton nbas weak link. play -- pick, on the nbas weak link. new orleans, second straight blow out victory. harrison barnes starting to feel it. a rookie with presence, jam it down, get them going. 19-4 run for the warriors. andrew, five assists, david lee takes care on the scoring end 20 points 11 rebounds if you haven't heard, curry he can shoot a little by from way out he is 6 of 93. warriors won by 30 and 21 tonight. peaking at the right time. lebron and company extending to
12:26 am
23 not before they were expended to the very end by the celtics in boston. lebron wants the ball. 10.5 left. breaks a 103 all tie boston can't score again lebron's pumped, second longest win streak in nba history continues 33 straight for lakers way back when. >> only occasionally have the sharks looked like a playoff worthy team tonight was not one of those occasions. thoroughly whacked by the ducks. costing them a turn over watch crisp anaheim passing. holland breaks a 1-1 tie sharks finding themselves down 4-2. catch a break after burns will miss from the right way out tough and matt irwin blasting
12:27 am
away, deflected, 4-3. empty netter, sharks on the short end. >> puerto rico, baseball is not a sport it is a way of life and will now be do or die as they meet in the wbca championship tomorrow night top of the line baseball played here, netherlands, popped it up, into the stands to make a spectacular catch down the line and it would get worse for the netherlands a 4 run 5th inning. rbi. he can still play a little bit. 4-1 final, 5:00 p.m. start tomorrow. dominican republic against puerto rico. that is the sporting life for a monday night. warriors peaking at the right time. >> thank you. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. >> don't forget we will have
12:28 am
the installation of pope [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
12:29 am
it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? no, we watched march madness in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about? and if mom was hosting her book club that day, guess missed it! we couldn't just move the tv all willy-nilly all over the house. ohh! ohh! kids today have it so good. ok. [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv starting at $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.


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