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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  March 27, 2013 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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police in the south bay work into the night investigating an officer involved shooting. what they say a driver did to prompt the gunfire. good evening, i'm ken wayne. frank somerville is off tonight. >> i'm julie haener. police say an officer fired on a stolen car. ktvu's maureen naylor was the first reporter at the scene in
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the 1800 block of almeton road. >> reporter: police initially responded here to a call of a stolen car, and at this hour, the street is still closed. tonight, two people are recovering, and an officer is on leave after he opened fire. into the night san jose police gathered evidence. the street was shut down for more than five hours after an officer shot a woman driving this red car at about 4:30 this afternoon. tim's 10-year-old son was out on his scooter just before the shooting. >> as we came out of the house, we heard the gunshots. like five, six, right in a row. so we walked overk and we saw the cops, they had their gun drawn on the little red car. >> i saw a lady, she was hurt inside the car. i saw the guy with handcuffs. >> reporter: investigators say the woman was driving a stolen car. the officer evened fire after she drove the car towards him and struck him.
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>> the officer felt in danger. he did what he had to do, and discharge his firearm. >> reporter: the woman was struck at least once. it's unclear how the man inside was injured. both are expected to be okay. eddie, a father of three rushed to the scene. >> she was out of it. she was just moving her head, and they pulled her out and put her in a gurney and took her away. >> reporter: this is the third officer involved shooting in san jose this year, and the second in as many weeks. police say he rammed an unmarked police car. the officer in this case has been placed on leave during the investigation. developing news from east oakland tonight. police are investigating a double shooting on a busy corner of international boulevard. it happened about 90 minutes ago, just before 8:30, at 65th and international. police say two men were taken to the hospital. both are in stable condition.
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so far, we don't know about a motive. we did see officers canvassing the area for withins. they say they plan to check surveillance cameras for any additional evidence. the already high price tag of the new bay bridge is about to soar again after a safety inspection reviewed a major problem involving broken bolts. healther holements is live with the estimated cost of repairs, and what caltrain is saying about the opening of the bridge. >> reporter: ken, you can add 1 to $5 million to the cost of what is already the most expensive public works project in state history. officials have less than 6 months to try to fix this problem. take a look at the troubled issue discovered on the eastern span of the bridge. this is one of more than a dozen giant bolts that have snapped. >> out of the roughly 100 of these bolts that have been installed. we've had a failure rate of a third, and that's very, very
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high. >> reporter: there are a total of 288 of these bolts, also known as rods up to 17 feet long. they connect massive steel pieces to concrete. 31 of the bolts busted after they were tightenederlier this month. officials say they know why. >> it does look like we have a material's issue. it relates to the presence of hydrogen in these rods. >> reporter: the fix won't be easy, with many of the rods encased in concrete. >> i was shocked. given the amount of money on this project, you would think something like this would not happen. >> reporter: metropolitan transportation mission member, and supervisor, david camporch ss is not too happy. >> thoroughly, what we do know is that quality control was nowhere it needed to be. >> reporter: caltrain says it will repair in time for the bridge's planned labor day opening. >> there's no guarantee for anything. but again, we see a very high
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likelihood that that's going 0 occur. >> this construction problem is raising questions among drivers. >> that's a pretty big deal. steel bolts. that's not up to par, then what else isn't. >> it's more than a little scary. considering the problems they've had. >> reporter: caltrain is trying to ease those concerns, saying there will be multiple inspections before the bridge is opened. the reason a bart station was closed this afternoon and the impact on passengers for the evening commute. a boy fell into lake merritt. a fire official told us the boy was drinking the alcoholic beverage, 4 loco, with several other people near the lake, when he stumbled and fell into about two feet of water. the teen was taken to the
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hospital and is expected to survive. an 8-year-old girl is out of the hospital and back home again tonight, a day after she was shot in the leg by an arrow. here's the picture of the arrow, the girl was on a field trip with they are class when she was speared by the arrow in her thigh. the girl's family posted pictures that showed the girl on the left, and an x-ray of her leg on the right. now to our continuing coverage of the historic proceedings at the united states supreme court. david stevenson once again had a coveted seat inside the courtroom. and told us several justices expressed deep skepticism about the law, defining marriage as between one man and one woman. >> reporter: the defense of
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marriage act, and its economic impact took center stage today. >> it means a lot to us. >> reporter: defining marriage as between a man and a woman. the 1996 law denies legally wed gay couples many federal benefits. she is suing to reclaim the $363,000 in inheritance taxes she paid after the death of her wife. >> i am today an out lesbian, who just sued the united states of america, which is kind of overwhelming for me. >> reporter: defenders told congress justices created the law to avoid conflict with state's experimenting with same- sex marriage. >> it asked the justice department three times whether doma was constitutional. >> i'm going to quote from the house report here. congress decided to reflect an
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honor of collective morale judgment, and express moral approval of homosexuality. is that what happened in 1996? >> reporter: a ruling of the justices is expected in june. more details now, justice ruth bader ginsburg may have had the quote of the day, when she was asked if it poses penalties on gay couples. she said you are saying there's types of marriages. the typical marriage and this skim milk marriage. one might ask, what kind of marriage is this? supporters of gay rights say doma is unfair.
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it prevents tax breaks, surviver insurance. a lesbian couple says they fear what may happen to their daughter if her non-biological daughter should die. >> she doesn't have the same rights. she's not going to get the same benefits if one of us dies. >> the couple says tax time is particularly challenging as they file jointly with the state, but separately with the federal government. a symbol of marriage equality went viral this week as people turned to social media to show support for gay marriage. the symbol has been showing up on people's facebook, and twitter profiles. some say it shows the power of social media. according to the human rights campaign, the logo has been shared on facebook more than 66,000 times. in 90 seconds. >> i wasn't expecting this delay. it's a real long wait. >> the trouble that shut down a
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bart station, and caused major rush hour delays tonight. >> a boy sees a strange man outside his front door, and
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bart trains are mostly back on schedule tonight after a fatal accident. patty lee is live in san
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francisco where a man was hit by a bart train. >> reporter: it shut the station down for nearly two hours, and it had a domino effect. causing delays that stretched through the evening. the closure of the bart station at glen park led to frustration, and confusion. >> i have no idea what's going on. >> reporter: the problem started with an incident an the glen park station. >> we had a report of an individual that jumped in front of a train. upon arrival, we had a stopped train, we did a search of an area underneath it, and indeed found an individual. >> reporter: the city warned riders of delays. trains headed to daly city were turned back at 24th street. for more than an hour, trains did not stop at glen park. >> pretty far to the next bart station. >> i'm still trying to figure out what i'm going to do. >> reporter: camden green
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thought about calling a cab. >> i was getting ready to call my boss and inform them i was going to be late. >> reporter: just after 6:00, glen park's station reopened, and relieved passengers rushed toward the stalls, heading in and out. it did not end the backlog. >> i was waiting to get home, they said the glen park bart station was closed due to a medical emergency. so yea, it was a real long wait. >> reporter: they waited at the cafes and restaurants you can see surround glen park station. an option that did not exist for thousands of others were who impacted by tonight's delays. patty lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. day 1 without soul takers on the golden gate bridge. tonight at 10:30, the confusion with we witnessed tonight, and a reminder from the highway patrol. los angeles police are
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trying to unravel how a 10-year- old girl vanished from her bedroom this morning, only to be found 12 hours later. police say nicole ryan disappeared from her northridge home. they say an unknown person left her at a goodwill parking lot. the young girl sustained cuts and bruises. detectives say they're looking for two men, but so far no arrests have been made. for the first time in history, the united states now has a woman heading the secret service. >> so help me god. >> congratulations. >> great job. >> thank you so much. >> president barack obama called on julia pearson. she has taken the helm just months after the agency's reputation took a hit when agents were caught with prostitutes while under presidential detail in colombia. it it appears the five small bay area airports are being spared the closure of control towers. a list sent out by the federal aviation administration did not
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include them. but the the power at sacramento's executive airport is slated to close on may 5. the one in is a -- salinas. a canadian man is under arrest for the second time in a week. adam ulett is being held in san diego tonight. he was arrested tuesday, and released on bail, amp allegedly flying from canada to the bay area to have sex with a 16-year- old girl he met on the internet. detectives then discovered child pornography and he was arrested again last night in san diego. it was a scary sight for a 12-year-old boy who spotted a stranger at the door. only on 2, the young boy tells
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jana katsuyama how he thwarted a suspected burglar. >> reporter: the doorbell rang late yesterday afternoon. he looked through the peep hole and saw a strange man. trysten says the man went to the backdoor, and up the stairs. >> i got scared. it was only me. >> reporter: so he phoned his dad, and then ran to a neighbor's house. armando garcia was around the corner and rushed home, but he couldn't find his son. it turns out, while garcia was searching the house. the burglar was there too, hiding in a laundry room, and tore through a screen window to get out. >> i went into the house. i noticed he was jumping out. >> reporter: garcia got a good look at the man. about five minutes later a few blocks away, police arrested randy norman. a 289-year-old san bruno resident. officers found norman with a red high school ring that
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belonged to mia norman. >> we're trying to get the word about strangers coming up to the door of homes, passing themselves off as being lost, or possibly solicitors, trying to sell something. >> reporter: mia garcia says she's just glad her son is okay. >> just trying to provide awareness for your children. have a plan. >> reporter: norman was booked into jail for burglary, and committing a crime while on probation. jana katsuyama, ktvu, channel 2 news. lawyers are representing the man accused of killing people in a colorado movie theater say they're trying to prevent the death penalty. prosecutors are said to be talking with victims, and their families. the next hearing in the case is set for monday. on wall street, investors are still worried about uncertainty in europe. the dow lost 33 points, nasdaq
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gained 4. analysts say investors are waiting to see if cypress can fix its banking system and if italy can form a new government. a federal bankruptcy judge signed off on the $11 billion deal. american has been operating under bankruptcy protection for 16 months. the merger still needs approval from the justice department and shareholders of u.s. awares. that could happen this fall. there are reports tonight that google's smart phone like glasses will be head here in the bay area. the highly anticipated device, called glass, will be manufacturerred in santa clara. they will be put together at a facility run by foxcon. that company is known for assembling iphones, ipads, and other apple devices. in live stormtracker 2, spinning, we've got a little bit of green to show.
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romps of light drizzle out there. expect that all night. as we go into tomorrow, more of that light shower, or sprinkle activity. nothing major, just kind of nuisance showers. daytime highs tomorrow, a lot like today. forecast highs tomorrow, mid- and upper 60s. the sprinkles stay with us. we get into the bay area weekend, some rain coming our way. when i get back here at 10:45, we'll give you the complete details and the timeline for your bay area holiday weekend. the mayor helped celebrate the opening of besttronics facility. the in a facility is triple the size of the former one, and will allow the company to add new jobs and create new shifts. they provide a wide range of
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all lanes of interstate 5, just north of sacramento are now back open after being closed for three hours tonight. two suvs collided earlier tonight. about 40 gallons of diesel fuel spilled, and officers closed the road for cleanup. a 7-year-old girl is facing extensive surgery after she and her grandmother were struck by a garbage truck today. the truck was burning from broadway onto the embarcadero.
11:53 pm
the girl and her 66-year-old grandmother were in the crosswalk. the girl's foot was crushed. her grandmother suffered a serious left leg injury. the truck driver stopped and was cooperative. he has not been cited. today was ground breaking day for a new san francisco skyscraper that will be the tallest in the west, and seventh tallest in the nation. >> reporter: look up in the sky over san francisco. what do you see? cranes. 47 of them are changing the skyline, but none more so than the building that will go here. there was a ceremonial groundbreaking today for what will be the transbay tower. it will be the tallest building west of the mississippi. >> we just decided to be the tallest in san francisco. the fact that it's the tallest in the west it boosts the
11:54 pm
spirits of people, but that's not important. >> much more than the terminal an the hub. it's really the focal point of a comprehensive plan marking the new center of downtown. >> reporter: the transportation center includes new office space, retail shops, housing, parks and new jobs. the city is hoping if they build it, high speed rail will come through. >> what if high speed rail does not happen? >> i usually don't think about what if things fail? i usually think about what we could do to make them succeed. >> reporter: the tower and terminal will anchor a new downtown district that's deck aides in the making. this corner i'm standing on will look very different. in san francisco, noel walker, ktvu, channel 2 news.
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internet users around the world may have experienced slow response times today, thanks to what is being called the biggest cyber attack in history. it targeted the spam hoss system. it provides lists of spammers used by internet service providers to try to block spam. a south bay man is behind bars tonight, as police investigate a possible link to several bay area bank robberies. police say hunter thompson of san jose, robbed the chase bank earlier this month. police say they tracked him to emeryville, and when they arrested him, they found a gun, methamphetamine, and heroin. they say he may be responsible for other robberies in san francisco, redwood city, palo alto, and fremont. in news of the world, the
11:56 pm
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new video into our newsroom, as a search continues for carjacking suspects. the carjacking happened in hayward, shortly after 8:00 tonight. the men eluded police, but then crashed the car on miramar avenue. witnesses say the men took off
11:59 pm
on foot. officials say they were armed with at least one assault weapon. tonight, a small victory for san francisco residents upset about a series of upcoming concerts. the concerts, organized by america's cup, and live nation are scheduled to be held at a proposed amphitheater on piers 27, and 29. the organizers knew say they plan to scale back the series to appease concern from neighbors. the compromises include ten less events, limited weekday events, and earlier ending times. some residents say that's a good start, but they're still looking for more changes. >> we're going to need to ask them to do more. they actually put up the resources to make sure that is the case. >> the city's entertainment commission is set to consider the proposal next week. it was the first full day of automatic toll taking for drivers crossing the gold
12:00 am
ingate bridge today. that's where lorraine blanco is live tonight. >> reporter: overall, it was a successful first day of no toll collectors here on the golden gate bridge. one of the few issues out here, you can see people stopping. there are bright signs out here that tell them not to, and blacked out toll booths, but some needed louder prodding. first day for all electronic toll collection on the golden gate. you could detect a little confusion by some. they were guided over a loud speaker. >> almost like god speaking to you, it's very loud. >> one guy who actually got out of his vehicle, and had a conversation with the guy behind him who pointed out the big sign up there. he got the message as well, and continued on. >> reporter: then there was the opposite problem. the new speed limit is 25. some were seen going to the toll plaza as fast as 60 miles
12:01 am
per hour. >> they said don't stop, so we're not stopping, but we are hopeful they will eventually abide by the speed limit. >> reporter: traffic did move smoothly through the commute times. >> nobody stoped. everybody is going normal speed. i was pleasantly surprised. >> reporter: the chp and officials want to remind drivers to be cautious, slow down, and most of all, be patient. >> just because you know there's no stopping, be mindful the car in front of you may stomp on their brakes. but they want to pay the toll. >> reporter: there were no commissions today, and no major problems out here, but they will increase patrols during the morning commute hours for a while. live at the bridge, maureen naylor. the state supreme court
12:02 am
allowed mill valley women to sue for a collision. the lawsuit was rejected because government agencies are shielded from lability for reasonable decisions to plan or design a project. the state released thousands of pages of details about twin tunnels to bring water to southern california. the tunnels would replace the current pump system that kills fish. backers say the plan will restore thousands of acres of wetlands home to the endangered delta smelt and other animals. but it's not clear how it will affect salmon populations. >> nobody knows if they're going to pull all the baby salmon in, or pinch them up against the screen where they cannot move. it's not been tested. >> the state says the $23 billion plan is a work in progress, and it will likely be modified, if the project is approved, any construction is
12:03 am
at least a decade away. in news of the world, in taiwan, one person died, and 19 others were injured in a strong earthquake. the quake was felt widely across the island nation. schools and businesses were evacuated. at least five aftershocks followed with the largest measuring 4.3. in cypress, hundreds of people protested the plan that affects their bank account. banks are expected to be open tomorrow, after being closed for nearly three weeks. no checks will be cashed for at least four days. beyond then, it's not clear what will happen. the pope challenged his followers to follow the example of jesus christ, and help others in need. the pope has decided not to live in the 12 room papal apartment, and is lives in a
12:04 am
vatican hotel. at least for now. after years of negotiations, a tentative deal has been reached between the california nurses association and california medical center in san francisco. the deal involves a 6% pay increase. it still must be ratified by the nurses. plans this month for a new hospital at cathedral hill, and renovations at the st. lukes campus. the gamble on a new casino means the city stands to receive $251 million over the next 20 years. here's an artist drawing of the greaten resort and casino which is set to even later in year. last night, they decided to renegotiate the revenue sharing deal. the new deal is worth $40 million more than the original deal signed 10 years ago. the san francisco giants return to at&t park tomorrow night for an exhibition game
12:05 am
against the oakland a's. changes fans will see at the ballpark. the two championship trophies will be on display. the team plans more promotions. the wi-fi has been improgressed, and 126 mobile charging stations will be available. a remarkable accident caught on camera. the bus driver's narrow escape, and why there was a lamp post in the road. >> bill martin is working on his forecast. at 10:45, the next chance for showers. >> seeing what's going on
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after more than a year of turmoil, the fine arts museum of san francisco have named a new director. held by collin bailey. the museums have been without a director for 15 months and have entoured a labor dispute, and the firing of some popular employees. the museum board director rejects criticism that she is to blame. >> i mean, where is the problem? if i thought there was a problem, i would certainly address it. if i thought i was the problem, i would remove myself. but frankly, we're enjoying enormous success. >> she told ktvu, this is a dream job, and promised to address worker morale. he is set to start in june.
12:09 am
the new york auto show, the largest of its kind in north america is now underway. more than a thousand cars are on display, including 60 new vehicles debuted in the u.s. among them, the toyota highlander, also attracting attention is the new honda odyssey. check this out. the 2014 minivan features a vacuum cleaner built into it in the back. honda says the vacuum can reach anywhere inside the vehicle, pretty handy. a lamp post slammed into a moving bus. just missed the bus driver. remarkably, the driver managed to avoid the post, and steer it to the side of the road. somehow it also missed all the passengers. it was reportedly knocked down in a separate crash earlier. the bus driver did suffer a
12:10 am
ruptured spleen. a life journey can reach many places. for one man it led to success in the business world and also the armed forces. what motivated him to join the navy, and how he's serving as an inspiration for young people here at home. it is a story you will see only on 2. >> reporter: san francisco international. u.s. airways flight 400, onboard this man, u.s. navy reserve special ops command. >> it's such an honor to have him out there fighting for our family's freedom. >> reporter: just like that, the man they call a true american was finally home. >> he's an awesome dad. a great husband. he loves his country. >> reporter: to tell the story of tim sanchez, you've got to go back to his roots. he remembers the rough streets,
12:11 am
it being a rough neighborhood, and now through his story, he hopes to inspire the youth who live here today. sanchez says with the help from his parents, he steered clear of trouble. >> it's a tough situation to see what's going on in the city. my heartbreaks for the city. >> reporter: he even jumped into wall street. a successful businessman touched by the 9/11 attack. >> i'm not doing it for the money, not doing it for the career. just simply wanted to contribute. >> a heartfelt feeling of what's going on in oakland. we always talk about that being his roots and going back. >> reporter: a message to the youth who live here. >> the thing i would say is to keep dreaming. i think these kids dream enough. they're limited by what they say around them in the neighborhood. there's a big world out there. >> reporter: he's battled in it. kuwait, iraq, afghanistan, but now back home in the arms of
12:12 am
his family. mike mibach, ktvu, channel 2 news. a massive landslide knocked a house off its foundation, and now 17 more homes are in danger. what's happening to the people who live in the community tonight. >> then your healthcare >> then your healthcare provider, the new tool that well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv starting at $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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tonight, almost a dozen homes are in danger, and about 35 people are evacuated, as washington officials monitored a land slide that carried a home off a cliff side early this morning. it happened on whidbe island. several homes are just feet away from the enof that cliff. the clock is ticking for those trying to save a domed movie theater in pleasant hill
12:15 am
now that the commission has approved a plan to demolish the building. yesterday, they planned a permit to developers who want to replace the theater with a two story dick's sporting goods store. opponents have ten days to appeal the decision to the city council. ever wondered how your healthcare provider stacks up when it comes to patient care and quality of service? john fowler explains there are some surprises in a new report card on healthcare providers across the state. >> ratings are based on consumer experiences, as well as reviews of healthcare records. >> kaiser does a good job, but you have to know your stuff. you have to let them know what you need, and go from there. >> reporter: revealed its website, giving one to four star ratings. none got better than one or two
12:16 am
stars, fair to poor, for patients getting care easily. >> it's very expensive. i pay a lot of money for my healthcare. >> as far as the specialists, this could be much more difficult. >> reporter: the ratings provide details that advocates today cheered. >> this report card is going to be very, very helpful in understanding what's going on in the community with the medical group and health plan. >> reporter: letting people comparison shop on quality as well as price. >> i was shocked. i don't know if i would change. but i would love the ability to shop. >> reporter: having a handy way to compare quality and price advocates say, should improve both. health and science editor, john fowler, ktvu, channel 2 news. at, we have posted a link to that report card, so you can see how your plan and medical group fared. just look for web links on our
12:17 am
front page. uc berkely researchers say california's online registration system is attracting a triesing number of voters. researchers say in alameda county, 65% of new latino voters lived in areas where a median income below $75,000 a year. it appears twitter's advertising revenue could reach $1 billion next year. twitter is expected to earn close to $1 billion in 2014. and over $1 billion the following year. the upper projection comes as twitter's mobile advertising skyrockets. getting some reports of some drizzle, and sprinkles,
12:18 am
especially toward half moon bay. pacifica, and ocean beach, getting some drizzle, and sprinkles. just real light stuff. not enough to shut you down, but enough to be nuisancey. that's where we're at tonight. as you travel around tomorrow morning, be prepared for showers perhaps. we saw some today. we saw some yesterday. i suspect we're going to see some tonight and again tomorrow. we are seeing some tonight. now, nothing really measurable. i'm not anticipating any great accumulations. tomorrow, we get into clouds, mild, like today, and the slight chance of sprinkles. extended, more of the same. best bet for showers happens on saturday and sunday. that's when the strongest dynamics come in. we talked about that last night. right now, it looks like saturday night into sunday morning is our best bet. maybe a quarter of an inch. maybe a half inch in some places over the course of those days. thursday, a lot like today. maybe a little more sunshine. then saturday and sunday, friday is a little warmer.
12:19 am
friday is our nicest day this week. saturday and sunday, we'll see sunshine. just more shower activity, especially overnight. tomorrow, noon cloudy. then tomorrow evening, clearing. then friday, there's your day. warmer, more sunshine. and clouds come in friday night and then here we go into saturday morning, cloudy. look out here. here we go saturday, about 6:00, you see this move in. that's the first wave. we'll see another wave go through saturday night into sunday morning. but i suspect your easter morning might be kind of wet, but i think by afternoon, it's clearing it turns out to be a pretty nice day. 64 in hayward. 62 in san francisco. these are your forecast highs for thursday. friday's temperatures are going to be warmer, because we're going to see more sunshine. 70 in morgan hill. 70 in gilroy. in the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view.
12:20 am
showers, they're there, but manically into saturday and sunday. saturday and sunday, maybe a quarter inch of rain. >> you could still feel the change. today it was gloomy outside. >> tomorrow is going to be a lot like today, kind of gloomy. >> thank you bill. the season's fourth snow survey is scheduled for tomorrow, and it's expected to be below normal. the snowpack water content is only 54% of average. that's not good news, since it provides about a third of the state's water as it melts. however, state water officials say there will not be a shortage, since most reservoirs are near historic levels. pushed to think outside the bottle, and ban the sale of bottled water at national parks. the group is targeting the golden gate recreational area, and yosemite national park.
12:21 am
already, 14 other national parks have banned the sale of bottled water. lulu lemon clarifies its return policy.
12:22 am
12:23 am
12:24 am
a new flap tonight involving lulu lemon. the company pulled its yoga pants from stores after complaints that the pants are too sheer. now a woman returning the see through pants says a salesperson told her to bend over and prove the pants are too thin. lulu lemon says that was wrong, and no yoga moves are required to return. if there's skepticism about this team, you saw an example of why tonight. you're going to know the warriors have arrived when they can beat a team like the lakers, and back it up with one of the dregs of the league, not suffering a let down. especially at home. two greats, bill russell, and jerry west talking about the
12:25 am
good ole days. off night for curry. that's a nice assist to andrew bogut who brought his game. a great night for isaiah thomas of the kings. 31. looking like the real isaiah thomas. kings brought energy. the warriors did not. held golden state's comeback off. there's the dagger. 105-98 the final. miami gets bulldozed in chicago. so ends the longest win streak in nba history. finding chicago bringing it hard. one minute left, the heat still have a shot. nate clanks, but carlos boozer on the board. that pretty much wraps it up. chicago wins 27 in a row and done. just a couple of games now, but if you are a sharks
12:26 am
optimist, you can read it as the early stages of a hot streak. crushes the ducks at the tank. 4-0. plenty of spunk. ryan clogue mixing it with john allen. 1-0 in the 1st minute. and we are still in the 1st period. after a patty marlo goal make it is 2-0. brett bird goes top shelf. 3-0, his fourth of the year. later dan boyle heats it up. they drop the gloves. antti niemi, his second shotout in a row. and they won, 2-0. who would have thought santa clara is the last team standing for the men in the bay area. broncos into the final. foster on his way to a 33 point night. he becomes the all-time leading scorer in bay area men's basketball history.
12:27 am
the dunk there. the broncos face george mason in the first of a best of three, which will start monday for the championship in that. the raider player purge continues. tommy kelly officially released. the ravens have snatched up former raiders safety michael huff. tough chore for him replacing the great ed reed in baltimore. tomorrow night at this time, we're going to be talking about the a's and giants back home. the bay bridge series starts tomorrow evening. highlights then, and opening day, less than a week away. >> what is that april 1? >> sporting life. but baseball right offstage. thank you for trusting ktvu, channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> right now, crews are tracking a high speed chase in san jose reaching speeds over 100 miles per hour. we'll have that for you tomorrow beginning with the ktvu morning news at 4:30. we're
12:28 am
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