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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  December 1, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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a deadly web deal. police are investigating how an online add for a high demand item led to gunfire. good evening i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. and it's such a high demand item that some are willing to kill for it. deborah villalon has the story.
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>> reporter: we're at&t bellview station where the victim's boyfriend has spent hours describing to investigators how she and her boyfriend were ambushed. this is the suv, the 22-year- old victim was shot in as he tried to sell his new play station 4 to someone who had contacted him online. the sony platform is hugely profitable and sellers can make a few $100 reselling them new in the box. that's what the young man and girlfriend were planning to do when they left their home to an agreed to spot. but they had just pulled up
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when they were ambushed. that's how the victims ended up here and where the ambulance rushed the young man to the hospital where he died. the couple had advertised the ps4 on instagram. and there's many such ads, the going price $800. >> i don't know what's unique the playstation or anything else. people do robberies and i don't know why this one transpired and we'll do all we can to investigate. >> reporter: the victim's puppy was recovered in the suv. and his girlfriend was here well into the evening recounting how this happened to them today in broad daylight. investigators are now looking for witnesses and they will work well into the night looking for this killer. reporting live in san
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francisco, deborah villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. a north bay toddler is said to be making a miraculous come back after falling into the water during a fishing trip. we first told you about the boy's plunge yesterday well tonight there's new information about his recovery to tell you about. and patti lee is in vallejo. >> reporter: when officers here learned about the boy's changing condition they said it was like winning the lottery. something they always hoped would happen but never something they expected. >> reporter: when diane strawmire jumped into a creek to find a toddler, she knew the odds were against her. >> i knew he was in there.
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then i saw a suspended t-shirt. >> reporter: it was the boy and he wasn't breathing. >> in this profession there's not always a lot of good outcomes and you always hope for the best. >> reporter: trujillo rushed the unresponsive child to the hospital where his vital signs returned but his prognosis was uncertain. two factors likely played a role in his return. the water temperature and the boy's age. >> a lot of times their vocal cords will automatly close up as to not let water into their lungs. >> reporter: it was definitely the kid's lucky day. >> honestly had he not been wearing a white shirt, had he been wearing a black shirt or dark shirt we would be having a different story here.
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>> reporter: about a dozen first responders took place in saveing the child and they plan to stay in the loop in his recovery. a san carlos gas pipeline under scrutiny about its safety is going back into service tomorrow. pg & e says the line will run below the pressure for a pipeline. that line was taken out of service in early october when questions about its safety we revealed. a meeting is set for tuesday for treasure island residents to hear details of a major clean up. residents in two homes are being removed temporarily as the navy cleans up chemicals found in the soil. those residents will likely be moved to other houses on the island. the navy says despite the clean up, treasure island is a safe place to live.
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a commuter train derailed in the bronx and four people were killed. investigators are at the crash site working to find out what caused what is thought to be the deadliest train derailment. the train jumped the tracks on one of the sharpest curves in the metro system. >> i heard this horrible wooshing sound. kind of like a plane crash. >> reporter: tom lives near the train tracks. >> it's very disturbing. >> reporter: the train was heading to grand central station when it crashed at the bronx. train cars were flipped on its side. glass and luggage went flying. bones were broken. passengers were thrown from the cars through blown windows. three of the dead were found inside the train. amanda swanson's photos shows
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the wreckage inside. >> i was in one of the cars that were completely to the side. before the crash i was nodding off. and i woke up just to saw what happened. i could hear the screeching through the audio in my head phones. >> the search turned up nothing. >> reporter: the passenger said the train seemed to be traveling very fast when it derailed. there were quotes that the train operator has quote dumped the train. that's throwing in all the brakes at the same time. >> it's a horror, it's a horror. >> reporter: for some the crash was a stark reminder of life. >> for someone who thinks they're going some place and think they're going to get there and they don't make it. i'm really saddened by the loss of life. >> reporter: one passenger said he was gripping his chair to
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keep from falling out. a regular metro commuter says he always felt safe on the train but for now he'll be taking his car. rememb era nce in san francisco on this world aids day. people gathered to remember the lives lost since the cloud of aids fell on the world. he said it's important to not just remember those who have passed, but to recommit to the fight against the disease that continues to kill. wilson recalled the promise he made to his partner who died in 1989. >> the last thing i said to him before he took his last breath was, i will be in this fight until it's over. but it is not over. it is not over.
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>> the african american community is disproportionately affected by hiv. they represent 95% of new cases. right now more than 1.1 million americans 13 years and older are living with the virus. including 200,000 who are unaware of their hiv infection. and 636,000 people in the u.s. with an aids diagnosis have died since the epidemic began in the early 1980s. during his mass at the vatican, pope francis turned his attention to hiv and aids. the pope called on the faithful to pray for those suffering with illnesses associated with hiv and aids. he also praised the many missionaries and health professionals who work with those infected in silence. the pope also made a plea that every sick person without exception have access to the care he and she needs. we want to show you live
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pictures of san francisco city hall it is lit up in commemoration of world aids day. you can see it all lit up in red. many landmarks are bathed in red. they include niagra falls, and the sidney opera house. we are tracking the conditions for those heading home as the thanksgiving holiday weekend comes to a close. holiday shopping version two hadn't zero. how -- version 2.0. how new
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happening now, people are heading home as the thanksgiving weekend travel rush wind down. we want to take you now and give you a live look at interstate 80 in berkeley where there are a lot of people on the roads at this late hour: but as you can see here on these pictures traffic seems to be moving just fine. more than 5 million californians were expected to travel this thanksgiving most by car. but for those who took to the air, their returns are looking pretty good. >> we checked at the airport
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and it's looking pretty good. >> reporter: carusels worked as passengers grabbed their badded and headed home. the bagley family flew out this morning hoping to avoid the crowds. >> there was no traffic, that helped. >> reporter: and weather probably helped out with no delays. >> it was empty and easy and it was an amazing vacation. >> reporter: paul and his family spent thanksgiving with relatives in las vegas. and they're glad to be back home. almost home. turns out the person picking them up had car troubles. >> their battery died on their car so we're waiting for the back up car. >> more waiting. >> more waiting. that's okay we don't mind. >> reporter: for many this trip
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home was a pretty relaxing one. for others it was a hectic day of travel. that thankfully ended with a heartfelt hug. alex sadvidge, ktvu news. this year aaa saw a fall in travel. five to six percent travel done by air. two to three percent traveled by train or bus or other transportation. the chp and law enforcement all over the state have flooded freeways and roads looking for impaired drivers over the long thanksgiving weekend. as of this morning, 186 people had been arrested since thursday in the bay area.
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1,073 have been arrested statewide. fewer passengers are flying in and out of oakland airport than in years past. the oakland airport has dropped by 5 million since 2007. and that slump comes as crowds in san francisco airport jumped by about 9 million over the same period. meantime sfo is enlisting the help of canines to make traveling a little more enjoyable. volunteers from the san francisco spca will begin visiting the airport with eight certified therapy dogs to help soothe the frayed nerves of stressed out passengers. the brigade have signs that say pet me. hundreds of fixes and increased capacity, the federal health care website is set to handle 50,000 users simultaneously. errors have dropped from 6% to less than 1% the white house
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says. running or not, many republicans want to dismantle the website. >> if we just sit back and just hope it falls apart it's the wrong thing. if its teetering near the end of the cliff we should go ahead and push it over. >> the question is are we going to work together to fix these problems and there will be additional problems or are we going to do what our republican colleagues want to do, continue to sabotage the entire effort even though they don't have a better solution. a new planned parenthood clinic set to open tomorrow on the peninsula is raising the ire of some neighbors. the new clinic will be located at el camino real south of redwood city. it will initially be open 20 hours a week and provide primary health care and abortions. residents have circulated a
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petition to help the clinic move. saying it will adversely affect near by businesses. cyber monday is more popular than ever. online sales could hit the $2 billion mark. a jump of 33% from last year. experts recommend to keep your identity safe, check for the ssl padlock icon. and always use a credit card not a debit card if you don't have time to shop on monday. many retailers offer free shipping on december 18th with guaranteed delivery by christmas. at san francisco's union square, shoppers said they like the social interaction that comes by browsing and buying offline. >> i like to be involved with the people interacting with people, wait in line. that kind of stuff. you never know what you're going to meet. >> we just came to the city to be in the city for the whole christmas spirit experience. to come to union square. to see the windows at macy's.
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>> total spending fell this thanksgiving weekend. an average of $407 compared to $437 in 2012. brick and mortar stores are starting to take advantage of smart phones and other technology. some of the latest apps may make your shopping trip faster and easier. reporter segel explains. >> reporter: look for shopping to get a little bit personal. welcome to shopping 2.0 where stores know your gender, they know your mood. >> welcome back to the gap. >> reporter: with one new technology they can even anticipate what you may want. that's cako trying out tech built by a company named bilko. >> you like red velvet cup cakes. you probably like the combination of cream cheese and cocoa nut cake. so we would recommend the
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pumpkin cheesecake cup cake. >> amazon is an incredible experience online. all of this has to do with our ability to recognize who you are. >> reporter: they want to bring that experience offline. >> offline retailers should be able to recognize you whether it be offline or in the store. >> reporter: technology that knows your gender, knows how you feel. an emersion of apps is making this possible. they use the web cam to analyze your reaction and whether you're excited by the product or not. other entrepreneurs set up the way we pay. tis' the season where surprisingly less might be more. coin works as an app. users swipe their card, take a picture and keep one card for all purposes. >> all you ever need is one. one coin for all your cards. >> reporter: that was rori
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segal reporting. in the future, amazon customers may be looking to the sky for their deliveries. that's right the retail giant is testing what it calls a hoptocopter basically a drone. now the idea is to deliver a package within 30 minutes of your order. they've been working on the technology in a secret lab in seattle. but the company has to wait for faa rules to be set before the technology can really take off. the best in the west. a new bragging right tonight for one bay area city. >> plus new details about yesterday's crash that killed a fast and furious star. what was found at the scene that's raising questions about the role speed may have played in the accident. violent protests grow bigger and louder in ukraine. the new tactic used today to
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car fire caused some delays on interstate 580 in oakland this morning. a tow truck hauled out the smoked wreckage of a beetle convertible. the highway patrol says the car fire blocks the 24 connector until crews arrived. no one was hurt. fans and costars are mourning the loss of movie star paul walker who died yesterday in a fiery car wreck. actor tyrese gibson who costarred with walker visited the crash scene today and he appeared emotional as he placed flowers there at the growing memorial. fans began coming to the scene
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last night lighting candles and placing flowers on the street in santa clarita where the sports car walker was in slammed into a light pole and burst into flames. walker was a passenger in the car. he happened to be in santa clarita to attend a fundraiser for hurricane haiyan victims. >> he was one of the actors that i thought was using his fame for good reasons. >> a honda sports car was seen near the porsche, and there's thoughts that it may have been racing the porsche. violent protests in the streets of ukraine capital as calls for the resignation of
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the president grow louder. the president said the agreement didn't go far enough to help the country. russia a long time allie was against the deal. some say russia threatened punitive damage if the president agreed to the deal. and protesters tried to force themselves into the capital house. protesters keep coming back. a chinese rocket is on its
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way to the moon carrying that country's first robotic -- this is japan's first ever mission to land a rover on the moon. the six wheel buggy is named rabbit. the rover is expected to make a soft landing on the moon on december 14th. a panda cub born three months ago at the national zoo in washington, d.c. finally has a name. he's little bow bow. this makes the cutest video of the night award. the name means precious or treasure. the little cub turned 100 days old. bow bow was born on august 23rd. it's a she my mistake. she's only the second surviving panda cub born in washington. she got the name bow bow after a contest. the name received 120,000 votes from the public.
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>> and it is indeed a very cute name. never something different about the san francisco bay. -- notice something different about the san francisco bay. the change that may not be good. and what led to a in kill option for animals in the
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a new tactic is being used to help harmless mountain lions that make their ways into towns and cities. such as wood side where a mountain lion was spotted there just today. katie eutiss tells us about the change made to protect the
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animals. >> reporter: the killing of cubs caused an outrage. >> the game warden had no choice. >> reporter: law at the time did not allow the warden to pursue nonlethal options which frustrated neighbors. >> i personally was agasp. some of the neighbors were afraid, some were frightened. >> reporter: some sprung into action. passing senate bill 132 which helps protect mountain lions. senator jerry hill introduced the legislation. >> we share this beautiful place and this beautiful land with local wildlife. the new law allows game wardens to work with animal groups to safely remove the animals when they move into populated areas. while the law goes into effect january 1st, fish and wildlife has preemptively changed its operating procedures. last spring a male mountain
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lion found its way into a santa cruz irrigation canal. members of the puma project tranquilized the animal as opposed to killing it. senator hill says by utilizing the help of nonprofits, zoos and veterinarians the cats can be relocated without extra cost to the state. since the department of fish and wildlife updated its operating procedure at least seven mountain lions statewide have been safely captured and relocated. katie utehs. operation second chance got under way. they allowed people with minor warrants to surrendered and get a case instead of going to jail. those with traffic violations are eligible. they can go to any sheriff's office and fill out the paper
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work. sonoma supervisors are expected to consider building a park in honor of a teenage boy shot and killed by a sheriff deputy. a memorial flowers and pictures was created for andy lopez. that memorial was placed near where he was shot. lopez was killed when the deputy mistakingly thought the toy gun lopez was carrying was real. supervisors are mauling a few ideas including a -- a park at the memorial hill where lopez grew up. the fire department tweeted these photos on pacific avenue in the alviso neighborhood. the call came in before 2:00. initially authorities believed someone was trapped but after a search no one was found. it took crews about half an hour to put out that fire. san francisco bay is getting a lot clearer but they
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may not be a bad thing. the sludge generated has finally been washed out to sea by tidal action. the clearer water lets in more sunlight causing more algea to work. and made worse by the sewage treatment plants that spill phosphorous into the bay which help grow algae. everyone has their own criteria for the ideal christmas tree. >> as long as the presidents fit under the tree it's all good. >> there's six of us and we have four daughters. so it's kind of a no deal here. >> reporter: the smith family juggled half a dozen different opinions as they traversed the lot. >> i like a tallish one that i can reach the top on so i can
11:34 pm
put the star. >> small branches so you actually can -- it's not that pokey. >> height is a good factor. i like a tall christmas tree. >> majority rules for me. i'm outnumbered. it doesn't matter what i have to say. >> reporter: but for this mom, safety comes first. >> we pick a tree that's not too dry so if we forget to water it, it's still good. >> reporter: christmas trees are linked to fires every year. check out this picture that shows what happens when fire touches the dry tree. fall till lights or flames near by are common culprits. officials say one of every three home christmas tree fires is caused by an electrical problem. if you do get a fresh tree they say keep it well watered and away from heat sources. in san lorenzo, cara liu, ktvu
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news. it was the most wonderful time of the year today for shoppers at the mall of america. check it out. a minnesota man let it snow by throwing 1,000 $1 bills into the crowd. sergei barobag says he's going through a divorce and wanted to spread some cheer with his last big bucks. the mall did not quite appreciate the gesture and police ticketed him for disorderly conduct. speaking of money, financially responsible, which american cities had consumers with the highest scores and which bay area cities near the top of that list. and it was another beautiful day across the bay area. but that is about to change. our meteorologist
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well another very mild day across the entire bay area. you will notice a big change developing over the next few days it will feel like december out there. that was not the case today. look at these high temperatures even some 70s to report in morgan hill, livermore. santa rosa maxed out at 78 degrees. the fog will increase in coverage right near the coast pushing back into the bay. some of the forecast models suggesting some more patchy fog heading inland as well. also first thing tomorrow morning during the morning hours this time of the year we had extreme high tides. the water levels coming up with that high tide during the 9:00 hour tomorrow morning. concord at 50, san jose 53. and san francisco last check reporting 56. for tonight we'll go with this. partly cloudy skies, cooling
11:39 pm
begins for tomorrow. in fact, here's our live camera, beautiful looking out toward san francisco. the plan for tomorrow the forecast, 12:00 57. on track to reach lower 60s by 3:00. then still some more cooling expected by midweek. tuesday, wednesday and into thursday. overnight lows first thing tomorrow morning will be in the 30s for santa rosa, napa, san francisco 47 and livermore forecast low of 40 degrees. as i mentioned the fog regrouping right now and a few patches will head into the bay. patchy overcast near livermore tomorrow morning. here's the change we're watching to the north. as a big cold air mass pushing into northern california. the big changes for tomorrow. the cold front pushes into the region. it'll shave off four to 8 degrees for today. the winds do pick up tomorrow night. coast side and for the hills. we could have winds approaching. we could have stronger winds by this time tomorrow. we had readings right around 70
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degrees. look what happens by wednesday and thursday. warmest locations 49 to 50 degrees. and the overnight lows will be the bigger story. especially beginning thursday morning and into friday morning. wednesday morning is also going to be pretty chilly as well. that will be the key headline over the next few days. the bay area chill with temperatures at 25 to 30 degrees. everyone the coast in the upper 30s to 40 degrees. the coldest mornings will be thursday morning, friday morning and into saturday morning. but tomorrow we are heading in that direction. at least with afternoon temperatures. here's our forecast model. we'll put this into motion showing you the overcast. notice we do have a chance of a light shower up toward mendocino county by tomorrow night. forecast highs for tomorrow begin to cool off those numbers. upper 50s to the lower 60s out there. san jose 63. your five day forecast notice there's a drop in temperatures. especially with the overnight
11:41 pm
lows for thursdays morning, friday morning. heather and ken that's not a typo, upper 40s for the warmest locations. by sunday the slight chance of a few showers approaching the region that should help warm us up a little bit. >> cloud cover like a big blanket. >> kind of insulate us. >> thank you, mark. san francisco ranks among the top five big cities who's residents have high credit scores. san francisco came in second with credit scores averaging 700. new york was number three, chicago and philadelphia tied at number four and los angeles was number five. coming up next, the warriors try to wrap up their road trip with a win. >> and rivals face off
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good evening everyone thanks for joining our sunday night edition of sports wrap. the 49ers didn't exactly light up the scoreboard at candle stick today at st. louis. but they did get one of their marquee players back and he seemed to rev up the rest of the guys. michael crabtree making his season day -- debut, he was a factor. 49ers needed to realign their line. they led when kaepernick finds davis. and turns this into a hurdles race. mccloud could not believe what he just saw. sets up another field goal. bolden had his best game. he played like a linebacker. bolden gained 98 while he
11:45 pm
didn't score that 16-yard break sets frank gore for this td. gore only ran for 32 yards on 16 carries. gore managed three yards. 49ers led 13-3 at the intermission. each one was an adventure. not necessarily a disneyland kind of adventure like this play. mcdonald tries to stop rookie don't do that in the nfl. okay davis was in pain but he came back and got revenge later. michael crabtree made two catches in his return from his achiles. crabtree turns this pass into a 60-yard play. but frank gore fumbled and snubbed up a chance for a drive. and this play personified the day. matt jerdono is con feuded.
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special teams player anthony dixon drops him for a loss that puts san francisco for the distance. watch vernon just kick down the door to the end zone. everybody was kung fu fighting. they sacked clemens three times. patrick willis for his 15th of the season. now 49ers joe staley will get an mri on his knee but officials say he has no damage to his acl. but as joe fonzi reports, the 49ers believe in that old motto, next man up. >> reporter: one of the most impressive things about today's win. was that when staley went down, five players were playing in different roles than where they began and everybody stepped up.
11:47 pm
>> the biggest case, is everybody did well. >> davis, nice drop inside. >> if i have a chance to make a play like that i'm going to make it. it's exciting, you guys love that kind of stuff. for me, i just say, look, i won't be denied i will not be denied. i'm going to get into this end zone. i did whatever i could do to get in the end zone. that's the first thing that came to mind. i said look he's right there. instead of running over him i just jumped over him. >> i still think we have some plays to clean up. i think we're getting better each week. communication is getting much better. the confidence in one another is getting much better but we're not where we expect to be. >> right now we're 8-4. we have a big game this week. and we're looking forward to it. defense is playing really good. we have a lot of weapons back on the offensive side of the football. we're going to give them our
11:48 pm
best shot. we look forward to the game next sunday. >> all yearlong the constant in the nfl has been defense and showing up again. know the team gets to see how it shapes up against the team with the best record in the nfc the seattle sea hawks next week. at candle stick park, i'm joe fonzi for sports wrap. now kaepernick's 275 passing yards with his best numbers since week one. ram still sacks him six times. seattle has 33 sacks and 16 interceptions in just 11 games with all due respect to the 49ers back up it would be nice to have joe staley covering kap's back. and next week's game can be seen here. but first seattle play tomorrow
11:49 pm
night. and philly wins an eighth straight. now the raiders are off today. and they're already game planning for next sunday's opponent the jets. oakland has to sweep the final four games just to finish 500. the winner of today's game with only the best record in the afc. today in kc they met for the second time. and niles, niles look at him go. davis bounces off tacklers with a 108-yard touchdown. broncos won the first meeting they win again today. peyton manning throws for eight passes. chiefs lose for the third time in their last eight starts. gary kubiak's nightmare season continues. texans big ben tate scores this 10-yard touchdown to give
11:50 pm
houston the lead. tate ran for two tds. but the patriots answer was not one but two big td passes. it's houston's tenth straight loss. cam newton and rivera having a love fest. panthers win 27-6. they're 9-3. they're the number one wild card team right now. another nfc wild card contender the bears went down today in minnesota. although chicago quarterback had another solid game. josh to jeffrey. chris koch is all over him but also still scores a touchdown. that's usually in your head. but jeffrey had 12 catches for 238 yards and two touchdowns. but this game goes into overtime. vickings win, 23-20 bears while they're 6-6. it wasn't exactly a
11:51 pm
masterpiece but marvin lewis go into san diego and take home their eighth of the season. a.j. green, stay lousy san diego, 28- 10. san diego leads the afc by 10 games. the giants win and officially eliminate washington from the play offs. falcons need overtime. there you go to beat the bills in toronto. and indianapolis uses five field goals to win. and there's a new number one in the bcs standings we announce that school and aaçó@
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there's usually a lot of electricity created whenever golden state plays the kings. but it wasn't that at the start of the game in sa -- sacramento. that's because sleep train arena lost power. steph curry with the steal. takes it back. that's a three ball. curry scored 36 today. golden state made 15 of its 25 three point shots to deny green with the halftime buzzer. career high eight 3-pointers.
11:56 pm
and curry backs down on green. back up green tips off curry's miss. warriors lead by two and it was still a two point game when the king's isaiah thomas strikes for the final shot. warriors win 115-113 they finish the road trip 2-2. they now host toronto on tuesday. aaron bright is out with a shoulder injury but they did not need him tonight. at napels where outright tips out the rabbit. cardinals win. stanford's football team is seven. but the top four spots got all shook up after alabama got auburn yesterday.
11:57 pm
alabama's journey ended when their last second field goal attempt was off. chris davis returns all the way back. tigers win 34-28 in the new bcs poll now puts undefeated florida state, undefeated ohio state number two. auburn third, alabama drops down from one to four. men's soccer team hosting the total coastal carolina in the ncaa tournament. senior alex sunley kicks in the goal. cal advances now to the ncaa tournament quarter finals. that is sports as we see it tonight on sports wrap. the niners, i think they got a little charged by crabtree's return tonight. >> next week is a big test. >> it's going to be a big one. >> we can hope. >> yeah we'll see if vernon davis continues to leap and hurdle. >> that guy was all over the place. it was gymnastics. >> yeah it was. >> thank you, fred. thank you for making ktvu your source for news. we will see you the next time
11:58 pm
news breaks. >> one more quick check of your forecast. >> cooler tomorrow but very cold especially wednesday morning, thursday morning, friday morning. >> bring out the scarfs and jackets folks. join the ktvu morning news for the latest on that deadly shooting we told you about in san francisco. and remember we're always here for
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