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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  December 2, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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now nod. nod like we know what she's saying. -- captions by vitac -- . >> this is bay area news at 7:00. good evening. this is bay area news at 7:00. we have developing news. a search is on for a man believed to be missing with 4 passengers on a plane in the wilderness. the plane is based out of san jose. it took off from baker city, oregon. it was headed for montana.
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the idaho national guard has sent out two helicopters but had to stop due to heavy snow. contra costa county is tackling bullying. >> reporter: the transgender teen is here at the meeting. we spoke to the teen moments ago. >> be strong and have a thick skin. if people say a lot of hurtful things, you should build that thick skin but at the same time don't build it up where you get hurt. >> they are talking about bullying and sexual harassment.
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the meeting began moments ago. >> reporter: most kids look forward to time on the playground. >> bullying is always a playground. >> reporter: it doesn't stop at elementary school. this is video between three girl and a transgender student. this is why there is a special board meeting tonight. >> we don't want our heads in the sand. >> reporter: the board needs to lead by example. they are talking about the gang rape of a girl at home coming, a felony crime that cost young men their freedom, a girl her
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innocense and the district. >> we want this to be an open conversation where we talk about bullying and prevent that. >> reporter: in addition to changing behavior, they want to put in surveillance in all schools in the next 10 years. >> no graffiti. >> reporter: how much do the cameras have to do with that? >> 50%. >> reporter: in addition to learning, reading, writing, they want to teach how to be adults. this meeting that is under way in richmond is about transparency. within the last hour one of the school board members handed me a blue paper saying they have
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had a sexual harassment policy on paper that has never been implemented in practice. reporting live, noelle walker. weeks after the teen's skirt was set on fire on an a.c. transit bus, sasha suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns and missed being at school. police say a 16-year-old admitted to do it as a prank and faces hate crime charges. a deadly shooting of a man
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trying to sell a playstation gaming console. >> reporter: a silent procession of family members game to grief today. >> i love him to death. he is simply a nice boy. >> reporter: his father says his son was a nice boy. he was going to sell a playstation 4. a buyer responded and was willing to pay in cash. they went to make the exchange. his father didn't know about his plans. >> he does things with electronics. >> reporter: before he got out of the car someone with a gun
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walked up, stole the play station and shot him. they flagged down police and an ambulance picked him up, but he died at san francisco general. an arrest in the case, 21-year- old ronnie colins for attempted robbery and murder. in valet vallejo atms are being targeted. the robber grabbed a woman by the neck, completed the transaction and walked away. a pedestrian was killed at
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el camino real. one of the drivers remained at the scene. the accident caused them to shut it down at the 92 for 3 hours. an early morning fire in mountain view killed a person who lived there. the fire broke out after midnight at the mobile home park on face park way. the fire was stopped from spreading but they body was discovered. the cause is under investigation. pg&e is trying to say a
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pipe line is safe. it was ordered shut down so it could be tested and repaired. the ceo appeared at the california public utilities commission and says the pipe has been fixed. they could be fined $15 million for hiding the pipe's condition. they were questioned whether there was another san bruno on their hands. that killed 8 people and leveled a neighborhood. whether they will be fine is expected december 18th. a clinic will open tomorrow on the pen peninsula. the clinic will provide ru486
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which allows women to determine pregnancy the first 6 weeks. >> this used to be a family restaurant, and now we have this. we have reproductive services not abortions. there is a misunderstanding of what we d . >> it will open tomorrow at 1:00. sfo had a hard hat tour. they will have 10 gates, interactive seating and local dining options. the insurance exchange for
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small businesses can advise workers to look for sites for individuals. they could get an individual tax credit. they want more options for employees for health coverage. yesterday in the bronx a train was going too fast when it derailed. it was going 82 miles per our in a 30-mile per our curve. >> when i heard about the speed i gulped. it takes your breath away. >> the union representative says they are cooperating. no signs of life prompts a
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search surrounding a thanksgiving trip and missing boaters. big changes at a local shopping mall at the height of the season. a cooling trend with frigid temperatures, and a freeze watch coming up.
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happening now a vigil is under way for a 3-year-old struck and killed last week at the intersection where he was killed while being pushed in a stroller. 24 pedestrians have been killed in similar accidents. this is the highest number of
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deaths in a decade. a 5-day search for a couple in the delta. their family has not given up hope. >> reporter: a boat launch where an empty boat trailer has sat. the southern end is several miles away. this fishing boat was found circling slowly with the motor on. they were out fishing, and then they were gone. >> i don't know what happened to my parents. >> reporter: has father took out has boat every week. his father was a great swimmer,
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his mother was not. they haven't given up hope. the search continued with volunteers walking the banks. the sheriffs department is conducting search efforts. >> the water is 54. it is difficult to survive with water that cold. >> reporter: they have no reason to suspect foul play. inside the boat were freshly caught fish and life jackets. if they drown, it could be a week or more before they would be found given the cold water. there is a growing memorial for paul walker who was the
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actor from the fast and the furious franchise. they were not street racing with another car. his partner slammed into a pole and the car caught fire. the israeli government has negotiations in the holy land and throughout the middle east. whether the church puts emphasis on abortion and gay marriage, there is a new tyranny of unfedderred capitalism. $2 billion is a new record
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for black friday shopping. people shopped on mobile devices. in-store sales show a drop of 3%. that is a decrease since 2009. they started earlier but spent less money. the dow was down 7 points. a major make over is coming to the mall. some businesses are being forced out. how the project is having an impact during the holiday season. >> reporter: it is a make or break time of year for retailers. >> it is heart breaking. >> reporter: yogurt park is being shut down after 22 years.
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all that is left is a note for unsuspecting customers. >> i tried to make it subtle. i had no choice. >> reporter: he is among many tenants in the back 40 told they would have to move out by january. all of these buildings are coming down. >> they are 50 or 60 years old. we need to bring them to modern standards. >> reporter: there will be new retail space. it caught retailers off guard. >> i game specifically for frozen yogurt. >> reporter: with few vacancies, relocation may not be an option. >> you think you will come
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back? >> 2 years is a long time away. i hope to. >> reporter: the city said this construction project will be from nordstroms to macy's. there will be 275 beds provided for a winter shelter program. it runs through the end of march. that is just before the bay area will see a noticeable drop in temperatures. we are looking at freezing temperatures. this is the coldest we have seen. 57 and 50 in walnut creek.
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the cooling trend is coming. this is the center of the system . the front will bring maybe a light sprinkle. it is moist. for us it will be high clouds. let me show you what we have at this hour. in the evening hours we are into early tuesday morning. i am picking up just a few spots of blue. tuesday morning we were mostly cloudy and clearly out by the afternoon. there are showers over tahoe. this is where the advisory will come first. it starts at midnight and goes
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through the afternoon. the heaviest snow is 6000 feet and down to 3,000 feet. we will get snow at the sierra foothills. wednesday into thursday for everybody we are talk about a freeze watch. for tomorrow we will wake up in the mid-to upper 30s. a big plunge in afternoon highs. we have widespread 50s. it will be cooler and breezy thursday. we are chilly friday with temperatures just slightly warmer. the national weather service is issuing a freeze
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warning wednesday through saturday. citrus crops can be damaged below 28 degrees. the oakland a's have a new pitcher. he is signed at $22 million. the team may bring back b. artolo colon. shot in the claws of the culprit. a high-tech make over in san francisco. congratulations to a man who won for liking us on facebook. go to the ktvu facebook page.
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. >> now trending a bird's eye view of a theft. when someone discovered this
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camera 63 miles away, they discovered it was the bird. getting in the christmas spirit with operation cant santa. the postal service is responding to bay area children who have written letters to santa. go to the website for adopt a letter. a new exhibit in san francisco, there are a number of works including 150 done on ipads. san francisco chronicles art critic says it is as cutting edge as ever.
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this exhibit runs through january 20th. thank you for joining us. we will have the latest on the missing man and the plane in idaho. i like to mix things up a bit
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to sound weird, but there is a place where it's cool to drink and drive and country star luke bryan found it. >> that's where they write the song. that what they do? >> they're like the irish but productive. >> tyrese went to visit the crash site where paul walker died. crazy scene right there because it's become this huge memorial area for paul walker. >> every black girl in america thinks he was the finest white boy. >> what does that say about black girls? >> max george is out in barbados.


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