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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  December 5, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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a wet mess to clean up after record low temperatures burst pipes and tonight we're in for another round of freezing weather. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. the problems are starting to add up after two icy cool nights. tonight the bayarea is bracing for temperatures. tonight we're 37 and falling in
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san francisco. we begin with deborah villalon live in napa with some of the problems this weather has already caused. deborah. >> reporter: we hear it every winter, exposed pipes have to be covered. that's the sound of moisture. detected in the sealing of this apartment. >> moisture started coming down the walls like this. >> reporter: water comes from walls and cabinets. immediate suspect the freeze. >> it was the cold. very cold outside. >> was it inside the pipe or fitting? >> reporter: the pressure put a slit in the copper. >> this owner has done a right
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thing and insulated the pipes. >> reporter: usually it's the outdoor pipes everyone worries about. wrapping them for warmth. >> you're gambling if you don't. >> reporter: and some people let faucets drip all night. >> as long as it's flowing it won't freeze. but why waste the water if you insulated them right. >> reporter: after starting her day with frozen pipes at home and at work, this woman came to buy covers. >> we had a couple of classrooms that did not have water this morning. >> reporter: catch it early by listening for the trickle. >> you should listen to that stuff. turn off all the tvs and stereos and listen for that noise of water flow. and if you hear it you should go inspect. >> reporter: in another napa apartment the carpet is soaked. its replacement now snugly
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wrapped. and the landlord glad it wasn't worse. >> luckily we found it. i came in to visit another apartment and i see the water coming out. and we immediately went in and found this. >> reporter: water was flowing under the front door starting sometime after the tenant left for work this morning. this taste of pothole in wine country definitely has people talking. debora villalon. now the bill on just how cold it's going to get. and also a chance we might see snow tomorrow. >> the weather is changing around. the cold is going to switch out for some moisture. we're looking at that freeze warning again tonight, coldest spots will be in the north bay. almost as cold as last night. it's colding in some places than it was last night at this time. but the dewpoints are colder in the bay. that's going to keep the
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temperatures colder to the 20s than the teens. it's 29 in walnut creek. we talked about that weather system coming in here. we're going to talk more about it. but with all this cold air in place, there's a chance for more rain in the peaks. and we'll time some rain in the bay area that could coincide with that snow, back here in 10 minutes. freezing temperatures overnight could mean black ice and treacherous road conditions in the morning. a broken water pipe on ignacio road created slick streets when that run off froze. >> the road outside our door was all icy, i actually slid on it. >> reporter: drivers should use extra caution when driving in these conditions. and tonight at 10:30, a cold
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campus on the south bay. why school officials were asked to cut back on heat even as classes went into the night. new at 10:00, attacked on a bus. was it the so called knock out game where a random person trys to knock out someone with one punch. some people say that's just a hoax. but not the man ktvu's paul chambers spoke to tonight. he said the knock out game is very real and that it happened to him. >> reporter: anthony says the attack happened last night right here along first avenue near lake merit. he said his attacker was getting off the bus when he hit him several times. he said the attacker tried to knock him out. and we have to warn you some of the video you will see is graphic. >> it was a couple. one there and then one in the back. >> reporter: anthony tells us how he was attacked last night. he said that he wasn't being robbed just attacked. >> it was clear that he did not
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want anything i owned, that that's what he wanted. he wanted to knock me out. >> reporter: the bus came to this stop, the suspect began hitting him before running away. >> i was going to walk home last night but i thought to be safe i should probably get on the bus. >> reporter: alameda county sheriff's office is investigating the attack as an assault. but lindsay thinks otherwise. >> reporter: hi folks, have you heard of the knock out game? do you think it's real? do you think it's fake. well it's not. it's real, it happened to me. >> reporter: some say it's an epidemic others say it's not real. in lindsay's attack he was hit at least seven times. >> it's not funny and if you were trying to knock me out you didn't do it. it's called the knock out game
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and i think i won. >> reporter: we reachedded out to ac transit about this incident and our calls were not returned. if you know anything about this attacker, call the alameda sheriff's office who's handling this case. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. this attack comes just one month after that a gender teenager sasha fleishman was lit on fire. sasha is still recovering from burns but returned to school this week. the suspect was charged as an adult. a missing teenager from washington state has prompted the chp to issue an amber alert. romero is seen to the left. she was last seen leaving her school in kenowith washington and getting into a vehicle with
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her boyfriend. he's identified at 19-year-old eduardo florez rosales. he was last seen driving a 2001- 2003 hunter green ford escape with a roof rack and custom wheels. the vehicle has temporary washington plates. they believe the two could be heading to mexico. continuing coverage now on the death of nelson mandela. he was a man who was loved and respected all over the world. earlier today he died at the age of 95. many south africans were drawn to his home in johannesburg. they sang songs to celebrate his life. >> many said they were shocked at his death even though he had been sick for almost a year. mandela was the first african president-elected. news of his death came from current president jacob zuma.
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>> our nation has lost its greatest son. our people have lost a father. >> reporter: nelson mandela was a statesman and man of the people. he spent 27 years in prison for fighting apartide and was celebrated when he walked free with his then wife. mandela was already a hero by then. an international symbol of the fight against injustice. but mandela never expressed bitterness about his time behind bars. instead he called for reconciliation and forgiveness. four years after his release he was elected president. he also won the noble peace prize along with the man who freed him, f.w.declark. mandela lived thousands of miles away but had a profound connection to a the bay area. mandela is being remembered and
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honored tonight. christien kafton has the story. >> reporter: it's clear what an influence nelson mandela had here. he influenced people here and in south africa and around the world to make the place they live better. before his relief from prison mandela was a symbol of the injustice. uc berkeley students held a 3- 1/2 month long series of demonstrations. urging the university to divert millions of the dollars from the african government. among those, now assemblywoman nancy skinner. >> the only people i can think of are like gandhi, chavez. >> he came back to the east bay to the oakland coliseum to thank the hundreds, the thousands of people that had
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been there, americans in solidarity with south africa trying to get that regime thrown. >> reporter: nearly 60,000 people turned out to see the man who had endured more than a quarter century of inprisonment. willie brown still has the photographs from that day and remembers a humble man. >> he carried off the presidents as if he was totally unaware of how significant he really was. >> reporter: brown says mandela inspired change far beyond his homeland. >> i think his legacy will be the world not just south africa. i think what he did for south africa was as significant as what lincoln did with slavery. >> reporter: ultimately the uc
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system did divest more than 2 million into the fight. president obama said he was one of the many millions inspired by nelson mandela as he mourned his passing. he called him a moral giant. >> we have lost one of the most influential, courageous and profoundly good human beings that any of us will share time with on this earth. >> reporter: the president ordered the flags at the white house, federal buildings and military bases to be flown at half staff until sunset monday. a loaded shotgun at a bay area school and parents weren't notified until later. >> two days later you get a voice mail and i'm driving, i was like what. >> the reason the school wasn't even put into lock down. >> the unusually cold spots, the rain still to come and where snow is
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2 investigates questions about a waterfront park in san francisco. the offer support the plan by buying a brick with a message. a man says the port isn't being up front about the project or where the money goes. >> reporter: the park is being
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built here. the activist tells us he wants people to know exactly where the money is going to be spent. >> reporter: work is just getting under way for the 2-1- acre waterfront park. the port of san francisco is selling commemorative bricks to the public. similar to what is outside of at&t park. they will line the walkway. rectangular ones are being sold for $200 each. and the larger ones $300. >> we're already getting quite a bit of positive feed back from the public. they're clambering to buy them. >> it's very deceptive. >> reporter: jon golinger says he started a facebook page to tell people where the money is going. >> it says nothing about the
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america's cup. >> reporter: that fscoc is short for san francisco america's cup organizer committee. >> we just want them to be honest with what they're telling people. right now it's extremely misleading. >> no we're not being deceptive. this has been an open process. >> reporter: a portion of the money will be used to offset the improves of the park. but that the funds will also pay for amenities such as walk ways and benches. >> it's money coming back to the port to help us with infrastructure that was put out. again i think that it's a good thing. >> reporter: the park is scheduled to open fall of next year. reporting live here at pier 27 in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. and if you have an idea for two investigates we want to hear from you, e-mail two
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investigates at new information now about that brake problem on b.a.r.t. that started six to 700 passengers on a smoky train yesterday and sent nine of them to the hospital. the california utilities commission is now investigating. it does that when more than two people are injured. you will recall the train came to a sudden stop in a tunnel after a short circuit caused a parking brake to engage. b.a.r.t. says the train operator didn't know how to disengage the brake. new instructions are now being sent out. the reason the cars were filled with smoke is the intakes are right behind the train. the intakes will be moved on the new trains its buying. reforms all stem from the shooting death of oscar grant by now former b.a.r.t.
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police officer mehserle on new year's day in 2009. oliver called the previous culture of the department dysfunctional. a superior court judge will lead a task force to investigate alleged crime. the president of san jose state says the task force will review the facts and then ensure the school is a safe, welcoming tolerant community. police say four white students taunted their black roommate with racial words. the claims stem from a lesser center employee who pleaded guilty to misdemeanor child molestation back in august. the city worker said their names were included in a confidential police memo about the case and leaked to a
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newspaper. the workers were cleared of any charges. it was an emotional evening in san francisco as people gathered to remember a young man who was gunned down over the weekend. a candlelight vigil was held to remember 22-year-old uwaka. he was killed on sunday in the city's bay view district. invest investigators claimed it happened when he met someone who said he was interested in buying a game console. some san francisco parents are questioning the procedures of a high school after a loaded shotgun was found on campus this week. and while there's relief no one was hurt, ktvu's david stevenson reports parents are upset and disappointed over how the incident was handled. >> reporter: parents and students at san francisco's phillip and serlan academic high school learned of a incident that took place two
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days ago. >> by the time i found out it was this morning. >> two days later i get an e- mail and i'm driving and i'm like, i haven't heard about it. do you realize what could have happened. >> reporter: police found a weapon inside a backpack. the student was arrested and faces multiple weapons charges. >> reporter: what the the juvenile planned to fire the weapon in the school. >> we don't have any information that that was his intent. at this time we believe he brought it for his own protection. >> reporter: a letter posted to burton's high website said no other students were involved and that student safety is the top priority. schools called parents with the information. some parents said they should
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have shared the information immediately. >> what if it happens again. >> reporter: school district officials did not return our calls. in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. a freeze warning in effect tonight for the bay area. everybody except san francisco. it's cold out there right now. a little colder in many places than it was last night. but temperatures overnight aren't going to get quite as cold as the night before as they were this morning. so in napa instead of 19 they'll be 20 degrees. we're splitting hairs. it's going to be really cold tomorrow. 30 in vallejo, 24 in livermore. these are the overnight forecast lows. after these we have clouds coming in tomorrow night and that chance of rain and even snow on bay area peaks as we move into your bay area friday night. into saturday morning back here with the details on that. operations are now back to normal. a problem with the chlorine
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tank at k2 solutions prompted the advisory. authorities were concerned that the tank could start leaking chlorine gas. people within a mile of the plant were advised to stay indoors. the tank was eventually safely emptied and the advisory was lifted. just ahead prosecutors reveal a multi million dollars scheme to steal then export luxury cars. new developments in that mayor fire that burned in yosemite this summer. a hunter may face criminal charges. and a big break in a subaru...
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...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand.
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homicide detectives reported a break in a cold case. how it was the shooting of an
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officer that inspired detectives to take a second look. >> reporter: tonight the story of two people who never met but who's lives crossed paths many years ago. santa cruz, pogonit park it's right off of these tracks along a trail that a body was found by two bikers. >> there's two feet off the trail where they discovered the body. >> reporter: a teenage girl who police say was bludgent to death. >> this one bothered him and this one haunted him. >> reporter: police chief clark says baker a father himself wanted to find that killer and never found out but the case went cold. seconds, days and years went by. and then -- february 26 of this year. sergeant butch baker and detective elizabeth butler were killed on the line of duty. 10 months later. >> it's one of those things
11:26 pm
that you really, you want to do it for him. >> reporter: detective bruce kline had baker's cold case on hand. >> there was a match. >> reporter: a print on that card was then compared to a print taken from the body and there it was a match. >> reporter: pogonip chain is now cory joane lemaster of pacifica a run away. >> i can see butch's reaction. he would be doing that little lean into my office saying, we have a match. >> reporter: the work does not stop. now with an identification it's time to find the killer for the victim's family and for butch baker. mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. fremont police have arrested a suspect in a home particular reu that was caught
11:27 pm
on tape. 28-year-old transient richard banuelos was arrested this afternoon. police say he is the man seen on this surveillance video we first showed you yesterday. after releasing the video yesterday investigators received more than a dozen tips which led them to capture the suspect. federal charges are had for the hunter that started the rim fire that burned part of yosemite national park. the fire became the third largest in state history and covered 230 miles. the federal government is taking over the prosecution. investigators say the still unidentified hunter lit an illegal campfire that got out of control. a cupertino couple had been indicted in a multi million dollars scheme to export luxury cars to asian. chan and chan are charged with
11:28 pm
inindictment. they used a friend's business to make fraudulent charges. as a community we're all just very shopped. tonight at 10:45, how the efforts to help two families are bringing an entire community together. i like to mix things up a bit with grands mini pot pies. only four ingredients. and a few easy steps. weeknight dinner in a flash. and my family devours them. pillsbury grands biscuits. make dinner pop. guys... [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls, with cinnabon cinnamon, are an irresistible sunday morning idea. nothing calls them to the table faster.
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safeway. ingredients for life. continuing coverage now of tonight's icy grip on the bay area. we want to show you these same two pictures from earlier in the bay area. it's 38 in san francisco and 37
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in oakland. you've been watching temperatures fall all over the area. >> we're on pace for that tonight. there's all the areas that are covered. san francisco is left out of the mix but you can see the overnight forecasts are down there. it's not going to be quite as cold as last night but i expect that temperatures are going to be maybe a degree or two warmer than they were. so napa was 19 last night. tonight they go to 20-degree. you get the idea it's going to be a cold one out there. it's a freeze warning. you're going to have frost on the windshields in the morning and it's going to be a cool day. when i come back we're going to be talking about that rain and opportunity for snow on bay area peaks in the next 24 hours. it's not just cold outside it was also cold inside for some people in the north bay. west valley college received some special orders from pg & e. eric rasmussen has the story. >> reporter: frank, west valley college says it was told to reduce their use by 25% because
11:32 pm
of this high demand that certainly made for colder than usual classrooms here tonight. a cold classroom inside and out in saratoga. how was it today? >> it was a little chilly. >> reporter: counselor carol pavan is one of the ones that was told early to bundle up. >> i had a coat, a scarf and gloves. >> reporter: that meant lowering the temperature in most buildings to 68 degrees. hardly freezing but colder than normal. today thermostats were controlled by a central computer. >> people will want to crank up the temperatures won't do so. >> so if i crank it up it's not going to matter. >> you can crank it up all the way but i doubt it will do anything. >> cold weather is bringing them on in. >> reporter: by 6:00 the 50
11:33 pm
beds at this shelter in san jose were nearly filled. while they have not received any reports of deaths because of the cold snap, vanessa barreta says it's more of a concern this year than ever. >> reporter: there's an increase of death on the streets and we're trying to do whatever we can to prevent that. >> reporter: west valley college is part of a contract that allows it to pay lower rates in exchange for cutting back on gas and electric where there's a surge in demand. this was all called as a one day measure. but there's been no official word on whether they'll be asked to cut back again tomorrow. eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. people in the sierra are gearing up for the possibility of heavy snow this weekend. it could reach elevations lower than normal. business owners are also stocking up and some have gotten their generators ready in case the power goes out.
11:34 pm
temperatures in the san joaquin valley will again fall below freezing tonight. and officials are concerned some crops may have already been damaged. a spokesman with the california farm bureau federation says crops such as oranges, tangerines and oranges are most at risk. any damage those crops may have sustained may not be known for weeks to come. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. tomorrow check with ktvu morning teams for the latest weather and traffic conditions. only on 2 tonight a new ktvu field poll finds that california voters have mixed views about the job california is doing. that's the closest those numbers have been when compared to previous polls dating back to 2008. 52% also believe that the split in the house is a good thing. while 25% think it's a bad
11:35 pm
thing. those views are hardly partisan. 65% of democrats are happen by about that majority but 79% of republicans are not. dozens of fast food workers spent the day protesting their pay. in san jose about two dozen people picked up picket signs and rallied in front of a mcdonalds restaurant. they want the minimum wage raised to $15 an hour. >> you have people who have worked here for five, 10 years and they're still barely making minimum wage. they're working two or three jobs to support their families. >> reporter: the california restaurant association says doubling the minimum wage would make it impossible for restaurants to keep their jobs as job creators. the dow lost 68 points. the nasdaq lost four. the economy grew faster than expected. twitter has named a woman
11:36 pm
to its board of directors for the first time. 66-year-old margerie scardino is the former ceo of a communication company. in the past twitter has been criticized for the lack of women on its boards and top officials. the -- this quilt honors 45 people who have died of aids. youth uprising says it's hosting the quilt to raise awareness for aids. two schoolmates diagnosed with cancer just days apart. how a community is rallying behind the girls and their families. >> i break down and cry all the time because i just can't even believe the generosity. >> a freeze warning still in effect and winter weather advisory on the way. the unusual conditions still to
11:37 pm
come in the
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a number of home burglaries in hercules could be the work of two teenagers. in all cases they happen during the day when the homes were empty. pry marks were found in front doors. one homeowner said he found cash and electronics missing. >> you have to take extra measures. >> another victim says he walked in while the burglar was
11:40 pm
still there but quickly retreated and called police. officers say they spotted the suspect but he got away. officers say that there's likely only one thief and he's 15 or 16 years old. two teenagers are under arrest in connection with the rape of two teenage girls. the girls say they passed out after drinking some alcoholic drinks given to them by the boys and they found that they had been assaulted by the teenage boys. police say they found evidence at the boy's home. a side by side stake house and pub will be open 365 days a
11:41 pm
year. a second will be an indoor, outdoor restaurant called tailgate. it will only be open on game day and will be a members only club. >> what this experience will be is something that has not been seen before. where you have 10 games a year. hopefully more. 10 games a year where we have these parties and -- >> reporter: the tailgate experience will include things like 14-foot rotisseries that can roast an entire ox. the football field at cal will soon be known as cabam field. the university announced today the $18 million deal with the video game maker. three of the company's founders went to berkeley. the internet media company makes the game camelot and the hobbit. new at 10:00, a danville teenager has taken our one warm
11:42 pm
coat to hard. carson quintana got his friend and team to donate coats. >> it feels good to give someone who doesn't have money for a coat to be warm for the winter. >> reporter: one warm coat started here in the bay area in 1992 it's now gone nationwide. it's estimated more than 3 million coats have been donated and distributed. the diagnosis two young girls received over thanksgiving and how friends and strangers alike have responded. bill martin watching the temperatures outside right now. when we'll break out of this hey now... she's just gifing out. gif-ing out? cause of all the good stuff she got at kmart. gif-out girl... thursday through saturday - all seasonal blankets and throws are on sale... and members always get more.
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as many as 30 families are now helping with the search of a family who's plane disappeared in the wilderness. it's been five days since the plane lost radar and cell tower contact. also the freezing weather and rough mountain terrain are making the search difficult. >> a lot of family members are supporting, probably another six, seven of us that will be going up tomorrow to pitch in and help out and do what we can. >> dale smith was flying from oregon to butte montana when he reported engine trouble. wildlife officials say about three dozen whales were slowly swimming toward deeper water this afternoon. they've been trying to nudge them out to sea in boats but many have turned back toward shore where some of the whales have beached themselves. 11 whales have died since the pod was spotted in shallow
11:46 pm
water on tuesday. officials say the whales like to stay together and may turn toward shore once again. in pacifica, it's just an incredibly heartbreaking coincidence. two students both at the same school diagnosed with cancer within days of each other. how the little girls classmates and the rest of pacifica are all coming together to help. >> reporter: it started with 8- year-old bella hung on thanksgiving eve. >> bella was diagnosed with leukemia. >> reporter: and then 7-year- old anica johnson a few days later diagnosed with a rare form of kidney cancer. both children students of cabrilo elementary. just a grade apart. >> as a community we're all just very, very shocked. >> reporter: lola lyles is bella's friend. she started a page so that people could help. and boy have they. >> we've gotten a lot of
11:47 pm
donations for bella. $10,000 in two days. >> reporter: that's doubled as of today. another lola, lola carritgton started a page for anica who is her daughter's best friend. and after two days the funds top 11 grand. the money will help the families during this ordeal. >> i'm overwhelmed. i break down and cry all the time because i just can't even believe the generosity. >> reporter: davis says the families have not yet met but the children are close in a sense. >> anica and bella are at the same hospital. same floor. >> reporter: and both face a long recovery. anica just had a kidney removed. bella started what will be years of chemotherapy. >> she is doing pretty good but she's in a lot of pain. >> reporter: both children will miss school this year. but they're prognosis is good. in pacifica, ken pritchett. ktvu news. bay area start up 23 and me
11:48 pm
says it will stop giving new customers genetic analysis information. last week the food and drug administration told the company its dna kits cannot be advertised for its ability to detect diseases. you can still buy the kits. but new customers will only get raw data without interpretation. we're receiving new video of a water main in the 2300 block of martinez avenue. at this point it's not clear what caused that water main to break but the cold temperatures may have had something to do with it. well the freeze warnings is up for the bay area. a hard freeze warning in the central valley. take a look at what's going on around the state.
11:49 pm
you'll see a freeze warning. everywhere but san francisco. that's the bay area and parts of east bay. you come into central valley you have a hard freeze warning. and a winter storm warning that goes into effect tomorrow night and through saturday morning. they're going to get some snow out there. as we move closer, you're going to see a clear and cold night. we're looking for temperatures to be just around what they were last night not near as cold but darn near. we're going to see temperatures in the 20s. it's cold and crisp out there. san francisco out at the zoo. the san francisco zoo this morning 31 degrees. that's right off of ocean beach. very cold in san francisco, oakland and san jose. the next system comes down the pike. it starts moving our way tomorrow but we'll notice the cloud by tomorrow night then the showers move in. as we go into late friday night. we've got a winter weather advisory for the hills. down around santa cruz mountains and the east bay hills it's not in effect for
11:50 pm
the north bay hills but you might as well count on some snow up there. that's kind of a bill deal. that's a lot of cold air. moisture moving in and a chance of snow flurries in the bay area peaks. north bay, east bay and south bay. here's the computer model now. as we move into it. friday 5:00. so clouds increasing. there's snow up there. then boom this thing moves through. late friday night into saturday morning. this is the heat of it right here. it's going to rain at sea level. we're going to see snow flurries in some funny locations because of all the cold air trap. that's tomorrow night. by the morning hours, and by afternoon on saturday it clears out. it stays kind of cool around here. you would expect that. the forecast highs tomorrow for friday then. you're back into the upper 40s and low 50s. which is not that warm. it's a lot like today. next 24 hours a lot like what the last 24 hours were like. 50 in morgan hill. 51 in san jose.
11:51 pm
your five day forecast, there it goes. friday night into saturday morning. right in that period there. we're going to see some interesting snow levels because snow levels are technically down around 2,000 feet or so. but when you have all this cold air caught in these valleys it can produce snow up in the north bay in places you wouldn't expect it. so we'll be tracking that. of course steve paul will be here tomorrow morning. we could see .25 to 1 inch of rain. >> it's going to be a tough drive. >> and black ice. >> we don't often get black ice here. >> no. henry winston is considered one of the best in the sport. winston worked with some of the
11:52 pm
most talented boxers in history. including george foreman. reality check time for the sharks back east. >> i think generally folks think that the western conference is stronger than the eastern conference. but they have a couple of good teams like pittsburgh. crosby has never scored a goal against san jose and he didn't do it tonight either. except four of his pittsburgh players scored. it was scoreless after one period. pens need just four minutes to score one. and that was hit by cunick. eastern conference leading penguins wins 5-1. san jose can regroup tomorrow in carolina. the seattle seahawks bring their swagger to candle stick this sunday. a game you can see right here
11:53 pm
on ktvu at 1:00 p.m. now everyone is talking about seattle's number one ranked defense and russell williams. there's also a homecoming of sorts for running back lynch. he likes to go into beast mode. lynch gained 970 yards and nine touchdowns on the ground in nine games. he scored twice in week two when seattle beat 49ers 29-3. the defense knows what they're up against. >> we know what we have with him. he's a relentless. tough, mean here we come running back. that's what we like. you know, we wouldn't have it any other way. so we're looking forward to playing with him. that's how football is supposed to be. >> rangers also go against the jets. but the hottest team, the hottest team in the afc played tonight and it wasn't denver. we'll have that
11:54 pm
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11:56 pm
the hottest team in the afc right now are you ready, jacksonville. yes the jags have won four of their last five games including three in a row.
11:57 pm
suddenly jacksonville ever banked field is a cool place to hang out. everybody falling in love. getting engaged. holy cow. jags quarterback henning. ed toman a 25-yard touchdown. houston losing 11 straight games, 14-17. and bridgewater trails cincinnati. they want to crush bridgewater an they want to crush him now. copeland stays inbound. scores the go ahead touchdown and louisville wins 29-34 in overtime. tiger woods own golf tournament he's under one. and that's sports as we see it this thursday night. julie and frank. >> all right. fred, thank you. and thank you for choosing ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time
11:58 pm
news breaks. >> ktvu begins at 4:30 tomorrow. you can follow
11:59 pm
12:00 am
>> today on "tmz" -- >> good news for some of us here. wendy's has a new burger. and it got somebody arrested. >> woman in georgia bit into her cheeseburger and there was a joint on top of the pickle. stuffed right in it. >> did she order it? >> i would like the 420 combo meal. [laughter] >> the story came out that kanye west commissioned one of warhol's family members to do this gigantic warhol-like painting of kim kardashian.


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