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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  December 6, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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and that breaking news, water in an east bay neighborhood flooding homes and forces people outside on this cold night. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. jana katsuyama is live in the seven hills area of castro valley where that water main
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broke tonight. jana. >> reporter: it was a 12-inch main that broke. right now they're dealing with another problem where the asphalt collapsed understood beneath this engine. down the road is where it basically flooded. and we have crews from here trying to figure out what happened. >> we were just in our living room and just heard this rushing and thought it was either pouring rain or something was happening. >> reporter: alameda county was out trying to figure out what
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was going on. but for some people it was too late. water damaged living rooms decorated for the holidays. some people tried to salvage what they could before heading out with children and their belongings. >> it was a couple of feet of water. >> reporter: you can see this is one of the problems they're trying to do is figure out how they can get this engine out. again that asphalt that gave way underneath right underneath that truck is where that broke. we understand that the red cross was here but the chief on scene tells us so far nobody has needed their help.
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these two streets and if we get more information we will bring it to you. now to the cold rain heavy at times falling on the bay area tonight. a ktvu photographer captured these pictures just a few minutes ago. this rain comes amidst some unusually cold temperatures. >> we saw from those pictures just a few moments ago it's really coming down in some parts. >> the forecast verified nicely. in fact, that happened tonight. you can see a live storm tracker 2. this is the loop over the past two hours. you can see light shower activity. the big issue parts of northern napa county. lake napa, that rain has opinion increasing. you get an idea with the
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moderate cells pushing into the mountains. we'll move the maps closer to san mateo. right around the fremont area picking up heavier downpours. out toward san francisco, a good portion of showers. and up in the north bay all that activity right around fairfield, santa rosa reporting heavy rain at last check. the most recent observations and right around nevato. we'll take a look at this. a winter weather advisory posted locally. we'll break down the timing of where the rainfall moves out and a freeze warning is being reissued. >> a cold snap has issued at least three deaths. all of the victims were homeless. the first died monday. two died on thursday one near rout 87 in san jose the other inside a garage in saratoga. none of the victims names is being released. the efforts being made now to
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make sure any other homeless people don't suffer the same fate. hundreds of people are being forced to deal with the cold without power. in san anselmo power outages are being affected. in benetia the power is out for most people but there are a couple of homes and businesses where it is going to be a cold night. crews are still working to return power to 32 homes and businesses. pg &e tells us the bay area is covered in white. >> reporter: i've gone from rain gear to snow gear and back to rain gear.
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it was pouring rain down here just a few minutes ago now it's just a light sprinkle. but further up the way the rain turned to snow. i talked to caltrans earlier today and they told me they have both scrapers and sands trucks out in the northern corridor. that is not common but neither is snow below 2,000 feet. it isn't often you see a sign like this one when you you're not on the road to tahoe. tonight caltranses has scrapers and snow trucks driving crews to i9 making sure there are no cars on the road. >> i am excited because i have four wheel drive on my car. >> reporter: marisa chavez working at the warehouse store.
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they're doing sales on equipment. and that's what brought value alread out. >> pipe insulation. >> you have a problem at home or are you trying to prevent one? >> i have a problem at home. cracked a valve. >> reporter: it flooded value's yard. problems that come living at an elevation where it can get cold enough to snow. >> once or twice a year. this isn't uncommon but i'm tired of the pipes breaking. >> reporter: the rain is needed and the snow is pretty. the problems they cause today are the chores for next spring. >> fix it next spring when it thaws out. >> reporter: drivers really need to evaluate how much they need to get out in this weather. we drove through some very heavy rain, thick fog and tkaeuplgts road. reporting live in calastoga, noelle walker. snow started falling several hours ago.
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the snow is coming down in placerville and starting to stick on the streets. placerville is about 2,000 feet elevation. higher elevations are expectedded to see even more snow. mark tamayo tells us about 2 feet of snow is forecasted from this storm. if you are driveing to the mountains you will need chains. caltrans is requiring chains on 80 to the donner change. on our website you the get the latest weather information any time. you can also check storm tracker 2. developing news now, that 85-year-old veteran from palo alto was being held in north korea is free tonight and on his way back to the bay area. and within the past 45 minutes, we heard from meryll newman's son. amber lee spoke when he will be reunited with his family. >> reporter: we heard that newman was on his way home to
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san francisco. less than an hour ago his son who's in los angeles had a huge smile on his face when he spoke about his father. >> we're absolutely delighted to confirm that meryll newman is on his way home after being released by the dprk. >> reporter: in palo alto at channing house they refused to speak to us on camera. but they were all smiles. >> i was very pleased. very pleased indeed. i don't know what it took to get him released but i'm very glad he's coming home. i'm sure his family is too. >> reporter: the north korean state news agency kcna reported that newman had been quote deported. and they reported that the
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government did it in a humanitarian standpoint because of the man's old age and condition. this is meryll newman in a video we brought you last friday. he read from a prepared statement. newman talks about what he did in north korea in his last trip. >> i asked my guide to help me look for their families and relatives living with ktrp. i gave them names and addresses to the guide in the hotel. >> reporter: north korea does have a history of coercing statements from detainees so the circumstances surrounding the maybing of the video is unknown. vice president joseph biden was in south korea as the last stop of his tour of asian. he offered to fly newman back on air force 2. but instead he's back in a commercial flight on it way to san francisco that is expected to land sometime tomorrow. amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news.
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new visit corrode here just into our newsroom of a hidden run in oakland. it happened around 6:30 tonight right near interstate 880. a witness told ktvu that a car hit a pedestrian and kept ongoing. our pe -- a plan to fix oakland's public safety radio system could cost the city tens of millions of dollars. a city commission recommends oakland replace all 2,700 police radios as soon as possible. and that could cost between 15 and $20 million. oakland officials have been working for months to repair the system. many describe as unreliable. a malfunction even happened during president obama's visit to oakland last year. the latest numbers released today show the job situation in this country is showing signs of steady improvement. november's unemployment rate dropped to 7% from 7.3%. that is its lowest level in
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five years. and the labor department reported employers added 207,000 workers last month. hiring was across a broad sector as well. that jobs report triggered an increase after days of decline. the nasdaq added 29. gunned down and killed in front of his front door. the trouble police believe this man interrupted right before he was shot. >> we told you about a system bringing rain and snow. find out how long a subaru... ...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals.
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that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand.
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a cash smashed into a home injuring two people and causing considerable damage to a car. san jose firefighters say it started when who vehicles collided sending one vehicle right into the front of the garage. two people were hospitalized and firefighters had to make a brace out of lumber to keep the gradual from collapsing. cold weather, a space heater and a fire. it might have added up to a real tragedy if not for one father's quick actions. >> reporter: that dad is being treated for burns to his feet.
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suffered he says when he walked in fire to get his 3-year-old son. >> flames were just pouring out of there. >> reporter: she found a man hobbling in pain. >> reporter: and he said my feet and i looked down and, they were peeling and it was pretty exposed. >> reporter: it was 8:30 this morning. this mother-in-law unit was full of flames. >> he was jumping around. my feet is hot. my feet is hot. >> reporter: that flame man named charles came shouting to his neighbors that his futon caught fire while he and his father slept. >> the covers caught on fire and he was trying to put it out with his feet. >> he said he went back to get his son. >> reporter: he said in the heavy the smoke and flames he
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ran out quickly to get a breath of fresh air and he ran back to get his son. >> i think with the space heater when you get those elements hot enough. they do combust. >> reporter: the 44-year-old dad who escaped this place with his son is lucky although it may not seem like it right now. >> i said you're a hero. you saved your son. you're a hero. it was heartbreaking because he kept saying it's christmas. it's christmas. why does this happen to happen. everything i have is in there. of course i started crying. >> reporter: the red cross will help with housing. but the family of three need to find a place to live. she tells me from the emergency room he is going to need several weeks of recovery. reporting live in vallejo, deborah villalon, ktvu channel
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2 news. south africa plans 10 days of events for nelson mandela who died yesterday. his admirers are gathering outside his johannesburg home. the last black president of south africa called mr. mandela a great man with great integrity. >> i think his greatest legacy to south africa and to the world is the emphasis in which he has always put on the need for reconciliation. >> reporter: the white house says president and mrs. obama as long w-z former president george w. bush and bill clinton plan to attend the memorial event. stpraáp announced their own memorial for nelson mandela. it'll be held in the rotunda
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and former mayor brown will attend. san francisco animal control today arrested a man suspected of drowning two cat that is belonged to a homeless woman. animal control officers say they arrested lee roy patterson on drum street after a struggle. police say patterson confronted the homeless work last month on pier 15. he threw her belongings right into the bay including her two cats. patterson is now facing two counts of felony animal cruelty and if convicted he could get -p up -- could get up to two years in jail. continuing coverage of the unseasonably cold weather affecting those who make live on the streets in san jose. >> reporter: emergency workers handed out covers in san jose . other homeless people there
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were sad about the death and worried about themselves. >> it scares me because i'm going through the same cold. you know, it's very freezing at night. i can't sleep. >> reporter: today publish health officials say three homeless men all in their 40s and 60s died of hyperthermia at several encampments. ehc expanded its three shelters to accommodate hundredsover extra beds. >> in this community where we have so much wealth and invasion and all this stuff. we had several people lose their lives simply because it was too cold. and that should not happen. >> reporter: officials also say a fourth man described as homeless tide last week in a garage in saratoga but did not provide any more details. >> anyone dying on the streets is a horrible news. so we're trying to do anything we can just to get them inside. >> it's just hard.
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it's hard. day-to-day living is hard. >> reporter: emergency workers say they plan to be out again throughout the weekend because of the expected rainy weather which they say will only make conditions at these camps more dangerous. in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now an additional 375 beds are being placed in three santa clara shelters in response to that death. officials say shelters -- bed will be available until monday. and right now we're still tracking the activity on radar. the rain is still a factor in our forecast. snowfall in the higher terrain of the research. a winter advisory in place for the east bay hills of the santa cruz mountains. north bay hills until 6:00 tomorrow morning. you could get a dusting of snow
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with snow levels at 1,500 to 2,000 feet. we will show you that at 1,800 feet. look at mount hamilton at 2,200 people. it could be a pretty sight as we head into saturday morning. coming up i'll let you know about the rest of the weekend if you have rain chances in the forecast. i will let you know when freeze warnings returns to parts of the bay area. cars and car lovers gather in honor of actor paul walker. we're continuing to follow breaking [ female announcer ] for those who love sweets
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with grands mini pot pies. only four ingredients. and a few easy steps. weeknight dinner in a flash. and my family devours them. pillsbury grands biscuits. make dinner pop. guys... [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls, with cinnabon cinnamon, are an irresistible sunday morning idea. nothing calls them to the table faster. make breakfast pop! a sink hole opened up today. this happened about 5:30 a.m.
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the hole was caused by a leaking sewer line that was scheduled for repair next month. nobody here was hurt but it's not clear how much damage was done to this 1996 cal lack that ended up in the hole. vallejo police are looking for the person who gunned down a young father in his front doorstep. today family members gathered to remember lovelle brown. ktvu's alex sadvige reports, brown's family is desperate for help. >> everybody loved him. the pictures is the proof. >> reporter: a father of two little girls. brown was a hard working family man. anderson is hoping people will now step up and help police find his killer. >> it will mean so much to my family. to his family. it's you know if we can get the littlest piece of anything that will help to solve this because it deserves to be solved because he did not deserve this to -p happen. >> reporter: the 26-year-old was shot to death one week ago.
11:25 pm
after police say he stepped outside his apartment after hearing a disturbance and possibly interrupted a burglary happening at a neighboring unit. at least one shot went through his front door. >> you recognize that things aren't as minor as they appear. he is retreating going back into his apartment when he was shot. >> reporter: he volunteered at his daughter's preschool and was also a raiders season ticketholder. >> it was work. it was his family. me, our daughters and it was the raiders. you know every sunday. >> reporter: anderson says their two girls are just beginning to understand what happened and their heartbroken. all she can tell them is, dad is listening. >> they can talk to him any time that they want to although he can't speak back. but they know. >> reporter: as brown's friends and family hold out hope for an arrest. vallejo police say they are going over surveillance video from this area and processing evidence from the crime scene.
11:26 pm
they do have some witnesses. but say they need more people to come forward to help solve this murder. in vallejo, alex sadvidge. san francisco police say they've made an arrest in a deadly shooting that happened six months ago. officers say 26-year-old joshua pitman shot and killed 30-year- old auto brown in hunters point on the afternoon of july 20th. pitman was booked in santa rita county jail in suspicion of murder. people who like high performance cars did not let tonight's rain and chill keep them from honoring the memory of paul walker. the event was a monthly gathering of car owners. walker died saturday in a car crash along with his friend roger rotus. roger was one of the stars of the fast and furious movie series which has grossed almost 2-1/2 billion dollars worldwide. a windy scene right now in oakland as the wintery storm is
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bringing rain and low snow to the bay area. the heaviest rain we're tracking right after the break. and we're getting new information on placer valley. on that water main that broke. and a car that got stuck after a collapse. and a reminder you can omg, jack. have you ever checked out these new product ideas people post on your page?
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they're kind of amaze. yeah - that's where i got the ideas for my new- fajita ranch melt. seasoned chicken with a gooey blend of pepper jack cheese, roasted peppers and onions, on toasted sourdough for just $3.99. is that where you also got the idea for that clock bracelet you always wear? my watch? no...these were invented a long time ago. like in the 80's? back now to breaking news and that mess this evening in castro valley where water rushed down streets and right into homes after a water main break. ktvu's jana katsuyama is still on the scene now. and jana in your last report you showed us that stuck fire truck, any movement? >> frank, there's been a lot of
11:30 pm
changing out here. let me just tell you that we had to move up the truck because they have brought in two very large tow trucks. they have attached cable to that engine that you can see half way down the block. what they're planning to do is try to use some of those tow trucks to pull it out from where it got stuck. you can take a look at the video that we shot earlier. that will show you what the situation is. the driver got stuck when the road underneath it gave way. it sounds as though the pavement was unstable. the water was just blowing down santa maria avenue. again 12-inch main that broke. they are still trying to assess damage. they are about a dozen houses along santa maria avenue. some of those did flood. we understand from residents that was as high as 3 feet in some areas inside the house as well as outside in the yard. now about 15 minutes ago i did
11:31 pm
talk to east bay mud and they tell me that their records show there was some work done in the area around this broken break -- main break last february. and their records also show that there has since been work done by the city and possibly by some utilities. so it looks like this section is not new to having work done. back here live you can see all of the activity here. an east bay mud truck just pulled up about five minutes ago and it looks as though they're going to try to secure this area. also to make sure that the pavement out here is secure and there won't be any other places where vehicles might go over asphalt that is unstable. now we do understand at least the rain has stopped and about 45 minutes ago or so they did -- they were able to cut off the water. so at least for right now there is no more water rolling down the street. >> so jana, now that they've cut off that water how many people are affected and how are they dealing with not having
11:32 pm
any water? >> well frank right now when i asked east bay mud they said they did not know how many people were affected by the water being shut off. i did just talk to some people from the red cross who say some of the residents on that block are staying in their homes tonight even with the water shut off because they did not have flooding. others have gone to relatives and we understand there is at least one resident who has asked for help tomorrow. but at least for now those streets are shut off and looks like they will be for quite a while tonight. >> jana katsuyama, live in castro valley tonight, thank you jana. continuing coverage of the winter like storm pushing across the bay area tonight. these are live pictures from oakland where we have seen waves of rain but at this moment it appears it's sort of windier than it is wet. our meteorologist mark tamayo is in tonight for our chief bill. you've watched all this rain move in. where is it the heaviest right now? >> fairfield reporting heavy rain at last check. winds at 25 miles per hour.
11:33 pm
you can see the bright colors. some of this might be enhanced because of the cold nature of the system. but still some wetter roadways right around highway 17 right around the santa cruz mountains. all this coverage closer to san francisco and oakland. this has been on the increase and as i mentioned fairfield the last check reporting heavy rain for the 10:00 observation. coming up we'll break down the timing the progression of the rainfall. we'll also have more on the freeze warning that will be issued in parts of the bay area. you may remember it was two years ago when snow reached san francisco. it was february of 2011. light flurries fell in the upper market area of san francisco. only lasted for a couple of minutes but our camera was there to capture it. the snow though didn't stick to the ground. and our ktvu weather team is keeping track of the conditions 24 hours a day. you can follow bill, mark, rosemary and steve on our mobile ktvu app. also on twitter and facebook. snow and ice in texas today forced some flight cancellations here in the bay
11:34 pm
area. the dallas, texas was blanketed with snow and slush and that had a ripple effect with a dozen flights kapbs -ltd -- cancelled in the san francisco airport. there may be problems with christmas packages arriving on time. ups and fed ex announced service delays because of the weather. take a look a look here. a camera spins out right in front of a camry. certainly a little more than shaken up. ice is moving across the eastern part of the country. 49er fans are gearing up for the big game. the game at candle stick park is going to be one of the last events ever he'll at that stadium. david stevenson tells us there will be a lot of undercover police on hand. and today chief greg suhr showed us what they'll be
11:35 pm
wearing. >> reporter: for football fans it may be the hottest game of the season. the battle between the 49ers and seahawks even has australian out of towners gearing up. >> should be a win. >> basically have to say it is a hostile environment. >> reporter: in the 2012 season there were 355 ejections. and 14 felony arrests. >> i've been getting quite a few el mails per day -- few e- mails per day saying, my son is going to the game should he wear his jersey. i'm bringing my girlfriend, am i going to be safe. >> reporter: the 49ers have put together a manual addressing their fans how to cheer and dress the part. the goal is to keep fans cool as the competition heats up
11:36 pm
sunday. >> you don't want to spend the game that you spent a lot of money in one of our patty wagons or substations or jail. >> reporter: the seahawks 12th man fan base is expected to be very visible and very vocal at the stick on sunday. in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. and we have a way for you to show your 49er pride. have a little friendly competition going on with our sister station in seattle to see how many people can get likes. share our badge with your facebook friends. if you don't have tickets to the game don't worry about it. you can follow us on the postgame show on fox and our own show the point after. >> a cold rainy night in washington, d.c. got a little brighter with holiday spirit tonight. >> three, two, one.
11:37 pm
president obama was joined by his family to light the national christmas tree. this was the 91st annual tree lighting ceremony. the president seemed to enjoy the event. dancing and sharing the stage with singer mariah carrie. the punish -pl handed down for a man who stole a painting. and i'll lay out how long these wintery conditions will last in a subaru...
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quite surely they'll say, yum! wow! yay! what a sweeter holiday. safeway. ingredients for life. now this is a scary landing ate tempt. a boeing 777 got caught in 50- mile an hour wind as the pilot tried to land after a long
11:40 pm
flight from due dubai. but look, the wind turns it sways. the pilot diverted. passengers were able to watch it all on monitors. one man on board tweeted, never flying again. alaska airlines is adding service. right now delta is the only airline at manetta airport offering service to salt lake city. pleasanton based company had hoped to open a store at clairmont by next summer. residents had expressedded concern that a new grocery store would increase traffic in an already congested intersection. one sign we are seeing of an improving economy is the holiday partying. here's an example of that. the general manager says she's
11:41 pm
seen more reservations for holiday parties than in previous year. so far that restaurant has booked 25 parties and six more are waiting to be confirmed. we have parties from 10 people to 100 people. she says those parties can account for 10% of the year's revenue and this year she says is looking pretty good. it's the ultimate gift for a coffee lover. an extremely limited rose gold colored metal gift card. it's $450. only 4,000 were available and they sold out in second. some are going for more than $1,500 on ebay. some customers are not happy about the sale. luxury own line posted and then pulled the card immediately. an unusual art theft in sacramento and it was met with an unusual punishment. a print of a nude woman on a
11:42 pm
cigar has hung for many years. there have been attempts to steal it but someone finally made off with it. but police used cameras to identify the thief. he managed to bargain his way out of being prosecuted. >> i requeered him to work 40 hours of community service. >> reporter: the thief also had to write the same lines over and over and over again. saying i will never get drunk at a wedding and steal the naked cigar picture above the urinal at the citizen hotel. that print was created by sacramento native nel ramos. and five minutes, meteorologist mark tamayo tracks the rain and where we might see snow tomorrow. might see snow tomorrow. and getting rid of toll
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the major switch on the golden gate bridge from human toll takers to electronic tolling nine months ago was supposed to be a cost saving measure. but as ktvu's patti lee explains those changes are actually hurting the bottom line. >> reporter: the switch to all electronic tolling at the bay bridge is having an unintented consequence. >> we've had to make a number of changes that has cost money. >> reporter: after full time toll takers lost their jobs in march to make room for the new system, 25 customer service reps had to be hired to field phone calls from confused customers. the overwhelming number of calls also rechid system outbreaks. >> we had to make requests of more people manning the phone
11:46 pm
because people wonder why they got this thing on the mail. they wonder why this says violation because a lot of people throw their letters away. this will be the fourth time we mail them. you will see what people do with what they perceive to be junk mail from the state of california. >> reporter: the trick claims the move is already saving money. more than 1 million in the salaries of the toll takers alone. >> we're saving money that was the goal of the program. so yes there's been some confusion but it's not mass hysteria. to be clear, ntc paid for most of the fixes required so far. while one agency saved money the other paid the price. >> are you guys saving money. >> only the golden gate bridge district can answer that question. i do not know. ntc tells us there is an upside. fast track membership jumped to 85% after the switch. and that could help deliver on the promise of taxpayer cost savings. the only question is when. in san francisco, patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news.
11:47 pm
a merger combining american airlines and u.s. airways is expected to take effect on monday. the full blending between two carriers is expected to take months. 80% of u.s. passengers will fly on just four mayor domestic airlines. it is welcomed news for holiday travelers. some are being randomly chosen to breeze right on through airport security. the tsa precheck line is generally a service that travelers pay for. but some travelers are now being picked for a one time use of the special line. the tsa says that's because the agency is now focusing on a rich based security plan. it doesn't diminish screening. it gives us a chance to focus greater on the people who we don't know much about so that we can screen them more effectively. you don't have to take care of -- they don't look in your bags nothing. travelers in the tsa prechecked line don't have to take off their belts, shoes or jackets at the check point. they also don't have to remove
11:48 pm
laps or take liquids out of their checked bags. bob dillon played the fender when he went from acoustic to electric on the new folk festival in 1935. a lot of fans were outraged but it was also considered by experts as a defining moment in american music history. that guitar sold for $965,000. the possibility of ice and snow in mount diablo has moved tomorrow's beacon lighting celebration. the move commemorates the -- the ceremony has been moved to concord. it'll likely shine a little brighter since it has been recently restored. we are still tracking more snow and rain in the bay area.
11:49 pm
the focus of the significant snowfall right now is out to our east. out toward the sierra. we have storm warnings at 80 and 50 at last check if you were heading tout the mountains. the activity beginning to back up a little bit. still scattered rain showers. concord reporting heavy rainfall last check. some of these rainfall rates will bring that up for you. .29-inches an hour. that's what's happening in parts of the east bay. still scattered around the bay for san francisco. south san francisco and oak ran. and in the south bay out toward the santa cruz mountains, still rainfall in parts of the south bay. reports of a moderate to heavy rainfall in morgan hill. as far as rainfall totals over the past few hours it is had enough. napa .30. san francisco .08 but we're adding to those totals right now. as far as the wind you can see
11:50 pm
our cameras shaking a little bit. in oakland as you can see the forecast for today we do still have more cloud cover in the forecast with a partly cloudy skies and temperatures from low 30s to lower 40s. tomorrow morning not nearly as cold as this morning. no freeze warnings posted but still low 30s for santa rosa. san jose in the upper 30s with partly to mostly cloudy skies. this weather system is moving in from the north this cold front is a source of all the rainfall with that the cold air. the rain showers, the low snow levels it will be a fairly quick mover. so most of the weekend will be dry. but the weekend a dry weather pattern and that cold air filters in so very cold temperatures sunday morning. here's our forecast model showing you this and other rain showers for tonight. moving in from the south. the chance of a shower first thing tomorrow morning that increases in sunshine. but it will feel very cold out there with the cold air moving from the north. the air chill will continue for
11:51 pm
the next few days we are talking a lot about ice. the freeze warning kicks in for everybody expect for san francisco. we're talking about more 20s and 30s. another round of very cold temperatures. sunday morning and into monday morning. afternoon highs for tomorrow on the cool side. only in the mid- to upper 40s to right around 50 degrees. san jose 49. half-moon bay 48. and it will be dry. kapbd -ld cig on friday with the sea -- candle stick on friday with the raiders and the sea hawk. >> back down to the 20s. all right, thanks mark. and warriors are in houston where things never really go their way. >> no they've lost 10 of 11 there. but tonight this was a stinker. warriored thrilled us all tuesday when they overcam a
11:52 pm
seven point deficit to win by nine over toronto. tonight in houston golden state nearly made as many turnovers as field goals. warriors in their dark jerseys shot 36% from the field. rockets scored 23 points off golden state 22 turnovers. james harden you're so vicious. 34 for harden. he also led the team with eight turnovers. look at this alley oop pass. here comes houston. there goes harden. warriors never in this one. they lose this one 85-83. sharks are already regretting their east coast trip. they lost back to back games in regulations for the first time this super bowl. it felt like the grinch stole christmas in raleigh. san jose scored twice. sharks make something happen in the third. justin braun one times it. steals a goal past ward. we're tied at three but it wasn't meant to be.
11:53 pm
rookie elias lenum deflects it. an empty nether to score three goals and they win 5-3. the baseball business is just getting wackier. yankees win two big [ female announcer ] for those who love sweets
11:54 pm
your season is here. let's just call it the baking time of year. you need special ingredients.
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you need the staples for homemade. you need safeway sugar for just a buck eighty-eight. and that magic thing that makes everyone want another only two ninety-nine for challenge butter. and when hands get messy, quite surely they'll say, yum! wow! yay! what a sweeter holiday. safeway. ingredients for life.
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yankees second baseman robinson cano put his trust in music mogul jay z to negotiation a deal and seattle took the link and sinking. it ties albert pujols for the best deal ever.
11:57 pm
averages 25 homers per season. but seattle finished 25 games behind best division boston last year and i'm not sure if he's going to help. granderson jumps to the nets. still gets a four year $60 million deal with the mets. so what do the yankees do? they sign carlos beltran to a $435 million deal. known as one of the most clutch players in postseason history. just has to get there first. central coast featured two high school teams who met just two weeks ago. padres came in with a 10-2 records. two weeks ago they handed arch bishop their first loss of the season. hamilton finds onowi and he busts free and spins. sarah scores twice more in the fourth they win 21-7. coach
11:58 pm
patrick mulch in his first to win the championship. >> love that high school football. >> thank you for choosing ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time
11:59 pm
12:00 am
talk about nelson mandela and the great things he's done for the world and the continent, but instead we'll talk about coco and sex toys. she's starting up a line, vibrators and massagers and in january it sounds like they're doing their official launch. >> you'll get a preview. >> we'll get a box in here. >> i put it in the toys for tots bin. >> lindsay lohan in her bathing suit like the first shot of her revealing her body.


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