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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  December 8, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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another freeze warning across much of the bay area tonight leads to more worries about damage to outdoor plants and how people looking for ways to stay warm. bay area airports look for ways to avoid travel disruptions during this extended cold snap. good evening everybody i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. we're under a weather alert as a freeze warning just went into effect all over the bay area except san francisco.
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here's a picture of san jose where it's a chilly 35 degrees. >> today a sweatshirt and scarf is just enough as a young girl trys to stay warm. where despite the chilly temperatures a steady stream of people marched into the market. >> and we begin with ktvu's mark tamayo he is tracking tonight's temperatures and they're already shaping to be even colder than last night. >> we're on track for that. it was a cool stage. we're talking about widespread 30s already. san francisco downtown 41 but already some 20s showing up as you can see out toward novato. santa rosa 26 degrees. these temperatures will continue to tumble within the
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next six to eight hours. the one in place in the bay area that just started will continue. that's coming up in 30 minutes. >> thank you, mark. we now want to go to cara liu. she's live in santa rosa where temperatures have dropped more than 10 degrees in the past hour. >> when we were out here at 6:00 tonight. the temperature was about 43 degrees here in downtown santa rosa. as you take a look behind me right now out at the bank sign the temperature has dropped dramatically showing 32 degrees. at king's nursery in santa rosa workers have been covering
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citrus and plants all week. even though they stock up on plant wraps, they're running short. >> the main difference that it makes is those plants that usually would survive a frost but maybe take a hit. those might go away. those might die from a frost. when you have prolonged cold for that many days it doesn't have a chance to recover. >> reporter: elmos's christmas trees says that the cold did not deter people from coming out but most were bundled up. >> it was cold. but we come here every year to get our tree. >> i like it. it's nice. it's nicer than the heat. i don't know and it goes with christmas. >> reporter: a spare the air alert was issued for today and another one tomorrow. even though wood burning was banned today we still found at least one outdoor fire. and the weather around the country and here at home
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contributed to flight delays and cancellations at bay area airports. a spokesperson for san jose international says at least one delay was due to a plane needing to be deiced. and she says given the chilly forecast this likely airlines will be deicing tomorrow morning as well. so check with your airline if you plan to fly tomorrow. we're live tonight in a very chilly santa rosa, cara liu, ktvu channel 2 news. a live look at oakland where it is also a very chilly 38 degrees now. stay with us for more on the freeze warning that just went into effect. our meteorologist mark tamayo will bring us updates throughout this newscast. it may have been cold but there was a burning fever at candle stick park after today's big win against the 49ers today. it was the second to last game at the aging stadium. >> i thought it was great. we just won. niners all day, baby. >> reporter: the ballpark was jammed as the 49ers took on one of their biggest rivals the seattle sea hawks.
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it was a crucial win for the niners. police took extra precautions for the big game. >> reporter: before kick off there was foot work in the dirt lot across from candle stick from fans. >> one, two, three. whoa welcome pack -r -r -r -- who were partying before 11:00 a.m. which was a very big game. >> today we're going to set the record straight. >> we just want to get into the play offs right. >> reporter: between the fans there was talk of a fairly new rivalry. >> i don't want to talk battle seattle but it used to be a time. those tickets were cheap. >> we're finally coming into our own. they don't like that too much i don't think around here. >> reporter: the fans we talked to on both sides said that rivalry. >> these are my friends. >> reporter: is good natured.
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still san francisco police stepped up their presence at the game today just in case with an unknown numbers of officers dressed as fans mixed into the crowds. >> great fans, great fan base. but they still haven't won anything yet. >> reporter: the 49ers have a storied history that is taking a major turn. with time running out on candle stick park and for fans to take it in. >> reporter: this is the walk before the last step so we needed to be here. >> reporter: the last time the 49ers played here at kapbd -- candle stick park it was the final game. even though the 49ers make the play off it's very possible that we have seen the last sunday game. today's football battle certainly had intense moments but in the end, the 49ers get the win. police tonight are
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searching for the person who left a man for dead near an elementary school in vallejo. the man was found on whitney avenue near elson school. a woman said she found the man driving while driving home from church. she said the man had been shot in the head but was able to talk. police say the man was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. a santa rosa man's walk in the woods with his two sons took a grizzly turn when he found a human skull and a shoe in the creek bed. he took a turn he doesn't usually take at shiloh regional park at the urging of his son. he says when he first saw the skull he hoped it was that of a deer but as he got closer he knew that was not the case. >> it's pretty crazy. it was one of those gut feelings too. as soon as you saw it you were like, i know exactly what that is. >> reporter: the son oh, ma sheriff's office has confirmed the skeletal was human. crane says it upsets him to
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think how that skull may have ended up in the woods. he hopes dna from the remains lead to an identification and that that brings some closure to a missing person's family. a day after returning home to the bay area from north korea, korean war veteran meryll newman says he was treated well during his confinement. he reunited with his family yesterday after landing at sfo. after declining to be interviewed today he did tell the santa cruz centinal that he was well fed and kept in a hotel room. he also confirmed he did not write the letter heard last week. today was designated as a day of reflection for the late
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african president mandela. countless prayers were said for nelson mandela. >> reporter: 64-year-old cofana has been coming here to the regina church her entire life. >> it's a special mass for mr. mandela. every time he came up from the islands, he would say peace. so that he'll be very pleased. >> reporter: during a struggle against aparthide people used to run to this church when they were trying to hide. there's still bullet holes on the windows. >> we used to run and come to this church to pray to god so that he can come and assist us
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because we were in trouble during that time. >> reporter: life for his 4- year-old grandson starkly different. and once the seat of the aparthide government, thanks for the man who saved them. >> presence in life meant so much for the african people. allowed them to get rid of their guilt feelings. >> i think everybody loves mandela. but true reconciliation, if it's really, i don't see it every day. >> reporter: but today mandela's death has reminded people of what he stood for and the nation they still need to work to create. >> services at san francisco's gladenn memorial church recall mandela and his long fight
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against aparthide. joyful singing rang out in the church followed by tributes to the noble prize winner. the reverent cecil williams says he used to quote hate white people end quote for slavery. then williams says he was inspired by mandela's actions after coming out of jail. >> he knew that was not the way to continue. he knew like i knew as a kid. to continue hating white people, i couldn't do it. and i didn't get it and i wasn't going to do it anymore. >> reporter: the reverend called on the congregation to love now and to embrace their own humanity. a holiday surprise for some east bay shoppers. >> i was surprised, never happened to me. >> how one person's generous gesture is making the holidays possible for some unsuspecting families. >> and aren't they cute.
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they're getting a new release in life. a unique effort to help thousands of dogs find new homes as well as ♪ ♪ looks like you started to make something. ♪ oh, a green! ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] cheerios. with flavors your heart will love.
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it is happening again. secret santa stepping forward
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to pay someone elses lay away bill for christmas. >> reporter: to the tune of thousands of dollars heather. lay away customers here are getting phone calls out of the blue to come get their stuff. it's paid for. this toy stash is going under the tree earlier than expected. >> my little one loves power rangers. so i got him this sword. >> reporter: elizabeth cortez had four items on lay away. a balance of $104. when she got a call from wal- mart. >> she said a good samaritan just paid for you. i was surprised. >> reporter: and she was surprised to learn that the good samaritan was waiting at the lay away hopeing to meet her. >> there were four other women who she had paid for. >> reporter: that good samaritan closed between 10 and 20 accounts. wiping out thousands of the
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dollars owed to zero. she paid off toys, but other items too. choosing the accounts randomly. the windfall give this is family a little breathing room financially. >> reporter: dad marco is a painter. their mom a stay at home wife. they had never heard of lay away angel. although her angel did not want attention, she did pose for a picture with angela and another mom. >> she just said she was doing something nice for us and i said thank you. i was in shock. she just did it out of the goodness of her heart. and i'm very grateful. some way, somehow i'm going to pay it forward as well. >> reporter: all we know about this sort of secret santa is she was in the store with her husband and three daughters when she paid all those lay away accounts off.
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wal-mart says this has happened at least a thousand times at their stores across the country this holiday season. reporting live in san leandro, debra villalon, ktvu news. the national transportation safety board will hold a hearing this week at washington, d.c. at the crash of asiana flight. today more information came out about the readiness of commanders to deal with that july 6 crash at sfo. the san francisco chronicle reports that three commanders never took the airplane disaster training course that's required for rank in file first responders. although optional the chronicle says other fire departments have chosen their supervisors from firefighters who have taken that course. california's law requiring police to collect dna samples from suspected felons goes before federal court.
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the nine circuit counsel will hear the case. california asserts dna collection helps solve cold cases. recently the u.s. supreme court upheld a narrower law from maryland which permits sampling only from those charged. it was an emotional memorial today at a memorial for paul walker. dozens attended. many left candles and flowers at the site of that fiery crash. others brought souped up cars like the one walker used on his film. >> he was a great guy. personal and on film. everybody loved him. he did a lot for the community as well. >> the 40-year-old walker and
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titus were attending a fundraiser. 30 stray dogs are being flown from the east bay to boise idaho tomorrow morning on something called the chihuahua express. >> reporter: dozens of kennels are being rushed. >> the area is flooded with little dogs like this. there's not really a lot of interest in adopting. >> reporter: kimbrough blames the designer dog trend. they require more care than some people expect. these three dogs were found wandering in a pack in alameda. it's a perfect example of just how many strays are in the bay area. filling collaboration with the berkeley animal she woulder, s
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faa is flying 30 little dogs to boise idaho in what's being called the chihuahua express. >> it's a pretty progressive idea to send the dogs where there is a demand so that you're not euthanizing animals. >> both of our dogs came from a shelter. >> reporter: tia venvenudo volunteers at the shelter where some 398 dogs have been turned in since january. >> sometimes it's just so overwhelming. i mean if they're not being adopted here, then why not. >> reporter: the trip is being covered by donations from local veterinarians. and volunteer pilots with wings of rescue will take off from the livermore municipal airport tomorrow morning. >> we're hoping that it will be successful and it's something that we can do again in the future. >> reporter: because the goal is to connect animals with a loving home. even if it's located more than 600 miles away. in alameda, katie yutiss.
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ktvu channel 2 news. hart is the first band to cancel a concert at sea world due to the cnn film black fish. that documentary is about sea world trainer dawn branshow who was killed by an orca. the bare naked ladies and singer willie nelson also cancelled their shows. declaring war on snuggling. why city leaders say it's a new magnet for crime. a strong statement against ukrainian protesters in their ongoing demonstration. and a man walks up to find that he is all alone and trapped in a dark airplane. what the airline is saying about what went wrong.
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government protesters in ukraine cheered as they toppled a statute of vladimir ledin. the government today announced an investigation of opposition leaders for an alleged attempt to seize power. and warn demonstrators they could face charges. here in america, locals spoke out about their support of the ukrainian protesters.
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one woman told ktvu she's especially concerned about the government's crack down on protesters in kia. rowdy protesters that lit bomb fires could be in big trouble. thousands of people were celebrating michigan's upset against ohio state shortly after midnight. they took whatever they could find into the huge bomb fires and some everyone flipped cars. police say several arrests were made and are vowing to place charges. but they haven't disclosed details on the arrests or amount of damages. a violent brawl broke out between rival soccer fans at a match in brazil. dozens of fans fought each other for about an hour in the middle of a game. there are reports that at least three people were seriously injured and hospitalized. some reports say one person may have died. this is raising concern about the safety of fans in a country that is scheduled to hold the world cup next year. today marks the 33rd
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anniversary of john lenon's death. those recalling the former beatle gathered at new york central park. they placed strawberry, flowers and other tributes at the sidewalk. mike david chapman is currently serving a life sentence. and it appears a merger between american airlines and u.s. airways will proceed. the group had argued the merger would result in higher fares and reduced choices for fliers. with a supreme court's refusal to hear the case the two airlines could sign papers to close the deal. a commuter airline can't explain how a sleeping passenger ended up locked in a parked train during a lay over in houston. tom wagner says he took a flight in a flight from louisiana to california saturday night. he said when he woke up he was
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in the plane's dark cabin with no one else on board. he had been sitting on a window seat toward the back of the plane. >> i called my girlfriend she thought i was crazy. i said debby, i'm locked in a plane. she said honey stop. i said i'm telling you, you better call someone to get me off this plane. >> reporter: his girlfriend did call the airline and wagner was removed from the plane. they could not explain why he was still there. they gave wagner a $250 voucher, a motel room and an apology. they say they're investigating. the town of madison wisconsin is struggling how to deal with a place that offering snuggling by the hour. the snuggle house offers hugs and limited touching. owners say they have rules in place to protect all of the hug givers but the house is attracting quite a lot of attention from police who have threatened a sting operation as well as city officials who
11:27 pm
would like to regulate it. there is a cuddle therapy house in san francisco as well as in other cities. a new black market is booming. the growing craze that is sparking this illegal trade,. plus -- >> a special delivery for a special group of children. courtesy of some generous motorcycle riders. and a different kind of snow day. we're taking you to a game did you get chips for the party? nope.
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the bay area under a weather alert right now. taking a live look at the current temperatures. here in oakland it is 38 degrees and it is a chilly 35 degrees in san jose. a freeze warning for most of the bay area went into
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effect about 30 minutes ago. it is the fifth such warning in less than a week. we turn know to ktvu's meteorologist mark tamayo with just how cold it's going to be out there. >> temperatures have jumped into the 30s and 40s. santa rosa currently 37 degrees and other very cold numbers for napa, vallejo, petaluma35. right now we are in the clear. that cold air continues to move in from the north so we had that freeze warning in place until 9:00 tomorrow morning except san francisco. it's in place until tomorrow night and reissued monday night. so two more freeze warnings to talk about. monday night 10:00 until 2:00 a.m. until 9:00 a.m. tuesday. the coolest locations you can see dropping back down to right around 19 to 20 degrees. a very cold start first thing tomorrow morning. napa dropping into the 20s. right now 25 to 26 degrees.
11:31 pm
you can see for the overnight hours dropping to below freezing for at least 10 hours up until 7:00 or 8:00 tomorrow morning. temperatures will be trending upward but freezing temperatures for quite some time. still pretty cold numbers after that point and we'll also take a look at your weekend in view coming up in a little bit. and you can follow mark and the rest of our ktvu weather team online for more on this cold snap. they're posting updates on twitter and facebook. >> a powerful storm has drivers dealing with snow and sleet. one person was killed in a turnpike and that led to a pile up of 15 carless. new york and boston are bracing for the storm as it moves north. >> this any way to play a football game. i know a lot of guys are saying
11:32 pm
yes it is. this is what it looked like in philadelphia where the eagles faced the lions. the field had so much snow that fans could not see the line marker and at times could not even see the ball. the san jose city council is scheduled this week to consider new rules that could cut the number of medical marijuana dispensaries in the city. those regulations would include banning regulations. a good will gesture fueled by faith as three sikh families handed out thousands of coats and jackets to those in need. the family's purchased the goods and brought them to st. vincent dupaul. the coats and jackets along
11:33 pm
with beanies socks were handed out to everyone in need. >> that's the main fundamental of our religion is to share with the less fortunate. two of the families that made the coat give away possible live in tracy, the third lives in union city. the families say this is their first give away in the bay area but it is their 15th give away in northern california. a generous group of bay area bikers is helping children who will have to spend the holidays in the hospital. ktvu's alex savidge shows us what they dropped off today. >> reporter: thousands of harleys roared into the parking lot at san francisco general this morning. every rider here with a special delivery. they came bearing gifts. >> grab what you can. >> reporter: toys for the hospitals tiniest patients. >> yeah, right. >> reporter: the riders headed into the lobby to drop their donations under the christmas tree. steve polopolis knows how much these toys mean.
11:34 pm
his son was hospitalized here a few years back. >> when he was laying up they handed him a toy and i asked them, where did you get that. oh the harley guys dropped them off. it hit my heart and i never miss it. >> reporter: motorcycle clubs from around the area contribute. and throughout the years it's been a holiday tradition here at the hospital. the driving force behind the toy drive is tom perkins who own as harley dealership. >> just trying to give back to the hospital, the community. >> reporter: the doctors saved his life here years ago so he's showing his appreciate and making sure kids in recovery have a toy to play with. >> for a lot of them it may be the only one they get or the only couple they get. the hospital is -- from experience, the worse place to
11:35 pm
be during christmas. >> reporter: all these donated toys will do a lot of good. the gifts will be going to 500 children here at the hospital this holiday season. alex savidge. more than a million for a gold medal. why someone paid so much for the piece of olympic memorabilia. seems like omg, jack. have you ever checked out these new product ideas people post on your page?
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they're kind of amaze. yeah - that's where i got the ideas for my new- fajita ranch melt. seasoned chicken with a gooey blend of pepper jack cheese, roasted peppers and onions, on toasted sourdough for just $3.99. is that where you also got the idea for that clock bracelet you always wear? my watch? no...these were invented a long time ago. like in the 80's?
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we've had five freeze warnings to talk about so far this weekend. probably another one to talk about over the next few days. as far as current temperatures already as we showed you earlier dropping back down to the 20s in santa rosa, novato. the bay area chill that will continue. we've been talking about this
11:38 pm
since basically wednesday morning when freeze warnings were posted for the north bay. the weather story remains the same for tomorrow. more 20s and 30s with the recent rainfall added to the roadways. and of course with the cold temperatures the sub freezing temperatures black ice could be a concern in isolated spots first thing tomorrow morning. for tonight we do have this clear and cold. we already showed you that. here's our live camera look toward the island bridge. lots of sunshine. for san francisco not under that freeze warning it'll still be very cold out there. temperatures will start out the day in the 30s on track to reach the upper 40s by lunchtime. in the extended partly cloudy skies will start to warm up the temperatures especially for wednesday night, thursday. lots of low 20s for santa rosa and napa. but the projected numbers, clear lake 15 degrees.
11:39 pm
most neighborhoods toward antioch and brentwood. oakland right around the bay. we'll go with 30 degrees and the south bay san jose right now in the 30s on track to reach the upper 20s first thing tomorrow morning. and cupertino in the upper 20s. san francisco 34, lots of 30s toward pacifica and half-moon bay. here's the over all weather set up. continues to move in from canada. actually was reenforced with that storm. monday and into tuesday the cold snap lingers as we head into basically right now. then once again monday night and into tuesday morning with that cold air still pushing into the region. what will happen that actually moves out to the north and east by midweek. as a result a bit of a warming trend. there's a tiny chance of a few light showers that will be for thursday night and into friday morning. the key headline that freeze
11:40 pm
warning out there. very cold. by 12:00 45 to 50 degrees and afternoon highs on track to reach the upper 40s to the lower 50s. so tomorrow afternoon will be warmer than this afternoon. santa rosa 51. san francisco downtown there you go with the 51 degrees. the five day forecast and the freeze warning tuesday morning. beyond tuesday we gradually warm up the numbers with the overnight lows. it's not going to be warm but a little bit of improvement. upper 30s. there's a slight chance of a sprinkle or light shower thursday night and then friday a sun cloud mix into the weekend. probably freeze warnings for saturday and sunday just basically 30s, 40s and 50s out there. >> chilly. >> definitely want to bundle up first thing tomorrow. much cooler than this morning. the craze over craft beer is growing and so is a
11:41 pm
blossoming black market. russian river brewing said people are running liquor stores on websites such as ebay without any accountability. in addition to being illegal it creates all series of problems with the possibility of selling to minors to poor handling of beer and reduced quality. it's the highest prize ever paid for an olympic gold medal. from the 1936 berlin games for 1-1/2 million dollars. track and field star jesse owens won that medal and three others in the game. some say his success disproved hitler. and it was a battle of rivals as the
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good evening everyone and thanks for joining our sunday night edition of sports wrap. seattle is already guaranteed a spot. but the 49ers reminded those seahawks don't go believing all of your press clippings just yet. seattle fans paid 1 million for this ad and that's just the start. leads to phil dawson's second field goal of the game. but field goals are not touchdowns. seattle comes right back with
11:45 pm
an 82-yard drive. hawks leads 7-6. and quarterback russell wilson makes the biggest play of the game. patrick wilson loses him. luke wilson makes it 14-9 seattle. kap to vernon davis gives 49ers a 16-14 lead at the half. seattle kicked the fourth field goal -- fourth quarter field goal and that gives them the lead. the old line gives gore a big hole and he moves outside. goes down. that's a 51-yard gainer. 49ers need to keep the clock running. takes it down to the seahawks 7- yard line. four plays later. dawson kicks his fourth field goal of the game. a 32-yard chip shot to make it 19-17. 49ers take nearly six minutes off the clock. but it's not going to happen.
11:46 pm
wilson throws long. missed 49ers eric rice. that's an easy pick. 19-17 your final. gore ran 17 times for 110 yards including that huge 51-yard play. seattle falls to 11-2 but they've already clenched the kick off spot. seattle seattle-- san francisco goes into sunday feeling a lot better about themselves. >> i think it sends a statement to the world just to let you know this is still our division until a team takes that from us we will continue to rep. >> i told them we have to go out there and stop feeling sorry about ourselves and take it. we still have a lot to learn. we still have a lot to learn but that's a good thing. beating a good team like seattle and still not playing our best ball. and that's great.
11:47 pm
drew breas and the saints went against carolina. breas throws 10 touchdowns to colton. they currently hold the two nfc wild cards. it's more like the twilight zone for the raiders. tonight they lost their tenth straight game. jets' smith threw. jets first touchdown in 9- quarters. special teams getting tacked. nobody blocked antonio allen. punt attempt recovers into the end zone for a touchdown. raiders played without their
11:48 pm
injured running back mcfadden and jenks. so it's rushing. it's 20-103rd quarter. streeter sews up the 48-yard touchdown. it's 27-173rd quarter. but the jet -- but it's 27-13 in the third quarter. raiders try to strip the ball but there's also really bad tackling there. jets win. terrell pryor played for one series but mcgowen played well in his fourth start as a quarterback. oakland is now 4-9. come back to host the chiefs next sunday. what a wacky start in the nfl. we saw bad weather. fantastic finishes and we start it all in mile high denver where the broncos clench a spot. the altitude in denver normally
11:49 pm
helps kickers but it was just 14 degrees. you can't kick in that weather. mather kicks. as time runs out in the half and that's a new nfl record for matt prater. he throws four touch downs that one to decker and denver wins to go 11-2. kansas city lost its last three but they got a lucky break. they already returned a punt back for a touchdown. then quinnton demp return as kick off. makes a great move down the end here. returns it 95 yards. kansas city wins 94-10. they're 10-3. head coach mike shanahan is rumored to be fired as early as tomorrow. the cardinals stay in the wild card nfc play off spot. today they roughed up the rams
11:50 pm
rams. clemens takes hem back 23-yard. cardinals win 30-10. they're 8-5. don't forget they still play in san francisco in 10 weeks stphaz pair of teams met in the south pole or where is that? it's at philadelphia. 6-inches of snow fell on the lions and eagles game. former cal player jeremy ross ran a punt back for a touch back. then a kick off for another touchdown. the native loves it so much he's making snow angels. eagles attempted an nfl record two out of five conversions. but mccoy scores on a 27-39 touchdown. sets an eagles record. the eagles win their fifth straight. after losing running back adrian peterson to injury the vickings figure they had a snowball's chance in today's baltimore blizzard.
11:51 pm
minnesota and ravens combine for five touchdowns in the final 535 seconds. that's two minutes and five seconds. to patterson for the 79-yard touchdown. minnesota leads 26-32 with 45 second left. that's too much time. because joe flacco hits marlon brown in the back of the end zone. browns didn't have both feet inbounds but it was held for the touchdown. ravens survive 29-26 baltimore is 7-6. also today, packers snap their five game winless streak over atlanta. miami dumps the steelers. 61 seconds to beat cleveland. bengals beat the colts and next opponent tampa bay wins for the first time in five games. san diego rolls the giants. and the cowboys play in chicago tomorrow night. well the match ups for the bcs bowl games are set. and sharks try to end their road trip
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sharks can't get to the shark tank fast enough. they played five games in minnesota. and your team scores twice in the second period. saku koivu gets antiniemi. and patrick scores his 13th goal of the season. parise puts the game away with an empty nether. sharks have lost three straight regulation games for the first
11:56 pm
time this season. we already knew last night that stanford earned its second consecutive rose bowl appearance and will face michigan state in pasadena. auburn's fantastic finish earns them a national title shot against number one ranked florida state. the tigers won the sec title yesterday against duke. this will be the tigers first national championship team. here's the rest of the bcs bowl starting with the 100th edition of the rose bowl. and bama and oklahoma in the sugar bowl. clemson and ohio at the orange bowl. and the bcs title between florida state and auburn. zack johnson tied him on 17th. on the 18th johnson hit his second shot in the water so this is his fourth shot.
11:57 pm
an impossible par. the shurewood crowd went bonkers. johnson is officially in tigers's head in that play. tiger needs to make this par put to stay alive. i mean it's tiger woods. he's going -- he's going to miss it is what he's going to do. johnson earns a $1 million check thanks to his once in a million shot. kobe bryant made his season debut tonight in l. a. but it wasn't much to write home about. lakers never led the raptors. and raptors with the buzzer beater in the first half. terrance roth. coming back from an achilles tendon. committed eight turnovers in 28 minutes. toronto wins 96-104. that's sports as we see it. raiders lose, 49ers win. made a statement. made a statement today. >> it was a heck of a game. thank you fred.
11:58 pm
that does it for our news. we will see you the next time news breaks. >> we're always here fo ally: can we go watch tv upstairs?
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debra: just for a little while. marie: that was such a wonderful night. what's the big deal? it was just dinner... and you people. i'm talking about robert's wonderful announcement. i am so happy you're back with amy. a wonderful announcement would have been, "i'm picking up the check." and guess what? amy's coming to thanksgiving, too. that's in two days. are you sure you can stay together that long? zing, zing, zing. huh, cubby?


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