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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  December 9, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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another freeze warning tonight with people bundled up across the bay area. but the end of this cold snap is now in sight. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm ken pritchett in for frank somerville. there is light at the end of the tunnel just not yet. temperatures are expected to get dangerously cold again tonight. we have team coverage, deborah
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villalon will tell us about a backlash from people who can't burn wood on these cold nights. but we begin with chief meteorologist bill martin monitoring the temperatures outside right now. >> reporter: it's really dropping off. we have that freeze warning in effect. let's take a look at the parameters in the freeze warning first of all. you see it here showing up all over the bay area except here san francisco. so a freeze warning tomorrow morning and in the central valley you have that hard freeze warning. that hard freeze warning includes places like fairfield, vacaville and benetia. temperatures right now running in some areas like napa they're returning a couple of degrees -- they're running a couple of degrees cooler than they were last night. so some of those temperatures could get into the teens in napa valley. numbers tonight are going to be downright cold. we'll be back here at 10:30.
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i will show you what you can expect tomorrow morning as you head out for the day. new at 10:00, deborah villalon is live in walnut creek where spare the air gets mixed reviews. >> reporter: nights like this many people are tempted to put a log in the fire or in the wood stove but only a gas fire like this one is legal. >> look at that there's still a lot of embers in there. >> reporter: terry baranouscus -- tell terry that tomorrow will be another spare the air day. >> no that's going to be another day. >> reporter: another day he'll have to crank up his heater. >> it feels like big brother and like they are not in tune with what's going on out there right now. >> reporter: unhealthy pollution trapped close to the ground is why the spare the air day is needed. spare the air is a big shot in
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the arm for fireplace stores. fires that flick on with a remote. thermostats, lights, fans. expensive to install but cheap to operate. and people are caving in to the idea of a fake fire. >> they're coming in, throwing their hands up saying i've got to do it. i put it off and put it off i've got to do it. >> reporter: and no fire police. the first time people get a warning the second time $500. >> it's fun for me to collect the wood. i like stacking it. >> reporter: fans of the real deal admit it's more than a fire it's a ritual. >> reporter: this is oak wood that i got from the hills. oak is really good for burning. >> reporter: and terry will be ready when spare the air ends. >> put some other wood on there. >> reporter: as much as he might disagree with it he
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doesn't try to sneak in any fires. >> oh my wife would kill me. >> reporter: the only exempt to spare the air are homes with no other source of heat. now the bay area has never had five days of alerts in a row. but the air board says this is the streak when it could happen. reporting live in walnut creek. debora villalon. >> reporter: new details now we just checked to how many complaints and regulations were reported each year: . last year there were 2,316 violations. a quarter of those citations were in sonoma county. cold weather drove natural gas consumption to a record high today. pg & e workers say the peak demand hit almost 5 million cubic feet in the bay area. that's twice the amount of natural gas consumed on thanksgiving and it beats the
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previous record set 15 years ago. pg & e says it is meeting the increased demand by using gas from storage that was purchased last summer for significantly lower prices. tonight at 10:45, cold classrooms at a bay area elementary school. we asked officials why it took an entire week to fix a broken furnace. an autopsy is planned for tomorrow to try to determine if a transient in hayward died from exposure to the cold. the 50-year-old man was found unconscious in a courtyard near a safeway store. investigators say it's unclear if cold weather or foul play caused his death. his name is being withheld until family members are notified. we now know the name of three people who died of hipothermia in the last few days. they are identified as 56-year- old enrique rubio, 53-year-old daniel moore and 48-year-old
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andrew greely. daniel brillhart, 52 died on thanksgiving day in san jose. breaking news from san francisco. a two alarm fire is burning at the recology plant at the dump plant. you can see smoke coming from the windows and roof there. callers are reporting a large amount of smoke drifting across the near by freeway. the fire started around 8:30 tonight. right now there are no word of any injuries. they were gifts intended for young cancer patients until they were stolen. and tonight police in benetia are on the run for a burglar caught on surveillance camera near the scene of the theft. ktvu's amber lee is live in benetia with new details about possible leads in the case and how the community is responding. amber. >> reporter: ken, one of the cars broken into is this honda pilot. the thief smashed the window. the broken glass is still here. but all the gifts inside are gone. >> reporter: so the seat was gone because we had a long
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present here that layed across then the back was full. >> reporter: the back of nancy moyarti's car was filled with presents. early this morning a thief smashed the window and grabbed all the clothes, toys and gift cards that were inside. the items were intended for the families of two cancer patients at her job. >> i was devastated. i started bawling because i thought about the families who are in need. >> reporter: but police say there are two developments that just may help them catch the thieves. this is surveillance video of a man breaking into another car this morning in the same neighborhood. the owner of this mini cooper tells me she installed surveillance camera after her husband's vehicle was broken into twice. >> when it happens to you more than once, you get a little bit smarter each time. >> reporter: it makes me feel better that i know what this guy looks like. so if i ever see him trolling
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the neighborhood i'm calling the cops. >> reporter: gift cards stolen from moriarty's car were used this afternoon. they hope that will lead them to the thief. >> we're going to talk to target to get the video from that purchase as well. >> reporter: as for moriarty she says she's already received donations to replace the gifts. >> it's been overwhelming. at such a bad event, i have seen the best of humidity. my anger is pretty much gone. but i just hate that there's people out here that have to act like that. >> reporter: and police are looking at whether the man matches the person using the gift cards. the 85-year-old veteran who was detained in north korea opened up today about his ordeal and confirm had the his video tape confession was coerced. in a statement, meryll newman
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said he ran into trouble after asking about the north korean partisans he helped train during the korean war. he was accused of being a war criminal and delivered a video tape apology. but newman says the words were not his and were not delivered voluntarily. he returned to the bay area on saturday and is now resting at a family home in santa cruz. >> he seems a little tired. but that's to be expected. it's been a long month. probably emotionally taxing. you know and he seems okay. he seems like he'll be just fine. newman says he plans to share more about his experience later after recovering his strength. and at we have posted newman's entire statement look for the hot topic segment right on our home page. air force one arrived carrying president obama and michelle obama. it was a 15 hour flight from maryland also on board former president george w. bush and
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his wife laura along with former secretary of state hillary clinton. former presidents bill clinton and jimmy carter are also traveling to south africa. the memorial at a sports stadium is scheduled to begin in the next few hours. what you're looking at right here are live pictures from that stadium as mourners begin to fill the stand. president obama is among the world leaders scheduled to speak at the memorial. a call for change tonight outside a san francisco tech giant. people impacted bid soaring rents and a rise in evictions took to the streets. ktvu's healther holmes is live in the city where demonstrators say the tax breaks have not been worth it. >> reporter: i remember standing here when city officials approved that controversial tax break. now 2-1/2 years later backlash to what some are calling a generous financial package.
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>> >> reporter: sandra reddick says that after twitter moved in, promises have been broken. >> reporter: two weeks after twitter moved in, i got an eviction notice. >> i'm booted out. i'm not too happy with that. >> reporter: the influx of new money and new residents brought on by the current tech boom is drawing up rent. evictions are up 170% in the last few years and that the median rent has increased to $3,400 a month. >> people are getting rapidly displaced by rising real estate costs and unfortunately greed amongst specklators and landlords who are trying to empty their units and sell them
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off to the highest bidder. >> reporter: as demonstrators protested they called on city leaders to put public need above corporate interests. >> reporter: are you glad that you give twitter that tax break? >> i'm just going to say there's a lot of complexities. >> reporter: heather holmes, channel 2 news. earlier today protesters brought the google shuttle bus in san francisco. they stopped it for about 45 minutes at 24th and calencia street. protesters here had a similar message they say families are being displaced from their homes as wealthy tech workers move into the neighborhood. they're also angry that google
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buses and others use muni bus stops without paying for them. they're now in the process of negotiating with muni. they're being labeled as potential suspects. >> the album with allegations of profiling. >> find out if the mercury will finally climb where you live i love watching tv outside.
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san francisco police say they have arrested the prime suspect in a string of smash and grab store robberies in the union square retail district. investigators got their break in the case, cara liu has the story. >> reporter: the burglar was smashing doors and windows then stealing merchandise at this particular cosmetics store at sutter and grant. they said he made out with more than $1,200 in goods. >> reporter: the store was one of the stores hit in union square in the last few months. >> there was glass all over everywhere. it's from breaking in. and all over the floor. >> reporter: treaty remembers showing up for work, it was the sunday before black friday. >> i didn't know you know how long it had been here for.
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if he had gone downstairs. it's kind of like getting your home broken into. >> reporter: undercover officers reviewed surveillance video that afternoon and began looking for their suspect. >> we got a pretty good idea of the time frame when this guy works. >> reporter: that same day officers spotted the suspect a few blocks away. and say they arrested 33-year- old adrian adaway in connection with the burglaries at thrash and marma. . police say they have cracked down on burglaries at high end stores like coach. adaway was arrested and then released. >> i'm really surprised that they would let someone go especially if they suspect them of doing this at 10 other
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locations. >> reporter: adaway is due in court later this month. since his arrest they have seen a considerable drop in these types of burglaries here in union square. live in san francisco, cara liu, ktvu channel 2 news. the police chief in piedmont says recently installed license plate cameras are already paying off. 39 surveillance cameras were attached to lamp posts on city streets and intersections at 15 locations about a month ago. the cameras take pictures of license plates of every car that passes by. those plate numbers are scanned and dispatchers receive an alert if any wanted plates are identified. police say they've already arrested two people driving stolen vehicles. the accident happened on consoman road and that's the winding road that climb spwaos -- climbs into the headlands. national park rangers and southern fire responded. they tell us the driver was
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taken to marin general hospital. a sonoma county park is closed until further notice following the discovery of skeletal remaines. the remains were discovered yesterday. a man hiking with his two children say he found a skull and a tennis shoe in a dry creek bed. today investigators scoured that park for evidence and began the process of removing the bones. authorities say it's unclear how long the remains had been there. they are now reviewing missing persons cases from the area. two walnut creek mothers fighting for more safety controls along a busy traffic corridor are finally seeing some action from the county. the problem they've complained about is this. too many cars speeding down newell avenue. paul chambers tonight on what's now being done to help make it safer. >> reporter: cars speeding by. it's a daily occurrence in this walnut creek neighborhood.
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according to lelon jordanson and stephanie laythorn. >> i've been almost hit five times in the past year with my children. >> we have this happen at least five times a week and i'm not doing it anymore. >> because it's so bad. we now drive the kids to school. it's safer but it's silly. >> reporter: workers installed three magnetic counters into the ground which will not only count the number of vehicles but also determine speed. this is part of a required warrant procedure to add stop signs. it looks at numerous criteria including vehicle volume. the private roadway leading to eden's school. another factor, collision history. >> i wish we didn't have to depend on collision data to convince the county that we need this. i think the collision will come
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it's just a matter of time. >> reporter: to help determine that, jagerson shelled out $200 to pay for these signs. >> what is it going to take. is it going to take someone to get seriously injured or dying. >> reporter: there's several criteria that need to be met before final decision could be made and that could be months away. paul chambers, ktvu news. the national transportation safety board is set to begin investigative hearings tomorrow into the asiana airline's plane crash. three people were killed when the 787 clipped a sea wall back in july. the hearings are designed to address issues including pilot training. automated flight system and the response to the crash. the fire department will be among those questioned by the ntsb. ktvu's ken wayne is in washington, d.c. and will have live coverage of the hearings
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tomorrow and on wednesday. you can also follow him on twitter for realtime updates throughout the hearings. it was slightly warmer today throughout the area. 48 in concord, 48 in antioch and 48 in livermore. highs tomorrow will be likely in the mid-50s. forecast overnight lows are down there again. we have the freeze warning for the entire bay area outside of san francisco proper. san francisco downtown easily 37 degrees. napa 33 degrees but it wouldn't be hard to get 19 degrees or 18 degrees in those outlying areas in napa. another cold night tonight. we are as i pointed out going into a bit of a warm up. i will trend it out and give you a time line on how we trend toward the weekend. more than a dozen sheriff deputies in one california department arrested. the complaints against them. plus san diego's former
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mayor is sentenced. what he said today about the sexual harassment. >> he still has not awakened.
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police in san francisco were searching for clues in a disturbing string of hit-and- run crashes. four separate incidents in the past week have left four people dead and one injured. ktvu hears from the mother of one of the victims who flew here from europe to get some answers. >> reporter: gale alert flew from madrid to tend to her critically injured son. >> he still has not awakened.
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he has bad head trauma. he has a broken leg but we're glad he's alive. >> reporter: police release a video that might help find the driver. >> people think they can do something and nothing happens. you drive someone badly and you drive away. >> reporter: it was one of four hit-and-run incidents last week that followed no particular pattern. a noted local artist and street tagger was hit by a dark four door sedan. >> it's heartbreaking. >> reporter: a taxi hit and injured a bicyclists. police later found the driver. the driver of a rental car hit a pedestrian at seventh and brennan streets. >> the suspect actually came out of the vehicle and moved the pedestrian out of the roadway. when she fled she ended up running the pedestrian's leg
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again. >> reporter: pedestrian advocates say the hit-and-run case highlight the problem on increasingly crowded streets. >> we know that three pedestrians are hit every day in san francisco and those stories go unreported. >> reporter: so far their sáurpblg for surveillance video has not turned up any useful leads. san francisco, ktvu news. sonoma police are looking for a 58-year-old man missing. he was last seen yesterday afternoon on a wheelchair in front of the sonoma care and rehabilitation center. the missing man is described as 5'5" tall, 150 pounds. he has an indisclosed mental disorder and may be using a walker because of a fractured knee. the san francisco sheriff is calling this a sad day for
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the department after charges were filed against 18 former and current deputies. this comes after allegations of civil rights abuses and corruption at county jails. 16 of the 18 deputies were arrested today. all of them worked in l.a.'s downtown jails. the complaints include unjustified beatings of inmates. bob filner was sentenced to three months in home confinement for sexually harassing women. filner offered his apology before the sentence was read. >> to the citizensover san diego, and most sincerely to the women who i have hurt and offended. >> reporter: filner resigned in august after 19 women accused him of offensive behavior during his tenure as mayor and
11:28 pm
before then. take a look at this. a freeway pile up as winter weather hits other parts of the u.s. >> good policing or racial profil
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continuing coverage now of the freezing temperatures expected tonight in the bay area. here's another look right now live pictures from san jose and oakland. 35degrees right now in san jose. 36 in oakland and falling. so bill where are we seeing the coldest spots tonight? >> it's the north bay again.
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the north bay is getting hammered. the dewpoints up there running in the teens and 20s. that allows temperatures to really fall off. right now napa 20 degrees. i have dewpoints in the 10, 11 degree range. it could get into the teens. 20 in walnut creek you're freezing might everyone have a little bit of ice on the roadways. san jose you're getting down to 37 degrees. part of the story is there's really no wind. if we had some wind it would help warm things a little bit. very cold temperatures in the forecast. we're going to talk about how those temperatures will affect your morning in terms of ice and frost. also the warm up that's coming. when we come back we'll lay it out for you. the bay area isn't the only place dealing with cold weather tonight. freezing temperatures extend throughout much of the united states from the canadian border almost down to the gulf of mexico. the department of transportation camera in wisconsin captured these pictures of a chain reaction accident on sunday near milwaukee. officials say as many as 100
11:32 pm
vehicles were involved in similar accidents in that area and at least three people have died of injuries. parts of texas are also covered in snow and ice. power has been restored to about a quarter million homes and businesses in and around dallas. more than 20,000 utility companies faced the cold today without electricity. an estimated 1,600 customer flights were cancelled today nationwide. and some of those cancelled flights affected travelers here in the bay area. the san jose airport reports six flights to or from dallas had to be cancelled. while at sfo a total of 32 flights were cancelled because of bad weather. only on 2, a question of racial profiling or good policing. san francisco's public defender is challenging the use of the law enforcement books that he says label young african american and latino men as
11:33 pm
potential suspects when some of those men have no arrest records. amber lee is live, she spoke to police and got a look at some of those photos in the book -- noelle walker is live. she spoke to police and got a look at some of those photos in the book. >> reporter: public defender defends people some in society have already prejudged. one of his current clients roderick thomas is accused of murder. that's thomas in the photo and homicide detectives showing him a series of six books. >> the police call this their lake view book. >> reporter: the so called lake view book are named after the lake view neighborhood. each book after a different street like brightton and holloway. >> if there's a lake view book. i can assume there's a mission book. i can assume there's a bay view book. but there's probably not a pacific heights book. >> reporter: the books have a theme. >> this is a book where police
11:34 pm
are profiling young african american men. >> these books are not racial profiling. >> reporter: san francisco police chief greg suhr says the books are of gang members and affiliates. >> you heard the phrase you can't tell the players without the program. this is the program. >> reporter: he says some of the men pictured are known gang members others might not have arrest records but have been seen with gang members either in person or on social media. >> if they're in the company of a known gang members then they are demonstrating of their own volition. >> reporter: maloof says the lake view books are bigger than his case. >> any time you have somebody who's never been charged with a crime but are being labeled something, should be concerned because you could be in the book. you just don't know it. >> reporter: police chief suhr
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says this is just a case of a public defender trying to win his case. he points out that other police departments keep records of gang members and their affiliates as well. reporting live in san francisco, noelle walker, ktvu news. the leaders of silican valley are calling for new restrictions on government spy programs following all of the recent leaks about the national security agency. the today facebook ceo mark zuckerberg issued a letter to demand using files and independent oversite of government surveillance programs. construction of the google barrage near treasure island is on hiatus. the bay conservation says the project probably won't be finished until spring. google has to make design changes to the inside as
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requested by the coast guard. the bcdc is investigating whether google has the proper permits for the barge's construction. ktvu's robert handa spoke about department moral and the one thing the city will be able to count on in the near future. >> reporter: esquivel has been the interim chief and tomorrow he will be offered the job. >> you don't look like someone who's up and leaving. >> although my stuff is packed, it has never been unpacked. >> reporter: a search turned up several candidates all rejected by community leaders. >> reporter: did you ever picture yourself becoming the chief. >> no i did not. i tell you, i take great pride and it's a privilege sitting here. there have been a few ups and downs and i'm not going to kid you on that. there's some things that i
11:37 pm
could have done better as a leader. >> reporter: esquiv el says he's trying to be realistic giving the staffing problems and hopes he can help with recruiting. >> i have been here for almost 28 years here. >> reporter: esquivel wants to work on the relationship between the city and the police union. >> hopefully at some point we get some resolution on at least the wages which will be great for us in terms of stability. >> reporter: with so much turmoil going on here at city hall, esquivel says he knows the next year could be just as unpredictable as this past year but he insists one thing won't change. he says he has already promised the city manager he will stay on as chief no matter what until at least january of 2015. in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. young students bundled up against 40-degree temperatures
11:38 pm
inside their classrooms. we ask why it took more
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a 21-year-old man pleads not guilty to killing a man over a game console. the victim and his girlfriend agreed to meet collins in the bay view to sell them a play station 4 console that they had listed on instagram. during the transaction for some reason collins opened fire. >> we're not looking for revenge, we're looking for corporation for the police and the justice system to make sure
11:41 pm
that justice is served. >> reporter: collins defense attorney is asking the victim's girlfriend to produce a receipt from the purchase of the play station. the next court date in the case is january 3rd. only on 2 our ktvu field goal reveals for the first time in four years a clear majority of california voters favor the legalization of marijuana. 56% said they would be inclined to vote yes. 44 others say they would support legalizing marijuana with restrictions. 53% of california voters rejected a ballot measure that would have legalized marijuana three years ago. it's official, american airlines and u.s. airways have joined. together the two airlines employ more than 120,000 workers and are set to operate
11:42 pm
nearly 6,700 daily flights to more than 60 countries. the u.s. government sold its last block of general motor stock. back in 2009 as gm teetered on the brink of bankruptcy, the treasury department provided $60 million for a 60% stake in the car maker. car makers lost 60% on the bail out purchase. but the president says that when you add in the taxes, the taxpayers earned 60 million in revenue. i'm number five. >> oh, yes. >> this is ellenore parker being teased by her new set children. the sound of music was her last
11:43 pm
major film role. parker is a three time oscar nominee. she passed away peacefully at a medical facility near her home in palm springs. elenore parker was 91. another night of freezing cold weather. in five minutes chief meteorologist
11:44 pm
11:45 pm
the bay area's cold weather is a good fit for these skaters in walnut creek. the rink at civic park was filled with people bundled up in heavy coats. we also saw a lot of people
11:46 pm
wearing hats, scarves and ear muffs. classrooms in one school are finally warming up after being without heat for a week. some parents didn't find out about the lack of heat until today. >> reporter: kids came out of community united elementary school bundled up for the cold. the same kind of cold second grader keishon cole has been braving for the past week. >> i had to wear a jacket because it's cold. >> reporter: you wear that jacket in the classroom? >> yes. >> reporter: some parents just learning about the problem. >> it's freezing cold. all the kids bundled up. it's not right. >> reporter: last week the heat went out affecting 250 students. some teachers reported temperatures in the 40s. >> how can you ask the students to continue to come into class when it's that cold. >> reporter: these are unusual circumstances and we do the best we can. >> reporter: when the school's
11:47 pm
boiler broke down last week the district says it ordered a replacement part right away but it didn't arrive until this afternoon. >> we got it very expeditiously. >> reporter: this is fast? >> this is very fast. this part had to come from pennsylvania. >> reporter: we were there today when the boiler started working. >> you can't learn if you're cold. >> we want to reassure the public that this is a priority. it's critical our classrooms are warm and comfortable other wise learning does not take place. >> reporter: any places occupied by people must have a system that maintains a minimum temperature of 60 degrees. the principal said some rooms did have space heaters but not all of them. eric rasmussen, ktvu news. california homeowners should be getting a break on their property taxes next time around. under proposition 13 county assessors can increase the property by nearly 2% or rate
11:48 pm
of inflation whichever is lower. this year, california's over all inflation is at 1-1/2%. tomorrow is the first of two annual deadlines for this year's property tax payment at the alameda county tax collectors office today. a line of people waited to pay in person. now they could have paid the tax online or using an i tunes app for a 2-1/2% fee. or they could have done it the old fashion way by mailing a check. we're going to hold out to that last day. we would have came together but we're trying to beat the line. >> the second installment is due april 10 to avoid penalties. weather system staying clear of our area. that's why it's so darn cold out there. ridge of high pressure setting up. that's going to give us some dry weather for a while.
11:49 pm
it's also going to allow temperatures to stay downright cold. we have the hard freeze warning that's going on in the central valley. then we've got our freeze advisory our freeze warning pardon me. it's in our area. a hard freeze warning includes vacaville and fairfield. it basically means you have temperatures in the 20s for more than two or three hours a hard freeze. in the bay area proper we have a freeze warning still freezing temperatures. but not as cold as we're going to see up there in the sacramento area. these calm winds are really what's helping things out in terms of the temperature drop. winds are barely there. that's also increasing the poor air quality. that's why there's an air quality alert spare the air quality alert for tomorrow as well. because with the light winds and high pressure that's setting us up with a very cold night. that's going to change. tkpwaeus are -- days are going to warm up a little bit. you've been out and about the last day or so. you need a jacket, you need
11:50 pm
gloves. kids need gloves. kids need little gloves because it is downright cold. although slight warming as we get into the afternoon. this high pressure center nudges up against that low pressure center and we start a slow warming trend. as we head toward the bay area weekend. so it's going to warm up it's just not going to warm up fast. so tomorrow, there it is. a few clouds roll over head. here comes wednesday. this is the computer model looking for rain. here comes wednesday. here comes thursday. watch it here. this looks like it might bring us something a few days ago the models wants it too. thursday we might see a bit of a wind shift. but that's it. right now we're looking at a five day forecast. -p up out of the 40s into the mid-60s. in the next day temperatures will begin rising a little bit more and you will see that in the five day forecast. 56 on wednesday for the warm spot. thursday you're 57. friday on ward until saturday and sunday you're into the low 60s again. so the five day forecast
11:51 pm
with your bay area weekend in view is a dry one. but a cold one. it just doesn't feel much like the bay area around here when it's like this. people, we're wearing jackets all day. you're cold a lot. the heater is on in the car all day. this isn't typical weather for us. >> even people in the newsroom wearing ski jackets. >> oh yeah, it's cold. some tense moments at the albany bowl today when police moved in to clean up an encampment which one woman says she has called home for 16 years. she says just yesterday she got a key to a new apartment with the help from the berkeley food and housing project. albany city attorneys have agreed to give sanchez a little more time to remove her belongings. the city says they're trying to remove 15 to 16 people from that encampment. a famous name in baseball with bay area ties is headed to the hall of fame. >> he's lived in the bay area so long, tony la russa one of
11:52 pm
our own. as cool off the field. tony la russa will now forever have hall of famer next to his name. considering all the work he's done over the year for arf in the area. it wouldn't be a stretch to say that everybody and their dog voted for tony la russa to get into coopers town. he will join bobby cox on the wall. la russa won titles with the oakland a's, st. louis cardinals. ceremony set for july 27th. he will enpart more wisdom as to what led to his success in the major leagues. >> if i think there was one thing that i was thought growing up with kansas city eight years ago is about the whole organization. that's the thing i learned. you want to win you have to have it together. very coordinated and just try to score every week.
11:53 pm
if the warriors want to get everyone to really believe they could join the nba's elite. what happened tonight in charlotte can't happen on any night. can't lose to charlotte period. steph curry grew up in charlotte where his dad played then and now with his dad deal is a broadcaster tonight. goes off for 43. beautiful drive right there. and he was 14-32 from the floor on his big night. thompson will get 42. they have to battle back from a deficit. tied it all late. but the cavs go on a fourth quarter of their own. the warriors lose two of three on this latest road trip. everyone having anything to do with the 49ers glad to have michael crabtree back. they're going to hear from him and while the raiders try to figure out who their a subaru...
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probably not as cold as it felt here in the bay area but it looked miserable in chicago tonight about 7 degrees game time. monday night football cowboys looked like they had very
11:57 pm
little interest in participating in anything other than indoor sports. back then just good football weather. a perfect night for the bears to retire their coach matt ditma's number. josh mccowen lobbying it up for jeffrey. that's just a great catch to the end zone. 25-yard touchdown. four mccowen touchdowns today. 45-28 is your final. although they score only one touchdown. michael crabtree has not lit up the stat sheet but you don't have to be a genius to see the difference he makes. his coach loves having him back too. >> it's a game of four. i turned around at one point and he turned around. but it's like, you know what did i do to get the ball?
11:58 pm
and i crashed back. crashed back. >> that's the huge addition for the 49ers. three regular seasons games left and who knows how much play off games. >> a big game against seattle. >> that's the sporting life. >> thank i love having a free checked bag with my united mileageplus explorer card. i've saved $75 in checked bag fees. [ delavane ] priority boarding is really important to us. you can just get on the plane and relax. [ julian ] having a card that doesn't charge you foreign transaction fees saves me a ton of money. [ delavane ] we can go to any country
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things that lindsay lohan said she didn't do. she didn't order the beatdown of paris hilton's brother. she didn't do cocaine. there is proof he was arguing with lindsay at 10:00 in the morning. the party was going on all night and lindsay is saying, what? cocaine? >> kendall jenner and harry styles are possibly dating. they were coming out of the hotel --


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