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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  December 10, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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the sonoma county sheriff deputy who shot and killed andy lopez returned to work today reigniting the demonstrations. as you can see emotions are
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still running high nearly two months after the deputies fatal encounter with the boy carrying a realistic looking rifle. ktvu's cara liu is live in santa rosa and tells us the protesters want the deputy to face chargings. cara. >> reporter: more than 100 protesters were out here earlier. many were upset that the deputy was back working a desk job saying that sends the wrong message. protesters pounded on the doors of the sonoma county detention center demanding justice for andy lopez. >> i am here because i believe that the police department has failed oakland and everybody. and police need to have a better relationship with this community. >> reporter: the deputy shot and killed lopez in november
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after mistaking a pellet gun with a rifle. protesters started this afternoon at santa rosa city hall. there was a ruckus as demonstrators tried to bring light crosses into city council chamber representing people killed by law enforcement. one of the demonstrators ramon cairo was arrested. >> he's a leader and i think they want to put a fear into everything. >> reporter: protesters made a quick stop at the sheriff's department. >> the deputy was kept on a paid leave for two months and now he's back on desk duty. andy will never return to his family. >> reporter: a santa rosa police lieutenant says protesters have the right to demonstrate and that extra officers were brought out to
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ensure the safety of both demonstrators and everyone involved. the police department said earlier they welcome safe protests. the attorney says the investigations will show her client acted within department policy. another weather alert tonight as cold temperatures prompted a freeze warning in parts of the bay area. >> some areas that freeze warning has been replaced by a frost advisory, bill. >> parts of the bay area now under a frost advisory and freeze warning. here's how it broke down. you got that frost advisory in effect. those areas in light blue those are your frost advisories and a freeze warning. temperatures tonight are going to be right where they were
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last night. they're going to be a little bit warmer but not much. look at the numbers that gives you an indication of where we're going. these are still running a few degrees warmer than last night. but don't get me wrong. it's still going to be very cold tomorrow night. i'm going to show you the cities that will be the coldest for your tomorrow morning for your wednesday morning, i'll see you back here. tomorrow is another spare the air day. it'll be the fourth in a row. that means no wood burning inside or outside. cold stagnant air is trapping particulate matter close to the ground. and there's run exemption. and that's restaurants that use
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wood stoves to cook. a family is found stranded in the mountains of central nevada. cheers greeted the six this afternoon as they arrived at a hospital in nevada. the couple had taken their two children along with a niece and nephew to the mountains on sunday to play in the snow. when they didn't return some 200 people came out to search for them. they were found when a cell phone forensics team picked up a signal from the woman's phone. - - >> it was the work of a lot of people in the community. how this community came together. and helped us come to a happy conclusion. >> reporter: it turns out the couple's jeep had overturned. the couple brought in warm
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rocks to keep them keep warm. all six are said to be in stable condition with no frostbite. amber lee talked with the family tonight they want people to know he didn't deserve to die the way he did. amber-- >> reporter: julie we're at a park where joe would often gather with other homeless folks. his mother said he tried to get him to get off the streets but would not. >> i would let him come to stay with me for a while but he did not want to stay because he did not want to be a burden. >> he just deserves to be recognized for the person that he was. he wasn't just homeless. he was my brother. >> reporter: his family says he
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was a loving father and a giving grandfather. despite his plight they say he refused to take add advantage of his relatives. >> when he came here he did not want to eat so much because he didn't want to feel like he was eating our food. >> reporter: his mother says health problems and hanging around with people in trouble. he was found laying on a walk way near the safeway. and was taken to the hospital where he died. family members say they were told several men had beaten white and had left him out in the cold. his new coat gone. >> it's an extraordinarily issue. >> reporter: white stayed at homeless shelters.
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it provides $350,000 each year to fund nonprofits that offer services to the homeless. >> we're really doubling down on our efforts going forward. >> i am just wondering what it must have felt like for him to be that cold, you know. >> reporter: i just learned that the general manager of lone tree cemetery is hoping the family with funeral expenses to give joe white a proper resting place. live in hayward, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. continuing coverage now of an underground fire that burned for hours in an oakland neighborhood. pg & e is trying to figure out what caused a gas disruption -- a distribution line rather to rupture and burst into flames. six homes were evacuated because of the fire. people have been allowed back inside their homes but some are still getting helped only by a portable unit. pg & e says all repairs have been completed at golf links
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road and fontain. they hope to have service restored in a few hours. crews eventually dug a 6-foot hole and used a tool to pinch the pipe off. >> it allows us to isolate the area. it also allows us to limit the number of customers that would be out of gas service. especially as we're facing record cold temperatures here in the bay area. >> reporter: pg & e initially said that the leak was a 4-inch line. the gas today was under far less pressure. officials say it's possible today's problem was with one of the two connecting lines. those lines were apparently inspected in april of last year. a respected bay area golf prois behind bars tonight charged with 65 felony counts of molestation involving young golf students. nesbit was arrested a day before he was about to receive
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an award for his work. allie rasmus explains this investigation is now going nationwide. >> reporter: he's a pga golf proand considered to be one of the top 50 golf masters for kids in the country. police say nesbit leveraged his reputation and skill to sexually abuse the kids he coached. >> he used expensive gifts. it was a grooming process where he knew which kids he could commit these crimes and get away with it. >> reporter: police say they know of two victims. the students range in age from 12 and 17. the investigation began two weeks ago when one of those students came forward. nesbit was arrested at his workplace. the las casitas golf course. nesbit was scheduled to get an award from the pga for creating
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the grip jr. golf academy. 240 kids were enrolled in the program. >> he had quite a few kids enrolled in the program and it seemed to be a good program. >> reporter: people in the bay area golf's community were shocked to hear about nesbit's arrest. >> i'm incredibly surprised and disappointed. >> reporter: livermore police believe that nesbit may have other victims. >> whether they want to come forward and communicate to us, we hope they would. it's not hard to come forward as a boy to say that a male coach assaulted them, but i hope they know they're not alone. >> reporter: police believe nesbit may have victims in other states as well. allie rasmus, ktvu news. nesbit did not enter a plea today. he is being held in court and has a court hearing on january 15th. lawmakers have reached a
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compromise on a tentative budget deal. if it passes, the government can avoid another government shutdown next month. ryan and murray announced the plan late this afternoon. they said it would ease domestic spending over the next two years. the budget plan requires federal workers to contribute more to their pensions. and it increases the security fees paid by airline passengers. military pensions would see a slower pace for cost of living increases. the deal does not extend long term benefits for the un unemployed which had been a key argument. controversy at mandela's memorial. what president obama did that
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new at 10:00 a weed war in san jose. the county is trying to limit the amount of pot shops that
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have sprung up. >> this is a business that is taxed but no laws regulating them. happening right now, the city's latest efforts to retool the rules for pot cops will result in a defecto ban. >> it will put almost every collective in the city out of business. >> reporter: the county is considering banning dispensaries within 500 feet from a drug rehab center and 100 feet from a home. restrictions that critics say would make 99% of the city off limits closing the rules on the dispensaries operations. >> basically create a buffer between the collectives and
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residential. so that alone would close many of the problematic collectives. >> but there is division on the counsel. >> i think this is an issue that belongs to the federal government and there's just too much for the city to take out. >> reporter: that's why councilman chu is pushing for stricter legislation including one mile restrictions. this debate is still going on at this hour. you may remember that back in 2011 the city council approved similar regulations well voters then repealed those. medical marijuana tell us, that they will try to start collecting signatures for another referendum. reporting live, heather holmes, ktvu channel 2 news. sunny vale's gun control ordnance is set to take effect january 1st. the ordnance requires gun owners to keep firearms locked up and notify police within 48
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hours if a gun is lost or stolen. anyone selling ammunition needs to make sure and report who is buying the ammo. the nra plans its own suit next week. vallejo police are investigating their city's third homicide in just the past week. today's deadly shooting was reported about 3:45 this afternoon in the parking lot of king's supermarket. witnesses say a man was shot in his car then got out of his car and was shot again. police say a large and hostile crowd gathered at the scene. officers called for mutual aid from other agencies to conserve the scene. this was the 25th homicide in vallejo so far this year. in saratoga we have learned that a man shot by deputies today has died. authorities say the man was acting suicide around noon.
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officials say the man attacked deputies with a blunt object. one deputy opened fire hitting the man. he died at the hospital. two deputies were also taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. happening now, nelson mandela's casket has arrived at the seat of government in petoria south africa. his body is to lie in state there for three days so members of the public can pay their respects. president obama and other heads of state joined thousands of people today to mourn nelson mandela. there was an outpouring of love for the man who liberated south africa from apartheid. >> reporter: close to 100 heads of state and governments and celebrities from around the world came to pay their respects to the late nelson mandela at a massive gathering. >> i welcome all of you. >> reporter: tens of thousands of south africans to converged
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on a huge soccer stadium. rain and problems kept many from coming out. those who came were enthusiastic. >> we're here to celebrate the life of our father who led us out of oppression. >> we join together and in celebration of mandela's life. >> reporter: it was president obama that seemed to get the most attention. mr.obama called mandela the last great liberator of the 20th century. >> his struggle was your struggle. his triumpth was your triumpht. your dignity and your home found expression in his life and your freedom, your democracy is his cherished
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legacy. >> reporter: forming president's george w. bush, bill clinton and jimmy carter were also in attendance. president obama told the crowd we will never see the likes of him again. in johannesburg, south africa, fox news. it lasted only six seconds but president obama's handshake with cuban president raul castro sparked a fire storm. the two presidents exchanged a few words then president obama moved to other dignitaries. and there's a move to create a memorial for mandela here in the bay area. rain to the north of us, here we're dry. a big ridge of high pressure it's not going to get wet around here for a while.
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we're going to be in this cold pattern to a slow warm up in the next few days a. days -- -- a little warmer than it was last night. you're still going to have ice in some areas. the pore cast overnight lows specifically napa, 25. 27 in fairfield. below freezing. 37 in oakland and look at san jose you're at freezing 32 degrees. so very cold for an urban center. temperatures tomorrow morning not as cold as this morning but darn close. when we come back we're going to take a look at that warm up for your bay area weekend. tonight a tree of hope stands tall in san francisco city hall. >> the chinese american international school chorus sang in both english and
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chinese at tonight's unveiling. the tree is covered in paper cranes and is a symbol for peace and love and humanitaryism. the cranes were folded by japanese americans, members of the lgbt community and prisoners. we weren't notified. i had to find out when i took my daughter to class. >> how school officials explain i love watching tv outside.
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that i'll never wear. ohh. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for two years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. > a freight train derailed today in the snowy mountains southeast of bakers field. the santa fe railcars came off
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the tracks this morning. it's still unclear what caused the derailment. investigators are looking into high winds, ice and excessive speed as possible causes. the recent cold snap has sent a big chill through some bay area classrooms. robert handa tells us how administrators at one school are dealing with temperatures lower than the state allows. >> reporter: dorsa elementary is one of san jose's oldest schools. and in this recent cold snap that age showless. show -- age shows. the school's boiler has been erratic. parents found out it's been going on for a week. >> it shocked me that it took this long to get any kind of contact. >> i was not notified. it took me going to pick up my daughter in class and the teacher telling me, it is not much warmer in the classroom than it is outside.
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yesterday it was 23. >> reporter: a school in oakland is going through the same thing. california state requires stepping be taken to maintain a temperature of 68 degrees. dorsa has been taking those steps. >> we brought in space heaters to classrooms that had those low temperatures and establish a comfortable temperature. >> reporter: if they feel the classroom and environment is unsafe, parents are allowed to file a complaint. nobody has done that yet. and the school district hopes that they will understand. another weather threat rain makes repairing leaking roofs a higher priority at this point. in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. only on 2 a new field poll
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finds most californian's oppose the successions of a county there have been numerous succession movements in southern california dating back to 75 years. there was a demonstration today calling for a stop to fraking. fraking involves releasing gas from cracks in deposits. they're discussing the scope of an environmental report on
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fraking. a crash landing at sfo back in july. now the focus shifts to washington. what we've learned about tomorrow's hearing in capi
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happening now, a final farewell to nelson mandela. these are live pictures right now from pretoria south africa where the former president is going to lie in wake for three days. >> new at 10:00, eric rasmussen is live with one woman's
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proposal to rename lorell spark plaza. >> reporter: she wants to rename lorell spark plaza nelson mandela plaza. there's talk at the university that renaming this plaza behind me is at least a possibility. >> reporter: uc berkeley, sprall plaza 1986. some where in the crowd was a young cal employee. anne stinson. >> i was yelling. yelling my head off. >> reporter: now she's making news again. >> it's something i would like to see, it's something i would like my did to see. >> reporter: the idea came to her after mandela's death last week. >> just hours you know illuminating on the campuses history.
11:32 pm
mandela's good work. made me want to somehow acknowledge that in a greater way. >> reporter: tonight a cal spokesman told ktvu university leaders are intrigued by the idea and will take it under consideration. stinson says she's only proposing to rename lower sproul plaza, maintaining the recognition of former president sproul. it offers a chance to connect cal's future with its past. >> it's the center of student life. i thought when they had the grand opening of the lower plaza they could have the renaming at the same time. >> reporter: of course it's still too early to know if this idea will catch on. the university says renaming sproul plaza would definitely be up to an oversight committee that is made of students,
11:33 pm
faculty, administration and others. eric rasmussen. admirers of nelson mandela have an opportunity to share their condolences. major ed lee has a signature book. join the conversation at ktvu channel 2 on facebook. a texas woman who once appeared in the television show the walking dead pleaded guilty today to sending ricen laced letters to president obama. under the plea deal, shannon richardson cannot be sentenced to more than eight years. richardson made several online purchases of items for the purpose of producing risen. richardson then put ricin in threatening letters and mailed them to president obama and
11:34 pm
mayor bloomburg. a storm hit the nation's capital today prompting the board to postpone its hearings on a plane crash at sfo. >> reporter: with up to 6- inches of snow expected to fall on washington this morning, schools closed. flights were cancelled or delayed and a federal government told workers to stay home. >> we were supposed to have a tour at the white house at 7:30 but it was cancelled. >> reporter: as was the ntsb hearing into the asiana plane crash. >> reporter: but by midday, the skies cleared and the ntsb changed their schedule. general mary skiavo says thorough questioning will not necessarily result in a final answer as to what cause first- degree crash last july that
11:35 pm
killed three -- caused the crash last july that killed three people. >> i will expect they will probably have 20 or 30 recommendations about what can be done so this never happened again. >> reporter: the asiana pilots that were flying the boeing 787 slow. well below the target speed of 11 knots. jackie spier has been a critic of an audible warning in addition to a stick shifter that alerts pilots. >> i have had conversations with sully sullenburger, and you know what when you're in that mode, you need to make sure all your senses are
11:36 pm
operating. the national transportation safety board is a premier organization. >> reporter: i reached out to san francisco airport spokesman doug yako he said he would not talk about the hearing until after its over. it's expected to be a marathon session that should last almost 12 hours tomorrow. in washington, d.c., ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news. and stay with ktvu tomorrow for ken's live reports from the ntsb hearings. san jose police officers are now getting an 11% raise. the city council voted today to approve the pay increase in the hopes of keeping officers from leaving san jose for more lucrative jobs. today the city council also named interim police chief larry esquivel to the permanent position. and there was more than talk about thermal dynamics.
11:37 pm
the classroom provided a back door as safeway donated tablets to the school. safeway decided it didn't need the computers. the donation includes $30,000 to reprogram the net books for student use. a survey by a local nonprofit found 30% of public school students in west oakland had computers and internet access in their homes. a woman was found dead in a hospital stairwell more than two months ago. now two investigates the internal problem holding up answers. >> just makes us look more incompetent. temperatures are on the rise but you may still feel the chill. the cities that will be ♪
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divers plan to return to lake sonoma possible tomorrow to search for human remains. a diver alerted investigators that he thought he saw human remains. they didn't find anything. the official search for a san jose pilot missing in the rugged back country of idaho is ending. but friends and family of dale smith say they plan to keep searching using a private aircraft. there's report a website has also been set up so that volunteers can try to find the missing plane. dale smith and four family members disappeared december 1st during a flight from oregon to montana. a washington state teenager
11:41 pm
that went missing is now believed she is in mexico. the mother says she talked to the girl with her daughter and she is now in jalisco. the two met on facebook. the teens believed to be passing through on their way to mexico. law enforcement hope a new website will help catch criminals. california's most features names and photos of wanted fugitives. people can submit tips anonymously. police in san francisco and seattle are investigating whether two wine thefts are connected. back in march someone stole 80 bottles of wine from fine wines international in the bay view neighborhood. this week seattle police arrested two men for allegedly stealing $648,000 worth of wine from a store there. a shipping label found in a storage locker rented by one of the suspects led police to a san francisco wine consultant. he said he was going to buy
11:42 pm
$100,000 worth of wine from the man in april or may but he told police he was suspicious because the wine was worth a -- or was a lot more valuable than the asking price. ed lee today said he would support a ballot more to boost the minimum wage in the city to any where between 11 and $15 an hour. the major says san francisco is an expensive place for working families and it's time if what he called a significant raise. the mayor said recent strikes by fast food chain employees demanding $15 an hour should be taken seriously. the mayor said a few dollars could mean a big difference to working families and san francisco he says should lead by example. the state's minimum wage rises to $11.74 on january 1st. the state's minimum wage is set to rise to $9 an hour next year. while the federal minimum wage
11:43 pm
is currently $7.25 an hour. america's cup. a boom or a bust for san francisco? the city's push to host the race again despite new numbers showing what the event costs taxpayers. chief meteorologist bill martin is updating his forecast in five minutes the warm up we can expect by the weekend. >> but up first, unanswered questions about i love having a free checked bag with my united mileageplus explorer card. i've saved $75 in checked bag fees. [ delavane ] priority boarding is really important to us. you can just get on the plane and relax. [ julian ] having a card that doesn't charge you foreign transaction fees saves me a ton of money. [ delavane ] we can go to any country and spend money the way we would in the u.s. when i spend money on this card, i can see brazil in my future. [ anthony ] i use the explorer card to earn miles in order to go visit my family, which means a lot to me. ♪
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the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand. >> two investigates new questions being raised in the case of lin spalding. she's the san francisco patient found dead in a stairwell nearly two weeks after she disappeared from a hospital bed. it's now been two months since spaldings's death. but her family is no closer to answers as to how she died and it's far from the only such case. today a city supervisor called
11:46 pm
for a hearing into the backlog at the medical examiner's office. >> reporter: 57-year-old lin spalding was found dead october 8. two months later investigators and her family are still awaiting the cause and time of her death. >> did she starve to death? did she die of dehydration. >> reporter: the san francisco medical examiner's office says there's no sign of foul play but has indicated it needs more time to complete toxicology work. the national association of medical examiners downgraded the officers accreditation. siting a below average turn around time. the officers of the chief medical examiner is committed to thorough and accurate cause of death determinationings. a final death certificate is
11:47 pm
issued when we are competent of the cause of death. for now an interim death certificate lists the death of spalding's death as october 8, 12:30. the date and time of when she was found in the stairwell. >> it just makes us more incompetent. >> reporter: law enforcement specialists tell us they need the spalding report to continue or conclude the investigation. it's unclear when that report will be issued. a supervisor called to a hearing about the backlog at the medical examiner's office. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. if you have an idea for 2 investigates we want to hear from you. e-mail2 investigates at the city of san francisco says they plan to make a run for the next america's cup. the mayor says they will make a pitch. today the council estimate had
11:48 pm
the the jet races brought in $18 million. profit taking on wall street sent the stock markets lower today. the dow dropped to 52 points. nasdaq closed down eight. the budget deal in congress came after the markets closed. a new era in motor city as general motor announces mary barra will become the next ceo. she received her mba from stanford as head of human resources of gm, barra is credited for a slashing code including a eight page dress
11:49 pm
code. temperatures weren't that much warmer. antioch was still 47. santa rosa one of the warmer spots with 54. in oakland 57. so temperatures are on their way up and that's good news. this is the story right now. we've got that freeze warning that is in effect for these areas. south of san jose. we've got a freeze warning there and a freeze warning up by santa rosa. then these light blue areas those are your wind advisories. they just went into effect at 10 10 -- 10:00. it's not going to be as devastatingly cold as it was this morning. it's still very cold. outside it's just beautiful. we have beautiful visibilities. you can see the embarcadero is lit up for the holidays. as we go into tomorrow, a cold start. not as cold as this morning. but during the day tomorrow a warmer day. temperatures in the mid-50s and
11:50 pm
upper 50s in some locations. let's take a look at san francisco for instance. the forecast for san francisco we can bring out the bar graph on this or it should come up here. it'll pop in here. you can see the temperature 10:00 a.m. 50 degrees in san francisco. at 4:00 you're at 55 degrees. so that's warmer than we've been. even though it starts out chilly. temperatures on the increase. so the forecast then for the high pressure to kind of build in over the next few days and that sets us up with a gradual warning. it's not going to get hot or anything but we are going from cold to cool to mild. by the end of the bay area weekend we're looking at temperatures in the mid-60s on sunday. these are forecast highs tomorrow. 55 in fairfield, 56 in livermore, 57 in morgan hill and 57 in san mateo. so warmer than it has been. you will still need jackets in the morning. you will still need them when the sun sets. the mornings stay cold. wednesday morning, thursday morning you're still below freezing. friday morning you're right at freezing below freezing. and toward the weekend you start to warm up a little bit.
11:51 pm
and that's when the top tiers go into the 50s. we need rain, snow and that's not happening in this five day. it's going to be dry. >> it's been a while since we've had any but i know you're watching it. >> yeah. >> thanks bill. sports and show business got together today in santa clara as prowrestlers joined city officials to announce a major event at the new 49ers stadium. wrestle mania 31 is set for march 2015. celebrity wrestlers and members of the 49ers organization made the announcement at the santa clara convention center. organizers say the week long event is expected to draw tens of thousands of people to the south bay and pump in millions of the dollars into the economy. >> a week of wrestle mania. >> i can't wait. >> sharks they are not doing too well. tonights was the fourth loss. >> they spoil us. you know i don't know numbers don't always tell the story.
11:52 pm
for the sharks boy they sure don't add up lately. how do you lose to a team that has not beaten the sharks at the tank in 10 years. another number that doesn't make sense. four in a row. former shark getting a nice ovation he now plays for the isles. although he's injured. power play for san jose in the second. taking advantage of it shot on goal. kicked back to patty marlow. he put it in. 1-0. same period, same score. joe pavelski will send in a laser. the isle put into a 2-2 tie. kyle oposto attacks and also meets the back of the net. he had a goal, assist and that game decider. the sharks are now only 3-5 in shoot out situations. not another run of the mill. ho hum tuesday night game for the cal bears. montgomery has pulled into a
11:53 pm
tie with one of the great coaches of all time john wooden. each now have the same amount of wins. late last night a turn over helps create this. cob to byrd. slam dunk. bears continue to pull away. richard sulloman with the inside run. six bears in double figure scoring as they win it over nevada. and winter meetings continue. when it comes to
11:54 pm
11:55 pm
11:56 pm
in other words they are a no excuse team but that doesn't mean we can't come up with a couple for them. like the fact that they've won the least road games. and seth curry pumped 23 last
11:57 pm
night. a rationization of the entire situation right now. >> we feel like we let a couple of games go. but to be 12-10 in favor of the schedule of the home games coming up. it's hard to get over that hump. >> we've fallen short. in our mind set. and in our eyesight. but at the same time, we feel real good about where we're headed. we're going to be fine. we're not jumping off of a cliff. >> too early for that. you never know with billy bean. but he says he's done dealing now that he's made a move. kind of a salary dump he could make $8 million and for him the a's receive a young right hander by the name of drew pom era nce brought up to the
11:58 pm
majors real quick but a promising starter. a money dump. >> wheeling and dealing going on over there. >> thank you for choosing ktvu
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>> today on "tmz", so we got these pictures of julia roberts. couple of theories. big turkey dinner or pregnant? >>we could also say she's 46 years old. >> somebody in their 50s and 60s could have a baby too. >> no, dummy. >> it's happened. >> there was a chick in the bible. >> jay-z performed. during his performance to "young forever" want to dedicate this song nelson mandela. >> he's been doing it almm


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