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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  December 12, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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a carjacking victim describes how his toyota was taken by force. see how police got it back this afternoon and why that may have prevented other crimes. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. oak lands police are on the sale of a group of carjackers. they have struck three time this is time. and we've learned that cars aren't the only thing they're after. debora villalon is live where the latest carjacking took
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place just this afternoon. >> reporter: julie it happened right in this parking spot as the driver pulled in unaware that he had become a target. >> i come here, come home. >> reporter: arriving home this 62-year-old man told us he had barely stopped his toyota sedan. >> i parked in there. >> reporter: when two men approached. grabbing his keys from his hand. his cell phone from his pocket and shoving him to pavement. >> it's an instrument of the large larger crime spree which is arm robbery. >> reporter: police feared the car would be used for street robberies. but police are more concerned of the closest to schools.
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the suspect's vehicles matched two carjacked cars on sunday and is sunday before. >> people were either leaving their car or parking their vehicles. suspects approached them. multiple suspects approached them. and forcibly took the vehicle from them. >> reporter: after today's chase the suspects ditched the stolen corolla behind some apartments. it'll be picked over. >> i go to the police. the office. >> reporter: and fined by the latest victim who didn't expect to get his car back so soon. the vehicles being carjacked don't stand out. this 1998 toyota, another toyota 5 years old. and a 2005 volvo. all of them abandoned later. police believe the same man in their late teens or early 20s are responsible. reporting live in oakland,
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deborah villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. new details tonight about a freeway crash in livermore that killed one man and led to this fire on interstate 580. tonight we've learned the name of the man who was killed in that accident. investigators say the driver who ran into their car never slowed down and is now behind bars accused of hit-and-run. amber lee is live with what she learned about the suspect and the victim. >> reporter: i learned the victim is an emt with royal ambulance based in san leandro. in the meantime the driver accused of killing him is held here at santa rita jail on drunk driving. >> oh my god, really. >> reporter: this is you tube video of the fiery crash that chp says was caused by a drunk driver. shortly after 10:00 this morning investigators say 53- year-old primotivo garcia drove his summer into the back of the
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jeep cherokee as traffic in the area slowed from 50 miles per hour down to 10 miles per hour. highway patrol says garcia did not brake. the impact sent the vehicle into two cars and burst into flames. >> the chunk of the suv tore apart. >> reporter: the fire was engulfing immediately upon impact. the fire was so intense that the officer from the fire station could not get close enough to dispatch the fire extinguisher. >> reporter: the coroner says it brought in an odontologist just an hour ago to compare the teeth of the victim to make a positive identification. garcia and his passenger escaped with minor injuries. there was a smell of alcohol on garcia's breath and that he
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failed the sobriety test. >> i thought he would be injured i didn't think he was drunk. >> reporter: today's deadly accident is a somber reminder that drunk drivers on the road at all hours of the day. >> these crashes happen any where any time to anyone. just a few minutes ago i spoke with the owner of royal ambulance steve grah he describes reed whittaker as a man passionate about his work as an emt and quote an excellent human being. whittaker also trained others to be emts and say it is loss is big. amber lee, ktvu news. negotiations between b.a.r.t. and it's two biggest unions ended today with no resolution.
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this time the sticking point is a single clause in the agreement. it allows union workers to receive up to six weeks of paid family leave. that provision was mistakingly left in the contract. union leaders say b.a.r.t. negotiators signed off on the deal and the b.a.r.t. board should honor it. an exclusive new ktvu field poll finds, 52% of union workers want to strike. 44% statewide say they should not be allowed to walk out. now to milpitas where police announced a big break this afternoon in the murder of a 7/11 clerk that happened in september of last year. the police chief said that four individuals are now in custody in the killing of muhammad
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sarugasade. the suspects robbed the 7/11 of $200 and that before they left they killed the man who people called mo. police declined to reveal what happened to the suspect but read a statement from the victim's family. >> from the first time since its passing we can breathe a little bit easier. though nothing can bring mo back you have given us the next best thing. justice for an amazing father, husband and friend. >> reporter: the three male suspects are 19 years old. the female is 20. two of the male suspects live in menlo park. the third comes from las vegas. all are charged with robbery and murder. a luxury used car dealer in the south bay is facing prison time for defrauding customers out of more than $1 million worth of money and cars. wisal of campbell pled no contest today in court.
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he's accused of defrauding. he was also accused of writing bad checks and money laundering. he's expected to be sentenced in february. people who have been victims of violence and family members suffering the emotional impact gathered for the sixth annual purple gala in jack london square tonight. the event is organized by a program called 1,000 mothers to prevent violence. dave stewart was on hand. >> if you're from the bay area. especial little oakland. a lot of things have happened right there in your face. you can't ignore that. our best resource in this world which is our youth. >> the founder of $1,000 lorane taylor says she hopes today's event will bring at least one night of joy to the
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victims of violence. the oak grove high school band is preparing for a series of shows. musically they are ready. financially the group is reeling. last night the group held a bingo fund raising with about 100 people playing bingo. a man in a ski mask displayed a gun and robbed the person handling the money. many people had not noticed that there had been a robbery until the fundraiser came to an abrupt end. >> it was so fast, in and out. >> reporter: the money raised usually goes for band actives as well as uniforms and bringing in outside instructors. the loss represents 10% of the
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already tight -- tight budget. >> we never thought people would steal from a bingo. >> reporter: police recommend in the future the school put money away as it's collected by more than one person. >> have helpers having eyes outlooking for any suspicious persons or activity. >> reporter: the school and parents are already working on how to make the fund raising events more secure. the band will carry on but this winter spectacular concert tomorrow night. in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. u.s. stock markets declined today for a third consecutive day. the dow fell 104 points. it has now moved lower. the nasdaq was down five. many investors expect the
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federal reserve to start applying a stimulus as soon as next week. claims had been down during the previous three weeks but analysts say the numbers around thanksgiving and christmas are often volatile. a menacing reptile guarding a marijuana grow. learn how much his owner will spend in jail. and how high temperatures will climb tomorrow. in 90 seconds, hurt so badly he hurt [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world
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new numbers obtained by ktvu news shows more than 500 pedestrians have been injured or killed on san francisco streets this year and that's actually an improvement over last year. two investigates tonight. eric rasmussen live in san francisco where safety advocates tell us this problem is at epidemic levels now, eric. >> reporter: san francisco has been trying to make some changes to improve safety so we asked police for some hard numbers. it works out to about two people hit on these streets every day this year. >> reporter: surveillance video captured just a glimpse of
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soren's legs lefted off his feet. >> i was hit by a car. and that's as much as i remember. >> reporter: almost nine months later he's still suffering the effects of a brain injury with no sense of smell or taste. >> every day i wake up there's nothing. it's either a little mushy or it's crunchy whatever i eat. >> reporter: according to the police statistics gathered for ktvu. jensen is among 520 pedestrians injured through november this year. 14 more have been killed. that's down slightly from 104 injured and 16 killed over the same time last year. >> there's a lot more work to do. >> reporter: nicole schneider from walk sf says many other incidents go unreported. >> we see there are more people in the hospital during those collision reports. >> right now it's the most pedestrian vehicle cases i've ever had in 42 years of
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practice. >> reporter: attorney manani shows us some of the reports he uses. the driver in krog-jensen's case is now charged with felony hit-and-run for leaving the scene. >> based on what i've been through. i think it's only fair that justice is served. >> reporter: now earlier this year mayor ed lee launched a pedestrian safety strategy with the goal of reducing fatalities. eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. and in seven minutes a pedestrian killed today at a farmers market in marin. we just learned his name and we will hear from neighbors who point out a common problem. executives after san francisco's twitter called an overnight meeting to address concerns over twitter's new blocking policy. some users are outraged. the social media site now allows users to tweet or follow the person who blocked them but
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the blockers can't see any activity by the person they blocked. users say the change puts their safety at risk. a petition launched today urges twitter to rethink the move. it gardeners more than 600 signatures in less than an hour. tonight hundreds of people gathered at the national cathedral in washington, d.c. to remember the victims from the sandy hook elementary school shooting. friends and family members were in attendance and took turns sharing stories about some of the victims from newtown. almost one year ago a gunman stormed into sandy hook elementary school killing 26 people. 20 of whom were young children. the gunman adam lanza then committed suicide. saturday marks the anniversary of the massacre. that massacre in newtown reunited the national debate about gun control and led to a number of new gun laws across the country. nearly 2/3 of those new laws
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losened restrictions on gun ownership as opposed to tighten them. ken pritchett tells us that wasn't the case here in california. >> reporter: ian john has a personal stake on the issue of guns. >> i've been involved in the issue of gun violence since i lost my dad to, with a random shooting and an attempted robbery. >> reporter: he helped start gun by an effort to raise money for buy back programs. >> a lot of us felt that sandy hook was sort of a watershed moment on the history of guns. i think it was really disappointing and really frustrating when we weren't able to see any sort of material change in gun policy. >> reporter: post sandy hook government did close to number.
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>> we didn't get all we wanted but we certainly made some progress. >> reporter: $24 million will go to law enforcement so police can track guns. >> we know about 600,000 people in possession of weapons. that's a good place to start. california did pass more post sandy hook laws the than any other state. second amendment advocates say many of those will be challenged and overturned at court. >> this could mark by a country mile in having something significant that would impact a situation like sandy hook here in california. the new law passed in response to sandy hook shooting were not all gun related. legislative efforts made available $200 million for mental health programs.
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in san francisco, ken pritchett. at we posted a list of bay area events being held in memory of the sandy hook victims. look for the information on our hot topics section. for a record sixth night in a row, the bay area is under a spare the air alert. violators can face fines for $100. the bay area quality management says it extended the alert for six nights because of cold stagnant air trapping pollutants. >> the $100 fine is waived if the violator takes a safety course. it's a little cooler tonight. we have some clouds moving over head that will keep it a lot
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warmer. it's not windy but there's a little bit of a westerly wind blowing. three-miles-an-hour so overnight lows tonight are going to be a little bit warmer than they were last night. that's still 29 in napa. you can go 27 up here. 31 in santa rosa. 33 in livermore. there's no freeze warning. no frost advisory. you can get freeze with these temperatures and you can certainly get frost with these temperatures. i'm back here at 10:45, when i come back we're going to talk about this warm up. which day on the weekend is going to be the warmest. i'll see you back here. some of san francisco's best known drag queens laced up their ice skates tonight for an only in san francisco holiday tradition. the epic's dry queens on ice an elegant extravaganza and it takes place at the union square ice link just a few moments ago. people in the public got to watch the show and even skate right along some of the performance. the ice rink is open to the
11:21 pm
public. tickets are $7 for children, and rink hours are from 10:00 in the morning till 11:30 at night. a population boom in california. the two bay area counties leading the way. >> in two minutes new information about a man killed crossing the street today after visiting a farmer's market. we'll take you to i love watching tv outside.
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when i spend money on this card, i can see brazil in my future. [ anthony ] i use the explorer card to earn miles in order to go visit my family, which means a lot to me. ♪ it's unclear what caused the collision. but as mike mibach found out. people say speeding in the area is a problem. >> reporter: a tent wrapped in a blue tarp. on the inside a man. >> he was carrying a lot of
11:24 pm
vegetable bags. >> reporter: just to the south a plumbers van damaged to the right end. >> quite a lot of impact. >> reporter: this is weber, at 9:43 a.m. just feet from the market a senior citizen was killed trying to cross the civic ground. >> driver stopped right away. and deputies rendered aid to the victim. he was declared dead at the scene. >> reporter: san rafael police say at this point it's not sure if the victim was at the crosswalk. they only said he was crossing south to east. >> i'm going to watch my step. >> reporter: investigators are trying to figure out if the 38- year-old driver of the van was speeding at the time of the collision. >> we need at least a pedestrian flashing light here because it's a critical point. >> reporter: so people that cross the street to get to the
11:25 pm
farmers market say most get to the posted limit. a stoplight or stop sign they say would be nice. >> i think if somebody was killed we need to pay attention to that. >> you need to use a little safety crossing too. >> we have certainly had collisions over the year. >> reporter: there's no word if the driver of that van will be charged. the victim has been identified as former green bay resident who was back in town visiting friends. mike mibach. ktvu channel 2 news. a castro valley man who used a large reptile to guard his stash of marijuana has been sentenced to four months in jail. alameda county sheriff deputies say they found a 5-foot long cayman named mr. teeth gardening 25 pounds of marijuana. the cayman was under nourished and died after it was transferred to the zoo. mayar received a four month
11:26 pm
jail sentence for felony pot possession. >> reporter: a baby boom is getting much of the credit. the state department of finance says california added 332,000 people from july of last year to this july. the nearly 1% growth rate is largely due to baby's being born. in fact, it's the highest growth rate since 2003 before the recession. alameda and santa clara counties saw the largest percentage increase at the state at more than 1-1/2%. the state's population now totals 38.2 million. a stunning announcement from north korea. the man considered the second most powerful person in that country and who's also the uncle of leader kim jung-un has been executed. today north korea released these photos showing tung being
11:27 pm
led away after being convicted of trying to overthrow the state. he was also charged of leading a depraved life. talking on your cell phone while flying. the actions taking today by the federal government. >> he is important. he is my only child. >> five men all missing. their whereabouts all known. after the break family members come together looking for answers. >> a reminder you can get ktvu
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a candlelight vigil is calling attention to the fate of five men all who are
11:30 pm
missing. this time of year is especially tough say the families. credible evidence is live in the city and tells us all of these men have vanished without explanation. >> reporter: those family members are asking the public to help them find the missing men. the flicker of candles was almost lost in a sea of green and red as the family members of five young men who disappeared from the streets of san francisco say they're here to remind the city to help searching for their sons. miller, renner, hughes and citi. >> the question remains is there a connection. >> reporter: sean sidi disappeared in may of this year. >> the search for sean is active. we have people behind the scenes working. tips are continuing to come in.
11:31 pm
>> reporter: trisha brocker's son dickerson has been missing for more than two years. she says she's been focusing her search at the haight. >> i don't know if he's there now but that's where he had been seen. >> reporter: she's frustrated that the police don't seem to take the disappearance of a grown man seriously. >> what am i supposed to do? how am i supposed to make them look for my child and let them know that he is important. he is my only child. >> reporter: those mothers say if the world doesn't know to look for those missing men. that's because they don't know that they are missing. that is why they held tonight's candlelight vigil and why they've taken their search to the internet using the power of
11:32 pm
social media to try to find the men they're calling the california five. we're live in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu newschannel 2 news. and at we posted information about all five of those missing men. you can look for the web link section on the front page. now to our continuing coverage to the farewell of nelson mandela. the final day of his lying in state happened today. mandela liberated south africa from apartheid. bun young woman said she was overwhelmed, happy and sad because she says mandela was the man who made her who she is today. the interpreter is being called a fraud and critics say his signing made no sense. today senka told a reporter he
11:33 pm
was seeing angels at the memorial and apologized. he also revealed he's had episodes of violence. critics say he could have been a security risk. the south african government said the company that provided his service has now vanished. nasa is still trying to figure out if the space talk is needed to make repairs to the sper national space station. one of two cooling pumps startedded back up again. nasa wants to know exactly what went wrong and if it could happen again. a similar problem came up three years ago and required three space walks to fix it. for now nasa says the six man crew is not in any danger. the federal communications commission voted 3-2 to consider lifting its ban on cell phone calls but not everyone is sold on the idea. as doug macaway reports it could lead to fights on flights. >> reporter: a decades old ban about the use of cell phones on planes may be coming to an enas the fcc votes on a proposal to
11:34 pm
remove government rules and regulations and put that control in the hands of consumers and the airlines. >> we are going to continue we're proposing to consider to continue a cell phone ban. but where there is new on board technology, that eliminating that potential for interference then there is no need for an interference rule. >> reporter: this proposal would begin the push to collect information. saying earlier technical concerns are no longer an issue. but frequent travelers appear to be concerned of how any change in the rule would affect their flight. >> if someone has an emergency and needs to make a short call i think there should be an exception. >> i pads, messaging, fine but talking on the phone? i don't think they need to be doing that. >> i'm the last person in the world who wants to listen to someone talking to me when we
11:35 pm
fly across the country. but we're the technical agency and we will make the technical rules. the nation's largest flight attendant's union has also expressed concerns saying it could lead to fights between passengers. doug mckelway, fox news. the major wireless carriermade decisions to lock their phones. they made a voluntary approval to alert cell phone owners. it allows phones to be used on other networks. the carriers also agreed to unlock the phones within two days of a request. volunteers in oakland are doing their part to help fuel child literacy by introducing the kids to books. the goal of oakland reads 20-20 is to increase the number of children reading at grade level by the end of the third grade
11:36 pm
by the year 2020. teachers and volunteers cataloged 1,500 books. local business owners are teaming up to help give home openers a merry christmas. it's all part of adopt a family project. the project pairs volunteer donors with local families who lack the money to buy holiday gifts. for many of those families the gifts they receive today are the only ones that they will get this holiday season. pitting pedestrians against firefighters. the safety feature firefighters say may be making you less safe in an emergency. from freezing to temperatures nearing 70 degrees. how long the transition to warmer weather will take where you live. and in two minutes. >> let the
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the u.s. house of representatives approved a deal today. the house approved the spending plan. the deal raises spending on military and domestic programs it also reduce it is deficit slightly over 10 years mostly by increasing tsa fees for airline passengers. those added fees show up in the price of airline tickets. two east bay congressmen are showing their support for immigration reform by giving up food for 24 hours. representative george miller finished his fast today then he passed the torch in the shape of a heart to eric swolwell so
11:40 pm
he could be in his fast. the democrats join other members of congress and activists on the national law in a fasting brigade that began a month ago. immigration reform is stalled in the house because speaker joe boehner will not allow it to come up on the floor. >> it's a symbol that we stand in solidarity for the families that are waiting for congress to act. >> reporter: the group fast for families began in washington, d.c. and dozens of locations across the country. some people have fasted for much longer than 24 hours. 52 bus companies around the country have been shut down for safety violations. the action by the department of transportation was prompted by a crash that killed seven passengers near san bernardino in january. they ordered 340 buses off the
11:41 pm
road. one company operated out of southern california but it was not the one involved in that fatal crash. the carusel is not expected to open until next year. the ride has become a holiday tradition for a lot of people but the hand carved carusel had to close in november. the ride has a cracked bearing shaft that is being replaced. it is expected to reopen sometime in the spring. the supervisors passed an ordnance last year that requires a 5-cent charge for a plastic bag. there's no word if it will appear to the state supreme court. friday's mega millions jackpot is nearing an all time high. it's estimated to reach $400 million but the odds of winning are also huge. operators at the multi state lottery changed the rules in
11:42 pm
october to try and build bigger jackpots. now you pick numbers between one and 75. it used to be one and 56. but there are fewer mega numbers down from 46 to 15. the new odds of winning are one in 259 million. and since the change, no one has won the big money. financial assistants for sex workers victimized by crime. the effort to change a california regulation that is unlike any other in the u.s. and in five minutes our chief meteorologist bill martin's complete forecast. find out if temperature. >> jason: reach the 70s.
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of happier holidays. time to enchant, delight and amaze. safeway will help you gather everyone 'round. a smoked, shank half ham is only 99 cents a pound. with starbucks at $6.99, serve coffee everyone savors. top it off with coffee-mate... just $2.79 for all kinds of flavors. turns out this season less is really so much more. so make your holiday merrier than ever before. safeway. ingredients for life. fire trucks negotiating
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tight turns on narrow streets. tonight there's questions on emergency trucks being able to navigate. tensions appear to be intensifying between emergency responders and city officials who are trying to make the streets more pedestrian and bicycle friendly. >> reporter: san francisco firefighters today told ktvu that getting to the site of an emergency is getting more difficult each day. they're seeing more corner bulb outs aimed at keeping cars from clipping pedestrians. >> these changes are about making our roads safer. whether it's for safer bike lanes or safer crossings for pedestrians. >> it's kind of a mixed bag is how we see it right now. >> reporter: the city's fire department says first units are arriving on scene in about 5- 1/2 minutes as much as eight
11:46 pm
seconds slower. the city is grappling with infrastructure projects tieing up the street. but fire department officials fear that some of the pe -- pedestrians may put people in the way of fire trucks. >> with the bulb outs they're more in the line of traffic. and then for bicyclists to have to go around a bulb out, it's, potential for lateral contact with the vehicle is greater. >> reporter: supervisor scott weiner recently road along with firefighters and say it is problem is with cars on the street. >> we realized that what kept the firefighters from the street are double parking. >> reporter: and council
11:47 pm
recommended that parking be redesigned. 1,300marin workers are getting a slight raise. county officials agreed to a 1.3% raise. the raise affects mostly inhome care workers. after the year they will be paid $12.04 an hour. workers will soon be allowed to receive compensation from a special fund if they've been victims of violent crimes. >> i was raped, i was beaten, i was robbed. california is the only state to exclude prostitutes from receiving that type of victim's compensation. new figures show that 50, 50,000 californians signed up for the covered california exchange. so far state officials say a
11:48 pm
total of 156,000 people have signed up for policies on the covered california website. the increase in numbers indicates a rush to get approved before the december 23rd deadline for coverage beginning on january 1st. a small park in richmond's iron triangle neighborhood is bringing a transformation. for many years it was known to folks as the elm play lot. that area was no place for children a few years ago. but with the help of a $2 million state grant to revitalize the half acre lot of land is being transformed into a place for everyone in the community to enjoy. >> kids they love the park and they just can't wait until the park gets finished. >> reporter: when the new pogo park project is completed in the spring it will include a trike pike, a culturally diverse bay area and a zip line. warming up just a little
11:49 pm
bit out there. you may have noticed this morning when you woke up not quite as cold. this morning we had 61 degrees in livermore. santa rosa with 60. highs tomorrow about the same. maybe a little bit warmer. so we start off tomorrow morning a little bit warmer than we did this morning. we end up about the same or a little warmer tomorrow. then the warm up continues. the part of the warm up is this weak system sliding through the area. rain for northern california for most of us just clouds and then a wind shift. and that went shift helps temperatures go up a little bit. overnight lows are going to get cool. napa you will get down into the lower 20s. no frost warning, no frost advisory and no freeze warning for tonight for the bay area. there's something good. we haven't had one of those in a little while. clouds keep you a little warmer when they come over head. san francisco will be down in the 40s tonight. tomorrow morning clouds. maybe a little patchy coastal
11:50 pm
fog as well. then the dry forecast continues into your bay area weekend. that means temperatures this weekend mid-60s. maybe even some low 70s. tomorrow mostly sunny. that slides through and this high pressure builds in and we start to warm up. not just tomorrow, but saturday and sunday. and even into monday. so we've had a pretty interesting december. it's been very cold. now we're going into this warm forecast as we go in toward next week. and what we're looking at is a big departure from where we were last monday. freeze warnings, temperatures in the low teens. or mid-teens. and to this monday where we're going to be in the mid-60s and even low 70s. big departure. big switch around. still no wet though. pretty dry. 58 in fair field tomorrow. 58 in san francisco. these forecast highs you know, about where they were today. a little warmer. 60 in morgan hill.
11:51 pm
62 in santa cruz. forecast highs those are on your friday. those are upper 60s. there'll be some low 70s popping up as well. the lower tier, the cooler spots are still going to be cool. they're not going to be staying. now we're going to warm up a little bit. no rain this five day. unfortunately i don't see any rain in the next five day either. boy we need some rain. >> we sure do. boy that 68. társ going -- it's going to feel like it's so balmy out there compared to what we've been having. >> i'll take it. thanks bill. mark is here now. a good night for the sharks. seems like they're breaking out of that slump that they've been in. >> seems like it's been a while since we said goodbye to the sharks. we're just not used to the sharks losing four straight. they layed it all out there on
11:52 pm
the line tonight in a good way. after we're using to seeing over the years convincing and we don't have to talk about what went wrong with the men in teal. povelsky. assisting povelsky. still in the third, the power play. winger for the rookie hurdle. continues to do it. that's his 15th goal of the year. 2-0. second stanza. povelsky again will flick it home. yet another power play situation. 3-1 final over the wild of minnesota. might look back as this is one of the overnight deals when it's all said and done. how did they get that guy so cheap. where did they get him. we're talking about moore.
11:53 pm
from all accounts great clubhouse guy. good one to have around and in 2011 as a matter of fact it's 31 homers knocked in. and a little bit of a stunner on thursday night's match up. the chargers doing the i love watching tv outside.
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rethink possible. pretty terrific news for former 49er quarterback david smith. former cal star kenan shows up big. up and over for the phillip river pass to allen. 19yards 10-10 as you have another look at it. he is possibly your rookie of the year. minute left in the half. again looking for allen. flags dropped. touchdown. allen his only two catch of the night both go nor touchdowns. he was the 76th pick in last year's draft. chargers win it by the way. the warriors making a big splash on the court. they do live by the three ball and again the mavs waited until
11:57 pm
the very end too. you may say improve their marksmanship as they ready up for houston. there's seth curry today. man of the hour last night. and sure looks like an all star this time around. can you believe it? this was his first game winning shot since high school. >> this is a guy that's made big time shots for us since i've been here. lately he's acted like he's been the best player on the floor. he's picking and shooting the spot. and at the end of the game he's embracing being a good player for us. i'm not going to ask jackson to go on a soap opera, that's who we are. >> and they will have to go without another person for a sunday. valuable piece off of their
11:58 pm
bench they're going to do for a while and they don't know how long until after the operation. >> that's not going to get your wrist. >> you got that right. thank you for choosing ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next a subaru... ...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> our photog is hanging out on capitol hill. he runs into joe biden. >> have you gone shopping for the president yet? >> solid stuff from colin. is he talking to the vice president like they have been drinking beer together for 12 years. >> rihanna on peta's top hate list.


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