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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  December 15, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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bang, bang. i knew him. bang, bang. i went to school with her. a bay area community coming together after a rash of violence in their city. good evening i'm ken pritchett in tonight for ken wayne. >> good evening i'm heather holmes. the city has seen more than a dozen murders and tonight
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citizens come together for a vigil. and debora villalon says that residents are overwhelmed. >> reporter: that's right. and together they came together to pray. >> this is the time for us to come together and to respond to evil in a positive way. >> reporter: bringing candles and voices against violence that has long plagued their city but spiked this past week. >> bang, bang. i knew him. bang bang. i went to school with her. >> reporter: last tuesday, two young men were gunned down. six hours and 4 miles apart. a woman at a rap concert was caught in a gun battle two nights earlier and a few days before gunfire in a neighborhood and another man dead. >> even though you get angry at people you control yourself. >> reporter: this parent and martial arts teacher says it's
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time to reclaim vallejo. >> we have to take initiative to take back our communities from violence. >> reporter: everyone here knows that's not as easy as a sign or a slogan. those who most need the message aren't listening. but residents say apathy is a problem too. >> i don't know the families but it's my community. i live here. i'm raising my kids here. so i definitely have to come out and show my support. >> reporter: many call for a bigger police department too invisible now. >> no. if there's something major happens there's five or 10 cars and i'm like wow, where did they come from. >> reporter: like so many of the shooters, the victims are in their 20s. but these young adults refuse to give up on their town. >> they should be afraid. the people who are doing the killings should be afraid or at least hear our voices. >> may i please ask for 40
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seconds of silence. >> reporter: everyone paused to mourn vallejo's victims of violence and they came away determined that this event be a beginning. vallejo has had 23 homicides this year plus three fatal officer involved shootings. last year the tally hit 21. reporting live in vallejo, debora villalon, ktvu news. more details now, tomorrow night vallejo is hosting a special council meeting. that meeting is set for 7:00 tomorrow night there on santa clara street. this contract would have retired an active police officer paying alarmer portion of their health benefits. the vallejo police officers association took out an ad urging people to attend the meeting to oppose the propose contract. a 16-year-old boy has been identified as the victim of a
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shooting in the silver terrance neighborhood. investigators say cliffton chapman died at the scene. another victim was taken to the hospital in serious condition. police have no suspect information at this time. in richmond a 19-year-old woman is recovering tonight after being hit by a stray bullet inside her own home. in the next half hour. how a family member's quick thinking may have helped save a woman's life. a 13-year-old oakland girl is still in the hospital. she went into oakland's childrens hospital on monday for the tonsil surgery. the family accuses the hospital of inadequate care that led to the girl suffering a heart attack after the procedure. a hospital spokeswoman said they were fully staffed and that they are investigating. tahee is an eighth grader at ec
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reames school of technology and arts. a shortage of donations means help may not happen. firefighters are asking for help. christien kafton has the story. >> reporter: you look around me you may see a lot of toys but if you see behind me you will see there's a lot of blank space on the shelves behind me. there's nowhere near where they need to be. and firefighters are now asking for help to make sure kids have a happy holiday. >> reporter: in a locked storage room there's a lot of bare shelves. richmond and el cerrito first responders are trying to make it a happy holidays. but it's looking grim now. >> what you see in here will
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probably be 1/4 of that. >> reporter: rob woods says crews have been fund raising all years and chevron has pledged to match up to $10,000 for the toy drive. so far though they've only raised about 4,500 and the clock is ticking to the 21st. the day of the give away. >> one week from yesterday. >> reporter: that's six days. >> six days or we're rounding the corner and we need help. >> a consumer psychologist say tonight that during the holiday season donors can get inundated with requests. but woods points to the long lines of people signing up to receive gifts for their children this year as proof of their need for this community. and if they say they can not come up with the funds, there will be kids with nothing under their tree this year. >> a bad christmas. >> as simple as that right? >> it's that simple. and not only that, if we don't get enough, then the finger is pointed at us. you signed me up and you didn't
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give me nothing. >> reporter: richmond firefighters tell me it's always a struggle to fund raise but they definitely had a tougher year fund raising this year than in years past. we're live in richmond, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. >> go to ktvu for more information on how you can help. san francisco's palace of fine arts was a scene of a pay per view celebrity wedding tonight. they called their concert wedding a winter wonder land wedding and music event. journey and tower of power performed. some of the pay per view proceeds will be donated to typhoon victims in the philippines. by the way the cost of city permits alone for this event were about $.25 million. foster city police are looking for witnesses of an
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accident in the san mateo bridge that ended with a man in the water. that man was pulled into a coast guard boat with the help of a rope. police say the man crashed his honda suv during an argument with his wife. they say the couple then continued to fight physically outside the car. that's when the man reportedly jumped 15 feet into the water. authorities are considering domestic violence charges. fireplaces must remain idle again tomorrow. in a pressing weather pattern is lingering and trapping pollution close to the ground. the alert means the burning of wood or any other solid fuel indoors or outdoors is illegal unless that is your only means of heat. a cautionary word tonight for beachgoers from the national weather service. they say a large westerly swell is producing large waves. the warning is in effect for
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monterey county and remains in effect through tomorrow afternoon. continuing coverage now on the life and legacy of nelson mandela. jets fly over his hometown. tribal leaders spoke at mr. mandela's funeral saying a great tree had fallen and now he was going home to rest with his forfathers. rereport on the man known for his fierce commitment to justice and dedication to his people. >> reporter: nelson mandela is finally home. buried where he spept his childhood. a marching band and procession
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of soldiers. a cannon salute for he who touched so many. >> even when in prison he still embraced love, when others would have liked to fight against them. >> oprah winfrey was among those who attended the funeral. all wanted to pay their respects to the iconic leader. mandela's casket was placed in front with his portrait and 95 candles marking each year of his life. >> when people see goodness in a person they respond by reflecting goodness back at that person. today, mingled with our grief is enormous pride that one of our own has during his lifetime
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and now in your death united the people of south africa and the entire world on a scale never before experienced in history. after the service, mandela's casket was moved to the burial site. military helicopters flew over head and nelson mandela was layed to rest. >> >> rest in peace. yours was truly a long walk to freedom. >> reporter: i'm martha shay reporting. a 19-year-old watching tv inside her home struck by a stray bullet. >> it's just sad to see something like this happening in a quiet neighborhood. >> at 10:30 her condition tonight and why her stepfather's quick actions may have saved her life. an alarming attack near a bay area university. the warning tonight from police after two students were robbed. first remembering a hollywood icon. a look
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the highway patrol is investigating a deadly accident involving a patrol car. a sheriff deputy was responding to call about a fight. witnesses say the deputies car
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was speeding without lights and sirens. the chp is trying to determine if the ford explorer stopped at the stop sign before driving into the intersection. the drunk driving numbers include five arrests in santa rosa last night. officers ran a downtown checkpoint and screened more than 1,200 vehicles. bay area police launched the dui checkpoint campaign to this holiday season on friday and will be running them through new year's. federal investigators are set to release a report tomorrow about last year's fire at the richmond refinery in richmond. the u.s. chemical, excuse me safety board is also expected to make recommendations on how refineries are regulated in california. in an earlier report the agency said the august fire at the chevron refinery was sparked because the pipes were old.
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calls tonight for legislative hearings after a new analysis found a large portion of state funds against assisted living homes have not been collected. the california department of social services has only collected about half of the $2.9 million in fines handed down in july 2007. state officials say they do their best to collect but that violators often close up shop and move away. a historic deal that's how the union representing researchers, technical employees and health care professionals at the university of california are characterizing a tentative agreement. the union represents nearly 1,500 workers throughout the system. the proposed contract includes wage increases from 11 to 13% over a four year period. a new grand is aimed at
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boosting student enrollment. the exchange called covered california provided the million dollars grant to send educators to college campuses in an effort to get more students enrolled. the success hinges on getting used mostly healthy people to help spread out the cost incurred by older enrolllees. almost half the people with coverage from work say their policies will be changing next year for the worse. another 1% say deductibles will be higher. only 21% say their plans will be expanding to cover more types of health care. otoule will died at the age of 81. his work and his influence may
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never fade away. he was one of the greats. peter otoule was simply an icon who even toward the end of his life continued to wow audiences with his screen presence. born peter otoule his adolescence was spent in england. he made his professional debut on the london stage in 1955. from the west end, otoule quickly transitioned from the stage to the silver screen. his appearance in 1962's lawrence of arabia catapulted him to worldwide status and earned him his first nomination. lawrence was the beginning of a successful strains of movies in the 60s. >> would you oppose me i will strike you any where i can. >> reporter: admittedly a heavy tráeupbger his taste for
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alcohol not -- heavy drinker his taste for alcohol not only threatened threatened his work but his life. in 2003 the academy of motion pictures arts and scientists honored the then 71 actor with the oscar for lifetime achievement. officially he declined the accolade. fearing that it would signal the end of his career. finally in july of 2012, otoule himself admitted he could not go on in the acting business. he officially retired giving the profession a quote profoundly grateful farewell. peter otoule an immortal on the screen. uniquely human off.
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and an actress who's star shown brightly has died. fontaine won an oscar for -- the year that she won the oscar her sister was also nominated for the award. fontane married and divorced four times. she joked that the moment she walks down the isle it's over. more details to tell you about a teenager who opened fire at a high school campus. one of his friends is speaking out. the event that the friend says triggered that anger. plus a heartwarming story of a daughter's gift to her
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father who hadn 't been able to hear until now. and in weather a few clouds, the lows
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colorado's governor today asked for prayers for the 17- year-old girl in critical condition tonight after being shot at point-blank range during a shooting on friday. now a friend of the suspect, carl peterson says that there were signs that he was on the brink. that after he was accused of threatening a faculty member he had never been the same. >> he felt his suspension had ruined his chances into college and ruined his future.
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>> pierson walked into the school with shotguns and molotov cocktails. he killed himself after opening fire. not one lawmaker seems to be happy with it. several of them spoke about the matter today. >> this isn't a large agreement but it's a symbolically large agreement. i would like to throw a few more zeros behind this number. >> we did not get all we wanted but i will tell you what we did get. certainly for a few more years. >> the bill aims to avoid another government shutdown and relax forced spending cuts. it faces strong opposition from republicans. some gop support could help get the measure through the senate when it comes up for a vote. that's expected to happen this week. there are reports tonight that a school was hit when the syrian government today dropped bombs on the belingered city of
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alepo. alepo is divided between government held groups. the latest violence come as day after the french minister says he has little hopes for talks next week. responding to critics, pope francis shrugged reports that his plans -- pope francis confirmed his plan to visit jordan next year. the gift of song touched the hearts of many this weekend when a man heard his daughter
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sing for the very first time. ashley steel says her dad just receive add hearing aid that allows him to hear if she wears a special microphone. she says she wasn't sure if it was going to work when she got up to sing. but when he embraced her after the song. she knew he had heard her sing. >> we had not put it in the program. it was going to be a complete surprise. >> ashley's father says he is very proud of his daughter and he got goose bumping hearing her sing. >> she does have a beautiful voice. a stray bullet strikes the teenager watching television in her own living room. >> whatever it was she didn't deserve it. she really didn't. >> her condition tonight and why her family says they are still thankful. and holiday shopping with a mo
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she was relaxing with her father watching tv. then the sounds of gunfire and a richmond teenager is struck by a bullet that went through her living room. >> reporter: watch closely at the front of this house and you can see who bullet holes. last night one of those bullets went through the house and hit a young woman who was sitting on the couch watching tv with her stepfather. the victim's mother did not want to show her face and asked us not to identify the injured teenager. but the family says she's thankful that she survived the
11:29 pm
incident. >> she is alert. she is talking. >> reporter: the stray bullet went through her arm and struck her in the lower back as she was diving to the floor. >> there's a possibility she might not be able to function her legs. but so far, what i'm hearing on and off is that yeah she still feels something. >> reporter: a total of nine shots were fired from just across the street. one shell casing is still sitting on the ground today. neighbors here on waller avenue were shaken by this shooting. >> they are good friends and they are our neighbors. so just sad to see something like this happen in a quiet neighborhood. >> reporter: police aren't sure what prompted this shooting. the victim's sister says this was a senseless crime that left her sister frightened. >> whatever it was, she did not
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deserve it. >> reporter: and paramedics say that what her stepfather did may have saved her life. he immediately applied pressure to the wound. students at uc berkeley are on edge after yet another robbery near campus. the latest incident happened as two students were headed to view a meteor shower late friday night. the men stole several items including an i pad, a purse, and camera equipment. >> i feel like it's kind of a trend and robberies have been like happening during this time. >> reporter: police say the suspects were in their 20s who drove away in a brown or rust colored two door car. could it be an al alternative to the crowded stores and bustle of the mall.
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allie rasmus reports. >> just a blob of mud basically. >> reporter: when she works it, that blob of mud is transformed. >> commercially it's the best time of the year. people are in a gift giving mood. >> reporter: and the studio caters to customers who want an unconventional shopping experience. >> you're meeting the person who made it with their own hands. and taking it home with you. >> reporter: brooks started the event 23 years ago. >> we think it's a great alternative to regular shopping. >> reporter: 36 studios and more than 100 artists in berkeley are participating. many are in the soth tooth building in san jose.
11:32 pm
>> many of our studios are hidden in broad daylight. you walk through these places during the day and you have no idea what's going on inside. >> we have everything from pictures to art made from recycled books. >> the bowl is done. >> allie rasmus, ktvu news. a congressman is taking on several extra professionals in order to get in touch with his constituents. >> i believe this is a noble. >> reporter: it is all part of the in your shoes program. and every month he does a different job. he says it's a great way to talk about what is going on in washington. >> i wanted to come out and pitch in and it's a great way to talk to people and see what's on their find.
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>> reporter: this week he joined many others. protesters have vowed to consume nothing but water as lawmakers considering legislation. the san francisco chronicle is reporting the results of a new poll which shows lee trailing the more progressive ayano by 23%. the lgbt democratic poll shows 57% field is too much emphasis on luxury development in the city. just 36% approve of development plan for the waterfront. oakland major gene quan is bracing for the departure of santana. there are reports that she is one of five finalists for a city manager position in dallas. she took the reign in oakland
11:34 pm
and is seen as a stabilizing representative but is known for disagreements with city leaders. after the recent death of a 79-year-old man. county supervisors are scheduled to discuss a round about proposal. so far no charges have been filed against the unidentified 38-year-old driver. coming up next how raiders fans got in the giving spirit before today's big game. plus a winter storm pounds the east coast. the problems caused by the blustery conditions and the effect it's having right here in the bay area. it was a warm week
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take a look at this driving very tricky in massachusetts today after a blustery storm left more than a foot of snow in some areas. this is video of a car that just started spinning in the highway in wilmington and was thrown to the shoulder. our chilly weather is starting to give way to warmer temperatures. mark tamayo is here to tell us all about it. >> we have been talking about the warming trend. it started saturday, sunday and now into monday. tomorrow will be the warmest day of the week.
11:38 pm
a live storm tracker 2 here is the loop. you will notice over the last few hours high clouds drifting into the bay area from the south. we do have partly to mostly cloudy skies as we do zoom in. some of that overcast will be a factor over the next few hours. temperatures are still cooling off. especially up in the north bay where we do have clear skies. napa right now checking in. 36degrees. san francisco 53. and san jose reporting 47 degrees. reporting mostly cloudy skies in the south bay. we've been talking a lot about the spare the air alerts over the past few days. this was san jose. looking out toward the haze earlier this afternoon. the streak started. we have a stable layer of air up above trapping the
11:39 pm
pollutants closer than normal. we need to mix things up later in the week and that could happen wednesday into thursday. for tonight partly to mostly cloudy skies. tomorrow hazy sunshine. another warm forecast. here is our live camera looking out toward san francisco. lower 40s on track by 3:00 to reach lower 60s and the extended the cool down out there. and gusty winds kicking in from the north. winds could easily top 35, possibly 40 miles per hour. that's later in the week now for tomorrow. overnight lows will be starting out the day pretty cold. santa rosa, napa lower 30s. widespread upper 30s for oakland, san francisco and morgan hill we'll go with 32 degrees. also offshore, what's happening right now an increase in the northwest swells. if you are headed to the coast be careful because the waves will be up there maybe approaching 15 feet and strong rip currents. the surf peaks tomorrow
11:40 pm
morning. then gradually backing off throughout the day on monday afternoon and into tuesday. high pressure still in command of our weather. so tomorrow the warmest day of the week. that means the warmest locations will be approaching the lower 70s. look what happens later in the week for wednesday and thursday. this system moves in. there is a very slight chance of a shower on thursday. but probably the bigger deal will be gusty winds developing thursday and into friday. we could have wind advisories kick in. increased in sunshine into the afternoon hours. we will call it partly to mostly sunny and temperatures will be warmer than today. san francisco 63. some more neighborhoods with san jose 69. morgan hill 70. a look ahead your five day forecast. temperatures will warm up for tuesday. there's a slight chance of a shower for thursday but strong winds especially for the coast and the hills. thursday and friday a possible advisory. the upcoming weekend with the weekend in view will remain dry as well. i've been getting a lot of questions. where's the rain.
11:41 pm
and i always go, i don't know it's not showing up just yet. raiders fans walked into the coliseum today with donations for the toys for tots drive. they dropped the toys in the barrel that was monitored by members of the u.s. marine corp. folks were encouraged today to bring toys with them to the game. or cash was also accepted. >> seems like a good thing to do. the kids need toys for christmas. >> tomorrow several raiders and raiderettes will collect more toys for autographs. coming up next, we hear from the raiders as they give up a franchise record 56-1. at least some of them brought toys to the game. and you will want to hear what coach jim ha we all have our little tricks.
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good evening everyone and thanks for joining our sunday night edition of sports wrap. the 49ers are finally getting healthy. quarterback collin kaepernick is feeling frisky. and the defense they keep filling in the blanks. niners in tampa bay and former niner deshawn goldson was not a factor. kaepernick was perfect five for five passing. and there's michael crabtree with his first touchdown pass of the season. watch how crabtree works number 27 into a dizzy. round and round and round we go. where i stop you don't know. hey this game is so easy.
11:45 pm
kaepernick seemless. he makes a perfect pass to vernon davis. vernon passes here but does not burn. it's a 52-yard pass. bucks score quickly just before halftime to make it 17-2. they are down 20-7 in the start of the fourth quarter. mike glen hits the rookie from rutgers team rice. and kaepernick leads the team on a 10 minute 27 second drive. crabtree gets the first. they eventually get a field goal on that drive. hunter skips and scores. 33-14. niners are now 10-4. frank gore
11:46 pm
rushed for 1,010 yards. kaepernick ran better, he was cool under pressure. the best may be yet to come. >> reporter: 49ers have been saying for a couple of weeks now that they have yet to play their best game of the season. they probably said that about today in tampa as well. but they established the most important thing. a win and on the road at that. >> kaepernick really put on his cape. a couple of those conversions were allowed us to describe. make them with his feet. make them with his arm: make him with his leg. who's able to do that. he's playing in this league. very few guys. >> we're not going to concede the division to them already. because if we win the next two we will win the home field advantage. hopefully that happens but if not we'll be able to go and play three games on the road and then go to the big one.
11:47 pm
>> reporter: at 10-4 there's still plenty for the 49ers to play for in their final two regular season games. they would like to go into the play offs as a five seed then there's that last five games at candle stick park a week from tomorrow. in tampa, i'm joe fonzi for sports wrap. >> the raiders scored a season high 31 points today. except they also allowed a franchise record 56 points in the sold out coliseum crowd was not very happy. terrell pryor did not start as quarterback but he did see action. smith was his usual clark kent self. smith a little swing to charles. one raider touches him and see you later. 49-yard touchdown for jamal charles. before their fans could even find their seats. raiders get a field goal and chiefs step into position. it's charles. another innocent looking swing pass. this time nobody touches me.
11:48 pm
charles for a 39-yard score, 14- 3 early first quarter. and eric barry has other idea. how about a 47-yard pick. raiders commit seven turnovers. raiders were down 35-10 when jennings scored the second 1 yard touchdown of the game. it's 35-17 at halftime. oakland gained 461 yards on offense today but no one seemed to notice because mcglowin was intercepted two times. to rivera 14 yards. 35-31. so you say there's a chance. l.a. smith though career five touchdown passes. jamal charles scored a career high five touchdowns. and rex 71-yard touchdown. chiefs win 56-31. they're in a clenching play off spot. they're now e officially eliminated from the play offs but we already knew that.
11:49 pm
mcgloin left the game after being poked in the eye. but no one can explain how they scored two touchdowns on innocent passes. >> i have no clue. you have seen screens get out of play but there's no explanation for it. it shouldn't happen. people are looking at the field and saying all i had to do is this or that and it would be stopped. the game is not hard. it's not -- hard by any stretch. if you go out then a do what you're supposed to do. those things are minimized. we did not do what we were supposed to do today. today the seahawks play the giants at met life stadium which is the home of the super bowl in seven weeks. is that an omen. no just a coincidence. this is seattle's last game on
11:50 pm
the road. seattle intercepts eli manning five times. one of them by richard sherman. shawn lynch ran for 47 yards. lynch goes beast mode as he kicks his feet and goes in for a touchdown. seattle blanks the giants. seattle is an nfl best 0-2. giants 5-9. arizona in the white jerseys still pushing the 49ers for the play off spot. today in tennessee, titans tie the game with 10 seconds left in regulation. we're going to overtime at 24. tennessee gets the ball first but cardinal intercepts fitzpatrick. feeley kicks the field goal. cardinals win. arizona still a play off contender at 9-5. 49ers still chasing carolina for the wild card spot. cam newton with the old spin-o- rama. and williams must run fast.
11:51 pm
must straddle sidelines. carolina wins. they're 10-4 and hold the number one seed. dallas quarterback tony romo continues to be a walking contradiction today against the packers. receiver dez bryant getting double covered. but come on catching the ball and manages to fall on a 24-36 lead with less than eight minutes to go. coach derek says dez i love you man. you just saved my life. but hold on. packers make it 36-31. then after a romo interception. lacy if the go ahead touchdown. packers lead, 91 seconds left. dallas only needs a fuel goal to win but no. romo throws his second interception in these final three minutes of the game. williams with the pick. dallas blows a 20 point lead and a chance to tie
11:52 pm
philadelphia, packers. and chicago bears quarterback jay cutler missed the last four games but he sprayed some rustolium on his arm. taking the ball away from two cleveland defender. chicago scores 21 points to win 38-31. 8-6 bears now lead the nfc north. so you think you want to be a punter. consider kevin yuber. kicks the steelers antonio brown and brown takes it. runs right up the middle. takes a 57-yard return for a touchdown. but yuber didn't really see that because he gets rocked by yarbin. they fail to clench a play off spot and the steelers are 6-8. miami comes back to beat england. minnesota upsets the eagles 48-
11:53 pm
30. new orleans 10-4 they still sit atop the nfl south. atlanta squeaks a win over washington. colts hand houston its 12th straight loss. the golden state take this ac
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we're 25 games already into the nba season. so far the warriors have been consistently inconsistent. coach mark jackson says his team lacks the sense of urgency. tonight in phoenix they got outworked again. tonight they got beat on the outside looking in. they trail the suns by as much as 13 in the half.
11:57 pm
but bogut found some inspiration. look at the behind the glass pass by curry. you have to like that. suns came in with a better record than san jose. steph curry he led everybody and had a minute 30 seconds left. warriors come back time after time and warrior, well they could tie the game. no foul, no record, no way. the warriors fall. forget about david shaw going any where. the head coach of stanford cardinal are staying put. forget all those rumors. and that's sports as we see it this sunday night. niners lose their tenth --
11:58 pm
niners win their tenth and raiders lose their hey!!! hey-ya, ray, what's up?
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