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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  December 16, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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up every morning and go to jobs where it is hard so they can get to life and struggle to make it all work and managed to do it with a little humanity and humor, that's not av that's extraordinary. now, at 7:00, a wild fire destroys home at the big sur, we are live with the latest information and how long we'll be in the cold coming up. an unexpected december fire burning tonight at big sur, good evening, i am gasia mikaelian. it started about midnight last
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night and now burned more than 500 acres. it is burning west of the highway of the los padre forest. amber is live right now and telling us what fire crews are dealing with. >> reporter: now, it is a bit smoky out here and we can see flames off the side of the road and off of highway one. highway one does remain open, here is paul, to bring us the latest, paul, what can you tell us about the fire out here. >> crews have been working all day long building the containment line and extra protection. [ indiscernible audio ] >> i apologize for the technical
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difficulties we are having with amber with the live report. tlfk, there is a big fire burning in big sur. an evacuation are affecting of 100 people. today the chemical board proposed of some sweeping changes. if those changes had been put in place last year, it may have prevented the huge fire at chevron. we got continued coverage from patti lee, she's live in richmond. >> reporter: there is some coism because the federal is calling for the -- that would acquire the state to take on a major role. in august of last year of chevron is prompting an over haul and how california is regulating the refinery. >> current regulations do not affect the work force in prevent of major
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accidents. >> this afternoon of a proposed called the safety -- the workers and the regulators to identify hazards and come up with a plan to reduce risks. if the company does not implement what's agreed upon, the regulator can shut down operations. >> i like the effect where workers are given more power to kind of being involved and key positions. >> mike smith is on lead, after the incident, the refinery in 2007 workers told management that problems that concerned them. chevron drew up recommendations to address the issue. the system does not require the company to act on the proposals, regulators today say those fears can go through five years later. >> we know that is political
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welfare of this will create by the community pressure. >> the state is adding 15 new investigators to the current team of 7 which is responsible for the state's refineries and thousands of the chemical plans. >> reporter: the end goal is to assign at least one investigator at every refinery, the proposal is still in the form, the final vote is not scheduled until next year, regulators say this will not take place any time soon. reporting live, patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >> look for the link under our east bay tab under the court orders sher win williams to pay $1. 1 billion to clean up the led paint that was used in hundreds of
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thousands of california homes. the national rifle association filed a lawsuit today challenging sunnyvale's gun control ordinance. the suit files today argued that magazines holding more than ten rounds are standard equipment for rifles in the u.s.. limits the number of rounds by law residents to protect themselves. prosecutors in san francisco filed criminal charges against a woman accused of causing a high speed crash that killed a 16-year-old boy last summer. our david stevenson is hearing from the family. >> his family is trying to move forward. >> it is devastating and i lost my son and almost lost my wife.
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>> 16-year-old were killed late san francisco. court do you means say it was going more than 70 miles per hour. prosecutors announced the driver as jennie zhu will face virginia vehicular and driving charges. >> mom is in therapy recovering memories. >> she has lost a lot of memory and it takes time for her memories to come back. zhu told investigators the mercedes accelerated without warnings. >> i want her to reflect and think deeply on herself of why this is happening and because it is devastating consequence to my family. >> zhu's attorney did not return
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my call but she's set to be in court on thursday afternoon. in san francisco ktvu channel 2 news david stevenson. our amber lee is live in the big sur and telling us live of how the fire is right now. >> reporter: i apologize for earlier. here with me is the chief to bring us update on the attack tonight. >> tonight we'll work on the containment line and they'll improve them and they'll continue to do direct attack where they can. direct attack means they'll go right along the edge of the fire line and working directly to the edge of the fire and that'll continue throughout the night. >> i understand that homes are damaged and are there more homes being threaten? >> there are active fire in the ridge area and so the homes are sort of
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spread out, they're not concentrated like a normal neighborhood and so although we know there is been multiple structures that were either consumed by fire or damaged there are still homes out there that's not been damage by the fire and so the crews will contin work around those homes. fiber bridge right now there is no eminent threats to any of those homes. it is a more scattered on neighborhoods and a wider area between homes. so, there is no evacuation on the ridge area at this time. >> thank you paula. >> i should mention highway 1 remains open but the road leading down to the the beach is closed. the area of businesses along the hotels remains open. reporting live at big sur amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news . the victim in the scooter crash this
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morning was not wearing a helmet. it happened this morning. it was across the street of valley fair mall. investigators say appeared no other vehicles involved and the man lost control of his scooter and hit a concrete parking barrier things are getting better tonight at the san francisco airport. after 2 a.m. a hot water pipe burst in the sky bridge. the hot water set off the fire sprinklers. officials limited security screening to terminal a to just one line. >> you have water cascading down the stairwells and the escalators and it was spreading out to the ground level. >> crews planning to work over night to clean things up. it is not clear when things will be back to normal. passengers should arrive two hours early
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and check for your carriers for any delays. there are signs that point to its passage. fiber republican says they'll join democrats and vote for the budget deal and now there appears to be enough vote to overcome a fill filibuster. president obama is expected to sign it. dow is up to 120 points and nasdaq 28. a federal judge today ruled the practice of collecting bulk phone record in the united states most levi lates the constitution. today's ruling is the first successful legal case against the domestic data program since it was
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revealed in june by edward snowden. we have an artist rendering here of a ballpark right along the jacqueline square. a group led by the ceo is behind the plan and has the backing of the ma that'll include not just the a's but the raiders but the golden state warriors. happening now of the palo alto city council was to schedule to take off of the new law that'll make it illegal for people to sleeping in their cars. the vehicle habitation is to be delayed until the 9th circuit court appeals vote on similar law that's constitutional. enforcement is said to begin in february. a 13-year-old girl dead
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after a routine goes horribly wrong. we'll hear from experts of the procedures. the anti-bacteria soap. can they do more harm or good. maybe sprinkles in the forecast, i will show you when coming up in the forecast.
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protesters targeted san francisco' mayor ed lee today. the protesters say they were upset that union representatives are not invited to the meeting and the
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tax break are leading to more evictions of working people in the neighborhood. twitter is joined of the new loc. it is called the near by feed, you don't need to be following people to see their twits. you just need to be in the same va sinty. you can press the icon to display the tweet. our employment is coming back and innovation continues and it is tremendous things that's being invented and still occurring. >> the governor says despite critics there is still a lot of activities and excitement in the valley. people all over the world are looking here for innovation. federal says anti-bacterial
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soaps may do more harm than good. in fact, some scientists warned that chemicals interfere with hormone levels. some government workers helping people signing up for health insurance are breaking the law. they released a video of apparently encouraging someone to fudge their financial information. >> don't get yourself in trouble by declaring it now. >> exactly. by not reporting income the individual could get tax subsidies. this insurance navigator caught on camera were fired. tomorrow's megamillion jackpot will reach $586 million. while that's awfully a lot of money, it is still less than the record of $636 million prize last year that was the largest in the u.s.
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history. there are 259 millions possible numbers and lottery managers say there is about a 30% chance that someone will pick the right combination in tuesday's drawings. a country music star ray price says the singer died today in tyler texas. [ singing ] >> today's announcement came after a premature report of price's death over the weekend with a career that spanned into six decade. price had hank william as a roommate and members of his band included robbie wilson. he had pancreatic cancer since 2011.
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after a routine of life procedure, as john fowler reports the girl is now at acu in the children's hospital. >> tonight one week later the family says he's brain dead. >> we are preparing to say good-bye tomorrow due to the declaration of the legal death, we adopt have the option to keep her on life support. >> there is pros and cons that needs to be thought through carefully but by and large that this is a procedure that's relatively safe. >> although it can improve sleep apnea that her family says jahi has. complications are
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rare including of post bleeding. oakland asks the family for permission to speak about the case but the family refused. her family requested that we are not sharing any details of her case. our hearts go out to her family and we want to support them through this difficult time. >> there is no decision from the family to donate jahiorgans. the bay area quality air manager are calling of a ten consecutive air tomorrow. that makes it difficult going outdoors t. bay area air quality management district says o f the same weather system is causing the stagnant air in the area. our meteorologist rosemary is here,
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you tracking the weather and it is kind of been the same. >> you are right, today is going to be the warmest day and you enjoyed it. well, we do have changes coming. tomorrow is a subtle drop and a bigger drop coming. let's start with where the air alert for tomorrow as gasia mention, we are looking for unhealthy air for many areas. i am expecting to see some improvements giving you a comparison for today and tomorrow. unhealthy in many areas into the eastern district of our east bay locations and into the santa clara location. for tomorrow we'll be in the yellow, meaning moderate. it is still a bit unhealthy for the inner east bay as well as the valleys. unless if you are exempt you
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cannot burn logs in your fireplace. and around the coast temperatures are relatively mild and mid-50s half-moon bay and 59 in san francisco and to the north, upper 40s nevada. i put the arrows here to show you how high the ridge is. storms are tracking to the north, we are dry. we have a few weeks system here off to the coast of southern california. if you notice the high clouds drifting over head, this is what we have been seeing of the last two days. that's where the high clouds stemming from. outside of that we have been enjoying some pretty mild weather. for tomorrow hazy skies and 60s in the forecast for your afternoon and tomorrow with a subtle drop and a bigger drop coming on wednesday or thursday. tomorrow morning 30s for the north bay and 40s around the bay
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and 42 morgan hills in the afternoon these temperatures are slightly cooler than today. 70 santa rosa and santa cruz tied a record today warming up to 74 this afternoon. the extended forecast bay area weekend in view, we are warming back up for the weekend. >> rosemary, thank you. u.s. postal service says today i busiest day of the year. officials say you can still get your cards and letters to their destination by christmas as long as they're in the mail by friday. you can even wait until monday. beyonce album is heading into -- now, trending at, a santa
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now trending at the yearly santa claus got out of hand in new york city
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this weekend. streets fighting santa and there is no words started that fight. you can see more videos of both good and bad santas by going to and clicking on "hot topics" button. free wi-fi is available along market streets. the new service is up and running up to castro street. the city already has free wi-fi in 31 parks. beyonce's latest all bum i fastest album on itunes. billboard magazine estimates ths is the largest selling of music in the u.s. and there
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is a 41 share of the market in 2012. beyonce's all bum will not be available album will not be available in store until wednesday. we'll stay on top of the fire that's burning a dozen homes. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news, tmz is up next on tv 36. aaçó@ >> today on "tmz,"
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>> we have video of bethenny frankel. she did not leave without a fight. >> embarrassing. people were walking right now and she was leaning against the velvet rope. for $500 couldn't she have gotten in? i do it all the time. like me you have to pay to get in. >> kanye west gives us a seven minute rhyme. all of a big act. this is like wrestling. >> do you see where he wound up? baskin robbins. how great would the rhymes be if


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