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tv   First Business  KICU  December 19, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PST

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confidential help is just a call, click or text away. an epic day for the market. the fed reveals taper plans the dow gains nearly 300 today's cover sounds too cheap to be true. a tablet that costs just 38 dollars. capone: a criminal mastermind or a succesful businessman? the story you've never heard. plus... how ron burgendy is making news again!let's get down to business! you're watching first business: financial news, analysis, and today's investment ideas. good morning!it's thursday, december 19th. i'm angela miles. in today's first look: what a relief!stocks let loose wednesday on word the fed is ready to taper. in a whip saw session.the dow
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rallied 293 points. the nasdaq 46, and the s&p dropped $13 dollars oil was up small surprised wall street by topping earnings expectations.the stock traded around $35 dollars after the close.and a 2 year compromise budget deal has been passed by congress and will be signed by president obama. there was even a consession on military penesions. daniel stecich of athena advisor services joins us now. daniel, a terrific relief rally yesterday. the market clearly feels better. do traders feel better now that they know that tapering is going to happen? >>that's right. and i think the market likes certainty. what was a surprise was when i was speaking to people yesterday about this, i thought the market might fall off a bit if there were a taper and it did. 60 seconds later it was up 12 points and then by the end of the day we were up 30. but the
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market does like certainty, the fed gave a little more direct statement as to what they do. no tightening until the unemployment rate goes down to 6.5%. so that's making them feel comfortable right now. >>now the question is, where does the market go from here? what's likely to happen in trading today? >>as far as today goes, you're not going to see a whole lot. a couple things going on here--- we're in holiday markets pretty strong right now so volume's going to be light. so any movements in here might be a little exacerbated. and i think you might see some profit taking in here. nothing to worry about. i think overall the market is solid. >>but at least we have that clarity like you say. >>absolutely. >>thank you daniel. >>happy to be here. taper time!after months of speculation and obsessing... the federal reserve is showing its hand on when it will pull back on the bond buying program that has been stimulating the economy.according chairmain ben bernanke the taper process will begin with a $10 billion reduction starting in january. bernanke says the fed will reduce bond buys in further measured steps at future meetings.
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the u.s. central bank continues to target the unemployment rate at 6.5% as sign the economy should be able to maintain its recovery with less stimulus. chuck coppola steps in with more market related news. regulators are relaxing rules on i-p-o deals for start up companies.this week the s-e-c voted to expand limits on public offerings for small companies.under a proposal, companies would be able to raise up to 50 million dollars, up from the current limit of five-million. it also limits hefty ipo registration fees. the new rules are part of the 20-12 jobs act, which aims to
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promote growth for start ups. a federal judge in manhattan ruled investors have the right to sue facebook, its ceo mark zuckerberg and dozens of banks involved in the ipo. the judge says facebook "concealed material information from its ipo registration statement. the social network's stock ipo-ed in may of 12 on the nasdaq.the judge ruled the nasdaq too can be sued even thought the exchange already offered $62 million to investors for the botched launch of the stock. amc dazzles in its wall street premiere. shares of the movie theater company opened for trade after pricing in at 18 dollars.wednesday the stock shot up 5% before closing up slightly at $18.90. it's the second time around for the theater chain which was taken private nine years ago. hollywood's biggest agent names -- william morris has reached a deal to buy sports agency i-m-g worldwide. william morris endeavor entertainment is teaming with investment firm silver lake partners in a deal reportedly in the $2.4 billion
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range. the merger puts names such as oprah winfrey together with tennis star maria sharapova. bitcoin gets bitten by china. regulators there have ordered payment processors to stop doing business with china's bitcoin exchanges. in turn, the country's largest bitcoin exchange has stopped taking new deposits. on china's bitcoin exchange, prices dropped quickly and steeply -- more than 25% the virtual currency had been experiencing steep gains of late but china's central bank has been warning that bitcoin carried substantial risks. in a switch -- jp morgan chase is on the offense in a lawsuit. the bank is filing a $1 billion suit against the federal deposit insurance corporation. jp morgan claims the fdic failed in its obligations to the bank after chase agreed to take on washington mutual. chase bought troubled washington mutual in 20-08 with an understanding it would be protected from libaility tied to its failure.
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chase claims in failing to live up to its promises the fdic has made the bank vulnerable to massive liability. a former b-p employee has been convicted of obstruction of justice. a jury found the former engineer deleted text messages from a supervisor and a b-p contractor to avoid a federal probe after the 20-10 oil spill in the gulf of mexico. sentencing will take place in march. the maximum would be 20-years in prision and a quarter million dollar fine. four bp employees have been charged for behavior related to the massive spill. this was the first case from the deadly oil blowout to go to trial. as american's await the call from the fcc on whether it will lift the ban on using cell phones during flights... some airlines have already landed on a decision. delta airlines is sticking by its policy of no in-flight-phone calls. jet blue is also choosing to silence the cells. however, across the pond-- british airways will allow unrestricted use of handheld devices starting today under a new rule set overseas.
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ford stock gets hit after it announces new products in 20-14 will impact next year's profits. the auto maker says it will launch 23-global products, up from 11 this year. spending on those launches will mean profits between seven and eight billion dollars. ford posted $7.3 billion in profits during 20-13's first three quarters. ford stock was down more than 6% yesterday.perhaps also cutting into those profits will be the company's efforts to develop a self-driving says it is teaming with the university of michigan and state farm insurance to make one. apple ends months of teasing and is taking orders for its new mac pro desktop computer today. the newly redesigned computer is at the center of ceo tim cook's made in the usa push. the new pro is being manufactured in austin, texas. components are also being made domestically. apple is spending $100 million in the campaign. the mac price is just under $3,000. this comes after years of criticism about the labor standards at apple's manufacturing facilities in
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china. in our cover story, a london- based tech company is turning the tables on tablets-- announcing that after success in selling low-cost tablet computers in india and china, the u-s market is cheaply? how's 38-dollars? privately-held datawind makes smartphones and tablet computers for emerging markets, as depicted in this video shown at the u-n. they start at 38- dollars, are assembled in india and china and use solar chargers the company claims that it outsells apple's i-pad in india and in the first quarter of next year, datawind will sell these tablets in the u-s. "the internet penetration levels are only about 30% if you make $30,000 in the u.s." the business model follows the "good enough' concept. not everyone needs the fastest, just one that's "good enough." in india, the government plans to provide these tablets free to the country's 220-million students. datawind's strategy is to compete from the bottom-- up.
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"i believe there's a market. we have lots of people who can't afford internet access because of the cost of a computer and they're right to introduce it." the company's smartphones and tablets are less expensive because they don't have the latest components. the 38-dollar android tablet has a seven-inch screen, a one gig single-core processor and four gigabytes of storage. hardly an i-pad killer, but some are wary despite the company's intentions toward closing the digital divide. "i think that niche is there but i'm a little concerned how low that price is, though."// thirty-eight dollars would almost put me off because i'd wonder wht kind of device it was." the company seeks to target schools and low-income families in the u-s. a trade-off for inexpensive access is exposure to advertising. datawind's ceo says that can reduced greatly by downloading apps.the c-e-o of the privately-held company says there's no timetable but the
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company is discussing a possible i-p-o. osha continues to investigate the death of an amazon worker. according to all things d-- the victim was caught in between and crushed by equipment december 4th. the worker died this week.according to the report it happened at a third party pack- age sorting facility in avenel new jersey. masscchusetts senator elizabeth warren along with 6 other senators want to stop employeers from using credit checks in hiring practices. a bill introduced on the hill this week.-- would prevent companies from requiring potential hires to go through a credit check or being able to reject them from a job if they have poor credit. warren says those are the people who need the jobs the most. in earnings watch... federal express hit the skids on shipping. the company delivered profit growth of 14% but ground shipping revenue
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slipped on lower express freight revenue.home builder lennar reported revenues that jumped 42% as the housing market continues to recover.and general mills missed earnigs expectations. however the maker of cheerios did note a sales gain from china, canada, and latin america. agriculture giant a-d-m is chicago bound. the company will move its corporate headquarters to chicago from decatur illinois, about three-hours south.fifty-to-75 of its executives will make the move. the company decided to stay in illinois despite a lack of approval from lawmakers on a bill that included 30 million dollars in tax breaks for the company. some feared the inaction would force a-d-m to move out of the land of lincoln. a full plate of news is coming from the food industry. in washington ... lawmakers are attempting to ban chicken from china in u.s. school lunches. lawmakers contend chinese food standards are lax. whole foods is cleaning up its yogurt aisle.the grocer is ditching popular chobani greek yogurt for a smaller brand-- free of genetically modified ingrediants. although chobani claims it uses only natural ingredients.and mexican food chain- chipotle is delving into the pizza business. the chain will open a "fast casual" pizzeria in colorado. detroit may be losing some famous works of art. in an
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appraisal this week, christie's auction house says detroit's collection is worth up to 867 million dollars. the emergency manager of the bankrupt city is investigating possible ways to pay back creditors and help the city through the tough fiscal times. however, christie's auction house has offered its own financial suggestions in order for the city to avoid selling the works. the saying: it takes money to make money has never been more true for billion warren buffett". according to a study-- the oracle of omaha increased his wealth by $37 million dollars per day in last check buffet's net worth shot up $12 billion to 59.1 billion dollars. forget ugly sweaters. jpmorgan ceo jamie dimon is "showing the money" in his family christmas cards this year-- and it's going viral. as you can see , dimon and family also used the photo opp -- to show off their tennis skills. still to come: is the worst over for oracle? we'll break it down in chart talk. plus...the movie our critic says is a shoe in for the oscars...
4:13 am can call me "al" ....the grandniece of infamous mobster al capone joins bill moller right here, after the break! i'm going to pass chemistry, and i'll take it from there. i'm going to do what makes me happy. i'm going to work hard. be independent. live large. make the most of every opportunity. i knew i wanted to go to college.
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he was a bootlegger, he ordered all kinds of murders. but there's something else we can associate with chicago mobster al capone - he was a pretty sharp businessman. there's a fascinating new book on the man - uncle al capone: the untold story from inside his family -
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written by his niece deirdre marie capone. fascinating. you are just so full of stories about sitting on your uncle's knee when you were about 5 or 6 years old. >>i used to touch his scar on his face and ask if it hurt. and i used to kiss it. >>and he died on your birthday. >>he died on my 7th birthday. january 15th, 1947. >>you make a case that maybe we need to reevaluate your uncle a little bit. >>that's what i'm doing. i'm writing another book. i wanted to make sure that i had hard evidence. all these other researchers that have written about my family forged a lot of documents to justify some of the opinions they have of my family. >>making up facts because no one's going to hold them accountable. >>that's correct. >>let me ask you about this idea that he was a savvy businessman. i guess he would have to be considering the size of his enterprises. >>my grandfather was al's older
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brother and business partner >>and he was pulic enemy number 3 behind your uncle. >>correct. public enemy number 3. >>my grandfather had one sonmy father. my father had one childme. and when my father took jis own life, my grandfather took me under his wing and taught me everything about the business and how things were. he made me promise that i would not write the book until all the original family members had died. but one time he told me, because he really ran the operation, that he was running over 300 different establishments. now, if you think about thathe didn't have a fax machine, a cellphone, or a computer. >>he may not have had a business license either for some of those. >>no business license but i know all the bills were paid and everybody got their paycheck. that to me is amazing. >>he had to have that level of organization or else this would have fallen apart. and your grandfather was the guy who was
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actually the operational head but it was your uncle who was the figure head. he loved being out in the crowd. >>oh, he loved to be in the spotlight. he loved to be the big shot. my grandfather was pretty reclusive and he liked to stay in the background so he was the one that ran the business. >>marie capone, thank you so much. >>thank you very much bill. i really enjoyed this. fascinating bill.thank you. coming up...a value stock one trader is keeping his eye on.. later in chart talk's a sequel nearly nine years in the making. is anchorman two ready for primetime? that's right around the corner!
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never before has a news anchor enjoyed so much hype. joining us now is erik childress, our movie man. he's here to talk about anchorman. you saw the sequel. >>yes. anchorman 2: the legend continues. >>what do you think? >>i think it does not disappoint. this is the film i've been looking forward to all year. i was so anticipating it and they've done a really good job with it. it is really, really funny. >>what was the best part? >>i'm not gonna tell you that. i'm not gonna spoil it.
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>>alright. so coming up this weekendi would even mention that mandela is coming out as well. so lots of christmas holiday movies coming up here. let's start with american hustle. this is a film that you say is excellent. >>i think this is one of the best movies of the year. david o. russell who gave us most recently the fighter and silver linings playbook last year. this is the best movie he's made since three kings---we're talking over a decade. i think this movie is absolutely phenomenal. the cast is really at the top of their craft. christian bale is a force of nature. jennifer lawrence is going to get an oscar nomination again. it's really a terrific movie. people should check it out. >>and you've also been talking big about mr. banks. you say that's a great movie. >>i like saving mr. banks very much. i think this is a film that adults are going to
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discover over the holiday season. i think this is the one that once the holidays get out of the way, adults can go and relax. it's pg rated. it's a really lovely film about the making of mary poppins. >>here' s a look at what happened at the box office last weekend. the hobbit steals the show. >>it did very well yet some people are calling it a disappointment because it did like 11 million less than last year. it's done over 215 million dollars worldwide. it's gonna make its money overseas even if the american audiences are a little soured on it. >>was it a good film? >>it's better than the first chapter. it's got a little more action to it. it's a little shorter. it's not quite as stretched out but it's still in between the action it's a little boring. i don't really care too much about the end game of the story. it's a really simple story of a dragon, and some gold and some dwarves. i really care as much as i did about lord of the rings.
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>>also at the box office last weekend, frozen coming in at numner 2, tyler perry's a madea christmasnot doing well, the hunger games, and thor. >>missed out on tyler perry's a madea christmas so i'm happy to be wrong about that one. if people are getting tired of tyler perry, that's ok with me. >>ok, on that note we shall leave the segment. thank you erik for coming on the show. >>thank you very much. still to come-- a tech stock that caused an earnings shock. befleck,
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and many actors have played the part of u.s. servicemen in the movies, but for veterans like james crosby their service and their sacrifice are real. and too often when they come home, their struggle continues. for over sixty years, paralyzed veterans of america has been fighting to help our injured veterans get the benefits they need, and have earned. paralyzed veterans of america was there for me when i came home. join me in supporting our paralyzed veterans. visit p-v-a dot org. is matt cavanaugh of cmz
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trading. good morning matt. >>good morning. >>what's your expectation on this stock today? >>i read through the earnings report and i don't know if it goes lower or it goes higher. it seems like people are really trying to decide is the $35 area resistance or support. but i think for the long term if you're gonna look at a stock that's pretty decent risk reward this might be a good one to get into. >>well, the earnings did come in better than wall street predicted so that's a bonus for investors. true? >>absolutely. there were some
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issues here. there were some hardware issues. there were some issues here in north america. these are all things that are known. you take a look at this stock and you back out the cash that they have on hand and it really is downright cheap. so i think that if the management continues to work on their plan, they continue to get things going in the right order, people know these negatives so we could see a pop in this stock. >>how has oracle performed over the past year? >>well, that's another reason i mentioned it. we've seen a lot of stock really rally hard in the last year. even some of their valuations get stretched. this is one that's underperformed. it's only up a few percent for the year. a lot of others are up much more so if you're into value plays, this looks like a pretty cheap one. >>matt, thank you and have a great trading day. >>thank you. that's it for today.coming up tomorrow it's traders unplugged!join us and find out where the guys are making money this week. from all of us at first business, have a tremendous thursday.
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