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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  December 23, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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(whispers in japanese) (tv playing indistinctly) -- captions by vitac -- now at 7:00 breaking news a jewelry store robbery in the past 90 minutes. >> it was a victory for me. >> a legal twit involving the 13-year-old on life so sport, family says a small victory. >> the impact on air quality. the rush is on for last- minute holiday shoppers. she what deals are still available. . >> complete coverage starts now. this is bay area news at 7:00.
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we have breaking news to tell you about involving a robbery at a mall in the south bay. good evening. i am heather holmes. there was a smash and grab in east ridge mall. the jeweler says a man walked in and broke a glass case with a hammer. he made off with jewelry and has not been caught. people were quickly exiting the mall. the mall remained open and only immediately near the store is cornered off. traffic as people do shopping, we want to give you a live look at the bay bridge. it has been busy all day long. we have traffic heading into the city. it has been another busy day.
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130,000 passengers will go through sfo today. they expect today to be busier than tomorrow. airport officials are keeping an eye on snow storms. there are none right now to report. procraftinators looking for the best deal, there are deals to be had if you can get through the crowd. >> reporter: the final hours. >> it is crazy. lines are down the aisles. >> reporter: last minute shoppers in pleasant hill. >> you run in and run out. >> reporter: if you can get through the traffic and get the
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item before it is sold out. >> i was looking for a doll. i had to get a different type. >> reporter: they close tomorrow at 9:00 and have logged 87 hours. . >> there are not a lot of people like that that will see somebody suffering or not having enough and be willing to help. it was touching of that lady and renewed my spirit in mankind. >> reporter: people were spending time in the store instead of at home. >> don't they need to be at home with their family? a lot of people need the money, but i feel bad for the people working. >> reporter: the shopping is
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there. not just for toys are us but macy's and kohl's. pleasant hill, ktvu channel 2 news. target breach has lead to dozens of law suits. a judge handed down a law suit about retirement perform law. current city employee can't pay more. they did allow a cut to pension bonuses saving 20 million a year. bringing america's cup
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races to the bay. the event brought revenue, but the mayor says they now know how to run the event. a compromise on the fate of an oakland teenager. they will keep her on life support for another week. keeping the girl on a ventilator after she was reclaired brain dead. >> reporter: the story has touched a nerve people who don't even know jahi. >> i would want to exhaust all the possibilities. >> reporter: 100 people turned out for a march outside children's hospital to support
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her mother. >> i will go and kiss her and tell her there are so many people down here who love you to death. >> reporter: she came december 9th to have her tonsils removed. today was considered a small victory. there will be an independent exam. the doctor evaluated her brain activity. no matter the results the teen will be on life support until december 30th. >> every second she is on that ventilator gives us a victory. >> it gives her time to come back to life. >> reporter: the doctors say
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the brain damage can't be reversed and it is giving false hope. discussing the results of the exam will be given tomorrow. because of privacy it will be private. we don't know if it will ever be made public. more details on the stanford doctor, paul fisher has 20 years of medical experience. he did his internship at john's hopkins university. obama administration will extend the deadline for the insurance sign up. because of high traffic on the website the white house decided
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to give people an extra day. they have until 11:59 on christmas eve. a million people have signed up so far. the white house expected 3 million to sign up by the end of the year. >> the administration is facing the prospect that more people will be uninsured in 2014 than 2013 because you have cancellations. >> enrollment numbers will be announced in mid-january. live in concord, the extension will not apply in california. >> reporter: dozens are waiting to sign unbefore the deadline tonight at midnight. >> is that how much you make before taxes? . >> what is the first and last
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name? 600 calls or more. we were taking calls throughout the day. >> reporter: yesterday people had to come in. 770,000 californiaians signed up. everyone who wants health care will start the enrollment process before midnight. >> you started your application and held up, you can finish tomorrow. there may be glitches we don't know about. >> the deadline isn't moving. it doesn't have to deal with as many people. >> california is dealing with california. we don't have time zones we are dealing with. >> reporter: you still have
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time before it happens. >> you can still get service up until march 31st. >> all you need to do is start the on line enrollment before midnight or drop an application in the mail. ktvu, channel 2 news. a ferry was taken out for service. there is no word on what was wrong with the boat, but it was back in service this evening. golden gate transit said traffic of the light. it would have had a different impact during a normal commute. calls are coming in from everywhere. this puppy was thrown out in the trash and rescued in the nick of time. the death of paul walker is
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delaying the release of his final film. the mild weather pattern and the areas flirting with 70s. i will let you know in the forecast.
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an update on the jewelry store robbery, a crew just sent us this, a man walked in the store and broke the case where a hammer. the police are looking for him. some people left the mall, but it remains open and only the immediate area around the store is cornered off.
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we will have more on the 10:00 news. san francisco city crews had an overnight protest. they had a mock version of a monopoly board. the federal reserve was established 100 years ago today. a san francisco animal shelter had a kitten waiting to be spayed when someone stole her. there was surveillance video. the 2 month old was recognized and home. a puppy was thrown out in the trash. this cute little dog has sparked interest around the company. >> reporter: the phones at
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animal care and control ve been ringing off the hook because of this face and the story that brought him here. >> we received 100 phone calls in a 3-hour window. >> reporter: her name is gem. workers were shifting garbage when they discovered her. >> she wasn't in the pit. >> reporter: animal control was called. >> we pulled the puppy out of the bag. it was frightened and whining and scared. >> we don't know how many days she was in the truck. we don't know.
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>> gem suffered wounds. she will recover but it may be weeks: there is a waiting list. there are other gems at the shelter wait for example a home. >> they can always come see other lovely animals up for adoption. >> reporter: they were still trying to tomorrow who put this dog in a trash bag and into a dumpster. the family of the man waiting to adopt her. universal says it is delaying the release of fast and furious 7. the movie was half finished when paul walker died in a car crash. the studio did not say how it
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planned to handle his death. the movie is set for april of 2015. a new study finds mother who is eat nuts during pregnancy are less likely to have children with allergies. doctors backed away from that in 2008. apple shares rose today. bringing the iphone to a big wireless company. china mobile is twice the size of the u.s. population. apple stock was up today closing at $570 a share.
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another record setting day. the dow gained 73. the nasdaq had a 1% surge and the s&p9 points. the target breach affected 40 million customers. >> reporter: a lawsuit was filed from jennifer kirk. she said they failed to maintain reasonable practices. her lawyer tells ktvu his phone has been ringing off the hook. >> it is not surprising. target has an obligation to protect shoppers. i am not surprised there are
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eager beavers at the trough. shoppers are violated and less trustful. >> i asked the cashier, is it safe? >> reporter: they feel shaken. >> you just expect it to happen. i want to just bring cash displ . >> i am checking to see if i am on my way to destitution. >> reporter: some customers are feeling forgiving. >> they made a mistake. they will correct it, and everyone will learn from it. >> it. if you had hoped to burn
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logs on christmas eve, there is another spare the air alert. that means it is illegal to burn wood inside or outside. only those depending on a pellet stove for heat are exempt. >> the haze is building up. there will be more spare the air alerts. the weather pattern is not changing. no wind, no rainfall. warmth though, 63 in oakland years ago and 67 today.
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patchy fog developing to the south and west. we have high clouds approaching the coast and clipping parts of the pay area. temperatures now dropping into the 40s. san francisco is 54. as far as air quality, looking toward san francisco, basically not changing too everywhere. a lid trapping the haze close to the surface. we want to keep these numbers down. we are approaching the orange air quality wednesday and thursday. partly cloudy skies, hazy sunshine, here is the forecast toward union square.
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7:00 lower 60s. clouds will cool off. the lower 30s toward santa rosa. some patchy fog toward inland valleys. december has been very try. it looks like it will remain dry into the remainder of the year. as far as tomorrow, the same as today. hayward is 64. here is the 5-day forecast. mild weather in place. hazy sunshine. there is a shower for late saturday into sunday. more clouds and cooler temperatures. thank you, mark. passengers in detroit had
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anxious moment when is their plane slid off a taxi way. they were on their way to atlanta. they may have hit black ice. they will continue to investigate. a major dose of nostalgia. just in time for the holidays for those who need assistance.
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moments for a golden retriever, there were 9-1-1 calls when the dog went to a door. a man needed to be taken to the hospital. the 49ers play their last regular game at the stick tonight. share your memories at and go to hot topics. you will see a link to candlestick memories. 40 formerly homeless people moved into a complex in san
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francisco. the new apartments were toured. they are south of market. they expect 20 units to be filled. they are referred by the city health department. thank you for chewing for choosing ktvu. [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> i am officially boycotting cracker barrel if i knew what it was. [laughter] >> they decided to take all of the phil-related "duck dynasty" stuff off the shelves and then flip-flopped. >> would someone please tell me hat cracker barrel is? >> the greatest singer in the world, we got celine dion. >> merry christmas! >> her ri christmas! >> who cares? >> are you serious? >> i'm dead serious. >> are you serious? >> we got paris hilton at l.a.x. coming back from russia. we asked about barron and do you know


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